Free sports Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

The Poker Botting Manual: Earn Stonecold Cash without even playing on your own

by Ian Anderson

I am a Poker Player and started using Bots to make money by Playing Poker in Poker Rooms.
I am here to give this guide to all the newbies and the veterans of Poker a Bot that will make you play poker without not even playing on your own and also without even investing any sum as you will get free money to play and after earning it, invest it more.
You also do not need to buy any other poker guides and manuals.
I have attached the screenshot of my 2 weeks playing also in the introduction part so to make you sure that I am not bluffing or telling a lie.
In this guide you will get:
1. Free Poker money:
2. The Bot:
3. Bot Profile:
4. Getting free money:
5. Running the Bot:
6. About the luck in Poker:
7. Getting a Rakeback deal:
8. Final tips:

Surviving Chemical and Biological Warfare (Survival Guides Book 1)

by John Carter

Terrorist incidents in the United States and elsewhere involving bacterial pathogens (3), nerve gas (1), and a lethal plant toxin (i.e., ricin) (4), have demonstrated that the United States is vulnerable to biological and chemical threats as well as explosives, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) reports. An act of biological or chemical terrorism might range from dissemination of aerosolized anthrax spores to food product contamination. Predicting when and how such an attack might occur is not possible, says the CDC.
Indeed, anyone who has been in the army knows that chemical and biological weapons are nasty tools of warfare that can be used in a variety of ways.
Chemical and biological terrorist attacks and industrial accidents strike without warning. Be prepared for anything with this survival guide!

Backgammon for Tigers

by Robert Hopkins

Backgammon for Tigers offers solid practical advice and demonstrates techniques that will develop an early awareness of the tactics and strategies used by strong players.

The book covers all aspects of a solid game throughout the beginning, middle and end phases. 

There are over 50 game positions provided, accompanied by key tables with analyses, and explanations given of just what was going on in the minds of the players.

The reader will end up with a set of straightforward tools and ideas to carry into every game with a growing sense of knowing what they were doing – more or less, or at least sometimes, perhaps…

This book will be a valuable aid to any beginner wishing to explore online backgammon.

You will play better backgammon after reading this book

Rhythmic Gymnastics as a style of life: Stories to remember

by Sara Marijuan

Sara Marijuan narrates the story of how she made her dreams become true in such a minority sport as Rhythmic Gymnastics is, since she started it as a hobby at just seven years-old until she retired after college.

Through her passion for this sport she wants to show how dreams have no limits. It is a story of perserverance and sacrifice, a lesson for life. This story is about the hard trainings which provided Sara with a discipline that, applied to other aspects in her life, have helped her to grow as a person.

She shows every training season with detail and enthusiasm and explains the reader how each person has different values in life based on our own experiences. At the end, rhythmic gymnastics is not just a sport, it´s art.

It´s a book for athletes, coaches, parents and sports judges, familiar, yet unique.

El Inter Milan F. C. escándalos (Spanish Edition)

by Piercarlo Rizza

Si crees que las tetas de Pamela Anderson son más ciertas que el fútbol italiano

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

Heir of Ashes (The Roxanne Fosch Files Book 1)

by Jina S. Bazzar

At the age of twelve, Roxanne Fosch had a perfectly normal life.

By the time she was twenty-two, she was being hunted.

After being trapped for years within the clutches of the Paranormal Scientists Society, Roxanne escapes and embarks on the dangerous quest for the truth about her past. Soon, she discovers that she’s not human – and a rarity even among her Fae peers.

Hunted by PSS scientists keen to exploit her extraordinary abilities, and dangerous factions whose plans she cannot fathom, Roxanne realizes that everything she’s ever known is a lie.

Praise for Heir of Ashes:

“Sci-fi adventure, fast-paced action with elements of paranormal and a strong, vibrant female main character who handles it all. An exciting debut by a promising new author.” – SRL Review

“If you love the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries or the TV show Supernatural, I highly recommend this book. This is a YA paranormal and sci-fi story full of non-stop action, unpredictable plot twists and mysteries that will keep you turning the pages.” – Stories To Live By Review

Supers – Ex Gods: A Gamelit Harem Space Fantasy

by Jamie Hawke

A Marine in space, three hot super ladies, and an army of supervillains out to get them.

Contains adult content. Seriously. A lot.

All I wanted to do was have some R&R from my time in space with the Marine Corps. My tour was done, my days fighting bad guys over once and for all…

Or so I thought. But damn was I wrong. So f–king wrong.

Imagine being pulled through a portal to another universe–a universe of superheroes and villains.

That’s what happened to me. There I was, standing on a spaceship with this gorgeous superhero telling me I would soon have the power to change it all, to once and for all fight off the evil forces threatening to enslave our galaxy and that of the supers who brought the message.

Just sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride.

WARNING: This book contains graphic adult content, beautiful and strong ladies, a hot vet who brings it like it has never been broughten, and more super powers and super awesomeness than should be allowed. If any of this offends you, run. If you like it, scroll up and grab your copy today.

This is the story of the main character’s brother from Supers: Ex Heroes. It can be read first or second, either way works.

HEROICA: Infinite Power Immeasurable Might (redeema universe Book 2)

by Alex Collazo

Famous Archeologists, Dr Amantore Fionn and his best friend Hylias Anatomie find themselves on a distant planet looking for an ancient artifact with enough power to save an entire system from the Tyrannical grip of the evil Hakuul pirate army, but instead find themselves victims of the very same monsters they have vowed to stop. In their darkest hour, they find salvation in the hands of the most powerful hero the universe has ever known: HEROICA.
Join, Amantore, Hylias, Finn and supercop, Cateland Akis, in one of the greatest adventures ever told in the REDEEMA universe!

The Cycle

by Joseph DuRand

They were here before us.
They are here now.
They will be here when we are gone.

A Not So New World

by Patrick Hatt

All Jack wanted was to leave his mark on the world. But with a self serving, former Professor having him charged with a crime he did not commit, hope was dwindling. Jack’s one chance was Agent Milano, an FBI agent open to his innocence. Her decision gave Jack the opening he needed to escape, although both will soon wish he just stayed in jail.

After a hectic jump in his cat time machine thrusts the pair into the unknown world of Chutar, Jack and Agent Milano quickly learn all they have is each other. As they are on the run from the Defense Force, are manipulated by The Middle and are disgusted by the P.A.T. and all each stand for.

An act of serendipity brought them together, while multiple forces continue to try and tear them apart. Jack and Agent Milano embark on the adventure of a lifetime, whether they like it or not, with one goal in mind, to get back home. That is if they can first figure out where or when they are.

Wasser’s Revolution

by S.E. Lewinski

“What the…I’m going to die unless I can kick myself up to the surface! Oh my God – I’ve been dropped in the middle of the flipping ocean!”

The story is set in the distant future where a government in the past sets in motion the mantra of a WORLD ORDER to the masses and the result is complete control and command of people’s lives.

This is the fourth book in the thinking series and presents the primary character who has lost everything and is plighted against the WORLD ORDER with none of the conventional tools except his brain, imagination, and love for the woman he left behind.

When all hope is lost, Wasser finds a friend who saves his life and from that point forward decides not to be idle but courage up to create a global change. One consciousness can make a difference and he decides he will be that individual even if it costs him his life.

You may laugh, cry, or find yourself saying, “Go Wasser.” and if you do then there is hope for the spirit of humanity to overcome all obstacles and maybe it starts with you!

Realm Source

by Vincent B. Moneymaker

Are there places beyond heaven and depths below hell?

Haumeah: Volume 4 (Orion’s Spur)

by Alan D. Hansen

Ryder is faced with new dillemmas on every hand. Things are going well with Cynthia, but now he must meet her father. Also to bring peace to the Orion’s Spur he must entrust his life to Debbie, who will be flying him through an asteroid field only so Ryder can attempt to negotiate with the pirates of Haumeah to convince them to have a show down with the Sagittarius league.

Talson’s Wait (Talson Temptations Book 1)

by Marie Harte

From NYT bestseller Marie Harte, a stand-alone, erotic scifi novella where the heroine finds herself hunted…by her sexy boss determined to keep her.

Domineering, dangerous, and downright huge, Roarke Talson owns Jamie for the next three years. It’s 2139, and the government has found a way to deal with the national debtâ??indentured service. Jamie might have been duped into debt, but she’s not stupid. She made sure to put a no-sex clause in her contract. There’s just one problem. She can’t stop thinking about her boss.

When Jamie does the wrong thing for the right reason, she assumes Talson will throw her in jail and not think twice. So when she gets an opportunity, she ties him up and escapes. She hadn’t counted on him getting free so quickly, that he might be half alien, or that he’d hunt her down with more than vengeance on his mind.

Note: This title has been previously published.

Talson’s Wait
Talson’s Test
Talson’s Net
Talson’s Match

The Simpleton

by Mark Wayne McGinnis

First Contact: Assess human with the flawed, rudimentary, mind â?¦

Unbeknownst to simpleton Cuddy Perkins, his dependable, uneventful, life was about to be turned completely upside down.

It’s a moonless summer night when a severely damaged intergalactic spacecraft enters Earth’s upper orbit. The alien pilot is desperate. Needs to hold up long enough to make repairsâ??before his pursuers find him.

Cuddy Perkins lives a simple life with his mother, his dog Rufus, and a scattering of farm animals that still inhabit their old, dilapidated, Woodbury Tennessee ranch. He was used to the insults; retard â?¦ simpleton â?¦ village idiot. Momma says to just ignore them â?¦ people can be heartless. But Cuddy already knew he had been different, ever since the accident back when he was seven. He didn’t know how long ago that was, exactly, but he did know he was pretty big nowâ??taller than his older brother, Kyle â?¦ who was in prison, and the Woodbury Sherriffâ??the man who put him there.

DRAGONSGATE: Preludes & Omens (Bitterwood Series Book 6)

by James Maxey

The Bitterwood saga continues!

DRAGONSGATE: PRELUDES & OMENS contains three novellas that continue the stories of characters introduced in the original BITTERWOOD TRILOGY. These stories function both as an epilogue to the BITTERWOOD novels and as a prologue to the upcoming DRAGONSGATE trilogy.

The three novellas are:

HUNTED – Graxen and Nadala are sky-dragons banished to the Cursed Mountains. With Nadala pregnant and no longer able to fly, Graxen must hunt if they hope to survive. But as he stalks a stag on the edge of a forest, something much bigger and hungrier is stalking him. 

HAUNTED – “There’s a dragon in the henhouse.” With these words, Bitterwood’s quiet days as a farmer come to an end. The steps he takes to defend his farm lead to a violent confrontation that will destroy his last hope of peace.

HURT – Anza and Stonewall undertake a desperate mission into the heart of a dragon stronghold to recover a stolen weapon. But when Anza is gravely injured, she faces a terrible choice that may give the dragons the power to crush the rebels at Dragon Forge.

The first novel of the DRAGONSGATE trilogy will be released in 2019!

For updates, sign up for James Maxey’s newsletter by cutting and pasting the following link:

“James Maxey writes the some of the best action scenes in the business.” — Scott M. Roberts, editor of Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

Tales from the Kurtherian Universe: Fans Write For The Fans: Book 3

by Michael Anderle

Kurtherian Gambit readers and fans come together again to create a book by the fans – for the fans.

Nine thrilling adventures and several haiku make up Volume Three of the Best-Selling Fans Write for the Fans series, which includes an introduction by Michael Anderle.

A Concert To Remember, by Samantha Harmer

The Leath War has taken its toll. Three schoolgirls affected by loss attempt to bring solace to those left behind with a celebration to remember. For one night only, Jemma, Eleanor, and Mel present – The Mamas and the Ta-Tas!

Death And New Beginnings, by T.L. Gryfen

After Beth’s world ends, can the sudden appearance of a long-discarded dream give her the strength she needs to carry on?

The Valley, by Kat N. Snow

In a world turned upside down, some people just kept on living a normal life, without a clue what was going on outside what they knew. Most of them never realizing that there was something different about a neighbor, or an acquaintance.

Tremor, by Lucinda Pebre

At only sixteen years old, Adaire is an expert in loss. The Dark Society took her family, and now they want the only person she has left. Adaire is determined to fight for a future. However, to escape her captors and be reunited with her friend Calum, she will need to uncover her dormant magic.

Blood of Patriots and Tyrants, Logan Caird

This story is different than my others because the mayor in the story, Doctor Fernand Genillon, was the actual mayor of Fismes when the Germans invaded in 1940. He was among those who worked tirelessly against the invaders and helped people escape before he and thirteen others were arrested by the Germans and shipped to concentration camps.

Anyone For Juice, by Dominic Novielli

Armi’ is only seven but has enough gumption to be much older.  She and her best friend Conrey happen upon a lucrative business selling juice but there is a problem, it’s addictive and all the Noel-Ni’s on the space station want some every day.

The Medicine Show, by Logan Caird

Magnificent Maxwell’s Travelling Medicine Show is coming to town! Del could not be more excited to see the show, but his family is broke. Since they live on the edge of a city ruined after WWDE they can always dig to find something to trade. Climb a ruined skyscraper, get something valuable, go see the show.

Don’t Mess With Mine, by Lisa Frett

It was a beautiful fall evening in Vermont. That is until she finds out that her man, er, wolf is missing, and an enemy from her past has returned. Well, that’s just unacceptable. Now Jenny has to sharpen her fangs and do something about it!

Spirit Whisperer, by S.E. Weirâ??

Claire has known all her life that magic had no place in New Scots, but though she tried to deny it, magic is in her blood and bone. Orphaned and alone, she uses her forbidden magic to summon the spirit of her father.  He sends her to find a friend from his past and a new place in the world, but to complete the journey, she will need help that comes in the form of a surly and mysterious stranger.

The Sequel : Volume 2

by Dina Rae

Maya Smock gets inside of a time capsule and travels back to 1944 Germany. A Nazi doctor forces her to meet his superiors, proving to them all that his invention works. Hitler studies Maya like a laboratory rat at his Eagle’s Nest and then introduces her to the Reptilians. She plummets deep into the hollow earth. Will she ever get home? Only Maya’s next novel can show her friends how to get her back.

As Operation Chrome expands, General Andreas steals more babies. He believes that he is saving them from an extraterrestrial agenda connected with World War II. The hybrid babies have grown.

They are here. They will take what is theirs.

The Day of the Nefilim

by David L. Major

Imagine the world that would exist if the best of the New Age theories were true. The ascension, 12-strand DNA, the photon belt and the three days of darkness. They’re all real, and not just excuses to fill the shelves of those shops with crystals and angels and those feather dreamcatcher things and smell of incense.

There really are Nazis on the Moon. And the world government, secret prison camps, Mount Weather, black helicopters, and deals with the aliensâ?¦

And the Nefilim. Nefilim as in Marduk, their home planet which is about to arrive, the genetic manipulation of humanity, gold mines, and the mutants that have survived underground for millenniaâ?¦ the Earth is riddled with catacombs, full of the detritus of the genetic program which the Nefilim used to created humanity as its slaves.

The Nefilim are very much alive and well, and waiting for their home planet to approach Earth… you get the idea.

How can so much crap be true and life go on as normal?

Earth IX

by Loren Alexander

After several failures to establish new human colonies in near-Space, another team tackles the challenge far out in the Kuiper belt surrounding our Solar System. Radical new developments in genetics and biological systems are experienced through the eyes of Steven Porter, fifteen years old and sixteenth-born on Earth IX. Leadership of the colony deals with boredom and hunger for power, creating an environment fraught with risk. The pressure on firstborn John Astor to defend himself, drive him to go to any length to protect access to his appetites. The colony’s latest birth is Steven Porter who may be John’s solution.

Somewhere In A Song

by Kavya Janani.U

Emma Justin, a young hypnotherapist, is obsessed with a song composed by independent musician Kevin Roberts. There are two reasons for her obsession.

The song has a haunting tune that sounded so familiar.

The singer, Sarah Jane Davies, sounds exactly like her.

But Sarah Jane has disappeared without a trace after recording the song. No matter how hard she searches, Emma could find no detail. Meanwhile, Kevin reveals something startling in a TV interview. How does that affect Emma?

Join Emma Justin on her journey to find the truth behind her obsession, battling depression and basking in success simultaneously

The Reset

by Vincent B. Moneymaker

Take it from someone who knows, the fun and games don’t really get going until after the world ends.

Controlled Burn: The Evolution

by S.E. Lewinski

Controlled Burn is a thought provoking Sci-Fi story built on a concept of what is evolution, where will it lead us, and who is really in control. The book is designed for the reader to consider what would you do given the choice the primary character Professor Liam Abram must consider? Liam is ripped from his comfort bubble in Moscow Idaho and as chaos ensues he must make a monumental decision for the entire planet! Helen the woman who enters his life brings intrigue and a mental shift as she pulls Liam on a mission of courage.

Would you alter the course of humankind and sacrifice your life or for that matter others?

“…as we spoke prior, the world is at a pivotal moment. Survival of the fit won’t necessarily guarantee evolutionary change. In addition, the question of de-evolution is a probability with the position of weapons, splintered countries, global pollution, resource depletion, and of course add in uncontrolled population growth. The reality is we have to finish the mission, to allow evolution a chance, and offer a survival of your species.”

“…in many countries forests are burned to eliminate the underbrush and debris that many times further a catastrophic large scale fires. In addition, it converts the nutrients from the fire back into the soil. Consider, the burn can destroy weeds that may be out of control on the ground. We call this a controlled burn that can have benefits down the road in a positive wayâ?¦and maybe that is where the world is heading just needs a good shake up and the good pieces will fall back in place for our future.”

Author’s Note: With the current world turmoil the book brings together the thinking of what can be done today to change the fabric of thinking for the planet to live together rather than apart and divided.

Starshot (The Skyward Saga Book 1)

by A.R. Knight

The start of a thrilling adventure finds a young girl wishing for a better life granted one through a meteor bearing the voice of her god and a thousand promises waiting to be fulfilled. The only cost, for Kaishi, is everything she ever knew.

In deep space, a war-hardened race fights to preserve galactic civilization from a host of mind-taking creatures intent on their own survival. Sax must use every trick and tactic to keep his team alive in the heart of enemy territory, because capture means not only dishonor, but a half-life in thrall to the very things he hates.

STARSHOT begins an epic saga of survival, action, and friendship in a wide galaxy as Kaishi and Sax face trials far beyond what they could ever have imagined, and failure will cost far more than their lives.

The Bone Blade Girl (Stitch Book 1)

by A.D. Bloom

The Bone Blade Girl
101 pages
Book One of A.D. Bloom’s science fantasy trilogy, STITCH, set in the 27th century dark ages where post-human nobles rule and stitchlife witches’ genetic manipulations and custom creatures determine the balance of power. Molly quickly learns that changing the face of the world will require sacrifice. For some, that sacrifice will be to die. Molly’s sacrifice will be to become the whirlwind blade that kills them.
The Bone Blade Girl (Stitch: Book One)
The Fall of the Haunted City (Stitch: Book Two)
The Stitchlife Rebellion (Stitch: Book Three)
All three books are available together as a single volume: STITCH

Kip and The Grinders: A YA Cyberpunk Tale With A Snarky Anti-hero (Hall of Doors Book 2)

by Zachary Chopchinski

A secret.

A threat.

Will one choice spark a war between the only people Ypsilon calls family?

Ypsilon is your typical bad bitch anti-hero. All she cares about is living life fast and dangerous. But when a group of strangers shatters her world, she finds out things aren’t quite what they seem.

A boy falls from the sky

Now Ypsilon has to choose between her comfortable life and what she knows to be right.

And man does that piss her off.

Will the strangers remind her of who she is, or will they destroy the only home she knows?

If you liked The Fifth Element, you’ll love this fast paced cyberpunk adventure because of the snark, the cool gadgets, and the edge of your seat excitement.

Get it now!

This is a Hall of Doors book. They can all be read as stand alone novels but if I were you, I would read them in this order:

Webley and The World Machine
Kip and The Grinders

World Jumper: Season One- Episode Two

by Eric Rovelto

They were known as the Guardians of Forever, a mystical race of beings who are responsible for creating reality itself. Over the course of time the Guardian’s created many worlds, many forms of reality and set forth in motion the lives we all live now. It was known as the great experiment. A world created of man, creature and desires. A world in the tangible sense alien to the Guardians themselves.

The World Jumper series is a collection of fictional stories of these guardians leaping between realities, inhabiting the lives of mortals, fantastic creatures and much more. In each episode you will encounter a unique story of an interaction with these guardians and their influences on our reality. Each book stand alone but is tied into an overall connecting arc.

In Season One we introduce you to each of the different Guardians and their version of the worlds they inhabit. Each book will tie into an overall story-line. At the end of the season we will set the stage for season two.

The entire series will be five seasons with ten books in each season. Each story will be approximately 5,000 – 10,000 words in length with a lot of character development and detailed story. So, if you are looking for a great story, like a series that ties into each other and are quick reads you will want to check out World Jumper.

Fan Participation

We want you to be a fan of the series. As such we want your feedback, input and comments. Please leave a review with suggestions on future books, future characters and more. We will also have a link to a private Facebook Group and much more within the book.

We hope you enjoy our series and will give World Jumper a spot on your digital and physical bookshelves.

Monstruos Amaestrados (Spanish Edition)

by Carlos Manzano

¿Qué pasa por tu cabeza cuando ves a un individuo idéntico a ti paseando por el otro lado de la calle? Muchas veces se ha definido al Doppelgänger como la representación del lado oscuro y misterioso del ser humano. Pero ¿tenemos todos realmente ese lado oscuro? Y en ese caso, ¿es sencillo distinguir la línea que separa lo correcto de lo incorrecto, el bien del mal? En un plazo de tiempo muy breve, Gabriel Bisimbre, un hombre esencialmente bueno aunque sometido a los vaivenes imprevisibles de la vida, pierde su trabajo, a su mujer y las referencias sobre las que venía desarrollando su existencia hasta entonces. Empujado por las circunstancias y un tanto a merced de las ambiciones ajenas, Bisimbre comienza a bucear en las estancias más oscuras de su propio yo en un intento por vencer los requerimientos menos confesables de su deseo, para acabar cuestionándose si en realidad la bondad, los sentimientos altruistas, la civilización en suma, tienen poco que ver con la naturaleza humana y no responden más que a un vulgar amaestramiento de los instintos.

El Diario de Simone Mechnik (Spanish Edition)

by Alison Oropeza

Los impactos nucleares cobraron millones de vidas y causaron que el mundo cambiara drásticamente. La destrucción obligó a los humanos a buscar formas de recuperar lo que se había perdido. Han pasado miles de años y nuestra raza sigue rondando por el planeta Tierra. Somos parte de un proceso evolutivo que fue demasiado rápido como para que las mentes de los humanos pudieran entenderlo. Para descubrir nuestro origen y una forma de contrarrestarlo.

Kai dijo que debía escribir mi historia. Tal vez, si lo hago bien, Madre me permita dejar este libro en su despacho. En ese librero lleno de las historias de quienes, como yo, encontraron su destino.

¿Has escuchado esas historias donde un adolescente descubre que es especial, que sus poderes son superiores, y que se convierte en la única esperanza para salvar al mundo?

Sí, bueno� �ste no es el caso.

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Free science Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

Photographic Memory: 10 Steps to remember Anything Superfast! Accelerated Learning for Unlimited Memory Efficiency. Create Habits to Help You Improve Your Memory, Focus and Clarity. Mind Hacking!

by Luke Caldwell

â?? SPECIAL BONUS: Buy paperback and get Kindle version for FREE â??

Have you been worrying that your memory may be slipping? Or are you envious of your classmate’s apparent ability to memorize large amounts of information with ease? Perhaps you are heading towards the “golden years” and you just want to make sure you keep your memory sharp. Or you are about to start school after a long sabbatical and you want to be sure your study skills are up to par. If any of these describe you, or as the title suggests, you just want to develop a photographic memory for the fun of it, then Photographic Memory: 10 Steps to Remember Anything Superfast is the guide for you!

This informative book covers everything you need to know for boosting your brain health to optimize your powers of recall. From nutrition to sleep to meditation, you’ll learn how to harness your brain’s natural potential and impress yourself with your memory abilities. Did you know that tapping into your creative abilities can improve your ability to remember experiences? Or that a healthy awareness and acceptance of your emotions is critical to strengthening your memory? 

In this revolutionary age of health care, we can all benefit from learning how to keep our minds sharp as we age. Not only will you learn how to improve your memory to its maximum, but you’ll also learn the best ways to guard against the memory loss that can sometimes come with growing older. 

You’ll also learn tips and tricks of true memory champions. From techniques that will help you remember grocery lists with ease of learning how to memorize the first 100 digits of pi, this memorization book has it all. 

Inside you’ll find

�     How to eat for better brain health and memory.

�     The optimal level of sleep for your memory powers.

�     The secrets to meditation and mindfulness to improve your recall ability.

  • How to keep your mind active and memory sharp in retirement.

  • How to harness your creativity to improve your memory.

  • How to keep your emotions from mastering you and impeding your memory.

  • How to memorize an entire randomly shuffled deck of cards in under two minutes!

  • And much moreâ?¦

Stop Smoking Now

by Annie DePasquale MD

Do you want to quit smoking?

Do you need a simple, yet effective plan?

Do you want an approach based on medical research?

Dr. Annie has looked at the studies and boiled them down to an easy-to-follow four step plan.

You will be able to quit with this straight-forward method.

No more cigarettes, cigars, or e-cigarettes.

You are smoke free!

Good Fats for Keto Diets: Mastering the Elements of Eating. Low Carb Without Bad Fats for Weight Loss and Great Health

by Miranda Scott

Do you want to lose weight?

It’s the innovative guide that reveals how eating more fatâ??the smart kindâ??is the key to health, longevity, and permanent weight loss.

For years experts have told us that eating fat is bad. But by banning fat from our diets, we’ve deprived ourselves of considerable health benefitsâ??and have actually sabotaged our own efforts to lose weight.

Should you cook with coconut oil or vegetable oil? Eat butter, cream, or olive oil? Supplement with fish oil or flax oil? Sometimes it seems as if everyone has a different opinion on these crucial questions–but this book holds real answers.

In this book I want to cut through the confusion about how dietary fats affect our bodies–and set the record straight on how to eat for optimal health. 

You’ll read about:

  • The many health problems supposedly caused by saturated fat–that actually aren’t
  • Why the so-called healthy vegetable oils are actually making you sick and fat
  • The optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in your diet
  • Foods that help resolve inflammation, increase longevity, and fight or prevent chronic illness
  • A cyclical ketogenic eating plan that keeps your body burning fat as healthy fuel
  • Supplemental fats such as fish oil, krill oil, and flax oil–what to take and how to choose
  • Which oils you should cook with, how to use them, and why
  • And much more…

In the book “Good Fats for Keto Diets”, I explain the amazing properties of healthy fat, including its ability to balance hormones for increased energy and appetite control, and its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. The solution for slimming downâ??and keeping the pounds off for lifeâ??is to “smart-fat” your meals, incorporating smart fats with fiber, protein, and most importantly, flavor. 

It’s time to unlearn what we think we know about food. Getting smart about fatâ??and everything you eatâ??and learning to smart-fat your meals is the only solution you’ll ever need.

You are personally responsible for your health!

50 Delicious & Healthy Recipes for Diabetes Diet!

Just scroll up and select the “Buy now with 1-Click” Button – It’s quick and easy!

One-Click for a Healthier, Happier You!

Satisfaction is 100% GUARANTEED!

Mindfulness + Mindset For Success: 2 Books in 1: The #1 Mind Hacking Guide to Declutter Your Mind, Practice Minimalism and Meditation: Learn How to Attract Money, Personal Growth, and Life Mastery

by Rafael Kain

Are you ready to make your dreams of personal and professional growth a reality?

If you’ve ever wanted to experience personal and/or professional development and set you personal and professional growth goals, but haven’t been able to find practical ways to develop and implement this vital knowledge, this book has the inside track information you’ve been searching for!

Designed for ease of use and packed with over a hundred specific examples, this book offers a “say this, not that” approach to communication that will help you model and cultivate growth mindset in the classroom. For example:

Fixed Mindset

  • You’re so smart.
  • You’re wrong.

Growth Mindset

  • l like how you used different strategies to figure out these problems.
  • That didn’t work out for you. How could you approach the problem differently?

This book has been carefully designed to give you all the strategies needed to map your own personal and/or professional growth plan of action that will implement all your growth goals.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • The Balancing Act of Personal Growth
  • Growing your Career to its Maximum Potential
  • Developing professional growth plan
  • How Personality Affects Growth Development
  • Networking vs. Collaboration
  • Social and “Soft” skills Development

You may not know now but as you read on you will find out EXACTLY just how quickly you can be in-tune with how your mind really works!

Be the one who gets what he wants – be your own Success. This book will show you in simple steps how to develop an unbeatable MINDSET, your personal foundation for success.

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The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

by Nikola Tesla

NIKOLA TESLA was a gifted electrical and mechanical engineer, and was one of the most influential inventors of the last century. Eventually holding over 700 patents, Tesla worked in a number of fields, including electricity, robotics, radar, and the wireless transmission of energy. His discoveries laid the groundwork for many of the twentieth century’s greatest technological advances.

This book contains Tesla’s philosophical ideas on humanity’s relationship with the universe, and also his explanation of technological aspects of his work. His ideas on the wireless transmission of energy are discussed.

First published in Century Illustrated Magazine in June 1900, this text is yet another example of his genius.

Loss and Damage from Climate Change: Concepts, Methods and Policy Options (Climate Risk Management, Policy and Governance)

This book provides an authoritative insight on the Loss and Damage discourse by highlighting state-of-the-art research and policy linked to this discourse and articulating its multiple concepts, principles and methods. Written by leading researchers and practitioners, it identifies practical and evidence-based policy options to inform the discourse and climate negotiations.
With climate-related risks on the rise and impacts being felt around the globe has come the recognition that climate mitigation and adaptation may not be enough to manage the effects from anthropogenic climate change. This recognition led to the creation of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage in 2013, a climate policy mechanism dedicated to dealing with climate-related effects in highly vulnerable countries that face severe constraints and limits to adaptation.  Endorsed in 2015 by the Paris Agreement and effectively considered a third pillar of international climate policy, debate and research on Loss and Damage continues to gain enormous traction. Yet, concepts, methods and tools as well as directions for policy and implementation have remained contested and vague.
Suitable for researchers, policy-advisors, practitioners and the interested public, the book furthermore:
-         discusses the political, legal, economic and institutional dimensions of the issue-         highlights normative questions central to the discourse
-         provides a focus on climate risks and climate risk management.
-         presents salient case studies from around the world.

How to Start Your Own Nursing Business: Australian Edition (Practical Guidebooks for Busy Nurses Book 4)

by Melanie Nightingale

Are you a registered nurse who wants to set up their own nursing business?
Now is the time! Your qualifications are a business goldmine: there has never been a time in the history of Australia where the market demand for nurses has been as high as it is today. Members of the public, public hospitals and private healthcare services all want your skill set, and not just as an employee: they are prepared to pay top dollar to contract you as a business entrepreneur. What do I mean by top dollar? Think twice your current salary (at least) for doing the same job, but also think of complete creative control over the how, when, where, who and why of your working day.
Starting your own nursing business means no more incompetent middle managers to answer to, no more claustrophobic, bullying work cultures, no more slaving away for exactly the same wage day in, day out, no more being undervalued and disrespected, no more depression, abuse and lack of motivation. As a business owner, you are the one that calls the shots, and the rewards you receive are commensurate with the effort you put into your work.
How to Start You Own Nursing Business (Australian Edition) guides you through the intricacies of setting up a nursing business in Australia. Written by an globally experienced nurse entrepreneur for Australian nurses, it is an invaluable guide and a highly motivational tool that will get you started on the road to your dream of being a self-employed nurse and business entrepreneur.

Also by Melanie Nightingale on Kindle:

Practical Guidebooks for Busy Nurses:

– 50 Alternative Career Paths for Nurses
– How to Get a Nursing Job in Australia
– How to Get Out of Nursing
– How to Start Your Own Nursing Business (UK Edition)
– How to Start Your Own Nursing Business (Canadian Edition)
– How to Start Your Own Nursing Business (USA Edition)




A bright future (Big Ideas Book 6)

by Fatih Birol

There are two ways to look at renewable energy today.

On the one hand, falling costs and strong policies are promoting the rapid spread of solar energy and wind power all across the world. Solar power is one of the few bright spots among clean energy technologies as the world transitions away from fossil fuels. On the other hand, renewables make up only a fraction of global energy consumption. In the power sector, they still compete with fossil-fuel power plants; in the heat and transport sectors, which account for 80% of energy consumption, renewables still play a relatively marginal role.

The potential for increasing the role of renewables is massive: biofuels can be scaled up in transport, while bioenergy, solar thermal and geothermal energy can produce a larger share of heat for buildings and industry. Greater electrification, coupled with the increase in renewable electricity generation, is a key route to decarbonisation.

However, to realise this potential, strong policies, research, innovation and investment are needed. Only in this way will renewables be able to contribute to the emission reductions demanded by the Paris Climate Agreement and help us meet the Sustainable Development Goals, meant to provide access to affordable and reliable energy for all.

Concise Pre Algebra: Learn Pre Algebra in 30 Hours of Study with Detailed & Concise Explanations, Detailed Example Problems, Over 50 Practice Problems with Solutions

by Josiah Coates

Do you need to learn quickly? Ever wonder why textbooks are so big?

Textbooks are big because they are expensive. The publishers can’t justify a huge price unless they have a huge book. There’s no other reason.

But there is a disconnect between your textbook and what you need to learn. You don’t need to learn an endless list of theorems, postulates and definitions. You need to learn how to solve problems.

This book teaches how to solve problems quickly and efficiently. In each chapter we start with simple elementary example problems, then slowly increase complexity as the chapter progresses. There is a natural flow – by the end of each chapter you will naturally progress to solving difficult and complex problems.

Learn by doing! Take action now! Stop wasting time with these ridiculous textbooks. Buy this book and take your education into your own hands!

Food for Thought: Your Guide to Healthy Eating

by Dr Vernon Coleman

The original and still essential guide to vegetarian eating and a healthy diet. Over 50,000 paperback copies of this, the original “Food for Thought”, have been sold in the UK alone.
Dr Vernon Coleman gives simple guidelines for healthy eating, provides the scientific evidence proving that meat causes cancer, offers easy to follow slimming tips and lists 101 superfoods that can improve your health. (Dr Coleman was the first doctor to write warning about the link between meat and cancer.) Dr Coleman also explains which other foods are associated with diseases.
The contents include:
Everything you need to know about carbohydrates, protein and fat
Do you need vitamin and mineral supplements?
Is tap water safe to drink?
The truth about a vegetarian diet
How to avoid food poisoning
The truth about microwaves and food irradiation
What the reviewers say:
`…advice on vitamins, minerals, healthy drinking, losing weight and much more. If you’re worried about what you eat, this will tell you what to avoid.’ – Good Book Guide
`…his no nonsense approach to all foods makes finding your way through the nutritional maze that much easier.’ -Evening Times
`Have just finished reading your latest edition of Food for Thought. I have found the book fascinating and informative.’ – GP, London
`I consider it to be one of the most brilliant books of its kind that I have ever read. Not only are the contents a mine of information and advice but the style is such that it makes the whole so thoroughly enjoyable to read; indeed it is a book difficult to put down.’ GP Streatham
What the critics say about Vernon Coleman and his books:
`No thinking person can ignore him.’ – The Ecologist
A godsend – Daily Telegraph
Superstar – Independent on Sunday
Brilliant – The People
The calmest voice of reason – The Observer
Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide
Compulsive reading – The Guardian
His message is important – The Economist
The man is a national treasure – What doctors don’t tell you
His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic – British Medical Journal
Revered guru of medicine – Nursing Times
Outspoken and alert – Sunday Express
Dr Coleman made me think again – BBC World Service
King of the media docs – The Independent
Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive – Irish Times
Britain’s leading medical author – The Star
Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun
Perhaps the best known health writer for the general public in the world today – The Therapist
The patient’s champion – Birmingham Post
A persuasive writer whose arguments, based on research and experience, are sound – Nursing Standard
The doctor who dares to speak his mind – Oxford Mail
He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping
He’s the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equaliser rolled into one – Glasgow Evening Times
Dr Vernon Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million hardback and paperback copies in the UK alone, and which have been translated into 25 languages and sold around the world. His bestselling books include Bodypower and How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You. His novel Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War was turned into an award winning movie. Dr Coleman is also the author of the Bilbury series of books.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake: Your Emergency Essentials Guide to Earthquake Preparedness and Other Earthquake Safety Tips

by Victoria Sommers

If you want to be sure you’re properly prepared for the next big earthquake in your area, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

One of the most devastating forces of nature is the earthquake. It sweeps in unexpectedly and brutally, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction and misery. It’s fearless and indifferent to the lives, livestock, and structures that it can flatten along the way. I have personally witnessed a killer earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7, and it was the closest thing to the end of the world that I have ever experienced. Hundreds of people were killed that day, and billions of property, structures and livestock were ultimately decimated. More lives would have been saved if people had known how to react during those grave circumstances. But no one expected it, and so no one had prepared for it. Regrets always come out after the fact. But with regrets are lessons learned that will last me a lifetime. I will never be caught unprepared again for this horrible catastrophe. Therefore, if you do not want to be in the same frightening predicament that I was, this book is for you. Also included are earthquake safety tips that you can use, should you ever find yourself in the grip of such a powerful force of nature.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Earthquakes (Cause & Effect)
  • WHAT to Prepare for an Earthquake
  • HOW to Prepare for an Earthquake
  • How to Prepare for a Tsunami
  • What to Do During and After an Earthquake
  • Earthquake Safety Tips
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Störungen des Gehirns: Ein Leitfaden für psychische Erkrankungen (German Edition)

by Georg Sommer

In diesem Buch werden verschiedene Erkrankungen des Gehirns beschrieben und ihre Behandlungsmethoden dargestellt.
Hier eine kleine Leseprobe:
Allerdings gibt es jeden Tag Berater, die Menschen mit psychischen Erkrankungen diagnostizieren, und deshalb ist es schwierig festzustellen, ob eine Diagnose richtig ist oder nicht. Auch aus diesem Grund gibt es viele Kontroversen um diese Bedingungen herum.
Psychische Gesundheit ist für den Alltag unerlässlich. Die meisten Menschen sind in der Lage, ohne Störungen in ihrem mentalen Prozess durchs Leben zu gehen, aber andere scheinen ständige Unterbrechungen zu haben. Es sind diese Unterbrechungen, die uns zeigen, dass im Gehirn dieser Menschen etwas schief läuft und dass es ein bestehendes Problem gibt.
Wir müssen uns verschiedene Diagnosen und Symptome ansehen, um die Störungen im Gehirn zu verstehen. Zum Beispiel sollten wir die bipolare Depression als Beispiel nehmen. Dies ist eine der häufigsten Erkrankungen, die in der heutigen Gesellschaft diagnostiziert werden. Tatsächlich kennen Sie vermutlich jemand mit bipolarer Depression, die Sie gerade nicht wissen, dass sie es haben. Bipolar ist sehr verbreitet, aber viele Menschen verstehen den Zustand nicht ganz. Bipolar ist ein chemisches Ungleichgewicht im Gehirn. Das bedeutet, dass dem Gehirn lebenswichtige Nährstoffe vorenthalten werden, die es braucht, um eine stabile Denkweise zu bewahren.


Das Problem ist, dass viele Menschen, bei denen die Krankheit diagnostiziert wird, ihre vollen Lebenserfahrungen nicht berücksichtigt bekommen. Wir alle erleben Stress, Trauma und Dramatik in unserem Leben. Allerdings geht nicht jeder mit diesen Stressoren auf die gleiche Weise um wie ein anderer und niemand sollte erwartet werden, dass er mit diesen Stressoren auf die gleiche Weise umgeht wie ein anderer. Es gibt einen Prozess, der stattfindet, der die Bedingung einer bipolaren Depression mit sich bringt.
Das erste, was du berücksichtigen musst, ist, dass wir alle “Auslöser” haben. Diese Auslöser sind die stressigen Ereignisse, die im Leben passieren. Nun, jeder geht anders damit um. Einige Leute werden negativ reagieren und andere ignorieren. Diejenigen, die diese Themen ignorieren, hören die Botschaften dazwischen oft nicht. Das ist es, was den psychisch kranken Geist vom “normalen” Geist unterscheidet. Der psychisch kranke Geist neigt dazu, alles im Leben aufzunehmen, was gesagt wird. Sie hören alles und lassen all diesen Prozess in ihrem Gehirn ablaufen, bis er beginnt, Verwirrung zu stiften. Der “normale” Geist neigt dazu, nur auf das zu hören, was er hören will, und deshalb haben sie diese widersprüchlichen Gedanken nicht, um die mentale Verwirrung zu verursachen. Um diesen Prozess besser zu verstehen, hilft es, auch kognitive Störungen der psychischen Gesundheit zu verstehen und wie diese mit der Verwirrung zusammenhängen, die im Kopf entsteht.

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Free romance Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

The Wreck

by Marie Force

The Wreck is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller!

Carly Holbrook and Brian Westbury are weeks away from their high school graduation. The young couple plans to marry before they head to college, and their future seems bright with promise. Everything changes one spring night when their six closest friends, including Brian’s younger brother, are killed in a fiery car accident that Carly and Brian witness. The trauma leaves Carly unable to speak, and Brian is forced to make unimaginable decisions about a future that once seemed so certain. With Carly incapable of going forward with their plans, Brian leaves homeÂ?and CarlyÂ?for good. Fifteen years later, disturbing new clues indicate the accident that wrecked so many lives wasn’t an accident at all, bringing Brian home to face a pastÂ?â??and a loveâ??Â?he’s never forgotten.

Black Obsidian

by Victoria Quinn

I was standing at the bar and waiting for a friend when it happened.

When my life changed forever.

The woman I’d wanted my entire life walked inside. Beautiful. Perfect. Flawless.

I knew I had to have her.

And by the end of the night, I will.

My next submissive.

**Intended For Mature Audiences**

The Roommate’s Baby

by Penny Wylder

She wants a baby but not a relationship. Her hot roommate has always preferred No Strings Attached.
On paper, it seems like a perfect arrangement.
Until they spend the night together.
Until their hearts start racing with more than just lust.
Until both of them realize they want more than they signed up for.
But what if it’s too late to change the deal?

This full-length novel is a complete standalone stuffed with all the good and dirty things Penny Wylder writes best!

The Cowboy’s Secret Bride (Turners vs Coopers Chance Creek Book 1)

by Cora Seton

Never step into the middle of a family feudâ??

Millionaire Carl Whitfield has set his sights on small-town chef Camila Torres, but she won’t have him until he can prove he means to settle in Chance Creek for good. He’s spent the last three years searching for the perfect ranch. She’s spent the last three years keeping him at arms’ length. Now Carl will do anything to secure a spreadâ??including siding with the Coopers in their ages-old feud with the Turners, a move that could make his dreams come trueâ??or destroy them for good.

Professor Next Door

by Summer Cooper

I [email protected] my studentsâ?¦ I just can’t seem to keep it in my pants when these young sexy women throw themselves at me!

But now, I must stop behaving like such a d**k, not that my dead wife would care…

If I get caught sleeping with my students, I’ll lose my job.

And if I don’t get my s**t together, they’ll come for the only good thing in my lifeâ?¦ my daughter.

But I have a plan to fix all that. I have a plan for the girl next doorâ?¦

Author’s Note: This is a 50,000 words romance with an HEA. Story contains mature language and scenes, intended for adults only.

Deleted: Jackson and Maggie (Cliffside Bay Series Book 2)

by Tess Thompson

In this second chance love story, USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson brings you back to Cliffside Bay to discover the truth about Maggie.

Jackson Waller never recovered from the death of his high school sweetheart, Maggie Keene. Twelve years later she’s seen standing by her grave site very much alive.

Hoping to avoid Jackson, the man who broke her heart when he abandoned her, Maggie returns to her father’s death bed to force him to reveal the secrets that destroyed their family.

Jackson has finally moved on from the tragedy that’s haunted him his entire adult life. He’s engaged and ready to let go of the past, until his world is turned upside down by a decade old lie.

Lies and treachery destroyed their love. Is the connection between them strong enough to erase the damage of the past? 
“What in the 7%?! This had me shedding tears at 7%. This is a second chance romance that will take your breath away. This is the second book in the Tess Thompson’s Cliff Side Bay Series. This book can be read as a stand-alone but believe me once you meet the characters you are going to want to go back and read book one.” – Lena Loves Books
“This is the first book that I’ve read by Tess Thompson, and I LOVED it! Her talented writing style had me hooked from the very beginning, and I couldn’t put it down until I read every last word in one sitting. It’s the emotional story of Jackson, who’s been mourning the love of his life Maggie for 12 years, and just can’t move on even though he is engaged to be married.” – The Power of Three Readers“This book was an ugly cry. It made me curl up with my puppies and cuddle after I finished. I want to discover more of Tess Thompson’s work.” – Shakespeare’s Book Wench

The Alpha’s Woman

by Carolyn Faulkner

When she is released from the stasis she voluntarily entered, the world that greets Emily Harding is far from what she expected. It more closely resembles a post-apocalyptic novel than the rolling green Tennessee hills she’s left behind.

Worse than that, it seems that the rule of law is a thing of the past, and that society has devolved into what it was thousands of years ago – feudal tribes warring with each other over precious and rare supplies, which includes females. One type of female in particular.

It is raw, unforgiving, and animalistic. Much like the behavior of the man who takes her and holds her there, forcing her to learn that even she is not unaffected by the changes that have been wrought on the world, proving to her time and time again that she is nothing more to him than a means to obtain children.

And making her scream in agonizing pleasure as he does so.

Publisher’s Note: The Alpha’s Woman is a dark tale with some explicit themes.

Jagger, a Stepbrother Romance

by Olivia Hawthorne

We’re two different people.

He’s my cocky, arrogant, rock star stepbrother, Jagger. He betrayed my trust years ago and I haven’t been able to forgive him ever since.

I’m in college and the good girl in every sense of the word. Perfect GPA, perfect group of friends, and worlds apart from my Internet famous stepbrother who’s famously known for breaking hearts and leaving throngs of screaming fans in his wake.

So how can I tell my body to stop going crazy every time we’re together?

And when you’re sharing a room with the hottest man you know in the most romantic city in the world, how can you possibly say no?

She’s almost unbearable and completely off limits.

Jessa, aka JJ. My stepsister.
She’s perfect, focused, snide and hates me.
And she’s completely irresistible.

She haunts my thoughts, my dreams.
And she’s the reason I do what I do.
I’m a bad boy to forget about her.

The only problem is, it isn’t working.

Bear Home for Christmas: BBW Holiday Paranormal Bear Shifter Romance (Christmas Bear Shifter Romance Book 1)

by Ariana Hawkes

Wrap yourself up in a smoking-hot bear shifter romance this Christmas!

Orphaned Noelle Hollis has nowhere to go for the festive season. A half-baked plan has brought her to the small town of Northwood on a freezing, snowy night two days before Christmas. When it comes to nothing, leaving her cold, lonely, and mad at herself, she breaks down in a cafe.

Ex-soldier and bear shifter Granger Sullivan is on his way home for Christmas, but first he’s determined to track down his wayward brother, who’s run away from their parents. While having a pitstop in a cafe, he runs into a beautiful, yet distressed girl. He only intends to comfort her, but he’s quickly drawn to her sparky personality and sexy curves.

A snowstorm puts Granger’s plans on hold, but has the side-effect of throwing the two of them together. Will Noelle be able to put her misgivings about people aside and trust that Granger really wants her? And will Granger be able to convince her that he wants to take care of her – not just for Christmas, but furrever!

A sweet, sexy and heartwarming story about love, redemption and family reunion, perfect for the holidays!

This is a standalone, short, sweet, and steamy read, perfect for snuggling up and having a little dose of me-time during the holiday period. HEA and no cliffhanger!

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Huddle With Me Tonight (New York Sabers Book 1)

by Farrah Rochon

Originally Published by Harlequin Kimani Romance – September 2010

Entertainment columnist Paige Turner is known for getting under the skin of the people whose books she reviews on her popular blog. When her criticism of NFL standout Torrian Smallwood’s cookbook/memoir goes viral, it sparks an online war between the city’s most beloved blogger and one of football’s hottest stars.

Torrian couldn’t care less what some book blogger thinks about his upcoming memoir. His main focus is on making a success of the new restaurant he’s opening for his sister. That is, until he meets the gorgeous Paige Turner face-to-face. When a local TV station invites them to bring their online battle into the kitchen in a reality TV cook-off, Torrian comes up with a new goal: making Paige his.

Will either of them be able to stand the heat, or will they succumb to the white-hot attraction that neither can deny?

Reading order:
Book 1: Huddle With Me Tonight
Book 2: I’ll Catch You
Book 3: Field of Pleasure
Book 4: Pleasure Rush

Rebel Dragon Shifter: Christmas Special (Return of the Dragons Book 4)

by Rinelle Grey

When a stunningly handsome man turns up out of nowhere and helps Senior Constable Hailey Lyons rescue a boy who’s fallen down a canyon, then disappears, he arouses her curiosity – and her desire. When she meets him again the next day, disrupting the town’s Christmas carols, she gives him the benefit of the doubt. But what’s his secret? Where is he from?

Dragon shifter Patrima has done his best to overcome his half human parentage, rising through the ranks to become one of the Trima clan’s most trusted warriors. Until he challenges Ultrima over allowing dragons to celebrate the human tradition of Christmas.

Thrown out of his clan, homeless and resigned, Patrima sees no point in anything anymore. Can Hailey help him find his purpose, and help him remember what Christmas is all about?

Rebel Dragon Shifter is a novella length (26,000 words) complete story with a happy ending. If you like hot dragon heroes, the strong women who love them, and a heartwarming HEA, then you’ll love the Return of the Dragons series.

Previously published as Patrima: Bringing Christmas to the Dragons, and previously available in the Home for the Howlidays Box Set.

Oscar (The Davenports Book 1)

by SJ McCoy

Oscar Davenport always wins. Always. He doesn’t come second, and he sure as hell doesn’t lose. He’s founded and sold three tech companies, netting him almost a billion dollars. He ran a hedge fund worth hundreds of billionsâ??until he got bored. His latest project, Six, a nightclub in LA is another winner. It’s both a successful business and a playground full of playmates.

He’s never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome or a woman he couldn’t have. Until now.

Grace Evans is the kind of girl you’d find curled up with a good book on a Saturday nightâ??at least, usually. This Saturday night is different. This Saturday night she’s gotten all done up, in a dress she can barely breathe in and heels she can barely walk in. She had to. She had to venture into the lair of the enemy.

The enemy is Oscar Davenport, and his lair is his swanky nightclub. When she lays eyes on him, she’s ready to believe he’s the devil incarnate. His wicked smile, his beautiful eyesâ??everything about him is an invitation to sin. He moves with the grace and arrogance of a big cat about to pounce. Unfortunately, he’s moving straight toward her. He’s singled her out as his prey. He’s moving in for the kill.

Little does he know that she isn’t about to surrender; in fact, he’s in for the fight of his life.

The Hellfire Riders, Volumes 1-3: Saxon & Jenny: Wanting It All, Taking It All, Having It All (The Motorcycle Clubs Box-Set Book 1)

by Kati Wilde

Collecting the first three novellas in the Hellfire Riders series, this box set is over 300 pages and features the complete story of one couple â?? the president of the Hellfire Riders MC, Saxon Gray, and the woman he’d cross any line to haveâ?¦

Wanting It All
He’s the one man I can never have, but the only one I craveâ?¦

Saxon Gray has reason to hate me. He spent five years in prison after saving me from a brutal violation at the hands of a rival motorcycle club – and he paid for that rescue with his freedom. I’ve never been able to settle the debt I owe himâ?¦until now.

The menace of that old rivalry is flaring up again, and as president of the Hellfire Riders, Saxon is the one man who can keep me safe. But I want more than his protection. I want his heart.

Taking It All
Heaven is finally having Saxon Gray in my arms. Hell is knowing that I might lose him.

After I spent years loving him from a distance, the president of the Hellfire Riders MC is finally mine. Every day he’s at my side; every night he’s in my bed. It would be everything I’d ever wanted, except my dad is sick, and trouble is brewing now that Saxon’s club is taking over my father’s. Because bad blood between the two MCs still lingers, and an old rule requiring Saxon to share me with the other club members is being used as a weapon, forcing him to choose between me and the Hellfire Riders.

And I don’t know if he’ll choose meâ?¦or how far I might go to keep him.

Having It All
Now that Jenny Erickson is mine, I’ve got everything I want. Until one shotgun blast almost rips it awayâ?¦

As president of the Hellfire Riders, there’s two things I care about: protecting my woman and destroying the Eighty-Eight before they take everything I’ve fought for. They’ve hurt Jenny before and I swore that I’d rip out my own heart before they hurt her again. Every heated touch, every scorching kiss is a promise to keep her safe.

Now the Eighty-Eight is coming for meâ??and no matter what it takes, I’m not going to let them lay a finger on her. I’ll sacrifice anything to protect her. My freedom. My heart.

Even my life.

Available Now in the Motorcycle Clubs series â?? a romance series for readers who want all of the heat and emotion, but who don’t have all of the time:

Box Sets:


Individual Novellas:

The Motorcycle Clubs series checklist:
Death Lords by Ella Goode, Bedlam Butchers by Ruby Dixon, Hellfire Riders by Kati Wilde, and Ghost Riders by Alexa Riley. You can read these in order or by author.

1. HIS WILD DESIRE (Death Lords #1)
2. OFF LIMITS (Bedlam Butchers #1)
3. WANTING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #1)
4. HER SECRET PLEASURE (Death Lords #2)
5. PACKING DOUBLE (Bedlam Butchers #2)
6. TAKING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #2)
7. THEIR PRIVATE NEED (Death Lords #3)
8. DOUBLE TROUBLE (Bedlam Butchers #3)
9. HAVING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #3)
10. THEIR FIERCE LOVE (Death Lords #4)
11. BETTING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #4)
12. DOUBLE DOWN (Bedlam Butchers #4)
13. THEIR LASTING CLAIM (Death Lords #5)
14. RISKING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #5)
15. DOUBLE OR NOTHING (Bedlam Butchers #5)
16. BURNING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #6)
17. HIS MAD PASSION (Death Lords #6)
18. SLOW RIDE (Bedlam Butchers #6)
19. HIS BOLD HEART (Death Lords #7)
20. PULLING HER TRIGGER (Ghost Riders #1)
21. BEAUTY AND THE BIKER (Ghost Riders #2)
22. CAPTIVE RIDE (Death Lords #8)
23. BREAKING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #7)
24. DOUBLE DARE YOU (Bedlam Butchers #7)
25. GIVING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #8)
26. LETTING HER LEAD (Ghost Riders #3)
27. PULLING HIS TRIGGER (Ghost Riders #4)
28. RIDING HIM (Ghost Riders #5)
29. CRAVING IT ALL (Hellfire Riders #9)

More titles coming soon!

Jackal and Rawhide: An MFM Paranormal Romance

by Simone Scarlet MMA

My name’s Charli Kiernan, and I came to the upstate town of Gunner’s Lake to lay my grandfather to rest. Instead, I discovered an ancient evil had awoken.

Lurking in the mountain at the edge of my grandfather’s property is a timeless, malevolent creature with a hunger for human innocence.

But I don’t have to face her alone.

The same day I rolled back into town, so did they.

Frank “Jackal” Fiorentino – a smoldering, seven-feet-tall former Army Ranger with the darkest brown eyes I’ve ever seen, and a body that begs me to experience all the pleasure I’ve denied myself my whole life.

And Callan “Rawhide” McCallister – a gorgeous, blue-eyed boy from Texas with the physique of a WWE wrestler and a crooked smile that can melt a pair of panties from across the room.

Best friends, who’ve crossed this country back and forth searching to end the same evil that now haunts this place.

They’ve found her – but they found something else as well.


It’s like destiny brought us together. They’re the first men who’ve ever made me tremble with desire, and I can see in their eyes that I’ve awoken something similar in each of them. Our lips met within a day of meeting, and the cold autumn started to heat up pretty damn quickly.

Breathless. Passionate. Intense. We were meant to be together – all three of us.

But we can’t build a future together, until we destroy the evil that’s haunting our past.

Jackal and Rawhide is a 95,000 word, paranormal romance novel featuring scenes of blistering eroticism, chilling terror, and intense emotion – all climaxing in a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!

Wild Engagement: A Dark Pines Pride Bonus Story (Fierce Mates: Dark Pines Pride)

by Liza Street

Trouble has a way of finding youâ?¦especially in the Dark Pines Pride.

Becca Van Housen has been feeling left out ever since her best friend, Summer, married into the Jaynes family. But when a naked man asks for her help on the side of the road, everything starts to change.

Wolf shifter Nick Gaines came to the Dark Pines territory to find Hayley, his fated mate. To his embarrassment, Hayley barely remembers him, but luck is on his side when he meets Becca. He falls fast and he falls hard.

The Dark Pines shifters are willing to take Nick in for a little while, but when a stupid mistake follows him all the way into their territory, Nick will have to face a monster or lose his place at Becca’s side.

This steamy shifter novella is a bonus installment to the Dark Pines Pride and was previously released as a serial in Liza’s newsletter. Now, it’s available for the first time as a book. As with all of Liza’s books, this is intended for adults. Expect naughty language and scorching sexytimes.

Fresh Starts: Bree’s Story; A Companion to the Sweet Montana Bride Series (Second Chances Book 3)

by Kimberly Krey

When Bree’s stalker is released from prison, she heads to a remote orchard to hide away. Joining her is Greyson Law, a former bodyguard who had a crush on her in their school years. Soon sparks ignite between them, and Bree feels she and Greyson might have a future. But could it all be destroyed by the stalker from her past?

After being stalked for several years, Bree Fox helped put her stalker behind bars. But now the time has come for his release. To test the stalker-infested waters, her brother, Braden, purchased an orchard house where Bree can hide away. And though she must leave her kids with her ex-husband for a time, Bree feels certain the plan will keep her family safe. She only wishes Braden hadn’t hired his friend and former bodyguard, Greyson Law, to watch over her.

After leaving his training center in capable hands, Greyson is back in his hometown to stay. So when Braden Fox asks for a favor, the timing is just right. Plus, working as a personal protector once more has an appeal all its own. Trouble is, Bree Fox never liked him much back in school, and he hasn’t seen the woman much since. Still, just thinking about the hard-to-get girl from his school days has Greyson wondering if the timing is right in more ways than one. But just how dangerous is this man from her past?

The Brotherhood Series Boxset: Books 1-3

by Adele Clee

Regency Vampire Romance

Lost to the Night

An earl with a terrifying secret

Alexander Cole was a man ruled by his voracious appetite for carnal pleasures until a golden-haired devil in the guise of a goddess lures him into an encounter that costs him his humanity. With nothing left but bitterness in his heart, he locks himself away in his dilapidated Elizabethan mansion and chains the gates to all intruders.

A lady hoping to prove love conquers all …

When her aunt suffers an injury in a carriage accident, Evelyn Bromwell rushes through the forest in search of help. Drawn to the mysterious old mansion, she is left aghast to find such a frosty reception. Yet despite the earl’s rude and brusque manner, Evelyn is eager to discover the reason behind his austere façade.

Once desire begins to burn, Alexander and Evelyn are unable to deny the soul-deep connection that exists between them. But Evelyn must make a choice â??â?? marry the kind and affable Mr. Sutherby or risk everything in the hope of thawing an immortal’s frozen heart.

“An exciting story about the redemptive and life-altering power of love, LOST TO THE NIGHT is a thoughtfully-written novel and a recommended read for anyone seeking to escape into an elegant and magical world of timeless passion” – The Romance Reviews

Slave to the Night

Viscount Markham has one rule â?? never bed the same woman twice.
But all rules are made to be broken.

When Grace Denton decides to visit her sister in London, she is shocked to find the paid companion has a new profession and now earns her living as a courtesan. But when her sibling disappears after an evening out, Grace is forced to masquerade as the much sought after paramour in a bid to solve the mystery. Using information from her sister’s secret diary, Grace begins her search with the arrogant Lord Markham, convinced he was the last person to see her alive.

After being bitten by the golden-haired devil in Bavaria, Elliot Markham has learned how to navigate the world of the ton whilst hiding his terrifying affliction. But when a masked lady accosts him at a ball, posing as the famed courtesan Caroline Rosemond, he is desperate to discover more about the intriguing beauty.

Abandoned to the Night

A gentleman with a hunger for revenge â?¦

Leo Devlin, Marquess of Hartford, spends his days hiding from the sun as a result of his terrible affliction. At night, he wanders the ballrooms in pursuit of pleasure â?? desperate to banish the memory of the terrifying night he was stripped of his humanity. But despite his relaxed countenance, the flames of vengeance burn brightly within. With a reputation for recklessness, Leo’s friend and mentor, Elliot Markham, is the only man capable of keeping him under control. But when Elliot marries and leaves London for his estate in Yorkshire, Leo’s thoughts turn to the woman he blames for the evil curse thrust upon him. Feeling alone and abandoned, Leo knows there is only one way to rid himself of the painful images of the past. But would he be able to find the golden-haired devil responsible for turning him? Would he have the courage to make her pay for all she had done?

A lady with nothing left to lose â?¦

Ivana Lockwood always knew one of her gentleman vampires would return seeking retribution. Men of their quality did not sit back and accept the devastating consequences of such a horrendous affliction. In a strange way, she welcomed the challenge. She would take great pleasure informing him exactly why he deserved such a cruel and vicious punishment. But which one of them would come? In her heart, an organ hardened to the wants and needs of men, she knew it would be Leo. Would she still feel the same deep level of desire she’d experienced with him once

Wolf Kiss (Warrior Wolves Book 1)

by Christine DePetrillo

Warrior Reardon McAlator kills anyone’s enemies for the right price. Victory comes easy to him and his fierce armyâ?¦ until one day, they meet their match. Faced with the possibility of destroying their legendary winning streak, Reardon takes action. He makes his men more like him and angers the wrong Celtic goddess. Banished from her protection, he wakes up alone in a different place, in a different time, and in a world of pain. He must do something worthy to get home to Ireland, but maybe home isn’t where he thought it was.

Wildlife biologist Dr. Brandy Wendon cares for wolvesâ??and her sister’s son, Dylanâ??at Silver Moon Wolf Sanctuary in the woods of Vermont. She loves everything about her work, including secretly researching clinical lycanthropy just for the fun of it. It’s what nerds do. Brandy stays busy, but in the lonely hours of the night, she can’t deny something is missing. If only she could find that soul mate people are always mentioning. As if one perfect match for her really exists.

When a pained howl echoes from the dark forest beyond the sanctuary fence, Brandy meets a wolf unlike any to cross her path. Why does she grow instantly connected to him? Why does he become so important to her?

She’ll only get answers if she accepts a wolf kiss.

Heroes for Hire: Books 1-3

by Dale Mayer

This Heroes for Hire Set includes:
Levi’s Legend
Stone’s Surrender
Merk’s Mistake

Nothing stays the sameâ?¦

Since his accident Levi has been driven to find the men who betrayed him. Everything else is secondary. Now he’s recovered, started his own company, and he’s caught the scent of the last man on his list. Only to find the same man intends to finish the job he originally started – and kill Levi once and for all.

Ice has been at Levi’s side every step of his new journey – well almost It’s the places where she hasn’t been that are the hardest. Her relationship with Levi is at a critical point. One wrong word and her hopes and dreams will be gone. They are almost done now.

But she can’t resolve her love life until the man who forced change into their world is taken care of. Only he’s on the attack, and his target is right at the heart of everything that’s important to her, and to Levi.

They’d have to move fast to stop the man who wants them both dead or they won’t have a future at allâ?¦

Life is on the move againâ?¦

After a long slow-ass recovery, Stone finds himself triumphantly back at work at Levi’s new company. The action comes fast and furious on his first run out as they rescue a senator’s daughter who’s been kidnapped in the Middle East.

Lissa will do almost anything to thwart her father’s plans for her. Getting kidnapped wasn’t on her list. And once she meets Stone no other man matters. She falls, and she falls hard. But even on home soil, there’s no respite as she finds the nightmare has followed her homeâ?¦and she’s caught in the middle of it.

It’s a battle that requires both of them to not only clear her name but to keep her safeâ?¦especially when a twist is thrown at them that they didn’t see comingâ?¦

Time never fadesâ?¦

After months of recovery, Merk is moving from mission to mission, happily back in his active life again. But when his ex-wife sends out a panicked call for help, he rushes to meet her – only to see her snatched away in front of him.

Katina has only one person in mind when she finds herself in trouble. Merk. They haven’t spoken for ten years, but time hasn’t changed some things. The attraction between she and Merk is as deep and strong as it was back then. Even more so. But with her life on the line, she can’t focus on himâ?¦ and can’t get her mind of him.

She has something others want, and they will do anything to get it back. No matter how nefarious. No matter how evil. No matter who they kill.

His Redeeming Bride (Nebraska Historical Romances Book 8)

by Ruth Ann Nordin

Seven years after Eye of the Beholder ends, Neil Craftsman’s story begins. When Sarah Donner learns she’s pregnant, she hopes this blessing will be the thing to make her husband finally love her. But to her horror, he announces that she will go live with her overbearing mother-in-law.

Weeks before she is due to give birth, they are traveling to her mother-in-law’s when some thieves kill him. Ready to give birth, she has to rely on the aid of the one man others had warned her about: Neil Craftsman. She knows of his tarnished past, and no respectable woman will go near him. But when she learns her husband left her with no home and no money, she has nowhere else to go but to the one man she’s shunned.

As she gets to know Neil, she learns that there is more to him than meets the eye. But when his past comes back to haunt him, will her newfound love be enough to redeem him – or will he always be a shunned man?

Books in the Nebraska Historical Romance Series
Book 1: Her Heart’s Desire
Book 2: A Bride for Tom (novella)
Book 3: A Husband for Margaret (novella)
Book 4: Eye of the Beholder
Book 5: The Wrong Husband
Book 6: The Shotgun Groom
Book 7: To Have and To Hold
Book 8: His Redeeming Bride
Book 9: Isaac’s Decision

A Novel Experience: A Love Between the Pages Novelette

by Heather Guimond

“…my heartstrings are strumming for him. This is a great start to what seems to be a heart throbbing novel.”
-Becky, Amazon Reviewer

Gage Blackstone is known for writing the steamiest romance books in the nation. His good looks and charisma have landed him in his share of beds. Though he’s never heard a complaint, there’s more to the man than just the next good time.

An unexpected trip home shows him old wounds heal slowly, and loneliness is always just one night away. Needing something more in his life never becomes more apparent than when he knocks Stacy Sanders off her feet. Literally. It’s a catch-as-you-can world and you never know what the universe has in store.

Will she be the one to snatch him off the market or will it be fizzle instead of sizzle?

Read this free, short prologue about Gage, then dive into the really good stuff with The Novel Approach on January 8, 2019 when romance’s reigning sex god crashes into the Sweetheart of Sweet Romance.

The Warrior Prince of Berush (The Edge of the Sword Book 1)

by Amber Gabriel

Darius is a seasoned soldier serving as general of his brother’s army. Tensions between Berush and the neighboring countries of Artylia and Cerecia are high. Darius must use his skill as a swordsman and a leader in battle to protect his country and wreak vengeance on its enemies, but the toll is heavy. Violent dreams torment him at night, and a red haze of anger often clouds his judgment. Concerned for his brother’s well-being, King Cyrus sends Darius on a diplomatic assignment, but the warrior prince is not used to peaceful missions. He is used to getting his own way, sometimes at the point of a sword. When he finally meets a woman with a will to match his own, can he convince her that he is more than the wild animal he seems? Winning her love will prove to be the greatest challenge of his life.

The Westerfield Affair (The Westerfield Trilogy Book 1)

by Renee Rose

AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE TURNS INTO SCANDAL. Reserved to the point of being aloof, Lord Westerfield never attended balls or even considered taking a wife, until he met Miss Kitty Stanley and his orderly world turned on end. Determined to have the beautiful and animated sister of his friend from the gambling hall, but doubting his ability to effectively court her, Westerfield strikes a bargain with her brother for her hand.

When the gentlemen present Kitty with the deal, she is furious with them both for neglecting to consult her, but her brother threatens to withdraw his financial support if she does not comply. Angry, she acts out at a ball, causing a scandal that mushrooms further when Lord Westerfield drags her unchaperoned to his home for a firm spanking.

Upon baring her for chastisement, Westerfield is swept away by desire, and before he can stop himself he has taken her innocence and completed the ruin of her reputation. He offers to release her from the betrothal contract, but her brother insists instead on a hasty marriage. As they attempt to recover from the scandal, their relationship is clouded by his shame and her insecurities. Will they be trapped forever in a loveless marriage, or can they kindle the passion they both crave?

Publisher’s Note: The Westerfield Affair includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend: A Whittaker Brothers Novel (Christmas in Coral Canyon Book 1)

by Liz Isaacson

A cowboy returning to his hometownâ??and the best friend he left a dozen years before. She’s divorced with a child now…can they build a family and find their happily-ever-after?

Graham Whittaker returns to Coral Canyon a few days after Christmasâ??after the death of his father. He’s just found out his long-time girlfriend in Seattle has been cheating on him, and while Coral Canyon isn’t his first choice of where to live, it’s certainly the friendliest.

He takes over the energy company his dad built from the ground up and buys a high-end lodge to live inâ??only a mile from the home of his once-best friend, Laney McAllister. Laney returned to her family ranch after college, but her husband wasn’t cut out for the country lifestyle on the land at the base of the Grand Teton National Forest. He left Laney and their daughter, Bailey, to work the ranch themselves, which they’ve been trying to do.

But with her furnace on the brink of failure and the snow falling faster than ever, Laney agrees to bring Bailey up to Graham’s lodge for the holidays. They were best friends once, but Laney’s always entertained feelings for him, and spending so much time with him while they make Christmas memories puts her heart in danger of getting broken again. Can they take their friendship to the next level and build a family? Or will Laney be risking her heart only to remain in the friend zone?

Read all the novels by USA Today bestselling author, Liz Isaacson!
Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series:
1. Second Chance Ranch
2. Third Time’s the Charm
3. Fourth and Long
4. Fifth Generation Cowboy
5. Sixth Street Love Affair
6. The Seventh Sergeant
7. Eight Second Ride
8. The First Lady of Three Rivers
9. Christmas in Three Rivers
10. Lucky Number Thirteen
11. The Curse of February Fourteenth
12. Ticket to Bride

Gold Valley Romance Series:
1. Before the Leap
2. After the Fall
3. Through the Mist
4. Between the Reins
5. Over the Moon
6. Under the Bridge
7. Up on the Housetop
8. Around the Bend

Brush Creek Brides Romance Series:
1. A Wedding for the Widower
2. A Companion for the Cowboy
3. A Bride for the Bronc Rider
4. A Family for the Farmer
5. A Home for the Horseman
6. A Refuge for the Rancher
7. A Marriage for the Marine
8. A Fiance for the Firefighter
9. A Treasure for the Trooper
10. A Date for the Detective
11. A Partner for the Paramedic
12. A Catch for the Chief

Steeple Ridge Romance Series:
1. Starting Over at Steeple Ridge (Timeless Romance)
2. Finding Love at Steeple Ridge
3. Learning Faith at Steeple Ridge
4. Kissing Santa at Steeple Ridge
5. Coming Home to Steeple Ridge

Grape Seed Falls Romance Series:
1. Choosing the Cowboy
2. Craving the Cowboy
3. Charming the Cowboy
4. Courting the Cowboy
5. Claiming the Cowboy
6. Catching the Cowboy
7. Cheering the Cowboy

Christmas in Coral Canyon:
1. Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend
2. Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss
3. Her Cowboy Billionaire Boyfriend
4. Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard

Un Minuto con Dios: Devocional Temático (Spanish Edition)

by Dr. Rolando D. Aguirre

Devocional temático. Empiece cualquier día del año.

Un minuto de reflexión en la presencia de Dios puede transformar la actitud, enfocar la visión, cambiar el proceder de todo un día y en muchas ocasiones, hasta el rumbo de toda una vida.

Cuando el tiempo kairos de Dios y el tiempo cronos del hombre se interceptan, algo extraordinario puede suceder.

How to Kiss a Billionaire (Billionaire Beach Romance Book 5)

by Cami Checketts

Sassy meets swoon-worthy in this fast-paced contemporary romance.
Miriam Salisbury escapes to Oregon to avoid a boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer, killing her beloved cat to prove it. When her father sends Clay Browning to protect her, she’s certain he’s lost his mind. As far as she’s concerned Clay’s experience is limited to posing for the camera, charming women, and making fun of her. He’s been teasing her since they were children and she’s never gotten over the way he threw crawdads at her at church picnics.
Clay retired from the military and entered the world of private security. When he gets the call to protect Miriam he’s excited to be around his lifelong crush. As expected, he teases her nonstop and the only thing he takes seriously is her security. He knows she’d never give him a chance and he can’t help but give her a hard time.
After Miriam is dumped in the freezing ocean on a crabbing expedition and Clay saves her from drowning and freezing to death, she takes a second look at her hired gun. But opening up to him is more terrifying than facing her stalker.
As events escalate to a frenzied climax, Miriam and Clay must put aside past grudges in the hope of finding a lasting love for their future.
Don’t miss the rest of the Billionaire Beach Romances:
Shadows in the Curtain
Caribbean Rescue
Cozumel Escape
Cancun Getaway
Trusting the Billionaire
How to Kiss a Billionaire
Thanks for reading!

Carol and the Belles

by Chautona Havig

Their childhood letters formed the friendship of a lifetime.

As part of an international school pen pal program, Carol and Michal began writing monthly letters twenty years ago. So, when Carol’s artisan guild decides to send an emissary to the United States to investigate a new gift store and potentially negotiate contracts for importing Romanian handcrafts to several major American cities, Carol applies. Finally, the chance to meet Michal after all these years!

But Carol’s arrival in Rockland is fraught with surprises, misunderstandings, and a string of both awkward and delightful dates. Michal and the “belles” do everything possible to make the visit memorable and special, but when Carol decides to apply for a work visa, things get really interesting.

As a self-professed “world’s most non-spontaneous person,” Michal discovers that following your heart and the Lord’s leading just might also lead you into unexpected places and spontaneous decisions.

La fe de Abraham: Un desafío a confiar en el poder y cuidado de Dios (Spanish Edition)

by Gonzalo Sanabria

Dios recompensa a los que confían en él, y Abraham fue una de esas personas. Hebreos 11:8 “Por la fe Abraham, siendo llamado, obedeció para salir al lugar que había de recibir como herencia; y salió sin saber a dónde iba”.

Cuando Dios llama a Abraham su vida estaba prácticamente acomodada, sin embargo ante la voz de Dios él obedece saliendo de su tierra, nos dice la Biblia sin saber a dónde iba, pero confió en las palabras de Dios. Su vida y camino es todo un testimonio maravilloso y humano del caminar de fe, un mensaje que nos ánima a confiar en Dios.

Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.


Jessie In Search of Belonging

by Sheila Hood Jensen

On a cold November night in 1945, only weeks after her third birthday, Jessie awoke to the dank smells of a worn down hotel room and startled at the choking, unrestrained sobs piercing the air from the broken heart of her six year old sister. The two little girls were terrified to realize their mother was gone and to know they were now very much alone in that dreary room. A stab of indignant pain might provoke you to ask how this could happen. Would the blot of their misfortune relegate the children to a life of inevitable ruin, or would they somehow rise above their circumstances and overcome? This is the story of Jessie. It is a love story, and while the story comes to you in the form of fiction, it is based in events which are incredibly true.
Abandoned, haunted and affected by a need for belonging, Jessie invites you to come with her and she will show you what happened. She knows the story well. She will take you back to where she first tasted fear; to the time and place where her journey in search of belonging begins. She will let you touch her scars and shed a tear with her, but then, because Jessie is also a child of courage and conviction, she will want you to go forward with her and feel the hope of her victories. She will tell you of a life acquainted with the kind of inequities from which despair often finds its root, but then she will go on to tell you a story of the kind of love from which dreams and fairytales are made. Above all, she will want you to see and understand how God walked this journey with her. To show you how her life turned from a search for belonging, into an incredible love story, Jessie thought it best to take you back to the beginning when the world was at war….

Evergreen Christmas Readings

by A.A. Milne

This holiday, we proudly present to you this unique collection of the greatest Christmas stories. Over 250 of them are included by your favourite authors:Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Willa Cather, Beatrix Potter, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Hans Christian Andersen, E.T.A. Hoffmann, O. Henry, Mark Twain and many more!

I Care What You Think: Reclaim Your Self-Confidence In A World Of Insecurity, Fear, And Anxiety

by Stephen Sargent

Are you tired of constantly worrying what other people are thinking about you? Are their dreams in your life that are being held back by your fear of rejection or failure?

Insecurity lives within all of us, affecting what we say and do every single day. In this short, conversational, action-oriented book, Stephen takes an honest look at the dangerous side effects of our insecurity – constant concern, comparison, criticism, conforming, and confinement. None of these are within God’s intentions and plans for your life. God has something really exciting waiting for you on the other side of your fears and insecurities, where your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled!

Good Christian Series Boxed Set Books 1-3: Bonus: Beautifully Ugly People!

by Michael D. Beckford

3 Women, 3 Destinies, 3 Powerful Testimonies…Welcome to the world of Lucretia Grey, Gloria Hamburger and Sara Jones. Each tell their own unique story of faith, love, forgiveness and unspeakable trials. Enjoy what many readers have already loved on their kindle. And as a bonus, SpeakPublishing International’s Best-Selling Book ‘Beautifully Ugly People!’ is also included. So save 50% off what you would pay for the individual books by purchasing these powerful 4 books in this boxed set.

***The Good Christian***
Lucretia Grey is the ideal Christian woman that grew up with strong Christian values and teachings. She comes from a two-parent home, and was taught to pray, go to church every Sunday, honor her husband and be the perfect mom. But what happens when the good Christian meets up with an old saint? Enter Gloria Hamburger.
With problems brewing at the home, Lucretia has a conversation with Gloria. It was just the type of conversation that could make a good Christian like Lucretia lose her religion. Lucretia has been the mere essence of good all her life. Will the gossiping Gloria be the one to take Lucretia off her streak? Or will Lucretia cut and run towards Jesus for her family and soul’s sake?
This is book#1 in â??Good Christian Series.’

***The Bad Christian***
Gloria Hamburger is never one to back down from a juicy serving of gossip. On one Sunday morning, she gets her fill of gossip from one of the unlikeliest of people. The man she randomly sleeps with the night before. With a vague remembrance of the random guy in her bed, Gloria knows she must do her own research to find out if the revelations her random hookup revealed to her are true or false. If what he reveals is true, then it can be another damaging blow to the members of Front Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.
Meanwhile, Lucretia Grey finally decides to take up marriage counseling with her husband Bryson Grey as things just can’t seem to get better with their union. They trust the consultation of Pastor Smooth as they each try to fix what has been severally broken in their marriage. Truth and lies are tested, and gossip spreads like hot fire, this is the world of Gloria Hamburger, she never backs down from a fight, and —-yes—she calls herself a Christian.
This is book#2 in â??Good Christian Series.’

***The Christian***
Lost in a world she doesn’t understand. Sara Jones parents uses religion as a weapon and answer to everything. They use this same religion to shelter and suppress Sara from the outside world. But when Sara ends up pregnant because she doesn’t quite know what sex is at the age of seventeen, the ramifications of her sin are monstrous. She must battle both the scorn of her parents and the church while still usurping her Christianity. Will Sara forgive herself of an act for which she had no true knowledge that she committed? Or will she bend and break under the condemnation she receives from her parents?
Good Christian Series Book#3

Bonus Book: ‘Beautifully Ugly People!’
Sex for Rodney and Sandra Lewis is not what it used to be. The budding young married couple went from having marital relations six times out of a week, to barely six times a month. After having their daughter, Precious Lewis, Sandra began to have severe complications in the romance department.
Due to Sandra’s medical trauma and mental lack of interest in the marriage bed, Rodney took upon himself to find pleasure in alternative sources. As the deacon of his growing church in Tallahassee, Florida, many of the members that he prays for will be shocked to find out that he preys’ his eyes on both pornography and the beautiful, Gloria Hamburger.
Rodney is certainly not gifted in the area of self-control, as the lure of masturbation also wreaks havoc on their once perfect marriage.

An Interview with a Saint: Faith, Miracles, and the Purpose of Life

by R.A. Nagy

Can reading a book change your life?

“An Interview with a Saint” took place during a midwinter’s walk at Shawnee Mission Park. -Called out of his house one evening in Kansas, the author had no idea that God had called someone else out to walk with him. …

Overflowing with understandable concepts, the clear message of this independently-rated 5-Star book is that our choices are far more important than our religious preference.

What the readers have said:

“I am on page 56 of your manuscript – I can hardly bear to put it down and go to bed! It is an incredible gift that you have given me to read this account. I believe that it will go on to be one of our times’ great literary works. …”

“… while I was pondering on some of the concepts of this book, I heard a voice say “this book is for those who want more out of their relationship from God than they currently do.”

“Through applying the lessons taught in this wonderful book, each day I have a closer and more pure relationship with God. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone desiring to know God better!”

From the book: “For those who can be persuaded that neither amoebas nor people spontaneously generate, the fair-minded amongst us must concede that, in our beginning at least, there was only man and God. Organized religion came along later.

Today there still are those who do not trust in any other source besides God. By relying exclusively upon deity for both their instruction and their prosperity, they become just like the ones who wrote, or who inspired others to write, the records that so many of us contently worship. Because of their desire for a closer relationship with the author of our existence, these people come to know more about our creator than the rest of us.

I am not talking about those who have so corrupted the records left by God’s inspired souls to the point where we can debate about how many angels dance on the head of a pin… or evolution. I am talking about the very authors of our belief systems. Inspired beings who feel comfortable proclaiming “the way” only after they have found it for themselves. Guides whose efforts are accompanied by the miracles that so many records tell us about. Like the wonders God grants them, the evidence that such blessed folk, or saints, have ever been working to help us all get to know God better predates the advent of Christianity.

Whether teaching quietly from lonely cubicles at work or noisily on crowded street corners, the miracle workers of today both understand and walk the path to perfection. They show it to others by their very actions: without money and without price. Indeed, fully understanding that God is in charge of their lives, true saints seldom even think about their reward. They seem not even able to worry about filling their very bellies as they travel along God’s inspired ways.

Basing their actions upon a personal relationship with our superior being, these true believers are the ones who can offer the most compelling witnesses to the way God works; Citizens whose words are accompanied by miracles; Agents that so many religious texts, both popular and obscure, tell us about. People whose very passage through our lonely orb inspires the lives of us all.

Unless they have been told to hide from us, God’s elect are seldom found living upon a mountaintop. By discovering how to live with themselves and others, they become Heaven’s messengers. This is why the Almighty has decreed that His examples must live and work right along side of us.

Because saints have mastered a personal relationship with our common creator, they each invariably tell you that the work of our maker is to refine our raw human matter into a more perfect, content, human being.

Believe it or not, I have met one of these people. A truly inspired being: a miracle worker.

It was on an unusually cold December night â?¦”

Mindful Meditation: Best Techniques to Remove Anxiety from Every day Life and Achieve your Inner Peace

by Matt Farina

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If you want to learn best meditation techniques to improve your Life, then Keep Reading

Every day life stresses you and leads us to Mental Devastation. You go to work and Everything goes Bad, people ask you for pleasures, everybody want something more from you every day and when you come home you feel Stressed, Tired and Frustrated!

Meditation is the best way to take some time for you and detach yourself from your stressful life.

If you feel Stressed and Tired certainly you shoul learn the Best Way to Meditate to improve you Lifestyle!

Experience the power meditation can provide in your life without any requirement to believe in any particular doctrine or sect.

If you often have No time to do Leisure and Relaxing activities, Meditation is the Solution for your Problems! 

In this Book you will find:

  • The health benefits of practical meditation;
  • How to focus inward;
  • Ways to relax your muscles to prepare for meditation;
  • Understanding how motivation affects meditation practices;
  • The power of equanimity and forgiveness;
  • How awareness and stillness are viewed by meditation masters;
  • How to use visualization in meditation;
  • Mantra meditation; 
  • The Wisdom in Uncertainty.

You can approach this practice easly from your home few minutes a day and you will discover the best way to Relax!

This is a Practical Guide for Meditation, you can start Right Now! 

Even if your Life is Full of Stress and you have No time to Relax, with this Book you will understand how to take some Time for You and improve your Lifestyle!!

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Sky is the Limit: The Art of of Upgrading Your Life (50 Classic Self-Help Books Including: Think and Grow Rich, The Way to Wealth, As A Man Thinketh, The … The Art of War, Acres of Diamonds…)

by Dale Carnegie

We proudly present this collection of classic self-help works on how to attract success and money in your life.


1. Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
2. Benjamin Franklin – The Way to Wealth
3. Charles F. Haanel – The Master Key System
4. Florence Scovel Shinn – The Game of Life and How to Play it
5. Wallace D. Wattles – How to Get What You Want
6. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich
7. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Well
8. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Great
9. P.T. Barnum – The Art of Money Getting
10. Dale Carnegie – The Art of Public Speaking
11. James Allen – As A Man Thinketh
12. James Allen – From Poverty to Power
13. James Allen – Eight Pillars of Prosperity
14. James Allen – Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success
15. James Allen – Men and Systems
16. James Allen – Above Life’s Turmoil
17. James Allen – The Life Triumphant
18. Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching
19. Khalil Gibran – The Prophet
20. Orison Swett Marden & Abner Bayley – An Iron Will
21. Orison Swett Marden – Ambition and Success
22. Orison Swett Marden – The Victorious Attitude
23. Orison Swett Marden – Architects of Fate; Or, Steps to Success and Power
24. Orison Swett Marden – Pushing to the Front
25. Orison Swett Marden – How to Succeed
26. Orison Swett Marden – Cheerfulness As a Life Power
27. Marcus Aurelius – Meditations
28. Henry Thomas Hamblin – Within You is the Power
29. William Crosbie Hunter – Dollars and Sense
30. William Crosbie Hunter – Evening Round-Up
31. Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
32. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self-Reliance
33. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Compensation
34. Henry H. Brown – Concentration: The Road to Success
35. Henry H. Brown – Dollars Want Me
36. Russell H. Conwell – Acres of Diamonds
37. Russell H. Conwell – The Key to Success
38. Russell H. Conwell – What You Can Do With Your Will Power
39. Russell H. Conwell – Every Man is Own University
40. William Atkinson – The Art of Logical Thinking
41. William Atkinson – The Psychology of Salesmanship
42. B.F. Austin – How to Make Money
43. H.A. Lewis – Hidden Treasure
44. L.W. Rogers – Self-Development and the Way to Power
45. Douglas Fairbanks – Laugh and Live
46. Douglas Fairbanks – Making Life Worth While
47. Sun Tzu – The Art of War
48. Samuel Smiles – Character
49. Samuel Smiles – Thrift
50. Samuel Smiles – Self-Help

The Prophet’s Shield (The Prophet’s Trilogy Book 1)

by Sarah Dalziel

Awakening without memory, Mayim must act without time to reflect. Outlaw, fugitive and Light Wielder her life is forfeit if caught and all who aid her earn a death sentence. With the battle pursuing her, she must choose the battle ground. In the final moment, will love and light prevail, or will darkness cover the land forever?

Sarahâ??s Heart: Clean Amish Contemporary Romance

by Miranda Stewart

Sarah King is surrounded by loving family and friends in the Duggins Creek Amish community when she loses her husband, Eli, leaving her with two young girls to raise on her own. Even at their young age, Becky, 7 and Holly, 12, understand what has happened. They also remember what life was like with the strict Eli King, a man who did not give a lot of respect to his wife and daughters. At a meeting of three districts, Sarah meets Luke Fisher, who comes from the Sully-Mills community, and they immediately hit it off. Sarah’s friends and family question whether or not she is ready to be courted by another man only six months after the loss of her husband.

This short love story surrounds the instant bond that only two kindred spirits can share and explores how they work through their instant attraction and maintain their Amish values.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

The Procrastination Cure: 2-in-1 Strategy Bundle: Discover Easy and Effortless Time Management Strategies To Mastering Your Attention, Increasing Your … Achieve Your Goals (Personal Development)

by Nick Jones

Learn to Take Control of Your Life, Through an In-Depth Understanding of Motivation

This book is a self-help manual and a rigorous analysis of the psychology of motivation. It will teach you to stop procrastinating, kick your addictions, circumvent laziness, take control of your actions, and achieve your goals, by thoroughly understanding the way your mind works. In it, you’ll learn: 

Included are two books to help you cure procrastination:

  • Time Management Strategies: Learn How to Stop Procrastination and Master Productivity Hacks to Gain Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline Hacks for Leadership Habit Stacking & Greater Joy in Life
  • Stress Management For Life: Manage Your Stress and Social Anxiety, Overcome Your Depression and Addiction for Mental Peace and Improving Relationships, Practicing Minimalism and Meditation

This book provides you with the simple solution: Develop an “anti-procrastination mindset” where you take action on a daily basis and NEVER get overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Single-handle your way to overcoming the overwhelm.
  • Identify what’s REALLY important in your life and then happily ignore everything else.
  • Say “NO” to pointless tasks without angering your boss, friends or loved ones.
  • Start your day by completing your most important projects.
  • Take action on a task — even when you’re not in the mood to do it.
  • Break down VERY challenging projects into an easy-to-follow blueprint.
  • Organize your life so you’re not buried in paperwork or your to-do list.
  • Complete daily tasks, quickly and easily with a simple time-management technique.
  • Get motivated when you don’t feel like working on a goal.

This is a practical, tested program to overcome procrastination by achieving set goals, managing time, enlisting support, and handling stress.

There is no guesswork involved in crushing procrastination and creating the life you’ve always wanted. An infinitely better life can be achieved by taking small, actionable steps consistently over time, and this has already been proven many times over. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Oh, Come On, Be Faithful: Christmas Romance

by Cami Checketts

Former Army security expert Matt Degan is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle. His ex-wife cleaned out his savings account and abandoned their son. Sadly, he has no presents stashed.
When he finds a job as a bodyguard for Mikayla Lambert, a billionaire heiress who has been tormented by a stalker for four years, he’s caught up in family drama that threatens this beautiful woman he’s becoming enamored with and might also endanger his son. Can Matt protect everyone and save Christmas for his son, or will the stalker succeed at kidnapping Mikayla and destroying any chance at love between them?

A Council of Angels

by Sean Marshall


After miraculously surviving a head-on collision with a drunk driver, 27-year-old “self made” Bass Martinez begins to realize his successful business and beach house haven’t brought him the happiness he’s worked so hard for. 

Fighting feelings of loneliness and even depression, Bass unexpectedly meets four guardian angels who offer to help him find his “life’s greatest treasure.”

In a soul-searching trip through Europe and back home to Huntington Beach, California, Bass faces his deepest fears while learning new ways to view the people around him, including coming to a profound understanding of his mysterious team of angels who hold a truth for him that could bring yet another life-saving miracle.

Emotionally compelling at times while remaining upbeat and comedic, you’ll join Bass on his inspirational journey as he learns the answer to one of life’s most pressing questions, “What is the purpose of my life?”


If you’re a fan of The Shack by WM Paul Young, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom or The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans, you’re going to love this book!



There are so many things to love about Sean Marshall’s, A Council of Angels. Particularly in today’s climate, this novel is a sweet breath of fresh air. It’s current and feet-on-ground-real, yet it’s other-worldly. You’re somehow in two places at once. It’s about faith and lack of faith. It’s about serving ourselves or serving others. It’s about honest struggles to believe in something or someone bigger than our own egos and agendas.

Marshall’s ability to paint a vibrant scene with details are so good, you are smack-dab in the middle of the story, yourself. There’s a fun chemistry and intrigue between characters, the locales are captivating, it’s just spot-on entertaining and enlightening. The thing I felt from the start was that this was not only a great novel, this is a movie-waiting-to-happen. Start popping the popcorn, get ready to laugh and shed a few tears. Maybe in the process, be a little changed for the better. 

Pamela Capone, author of I Punched Myself in the Eye and The Little Love That Could 


Conversations: Turn Your Everyday Discussions Into Life-Giving Moments


Do you love to see people become better versions of themselves? It can happen with your next conversation. Are you thinking of people right now who you’re invested in as a parent, mentor, leader, or friend? This book was written by people like you, for people like you. Conversations gives you a practical framework for turning everyday discussions into life-giving moments.

When it comes to helping others grow, your ability to have meaningful conversations with the people you care about is by far the most powerful tool in your toolbox. Would you love to see those around you really grow and thrive? Then learn how your everyday conversations could be as powerful a catalyst for development for your friends, family, coworkers, or others. Because the single most powerful component that fills in the gaps and draws all those other elements togetherâ?¦is conversation. This short, easy-to-read book will:

· Explain why some conversations matter so much more than others.

· Demystify the give-and-take dynamics that take place naturally in every conversation.

· Build a framework to transform your everyday, real-world conversations into launching pads for growth.

· Provide sample video conversations and other growth tools that make the concepts tangible and approachable.

Download Conversations today and turn your everyday discussions into life-giving moments.

Crystal Healing: A guide to using crystals to balance your chakras ((Chakra balancing, healing, alternative therapy, mind, body, spirit, natural remedies, crystals for beginners))

by Jayne Todd

Discover how to use Crystals to balance your chakras, promote inner peace and wellbeing!

You have probably chosen this book as you are interested in crystals and want to learn more about their uses. In this book I will give you a general overview of crystal healing and the use of crystals. We will cover everything you need to know from where to buy crystals, how to cleanse them and how to use them to balance your chakras.
I have included a chapter which introduces the Chakra energy system and gives a brief introduction to each chakra and their positioning on the body. We will then look at each chakra in turn; I have recommended three crystals to help heal and balance each one.

The Chakras

There are seven main centres of energy in the human body and these are known as Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel as it is so named because each chakra or energy centre is spinning like a wheel.
The seven chakras are located in a line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The chakras job is to keep energy flowing in the right direction and in the amount that is needed to each part of the body. A healthy person will have balanced chakras which help guide the mind, body or spirit.
Many common health complains are caused by certain chakras being out of balance, they could be spinning too slowly, too quickly, in the wrong direction or be completely closed. It is possible to function with some chakras out of balance, but for optimal health we need to balance our chakras.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is a chakra?
  • How to balance your chakras using crystals
  • How to choose a crystal
  • How to cleanse your crystals
  • Where to buy crystals
  • Includes motivational quotes
  • meditations
    And much much more!

    Tags: crystals, crystal healing, chakras, balance your chakras, healing, meditation, gem stones, wellbeing, alternative therapies

    Setting Their Hope in GOD: Biblical Intercession for Your Children

    by Andrew Case

    A practical prayer-book designed to help parents intercede for their children consistently and biblically.

    What a treasure our children are, and what a privilege and responsibility Christian parents have to raise them to know, love, and serve God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. With “Setting Their Hope in God”, Andrew Case has served parents well by providing a rich resource of humble, biblical, bold, and God-honoring prayers we can bring before the Lord on behalf of our children. How blessed will be the family where these prayers are offered, that our children may indeed set their hope in God.

    –Bruce A. Ware, author of “Big Truths for Young Hearts”
    Professor of Christian Theology
    The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    There are lots of `parenting resources’ out there for Moms and Dads, on all kinds of important issues ranging from discipline to talking about sex to family vacations. One of the most important responsibilities of fathers and mothers, however, is to pray for and with their children. This book, drawn mostly right from Holy Scripture, can be a spur to your family to get off the couch and away from the television and on your knees praying for the salvation and welfare of your children.

    –Russell D. Moore, author of “Adopted for Life”
    Senior Vice President
    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Our prayer is that God may use this book to motivate parents to pray for the next generations. The commitment of righteous parents to focused, purposeful prayer based on God’s heart as expressed in His Word “has great power as it is working” (James 5:16). Use the introduction to inspire you to pray; and the prayers to inform your mind as you not only agree with them but also use them as a springboard for your own heartfelt prayers for your children, grandchildren, and a generation yet unborn.

    –David & Sally Michael, authors of “Children Desiring God” curricula
    Pastor for Family Discipleship
    Minister for Resources and Program Development
    Bethlehem Baptist Church

    Andrew Case has provided parents with a powerful tool: the Word of God turned to prayer–specifically for their children. What a blessing it is to read that prayer is a reminder of our littleness and of God’s greatness. That nowhere are we more helpless than in prayer. For it means we can begin where we are, as we are, today.
    Soaked in scripture, interspersed with great quotes, this book will encourage, inspire, and strengthen anyone who wants to learn to grow in dependence on God, or–in other words–prayer.

    –Sally Lloyd-Jones
    Best-selling author of “The Jesus Storybook Bible”

    As a father, I continually feel inadequate to the task of praying for the three precious children God has entrusted to me. I understand that I need to pray and I genuinely want to pray. Yet I am so often lost when it comes to knowing how. In Setting Their Hope in God, Andrew Case turns to the ultimate prayer book, the Bible, to craft prayers for parents who want to see their children turn to the Lord, to live for the Lord, to honor him with their lives. I am convinced that this book will prove an indispensable resource to many mothers and fathers as they seek to hold up their children before the throne of grace.

    –Tim Challies

    We Christian parents, to whom God has committed a holy trust of raising children, are often at a loss for words when it comes to praying for them. We long for their best, but how exactly to say it? And how to avoid the ruts of prayer into which we often fall and flounder? Here, in this fabulous book of prayers, the deepest longings of our hearts for them are expressed and then some. By themselves these prayers are but words–but may they be joined with faith and the Spirit’s power, and prove to be truly efficacious! Thank you, Andrew, for this gem.

    –Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical
    Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Author of “The Christian Lover” and “The God Who Draws Near”

    Book of Meditations For Every Day in the Year: A Guide to Daily Meditation, or; How to Enjoy Your Life and the World

    by James Allen

    James Allen may truly be called the Prophet of Meditation. In an age of strife, hurry, religious controversy, heated arguments, ritual and ceremony, he came with his message of Meditation, calling men away from the din and strife of tongues into the peaceful paths of stillness within their own souls. James Allen was the author of the best selling As a Man Thinketh. His writings had a deep influence of the current crop of self help books. This devotional will guide you through a year that will change your life forever. Unlock the power of positive thinking in your life.


    by Tiehu Clarke

    Have you ever wondered, why some people are successful in business, relationships and in their personal life? MоÑ?t of thоÑ?е whо hаvе achieved grеаtnеÑ?Ñ?, tо use Shakespeare’s phrase, have wоrkеd extremely hаrd tо gеt thеrе. Many wеrе tоld that thеÑ? wоuld nеvеr amount to аnÑ?thÑ?ng. But they believed that thеÑ? соuld achieve, аnd wоrkеd hаrd to do Ñ?о.
    DеvеlоÑ?Ñ?ng thе rÑ?ght mÑ?ndÑ?еt Ñ?Ñ? really сruсÑ?аl to succeed in anything. Whеn a frÑ?еnd оf mine wаÑ? Ñ?wÑ?tсhÑ?ng his саrееr Ñ?n 2009 frоm his co-founded соmÑ?аnÑ? tо a nеw Ñ?еrÑ?оnаl business, he knew thаt thеrе was a way fоr hÑ?m. hе kept lооkÑ?ng, gеttÑ?ng еduсаtеd, tеÑ?tÑ?ng, оÑ?tÑ?mÑ?zÑ?ng – аnd we knеw Ñ?t wоuld pay оff еvеntuаllÑ?. He hаd a gut-fееlÑ?ng of it. And it did. he wаÑ? on thе right Ñ?аth. Hе hаd dеvеlоÑ?еd thе right mindset. Yоur mÑ?ndÑ?еt Ñ?Ñ? thе Ñ?um of Ñ?оur knоwlеdgе, Ñ?nсludÑ?ng bеlÑ?еfÑ? аnd thоughtÑ? аbоut the wоrld and yourself Ñ?n Ñ?t. It is your fÑ?ltеr fоr information you get Ñ?n and Ñ?ut оut. Sо Ñ?t determines how Ñ?оu rесеÑ?vе аnd rеасt Ñ?nfоrmаtÑ?оn. It’Ñ? often uÑ?еd for a Ñ?Ñ?есÑ?fÑ?с part Ñ?n Ñ?оur lÑ?fе, аÑ? Ñ?n “the mindset оf an еntrеÑ?rеnеur” оr “thе growth mindset”. And hаvÑ?ng thе rÑ?ght mÑ?ndÑ?еt fоr what Ñ?оu gо fоr Ñ?Ñ? оftеn thе biggest factor. WhÑ? аrе Ñ?оmе Ñ?еоÑ?lе mоrе ассоmÑ?lÑ?Ñ?hеd thаn оthеrÑ?? AÑ?Ñ?dе frоm Ñ?hееr tаlеnt, hÑ?ghlÑ? Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful Ñ?еоÑ?lе hаvе a wÑ?nnÑ?ng frаmе оf mÑ?nd that саtаÑ?ultÑ? thеm tо untold heights. BÑ?llÑ?е Jean KÑ?ng hаd Ñ?t wÑ?th tennis. Michael Phelps had Ñ?t wÑ?th swimming. TÑ?gеr WооdÑ? hаd Ñ?t wÑ?th golf. MеrÑ?l StrееÑ? hаd it wÑ?th асtÑ?ng.

    Amish Sacred Time

    by Amanda Guadalupe

    Get FOUR sweet amish romance stories and enjoy over 40,000+ words of the romance stories inside!

    Sarah’s Heart-Amish Contemporary Romance
    Game of Love -Amish and Sports Romance
    Always Faithful -Amish and Military Romance
    On the Outside Looking In-Amish Contemporary Romance

    Press Buy Now and multiply your pleasure with this exciting collection!

    Standalone short stories all ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

    The Bible Knowledge Commentary History (BK Commentary)

    A Rich Exposition of the History of God’s Chosen People
    Covering Joshua through Esther, this verse-by-verse commentary tells the early history of the Jews from their first years in the Promised Land to the next five centuries of Israel’s history to their captivity in Babylon and the restoration of Jerusalem. Through story, history, and prophecy, these biblical books remind us of God’s promises to His people even when they turned away from Him.
    You will understand more fully God’s redemptive work throughout history in this detailed look at Israel’s story of redemption.

    Lord, Teach Us to Pray: How to Pray Powerfully and Effectively Through an Understanding of Christâ??s Model Prayer to His Disciples

    by Jon J. Cardwell


    “And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” ~Luke 11:1

    How Can the Christian Pray Powerfully and Effectively?

    When Christ’s disciples finally ask Him how to pray…

    He gives them the same model of prayer that they heard in the Sermon on the Mount and in every town and village where the Lord preached. This model prayer, commonly called the Lord’s prayer, should actually be called the disciples’ prayer.

    This is how Jesus said that we should pray; not by reciting this prayer in vain repetition, but by communing and communicating with God according to the heavenly truths the Lord Jesus reveals in Scripture.

    LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY is not an exhaustive treatise on prayer, but it does present a solid foundation for any Christian desiring a more powerful and effective prayer life.



    • Expresses the sin of worry and anxiety through the scripture, and the cure for that anxiety is prayer, trusting in a sovereign God.


    • The request of the disciples and the Lord’s response.


    • Understanding to Whom we pray and with whom we have a relationship.


    • Approaching a holy God with reverent fear and trembling.


    • Learning submission and surrender to the advancement of God’s kingdom upon earth through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


    • Learning submission and surrender to God’s plans and purposes according to His holy will and good pleasure.


    • Containing 16 chapters (and a Preface) in all, and covering the Lord’s teaching on prayer from Luke 11.

    If you desire to secure POWER from high through a more blessed prayer life, then LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY is for YOU!


    Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation: Guided 1 Hour Hypnosis to Restore Wellness & Wholeness, Cleanse Energy, & Balance Chakras (New Age Affirmations, Third … Astral Projection Meditation Series)

    by Mindfulness Training

    Are you ready to finally remove energy blockages and live a full life again?

    All of us have an energy field that can pick up negative energy and dark attachments throughout our day-to-day life. These dark attachments can cause energy blockages in our astral fields, leading us to continuously repeat behavioral patterns throughout our lives that can harm us and severely limit our personal and spiritual growth.

    This powerful meditation has been designed from the ground up to help you heal your spiritual energy body and cleanse it of blockages, negative energy, and dark attachments.

    This meditation audiobook will help you:
    -Release energy blockages
    -Reopen the free flow of energy
    -Instantly relieve stress
    -Strengthen your intuition
    -Achieve anxiety relief
    -Increase your connection to the divine

    Don’t waitâ?¦buy your copy today!

    (Please note: This ebook includes the guided meditation script only. For the full guided meditation experience, it is recommended to purchase the audiobook version as well.)

    From God’s Perspective

    by Gary Schulz

    We do not normally view ourselves as infinitesimal. In fact, it is easy for us to see mankind as the center of importance. Our pride deceives us in our perspective of ourselves and the things that surround us.
    On one extreme we have atheists who deny the existence of God. And I would suppose that religious people would classify themselves at the other extreme since we believe in God as the creator of the universe. But do we see all of creationâ??all of lifeâ??from God’s perspective? Or do we still tend to see mankind as the center of creation? Are we still more concerned about where and how God fits into our lives and purposes rather than how man fits into God’s life and purposes? Even as Christians, we tend to highly favor man’s perspective over God’s perspective.
    This book is a biblical study looking at our existence from the standpoint of God’s purposes. God does not exist for man! Man was created by God and exists for God’s purposes. This study focuses on God’s purposes for creating man and how we can live for God and his will for us.

    Missionary Methods: God’s Plan for Missions According to Paul

    by Roland Allen

    Newly updated, revised edition. A complete missionary manual for evangelical missionaries.

    Missionary Methods is an enduring classic, a how-to that every single missionary should read, as well as any lay person who desires to be a useful part of the body of Christ. The author, Roland Allen, takes a thorough look at the practice and principle of arguably the most successful church planter in history, the biblical apostle Paul. Every missionary difficulty and success can be found in Acts and the apostle Paul’s letters, which cover such topics as training, discipleship, finances, and sustainability. The “methods” are built on the foundation of a relationship with God, salvation through Christ, and the indwelling and leading of the Holy Spirit.

    About the Author
    Roland Allen (1868 – 1947) was a British deacon, chaplain, and priest, and after trips to India, Canada, and Africa, he became a writer and advocate for establishing self-supportive and self-governing churches, which adapted to local conditions as the Holy Spirit led individuals in their own localities. Allen spent the last years of his life in Kenya and wrote a book titled The Family Rite, advocating the family as the center of the Christian church and its ministry.

    The Secret Experiences of a Closet Psychic: …yes Christians can be Psychic

    by Jennifer Lonnberg

    I was afraid what people would think; afraid of what people at church might sayâ?¦I was born like this. I was born psychic. It took some hard soul searching for me to come to that conclusion… and actually accept it. When I was finally able to embrace the truth of who I am, the truth about the gifts I have (and accept that it wasn’t a curse), and come to terms with allowing the whole world to know the real me… I found FREEDOM.The Bible tells us not to neglect our spiritual gifts, but I didn’t understand. I grew up in much more reserved and quiet churches, and didn’t have a reference for spiritual gifts. You don’t have to be afraid of your gifts!

    For whatever reason God is calling a lot of people to “wake up” to the spiritual realm. Whether this has happened to you all of the sudden or if you have experienced it your whole life: It is real. You are not losing it! The purpose of this book is to share some of my experiences and let you know that if you have experienced or are experiencing things like this, you are not alone!

    Christian Psychic, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author of Embodied Grace, Jennifer Lonnberg struggled with the pain and debilitating anxiety that came from a life of negative thinking and self-doubt. Why are so many people unhappy? Is a life of joy and abundance unrealistic? Now, Jennifer is a leader in the self-discovery movement. She is passionate about sharing her story of transformation, and how anyone, regardless of their circumstances, and challenges can begin today to create the life they have always dreamed.Whether it is in your personal life, relationships, health, or business, she provides assistance in peeling back the layers and clearing obstacles; and offers intuitive guidance through her readings.

    Go deep within your soul and trust that ~ Jennifer

    Joy is . . . 365 Keys to Longevity

    by Paul Abell Ph.D.

    This book is a synthesis of wisdom from religion, philosophy, psychology and spirituality regarding the pathway to creating joy in your life, which modern research has shown to be the key to longevity. There are 365 succinct transformational concepts on which one can contemplate or meditate each day.

    Remnants: (Amish Romance) (Winter Book 4)

    by Esther Weaver

    Katie Shelter is unlike any of the Amish girls her age, for starters she is 25 unmarried and has no desire to look or care for a mann. On the contrary, a mann would slow her down and right now she has so much to do helping the elderly of the ordnung, and being the head midwife of the community.

    But all that changes when Daniel Lambright comes to town. He’s young, talented, and handsome carpenter that everyone can’t wait to introduce to Katie. The problem is Katie doesn’t want to meet him, even though he might be the perfect mann for her.

    Read on to find out if Katie decides to give love a chance or shut it out forever!

    A Journey from Religion to Relationship: A study on Galatians

    by Julie Negri

    A study through the book of Galatians. Includes group study discussion questions.

    Wrath: The Tribulation Has Begun, And The Church Is Still Here! (THE WRATH TRILOGY Book 1)

    by D.R. Roquemore

    What if everything you have been told about the timing of the Rapture is wrong?

    The Bible teaches that Christians are not appointed to suffer wrath. But what if the first few years of the Tribulation Period are not God’s wrath, but the wrath of Satan and the Antichrist? Revelation chapter six clearly says that God’s wrath begins just after the 7th Seal, and before the 1st Trumpet Judgement. That means Christians will be here for the first four or five years of the Tribulation Period.

    In Wrath, the first book in the Wrath Trilogy, a family discovers the truth about the timing of the Rapture just a few months before the start of the Tribulation Period. They struggle with a critical decision every Believer will have to make during this time in history; whether to fight against the Antichrist and his one–world government, or to run away and hide.

    Go to: to learn more!

    Praise and Truth: Your Secret Weapons of Warfare

    by Felicia Toliver

    Say this powerful prayer of praise and truth and watch how mountains be moved and doors opened in whatever YOU step out to do.

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Free reference Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

Lighting The Way: Decentralized Politics, Cryptocurrency, and Abundance in the 21st Century

by David Seaman

The wild success of the first short book, Good, Evil, and Economics: How They Almost Won, is what breathed almost immediate life into this longer sequel. David expands on many of the paradigm smashing concepts outlined briefly in that shorter work, as well as share personal opinions and hard won research from the FULCRUM team, including Politics, Crypto, Medicine, and more.

Anxiety: Recognizing Anxiety and Learning How to Fight Back (Anxiety, Social Anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD)

by Austin Lynch

Use These Methods To Recognize And Defeat Anxiety In Your Life Today!

Do you find yourself stressed more often that not? Are you losing sleep, or constantly on edge or worrying about something in your life? You could be living a life afflicted with anxiety or an anxiety disorder! Don’t worry though, anxiety is more common than you think but the important part is learning how to spot anxiety, consolidate its causes and symptoms in your life, and learn how to FIGHT BACK for your happiness! Do not just dismiss your anxiety as you being “stressed” or “tired”… you are stressed and tired because of your anxiety!

Here’s A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

– The Nitty Gritty on Anxiety
– Generalized Anxiety Disorder
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– Panic Disorder
– Social Anxiety Disorder
– Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Managing Anxiety Long Term (with Trusted Methods!)
– EFFECTIVE Day to Day Strategies for Fighting Anxiety

If you want to put an end to anxiety’s grip on your life, I invite you to download this book for the low price of 2.99 and if you enjoy it, please leave a review!


by Mika Kishore

A fun way to introduce Homophones and Homographs to kids. Sometimes it can be confusing, but this book attempts to introduce the concept weaved through a simple story of a young girl who is missing her friend and wants her to return from her holidays. Simple to read and understand, with fun exercise on each page, and the rhyming words make the book more interesting.



Health is your greatest wealth, an essential factor in human existence. Your body is a complex organization that needs proper maintenance to function well for general well being, hence, adequate nourishment and care is necessary for healthy living. Essentially, your body requires a well balanced diet to nourish the body at cellular level for optimum growth and development of body organ. We also need regular exercise to achieve good result. This helps in supporting the nutrients, caring for and maintaining the skin and body to rebuild underlying structures, erasing dryness and wrinkles, and protecting the skin against harsh environmental conditions. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of our environment is also vital to preventing disease and other forms of contamination. It is also important to know that Nigeria is blessed with a rich culinary heritage, possessing high nutritional values that help more in maintaining a balanced diet for healthy living. With the information in this book, i hope it will guide and help more people in the proper planning of our daily consumption and other things necessary for maintaining good health.

Best english speaking course in Hindi: English speaking course in Hindi (Advance Book 1)


This is the best book for education purpose.

Happy H: Learn all about the alphabet H with rhyme and colourful pictures (Learning the alphabet Book 8)

by Desiree Low

Learn words starting with H in a fun way using rhyme and colorful pictures to stir imaginations. The full alphabet is available in the series

Making Love Real: The Intelligent Couple’s Guide to Lasting Intimacy and Passion

by Danielle Harel Ph.D

If you are thinking about ordering this book, you probably have a strong desire to work on your relationship, but the steps to take to create any kind of real and lasting changes may feel like a mystery. You may have tried everything from taking a romantic vacation to buying a drawer full of feathers, candles and sex toys you still haven’t used. You may have even gone to couples therapy and learned some tools for good communication.
Making Love Real will help you take your relationship to the next level, one that includes both your emotional and your sexual connection.

Written by two pioneering sex therapists and relationship coaches who have worked successfully with countless individuals and couples helping them improve their relationships and sort out their sexual challenges, this comprehensive guide offers you an in-depth understanding of sexual desire and relationship dynamics as well as a highly practical set of tools that will help you have deep and lasting transformation in your relationship.

You will learn why you have the same fight over and over again and how to break the cycle to repair and heal old resentments. You will find out what actually turns people on psychologically and physically and how to have an honest, supportive conversation about your desires. You will learn how to handle the day-to-day ups and downs of relationship and how to use challenges in your relationship to deepen intimacy instead of eroding it. You will create the passionate connection you’ve always wanted.

Intermediate French Short Stories: 10 Captivating Short Stories to Learn French & Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way! (Intermediate French Stories Book 1)

by Lingo Mastery

Improve your French skills and grow your vocabulary with these 10 entertaining French short stories!

The best part of learning a new language is experiencing the culture and diving into activities that will enrich your life and vocabulary. The best way to learn a new language is by reading, and in this French book you will find yourself turning page after page to get to the end of each captivating story that will engage your mind and help you improve your French.

In this book you will find:

  • 10 captivating short stories that develop in circumstances such as traveling, personal relationships, among other topics that you will find easy to relate to.
  • The stories are broken down into manageable chapters, so you always make progress with the story.
  • Carefully written stories with you as an intermediate level reader in mind, using straightforward grammar and commonly used words so you can enjoy reading while learning new grammatical structures without being overwhelmed.
  • Plenty of natural dialogues in each story that you would actually use in an everyday conversation, which will drastically improve your speaking and comprehension ability at the same time!
  • At the end of each chapter there will be a comprehensive guide specially designed for intermediate level readers, it will take you through a summary of each story followed by a vocabulary of some of the words from the story to make sure that you understand the story fully.

Chapter by chapter you will find yourself effortlessly reading each story. Not struggling like in basic textbooks or boring reads. You will get involved by reading the dialogue of the characters by learning how to express yourself in different contexts and more importantly by learning new French words that will get you closer to your goal of becoming fully conversational!

Enjoy the book!

The Rituals for Success

by Ian Moore

One -The feeling of frustration teaches us that we don’t see the world as it really is, and that if we really want to change the world, we must start with ourselves!
Two- Misery and dread are a reality, and when we learn that life is not simple but complicated and difficult, we realize that a daily consistent Rituals for Success is the only defense we have against dread and droop.
Third – We can transform negativity into confidence by developing Rituals for Success.

Life Is A Race

by Aaron Francis

A short motivational and inspirational word to word passage book with a comparison to life and race.

Ultimate Guide To Become Document Controller

by Sunil Butolia

This book helps document control professionals to:
Identifying and defining responsibilities of a document controller
Understanding the relationship between documents and records
Tips for document writers
Managing and maintaining documents hard copy and soft copy
Handling revisions and deviations
Writing document control procedures
Understanding construction drawings
Explain document control simply.
Raise awareness on document control.
Raise their profile.
Explain how document control can be useful.
Convince people that would not listen otherwise.
Influence people by showing how DC helps protect safety and liability.

London Real – Jim Kwik -10 Steps To Improve Your Memory : YouTube Transcript

by Stefan Kreienbuehl

With everything we do, we aim to serve your insights. We aim to serve your thirst for discovery and understanding. Our service breaks new ground. We just happen to serve your perception of a new world. You realize that you are capable of more than you thought you could do.

Are you a visual learner? You learn by reading and seeing pictures?
You’ve watched a fascinating YouTube speech? You wanna read it quietly again?
In this Edition you will find a transcription from a YouTube speech, spoken by Jim Kwik.
Title from the YouTube Video:
10 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY – Jim Kwik | London Real
Duration: 22:53

The Legacy of Felix Klein (ICME-13 Monographs)

This open access book provides an overview of Felix Klein’s ideas, highlighting developments in university teaching and school mathematics related to Klein’s thoughts, stemming from the last century. It discusses the meaning, importance and the legacy of Klein’s ideas today and in the future, within an international, global context. Presenting extended versions of the talks at the Thematic Afternoon at ICME-13, the book shows that many of Klein’s ideas can be reinterpreted in the context of the current situation, and offers tips and advice for dealing with current problems in teacher education and teaching mathematics in secondary schools. It proves that old ideas are timeless, but that it takes competent, committed and assertive individuals to bring these ideas to life. 

Throughout his professional life, Felix Klein emphasised the importance of reflecting upon mathematics teaching and learning from both a mathematical and a psychological or educational point of view. He also strongly promoted the modernisation of mathematics in the classroom, and developed ideas on university lectures for student teachers, which he later consolidated at the beginning of the last century in the three books on elementary mathematics from a higher standpoint.



The ideal zenith of paranormal riddle with hot and sexy sentiment and simply enough anticipation and interest to ensure a chilling, goosebump-conjuring, story line… MYSTERIOUS LOVE would be a splendid choice for adaption to screen- – there’s an arrangement in here for supreme certain.
After returning back to the nation to take up addressing work, Celeb is confronted and threatened with arrangement of weird occasions until the point when it turns out to be chillingly evident that something about him needs frantic consideration.
In this Baffling Affection , Caleb was persuaded and ended up moving to Solace tune to the detriment of his marriage with Jessica. Solace misleadingly go about as a ban in Caleb’s life.
Secured in the past is Solaces life, her capacity to repair the past turns into a war among her and the present, Discover more about this in this book

Those that can’t…shouldn’t: Basic qualifications for becoming a teacher

by Toni Lang

Intended for those seeking a teaching position, this text is an honest and at times a harsh and direct viewpoint of the qualifications needed to be a teacher. The ideas and suggestions in this text are not based on any research. They are based on 20+ successful years in the field of education as a teacher and administrator. Only the right people are needed to do this great work. If you think you are the right person, this text may be for you.

How to CREATE AN EBOOK and PUBLISH IT on Amazon: Step by Step Ultimate Guide (Daily Advice 4)

by Harvey Madison

One of the fаÑ?tеÑ?t аnd easiest wаÑ?Ñ? to make mоnеÑ? оnlinе iÑ? through writing and Ñ?еlling
еbооkÑ?. As Ñ?оu might have expected, thаnkÑ? tо thе Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ? оf thе Amаzоn Kindle, thе
intеrеÑ?t in reading еbооkÑ? hаÑ? Ñ?kÑ?rосkеtеd. RеаdеrÑ? lоvе them bесаuÑ?е thеÑ? саn Ñ?urсhаÑ?е a novel оr a hоw-tо bооk аnd rеаd it аlmоÑ?t instantly. ThеÑ? аrе downloaded dirесtlÑ? from thе intеrnеt. ThеÑ?е digitаl books
аrе сеrtаinlÑ? opening uÑ? a whоlе nеw mаrkеt for author’s аnd people who want to Ñ?еll
thеir infоrmаtiоn.

Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin Explore this Rapidly Unfolding Technology that is Changing the World

by Josh Aiko

Blockchain is changing industries. Read about this technology to better understand how Blockchain will transform our lives.

Blockchain technology is the latest buzzword in the world of e-commerce, voting, smart contracts, energy, music and so much more. So, what is a blockchain?
The primary feature of the blockchain technology is that it is not maintained in a single place and is accessible across a network of hundreds of thousands of computers that are a part of the blockchain network.
You will learn about the basics of this blockchain technology, the way it works, its uses, pros and cons, and much more in this book. So, if you are ready to step into the world of blockchain technology, then let us start right away.
Keep up with your competition. Start with this book!

Dont waste time. Grab this book for only $0.99!

Social media marketing for flower shop: How to engage your customers and increase your flowershop brand awareness on Social Media?

by Mari Salonen

How to engage your customers and increase your flowershop brand awareness on Social Media?
People tend to spend more time online today than ever! To engage with your customers and make your brand known, you have to build prospective customers’ brand loyalty by nurturing them, getting close to them, and allowing them to learn about your brand. A 2016 research tells us that more than 80% of people won’t buy from brands that are new to them. To increase your brand strength and your customers trust and be able to sell both online and offline, you have to be willing to invest time and (sometimes) money.
A great starting point in improving your brand is to read our free e-book that you can download here.
What will you learn from our free e-book? Let’s start by saying that this is not just an e-book, it’s a guide that was written with a particular focus on what are the most used social media ways today to create a brand or to raise your brand awareness. It is addressed to small businesses, who don’t have too much money or can’t afford to pay someone to do their online advertising, and so, choose to do it for themselves.
What you will be able to do by downloading our free e-book about Social Media Marketing Strategies?
1.How to create social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Adsense Account
2.Optimizing your website or e-commerce website in terms of SEO (search engine optimization)
3.How to engage with your potential customers via a blog or on Social Media
4.Optimizing your Social Media pages and manage to do your own SEM (social media marketing)
5.Create Ads on Facebook and Instagram
6.Create a central brand concept that you will use to advertise your brand 360° with a low budget
7.How to create a successful email marketing strategy
Why to follow our advices and place your trust in us?
Because we know how difficult it is for small businesses to engage with their customers online and that their media and marketing budget is limited in terms of spending. Our e-book guide was developed by professional marketing specialists that work in the Social Media advertising and Marketing advertising. We wanted to create an easy to read guide for flower shops and florists that want to make the shift from offline selling to online selling. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose if you chose to try online advertising and to create social media pages of your business.
Today, interacting with people online is probably the most important thing that you can do. We are living in a time when time is our most precious resource. That’s why you have to be present online and to be easy to reach for your customers. Clients will also expect and want to place order online, on your website or on Social Media pages so that’s why you have to be online 24/7 and interact with them.
Read and download our e-book today and don’t waste anymore time! You owe it to yourself and also to your clients!

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Free politics and current events Kindle books for 18 Dec 18

The Power of Hate: Understand how twelve great minds used hatred to achieve the impossible

by Amples Regiani

Written by the TEDx Speaker & Award-winning creative: Amples Regiani

Are you sure that hatred is evil?

Since ancient Greece, the concept of hatred has been lowered, ignored, belittled, undervalued and sometimes even demonized. And its power minimized, underestimated and diminished, from Aristotle to Descartes all philosophers have interpreted it as something negative, defining it as “The desire for the annihilation of an object and have considered it incurable over time”.

The logic is straightforward: if love is good and hate is the opposite of love, then hatred is bad.

At first glance it is evident. In ‘The Power of Hate’ we will review History and enter an exciting journey through some of the most brilliant minds of humanity to discover that hate, a feeling cursed through the centuries, is the ultimate powerful engine for human overcoming.

Understand and learn how great personalities used hate as fuel to achieve the impossible, reviewing the analysis and practical exercises of each chapter:

1. Ferruccio Lamborghini
2. Jack Ma
3. Michael Jordan
4. Reed Hastings
5. Steve Jobs
6. Mike Tyson
7. La Madre Teresa
8. Cristiano Ronaldo
9. Elon Musk
10. Rudolf & Adolf Dassler
11. Lance Armstrong
12. Madonna Ciccone

Join me in this short but intense story in which you will understand the capacity of hate to serve as a powerful tool of motivation, capable of decisively changing our lives.

Fennomenal PR: From Obscurity to Omnipresence

by Anton Ngo

77% CEOs say PR increases sales – The Value of Corporate Reputation

This #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book in multiple categories such as Public Relations, Media & Communication, Business Consulting  is written for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, executives,  communications and marketing pros who want to take the most out of public relations.

“Fennomenal PR” is based on the principle of Omnipresence Marketing that helps your company amplify brand message, maintain good reputation, sell more with ease and accelerate growth!

You will learn

-      Earned Media Coverage: Earned media is 3 times more credible than advertising. Learn how to build media relations, refine story angles, and pitch media to gain publicity

-      Thought Leadership Campaign: create professional opinion articles in trade magazines, blog the correct way to convert website visitors into clients

-      Media Monitoring: know when your company is mentioned, detect fake news, & prevent online reputation crises.

-      Spokesperson Training:8 in 10 American CEO say media training is the most effective way to get messages across. Learn how to prepare for media interview, position your company as industry expert, and prevent further damage during a crisis

-      Media Events Management: organise outstanding media events, prepare marketing materials, setup venue, send media invitations and prepare execs for interview.

-      Social Media Management: set social media goals, create content plan to engage & convert followers to customers, and handle social media crisis. You don’t want to act like United Airline or Starbuck during social media crisis!

-      Crisis Communication Management: 70% of small companies that experience a crisis go out of business within 1 year. Discover how to create a crisis communication plan to damage control, and prepare training for management

-      Online Reputation Management:Businesses lose 22% of potential customers when 1 negative article shows up on the 1st page of Google. Learn how to monitor what people say about your company online & fix reputation crisis

-      Speaking Engagement Management: Speaking gigs help your company promote its expertise & engage prospective clients. Learn 5 ways to flood your inbox with speaking offers, pitch event managers, negotiate fee and logistics, generate leads from stage, get referrals over and over again

-      Influencer Marketing Campaign: Connect with industry influencers to reach your targeted clients. Learn how to find, connect, and run campaigns with influencers to increase your brand awareness and sell more products & services.

-      Working with PR Agency: know 5 signs of good PR agency and 6 rules to foster a long-term positive relationship with your publicist so your company does not waste time constantly looking for your perfect agency

This book features hundreds of case studies of companies, media quotes, study results and public figures. More importantly, the author details hundreds of PR rookie mistakes to avoid!

The Spirit of Christmas (Prometheus Classics)

by Henry van Dyke

This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

A short story, an essay, a sermon and two prayers for Christmas.

The Procrastination Fix : 36 Strategies Proven to Cure Laziness and Improve Productivity : Daily Training for Mental Toughness And Self Discipline

by Jacob Greene

How does accomplishing all the tasks that you set out to do sound to You?

How about doing that consistently on a daily basis? Without Procrastination?

If you want to accomplish more in your work and life yet find yourself struggling with Procrastination, Read On to unlock those secrets for Yourself!

Almost all of us would have procrastinated on something at least once in our lives. One of the tricks here is to know what you can and Can’t procrastinate on.

Procrastinating on that work project which the company needs for clinching the million dollar deal is definitely very much different from procrastinating on getting that anniversary gift for the significant other.


And this is something which you will find out in this Book that also shows You 36 Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination!

Within The Procrastination Fix, You will explore :

  • Manipulate procrastination into a corner and make it work for you
  • Getting the 36 ways on how to beat procrastination and pay focus on the Special 2 which will be integral for you conquering the procrastination habit
  • How writing a letter can be the key to driving away the spectre of procrastination
  • How different times of the day can impact Procrastination and that special thing you can do to work around it!
  • What to do when you are feeling on the verge of procrastinating on something, and the 2 tricks to snap you back on track!
  • What some others have not let on about productivity methods like time chunking and the Pomodoro method to counter procrastination
  • Getting to know the whys of procrastination, and why this particular reason has to be removed from your system in order to beat back procrastination!
  • How do create To Do lists that help you beat procrastination, and not cause it!
  • And much More!

The Procrastination Fix is for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a college student, newly minted corporate executive, seasoned entrepreneur or a work from home parent. The 36 ways will work for you – as long as you allow yourself to work on them!

Clear those tasks and projects and enjoy ticking off those items on the To-Do lists!

Approach each day raring to go because you know you have won the duel with procrastination!

Click on the “BUY NOW” button NOW and begin this journey of personal empowerment and serious self transformation!

51 Curiosities About the Cold War

by Editora Mundo dos Curiosos

The Cold War spawned many mysteries, especially for never having actually faced a field battle. But even without a real battle, the cold war had several indirect competitions, besides being known as the war that divided the world: The capitalists and The socialists. The world was divided, literally in some regions. The cold war spread across several countries, generating real battles. With these real battles the world was in a state of tension, apprehensive of a third world war. Come to know all the mysteries that circulate this event, like all the battles that were generated by them in all competitions made by the two powers: United States and Soviet Union.

Urban Studies: Border and Mobility: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Urban Studies (ICUS 2017), December 8-9, 2017, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia

This work contains a selection of papers from the International Conference on Urban Studies (ICUS 2017) and is a bi-annual periodical publication containing articles on urban cultural studies based on the international conference organized by the Faculty of Humanities at the Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia. This publication contains studies on issues that become phenomena in urban life, including linguistics, literary, identity, gender, architecture, media, locality, globalization, the dynamics of urban society and culture, and urban history.

An American Eutopia: a traveler’s guide

by Luke Lea

In these notes toward a new way of life in America, Luke Lea explores a world of New Country Towns in which the people work part-time outside the home (12-to-24 hours a week) and in their free time build their own houses, cultivate gardens, cook and care for their children and grandchildren, and pursue hobbies and other outside interests. They live on small family homesteads grouped around neighborhood greens, and get around town in glorified golf-carts. So thoroughly are work and leisure integrated into the fabric of their everyday lives that they don’t feel much need to retire, and they die at home in their beds as a rule, surrounded by loved ones.

For those who would like to move to this world he provides a map with some directions for how to get there from here.

American Racism: Overcoming White Privilege

by C.K. Justice

Do you feel that white people have an unfair advantage?
Have you ever felt shame about the history of your race?
In 1861 America fought a civil war over slavery and racism.
Over 150 years later –
The war is still raging.

No matter your race, this book has the solution to “White Privilege.”

Kick out the Fairy in You and let the Woman out

by Simona Ruffini

The first manual that won’t change you into another person, but it will teach you how to be You.
Welcome to you, who managed to get here If you, just like many others, have always felt wrong, inevitably but inexorably kept comparing yourself to other Women, are tired of the self-help manuals who want to turn you into someone you are not, well then this is the right place for you.
Just so you know, you are not alone. And most of all, what happens to you is normal. The message I want to convey to you through these pages is that you are just fine. I am not saying you are perfect and that you don’t need to keep bettering yourself. I am saying that the first step to become what you are destined to be is to be exactly who you already are. So why this book, you may be asking? And why has this book been written by a criminologist, who takes on many cases of abuse towards women? What do spiritual evolution, self-love, the Light, and abuse on women have in common? I can explain with a simple example. You are looking for a job. You know how much you are worth, what it is that you are looking for, and you know exactly how much money you should be paid. At your job interview, they offer you a dissatisfactory job, way below your capabilities and aspirations, and not properly compensated at all. You stand up, thank them, and walk away. What does this example mean? Well, take this instance and place it into a personal relationship. What would happen if, instead of your boss, that man was a significant other or a boyfriend? Would you settle to spend the rest of your life with a man who does not satisfy you, who does not appreciate you, who does not support you, but actually only tries to manipulate you and make you feel bad? You are not happy with your weight but you are unable to lose it; You hate your job but think you can’t aspire to become anything better; You have a dream but you think you “will never be able to fulfill it”; You wish you could move but have no idea of where to start. When a Woman doesn’t love herself, she only lives a half-life. A body she doesn’t like and doesn’t reflect who she is; A job that doesn’t satisfy her; A place where she doesn’t live the way she’d like to; Friends and relationships that don’t gratify her; An image of herself in which she feels lost. Every time you put something else or somebody else before yourself, you are at risk of losing yourself. I don’t want you to be selfish, but to love yourself, which is different. This book stems from the “Project of Women of Light”, something I have dedicated many years of my life to and that I deeply love. With the Project of Women of Light, I have helped many Women “find themselves before they get lost”! The world needs you.

How to Overcome Shyness: Stop Being Shy and Get Rid of Shyness for Good! (How to Stop Being Shy)

by Patrick McIntyre

If you want to conquer your shyness and finally come out of your shell for good, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

It’s Saturday night. Everybody you know is out and about, having fun, socializing, and immensely enjoying their weekend. Only one person is sitting alone in their bedroom, listening to music and browsing YouTube. Does that sound familiar? It should, because that person is you. Well, it is about time you thought about changing this “flaw” of yours, don’t you think? First, let’s start by stating the obvious: you’re definitely not alone. Lots of people have experienced shyness and other variations of social anxiety, ranging from mild to extreme degrees. But second, let’s be clear about this: It is entirely possible to overcome shyness. So worry no longer. Just because you’re shy now doesn’t mean you have to remain that way. This ebook was written as your guide to overcoming shyness once and for all. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understand the Underlying Reason
  • Reconditioning and Reprogramming Your Mind
  • Facing Society
  • Raising the Bar for Yourself
  • A Few Extra Tricks and Tips
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

Tags: meet friends, getting rid of shyness, what causes shyness, shy, stop being so shy, shyness, shyness and social anxiety, , how to overcome shyness, how to stop being shy, get rid of shyness, stop being shy, overcome shyness, how to get rid of shyness, overcoming shyness

Forging the Ideal Educated Girl: The Production of Desirable Subjects in Muslim South Asia (Islamic Humanities Book 1)

by Shenila Khoja-Moolji

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program for monographs. Visit to learn more.

In Forging the Ideal Educated Girl, Shenila Khoja-Moolji traces the figure of the â??educated girl’ to examine the evolving politics of educational reform and development campaigns in colonial India and Pakistan. She challenges the prevailing common sense associated with calls for women’s and girls’ education and argues that such advocacy is not simply about access to education but, more crucially, concerned with producing ideal Muslim woman-/girl-subjects with specific relationships to the patriarchal family, paid work, Islam, and the nation-state. Thus, discourses on girls’/ women’s education are sites for the construction of not only gender but also class relations, religion, and the nation.

Transitions in Energy Efficiency and Demand (Open Access): The Emergence, Diffusion and Impact of Low-Carbon Innovation (Routledge Studies in Energy Transitions)

Meeting the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement and limiting global temperature increases to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels demands rapid reductions in global carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing energy demand has a central role in achieving this goal, but existing policy initiatives have been largely incremental in terms of the technological and behavioural changes they encourage. Against this background, this book develops a sociotechnical approach to the challenge of reducing energy demand and illustrates this with a number of empirical case studies from the United Kingdom. In doing so, it explores the emergence, diffusion and impact of low-energy innovations, including electric vehicles and smart meters. The book has the dual aim of improving the academic understanding of sociotechnical transitions and energy demand and providing practical recommendations for public policy.

Combining an impressive range of contributions from key thinkers in the field, this book will be of great interest to energy students, scholars and decision-makers.

The Xanthippe Factor: How Can Couples Overcome Today`s Challenges

by Dr. Sara Breslerman

If you are in a relationship, before or during marriage, The Xanthippe Factor is a book you will want to read

The Xanthippe Factor deals with the relationship between men and women in marriage. It examines what happens to love in the various stages of the relationship, why so many men and women are unhappy with their marriages, and what can be done to make long lasting and loving relations that fit the world in which we live.

The Xanthippe Factor argues that marriage has remained largely unchanged since the time of the famous Greek philosopher Socrates and his wife Xanthippe without adapting to the modern complexities of life in general and marriage in particular.

Acquire important insights and tools for improving your relationship!

The book confronts the reader with basic questions about the relationships between men and women in marriage: i.e., role division, parenting, sex, and disagreements – and provides insights, solutions, and tools about how couples can overcome marriage pitfalls and improve their relationships.

Scroll up now to get your copy of The Xanthippe Factor!

Revival of the West: Securing a Future for European People

by Mathijs Koenraadt

This book deconstructs the myth of progressive liberalism. The author explores left-wing ideals of equality, diversity, social justice and open society, and exposes them as empty fiction.

The fate of modern civilization rests solely on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it. After the European colonial age, the discovery of the New World, the Industrial Revolution and the establishment of the modern West, Western man has arrived at a crisis. Has he exhausted himself like Goethe’s Faust? Should he end his quest for greatness and let others take charge of the world he built? Should he dissolve his ego and hide himself in the safe comfort of anonymous masses? Or should he, at long last, unleash his suppressed potential?

High on a cocktail of sugar, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, antidepressants, penicillin and other drugs, people have fallen into a collective trance. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, the drunk masses think they are approaching eternal paradise on Earth, but in reality they are marching towards the abyss of their extinction. Only those foreseeing souls who have the courage to return their people to more traditional lifestyles, only those who are willing to break away from mass humanity, only they may jump the abyss and cheat destiny.

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Baby Survival Guide: 6 to 12 months old

by Rebecca Curry

You have heard that babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Hopefully, this set of guidelines will make the path a bit easier.

These are a few of the things you will learn from The Baby Survival Guide:

-Benefits of Homemade Meals for Your Baby
-Suggested Serving Portions & 1-Year-Old Birthday Sample Menu
-How to Wean Your Baby
-Vital Nutrient Requirements
-Allergy Concerns
-Foods to Sidestep – The First Year
-Tips for Introducing Solids
-How to Encourage Language & Communication Skills
-What to Do with a Sick Baby
-Medical Issues: Dehydration, Common Colds, Etc.
-Games to Play
-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack Recipes
-What to Do at Sleepy Time
-What Mom Needs

There is so much more. You will surely want to add this fabulous guideline to your private library so that you can enjoy the 6-12-month stages of your baby. Time passes quickly, and you won’t want to miss a single minute of all of the experiences. Be prepared with the information provided in this survival guide. Your baby will love the journey.

A Lost Child: If the State and the Federal Government were a parent?

by Rony Joseph

Every child comes into this world as a clean slate. In the nursery babies that will one day grow into teachers are parked next to babies who may never learn to read. Future police officers sleep peacefully beside future criminals. All of them squall for the same reasons and none of those reasons involve political parties, religion, or skin color. Every last one of them holds the potential for a beautiful future filled with love and the contentment of a good life.
So what happens? How do some grow strong while others grow wrong? Are some simply destined to walk a darker path than others?
To figure this out, maybe we need to ask what a child is born to do.

What is a Child’s Purpose?

On a purely scientific level, children are born to replace their parents and to carry on the genetic line of the species. To do that, they need a strong biological structure that will allow them to survive the trials of life as pertains to survival. They need to be physically strong and resilient enough to withstand and preferably thrive within their environment. They need to be intelligent enough to learn from their mistakes and reason their way through problems. They need to have the mental fortitude to endure difficult emotional situations. When they reach adulthood, they need to have the ability to pass these traits on to their offspring.
These rules are pretty standard for all living things. How they are carried out by each organism may vary widely but in general, the rule is to enter the world, grow stronger than what came before you, pass it on. From a single-celled virus or bacteria to elephants to you and me science calls this success.
As if all of these things aren’t difficult enough, human children also have societal expectations to live up to. Survival as an individual isn’t enough. Emotional bonds need to be made and nurtured. Expectations of behavior need to be lived up to. Contributions to the betterment of society beyond simply the procreation of the species must be made.
This is what comes from having a brain that has room in it for more than just basic survival. With higher thinking comes greater purpose. Self-awareness brings the responsibility to be aware of how an individual impacts everything around them. Growth is not just measured in the ability to get through life with a better genetic code than those that produced you. It isn’t just the hard-earned new skill that can be passed on to your own offspring.
If a person only manages to live up to the basic scientific requirements, those around that person will see them as a failure. Some will even argue that their life was wasted. Instead of joy over the new baby produced by these individuals, society as a whole may actually frown and shake its collective head over the fact that the new child was born with preconceived deficits that they may never be expected to overcome.
To be a successful person requires so much more than to be a successful member of any other species. We need to learn more than is simply required to get us through each day. Our set of basic skills must include the ability to understand the world around us in ways that no other creature ever thinks about. We are expected to use our creativity to find solutions to problems that are far more complicated than we would expect the life we share this planet with to even understand.
Humans are expected to manage our impact on that world as well. This does not only mean how we treat the planet but how we fit into the rest of humanity. There are unwritten rules of behavior to navigate. To make matters even more difficult, those rules are in a constant state of flux. What was right for our parents may now be completely taboo. What we believe correct, our children are almost guaranteed to find fault with.
And don’t forget purpose. Each person on this planet wakes up every day with the silent command to live a life of deeper purpose screaming in their head.

Surviving the Separation: 14 Days to Stop Crying and Start Living

by nyomi dunn

Have you recently separated from your significant other? Often times, the stress, depression, anxiety and anger can paralyze you, making it difficult to go on. Surviving the Separation gives you actions to take in the first two weeks to speed up the recovery process and move forward. Using this insightful guide, within 14 days, you can stop crying and start living.

Dating : Secrets for Introverts – How to Eliminate Dating Fear, Anxiety and Shyness by Instantly Raising Your Charm and Confidence with These Simple Techniques

by James W. Williams

Do beautiful women terrify you? Have you ever met the woman of your dreams only to lose her minutes later because you just could not pluck up the courage to say hello? Is there someone you know in your heart is the perfect one but, she doesn’t even know you exist?

With this book, you can gain mastery of your confidence and get the chance to build your own happily ever after.

The dating game is as old as mankind’s creation story. It is biologically programmed in your DNA to meet and mate. The rules of the game changes with the time and the personalities involved, but no matter how we evolve, there is a constant. Someone has to make the first move and society has decided to tag you as “it”.

When faced with the prospect of approaching a beautiful, confident woman or slaying the proverbial dragon, many men have opted for the latter. For introverted men, this is even harder (or so they think). Relationship experts have created several templates and “recipes” to improve the situation without recording much success. Some people have sought the services of matchmakers just to avoid making the move themselves and the success rate for that is even lower.

This book, Dating for the introvert: Discover how to eliminate dating fear, anxiety and shyness by instantly raising your charm and confidence with these simple techniques is a practical approach to overcoming shyness in dating and the success rate for this book is one you are about to become very familiar with

In this book you will discover

  • Why you are dreamy catch for most women
  • An easy step by step guide to making your move
  • Simple tips to keep a conversation going
  • Date ideas when you are at your wits end
  • What NOT to do when you meet the woman of your dreams

The one reason why this book will be more effective in your dating life than anything you may have read or watched is the fact that we don’t seek to change or transform you into someone you are not. Rather, we horn in on your innate charm and help you overcome whatever mental barriers that may be standing in your way.

So, if you are ready to start the next chapter of your life, flip over to the next page!

10 Lessons My Father Never Taught Me

by Samuel K Asare Snr.

One of the major problems that have resulted in total disorder in various homes is “the father problem.” What worsens the matter is the greatest threat it becomes especially in the lives of the children, that goes the opposite direction of God’s original plan.

This book contains ten essential lessons to help you consider, pursue and achieve sucess in the management of your home, but which my father never taught me.

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (ADD): The Genius Mind – Recognizing, Coping, and Healing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) (ADHD, Mental Illness, Psychology Books, ADHD Adult)

by Dr. Beenish Masood

This book is what you’ve been looking for!

You’ll discover ways to improve your:
– Motivation

– Completing assignments

– Controlling the way you feel

– Attention span

– Memory

– Ways to not feel so overwhelmed

This is a detailed guide written by Dr. Masood, who has helped thousands of children and adults overcome ADD. He discusses ways to help yourself, and others who think they may have ADD in order to improve brain function, focus, and overall quality life.

If you’re a parent, you’ll discover the best ways to treat it (with and without medication), and provides you with a clear picture of the things you can do as a parent to your child be successful in school and out of school.

Here Is A Breakdown Of What You’ll Learn:
– Over 50 powerful strategies on how you can improve your ADHD at home

– Amazing tips on how your child’s teacher can help him (or her) to do well in school

– Things your child can do to become a better student

– Foods that will help you child with ADHD

– Foods that you SHOULD NOT feed your child with ADHD

– Helpful Therapies that can be applied (whether your child with ADHD is using medication or not)

– The disabilities that you should be aware of because of their possible attachment to ADHD, as well as what you can do to help

– And much more!

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Hormone Harmony Over 35: A New, Natural, Whole-Body Approach to Limitless Female Health

by Dr. Michelle Sands

In Hormone Harmony Over 35, A New, Natural, Whole-Body Approach to Limitless Female Health, Dr. Michelle Sands addresses the growing epidemic of escalated female hormone decline. This book debunks the myth that menopause is the primary trigger of midlife symptoms such as constant fatigue, lack of vitality, sleep difficulties, mood swings, weight gain, loss of sex drive, forgetfulness, fuzzy thinking, and even hot flashes. In an easy to digest format, Dr. Michelle reveals a systems based approach to optimal hormone balance and identifies the chief lifestyle triggers that are contributing to hormonal havoc. This book goes beyond replacing hormones and instead focuses on optimizing hormones from a holistic prospective.

In Hormone Harmony over 35, Dr. Michelle offers an evidence-based twenty one-day plan to restore hormonal balance, reduce stress, and detoxify the body naturally. Inside the book you will find

– A comprehensive hormone assessment – to give you a good idea as to which hormones are causes problems for you
– Suggested test to ask your doctor for and resources to order your own test
– supplements and lifestyle practices to optimize individual hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid, melatonin, HGH and insulin.
-The connection between hormones and brain health, hormones and gut health, hormones and liver health
– A 5 step plan to to balance hormones and reverse chronic health conditions
– A complete 21 day plan including: meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, daily protocol sheets, workbooks, supplement, movement and detox strategies, meditations and mindset coaching, Hormone Harmony over 35 is an indispensable guide to taking back control of your hormones, so that all women over 35 can live the life they deserve in the body they desiire

Babyfan – Baby Ratgeber für Eltern: Tipps & Empfehlungen rund um Babys (German Edition)

by Philipp Markus Wiedmaier

Dieser umfassende Baby Ratgeber richtet sich speziell an (werdende) junge Mütter und Väter, die Tipps, Empfehlungen und Antworten auf eine Vielzahl von Fragen rund um Babys suchen. Von Eltern für Eltern. Hier erwartet dich unter anderem folgendes:

â?º Infos, Tipps und Tricks rund um den Umgang mit Babys
� Vorstellung von benötigter Babyausstattung und Babykleidung
� Welche Babymöbel sind sinnvoll?
� Hilfe zu alltäglichen Themen wie z.B. der Baby Entwicklung oder Krankheiten bei Säuglingen
� Unterstützung bei der Wahl des Vornamens
â?º Infos zur Sicherheit deines Babys
� Welches Spielzeug ist für Säuglinge sinnvoll?
â?º Informationen zu Beikost und der richtigen Babynahrung
â?º Die richtige Pflege des Babys
â?º Reisen mit deinem Baby – Was gibt es zu beachten?

Warum Du dieses Buch unbedingt lesen solltest:

Mit dem positiven Schwangerschaftstest beginnt eine aufregende Zeit für die werdenden Eltern. Neben der Freude über den erwarteten Nachwuchs stehen auch viele Fragen an, über die Mama und Papa sich stundenlang den Kopf zerbrechen können. Wir haben auf Basis zahlreicher Erfahrungen von Eltern, die wertvollsten Tipps für Dich zusammengestellt, um all Deine Fragen zu beantworten.


Baby Vornamen
Baby Jungennamen
Baby Mädchennamen
Baby Body
Baby Hose
Schlafanzüge & Schlafsäcke
Baby baden
Baby Sicherheit
Plötzlicher Kindstod
Entwicklung Baby
Baby Tipps
Baby schlafen
Baby abstillen
Reisen mit Baby
Baby Reisepass

Ein Baby entwickelt sich gerade in den ersten Lebensmonaten körperlich, motorisch, sprachlich und sozial in rasanten Schritten. Quasi jeden Tag können die Eltern bei ihrem Kind etwas Neues entdecken, immer und immer wieder kommen neue Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten hinzu. Vom Tag der Geburt an macht das Kind diese Entwicklungsschritte und lernt tagtäglich Neues. Mit dem Lesen von “Babyfan – Baby Ratgeber für Eltern” bist Du optimal vorbereitet und bekommst schnelle Hilfe zu vielfältigen Themen.

Christmas in the Hills: A Collection of Christmas Memories of White County, Georgia

by Bryce B. Arnett

Ah, White County. A beautiful country, complete with a Bavarian village, hills covered in snow, and children grown from cabbage. This community, perhaps the “best kept secret” of Georgia, is one of the last bastions of community families and early morning front porch coffee drinking. You will never find a more understanding or loving people. In fact, this community has been affectionately nicknamed “God’s Country”. This book contains several memories and traditions of those who have called these North Georgia Hills “home”.

From the family of Bryce Buel Arnett and all of us in our amazing Home in the Hills, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

402 Avalon

by Ben Campbell

A touching literary discovery, 402 Avalon follows a boy’s journey during the 1950s through one of San Francisco’s most mysterious houses that was built during the 1880s. This curious true story about a neglected boy, his uncommon family, the gushing growth of San Francisco and the infamous house is part intrigue, part innocence and part discovery. 402 Avalon is a stunning portrait of a child wanting guidance, living in the haunted three-story wooden structure that was dangerous.

Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War – The Play (Mrs Caldicot Book 5)

by Vernon Coleman

‘Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War – The Play’ is based on Vernon Coleman’s book of the same name. This play can be performed free of charge by amateur dramatic societies anywhere in the world. There are details in the play of how to apply for permission. This is NOT the film script but a play script written especially by Vernon Coleman for theatrical productions.

I Hope Your Penis Shrivels Up! (Book 2)

by Vernon Coleman

More wonderful agony column questions, answered by Vernon Coleman; a qualified doctor, registered GP and bestselling author. Vernon Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in hardback and paperback in the UK and been translated into 24 languages. This book (like Book 1) contains a wealth of questions and answers taken from Dr Coleman’s hugely popular advice column. The column appeared in The People in the UK and in magazines and newspapers around the world. Vernon Coleman’s books include the medical bestsellers Bodypower and How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You. He is also the author of the hugely popular Bilbury books. The award winning film Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War was based on his novel of the same name.
What the papers say about Vernon Coleman and his books:
Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide
Superstar – Independent on Sunday
King of the media docs – The Independent
A godsend – Daily Telegraph
No thinking person can ignore him – The Ecologist
Compulsive reading – The Guardian
Controversial and devastating – Publishing News
He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping
The doctor who dares to speak his mind – Oxford Mail
The patients’ champion – Birmingham Post
Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun
Britain’s leading medical author – The Star
Dr Coleman made me think again – BBC World Service
Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator
Outspoken and alert – Sunday Express
It’s impossible not to be impressed – Western Daily Press
Refreshingly forthright – Liverpool Daily Post
The revered guru of medicine – Nursing Times
His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic – British Medical Journal
The man is a national treasure – What doctors don’t tell you
His message is important – The Economist
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive today – Irish Times
etc etc
For more information about other books by Vernon Coleman please visit his author page on Amazon, or visit

A Letter to My Son, on Why I Hate His Mother

by Ringo Mandingo

There comes a day in every young boy’s life when he asks, “Hey, where’s Dad? Why aren’t him and Mom together? Was it something Mom did? Did that numbskull completely shit the bed on this one?”

This account is a letter to my son, for all sons; written as a father, for all fathers. It is a universal chronicle for the voiceless men out there who hate the mother of their children as much as I do, or nearly so. The daddies, papas, and padres who feel such blistering rancor and malice toward the women who birthed their little boys that their eyes feel like they’re literally about to explode inside their heads, like bratwurst in a malfunctioning microwave.

When my boy comes of age, I want him to have all the answers to satisfy his curious mind. Herein lay the final and unofficial record of how Mom and Dad’s whole relationship went shithouse-over-sideways from day one.

If you’re in the market for obscene, offensive, madcap, hilariously heartbreaking and scatological tales of one man’s descent into the hellish world of romance, pregnancy, and parenting with a woman he loves to hate and hates to love, then look no further. Let Ringo Mandingo take your greasy palm and lead you Willy-Wonka-style into a world of pulverized hopes and devastated dreams.

Come on, why don’t you? It’ll be good for a few chortles, maybe even a guffaw. If you don’t vomit with laughter at least once, you can have your money back. That’s the Ringo Mandingo guarantee. Not!

Don’t Lick That!: [A Dorky Mom’s Tales of Parenting and Other Crap]

by Erika Watts

There are three things every parent needs to survive parenthood: patience, more patience, and a poker face. Disciplining the kids is one of the toughest jobs a parent has. Having children that make you chuckle when you should be scolding them makes that job nearly impossible.

Erika Watts, the creator of the blog Dorky Mom Doodles, brings you a glimpse inside life with her family, and keeping a straight face in her household doesn’t happen often. Watts illustrates her tales with doodles her husband calls “adorably bad,” so stories about pancakes that look like rabid reindeer aren’t left to your imagination.

In addition to stories about the family, you’ll also find some parenting insights that are packed with a strong dose of sarcasm and self-deprecation. Don’t Lick That! is a must-read for parents and others who have cared for children, and it gives the uninitiated a glimpse into the world of parenting.

Anger Management Workbook For Kids & Children

by Control Anger

A book for children to plan effective anger management for any situation a kid may come across. This will allow children to take clear action in reducing the anger in their lives by preparing themselves to identify what causes their anger and which specific techniques can manage it.

The Kick-Ass A-Z for Over 60s: The Beginner’s Guide to Older Age

by Dr Vernon Coleman

A practical guidebook designed to show the over 60s how to look after themselves in an increasingly ageist world. Contains many proven medical facts which some readers may find uncomfortable (eg eating meat causes cancer though you are never too old to cut down meat consumption). There is bound to be someone somewhere who smokes 100 a day, eats raw steak three times a week, never exercises, is obese and lives to be 100. But most people who do these things need hospital care and die early. Learn how to retain your freedom, dignity, independence and sense of humour. Stay young in spirit, start again at 65 (or older) and live a bonus life. Replace the depressing, pessimistic certainties of old age with the hope and confidence-drenched ambition usually associated with the young. Dr Vernon Coleman, a qualified doctor, is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million hardback and paperback copies in the UK, been translated into 25 language and sold around the world. He has written columns for many leading publications and presented numerous programmes on TV and radio. He was the writer of the world’s first medical software for general use. His novel Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage was turned into a highly successful movie. For a list of other books please see Vernon Coleman’s biography on Amazon and for free articles please visit
What the papers say:
Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide
He’s the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equalizer rolled into one – Glasgow Evening Times
He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping
Compulsive reading – The Guardian
Superstar – Independent on Sunday
King of the media docs – The Independent
The man is a national treasure – What Doctors Don’t Tell You
Revered guru of medicine – Nursing Times
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive – Irish Times
Brilliant! – The People
Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator
A Godsend – Daily Telegraph
Britain’s leading medical author – The Star
The patients’ champion – Birmingham Post
Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun
No thinking person can ignore him – The Ecologist
The calmest voice of reason – The Observer
It’s impossible not to be impressed – Western Daily Press

Casamento Feliz: Como Ser Feliz no Casamento (Portuguese Edition)

by Seu Relacionamento Melhor

Este é um livro que trata sobre Casamento Feliz, e como ser feliz no casamento.

O período de lua de mel na maioria dos casamentos tem uma vida útil. Mas isso significa que você não pode trazer de volta aqueles sentimentos de excitação e antecipação que todos experimentam no início de um relacionamento? Absolutamente não. Todos os casamentos manobram através de remendos ásperos. Alguns não sobrevivem tempo suficiente para sair ilesos do outro lado. Mas muitos fazem. No ebook Casamento Feliz – Como Ser Feliz no Casamento, você aprenderá maneiras de manter seu casamento renovado.

Felicidade não é a coisa mais importante . Todo mundo quer ser feliz, mas a felicidade vai e vem. Casais de sucesso aprendem a fazer intencionalmente coisas que trazem a felicidade de volta quando a vida a afasta.
Os casais descobrem o valor apenas aparecendo . Quando as coisas ficam difíceis e os casais não sabem o que fazer, eles precisam ficar lá e estar lá para o seu cônjuge. O tempo tem uma maneira de ajudar os casais a resolver as coisas, oferecendo oportunidades para reduzir o estresse e superar os desafios.

Se você fizer o que você sempre faz, você terá o mesmo resultado . Os casais sábios aprenderam que você precisa abordar os problemas de maneira diferente para obter resultados diferentes. Muitas vezes, pequenas mudanças na abordagem, atitude e ações fazem a maior diferença no casamento.
Sua atitude importa . A mudança de comportamento é importante, mas também muda as atitudes. Atitudes ruins geralmente geram sentimentos e ações ruins.

Mude sua mente, mude seu casamento . Como os casais pensam e o que eles acreditam sobre o seu cônjuge afeta a forma como eles percebem o outro. O que eles esperam e como eles tratam muito sua esposa.
A grama é mais verde onde você a rega . Casais de sucesso aprenderam a resistir a grama é mito mais verde – ou seja, alguém me fará feliz. Eles aprenderam a colocar sua energia em melhorar a si mesmos e a seu casamento.

Você pode mudar seu casamento mudando a si mesmo . Casais veteranos aprenderam que tentar mudar seu cônjuge é como tentar empurrar uma corda – quase impossível. Muitas vezes, a única pessoa que podemos mudar em nosso casamento é nós mesmos.
O amor é um verbo , não apenas um sentimento . A vida cotidiana desgasta o “lado bom do casamento”. Sentimentos, como a felicidade, flutuarão. Mas o amor verdadeiro é baseado nos votos de compromisso de um casal: “Para o bem ou para o mal” – quando é bom e quando não.

Uma crise não significa que o casamento acabou . As crises são como tempestades: altas, assustadoras e perigosas. Mas, para superar uma tempestade, você precisa continuar dirigindo. Uma crise pode ser um novo começo. � sem dor que grandes pessoas e casamentos são produzidos.

Este livro irá lhe mostrar o que você precisa saber sobre como ter um casamento feliz e ser mais feliz e realizado em seu relacionamento.

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A Side Order Of Murder: The 6th Nikki Hunter Mystery (Nikki Hunter Mysteries)

by Nancy Skopin

Private Investigator Nicoli “Nikki” Hunter can’t seem to stay out of trouble in her sixth mystery, A Side Order Of Murder. A thirty-six-year-old beauty, Nikki lives on the California coast aboard a 46-foot sailboat, and rents an office in the marina complex where her boat is docked. Though she normally specializes in covert restaurant and bar employee surveillance, she seems to have developed a perilous sideline investigating homicides. In A Side Order Of Murder Nikki is hired by a wealthy, if socially stunted, young man named Clifford Montgomery, who is convinced that someone is trying to drive him insane. Because he was referred by Nikki’s friend, Jack “The Cat” McGuire, she agrees to look into Cliff’s case. Nikki quickly discovers that his assumptions are correct. Someone is, indeed, tampering with his sanity.

The author, Nancy Skopin, was a 2015 Beverly Hills Book Award winner for her first novel, Murder On The Menu. She is a native of California currently living on the Oregon coast with her husband and their dogs.

Pulse: A Kate Redman Mystery: Book 10 (The Kate Redman Mysteries)

by Celina Grace

The body of a young man is found in a graveyard the night after a wild, drug-fuelled party. At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything sinister about his death, despite the shock of Detective Inspector Mark Olbeck realising that he once knew him.

Detective Sergeant Kate Redman has other things to worry about, not least her ongoing affair with her superior officer Chief Inspector Anderton. But when a second body is found in suspiciously similar circumstances, Kate, Olbeck and the rest of the Abbeyford police team realise they are up against a devious killer who will stop at nothing to indulge a literal thirst for bloodâ?¦

Praise for Celina Grace from Amazon and Goodreads reviewers:

“The gradual crescendo of action and pace remorselessly increases…”

“Love Kate. She is human, does not always make good choices just like us.”

“At last, a mystery that deliversâ?¦I found this novel superb because I got all I needed to know and none of what I didn’t.”

“â?¦a gripping detective story but the main character engages you, and as well as wanting to know how the mystery turns out you want to learn more about her too.”

“â?¦amazing book, read it front to back in one visit, couldn`t help myselfâ?¦”

“â?¦the most enjoyable Kindle book I have so far read since the ‘low cost electronic revolution’ which has been sweeping my reading habits for the last couple of years! Thoroughly recommended.”

“This was my introduction to the author, and I’m so glad I discovered the book. Well-written and a real page turner.”

“I was awake till the early hours to finish it !! I really enjoyed it and the characters in it so I’m pleased I also have the sequel downloaded to read at some point. I know it should be great.”

“Attention to detail and great character building coupled with a mystery that keeps you guessing are all the ingredients that make me keep reading till the early hours of the morning.”

“Celina Grace has done it again, she compels you from page to page and chapter to chapter, a great, riveting read…”

“I found it difficult to put down and was completely distracted from all the other things I should have been doing with my time.”

“This is a great series that I couldn’t put down and grabbed the next book right away at 1 a.m. to keep reading.”

Provoke: A Dark Captive Mafia Romance Prequel (Protect Book 1)

by Olivia Ryann

A taste of this dark tale of obsession, beauty, and lustâ?¦ FREE! Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood writes dark romance as OLIVIA RYANN.

I meet her in a wedding dress, walking down the aisle towards my sworn enemy.
Our eyes catch from across the room. And monster that I am, I know I have to have her.
Not just because she is precious to my sworn enemyâ?¦ but also because her wide blue eyes tell me things.
That she’s afraid of me.
That she’s even more afraid of my enemy.
That she’ll do almost anything to escape him.
I seize on her fear.
I abduct her, while she’s screaming and fighting me.
And that’s when our story begins.

Reading Order:

Provoke (Protect Series FREE Prequel)
Punish (Protect Series Book 1)
Possess (Protect Series Book 2)
Protect (Protect Series Book 3)

Broken Through: Adam and Grace Book Two

by J.C. Paulson

A true crime. An action-packed fictional twist.Former journalist J.C. Paulson takes fact — an unsolved possible homicide — and turns it into an action-packed fictional exploration of criminal minds in her second novel, Broken Through.A dead dog. A smashed car. A wild storm — and then, a violent death. The quiet streets of a Prairie city have rarely seen such brutality. Tough crime reporter Grace Rampling is covering the case until it suddenly becomes very personal: a close friend is on the front line of danger.

Grace’s lover, Detective Sgt. Adam Davis, is forced to return home from a conference, confront his PTSD and find a murderer before he, or she, kills again. And, as Adam knows, a psychopath never commits just one crime.

J.C. Paulson is a gifted author who brings her characters to life. — International Review of BooksJ.C. Paulson has done it again. A page turner. — Amazon reviewer

Casey Jones Mysteries Vol 1-3 (Casey Jones Mystery Series)

by Katy Munger


“Casey Jones joins the ranks of smart and gutsy heroines. The South will never be the same. Don’t miss her.”â??Janet Evanovich

“Fast-paced and action-packed…The charm here lies in Munger’s writing, which is silky-smooth and packs a wallop.”
â??I Love a Mystery

“She is smart, tough, and tenaciousâ?¦a wonderfully entertaining read.”
â??Publisher’s Weekly

Big, badass Casey Jones, the smart-mouthed female PI with the thunder thighs and the bunny-soft heart, has everything you could possibly need to be an ace private investigator – except an investigator’s license.
Fifteen years ago, this hard-boiled babe walked out of a Florida prison after serving an eighteen-month sentence, sporting 160 pounds of “nobody kicks my ass” and a couple of inches of dark roots at the base of her bleach job (“simply to confuse people into underestimating me”) and swearing she’d never set foot in a prison or trust a man again. Trust, no. But by no means has she given them up. She can love with the best of them, but when it comes to lust she’s in a class by herself.


Author Munger masterfully blends nail-biting suspense with Casey’s hilarious wisecracking narration as she navigates an unsavory southern stew of crooked politicians, crooked business deals, old grudges, ancient crimes, and everyone’s favorite, dysfunctional families.


The family of a death row inmate just isn’t buying the story that she killed her cop husband, and they’ve hired North Carolina’s mouthiest female sleuth to save her from lethal injectionâ??in a month.


When a favorite client gets killed on her watch, Casey vows to find the killer no matter what killers, arsonists, rapists, and spoiled rotten socialites get in her way. Then, to the cynical sleuth’s chagrinâ??everyone all around her starts falling in loveâ?¦just before Casey herself is smitten.

Always a rip-roaring romp, these will appeal to fans of all female sleuth mysteries
â??private eyes like Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone, Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski, Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan, Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone, and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, as well as their tough and witty male antecedents. If you ever flipped over Philip Marlowe, Spenser, or of course, the immortal Wolfe and his buddy Archie, you’ll fall in love with their direct descendant, Casey Jones, Private Eye.


by Lindsey Charlie

Her father always said that he wasn’t in the business of starting a revolution; he wanted to end one. In the not too distant future, America finds itself once more mired in civil war. This time, a new weapon has emerged, more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen.

There are no heroes: there are only villains and blackguards who occasionally do good.

The Junkyard Dog (Jimmy Flannery Mysteries Book 1)

by Robert Campbell

***Edgar Award Winner*** – The Junkyard Dog — Chicago is Jimmy Flannery’s kind of town. A tough Irishman with street smarts, he’s part of a political machine that runs on favors and friendships. Flannery’s particular piece of the patronage is the 27th Ward, and anything that happens there is his business. Even murder.

So when an antiabortion demonstration ends with a bomb blast that kills a pretty young girl and an old woman, Flannery takes it personally. But someone’s stonewalling the investigation, and Flannery’s starting to wonder if the bombing was political, or as a cover-up for murder. Something smells rotten — from the Gold Coast to the South Side. And when the killer goes after Flannery’s lady love, Flannery doesn’t just get mad — he gets as mean as a junkyard dog — on the scent of the dirty politics mixed with passion and revenge, a very deadly combination . . .

Party to a Murder (Lainey Quilholt Mysteries Book 1)

by Lorelei Bell

Lainey, a 17-year-old small town girl, has no idea she’s about to be involved in a grisly murder investigation.

After young Arline is murdered, Lainey’s suspicions arise. Why does everyone seem to hate this girl? Digging for clues and trying to understand her friends’ attitude towards Arline, she finds herself in the middle of a cover-up.

Clues lead to several people, including Lainey’s friend Wendy. With Sheriff Weeks’s help, Lainey tries to figure out who had the most to gain by killing Arline.

But can they find the killer before another life is lost?

Laura and The Jaguar Prophecy (Laura Electa Valencia Adventures Book 1)

by Anton Swanepoel

What if you fell in love with the person you were hired to kill?

An ancient secret, with untold power, lies in the heart of a vast jungle; its whereabouts lostâ?¦until now.

For years, international spies, operatives with a taste for blood, have sought a mystical relic, a treasure, and with it knowledge that could destroy the world. As unsolved murders ring the globe, an unsuspecting woman,Laura Electa Valencia, tries desperately to escape her own troubles: the brutal, unexplained death of her parents, an abusive ex-boyfriend, and the loss of her job at the local library.

On a cruise, charted for exotic locations and unknown love, Laura is catapulted to the heart of intrigue, with deadly consequences. The demur librarian, baffled by the turn of events, skirts near-death and descends into a sphere of deceit, where even the dead cannot be trusted. Unbeknownst to Laura, she is the key, and every nation on earth would kill to have her.

From the first to the last page, this is a novel filled with excitement, chicanery, romance, and a body count that puts 007 to shame. Travel to far-away lands, well known to the author, and walk actual ruins in search of riches and awesome power. Adventure awaitsâ?¦explore the road less traveled and discover The Jaguar Prophecy.

If you want a heart pounding adventure full of action and romance, then this book is for you.

Get Your copy today

Credible Dagger

by Gregory M. Acuña

In this World War II thriller and prequel to The Balkan Network, it is April 1941. Four Belgrade University students are enjoying the time of their lives. Fresh with a wad full of foreign currency and few worries, their innocence is suddenly shaken when Field Marshal Göring’s Luftwaffe bombers strike the city at daybreak in “Operation Punishment.”

The four students, Josef Kostinic, Celeste Bowman, Dick Vojovoda, and Penelope Mitchell take refuge and flee the city, only to have their rescue hopes dashed as Axis aircraft strafe the Adriatic coastline, sealing off their exit and forcing them in different directions.

Two years later, with the United States formally entered into the war, the four students are unknowingly reunited once again. This time, British and U.S. intelligence services combine forces and infiltrate a team into Yugoslavia to determine the true credibility of Chetnick resistance leader Draza Mihailovich, code named Credible Dagger.

The young companions must not only survive the harsh conditions in the field, but also Partisan guerrilla attacks, Communist double agents, and the ruthless tactics of SS counter-intelligence chief Hans Flosberg, who is constantly on their trail. Despite all these challenges, the operatives uncover information so crucial that the Allies keep it a secret for almost sixty years.

About the Author:
Gregory M. Acuña was a former U.S. Air Force pilot. He grew up in San Diego and now lives in Northern California. This is his second novel and he is currently writing the sequel to The Balkan Network.

Until Death Do Us Tart (A Patty Cakes Bake Shop Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)

by Holly Plum

Sometimes weddings can be murder.

Bakery owner Joy Cooke is known around town for her scrumptious cakes, flaky pastries, and her killer chocolate tart. But when Joy’s client, a batty bride-to-be, learns her ex-boyfriend is dead after eating one of Joy’s desserts, the bakery becomes the center of a murder investigation. With the help of a spacy assistant and a fluffy cat named Cheesecake, Joy sets out to find the murderer. Her investigation points to her number one competitor in town, but would Joy’s rival Maple McWayne resort to murder to put her out of business?

Death Dogs (The Lucas Gedge Thrillers Book 2)

by Andy Emery

Murders and robberies. Ghastly nightmares and cryptic messages. Lucas Gedge, ex-soldier and spy, must uncover the truth.

When a mystery involving a cult that worships ancient Egyptian gods becomes personal, Gedge is drawn into a deadly struggle. To find out who murdered his mentor, he must contend with the cult and a criminal gang, while a ghost from the past threatens his friend Polly Rondeau. Again, Gedge must draw on his strength and wits to stay ahead of his enemies.

Death Dogs is the second book in the Lucas Gedge thriller series. If you like fast-paced thrills, troubled heroes, nefarious villains and colorful historical settings, you’ll love the latest in this page-turning series.

Buy Death Dogs to read the latest Lucas Gedge adventure today!

Big Girls Don’t Cry: Sexy Romantic Suspense (The Blonde Barracuda Series Book 1)

by Taylor Lee

*****Praise for “Big Girls Don’t Cry” ****

“Sizzling Romantic Suspense at its best! As the danger rages, their passions flare!” KDR

“Taking down an international drug ring? Solving a vicious murder? All in a day’s work for the sexy special agent. Capturing an irresistible woman as tough as she is beautiful? Now that’s another story!” L. Takamia


-A girl abandoned to the streets.

A brother brutally murdered.

Can she find his killer before the killer finds her?

*****More Praise*****

“She’s an accomplished martial artist as fierce as she is beautiful. He sees the wounded woman beneath her tough exterior and is determined to protect her no matter how hard she resists.” J. John

“The blond haired beauty hits the streets to find her brother’s killer. In the sleazy cesspool of drug dealers, strippers and pimps, she closes in on the killer. But he’s out to get her before she gets him.” Sneaky Romance Reader

“An edgy mystery thriller with pulse pounding action and steamy romance. Unforgettable characters that will steal your heart.” Action Junkie

Love Kaylea Cross’s heart pounding romantic military thrillers? Sylvia Day’s and Maya Banks red hot sexy heroes, feisty heroines and high adrenaline action? Fern Michael’s compelling characters? Grab Big Girls Don’t Cry and prepare to be addicted.


The Blonde Barracuda OMNIBUS Collection Taylor Lee’s Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense Best Selling Collection. INCLUDES Big Girls Don’t Cry, In the Still of the Night and Every Breath You Take plus FOUR additional EXCLUSIVE NOVELLAS

Ladies of the Night, Taylor Lee’s NEW Sexy Suspense Collection: Sapphire, Book 1; Ruby, Book 2, Topaz Book 3, Diamond, Book 4 . The Ladies are covert agents in a secretive, off the grid security organization. Highly trained fighters, they’re as gorgeous as they are dangerous. The only thing these formidable women are NOT is “ladies.”

The Man in the Arena Series: The Courage to Dare; The Courage to Love; The Courage to Triumph is A tribute to the Teddy Roosevelt quoteâ??The Man in the Arena. Taylor Lee introduces her most challenging and complicated hero yet.

The Red Rock Collection Sexy Romantic Suspense. Bestselling in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Mystery Thriller. The Collection INCLUDES: Red Rock Rises, Red Rock’s Revenge, Red Rock’s Redemption: Book 3 PLUS THREE Novellas.

The All Fired Up OMNIBUS Collection, Taylor Lee’s Bestselling #1 Hot New Releaseâ??the ULTIMATE Sizzling Romantic Suspense collector’s edition! INCLUDES Playing With Fire, Trial By Fire and Ring of Fire and the EXCLUSIVE You Light My Fire: Short Story Finale

The Dangerous Affairs Collection Sizzling International Intrigue. Best Selling in both Romantic Suspense and Military Romance and Women’s Sleuths ! INCLUDES: The Moscow Affair, The Bangkok Affair, The Rio Affair PLUS THREE Novellas.

The Grandmaster’s Legacy Collection: If you think Shades of Gray is HOT, snatch up Taylor Lee’s “The Grandmaster’s Legacy,” a four volume Collection of Erotic Historical Suspense. Warning: Intense, Explicit, Steamy HOT!

The Bad Ass Brigade: Bad Guys Beware, The Good Guys Are on the Prowl.” A Sampler of Sizzling Romantic Suspense. Cops, Firefighters, Special Ops, Covert Agents, and Bad Ass Poker Players–HOT Men and HOTTER Women kick up a storm–and heat up the sheets in the process.

Keeping Katerina (The Victorians Book 1)

by Simone Beaudelaire

The 1840s: a time of increasing social awareness, particularly for progressive cotton mill owner Adrian Bennett and his son Christopher.

One social issue Christopher has never considered is violence against women. A Robert Browning poem and a chance encounter with Katerina Valentino change everything.

Katerina fears for her life because of her father’s violent behavior. When Christopher is entranced by the delicate, dark-haired beauty, he decides to rescue her – by marrying her.

But Katerina’s years of abuse have left her physically and emotionally scarred, threatening the newlyweds’ happiness. Is Christopher’s tender affection enough to help heal Katerina’s broken spirit?

Praise for Keeping Katerina:

“I love historical romances, and Keeping Katerina is one of the best I have ever read. Not only was the story line engaging, but it held an air of originality that is sorely lacking in most publications today. “ – Amazon Customer 

“Very well written, with a great theme and well developed characters.” – Amazon Customer

“This book was wonderful. Well written and finished nicely. The author addresses a serious issue in a way that allows you to respect the heroine… Lovely.” – Tiff, Amazon Review

“This book dealt with a subject that has been ignored in any other book I have read. I loved it, and look forward to many more stories by this author. “ – Paul Nichter, Amazon Review

This is a steamy romance and includes graphic sex scenes.

Wilde Christmas (A Cosset Cove Cozy Mystery Book 3) (Cosset Cove Cozy Mystery Series)

by Ruth Rowland

After a year of murder and mayhem in Cosset Cove, Charlotte Wilde is looking forward to a tranquil Christmas. Unfortunately not everyone seems to understand this is the season of goodwill. When the local Chief of Police asks Charlotte to help identify a murder victim, all hopes for a peaceful holiday are about to be shattered.

At least Amy seems to be having a good time. Her role as one of Santa’s helpers at the local department store could even lead to love. That is until another body shows up and the police suspect Amy may be involved. Despite resolving to never be drawn into the deadly world of murder ever again, Charlotte knows she has to help prove her friends innocence.

Join Charlotte, along with Clara, Abigail and Barney, the huge Main Coon cat, as they race against time in an effort to discover the real killers identity. A race that once again leads them to face the ultimate peril. Will the startling climax finally clear Amy’s name? Or will being on the trail of a cold blooded killer finally mean their luck has run out?

“A charming traditional cozy mystery in a modern day setting. Contains plenty of light witty humor and will keep you turning the pages right to the end!”

Owl of Death (Owl the Assassin Book 1)

by W.J. Costello

Joe Bolt.
Code name: Owl.
Assassin for hire.

A Syrian conspiracy. America framed for a barbaric act. Russia on the warpath.

Syrian assassins are sent to America to protect the conspiracy.

The CIA wants to stop them. They want the conspiracy exposed. They hire Owl for the job.

He must act fast. War between America and Russia is imminent. The clock is ticking.

Terror Flower (River Sunday Romance Mysteries Book 5)

by Thomas Hollyday

Amazon finalist!

In the Chesapeake harbor town of River Sunday, Jim Tench enjoys the challenge of designing custom race cars. When his friend, Captain Bob, is found drowned, he assumes along with everyone else that it was a tragic fishing accident.

Bob’s grandson, Smote Rojos, insists that he was murdered and draws Tench into the investigation. Clues seem to implicate Strake, a wealthy oilman and collector of antique automobiles. Tench knows that family from his past – he is still passionately in love with Strake’s talented daughter Julie. Yet she recently disappeared.

When a visiting African author begins to agitate for violent change and a bomb explodes in River Sunday because of her testimony before the United Nations, the search for answers becomes more urgent. Tench races against time to prevent the terror from escalating, with only the wisp of a clue, “Black-Eyed Susan,” to guide him through the darkness.

Terror Flower is the fifth book of the acclaimed River Sunday Romance Mystery series by Thomas Hollyday. The author’s unique Chesapeake voice once again gives us an exciting read about the people, their beliefs and legends, the animals and the grasping mud and black water wetlands of this mysterious American region. His other critically acclaimed novels include Slave Graves, Magnolia Gods, Powerboat Racer, Gold, China Jewel, and Easter Sunday.

Each book, introducing new memorable characters, retains the simple and beautiful lifestyle, history and beauty of the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Powerful subjects such as freedom, atomic war, racism, religion, terror, sailing, and family love, are approached. Stories are insightful and well researched with technical expertise, humor, and fast moving action.

River Sunday Romance Mysteries are suitable for teen and older readers. They have no strong language and romantic descriptions are clean and suitable for family reading, discussion and enjoyment.

Thomas Hollyday has spent years working for animals rights. Part of the proceeds of his books goes to financing the research and maintenance of fresh drinking water resources for wildlife.

The Tables Have Turned (Under Suspicion Book 2)

by Lori Power

Lorna Tymchuck finds herself embroiled in yet another criminal investigationâ?¦

A Public Relations Strategist strives to avoid scandal at all costs, so why is Lorna attending a hackers’ convention, and how is she linked to a shady insurance organization? And the biggest unanswered question might be how her car came to be parked at the scene of a murder.

An elderly woman is murdered, and it looks like someone’s framing Lorna for the crimeâ?¦

Lorna tries to get to the bottom of it, but disclosing what she finds to the investigating officerâ??her fiancé, Mitchâ??would require revealing dark secrets from her past. Even worse, if she trusts Mitch with the information, she might end up being arrested by the love of her life.

Undercover police officer Mitch Morgan is investigating a white-collar crime, when a murder happens right next doorâ?¦

Mitch doesn’t believe in coincidences, so when a long-time family friend and neighbor turns up dead, he suspects the murder is related to the insurance fraud case he’s investigating. Lorna, his fiancée, seems to be hiding something, and when clues point to her involvement in the crime, Mitch finds himself facing a potentially devastating dilemma. Would he be willing to turn in the woman he loves? Or would he find it in his heart to defend her?

One thing is certainâ?¦

The tables have turned on Mitch Morgan.

Dear Comrade Novák

by Silvia Hildebrandt

From the author of A Century Divided.

“There is no such thing as a private life in the Socialist Republic. There is no such thing as a homosexual. No such thing as love. Not a single case of AIDS occurred in the East. Those corrupt Western ideas simply don’t exist in a perfect world.”

A story about conspiracy and revolution, love and hate, and the strong power of friendship.

In 1980s communist Romania, three school graduates form an unusual friendship: young Attila, who’s in love with his 45-year-old teacher; Tiberius, son of high class secret police parents; and the gypsy Viorica, who is forced into a marriage arranged when she was four.

When a conspiracy scandal throws their life upside down, all three of them will have to choose their sides: for or against the cruel tyrant Ceausescu.

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Made In Paris: A Christmas Short Story (Made In Series, Book 1.5)

by Ana Newfolk

New York. Paris. A friendship across continents and ages.

In Paris, days before Christmas, and on the most important stage of their lives, Dorian and Jean-Paul stumble upon the many letters they exchanged over the years since they became penpals at the tender age of ten.

Watch what happens when friendship turns into more.

Distance, tragedy, and fear.
Will anything get in the way of their love?

A sweet gay romance set in the most romantic city with a happy ever after from the author of Made in Portugal, Ana Newfolk.

Grab your copy and discover a love…made in Paris.

Made In Paris is a 10k word standalone gay romance short story with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies (MURDER IN THE MIX Book 1)

by Addison Moore

A HILARIOUS cozy mystery from the New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore

My name is Lottie Lemon and I see dead people.Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see creatures of the dearly departed variety, aka dead pets. And for some reason those sweet, fluffy albeit paranormal cuties always seem to act as a not-so-great harbinger of deadly things to come for their previous owner. So when I saw that sweet orange tabby twirling around my landlord’s ankles, I figured Merilee was in for trouble. Personally, I was hoping for a skinned kneeâ??what I got was a top spot in an open homicide investigation. Throw in a hot judge and an ornery detective that oozes testosterone and that pretty much sums up my life right about now. Have I mentioned how cute that detective is?

Lottie Lemon has a bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors and she has the supernatural ability to see dead petsâ??which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in the occasional ghost of the human variety, a string of murders and her insatiable thirst for justice and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

Living in the small town of Honey Hollow can be murder.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Mooreâ?? Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice (The Zemnian Series Book 7)

by E.P. Clark

Dreams are not enough. Deeds are needed.

Valya has chased the slave traders stealing her people’s children all the way to the very edge of Zem’. She is preparing to leave her motherland behind and descend into the foreign plains beyond the mountains in order to rescue as many enslaved children as she can–until a sudden vision changes everything.

Instead of heading East, she finds herself racing West, back to Krasnograd, where the Empress is in mortal danger. But in order to save the Empress, Valya must keep from destroying herself. With her native recklessness and her newfound magic only very partially under her control, though, she may have finally come across a mission beyond even her considerable strength.

The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice is the final book in The Dreaming Land mini-series, and the conclusion to the award-winning Zemnian Series, set in the unique matrilineal world of Zem’. Inspired by Russian history, fairy tales, and literature, this epic series is a subversive examination of gender, sexuality, and reality in the vein of The Mists of Avalon or the Kushiel’s Legacy series.

With discussion questions at the end.

The Shaded

by Matthew Ellington

What if darkness is your greatest enemy, the light your weapon and your prison? Can a prison ultimately save you?…

The Shade is darkness incarnate, the apotheosis of all nightmares, and it imprisons the town of Fervence. Complacent in their protection from the dark realm by the repelling power of an orb of light as enigmatic as the The Shade itself, the townspeople have chosen to forget the evil that surrounds them and the light that is supposed to protect them.

Enoch Clay, orphaned by an evil from that shaded realm–a thing that corrupted his father and killed his mother–has not forgotten. Now, over a decade after his parents’ murder, The Shade invades again, taking from him the only love he has left and the only reason he has for remaining inside the light: his wife Esther.

Convinced by a vision and a mysterious relic, Enoch believes Esther’s murder may not be all that it seems and her killer the only key to saving her from death. But can it be trusted? To find out, Enoch must escape his town and its holy laws and flee into the forbidden darkness. But will he be able overcome the great evil that awaits him and threatens both worlds of light and dark?

The darkness claimed her. Only the darkness can release her. But at what cost?…

Collected Stories

by R.V. Cassill

“Cassill has been a master of the American short story for forty years,
and this is a brilliant showcase of his work.”

Oakley Hall

“In the world of short fiction, this collection of thirty-nine stories
is a major event, for R.V. Cassill is a literary artist, a modern master
of short fiction. And here is his best work. Cassill’s concept of the
short-story form is lofty, his material treats the possibilities of
humanity observed; he is disciplined and at the same time unusually
sensitive to American life in full resonance.”

James B. Hall

“R.V. Cassill is a writer very much in the American vein; in this
collection he captures the spirit of life at the heart of this country
over several decades. He is a master at compelling the reader’s attention
from the very first line of a story, pulling us into vivid and memorable
American lives.”

Kit Reed

A Daughter’s Revenge (Elf Sisters Book 1)

by Nick Masellis II

Adria, daughter of the King and Captain of the army, hunts down creatures of Darkness. But a truly evil creature has returned. The same creature that murdered her mother. Now, aided by her mother’s spirit, Adria seeks to avenge her. But, what terrible price will it cost her?

City Of A Thousand Spies: The Conor McBride Series, Book 3

by Kathryn Guare

An Iranian, a Bohemian and an Irishman walk into a bar.
It isn’t a joke.
It’s Conor McBride’s latest mission.

Conor McBride has accepted a bargain he may live to regret, if he gets to live at all. Lured by the chance to resume his career as a violinist, he’s agreed to extract a defecting Iranian from Prague. He’s been promised a simple, stitched up mission, but as he might have expected, it unravels into chaos as soon as he arrives. The Iranian has endangered his own life with a shocking indiscretion; a suspicious MI6 agent is hatching a plan that could start an international crisis; a mystery stranger is tailing Conor’s every move; and he has less than a week to master a sonata he hasn’t looked at in years.

As if that weren’t enough, the partner he’s brought with him is a freshly trained operative he couldn’t persuade to stay home. Conor hopes his relationship with Kate Chatham is on track to become a different sort of partnership, but his desire to shield her from the covert part of his life was no match for her determination to share in its risks.

Working together, they soon discover the fabled lanes of Prague are not half as twisted as the secrets everyone is hiding. Exposing them won’t be easyâ?¦or safe.

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Annie Flynn – First Row, Second Desk (The Condemned Man Series Book 2)

by Kevin Byrne

WARNING: This is a short story. Of the 104 pages, the story itself is only 16 (2844 words). There are many pages with limited text. This is intentional â?? you must read this incredible story to discover why.
Annie Flynn knew early on where life would take her. “The northeastern region of Syrtis Major Planum. That’s where I’m going to land.”Experience the magical life of Annie Flynn, from those early years in the first row, second desk to humankind’s first landing on the red planet.

â?¦fantastic stories, where I’m limited only by my imagination, not by the confines of this stupid disease.” National MS Society Leadership Conference, Denver, CO – November 2016Kevin Byrne shares unique insight into the world as a man condemned by both his body and mind.

Published by the NEVER STOP NEVER QUIT charitable foundation, 100% of the revenue earned from each sale will go directly to the fight against multiple sclerosis.

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A Body’s Just as Dead

by Cathy Adams


The American Dream ain’t what it used to be, and Pete-o Hemper has a bone to pick with these newfangled changes. When high-tech ways whack their little hometown off-kilter, the zany Hemper family struggles to adjust. Fueled by a gluttonous diet of talk radio, wacky Uncle Pete-o strikes back at the forces he believes are betraying the land that he loves. A crazy congealed salad of bizarre adventures, stinging wit and gritty realism, this fresh portrait of American stubbornness has all the ingredients of a stirring page-turner. You’ll relish this folksy menagerie of real and relatable characters in their endearing calamity of modern life run amok.

“You read it in bursts of laughter, followed by sustained sympathy for characters.”
– Kent Meyers, author of TWISTED TREE and THE WORK OF WOLVES

Can this far-out family adapt to the ever-changing state of the union?


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Battaglie invisibili (Italian Edition)

by Sonia Bassi

Una vacanza in Alto Adige, un albergo di lusso, un marito affascinante. Maddalena sembra possedere tutti gli ingredienti per una vita felice. Eppure, all’improvviso, il terreno le frana sotto i piedi e una valanga la trascina a valle, costringendola ad affrontare una risalita e un nuovo capitolo della sua esistenza.
Lei vorrebbe rimanere a crogiolarsi nella solitudine ma Valeria, l’amica del cuore, la trascina a una festa di capodanno a Saint Tropez dove, complici un calice di champagne offerto da una mano gentile e un suadente accento francese, Maddalena avverte una nuova e vitale emozione affiorare per invitarla a rimettersi in gioco.
Il destino la vede volare a Pechino per misurarsi in un ruolo che la natura le aveva precluso, affrontare una madre restìa a cederle il testimone e il suo stesso passato.
Questa delicata storia affronta con grande sensibilità i temi del matrimonio, della maternità e dell’emancipazione, esplorando i luoghi interiori in cui si svolgono, appunto, le nostre battaglie invisibili.

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