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Atlantis: The Akashic Trials

by Cristiana DiPietro

There is something so intoxicating and familiar about Luke. Never in a million years did Lee think the live-stream she runs with her narcissistic ex, Austin, would lead her to him and, most importantly, to the lost island of Atlantis.

Lee and Austin have created success by live-streaming the retrieval of stone skull artifacts from around the world. Luke and his research team, Indigo Deep, call upon the live-stream’s internet celebrity to broadcast the return to what is believed to be the recently discovered island of Atlantis. There, they hope to open the mysterious Hall of Records.

However, it is not as simple as turning a key. The group is forced to undergo a series of seven trials designed to test mortal worth. Together, Lee and Luke must somehow survive, relying solely on their otherworldly connection to each other, and the critical realization that the Hall was closed for reasons directly connected to them.

Abducting the BBW Earthling: Alien Romance (Alien Erotic Romance, Sci-Fi Alien Romance, Paranormal Erotica, Scifi Romance, Alien Abduction, Interracial Romance Book 1)

by Celia Styles

He Seemed Familiarâ?¦ Almost Too Familiar

Yes, I’ll admit, I was a bit bigger in size. There were many who criticized me for my slightly larger-than-average breasts and voluptuous curves, but there was one man in particular that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of.

He seemed familiar, as if we’ve met beforeâ?¦ as if we were already close. No Randi, you just met the guy, there’s no way you’d know who he is. He too seemed to act as if I was the only person in this world that he was interested inâ?¦ could it be coincidence

Little did I know who he actually wasâ?¦


The Time Management Bureau

by James M Gallagher

If you could change one thing in your past. The one thing that if you had done differently, would have changed your whole life, would you do it? And how much would you be willing to pay for such a chance at a new future? The Time Management Bureau would love to help you out with your decision but be careful, playing with time is always a risky business and the Bureau does not offer refunds.

The Dig

by Emma Wong PhD

Set in the beginning of the 22nd Century, at a remote archaeological dig site bombarded by unsafe levels of radiation, an aging Jack Harrison must race against time and his own personal demons to make the discovery of a lifetime (known as the Revelation) and gain the recognition he feels he’s been denied for decades. Together with Long Shot, an AI unit stationed at the site to help him analyze the materials he finds, Jack recalls the events that lead him to this place in his life. All the while, a religious cult, the Svechi, are determined to stop Jack (and the Revelation) at any cost.

The Apocalypse Crusade War of the Undead Day One: A Zombie Tale by Peter Meredith

by Peter Meredith

In an apocalypse there is definitely a beginning where mistakes are made and the seeds of evil are allowed to sprout and take shape. However, an end is not so certain. Once an Apocalypse occurs not even death is certain. Sometimes death is only the beginning.
At first light that morning, Dr Lee steps into the Walton facility on the initial day of human trials; she can barely contain her excitement. The labs are brand spanking new and everything is sharp and clean. They’ve been built to her specifications and are, without a doubt, a scientist’s dream. Yet even better than the gleaming instruments is the fact that Walton is where cancer is going to be cured once and for all. It’s where Dr. Lee is going to become world famousâ?¦only she doesn’t realize what she’s going to be famous for.
By midnight of that first day, Walton is a place of fire, of blood and of death, a death that, like the Apocalypse, is seemingly never ending.
What readers say about The Apocalypse Crusades:
“DO NOT pick this up until you are ready to commit to an all-night sleep-defying read!”
“â?¦full of suspense and intrigue, love, both innocent and romantic, hate, both blinding and unnatural, non-stop action, and a very real gripping and palpable fear.”

HAYWIRE: A Pandemic Thriller (The F.A.S.T. Series Book 2)

by Shane M Brown

Imagine you were honeymooning on the grandest, largest, most expensive cruise ship ever to sail the world’s oceans. Everything is perfect. Everything is always perfect on board the First Lady of the Sea, a super-liner designed to provide passengers with the â??ultimate’ luxury cruising experience.

Highly-trained staff cater to your every need. International cuisine and activities you never imagined possible are waiting right outside your cabin door. You can dive in the world’s largest floating aquarium. You can join the action in the big tent circus or spend your days shopping duty-free in exclusive designer boutiques. Everything is just waiting for you. This is the best time of your life.

Now imagine the next morning you wake up to discover half the ship’s passengers have turned into homicidal maniacs. Quite literally, one half of the ship has declared war on the other half. Husband against wife. Brother against sister. The ship is a warzone. An epidemic of violence has swept through the ship, transforming its opulent decks into the most disturbing type of battleground.

Mindless, zombie-like brutality has overtaken the ship during the night, and when you awaken, the only thing standing between you and them is your cabin doorâ?¦

Special note: HAYWIRE has an active table of contents, is approximately 100,000 words, and displays seamlessly with Kindles and all other eBook reading devices.

A message from Daniel J. Murphy, Gold Star Father of Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy who was awarded the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor:

“As the father of a Navy SEAL LT and hero, I not only saw similarities between Captain Coleman and my son, Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy, but Shane Brown captures with such clarity, the brotherhood between and amongst United States Special Operations personnel and their “Never Quit” attitude on every mission”

About the Author:

Hi there!

If you haven’t landed on this page by accident, then you’re one of those curious people, like me, who likes to know a bit more about the authors we read. My life is much less exciting than my writing (thank goodness, because I put my characters through hell!)

I married my university sweetheart (not sure how she still puts up with me) and I’m the lucky father of three young children (Cassandra, Luca and Nicholas). We live in Brisbane, Australia. I met my wife at James Cook University, where I completed a Bachelor of Biological Science with duel majors in Zoology and Archaeology, a First Class Honors Degree in Underwater Archaeology, and a Masters Degree in Environmental Management. My writing draws on these disciplines, but while researching for books I try to never stop learning.

To date, I have completed five novels and an anthology of shorter stories. Right now I’m working hard on my sixth novel, and very much enjoying my role in assisting with the development of a feature film based on one of my short stories.

I love hearing from people, and I reply to all my emails. Feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you like, or what you think I could do better. Like I said, I’m always trying to learn.

Have a great week,

Shane M Brown

Tick of a Clockwork Heart

by M. R. Pritchard

Lucas Finnum McKenzie is an unfortunate man on a mission. After the tragic death of his wife during childbirth and the loss of his left arm during an accident, he’s left to care for his ill son. Lucas is determined to procure Black Amber, which is intended to power a clockwork heart, the first of its kind that may save his son’s life.

(A short story at 8,200 words)

Quarabel 2: El misterio del tiempo (Spanish Edition)

by Gabriel Nieto

Después de años, en los que el viaje de Pablo quedó interrumpido por los inesperados sucesos que tuvieron lugar en la isla donde debería haberse cumplido la profecía, de nuevo tendrá que enfrentarse al imperio Leivoz, que ultima sus planes para retomar el proyecto con el que pretende cambiar el futuro de la raza humana.
Nuevos acontecimientos le harán retomar un pasado nunca olvidado y enfrentarse a un futuro incierto que ahora afecta directamente a la vida de su propia hija.
En una lucha contrarreloj, tendrá que descubrir el antídoto para curarla mientras se adentra sin saberlo en un nuevo y tortuoso camino que le llevará inevitablemente a encontrarse otra vez con su destino.
Segunda parte de la trilogía Quarabel, todavía más fantástica, más emocionante, llena de momentos inolvidables y como siempre, escrita con un ritmo más cercano al cine, que a la novela.

Quarabel (Spanish Edition)

by Gabriel Nieto

Primera parte de la trilogía Quarabel
La vida de Pablo, ejecutivo de una importante multinacional de smartphones, sufre un vuelco inesperado cuando recibe un extraño regalo unos días antes de su cumpleaños.
A partir de ese instante su apacible vida se transforma en una aventura continua, que le situará en el centro de una profecía milenaria, que está a punto de cumplirse, que compromete la existencia de toda la humanidad y que está directamente relacionada con el nuevo y sofisticado teléfono que pretende lanzar su empresa.
Poco a poco, pero a un ritmo frenético, se cruzarán en su vida nuevos personajes, amigos y enemigos, desconocidos hasta entonces, mientras va descubriendo quién es en realidad y se introduce cada vez más en un mundo increíble y misterioso, donde nada es lo que parece.
Mundos paralelos, acción, amor, emoción y misterio, al compás de una historia, más propia de una película que de una novela, sin un momento de respiro, que se lee fácil, de un tirón y que no deja a nadie indiferente.
Más 20.00 lectores, desde que se publicó en el año 2012, avalan su éxito.

The Last Teacher (The Great De-evolution)

by Chris Dietzel

As parts of everyday life begin to fade away, one teacher struggles to keep a semblance of normality for the teenagers in her classroom. But what can she teach to students who know they will one day be the final remnants of mankind? THE LAST TEACHER is a story about realizing which lessons are most important in life.

A Great De-evolution short story.

Feral Recruit (Calm Act Feral America Book 1)

by Ginger Booth

She survived. That’s not good enough.

When Ebola struck Manhattan, Ava Panic was a bright high school sophomore. Two years later, Ava’s still kicking. Also hitting, biting, and gouging eyes.

Nine out of ten didn’t make it. Half the survivors are feral teens like Ava. During the Starve, their gangs terrorized the city. The Army finally stopped the dying, and resettled desirable refugees into the countryside.

But no one wants the gang rats, least of all the adults in the city. The generations loathe each other.

The new nation of Hudson hopes Army discipline can salvage these kids. Ava is game. Because the Army holds all the cards now. And if the streets taught her anything, Ava knows that only the ones with power survive. But for this to work, either the Army or gang rat Ava will have to change.

If you enjoy vivid characters, compelling world-building, and page-turning action, you’ll love the climate apocalyptic Calm Act Feral America series.

Get it now.

Terror In Texas (Torn Apart Book 1)

by C. A. Hoaks

“Heart pounding action, and real dialogue between characters that seem like real people? Sign me up. C.A. Hoaks has a solid debut novel on her hands.” -Chris Philbrook, author of Adrian’s Undead Diary

Terror in Texas begins with a biological attack on US soil. The ensuing chaos spreads anarchy and death. Adding to the confusion, the dead reanimate and attack the living. Unlikely heroes amid the chaos are a young mother, a disabled veteran, and a hopeless alcoholic. Who will escape San Antonio to see friends and loved ones again? Will the infection sweep over the entire nation?

Liz Jameson and her daughters separate while attempting to leave the city. While trying to find her daughters, Liz is rescued from certain death by Viet Nam Veterans who then volunteer to aid her in her quest.

Struggling to remain sober, Matt Monroe and fellow soldiers, rescue an unusual group of survivors during their trek across the state.

Steve Benton, a double amputee, faces multiple dangers and not all are undead as he attempts to guide his small band of survivors. It’s a race for safety and not all will survive.

Coding Lina

by Sean Cahill

Lina Vandark isn’t human. She’s an artificial intelligence and right now she’s as smart as a four-year child. The engineering team at Vandark Software is gearing up for a major release. Optimism is wild. But there’s also fear. Most people on the team think that Lina will lead mankind into a golden age of science, medicine and technology. A few people fear that she will automate too many jobs and thereby upset the global economy and plunge the entire planet into recession, chaos and war.

The Last Astronaut (The Great De-evolution)

by Chris Dietzel

As the human population fades away, one man decides to spend the rest of his life amongst the stars. He isn’t trying to escape the extinction. He’s trying to get away from something else.

A Great De-evolution Novelette

Fathers and Daughters (Butterfly and Serpent Book 2)

by Michael Robbins

FATHERS AND DAUGHTERS is the second in the trilogy BUTTERFLY AND SERPENT. A terrorist assault by the Children of Sydelle results in the paralysis of Youssou Hadebe’s village and the abduction of his mother. This is the latest in a lifelong series of depredation against his family. Youssou has had enough. He needs Jamai, the only woman to ever foil the evil schemes, and she’s serving a life sentence. After Youssou succeeds in securing her conditional release, he finds he must face his unresolved pain, as well as reunite with an enemy he wasn’t even aware existed.BONUS FEATURE: The original story of Sydelle, as told by the person Jamai had overwhelmed.

West Texas Swing

by Ted Akin

In the vast territory of Western Texas, Rick Bell works for the Unatural Resources Department specializing in the cryptid flora and fauna that calls the desolate area home. On a normal day, life consists of wrangling around with encounters betwixt the local wildlife and the local yokels. But when the department headquarters has a hiccup in the relocating process, it’s up to Rick to gallivant around the countryside and recover a handful natural artifacts. Aided by his somewhat cooperative dog Morgan, the matter should be no more than a breeze.

Unless of course his best friend and running buddy Omar sets him up on a blind date…

Ben Through Time

by Charles Spencer

“Ben Through Time” An adventure story about a misbehaved boy who will learn to become a better person in time.

9Tales From Elsewhere #4 (9Tales Elsewhere)

by Sara Green

Rare book trading can get every bit as dangerous as it can be magical. But that’s just the start of this collection of fantasy and science fiction from some of today’s most unique authors. The 9Tales series proudly presents:

FAERIE BAD by David J. Wing
DUPED by Daniel Brock
RAINS OF LA STRANGE by Robert N. Stephenson
NO DOGS, NO IRISH by Conor Miggan

And look for more 9Tales From Elsewhere releases in the future, as well as the currently available issues #1-3.

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