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The Photograph

by Ava Armstrong

Army Ranger and top sniper, Griffin Reese, takes out the top terrorist in the world and his life changes forever. He receives the coveted Medal of Honor and public accolades. However, being in the spotlight makes him very uncomfortable. Usually a guy who is difficult to find, his every move is suddenly plotted by enemies, anti-military activists and his ever-present handler.

Another person is also affected by his sudden fame – a 35-year old woman, Anastasia Brown, the photographer who shoots the cover photo of Griff for the media blitz that ensues. Ana becomes interested in him and a warm friendship develops. Once they return to their respective lives, the two communicate and Griff becomes a shoulder for Ana as her life spins out of control.

While he’s in the middle of a dangerous mission in Nigeria, Ana struggles with a failing marriage and a looming custody battle. Griff wants to be there if, and when, her marriage falls apart, however, he has a nagging self-doubt about their age difference and whether, or not, she could ever love him.

A military romance and thriller, The Photograph is a contemporary story that deals with real life problems.

Dead on the Western Front

by Christian Shakespeare

In 1915 a young German boy answered the call of his country. He went to war as a patriot, he came back as a pacifist.

Dead on the Western Front tells the story of Anton Emmerich, an eighteen year old and fresh out of school. Carried on by the wave of hope, expectation and patriotism he signs up for the army to serve his nation as everyone in his generation is expected to do. However the brutality of training sets him up for the nightmare he is about to face in the mud and extreme horror of the trenches of the Western Front.

He is not alone; plenty of friends accompany him and share in his experiences and their friendships only grow stronger through the bond of comradeship even as the shells fall and the bullets fly. But the war is never far away, one by one they fall, succuming to the sheer barbarism of industrial warfare. With each death Anton mourns and a little piece of him dies in this most unemotional of conflicts yet he is trapped, trapped here waiting for his own turn to come.

But it never comes, just more death, more suffering all around him, the smell of putrid corpses, the sound of exploding shells, the sights of his comrades gunned down by unrelenting machine gun fire. He is trapped in an utter nightmare, one where he never thought himself nor anyone else can endure. They never told him that war was like this.

By the end he is still alive but alone. Friends dead, just survivors and hollowed from their experience. He returns home a deeply scarred man in a deeply embittered nation that feels aggrieved at the last four years. Anton too has died emotionally just like everyone else. He is one of a wounded generation that can see no future, his life, their life all criminally destroyed by the great tragedy that is the First World War.

The Will Of America (1)

by CS Bennett

Centered on the lives of three distinct and unique individuals: most of all a desperate and troubled twelve year old feral child who has grown up on the dangerous streets of Washington DC and works for a ruthless young and ambitious drug dealer, a highly decorated war hero who commands one of America’s most elite and ultra-secretive commando units, and America’s top politician and Commander-In-Chief, the President of the United States, the decisions of one and the actions of the other impacts the fate of this misguided child, as well as the future of America. This story is about a child lost in a sinister world of drugs, violence, juvenile delinquency and child exploitation and a country on the verge of all out war on drugs and terror in Central America, which just may include Mexico.

Far from this child’s limited world view, American, British, and Israeli intelligence stumble onto a Colombia drug cartel’s plan to join forces with an element of al Qaeda to smuggle dirty bombs into America with the aid of a ruthless band of ex-Latin American Special Forces members turned mercenaries. Enraged, the President decides it’s time to unleash America’s premier and most feared fighters, her Spartan Warriors: Delta Force, US Navy SEALs, US Army Rangers, and the famed Green Berets, along with a high-octane take no prisoners air support wing to bring them all down. Yes, this time the terrorist have gone too far. If there is anything that strikes fear into these criminals, it is America’s Spartan Warriors. And now they are on their way.

Queen of Hart (Hart of Darkness Book 3)

by Violeta Bagia

Ace had always known that trusting her gut was the right thing to do, she knew it back in Iraq, she knew it on the field, and she knows it better than ever as she stares down her own fate.
Illarion doesn’t want to hear it though, he doesn’t want to hear that the only way this war ends, is with Ace.
But as the greatest test of her mind and power finds her in the form of a twisted game and deep betrayal, she realizes that the tests of her power, of her domination are all set to challenge her worth.
Agent Ace Hart has faced down her toughest opponents, she’s survived deadly conditions and even her own mortality. But when she finds herself at a crossroads and those she loves threatened by an immovable force controlled by the Taker, she’ll have to hope that the right choice was made.
Will her strength and resolve to do what’s right be enough or has the Darkness already claimed her?
Will she be able to stop herself from making a choice that can never be undone?

Westburn Blues

by Jim Ellis

Dante Rinaldi is born to Italian immigrants in the West of Scotland. Stranded by World War Two in Italy during a summer with his grandfather, Dante grows roots in his family’s rural homeland and, as a young adult, identifies with a band of mountain partisans fighting the fascists.

Young love delayed and the Rinaldis’ struggles in post-war Scotland carry Dante into the life of Chris McCoull: a neglected adolescent who finds his calling and romance while working for a Greek-owned shipping line.

Carefully researched and historically detailed, Westburn Blues is a rendering of the Scottish-Italian experience and filled with a cast of colorful characters… from sympathetic to truly evil.

Ace of Hart (Hart of Darkness Book 1)

by Violeta Bagia

Ace Hart was entrusted with some of the government’s best kept secrets, working with Special-Ops, she was revered by heads of every agency around the world, until her entire unit was killed. The ambush was planned, she knew that much, but how?
And now her world is shifting, slipping under her feet quicker than she can stop it.
She’s thrust into a world full of secrets, guns, espionage and The Agency.
Ace Hart’s no longer the Special Forces soldier she once was but a chance encounter in Central Park with a mysterious man and a mugger has her kicking her four inch stilettos right into her attacker’s shin.
She’s faced guns and knives, bombs, and soldiers but she’s never faced a superhuman opponent like Agent Lazarev.
When Ace is invited to join Agent Lazarev in his world where Sensitives work for the Government, she discovers she is part of a superhuman race descended from an ancient line of Celestial Beings, and when the balance of power is being threatened, their only hope of keeping the scales balanced is in the hands of a prophesied warrior; a Divine Sensitive, Ace.
Will Ace be able to fight the dark forces that beckon to her, or will she succumb to them?

C-5 On The Ice (A Short Story)

by David Joseph

A public domain iconic photograph of the first C-5 to land on the ice runway near McMurdo Station on 5 October 1989. The image is a work of a U.S. military employee, taken as part of that person’s official duties.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
Novelist David Joseph, author of Korea x 2 and The Bully & Other Stories, has written a military short story on the first C-5 to land on the frozen ocean of Antarctica. After interviewing C-5 crew members that have gone to the “ice,” and from David Joseph’s own trips to the “ice,” he delivers a classic aviation short story.
“A certain fear of losing the plane came to him. The shivering returned. He could not help thinking of a ship sinking, he thought, and the captain going down with the ship. But a plane sinking and a C-5!”

Fathers and Sons (A Short Story)

by David Joseph

Special Forces sniper, Tom Friddle, returns home to western New York after two years deployed in a combat zone fighting the war on terror. Upon returning home, Tom heals from the horror of war through his family, his farm, and being a role-model. Tom explores the destructive qualities of war which is countered by the healing and regenerative powers of love. David Joseph employs the iceberg theory when writing about 9/11, amputations, death, and the war on terror. The hard facts float above water while the supporting structure, including the symbolism, operates out of sight. “Fathers and Sons” is a definitive piece of literature on “Healing” from catastrophic war.

Slaves of Rome

by James Scholes

A SLAVE UPRISING. There is a revolt in Ancient Rome: a slave army has taken control of the island of Sicily, and they will do anything to keep their freedom. Their goal: to create a new society, free of the tyranny of Rome and their former masters.

A CITY UNDER SIEGE. The Roman Empire will not allow the slaves to succeed. The very structure of Roman life is under threat. A massive army is assembled to storm the island and take back control. Rome will not rest until every last slave is dead.

CAN ONE MAN STOP A WAR? Amidst the chaos is a young slave named Marcus. He is torn between the rebelling slaves and his former master. Drawn deeper and deeper into the war, Marcus will do whatever it takes to put a stop to the violence… But will he sacrifice his former master to the rebellion?

Will he sacrifice himself?

SLAVES OF ROME is a novel of historical fiction that tells the story of the First Servile War, a slave uprising in Ancient Rome. Set in Sicily during the age of the Roman Republic, the war was the first large-scale revolt by slaves against their masters.

It was not the last.

Ghost of Guyana (A Novelette)

by David Joseph

For many years, I wanted to write a story about the mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana. Particularly the role of the Air Force in airlifting the remains back to the United States. I refused to write about it because I thought anything connected with Jonestown should entail one sentence: Guyana was a horrible, horrible event, and the U.S. Military did gruesome things they should never, never had done.
But as time passed, the fact that I never wrote about Guyana became oddly disturbing. If you’re a writer, the assimilation of experiences almost obliges you to write about them. So I wrote Ghost of Guyana.

War Accelerated Liberalization: Social Liberalization of a Conservative Town

by Ramakanth Jonnavittula

At the pre-marital visit of the bridegroom Mukhesh and his father Ambareesh to Goraknadh’s house for a meeting with his daughter and bride, Jahnavi. The groom misbehaved and left abruptly because he heard rumors that she was in love with a Harijan. His allegation made her begin loving him.
The misdeeds of the vice-chancellor and the autocratic ways of the principal caused the National Engineering College to degenerate. It was restored to the path of progress by the efforts of Goraknadh who staked his life in that endeavor.
Construction of vedavyas’s house began. During excavation for the foundation a Shiv Ling surfaced; a temporary shelter was built for it which served as a Shiv temple. It accentuated religious fervor among people.
Sailaja and Niranjan loved each other. Realizing how conservative their parents were, they gave up the idea of marriage. She was permitted to invite all her friends for her wedding.
War suddenly erupted between Pakistan and India, one day before Sailaja’s marriage. Because of the absence of discrimination in the army, Lokesh wanted to join the army later. Now he decided to join the army the very next day. Tridev convinced his parents and joined the next day. Niranjan joined the army and then informed his parents. All the three were sent to the forward areas.
Omkar completed his medical degree and joined his father Ashutosh. He advertised for a helper. He refused to give Bharatram the job because he was a Harijan. He was tired of trying and failing to get a job. He tried to commit suicide by running into a speeding car; he failed, got wounded and was taken to the nearest hospital, Ashutosh’s nursing home. Now the doctor had a change of heart; he treated Bharatram and gave him the job. Jahnavi joined Ashutosh nursing home as a nurse.
Sadhuram wanted to get Bharatram married to Gouri but he refused to get married till at least one of Ashutosh’s problems was resolved.
Bholaram, father of Lokesh, took the letter he received to Radharaman who also received a similar letter. The letters informed them that Lokesh and Tridev who were sent on a mission, did not return. Bholaram could not suppress his sorrow and slipped as he stepped out; he was admitted to Ashutosh nursing home.
Ashutosh received a letter that Niranjan left the camp but did not return. Ashutosh buried the letter and its contents deep within himself.
Bharatram convinced both sides for the marriage of Lucy and Omkar. First they were married according to Christian rites and later according to the Hindu rites.
The war ended as suddenly as it began. Lokesh and Tridev returned soon after the war and related how they were wounded and how a Muslim Lady doctor treated them and returned them to the Indian Army Camp. In 1947 when the doctor’s family was migrating to Pakistan, an orthodox Brahmin protected them, gave them shelter and treated them as honored guests for three days; that gesture changed the lives and attitudes of the Muslim family and they began helping people in need, irrespective of their religion or nationality. Their story profoundly influenced the residents of Devipur.
There was no means of getting any news about Niranjan; his parents felt miserable. Because Lucy was also assisting in running the nursing home, Ashutosh gave up active practice.
Niranjan was taken a war prisoner and was selected to be returned to India under an Indo-Pak agreement for exchange of some prisoners. At the last minute someone else was smuggled in his place and he was thrown out to die. A Muslim school teacher saved him, nursed him to health and married him. Later, he wrote a cryptic letter to Ashutosh indicating how they can be retrieved and brought to Devipur. Ashutosh’s wife Sarvani deciphers the letter and they succeed in bringing the couple to Devipur with the help of a Collector from each side of the border. The couple was married at the Temple of Shivji. All couples new and old joined in the merriment, along with the invitees.

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