Here’s a list of the most common FAQs I get asked.

How to subscribe aka get lots of free Kindle books

On Kindle (best option – daily updates delivered direct to your Kindle):

  1. Go to Free books for Kindle if you are in the US (or see UK link)
  2. Click on Subscribe now with 1-Click

How to unsubscribe

On Kindle:

  1. Go to Manage your Subscriptions
  2. Click on the Actions button next to the relevant subscription
  3. Select Cancel

By email:

Click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the daily email.

These books are not free! 

Books are free at time of listing – but prices can change very rapidly (sometimes within hours).

Also books may be free in some countries but not others.

I have a free book. Can you mention it?

In most cases, I will automatically pick it up on the day it goes free if it is:

a) within a category I feature

b) hasn’t been free before.

c) everything is working correctly 😉

You can also get some additional publicity by posting it on the Facebook wall:


Or tagging at Amazon.com with the phrase “kindle freebie” as that means I’ll usually (but not always) mention it on Twitter.


Anything I can do to help?

I thought you’d never ask.  Here’s a short list.