Free science Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

How to Make Your Own Natural Medicine for Diabetes

by Renate Andersch

Millions of people around the world are turning to natural remedies to their various health challenges. This is not unconnected to the proven medicinal values of some herbs and roots in recent years, attributes that have made them to be the perfect supplement or alternative to traditional medicine.

How to Make Your Natural Medicine provides the most comprehensive information about natural herbs that can slow down the impact of diabetes on diabetics. The book focuses on the antidiabetic and antioxidant properties of some natural plants as an effective solution to type 2 diabetes.

If you are diabetic and desire a potent natural solution to your health problem,read this book and learn proven ways you can turn your health around with some natural plants such as ginger, bitter lemon, and aloe vera. That’s your gateway to leading a healthier life.

Mushroom Growing: Easy Lessons How to Grow Mushrooms at Home

by Sebastian Coombs

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Mushroom Growing: (FREE Bonus Included)

Easy Lessons How to Grow Mushrooms at Home

The book “Mushroom Growing for Dummies: A Complete Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home” is a must read for all of the mushroom lovers out there because it helps you identifying the edible and poisonous species of these fungi so you know which buttons to eat and which morels to avoid. Otherwise you can get hard allergies and food poisoning. This book helps you in growing the mushrooms at home if you don’t like to wait for the particular harvesting season to arrive or you just don’t want to go on the fungi hunt in the dark forest jungle. It tells you all about the different varieties of mushrooms that you can grow easily grow in your basement or pressure cooker jars. It also provides a complete account of the supplies and equipments that you are going to need during the process of growing the mycelium. It is also a complete code on the medium requirements and environmental conditions required by these fungi to grow properly and delicious. And if you know the mushroom growth calendar to not miss any of the species with a lot of nutritional and medicinal benefits, this book has the answer of this query as well.

In short, this book offers:

  • Edible mushrooms in the world and their medicinal properties
  • Supplies and equipments to grow mushrooms
  • Best varieties for home growers
  • Process of growing mushrooms
  • Growing timetable of mushrooms

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The New God for Scientists: Equally, the New Science for Believers

by M. O’Reilly FIA

Every scientific argument you have read which supports God’s existence is almost certainly false. As for the scientific arguments against a God? Well, some of them remain persuasiveâ?¦

But this book lays out brand new reasons why Science and God’s existence are fully compatible, and also explains that the latest science supports the probability of a God that most of us would like to exist. This God is not responsible for the suffering in our world, and maybe needs us as much as we think we need God. An afterlife probably awaits us if we follow the right path. Understanding that path requires a revolutionary new way of thinking about why we are here.

Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook: The Best Electric Smoker Recipes and Technique for Easy and Delicious BBQ (Electric Smoker Cookbook, Smoking Meat Cookbook, The Best BBQ Recipes)

by Adele Baker

Learn how to smoke meat like a PRO with this amazing Masterbuilt Smoker Cookbook.

Using an electric smoker is a worry-free way to make impressive meals packed with flavor. There is no need to stand guard with this easy and wise cooking method â?? just simply set and forget, and the smoker will do the rest. Try any of these fantastic electric smoker recipes for a perfect, quick, weeknight dinner.

For your satisfaction, this Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Cookbook offers:

  • The best recipes that are big on flavor, imaginative in their variety, and easy to make, featuring lots of fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients
  • Special chapter for seafood lovers, paleo-friendly and vegetarian diets
  • Electric Smoker A-Z guide, with time chart and other handy tips, which’ll help you utilize your Masterbuilt Smoker like a PRO
  • Expert Techniques which’ll help you to choose your own electric smoker and know the benefits of using it

After reading this book, you will be able to:

  • Sort out the types and forms of wood used for smoking
  • Professionally pair meat with the wood
  • Identify correct meat smoking time and temperature

Here is a list of some recipes to try:

  • Smoked Corned Beef with Potatoes
  • Pork Tenderloin Appetizers
  • Smoked Chicken Tenders
  • Smoked Salmon with Peppercorn Crust
  • Smoked Summer Vegetables

Please note! Two options of the Paperback are available:

  • Full-color edition – Simply press See all formats and editions above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button
  • Black and white edition

As a GIFT, at the end of the book I’ll give you a BONUS –

  • TOP recipes for any occasion from the best-seller author Adele Baker

Just remember! Investment in your health is the best present that you could ever make for yourself. Be Happy! Be Healthy!

Use these healthy and easy recipes and start cooking today!

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Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Abigail & Wyatt : A Civil War Romance: A Collection of Historical and Amish Romance

by Marisa Meyer

A Collection of Historical & Amish Romance
The Civil War may have come to an end, but the destruction that lay in its wake was still very real.
Abigail Houghton hasn’t been back to her family estate for nearly eight years. Having defied her father’s wishes to marry, he had all but written her off. And with news of her ailing mother, she had no choice but to return. With no love lost, she tries to pick up the pieces and make something of a life she had very few fond memories of.
When a handsome stranger comes to her rescue, she couldn’t even begin to comprehend just how much her life would change.
Wyatt Spencer had one goal – claim the Houghton land and avenge his father’s death. But when a strange woman arrives at the Houghton Estate, his plans are railroaded. The last thing he expected was to fall for the daughter of the man who murdered his father, but she was nothing like him, not even close.
Would the feud between their families allow their love to blossom?

The Heart Knows Where It Belongs (Home To You Series #3)

by Morris Fenris

The heart knows when it’s home.

Rylor Ballard has just watched his brother get married and his sister just months before that. He’s embarking on a brand-new endeavor but a part of him is wondering if he will ever have someone to share it all with.

Then Melody Graham walks into his life. He immediately knows there is something different about her, but love at first sight doesn’t really happen and they have so much to do to get the ranch ready to open. When their plans to open get pushed up, it is all either of them can do to deal with the hurting women that have come to them for healing and support.

They both fight the truth, allowing their heads to rule their actions. Advice from friends and family finally grab Melody’s attention and she takes a leap of faith and comes clean with her feelings. But miscommunication and a lack of listening to their hearts causes them to waste precious weeks, moving in circles around one another and waiting for a better time to explore their feelings.

As the other members of the Ballard family come home and settle down, join Melody and Rylor as they take a journey and learn to trust their hearts. The rewards are well worth the risk.

If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris.

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EL TERCER OJ: PODER MENTAL, INTUICI�N Y CONCIENCIA PSÍQUICA / Third Eye: Mind Power, Intuition & Psychic Awareness: Spiritual Enlightenment (Libro en Espanol / Spanish Book Version (Spanish Edition)

by Alex McKenna

¿Desearías ser más intuitivo?

¿Deseas tener habilidades que tus amigos no tienen?

¿Quieres ver lo que otros no pueden ver?

¿Quieres una visión psíquica más allá del reino físico?

Todo el mundo tiene un tercer ojo. No todo el mundo sabe cómo usarlo.

Una cosa que necesitas saber sobre el tercer ojo es que todos lo tenemos de forma natural, lo que significa que todos tenemos el potencial para adquirir este poder, pero la población en general no ha descubierto cómo utilizar esta habilidad espiritual innata.

El tercer ojo es un ojo invisible, que cuando se abre puede traer paz, crecimiento espiritual y, aumentar la intuición. Una vez abierto, notarás inmediatamente que la gente se siente atraída por ti. De repente tendrás la habilidad de ver y predecir cosas que no se ven en el reino físico.

¡Este libro es la llave para abrir la puerta a la magia que ya está dentro de ti!

  • Aprende por qué debes activar tu tercer ojo
  • Todo lo que necesitas saber para utilizar tu tercer ojo
  • Aprende los trucos meditativos para la activación del tercer ojo
  • Aprende los principios clave de la imaginación y por supuesto
  • ¡Aprende a abrir tu tercer ojo fácilmente!

¡Este libro servirá como tu herramienta personal para ayudarte a convertirte en la persona poderosa que ya eres!

¿Estás listo para ver lo invisible?

¡Desplácese hacia arriba y compre AHORA!

Simplemente pulse el botón “Comprar ahora” para recibir su guía personal sobre la activación del tercer ojo.

The Gospel of Thomas: A New Translation for Spiritual Seekers

by Mark Mattison

“These are the hidden sayings that the living Jesus spoke and Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.”

With this opening statement, the Gospel of Thomas, legendary Apostle to the East, introduces a startlingly profound list of Jesus’ ancient Wisdom sayings. Similar to the collections of quotations copied by the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Thomas’ Gospel contains a hundred and fourteen sayings, half of which don’t appear in the New Testament.

Once known from only a handful of ancient sources, third-century Greek fragments of this Gospel first turned up at the end of the nineteenth century – but it wasn’t until the middle of the twentieth that a complete Coptic manuscript was discovered. The Gospel of Thomas: A New Translation for Spiritual Seekers not only cuts through the ensuing debate, but also presents the very first public domain translation of this amazing discovery.

Finding Joy (Love’s Compass Book 5)

by Melanie D. Snitker

Sometimes, what looks like a dead end, is really a new beginning.

A horrific accident changed everything for Parker Wilson. The beautiful new employee his mom hires is the last thing he needs and he’ll do whatever it takes to make the girl quit and regain the peace and quiet he prefers.

Nothing short of desperation would force Chelsea Blake to work on a local cattle ranch. She may not be cut out for ranch life, but her determination to succeed is stronger than her handsome employer’s efforts at forcing her to leave.

Unprepared to discover all they have in common, if they set aside their initial dislike, they might find joy beyond measure.

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Free reference Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

iPhone X: 2018 Ultimate iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone X User Guide with Tips and Tricks (iphone x xs guide , apple iPhone X for beginners Book 1)

by Alexa Morran

iPhone X

2018 Ultimate iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone X User Guide with Tips and Tricks

Have you thought about getting an iPhone X, an iPhone XS, or an XS Max? This phone is a great addition if you’re looking to upgrade, but you may not know the difference. If you already have one of these models, you may wonder what sorts of aspects it has, or even the extent of its power.
Well, this iPhone X guide will help you understand the full extent of the device’s power, and within the book, you’ll be able to easily, and without fail, get the information that you need in order to help you create the best experience that you can have with this phone. It does have some changes, including the lack of a home button or wake button, but there are new changes that you can explore, and this book will tell you just how to do so!

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn from this iPhone X XS XS Max manual :

  • The difference between each of the phone models
  • Tips for the iPhone X
  • Tips for the iPhone XS
  • Tips for the iPhone XS Max
  • Tips to use iOS 12 effectively
  • Tips on using the notch and the side button in ways that will help you

There are so many new and rad features for you to try with this device, and a lot of great changes that can help you get the most out of your device. You don’t have to get this phone just because it is an expensive device, but rather you can learn how to master and use this effectively with this book, and then, by the end of this, you’ll be able to easily create the experience that you want to have, and really make a splash in the different ways that you’re able to use your device, and you’ll definitely be able to create the best life that you can have, with this amazing new set of technology.
Download your copy of ” iPhone X “ by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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Free politics and current events Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Republican 101: A Primer on Being a Republican in the U.S. of A.

by David Lay

Politics in the United States in just the last twenty years has become disparate and heavily divided between the extremes, and the original Republican Party has become something unrecognizable from that of its origins. This primer is intended to help the reader understand those origins, and how we, as Republicans, can fix our political problems based on what the Founding Fathers had intended our government to be and to become from those first days in 1787.

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Free parenting and families Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Growing Up Black In White

by Kevin Hofmann

Growing Up Black in White by Kevin D. Hofmann is a moving and sometimes humorous look into the life of one man with a fascinating past. Born into the racially-charged Detroit of 1967 to a white mother and a black father, the author was placed into foster care and then adopted by a white minister and his wife, the parents of three biological children. Hofmann’s memoir reveals the racial tensions, the difficulties of feeling neither black nor white, his family’s loving support, and his struggles to define and embrace his own identity as he grew to be a man. This is a story of hope and promise, and how we are able to define ourselves not through the racism and judgments of a challenging society, but through our own sense of self-respect and personal identity. Kevin Hofmann came to this memoir after a lifetime of contemplation and self-analysis. After attending a national conference on adoption, he found his voice and wove it into this emotional and often amusing story. Hofmann lives with his wife and two sons in Toledo, Ohio.

10 effective steps for communication in marriage: Resolve all conflicts in marriage by meditation method

by Lindsay Norwood

Have you ever been tired and stressed about your love relationship and your lover, your companion? Have you ever suffered, disappointed to see your love is going to end without a solution? Do you still love and respect your lover but still can not avoid unnecessary conflicts and contrarieties with him/her?
So do you want us to disclose 10 effective steps to communicate in Marriage, help you solve almost any stressful issue in your love and marriage? This book will not only do it but also help you to revive the affectionate relationship that is boring and downhill.
Unlike other books on psychology in love and marriage, with the application of the benefits of Meditation, this book has mentioned the taboo mistakes in love that insider often experience, besides it teaches you how to cultivate a love without the loss of tears, without too much pressure, conflict, contrariety, controversy, cold war, etc.

Inside this book, you will discover things that will help you:
-Improve the boredom of love to find a new inspirational source with happiness.
-Resolve easily conflicts, controversy, misunderstandings, etc., so that both of you can be more cohesive and understand each other.
-Keep the fire of love so that both of you can fully enjoy the happiness that love brings.
-Set new meaningful goals in the relationship so that both of you lead to a better life.
-And more
In just a few short minutes, you will be able to start possessing great secrets to improve and cultivate your love relationship to a higher level of mounting, loving and understanding. Do not wait any longer, please drag down and hit the shopping button to get this great publication.

Ich bin noch hier!: Meine Reise zu mir (German Edition)

by Charlotte Bregulla

Eine Reise durch die Zeit. In den 60er Jahren wurde Charlotte Bregulla in eine Familie mit sieben Kindern geboren und verbrachte eine Kindheit, in der Misshandlung und Missbrauch an der Tagesordnung waren. Sie sucht nach einem besseren Leben und kämpft gegen ihre Selbstzweifel und Minderwertigkeitsgefühle an. Auch das erwachsen werden und erwachsen sein brachten viele Schwierigkeiten mit sich, die geprägt waren von den Traumata der Kindheit. Als Erwachsene kämpft sie sich durch Partnerschaften, die ihr nicht gut tun und in denen sie ausgenutzt wird. Sie stellt sich selbst in Frage und sucht immer alle Schuld bei sich selbst. Erst spät erkennt sie, dass es auch anders geht und sie sich unter keinen Umständen in Frage stellen muss. Charlotte Bregulla hat sich durch dieses Leben gekämpft und ist “noch hier”.

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Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Disturbia: A collection of Thrillers

by Brandy Sparkman

A collection of thrillers and horror stories mark this anthology…
Lowry can only hope to put the pieces back together in his life. A tragic car accident robs him of both his memory and his beloved girlfriend, Amanda. As time goes on, he slowly regains his memory….He was a medical student on his way to becoming a doctor like his father before him…Returning to medical school, parts of his memory remain dark until he enters his dissection class. Believing the body on the slab is his dead girlfriend, Lowry begins suffering flashbacks of that night…Memories of himself that should be left forgotten.

Uncle and Ants: A Silicon Valley Mystery (Book 1)

by Marc Jedel

Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer … and be home before bedtime?

When a freak accident hospitalizes Marty Golden’s sister and condemns him to babysitter duty, he thinks it’s just another case of hardwired bad luck in Silicon Valley. Until a suspicious murder suggests the mishap was no mere coincidence. Something must be done.

Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn’t exactly hero material.

Convinced his sister is in mortal danger, this amateur sleuth follows clues to an oddball array of suspects. Armed with nothing but an eye for detail and powers of self-delusion, Marty tangles with gangsters, a cantankerous school secretary, and a perplexing woman he can’t help but fall for. Glitches in his investigation seem like a piece of cake compared to dinner-prep and bedtime stories with his two precocious, pre-teen nieces.

Can Marty catch the culprit, save his sister, and get his life back in order before he gets unplugged?

Uncle and Ants is the first novel in a refreshingly modern mystery series set in Silicon Valley. If you like clever humor, sassy side characters, and average Joes facing extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this twisty mystery.

Buy Uncle and Ants to login to a fresh, funny mystery today!

Girl, Abandoned

by Peter R Stone

A novel full of twists and turns about a city caught in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave, a girl striving to reconcile with her mother–a rich senator–who abandoned her at birth and still wants nothing to do with her, her estranged twin sister, a relentless love interest and a ruthless vigilante with an unknown agenda.

When Amber Faulkner strives to honour her dying adoptive mother’s last request to be reunited with her birth motherâ??the universally reviled politician Joan Simmonsâ??she has no idea of the anguish and pain that lie ahead.

What dark secrets lie behind the reason her birth mother abandoned her when she kept and raised her twin sister? Why does her mother tell her that she didn’t want her then and still doesn’t want her now? How far will her mother go to keep Amber’s true identity secret to prevent a scandal that would destroy her political career and everything she’s worked so hard to build?

Why is her mother leading a small breakaway group of senators to side with the opposition to block legislation that will put over two thousand repeat violent offenders behind bars when the city is caught in the grip of an unprecedented crime wave of aggravated burglaries, rampaging teenage gangs, rape and murder?

Why is the nameless vigilante carrying out a campaign of terror against Joan Simmons and her family? Is he trying to force her to approve the legislation or does he have darker purposes in mind? Can Liam Fielderâ??the young man infatuated with Amberâ??live up to his assertions that he can protect her from the vigilante when she is caught in the crossfire?

From Peter R Stone, the author who brought us the thrilling post-apocalyptic ‘Forager’ six-book series.

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Free literary fiction Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Intelligent Happiness

by Thomas J. Feliciano

A poetic novella about love, loss, and a spiral into madness.

This story is told in first-person and present tense. Join the narrator as he recounts experiences that may or may not have happened.

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Free history Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Stone and Steel (Colossus Book 1)

by David Blixt

Judea, AD 66. A Roman legion suffers a catastrophic defeat at the hands of an angry band of Hebrews armed with only slings and spears.

Knowing Emperor Nero’s revenge will be swift and merciless, they must decide how to defend their land against the Roman invasion. Caught up in the tumult is the mason Judah – inadvertent hero of Beth Horon – who now finds himself rubbing shoulders with priests, revolutionaries, generals and nobles, drafted to help defend the land of Galilee.

Denied the chance to marry where he will, he turns all his energy into defending the besieged city of Jotapata. But with a delusional general, friends falling each day, and the Roman menace at the walls, Judah must brave a nightmare to save those he loves and preserve his honor.

Loos 1915: The Unwanted Battle

by Gordon Corrigan

In many ways 1915 is the forgotten year of First World War studies, and yet it saw the British and the French make repeated attempts to find methods that would release them from the stalemate that had existed since the end of First Ypres in the winter of 1914.

These attempts to break through the German lines culminated in what to the British was the Battle of Loos, the largest deployment of the British Army so far in this war. At this stage the British were, on land, the junior partner in a coalition, and in the greater scheme of things, Loos was but a minor distraction in a much larger strategy, but as part of the development of the British way of waging war it was important.

Loos saw the first use by the British of gas, a weapon banned in future conflicts, so terrible was it (erroneously) thought to be; the first use of the New Armies, Britain’s first truly citizen army, and the realisation that it would be some time yet before they could be deployed with any confidence; and it was the final straw that led to the dismissal of Sir John French and his replacement by Sir Douglas Haig as Commander-in-Chief of the British Expeditionary Force.

Gordon Corrigan uses contemporary accounts, war diaries and his own knowledge of the ground to chart the course of the battle, and assess the competence of commanders and the capabilities of men and equipment in what was, in many ways, the last hurrah of the old regular army.

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Free fantasy Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

Going Nowhere

by Lena North

My name is Hibiscus Brown, my best friend is a unicorn and my life is going absolutely nowhere.
Oh, and I’m a witch. At least partly – the rest is all werewolf.

After growling a little to loudly, Hibiscus – Kitty – Brown finds herself in the unfortunate situation of having to move back home to live with her dad /the werewolf/, her step-mom /the werebear/, and all the other creatures living in a small town called Nowhere.

Surely it’s just temporary? Surely even a half-witch/half-werewolf can figure out what she wants to do with her life? Surely the handsome werewolf who just moved back will ignore her, like he /mostly/ did when they were in high school? And surely the mysterious dark stranger who seems to pop up just about everywhere will help her when she needs it?
And what about the missing amulet? Will Grandma Hazel find it? And what does Grandpa Hunter wear on his head?

So many questions… let’s see if we can bring some clarity to it all, shall we?

*** NOTE ***
There will be f-bombs.
And references to s-e-x.
Nothing graphic because it’s not my style, but there certainly will be shit that isn’t super appropriate for a younger audience.
You have been warned.

*** This book is a slightly edited version of a story I wrote on Wattpad ***

Guild of Secrets (Obsidian Queen Book 1)

by Shannon Lynn Cook

Slow-burn romantic urban fantasy full of magic and humor.

They’re a trio of arrogant knight marshals. She’s fresh out of finishing school. They have to play nice for six months, but can they manage a week?

Sparks and magic fly when twenty-two-year-old Madeline finds herself serving an apprenticeship with a trio of knight marshals. One day she’s dreaming about planning charity galas, and the next she’s traipsing about the US, arresting all manner of magical miscreantsâ??and wearing heels while doing it.

And if arresting trolls, running from murderous pixies, and stumbling into a dangerous web of secrets isn’t enough to keep her occupied, there’s also Gray, Jonathan, and Ericâ??the knights themselves. They’re strong. They’re skilled. They’re ridiculously handsome.

And they don’t want her on their team.

The four will have to learn to get along, but soon Madeline realizes the real trouble might not be working so closelyâ?¦but keeping a professional distanceâ?¦

Author’s Note: While Obsidian Queen has multiple potential love interests, at the end of the series, Madeline will end up with ONE man only.

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Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 21 Oct 18

The Math of Neural Networks

by Michael Taylor

There are many reasons why neural networks fascinate us and have captivated headlines in recent years. They make web searches better, organize photos, and are even used in speech translation. Heck, they can even generate encryption. At the same time, they are also mysterious and mind-bending: how exactly do they accomplish these things ? What goes on inside a neural network?

On a high level, a network learns just like we do, through trial and error. This is true regardless if the network is supervised, unsupervised, or semi-supervised. Once we dig a bit deeper though, we discover that a handful of mathematical functions play a major role in the trial and error process. It also becomes clear that a grasp of the underlying mathematics helps clarify how a network learns.

In the following chapters we will unpack the mathematics that drive a neural network. To do this, we will use a feedforward network as our model and follow input as it moves through the network.

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