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SHTF Prepping: 100+ Amazing Tips, Tricks, Hacks & DIY Prepper Projects, Along With 77 Items You Need In Your STHF Stockpile Now! (Off Grid Living, SHTF … Urban Prepping & Disaster Preparedness)

by Kevin Moore

If a crisis happened today would you be ready for it?

Would you and your family be able to feed and protect itself?

Do you believe in wishing for the best but preparing for the worst?

If you’re anything like me and have a family or loved ones to protect, then you know that being prepared in a disaster situation can mean the difference between life and death. This book will go over not only why SHTF prepping is important, but how to go about doing it and what food and other items you’ll need not only for your short term survival but for your long term survival as well.

I’ll show you what skills you’ll need to master, along with what weapons and tools you’ll need to have on hand at all times. I’ll also discuss some tips and tricks you’ll want to know to keep your family safe, along with some DIY prepper projects you can implement around your home to make your space more functional and safe.

Inside you’ll learn:

An Introduction to SHTF Prepping

Basic Food & Water Long Term Survival Guide

A Guide to Bugging Out and Creating the Perfect Bug Out Bag

The Art of Off Grid Living

20 Skills You’ll Want To Learn and Master To Survive

100 Tips & Tricks On How to Prepare Your Family For Disaster

77 Items You Need to Have In Your SHTF Stockpile Now!

30 Things to Stockpile With a High Barter Value

Preparing Your SHTF Arsenal & Defending Your Home

20 Functional DIY Prepper Projects You Need to Try!

A Specialized Guide to Urban Prepping

1 FREE Bonus Book

Much much more!

The time to get started is now! Proper preparation takes time and careful planning. Don’t let yourself become a victim of circumstance. Prepare now and benefit later!

Don’t Delay Any Further and Download This Book Today!

Cypherpunks: Liberdade e o futuro da internet (Portuguese Edition)

by Julian Assange

Cypherpunks: liberdade e o futuro da internet é o primeiro livro de Julian Assange, editor-chefe e visionário por trás do WikiLeaks, a ser publicado no Brasil. A edição brasileira, da Boitempo, tem a colaboração do filósofo esloveno Slavoj Žižek e da jornalista Natalia Viana, parceira do WikiLeaks no Brasil e coordenadora da agência pública de jornalismo investigativo.

A obra é resultado de reflexões de Assange e de um grupo vanguardista de pensadores rebeldes e ativistas que atuam nas linhas de frente da batalha em defesa do ciberespaço (Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Müller-Maguhn e Jérémie Zimmermann). A questão fundamental que o livro apresenta é: a comunicação eletrônica vai nos emancipar ou nos escravizar?

Apesar de a internet ter possibilitado verdadeiras revoluções no mundo todo, Assange prevê uma futura onda de repressão na esfera on-line, a ponto de considerar a internet uma possível ameaça à civilização humana. O assédio ao WikiLeaks e a ativistas da internet, juntamente com as tentativas de introduzir uma legislação contra o compartilhamento de arquivos, caso do Sopa (Stop Online Piracy Act) e do Acta (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement), indicam que as políticas da internet chegaram a uma encruzilhada. De um lado, encontra-se um futuro que garante, nas palavras de ordem dos cypherpunks, “privacidade para os fracos e transparência para os poderosos”; de outro, a ação da parceria público-privada sobre os indivíduos, que permite que governos e grandes empresas descubram cada vez mais sobre os usuários de internet e escondam as próprias atividades, sem precisar prestar contas de seus atos.

Words on a Killing

by Will Lowrey

Behind the walls of an industry built on deception, there was one thing I was certain of – she was looking right at me. From the dim shadows of a metal chute in a New England slaughterhouse, her coal-black eyes proclaimed her sentience and questioned the very pillars of our beliefs.

“Words on a Killing” is the story of the poignant, final moments of a single life trapped within the system. An essential read to challenge your perspective on the other beings who share this world.

(Author’s Note: This work is approximately 7,000 words and is not a full-length book)

Quando o Google encontrou o WikiLeaks (Portuguese Edition)

by Julian Assange

Julian Assange conta seu encontro com Eric Schmidt, presidente do Google, discutindo os problemas políticos enfrentados pela sociedade – da Primavera Árabe ao Bitcoin – e as respostas tecnológicas geradas pela rede global para esses dilemas.

Depois da publicação de Cypherpunks: liberdade e o futuro da internet e há mais de dois anos asilado na Embaixada do Equador em Londres, Julian Assange, fundador e editor do WikiLeaks, lança no Brasil seu segundo e mais recente livro, Quando o Google encontrou o WikiLeaks. Ao longo de 168 páginas, Assange discute as consequências da acumulação de poder pelo Google no século XXI e relata seu encontro com Eric Schmidt, presidente do grupo, em 2011. O resultado é um livro fascinante e alarmante, que revela os polos opostos em que esses dois personagens icônicos da atual “era tecnológica” se encontram e suas opiniões divergentes sobre o destino do mundo e das novas tecnologias.

O livro ganhou destaque na imprensa internacional, noticiado em jornais como The Guardian e The Independent, por fazer parte da empreitada de Assange para revolucionar as formas de acesso à informação. Quando o Google encontrou o WikiLeaks apresenta a conversa entre Schmidt e Assange em forma de diálogo transcrito, e inclui ainda um prefácio redigido pelo fundador do WikiLeaks especialmente para a edição brasileira.

Safety Net (JKLS Counter Terrorism Book 2)

by Jacobus Kotze

The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa, keeping pace with the tourism sector and it is needed. The released crime statistics make for horrendously bad reading and do not need to be repeated here but if the same amount of murders should take place in a country with the population of America, you look at 117,000 plus murders a year in that place. Such statistics would lead to a public outcry and resignations from the politicians carrying the burden of responsibility via the offices they swore to uphold. Sadly, such honourable behaviour will never happen here and have never happened in the past either. Politicians just don’t care. And it is not only that mass murders take place in South Africa, 18,000 a year if not more, one every 30 minutes, but the amount of brutality and violence involved in the murders, hijackings, house invasions that make the violent crime unique in the world. Nowhere else in the world do we find the same violence except in war-ravaged countries and then not even. Then there is torture. It is virtually assured that torture from the burning of the victims’ flesh with hot irons to much worse will happen during any home invasion. Whatever you may imagine, rape included will happen and happens regularly. As said, the statistics make for dreadful reading, but it is of no use to ignore a threat and hope for the best. Clearly, the legal system has failed and so did the South African Police Service for reasons discussed inside the book. You are on your own. Consequently, your security is in your hands and you must be preventative or fail. Most of the security and safety measures to be taken and advised in Safety Net are to be done long before any violent attack takes place, and nothing works in isolation, you need to many defensive layers and plan for the worst-case scenarios. We studied past criminal acts in this book, we look at how the criminals operate, and we advise how to counter them in the future as well as other threat which you may not even know about. Safety Net exposes which popular security measures are not effective as stated by the armed robbers themselves, and yet sold to the public by overeager salesmen. This is probably the most serious problem we have right now, a completely false sense of security. You are sold a basic alarm system coupled to an armed response team, the same in law as a cell phone contract, and think that you are safe… according to the robbers themselves you are not, they do not fear either an alarm nor armed response that much and they know how to overcome both. They fear CCTV if recording online, a dog inside the house and quite a few other measures that you can invest in but mostly it starts with training to be aware and to make life easier for the responders be it the police or armed response or medical. Something as simple as ensuring that your house is clearly marked by a street number may save your life. From my own police experience, I know how hard and frustrating it is to be unable to find the correct street address because the number is hidden behind a bush or just not there. Seconds count when you are bleeding, remember that, if you cannot be found, you cannot be rescued. Safety Net deals with layered defensive systems and much more, also the JKLS System of self-defence perfected by the author. The JKLS System is proven to have saved souls across the globe and one that costs no money to implement, it is simple and thus highly effective. This book will change the way you look at your security for the better and not only in South Africa, whatever is said here will work anywhere else as well. Safety Net is based on personal as well as many years of police and criminal justice experience. A book that must be read by home and business owners anxious about the safety of their families and workers from violent criminal attack.

The Path to Success: Unleash the Unlimited Potential to Unlock the Law of Attraction

by Teshome Wasie

Do you know that studies proved that the average person uses only 2% of his potential? Can you imagine that? This means that the quality of life we have today is a result of these 2%. And the rest is just wasted. This is because there are stumbling blocks for realizing unlimited human potential. The extent of utilizing our unlimited potential may vary from person to person, but unleashing one’s full potential will more often lead to success for that individual.

Now imagine what could happen if we use 30 or 40% of our unlimited potential? That will be tremendous. Well, are you interested in learning on how to unleash your unlimited potential to unlock the full powers of the law of attraction to achieve your dream life? If your answer is YES, this book is definitely for you which will enable you to:
-Understand the nature and powers of human potential
-Identify the stumbling blocks for realizing unlimited human potential
-Understand the nature, source and effects of self-limiting beliefs
-Escape self-limiting beliefs
-Understand the nature, source and effects of your comfort zone
-Expand your comfort zone
-Understand and apply the Success Path Model (SPM)
-Unleash your unlimited potential to unlock the full powers of the law of attraction
-Apply the law of attraction to:
->Attract love
->Attract money
->Attract health
->Stop negative patterns
->Delete negatives
->Shift from negative to positive
->Overcome anxiety
->AND so much more

If you follow the advice indicated in this book, and really put it into practice, you WILL get results. That is it!

My Glory Hole Tour: Guía para iniciarte en el cruising sumado a mi experiencia (Spanish Edition)

by Rodd Fiona

El cruising puede estar rodeado de un aura de prejuicios negativos que a muchos ahuyentan, pero con este libro quiero demostrarte la grata experiencia que puedes llegar a tener al aventurarte en él.
Te daré consejos para iniciarte en él así como te comentaré mi experiencia de 3 años incursionando en este mundo. 3 años en los que he aprendido mucho sobre los hombres, y mejor aún, sobre mí, ya que este puede ser un viaje al autoconocimiento de tus propios límites y deseos más internos.

Plato Six Pack 2 (Illustrated): The Republic, Timaeus, Critias, Meno and Essay

by Plato

Plato Six Pack 2 presents Plato’s most important work The Republic in its entirety, as well as three dialogues, Timaeus, Critias and Meno, an essay on Plato by Ralph Waldo Emerson and a biographical sketch of Plato by Elbert Hubbard.
Includes image gallery. 

New Genetics, New Identities (Genetics and Society)

What implications are applications of new genetic technologies in biomedicine having on social identity in today’s society?

New Genetics, New Identities, a wide-ranging multi-disciplinary volume in the CESAGen Genetics & Society Book series, presents not only theoretical reflection but also empirical case studies drawn from an international array of authors. Including the highly controversial areas of reproductive technologies and use of human embryos in biomedical research, other key features include:

  • a fresh analysis of a wide-range of social and political concerns in the development of new social identities

  • examinations of the social implications of identity formation as a result from advances in genetic technologies from a number of perspectives both locally and globally

  • resources of a wide range of social science disciplines to discuss significant sociological, anthropological, political and ethical issues.

This superb collection is an essential informative read for postgraduates and academics in the fields of sociology, anthropology and scientific technologies giving a comparative approach to complex issues surrounding the social implications of these advances in a period of rapid social change.

Empath: An Essential Blueprint for Understanding the Hidden Power of Highly Sensitive People

by Russell Davis

This book, “Empath: An Essential Blueprint for Understanding the Hidden Power of Highly Sensitive People”, is intended for persons, who want to harness their abilities as Empaths. It can also serve as a guide for individuals, who want to develop their skills as Empaths.
There may be an incredible power of an Empath within you, but you’re not aware of it. That power wants to be unleashed – only – you don’t recognize it.
If you often experience being too emotional, or being overly sensitive with people around you, and you feel drained with all the sensations you frequently endure, you may be an Empath waiting to be discovered.
This book will help you determine if you are an undiscovered, budding Empath, and will guide you in living a fulfilled life using your gift to help other people and yourself, as well. It will also help you discover and understand your hidden power of sensitivity.
If you’re not an Empath, then you can always strive to develop your Empathic abilities. Although, most experts say that Empaths are born and not made, on the contrary, nothing is impossible to a determined mind. Furthermore, learning new things will open to you a new world of miracles and wonders.
The concepts are presented in simple and easy to understand language that would help in clarifying the major points. I will not be talking about complex theories or use highfalutin words to discuss the topics. This strategy belongs to a classroom setting and to formal lectures.
Pointers and guides are provided to bolster your development as an Empath, so you could achieve your full potential.
In addition, I will provide tangible examples and actual applications. This way, you could follow them easily and use this valuable knowledge in your daily life as an empowered Empath.
Discover your potentials now and live a fulfilled and happy life.

Differential Undercounts in the U.S. Census: Who is Missed? (SpringerBriefs in Population Studies)

by William P. O’Hare

This open access book describes the differences in US census coverage, also referred to as “differential undercount”, by showing which groups have the highest net undercounts and which groups have the greatest undercount differentials, and discusses why such undercounts occur. In addition to focusing on measuring census coverage for several demographic characteristics, including age, gender, race, Hispanic origin status, and tenure, it also considers several of the main hard-to-count populations, such as immigrants, the homeless, the LBGT community, children in foster care, and the disabled. However, given the dearth of accurate undercount data for these groups, they are covered less comprehensively than those demographic groups for which there is reliable undercount data from the Census Bureau. This book is of interest to demographers, statisticians, survey methodologists, and all those interested in census coverage.

Masculinidades, familias y comunidades afectivas (Spanish Edition)

by Rocío Enríquez Rosas

Las emociones se construyen, expresan y regulan en las distintas esferas de socialización, y son las relaciones de género, familiares y comunitarias un ámbito central privilegiado para su análisis. Estas expresiones y experiencias emocionales son el pegamento de lo social que fijan las interacciones entre los sujetos y definen las estructuras sociales.
El presente libro contiene ensayos que muestran la pertinencia del análisis de la dimensión emocional en los estudios de las relaciones de género, familiares y socioafectivas, organizados en torno a dos ejes vertebradores con variadas temáticas.

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