Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 23 May 17

LDS Triple Combination: The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, The Pearl of Great Price

by LDS Church

**Updated table of contents. If you already purchased this volume, delete it from your Kindle and re-download it to obtain the latest version**

This volume includes:

The Book of Mormon
Doctrine and Covenants
The Pearl of Great Price

Montana Trails: A Cutter’s Creek Prequel

by Kari Trumbo

We all have dreams. For Florence Peterson, it was to leave her teaching position in Missouri or have her life relegated to the same thing day in and day out. On a lark, she sent a letter to a school in Oregon, never dreaming they’d answer! Now all she has to do is decide if she should take the position. Because it’s one thing to dream, another to have it come to life.

Alton Cutter had made the trip West more often than he’d like. Montana was fresh and new, and his brother was already there. With his wagons readied, the families in his wagon train readied too, all was well. Except for the crazy schoolmarm that had it in her head she could just “tag along.” He’d been planning this for too long to let some slip of a woman put a hitch in his plans. Let alone, his heart â?¦

Elder Paisios: his teaching and prophecies : Mount Athos’ Monk’s Inspired Speech

by Elder Paisios

One of the most known and beloved personalities in Greek Orthodox Church. His teaching and quotes will calm your soul and offer you relief, while his prophecies will reveal what will happen on our world.

Ions of Manifestation: Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Through the Akashic Records

by Teza Zialcita

In IONS of Manifestation, Teza Zialcita shares simple yet profound steps for manifesting all of our hearts’ desires and more. She approaches the topic masterfully, both simplifying the process, yet at the same time fully honouring the profound holistic nature of this work. Manifestation is an art form that requires our whole heart, soul and life to be engaged with a higher purpose and a sense of interconnectedness to all that is. Through Teza’s graceful teachings, this great opportunity is accessible to all. After reading this book, there is no turning back!

Embracing Your Divinity: The Journey in finding the Law of Attraction

by Laura Emily

In order to appreciate our power in creating we must first appreciate who we are and why we are here. We are born creators. We are creative beings and we are one with the Universe and with each other. We have stepped forth into these physical bodies with extreme enthusiasm to go forth and create a life which is most pleasing to us. When we decided to incarnate here on this earth we knew that we would be creating with the energy that is within us and that all that we create will be a match to that which we are.

In this book, Laura Emily has taken her own journey, along with the journey of others, to explain the many different universal laws that govern us on a daily basis. It is these laws that determine how much of a happy and fulfilled life we lead and it is Laura’s mission to help as many people as possible to achieve their well deserved happiness.

Summer of Sweetness

by Julie Joseph

Twenty-something Laura Martin has always wanted to travel. She never thought she’d spend her first vacation outside of the Midwest on a little-known Florida resort island as someone’s nanny. With two rambunctious twins in tow, she has to deal with her snippy and emotionally distant rich employers the DeVilliers while trying to make the most of spending her every waking moment as the only responsible adult on the trip.

But when she meets Josh Philips, the handsome activities director at their luxury resort, the little time she gets to spend with him makes it all worthwhile. He shows her what life on the island can be like, and they talk about their shared dream of running a bed and breakfast one day.

There’s a storm brewing though, as she realizes the trip will only last so long. With a real tropical storm on the horizon, how will they make their summer romance last and become something more?



by Cathy Bryant

From the author of the beloved Miller’s Creek novels (Christian fiction) comes a topical Bible study on forgiveness.

Forgiveness is a crucial part of the Christian faith and also a way in which we can experience strong and healthy relationships with our fellow man. Unfortunately, the truth about forgiveness–as presented in God’s Word–has been somewhat tarnished by inaccurate human philosophy.

The destroyer wants us confused and hurting. The lack of forgiveness in human relationships–even those within Christian circles–is written in the scars upon human hearts, souls, and minds.

But Jesus always taught the need for forgiveness, loving others, just mercy, and justice redeemed by grace. Living by His command to forgive you can declutter your mind and heart through the removal of hatred, malice, grudges, resentment, and bitterness. You can also experience reconciliation and restoration in your relationships with others.

This Bible study guide and workbook is appropriate for either individual or small group study and includes the following:

-what forgiveness is and what it isn’t
-God’s role in the process of forgiveness
-what Jesus accomplished at the cross for each of us
-our mandate to forgive as we’ve been forgiven
-what gets in the way of forgiving others
-how to truly forgive the inexcusable

“Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.” -Mark Twain

This Bible study guide was written to compliment the spiritual theme of forgiveness in A BRIDGE UNBROKEN, Christian fiction and the fifth stand-alone book in the Miller’s Creek novels.

“This book was perfect for a study group in church. Forgiveness is a huge part of being a Christian, and Christ tells us to forgive over and over again.” -Donna

“A great read about something most of us can use. Ultimate forgiveness.” -Dan

“This caused me to pray and forgive decades old grudges.” -Linda

“This was a great study on forgiveness! The book is pretty short but rich in content with tons of scripture references. Highly recommended!!” -Courtney

“The thing I loved the most was all the Scriptures that Cathy showed that talks about forgiveness and how important it is to God that we forgive. Sometimes, those Scriptures hurt (we must forgive to be forgiven) and brought light to areas of my life where I have been harboring unforgiveness. My copy is so highlighted because there was so much great information about forgiveness! The first chapter goes into what forgiveness is and what it isn’t. This was especially helpful to me because, like others, I have allowed the world’s definition of Christian forgiveness to creep into my belief system. The other thing I really felt was really helpful was at the end of each chapter, there is a conclusion where she asks you to personalize what you’ve learned in the chapter. I highly recommend this Bible study! It would be perfect for a small group, a Women’s Ministry or just to do it on your own, as I did.” -Julie

“While some books on forgiveness can get bogged down with detailed information, this book reads simple enough that it cuts to the heart of the matter, quickly and effectively providing helpful material for the reader to apply to his or her life.” -Jennifer

Biblical Guides
Bible Studies
Bible Study Guides
Women’s Bible Studies
Women’s Bible Study Guides
Bible Study for Women
Bible Studies for Women
Forgiveness Bible Study
Bible Study on Forgiveness
Bible Study for Christian Living
Bible Study for Small Groups
Bible Studies for Couples
How To Forgive
How To Forgive Yourself
How To Forgive When You Don’t Feel Like It
How To Forgive Others
How To Forgive When You Can’t
Christian Bible Study
Christian Bible Study for Women
Christian Bible Study for Small Groups
Christian Bible Study Books

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Free reference Kindle books for 23 May 17

Make Bootstrap Themes

by Bo Feng

Bootstrap perhaps is the most popular frontend framework for developing mobile first projects on the web in recent years, its repository on github gets more than 100 thousands stars. Millions of websites are using it not only because it is easy to learn and use but the flexibility of customization.

In this book, we’ll focus on the customization part – build your own Bootstrap theme. At the time of writing this book, Bootstrap 4 is still in its alpha version, by “Bootstrap” here we are referring to Bootstrap 3. We will start with preparing a development workbench, and introducing Less (a CSS pre-processor Bootstrap uses), then walk through Bootstrap’s source code which will help us first get familiar with its code structure and later build themes by reusing it. Moreover, we will learn how to make additional styles and use plugins to polish our themes. Lastly we will touch on Bootstrap 4 a little and see how to use and customize it.

This book is not an introduction to how to use Bootstrap, nor is it for learning the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. For example, you should know what “container”, “col-xs-12”, “col-sm-10” classes mean in Bootstrap. If not, I suggest reading through some tutorials about using Bootstrap before coming back to this book. If you are already familiar with the basis of HTML, CSS and Bootstrap usage, and want to go further to customize its theme, or even sell your own theme in the marketplaces, this is the book for you.

Herbal Birth Control: For Women Who Want More Control of their Family Size01

by Vivian Mace

Herbal Birth Control can help women with some family planning. My personal experiences with using herbs when I wanted to have a child and unknowingly prevented pregnancy for 7 years. I was very upset and thought I was barren for years. I already had 3 children and it depressed me that I was unable to have any more. This information can help other women space their children apart if they have access to different herbs.
For thousands of years, ancient cultures have used herbs to bring on a women’s period. It took years to figure out that women who want to get pregnant should avoid these herbs as well. Many people needlessly seek fertility treatments when maybe they are preventing pregnancy with a favorite herbal tea they drink daily. Others want to space their children or prevent pregnancy at times when they are not ready for a child. Both times are important in every life of every woman from the time we become women.
I wrote this book several years ago but I was hesitant to publish it at the time. With the current world conditions of women around the world I hope this book helps many who need this information.
My daughter just told me that they are teaching girls about reproduction in school right now and so this information is important for young girls all over the world who are confused about how to protect their reproductive health and still stay true to themselves and any child they may have in Heaven waiting to be born.
God bless women and their children all over the world. May we see past race, color, national origin, religion, and any other differences that may tend to divide. We are simply women with the same human conditions. We must help each other and hold each other up. We must educate each other on the subjects we know and can testify to and share the knowledge with the world while we have the chance to share it.

First Steps in Spanish: without grammar! #1: A fast and simple approach for starters and re-starters. 100% bilingual, Spanish-English

by Click-books Digital Media

This book is about getting to know Spanish through reading and practicing. It is not a textbook, but it will give you confidence in the language right from the start.

FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH is for people who are new to Spanish, or whose knowledge is limited. It is also for people who have studied some Spanish, but who have forgotten most of what they learned. Most importantly, it is not about grammar!

This book is about feeling comfortable with Spanish through reading and practicing. Exercises are very short, and are all in Spanish and English, allowing you to progress at exactly your own pace, even if it’s just two minutes a day.

FIRST STEPS IN SPANISH is not about grammar. However, there are some notes about grammar and the differences between English and Spanish, especially in the earlier chapters. These are very brief, and if you really hate grammar, just ignore them.
We hope you enjoy the book!

How to be a successful youtuber and earn money from it

by Enterprise Books

This e-book highlights and identifies the main errors done by the startup youtubers and the difference between a succesful and an unsuccesful youtuber. This book will surely help you identify the flaws in your youtube channel and make your channel bigger and better. To the point book of only of only a few pages, so can learn more in less time.

FREE Online Engineering Courses

by Shay Spivey

Did you knowâ?¦
There are FREE Online Engineering Courses! It’s true.

This is your guide to finding free engineering courses. Whether you want to expand your knowledge in engineering, gain important job skills, or just explore classes in your spare time, there are a number of FREE options available to you.

In this book, I provide you with a collection of links to several engineering courses and other resources to find many more. Just click and learn.

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Free parenting and families Kindle books for 23 May 17

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: What if there was a cure? Cannabis

by James A. York

Cannabis Could Be Helping Alzheimer’s Patients If you’ve been keeping an eye on medical marijuana studies in the recent years, you probably already know the fact that cannabis compounds are demonstrating great promise in the lab. Cannabis is essential to all of us Cheers to all out there making this research happen despite political obstacles and pitfalls.
Coconut oil an answer for Alzheimer’s disease? Cannabis Coconut Oil recipe inside


by Hrvoje Perica

Ever seen the person next to you and just wondered about their life? Is the smile a fake one, real? What happenes in those who we overlook every day and what does it take for those who are lost, to get back where they need to.

Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive In School, Sports and Life

by Kate Lund

Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive in School, Sports and Life is for parents, educators, community leaders and anyone who has an active interest in helping children to become resilient and realize their potential. The book presents the author’s vision of the seven pillars of the resilient child during the elementary school years, along with specific strategies for bolstering the resilience of your own child or the children you work with.

The Pillars of the Resilient child presented in this book include: Tolerating frustration and managing emotions; Navigating friendships and social pressures; sustaining focus on a single task and a larger goal; developing courage; Building motivation; Building confidence; and Creating optimism.


by Francisco Cedeño Mera

ADAN-EL DIA QUE COMI LA MANZANA es una novela que exalta a la mujer y revaloriza al hombre como creación de Dios. adán y Eva en el paaíso modelan lo que debe ser el matrimonio: una relación de amor, compañerismo, fidelidad y respeto. El matrimonio nace en el corazón de Dios y es la primera institución universal: Vale la pena refrescar sus valores.
La novela también enfatiza la grandeza del alma humana porque Dios habita en ella, Libro de lectura amena, de belleza literaria y profudidad teológica. Ideal para lideres y parejas. ¡Su relación matrimonial puede ser una eterna luna de miel! ¡Inténtenlo!

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Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 23 May 17

Second Sight

by Toryn Chapman

2017 Finalist – Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Campbell Mackenzie is a successful lawyer with occasional feelings of déjà vu. There’s just one problem – it’s not déjà vu.

This discovery leads to tragic consequences and Mackenzie’s once-perfect life falls apart, until he encounters a mysterious woman with a secret of her own.

From glittering Hong Kong to outback Australia and the underbelly of Tokyo, Mackenzie finds himself caught up in a world of conspiracies and organized crime, and an unrelenting pursuit where fate is always one step ahead.

“A fantastic, stylish, fast-paced read”

“Hooked since the first chapter”

“Something at the turn of every page or around every corner. Highly recommend this book, do yourself a favor and get lost in it for a while”

The Savannah Project (The Action-Packed Jake Pendleton Political Thriller series Book 1)

by Chuck Barrett

The truth can be a dangerous thing.

Terrorism, duty, and personal safety collide when Jake Pendleton, an investigator for the NTSB, is called to investigate an aircraft accident in Savannah, Georgia during the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The accident, which at first appears to be quite run-of-the-mill, turns out to be anything but. Since Jake is not willing to pretend there are no suspicious circumstances and more than the usual share of rather unlikely “coincidences,” he sets off a veritable avalanche of secrets, violence and treachery. Aided by an unlikely partner, Gregg Kaplan, the air traffic controller who was the last person in contact with the airplane that crashed, Jake sets out to untangle the webs of deceit and to find a vicious killer.

Nothing is as it seems, nobody is who you thought them to be.
Nothing is sacred.
Nobody is safe.

The Savannah Project is an action packed political thriller with a twist around every corner. If you like thrillers by great authors like David Baldacci, Vince Flynn, Brad Thor, and others, then you’ll enjoys this book as the author incorporates his 3M formula for his novels: Murder, Mystery, & Mayhem.

His books have reached Amazon Bestseller status in the following categories:
-Espionage & Spy Thrillers
-Political Thrillers
-Political Thriller & Suspense
-Action & Adventure
-Terrorism Thriller

Praise about Barrett’s books from New York Times Best Selling authors:

“The Savannah Project signals the arrival of a new member to the thriller genre. Chuck Barrett. The tale contains all of the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for. The intrigue comes from all directions, slicing and stitching with precision. A worthy debut from an exciting talent.”
â??Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

“The Toymaker is a fun, fast moving thriller with plenty of gadgets and a lot of action.”
â??Phillip Margolin
New York Times bestselling author of Capitol Murder

Praise from the media:

Lee Scott
Florida Times Union
March 10, 2013

“Maybe we have Steve Berry to thank. Or it’s because our area happens to be a haven for literary-inclined retirees. Or it could just be the changing book publishing environment. Whatever the reason, Northeast Florida writers these days are producing some pretty darn good independent thrillers.

Best-selling Berry (his latest “The King’s Deception” will be out in June), who grew up in Georgia, lived just over the line in St. Marys for a number of years and a while ago moved to World Golf Village in St. Augustine, maintains a high profile in our books community as a speaker and proponent of things literary. He is also a good judge of talent. His cover blurb on retired air traffic controller Chuck Barrett’s first novel “The Savannah Project” gave the Fernandina author’s initial indie publishing effort a nice boost.

Following last year’s “The Toymaker,” Barrett’s third Jake Pendleton adventure, “Breach of Power,” has Jake and his partner Francesca Catanzaro settled in with an “off the books” private intelligence firm and the President of the United States needs their help.

“Breach of Power” opens the superlatives spigot. Its plot is as fast and solid as anything on the market. The good guys have all the right stuff and the bad guys will bring nightmaresâ?¦it’s guaranteed you will lose sleep with this one.”

Mystery Suspense Thriller Book Categories:
> Thriller Best Seller
> Action Adventure Thriller
> Men’s Adventure Fiction
> Mystery Thriller Political
> Thrillers with Unexpected Twists
>Spy Thrillers Espionage

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Empowered: Agent (The Empowered Series Book 1)

by Dale Ivan Smith

The world says those with superpowers are either heroes or villains. But what if you’re both?

Mathilda Brandt isn’t the angry, out-of-control teenager she was before she got out of jail. She’s hungry for a chance at a normal life, but when a gang threatens her sisters, she has no choice but to use her illegal superpower to protect them.

A secretive government agency gives her a choice: go back to prison for life, or infiltrate a notorious super-villain group in order to stop a psychotic Empowered. To save her city, her family, and herself, Mat must become the last thing she ever wanted to be again: a criminal.

Empowered: Agent is the first book in Dale Ivan Smith’s The Empowered urban fantasy series. If you like heroes and villains, you’ll love this fast-paced, suspenseful read featuring a strong female hero.

Buy the book to start reading the first novel in The Empowered series today!

If Angels Fall

by Rick Mofina

This book was a finalist for the 2001 Arthur Ellis Award for BEST FIRST NOVEL presented by the Crime Writers of Canada.

Tom Reed is a crime reporter with The San Francisco Star, whose superb journalistic skills earned him a Pulitzer nomination. But years later Reed’s life is coming apart. His editor wants him fired. His wife has left him to wrestle with his demons. Alone, Reed is tormented by the fear he may have caused the suicide of an innocent man suspected of murdering a two-year-old girl.

Reed’s friend on the case is legendary San Francisco Homicide Inspector, Walt Sydowski, who has one of California’s highest clearance rates. He is also a lonely widower haunted by the fact he cannot solve the girl’s heartbreaking death.

Both men grapple with the past while they race the clock to learn the truth behind a several new abductions that have anguished the Bay Area, in this acclaimed thriller set in the late 1990s.

IF ANGELS FALL, is the first book of the five-book Tom Reed – Walt Sydowski series. It is followed by COLD FEAR, BLOOD OF OTHERS, NO WAY BACK and BE MINE.

About the author:

Rick Mofina is a former crime reporter and the award-winning author of several acclaimed thrillers.

The International Thriller Writers, The Private Eye Writers of America and The Crime Writers of Canada have listed Rick Mofina’s books as being among the best in the world. His titles have been published in some 20 countries and have been praised by James Patterson, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Tess Gerritsen, Jeffery Deaver, Sandra Brown, James Rollins, Brad Thor, Nick Stone, David Morrell, Allison Brennan, Heather Graham, Linwood Barclay, Peter Robinson, HÃ¥kan Nesser and Kay Hooper.

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Free literary fiction Kindle books for 23 May 17

Kayal: Scifi Romance (Aliens of Eldan Book 1)

by Linda Mathers

On a farm out in the middle of the desert, Kiley is trying to get away from it all and find inner peace. But when a bright light chases her down and sucks her up into the air, she gets further away from everything than she planned.

Kidnapped and drugged by an evil alien, Kiley has no choice but to submit. Just when she thinks her bleak future is set, a handsome alien rescues her and sets a course back for Earth.

Kayal is kind, attentive and not to mention drop-dead gorgeous. And there’s something about the way that he touches her that sets her skin on fire and sparks flying through her veins.

But as she draws closer to her alien saviour, she draws closer to home, and with it a whole host of uncertainty. Should she go back home? Or should she ride out the adventure she’s having to its fullest potential? As she toys with her decision, the universe helps make it for her.

Warning: This scifi romance is intended for mature audiences.

The Art of Disposal

by John Prindle

Nice-guy Ronnie Lynch lands the best job of his life: murder for hire. But the Corporation is shaking things up for his low-level criminal crew, and Ronnie’s boss, Eddie Sesto, is in trouble. Take a ride through the underworld with a cast of unforgettable characters, and find out if there ever can be honor among thieves and killers.

“Here’s a delightful book â?? a crime novel in the style of Elmore Leonard or Quentin Tarantino, with plenty of humor balanced by real introspective characterization. Our protagonist is a dishwasher promoted to enforcer (aka: hitman) at the mid-level of a larger organized crime structure. He does a lot of killing and disposing of bodies, but he remains a sympathetic character throughout thanks to the humor of his narration, the tragedy of his backstory (which we get little by little), and his own likable disposition.” â??Joe Squance

“I’ve laughed, I’ve winced, and it’s even had me in actual tears! Never thought I’d sympathize with a baddie, but this story cracks it!” â??Michelle Jordan-Smith

“I’ve really gotten attached to these characters. The writing is top-notch, up there with Robert B. Parker” â??Kristie Ponce

Heavy-hitting action, hard-boiled 1960s pulp-fiction sensibility, and dazzling prose… The Art of Disposal is the most original crime novel in years; a perfect blend of action, introspection, and dark humor; a literary mafia thriller; a meditation on the nature of life and death. Don’t miss it!

COMING SOON: The Groundskeeper – the exciting PREQUEL to The Art of Disposal

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Free history Kindle books for 23 May 17

Life From Stone: Boys at War

by Sonia Campbell-Gillies

The last day of Polish occupation, the first day of Russian take-over was Sunday, the 23rd of September 1939. It was a beautiful day, perfect for summer picnics or a drive in the country. We now knew that the Germans were advancing swiftly along the entire front, but somehow we had become blind to the very real danger it posed, or that it may have a direct effect on our lives soon.

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Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 23 May 17

Arduino: Taking The Next Step With Arduino: The Ultimate Beginnerâ??s Guide – Part 2 (Arduino 101, Arduino sketches, Complete beginners guide, Programming, … Pi 3, xml, c++, Ruby, html, php, Robots)

by Steve Gold

Would You Like To Learn More About Arduino And How To Use It To Build A Robot? – NOW INCLUDES FREE GIFTS! (see below for details)

Do you know a bit about Arduino already?

Do you want to learn even more about it?

Do you want to start writing your own sketches and bringing your creations to life?

Do you want to build your own personal robot to wow your friends and family?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, this book will provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for!

The Arduino boards and software were designed to make creating your own electronic masterpieces as simple as possible. Whether you need a simple motion sensor or want to build a spectacular light display, Arduino can help you to do that!

In this book we will look at:

  • Understanding and using the Arduino IDE. You will learn what all the tabs and buttons are for and which of these you will need to become familiar with.
  • We’ll get you to the position that you can start writing and saving your own sketches. You no longer need to be limited by the sample sketches that you downloaded with the software or coding that you have had to beg, borrow or steal to get – you will be able to write it yourself from scratch! You will also learn how to tweak your sketches and upload them to the board.
  • You will learn some of the coding language that you will have to know and how to write the code so that your Arduino board is able to make sense of it.

  • We will go through the difference between analog and digital pins and how they are used on your Arduino board. We will also go through how to set up your workspace and the tools that you need to have.
  • You will learn how to incorporate various sensors, like a simple motion detector, and how to program the system to use the sensors in a useful way, like how to dim the lights, etc. with plenty of sample sketches that you can use to learn from. (Or just outright copy if you really don’t like the idea of writing code for yourself!)
  • You will learn how your Arduino board can produce sound and how you can use it to create tunes and control external music players.
  • You will learn how to plan your projects in a logical and organized manner so that they have the best chance of success from the outset. You will be taught about breadboarding and how it can make your life a whole lot easier. (And, here’s a hint, it has nothing to do with your morning toast and coffee.)
  • You’ll finally be able to let your creativity loose and have some fun with your Arduino board. Because, let’s face it, to really be able to be creative here, you do need to know more than just how to use the sample sketches. Who knows what wonderful things you will be able to come up with when you become a true creator?

  • And, last but certainly not least, you will learn how to build your own basic robot from scratch in a matter of a few hours. We even give you a cheat sheet for the code to use because it is pretty long and detailed. You can use the sketch we provide or choose to write your own. Whichever way you go, you end up with your own personal robot that you built up from scratch and that is something that is extremely cool – you get to create life, even if it is an artificial one!
  • â?¦and much more!
  • Also included for a limited time only are 2 FREE GIFTS, including a full length, surprise FREE BOOK!

Take the first step towards mastering your Arduino board today. Click the buy now button above for instant access. Also included are 2 FREE GIFTS! – A sample from one of my other best-selling books, and a full length, FREE BOOK included with your purchase!

Computers from 0 to 1: Part 000: Binary, Transistors, and Logic Gates

by TaeWon Kim

When I developed an interest in computer hardware as an engineer at college, I was frustrated that there was no neat, layman-friendly package out there for me to get a broad, conceptual understanding of the subject area.

That’s what drove me to write this book.

This succinct book, first of a series of eight, has turned the “meant to be” rigorous study of computer hardware into a light reading experience. I have thoroughly simplified my accumulated knowledge from my computer engineering degree for you to simply enjoy while relaxed on a couch. No homework, no exams, no professor speaking incomprehensible gibberish.

By the end of this highly condensed book, you will have already leapfrogged the majority of the “normal” people out there in terms of understanding binary numbers, transistors, and logic gates – the very building blocks of our greatest innovation. Heck, if you feel like it tomorrow, you could slickly join the two computer engineers in front of you smugly tossing around a bunch of jargon while waiting in line for coffee – “You know, you could implement the two’s complement simply by using the NOT gate and incrementing by 1.”

Imagine just how awesome that would feel.

Book word count: 5000

How to Return a Kindle Book: 3 Easy and Effective Steps with Screen Shots to Return Your Kindle Book and Get Your Money Back 2017

by William Hatch

Return your Kindle book, get your money back in just 2 minutes!!

Buying books on Amazon is very easy and great at the same time but buying it accidentally and not knowing how to return it is the big disaster. So, to fix this issue I have found that getting the right guide is the solution.

With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to return your kindle book
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to get your money back from Amazon
  • Screenshots for every step that will show you exactly what you need to do to return your Kindle book

Best GUIDE on the market today!

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Free business and investing Kindle books for 23 May 17

Get Clients Online: The Blueprint to Quickly Reach Your Ideal Clients and Boost Sales Online

by Kim Kelley Thompson

Free video training for business owners or start-ups: get the step-by-step system I use to make a six-figure income (and growing) â?¢ (just copy and paste into your browser).

Get Clients Online helps bring more business your way.

Just like any new endeavor, learning how to leverage the power of the Internet to set up or expand a business online requires a time commitment and effort. Do not trust anyone who tells you otherwise because that means they have not done it.

However, it is very doable and anyone committed to learning the steps, applying those steps, and following through will get more clients.

Without a list of subscribers (prospects), you have no one to present your offer(s) to. It’s no different than the offline sales cycle: search for prospects within your target market, develop a relationship with those prospects. What problem do they have that you can solve? Provide the solution to their problem, close the sale.

Now granted that’s simplified, but that’s the sales cycle. Even if you are not selling a product or service of your own, but you are creating highly valuable and targeted content with a blog, without a substantial number of people visiting you site, how can you expect to attract advertisers to pay for position on your site?

You must have a pipeline filled with viable prospects.

The online steps however, are different than the offline process and the best part is that they can quickly help you reach more of your ideal clients in a shorter amount of time. That, my friend, is the true beauty of the Internet!

We’re going to do that by implementing the steps in this book.

This book is for you if you are looking to:
â?¢Get more clients
â?¢Expand your current business online
â?¢Build a new business online
â?¢Create authority and become a recognized leader within your industry
â?¢Hate to write but know you need content for your site or social media sites
â?¢Are fed up with trying to figure out a quick way to reach your market

There is a formula to getting clients, boosting sales and building a successful business online. The steps contained in this book are the exact steps I took to build a six-figure plus business working from home. I’m a single mom with four children to support and I began doing this while working outside the home. If I can do it, so can you.

For the past few years, clients have trusted me to help them expand their reach. It works and it will work for you too, no matter which stage you are at in building or taking an existing business online.

My clients trust me for a reason; I help them reach their ideal market.

Their results are the reason I’m able to work from home (or anywhere for that matter) on my own time and for that I am extremely grateful.

Download the ebook to Get Clients Online – in addition to the ebook edition, you’ll also get:

– Access to my training “Online Business Cheat Sheet” for free.
– A PDF edition of the book (in case your e-reader doesn’t handle screenshots well).
– The chance to get your burning questions answered at the Get Clients Online community.

Here’s to your success!


Como hacerse rico desde cero: Libro para emprendedores (Spanish Edition)

by Robin Vicci

El 99.99 % de las personas consideran que para hacerse ricos deben tener habilidades de súper atletas, sacarse la loto o haber nacido ricos, lo que no caería nada mal, .pero no es así, el resto de las personas que no tienen esas virtudes también pueden serlo, es por eso que en este libro te voy a mostrar que si puedes ser rico, solo tienes que poner las piezas en su lugar y veras los resultados.

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Free advice and self-help Kindle books for 23 May 17

Ignited (Whiskey Nights Book 2)

by Suzannah Daniels

IGNITED is a new adult, contemporary romance intended for adult readers.

James “Hawk” Hawkins always knew he’d be a firefighter. At twenty-four years of age, he’s dedicated his entire adulthood to the perilous job of saving lives and extinguishing flames. After a chance encounter, he carries a young woman to safety, but it’s unlike any rescue he’s ever performed. She touches something deep inside of him, not because he finds her attractive, which he does, but because she doesn’t want to be saved. For the first time in his life, he doesn’t need to put out a fire…he needs to start one.

Twenty-year-old Amber Lawson escaped to the small town of Creekview, Tennessee. She was running…fleeing from a tragedy that left her heartbroken and shrouded in despair. Struggling with the desolation that has engulfed her, she tries to start anew, hoping that if she evades the reminders of her past, she can slowly begin to heal.

Hawk is determined to rekindle her passion for life. Along the way, he realizes that’s not the only passion he wants to ignite. With his heart on the line, it could be his most hazardous rescue yet.

Plus, a bonus scene from Mason and Lexi of WASTED.

IGNITED is the second book in the WHISKEY NIGHTS series. Since each book focuses on a different couple, they can be read as stand-alones, but many readers may prefer to read them in order for maximum enjoyment.

Wasted #1
Ignited #2
Deceived #3
Betrayed #4
Seduced #5 (Release Date to be Announced.) 

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Chasing Cassidy

by D. Kelly

When Zachary Stafford first set eyes on Cassidy Pope she was being beaten by her father. After witnessing the traumatic event, he made it his mission to befriend her. As the years pass, their relationship evolves and Cassidy not only gives Zack her friendship but her love, as well.
Cassidy spent her childhood being verbally and physically abused. The best part of her life is her friendship with the Stafford twins, Zack and Rylee. Although she tries to put on a brave front, the years of abuse have turned Cassidy into a woman filled with insecurities who doesn’t believe she deserves love. Especially not the kind of love Zack has given her for the last twelve years.
On their wedding day, Cassidy’s insecurities get the best of her and she does the one thing she knows how to do wellâ?¦she runs. Zack is devastated and when he discovers why Cassidy ran, his devastation becomes fury. Long ago, Zack made Cassidy a promise he fully intends to keep and sets off on a journey to bring her back into his arms where she belongs.
Will Zack and Cassidy get their happily ever after, or will Cassidy’s inner demons keep her from getting the only thing she ever wanted in this world? To be loved.
*Mature Content Warning* This book contains situations not intended for persons under the age of 18. Including, but not limited to – open door sex, cursing, and possible triggers.*

Misleading a Thug’s Heart

by ShaTocka

Caramel always liked dealing with men that were about that Thug Life. The one’s that knows how to handle all of her curves and hold court in the streets. A chance encounter brings her into the life of a nigga named Ziggy. With him she felt like she had met her match. Ziggy is all about his money despite his relationship with Caramel. The streets come first. Not satisfied with coming second in his life Caramel sets out to find happiness elsewhere but that won’t be easy with Ziggy. He is certified crazy when it comes to her being his. After finally being able to breaking free from Ziggy. Caramel catches eyes for the new and upcoming artist Lando.
Lando is different from most men Caramel have dated. He didn’t choose the streets, the streets chose him. Seeing that he has a way out, he takes every step possible to change his life for the better. With Caramel by his side what can go wrong? With all the fame Lando is getting he finds himself sucking up all the juices that comes with the fame. Caramel finds herself right back at square one allowing another man to mislead her heart. Being sick of men toying with her, Caramel decides that she will have her cake and eat it too. Ultimately. Caramel will find out what happens when she misleads a thugs heart…..

Her Master’s Heart

by Lawrence Southwick

This book is dedicated to real women with a lifetime of wisdom and experience, and the courage to reach for their sexual dreams.

Robin is a forty five year-old, curvy divorcee who thinks her life is over. Her kids are out of the house and all she knows is how to take care of others. She’s never known true happiness or true satisfaction. Is it too late for her?

Robert is a handsome, older skilled Dom who is tired of shallow, skinny, young girls with too much makeup and too little clothing, who throw themselves at any guy with a pulse. Yet they seem to be the only ones he encounters at his local kink club, Bottoms Up. He wants more but has been losing hope. Is it time to quit the scene?

About the Author: Lawrence Southwick is a long-term practitioner of the BDSM lifestyle, participating in events in NY, PA, OH, and Canada. He enjoys writing erotica with kink and romance and love, and Happy After Evers. He uses his life and experiences as the basis of his stories. He is a contracted Dominant to two lovely female submissives, Master of House Weigelia, and playmate with other friends.

How to See the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: A Practical Guide for the First-Time Eclipse Watcher

by Brian Ventrudo

A concise guide to the most anticipated astronomical event in history.
On the morning and early afternoon of August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will pass across the lower continental United States for the first time since 1918. More than 300 million people live within a day’s drive of the narrow path of this eclipse, so it may be the most watched astronomical event in human history.

If you’ve never seen the drama of a total solar eclipse before, as the world darkens for a few moments and the landscape is bathed in the unearthly silver-white glow of the solar corona, this may be the best opportunity to see a total solar eclipse in your lifetime.

To help you see the 2017 total solar eclipse, this concise and practical guide shows you everything you need to know to be in the right place at the right timeâ??and with the right toolsâ??to see this amazing astronomical event. Even if you’ve never observed a solar eclipse before.And even if you don’t know the first thing about astronomy.You’ll learn a little of the background behind this solar eclipse. You’ll discover the best places to observe it across its long and narrow path. And you’ll find out how to choose and use inexpensive solar eclipse glasses, solar filters,maps, and other basic tools to help you safely see this astounding and memorable event.

The Bear’s Accidental Mate: Volume 1 (Alaskan Bears)

by Tiffany Allee

After hitting a hunky stranger with her rented Prius in the wilds of Alaska, Kendra hardly expected to end up in bed with him. Even less did she think to find herself pregnant a few weeks later. But when she goes back to the cold north to tell the gruff, mysterious Lorne that he’s going to be a father, she discovers that the surprises in her life are just getting started.

Werebear Alpha Lorne would never have let the luscious, curvy Kendra out of his sight if not for the battle raging within his den. But when the fiery, independent human woman returns carrying his child, he wont allow her to leave again. Even if it means seducing her until she sees how good they are together. Even if it means fighting his own den to keep her at his side.

Happenstance: A Novella Series

by Jamie McGuire

#1 New York Times Bestseller Jamie McGuire returns to self-publishing with this page-turning YA account of Erin Easter, one of three Erins in the small senior class of rural Blackwell High School who not only share a first name, but also their birthday. Easter, raised by a neglectful single mom, keeps to herself and admires Weston Gates from afar. The other Erins, Erin “Alder” Alderman and Erin “Sonny” Masterson are the darlings of the community: daughters of the two wealthiest families in town, best friends, cheerleaders, and everything Easter isn’t–and they never let her forget it. Alder has even claimed Weston since the 8th grade.

Weston is a well-liked star athlete, and the son of two prominent attorneys. He struggles daily with the pressures of living up to his family name and secretly empathizes with Easter’s feeling that she belongs somewhere else; in a different life. Not until he begins sneaking nights out with Easter does he gain the courage to buck expectations and acknowledge his feelings … both for his future, and for her.

A shocking tragedy rocks the tiny town, and Easter’s life is turned upside down in the best way possible. But when the truth is revealed and everything she thinks she wanted falls into her lap, life only becomes more complicated.

Happenstance: A Novella Series (Part One) is an USA TODAY best seller!

Lipstick, Lies & Dead Guys (Gianna Mancini Mysteries Book 1)

by Jennifer Fischetto

From USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto comes a hauntingly humorous new series…

Gianna Mancini has chatted with ghosts most of her life. It’s never affected her much. Until now.

The latest ghost in Gianna’s family-centric, boy-complicated, job-depleted world is Emma Tinsdale, a woman Gianna despises. Wanting Emma out of her apartment and her orbit, Gianna chooses to help her move on, but she doesn’t expect to come across poisonous jam, a vengeful cop, or a group of friendly clowns.

When a relative is framed for Emma’s death, Gianna must dig deeper and faster to find out what really happened that fatal night on the beach. With help from her sister, her cop brother, and her ex-boyfriend, Julian, she gets close to figuring out the truth. But when the killer closes in, Gianna better watch her step unless she wants to become the latest member of the dearly departed.

Note: This work was previously published under the title One Garish Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam.

Gianna Mancini Mysteries:
Lipstick, Lies & Dead Guys (book #1)
Miniskirts, Mai Tais & Dead Guys (book #2)
Christmas, Spies & Dead Guys (holiday short story)
Cupcakes, Butterflies & Dead Guys (book #3)

What critics are saying about Jennifer’s books:

“It grabbed me by the hand and pulled me in, not letting go until the very last page. Highly recommended.”
~ Melody’s Bookshelf on “Unbreakable Bond”

“Weaves mystery with laughs (and a few tears). This delightful tale is a definite read! I would read it again as well as the rest of the series.”
~ Should You Read This Book? Review Blog, on “Secret Bond”

“The characters are always so well written. They feel like they could pop off the page. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!”
~ Wakela’s World on “Secret Bond”

“I approached this book with the idea that it would be the light reading many of us look forward to enjoying in the summer. It turned out to be more than that and I couldn’t put it down.”
~ The Birch Bark on “Secret Bond”

The Protector: Hot Steamy Paranormal Romance (Heart of Stone Series Book 1)

by Lexy Timms

A brand new paranormal hot and steamy romance by international bestseller, Lexy Timms.
Constance can track a killer, but is there a killer locked up inside of her?

Constance is a psychic who only gets visions about murder. She teams up with tough Homicide Detective, Jack. For three years, they track and catch serial killers until, unexpectantly one day, Constance starts to remember a past that just cannot be.

When one sexually explosive night happens between her and Jack, Constance realizes the visions of the past have to be true. Neither of are what they seem to be and a world of shifters opens before her eyes.

Only Jack knows the truth of Constance’s past. He also knows how dangerous it can be. He’s been waiting a very long time for her and won’t risk losing her all over again. But at what cost?

Can their turbulent past destroy them both?

Heart of Stones Series
The Protector
The Guardian
The Warrior

Undertaking Irene: A Jane Delaney Mystery, Book 1 (Jane Delaney Mysteries)

by Pamela Burford

Jane Delaney does things her paying customers can’t do, don’t want to do, don’t want to be seen doing, can’t bring themselves to do, and/or don’t want it to be known they’d paid someone to do. To dead people.

Life gets complicated for Jane and her Death Diva business when she’s hired to liberate a gaudy mermaid brooch from the corpse during a wakeâ??on behalf of the rightful owner, supposedly. Well, a girl’s got to make a living, and this assignment pays better than scattering ashes, placing flowers on graves, or bawling her eyes out as a hired mourner. Unfortunately for Jane, someone else is just as eager to get his hands on that brooch, and he’s even sneakier than she is, not to mention dangerously sexy.

Just when she thinks her biggest problem is grand theft mermaid, things take a murderous turn. But hey, when you’ve teamed up with a neurotic seven-pound poodle named Sexy Beast, how can you go wrong?

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Handwoven Hearts: Part 3 Amish Sommer Family Farm Series (The Amish Sommer Family Farm Series)

by Rachel Bauer


Stella Sommer has finally made up her mind. She made the tough choice between the two men in her life, and she’s ready to commit to Joshua Byler. Excited to tell Joshua, she’s blindsided when he gives her the cold shoulder and turns his attention to another woman. Though Stella believes that she understands God’s will for her life, she is forced to question whether she is on the right path.

Will Stella be able to convince Joshua to come back to her?
Does a pretty outsider have the power to steal Joshua away from Stella?

You’ll fall in love with the last book in Rachel Bauer’s latest series: Sommer Family Farm. Romance, suspense, and inspiration from surprising sources fill this enchanting new volume. Find out what happens when you let faith guide you in Handwoven Hearts.

Romance: Secret Baby with my Stepbrother 4: (Billionaire Bad Boy Alphas Romance) (BBW Pregnancy Sports Short Stories)

by Kristen Chase

It was hard feeling so great when I was with him, when I knew how wrong it was. And it was even harder to be happy in his arms when I knew how much pain Mum was in because of his father â?? my stepdad. But there was something just so irresistible about him and I couldn’t let it go.

I loved her quirky personality and her womanly curves, but most of all, I loved how her smile could brighten my entire day. So when her smile disappeared, my heart broke just like hers. I wanted to be her strength but she wouldn’t let me. Nothing would ever feel like a home run again if I couldn’t be with Blaire â?? nothing!

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Secret Baby with my Stepbrother 4 includes 20+ BONUS ROMANCE BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

Download FREE today on Kindle Unlimited!

WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

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