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Free poetry Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Sexcapades!: Love & Lust (The art of: Love-Making! Book 1)

by Nicholas Starks

“The satin sheets capture our silhouettesâ?¦” “I dive in, slip and slide inâ?¦”

“Lap dances and back rubs, never a dull momentâ?¦” “Oxymoron, you scream “fuck me”, when you fuck meâ?¦ ”

“The roar from my sexual hunger rumbles the streets…”

“And as you curled toes, and smeared lipstick; you did it, just the way I like it, nice and hotâ?¦”

In this collection of written works, Nicholas Starks brings readers his unique insight into the one emotion that truly matters besides love…. Lust! It’s what drives us to do, what motivates us to go, what inspires us to be. Intimacy, sexuality, and eroticism are all present in this raw look into the: scandalous, outlandish, and often times entertaining exploits of a love affair.

Sexcapades! Love & Lust Volume 1, from the series entitled The art of: Love-Making! is approximately 10 original poems long which includes 2 Excerpts from Volume 2 (total of 12), and is the first in a trilogy.

An exciting collection of erotic poetry from the author of: The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 1 & 2 (Full book) Complete 1st Edition’s.

If you were looking for something that could more than likely: be heard at a jazz club, a cafe shop, or a night club…

If you were looking for something that could more than likely: set the mood, get you in the mood, or shift the mood…

If you were looking for something that could more than likely: go with a glass of wine, a fireplace, a hot drawn bubble bath…

If you were looking for something that could more than likely: put a smile on your face, is of good taste, and a warmth in your waste…

Look no further, without further ado, I bring to you… Sexcapades! Love & Lust Volume 1 (Full book) Complete 1st Edition from The art of: Love-Making! series…

FYI, if you like what you find in this, and any of my other books, be sure to leave a comment. You can either start a discussion, rate and review, or simply tell a friend. I appreciate all the love and support, and thank you for reading!

Dada Reborn: 21st Century Poems

by Joseph Giuliani

“Dada Reborn: 21st Century Poems” is an eclectic collection of poetry that includes both light and dark topics. This collection of new poems includes love poems and boldly challenging topics that have received praise from educated liberals around the world.

The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 1: Imaginable Volume 1 (Full book) Complete 1st Edition (The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 1 (Full book))

by Nicholas Starks

A journey into the world of imagination. The art of: Story-Telling series is an introduction to the behind-the-scenes of how certain stories came to be. With a poetic structure, it allows the reader to follow along in a way most books of poetry fail to do. Each poem, both style and format, is an exploration into how a story is being told. Whether it be first person, third person or narrative; whether it be fiction, non-fiction, or a little bit of both. This series captures many different styles and also gives insight on the author’s point of view of life in general.

Perfect for fans of: Spoken word poetry, Abstraction art, Classic fables, and true Literature. Fans of any movie within the last 20years that had a scene in where some form of poetry was cameo’d into the movie whether it be in the foreground or the background, will find this book full of just as much emotional depth, intellectual insight, and entertaining plot twist, all told in beautifully written witty language with rich melodic undertones.

Love, Action & Adventure, Relationships, Self-Awareness, and Drama are all present in this series. Modern day poetry, fused with story telling, mixed with some musical elements… The art of: Story-Telling!

Children’s Poems

by Joseph Giuliani

OVER 1,000 COPIES SOLD WORLD-WIDE! This e-book of children’s poems teaches young people that poems are a form of art similar to their own drawings and pictures. The purpose of this book is to introduce children to poetry as a form of art and enjoyment.

white power & other dark poems

by Joseph Giuliani

OVER 900 COPIES SOLD WORLD-WIDE! “white power & other dark poems” is a collection of poetry written by American author Joseph Michael Giuliani. This book of fiction is intended for mature liberal audiences.

Poetry – This Land of Streams: Spiritual, Friendship, Romantic and World Event Poems

by Maria Johnsen

Poetry – This Land of Streams

Spiritual, Friendship, Romantic and World Event Poems

This land of streams contains spiritual, friendship, romantic and world events poems.

>>> Romantic Poems

  • This land of streams
  • Dream of you
  • Spring day
  • The celebration of love
  • Somewhere in dream
  • Solitude
  • My love
  • You

>>> Spiritual Poems

  • On the river
  • Drop by drop
  • Growing old
  • God’s on vacation
  • Gone days
  • No blues on Tuesday
  • Tomorrow is another day

>>> World Event Poems

  • This land of streams
  • A lost land
  • A village
  • You are not alone
  • Still on fire
  • Man of Men

>>> Friendship Poem

  • Your humble care

Most Helpful Reader Reviews

  • “My worldview about the Earth and its people has widened a great deal, and This Land of Streams has contributed in a huge way.” – Chameleon
  • “This book will change your view on many different things, and it will open your eyes to what goes on around you.” – T. Thompson

About the Author

Maria Johnsen has a Master of Science degree in Human, Computer Interaction/Computer Sciences from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Her professional background and education is diverse and includes skills in areas such as multilingual digital marketing and content writing, software design and development. In addition, she possesses the experience and education in the management of complex Information Systems. Also, she is fully fluent in seven human languages and possesses experience in language instruction, tutoring, and translation. She has developed a unique teaching method for fast learning. This method is applied in China and Norway. Maria writes fiction and nonfiction books in her spare time.

Scroll up and grab a copy TODAY.

Read “Poetry – This Land of Streams: Spiritual, Friendship, Romantic and World Event Poems” on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Anthology of Delights: We offer you a tempting read.

A wonderful eclectic mix of stories, poetry humour and just words, compiled from the writings of a truly talented group of Creative Writers. Some stories are of a similar vein. some stories are all on their own.

The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 1: trio (3 excerpt’s)

by Nicholas Starks

“All the way, through!!” “…To wish you happy birthday!” and “Almost there!!!”

are 3 excepts from the for the book entitled The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 1

A collection of poems that displays the author’s knack for not only the stories he tells, but how he tells them. From style, to format, to content, to subject matter. If you are a fan of poetry, if you are a fan of first person and third person narratives, if you like something new and something different… Then, The art of: Story-Telling! is a series that follows itself well.

Adventure, romance, friendship… Imagination, form… enjoy

The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 2: Imaginable Volume 2 (Full book) Complete 1st Edition (The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 2 (Full book))

by Nicholas Starks

Book 2 Vol.2

Picking right up where The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Vol. 1 left off, this installment dives deeper into the conversational side of traditional style of writing. With key poetic strips stapled to every quip, with passive aggressive wordplay strapped to every line, with fiery emotions bursting with raw intensity… L.o.l. (i feel like i’m setting up a movie trailer… “IN A WORLD….”) Plain and simple, if you love live entertainment, if you excite easily at the mere mention of spoken word, if you got a cousin or an uncle named Arther’lee (one word) you will enjoy this read.

Love, Action and SSSuspence, Relationship issues, Da club scene, Drama etc…. Carefully and creatively written (lol i think i just spelled creatively wrong) you will walk away from this read with a sense of welcome, a sense of enlightenment, and hopefully a sense of humor.

With out further ado i bring to you The art of: Story-Telling! Imaginable Volume 2 a.k.a. part 1s revenge…

A Mormon Bestiary

by Sherwin W. Howard

Bestiary (noun): a moralizing literary work in which animals assume speech and other human foibles.

These animal poems had two beginnings: The first was my wife’s observation that too much of my verse is depressing or sad. The second followed a few days later when “The Mouse” snuck across the screen of my word processor, trying to discover an easier way to heaven. As I listened to his sly squeaks, the mouse became a menagerie, and the “Bestiary” was begun.

The adjective “Mormon” is used in the title because most of the animals who speak in the several poems are mentioned in The “Book of Mormon” (only the Camel, Turtle, and Mouse are not specifically identified).

The reader will soon become aware that most of the creatures who converse are pleasant, but some are not. Many are upright and honest, but a few are absolutely wicked. I hope that all are instructive.

- SWH -

Inherit That Dream

by Edward Petty

Might All Words Spoken to You Be Inspirational!

Extended “Look Inside” Sample Below

This E-book that’s by gay author Edward Petty’s a poem that he hopes will inspire anyone who finds it difficult to believe in themselves and their worth.

Inherit That Dream is meant to forge determination from doubt, fear into full-on drive and stagnation into serendipity when goals are finally reached.

Belief is a catalyst for all great things.


Destiny awaits you, if you will let it be your guide,

Can you trust enough in it to eventually turn the tide?

You must forget about all that might have once held you back, in the not-so-promising past,

Nothing can be accomplished if your fears cause your resolve to weaken too fast.

Edward Petty, like many gay authors, or any author at all, wants to get all his words out as clearly as he can, and however he can. Let them all sink into your psyche and saturate your soul.

Please click on the order link that’s at right to get your copy now!

Tamburel: Poems and a One Act Shakespearean Play

by Julio Toro San Martin

This collection contains poetry written in the English Classical tradition and in the Formalist genre. Includes sonnets, rhymed verse and a narrative poem, titled Tamburel, fully in the Romantic tradition. Tamburel is a knight who mysteriously finds himself in the dangerous and other-worldly land of the faerie and their dark lords, spellbound by a femme fatale from that enchanted land. A new one act play in modern Shakespearean blank verse is also included, based on the ancient Greco-Roman mythological story of the star-crossed lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe; a story that was also precursor to Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. This collection is ideal for those drawn to the brilliant and beautiful poetry of times long gone and yet who prefer it written in a more modern English.

are you sure you want to read this?: new poems

by Daniel CJ Grant

Daniel CJ Grant has never won any poetry awards…or ever entered any competitions for that matter. He simply enjoys writing some poetry. He’s not looking to change the world or be classified as a poet. He’s just a word scratcher and hopes you enjoy his words and views…and if they change you, then that’s what he was looking for.

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28 Jul

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

HearthLand Volume 1

by Chautona Havig

HearthLand is a serial novel released in episodes. Volume One is a compilation of Episodes 1-6

Taking a step back in time-deliberately.

After a trip to Walden Farm and an afternoon talking to Chad and Willow Tesdall, Ralph Myner caught a vision for what life could be like. Against the advice of his nephew, Ralph sinks his entire retirement account into an incredibly risky venture.

Harlan Walker thinks his uncle has gone crazy. With the project in motion, all he can do is try to find people to invest their time, money, and even their lives into Ralph’s project before the man ends up broke and without means to survive.

People come from all walks of life as they embrace a new world-the world of HearthLand.

An Unexpected Family: Orphan Train Romance Series, Book 1

by Zoe Matthews

This novella is the first of a new series based on a group of children from the Children’s Aid Society, a New York orphanage who travel on an orphan train to Texas. Each story will feature some of the children and what happens to them as children and adults, while throwing a little sweet and inspirational romance into the mix.

In this first story, Craig Parker,a local farmer, has been asking widowed Amanda Drake for over a year to marry him, to which Amanda has refused each time. They hear about a train full of orphans coming to their town in Texas and both want to adopt a child as a single parent. When meeting with the Town Council, they are both individually given permission to adopt.

Complications arise as Amanda must make a decision that will affect her future and the future of her crippled adopted daughter. Will a marriage of convenience to Craig be the right step to take or should she stay single and raise her daughter on her own? Will she find an unexpected family?

The Second Promised Land (The Baja Redemption Book 2)

by James Crew Allen

â??This is a tale you have never heard before, but it is true, at least true as far as I know. I have been dead for over 3000 years.’

Thus begins the Tale of the Ten Commandments when a nine-year-old boy in a New York Public Library discovers an old book detailing a new discovery: that of the Ten Commandments Tablet in the Baja California desert. Yes, rumors are flying that the Tablet has been recently dug up in the pristine Baja peninsula and what with nuclear war threats in the First Promised Land of Israel, the Second Promised Land of Baja looks to be a better bet. ‘The Second Promised Land’ is the Biblical Pathfinder and backstory to the successful ‘Baja Redemption’ also recently published on Amazon’s Kindle.

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Free horror Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Who Gives a Howl (David J. Deines’ Howl Series Book 1)

by David J. Deines

During Eric Sharpe’s senior year in high school, he prevents Jimmy Page, the school bully, from taking a student’s lunch money. His decision to intervene begins a methodical deception. Unknown to Eric and the other students, Jimmy is slaughtered by two werewolves the evening before graduation and the deception will reach its climax one year later during the first full moon of summer. At that time numerous werewolves will sacrifice their lives, if necessary, while having one resolveâ?¦Kill Eric Sharpe.

This is the first of four books in the “Howl” series and follows Eric’s life as he is recruited by a private society to eliminate werewolves and vampires. The first sequel will be titled, Still Don’t Give a Howl, since it is a continuation of the first book.

Having a prominent religious background, David J. Deines applied his extensive religious knowledge when writing this novel. After all, such demonic beasts usually oppose the Christian God, Holy Bible and religions; thereby presenting the ultimate battles between good and evil.

The Glass Planet 1,2 & 3

by N. Reed

Edited 2014-6-1″This volume includes all first 3 stories of the Glass Planet Series, The Clear Beings, Gabriel’s Objective, and the Silver Sarcophagus (new 2013).

An indigenous people on a young planet are accidental invaded by a deep space research team of aliens. And their lives are forever changed. The ancient god-father is displaced, then returns and effects great changes for the now nomadic peoples of his descent. He attempts to aid, but almost destroys them with his love, and then he dies despondantly deep in space. The mystery of his death is solved in the discovery of the Silver Sarcophagus five thousand years later. The ancient beacon is triggered. And these ancient children of the Clear Being await his return.”

Science-fiction Horror w/Biblical elements.

This book seems to be the Atheist test: everyone that starts it gets angry for some reason, even when they claim that they are open-minded atheists. This book is a story of a possibility of the origins of the bible stories, where divine intervention is really ancient extraterrestrial intervention. This simple story carries the reader so convincingly for such a long time, then when you realize you are being re-told the bible stories of exodus, then I think people feel tricked.

But if its so real and convincing, then maybe its time for this story. I think most people have been so deeply indoctrinated with God-created origins of life and the sacredness of the bible, that even seriously espoused atheists have trouble being open-minded about it. The Bible is a beautiful ancient work of poetry and story telling. I’m open to it being true history, then how are the miracles explained? By other than beings more experienced and more powerful than us, and we think them Gods; then we believe it’s one God. How is God any different than an Alien? God’s less real! People say they don’t believe in aliens because they’ve never seen one; but I’ve never seen this God guy or Jesus, anymore than just in my mind’s eye, and 3 billion people on this planet believe in Him. Which is what this book is: a new journey thru possibilities in your mind’s eye. See if you can keep your mind open enough to read it all. You can skip the gory parts about aliens eating other aliens if you want; that’s in there just for fun.

So that is it: it’s too similar the comparison: God and Extraterrestrials. Atheists want to try to believe that we are alone in this universe. Utterly alone. Except that science has told us the with the proliferation of planets in the millions of galaxies in this universe, the chances of other life forms is almost certain. Which is probably why some people are so adamant. Aliens might be scarier than God because see now that they might actually be real, flesh and blood kind of real.

it is as good an argument as the god-created life explanation. Its almost the same argument in fact: superior beings intervened.

. And that’s why Christians and non-Christians become so upset

when they read this book. They feel they’re being tricked into a goofy fiction, just like the other one, and they feel they are being made fun of.

And that’s why its called fiction; because it probably all is. Aliens and God. The universe that we perceive is what I call “the amazing complexity of life we will never fully understand, and half of it is illusion anyway,” just to keep it short, at least not until that last ‘ah-hah’ moment right before we burn up in the black hole that will then explode and become the new universe-reality starting with all new information. Maybe this time we can do without the gossipers?

We have lived with this myth of god for so long without him actually showing up, that we have become inured from the fear of it, uh, Him. But then science has told us of the probability of other life, intelligent life, and then modern entertainment has brought aliens to life. And the fear of them actually showing up may be becoming more real for people than a vengeful god


by Stephanie Dorman


Read more about it here: http://www.howmanyfrogs.com/2013/05/abandon-savior-or-started-writing-again/

Annalise never thought she’d live to see the apocalypse, but after the 2012 election she finds herself in a world that is falling apart. Riots are occurring everywhere and when her ex-boyfriend Cort texts her with an escape plan, she accepts the invite and follows him to the mountains of Western Maryland.

Once they make it to their destination though, everything is not as it seems. The power has gone out, cell phone service is non-existent, and the six friends find themselves trapped in a vacation home with no way to discover what is going on elsewhere in the United States.

Turns out, they might not really want to know after allâ?¦

two gods: NOT A LOVE STORY

by Genaro Cataldo

I am painfully aware that a lot has already been written about ‘two gods.’ Most famously in 1986, Bob Halter for The Pink Nightmare gazette wrote: “Probably the best and scariest underground, ‘too pretentious to call itself a horror story’ novel ever written.” The Joke about that statement is that nobody except Bob could call two gods, ‘horror’ and its about as pretentious as a cheap hot dog with that expensive mustard that rich people always use in the commercials. Though he later added that it was one of his favorite female protagonists in years and who can argue with that?

Then how would you summarize a novel that is unsummarizeable?

Denny Pills the beat poet is said to have recommended the book to his manager on the poets death bed as reason that he is sorta OK with dying. As the rumor has it, the man, days from passing away, said it was something like Lovecraft meets Mark Twain and Raymond Chandler written by an illiterate who has never read any of those authors in his life (or hers.)

OK how about this rumor; I once eavesdropped in a diner across from the local newspaper of Milford Ohio, hearing that when they had their now infamous interview with the reclusive author, that he or she sent them-only communicated with them, through pages that were written on paper pressed from Irish sheepskin and using an old ostrich quill as a pen. I remember laughing in my seat and when all my buddy’s at the paper invited me over and I asked them how did they know it was an ostrich quill, they said calmly “hey we asked him” (or her…) and that shut me up Quick.

I admit I can’t tell you what its about, nobody can, but guess what? As you read this you hold a copy of it in your hands. So cheer up, turn the page and buckle up. Your about to go on an adventure of a life time. And don’t tell anybody.

The Glass Planet: Books 1,2, & 3

by N. Morgan Reed

This is book 1 and 2, which were published 2012, and NOW added book 3, The Silver Sarcophagus. Three books in one volume. The story gets thicker and more interesting, with some of the same characters traveling through time to keep us connected to Earth history thousands of years ago, with the book of Moses, Exodus and more.

The first book is the retelling of the Ezekiel story, of the crash landing of an alien spacecraft and how the sole survivor, in fighting for his survival changed the history of this planet forever. He interbreeds with the native peoples and starts a new beautiful civilixation, only to be interrupted by the return of his own people from deep space to rescue him.

Story two, Gabriels Objective further tells the story of Exodus, when his people have to leave Egypt by order of the new evil Scorpion king, usurper to the throne. And the old leader comes back thru deep space to help his people, but maybe he is making things worse by laying down more strange rules and experiences for these half-aboriginal people that dont really understand what he actually is. The research team is above them observing and Gabriel is trying to learn and to teach a new generation of observers, but things go very wrong sometimes, and the aboriginies set up a nnew and startlingly strong religion based on their antique experiences with the old god from space.

Book 3, The Silver Sarcophagus is the story of the old God’s death and how he was returned to the surface of the planet only to be discovered ina crypt several thousand years later by a earth research team, and again the history is little understood except by maybe Gabriel and his cadre of space researchers. Back on the home planet, unknown to the old god while he is barely still alive, his people are suffering an invasion of their own, a insect-like race has invaded and is taking the aboriginies of that world to their own world for some unknown reason, The reason is discovered inadvertantly when Shantraciel, an artist from the Gods home world, is accidently delivered to the insect planet and experiences the conversion process his people are under-going. And it horrifies him and changes him for ever. He escapes back to his dying home world, where his people are trying to escape to other planets to survive. One of those planets in Earth. And they return in groups to different continents of Eart to settle for a while until they can return to their own home world after the insectoids are done with their project. And again the face of this planet changes forever for reasons unknown, unknown to the natives of this world anyway. For when the insect-race is finally stopped and the people of the old God’s home world can go home, they leave this planet mystriously and suddenly, leaving empty shells of advanced civilizations and confused aboriginal populations all over the world searching to regain the knowledge of their ancient Gods..

Chomp: The Realm Jumpers

by L.R.S.

Leo Vasquez ends his summer by beginning his senior year of high school with optimism and the party of the year. The only problem? Rayna Belvoir is out for blood and he’s no longer sure if it’s his or the other monsters chasing them both.

With a dark family secret and a new world revealed, Leo and his twin brother Theo find that nothing is what it seems and they could very well lose those closest to them if they don’t figure out who the real enemy is and quickly.

Time is ticking . . .

My Offering: … for what it was worth

by Paul Valerga

Follow the life of a young misguided teenager in a story which can best be described as ‘Faust meets Dante’. This book tells the tale of a person who in a moment of self pity and rage offers to sell his soul to anyone who will bring him happiness. The offer that he made was eagerly accepted, by someone. He instantly began to reap the rewards of this contract, but it was only as he ages that he begins to realize the foolishness of his youthful offering. Much later on in life, when the entity comes to claim its prize, he tries his best to figure out what it was that he had once offered, and what he gave up for it.

Elven Magic: Book 3, Witch Wraith

by Daniel Chay

This is book 3 of 3 and it Details the Rise of a Wyvern Wraith and the plight of a Witch Wraith.


by Ima J. Pastula PhD

In the Realm of possibilities one lone stranger tempted fate, walk through the veil of Metaphysical phenomena to gain control over his obsession, if one were to ponder his motive, would you suggest it is beyond belief? We have here a conundrum of sorts, one that should go down in the annals of time! Written as fiction, a journal with corners of reality, and a mistaken identity that prevents further description.

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28 Jul

Free travel Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Top Ten Sights: Siena

â??Top Ten Sights: Siena’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Siena has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Siena’ is the only guide you need!

The Most Basic Arabic – All You Need to Know to Get By

by James McGlasson

*** The Newest Book in this Best-Selling Language Series ***

â??The Most Basic Arabic’ teaches all the language you need to survive, enabling you to learn everything you need as simply and effortlessly as possible.

Arabic is a daunting language for most people, but this is mainly because we are unfamiliar with it, and the language sounds very different from English. However, by learning certain parts of speech and a few rules, it is possible to converse quite a lot and to get by in Arabic-speaking countries for an extended period of time.

Master the Basics:

While Arabic is somewhat different to English, the basics can be mastered language quite simply and you can easily learn all that you will need if you are intending to live, work or travel in Arabic-speaking countries.

This book gives you all of that language and is presented in a simple way. It can be studied on the plane journey over or any other time, and will enable you to get by in Arabic on arrival. Once you have mastered this small amount of Basic Arabic, you will be able to get around and converse a bit with locals.

Simple Structure to Learn the Basic Language:

The book begins with the very simple (10 most useful phrases for a newcomer), then builds on this in easy stages to break down the building blocks of Arabic, such as Pronouns, Verbs and Nouns, giving you the language and knowledge to speak basic Arabic by yourself.

With this book, you will already have picked up a great deal of the language and grammar, be able to get around the country by speaking Arabic, as well as impress your hosts with a little bit of their own language.

Conversation & Phrases:

â??The Most Basic Arabic’ also includes some Basic Conversation and you will find it an invaluable tool to keep with you for its simple presentation of the Language and Phrases needed for various situations:

- In a Taxi

- In a Restaurant

- In a Bar or Coffee Shop

- In a Shop

Have a Look Inside:

If you want to check out the structure and opening chapters, you can access Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature by clicking on the book cover at the top of the page.

Good luck and enjoy your trip!

American Airlines: Inside the Main Cabin

by Fabien Savelli

With his very particular sarcastic style, Fabien Savelli lays out in the open the past 2 years of his road warrior’s life, and his experiences flying on American Airlines:

- Chronically delayed flights

- Absolute lack of information from the ground staffs

- Refusal to take responsibility on schedule and operations

- Clear denial of any sort of liability

- Blanket, headphone, tray table infested of bacteria

- Contaminated tap water with fecal substance

- Fabricated explanations for diverting planes, and

- Unequal treatment of its customers

Keeping the surreal facts of his flights as real as they were, Fabien Savelli helps us gaining insights into the main cabin of American Airlines flights.

So, read, enjoy, and have safe travels.

Rome Travel Guide Hotels, Museum, Activities and much more

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device

  • Historical and Geographical Background
  • Things to see and do in Rome
  • Different Accommodations in Rome
  • Much, much more!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

Pearls of the Orient – A visitor’s guide to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Greater China

by Glen Chapman

An easy to read, quick reference guide to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other major attractions in majestic China.

With particular focus on first time visitors to China, Glen Chapman has produced a guide to ensure you make the most of your time in China, with particular focus on –

- How to get there

- Where to stay

- How to get around each city and between cities

- What and where to eat

- Where the best shopping is

- Things to do and things to see

- Things to be careful of, like scams and rip-offs

- General etiquette tips

As Chapman has no financial links to anyone in China, he is free to give you “just the facts”, focusing on the good bits and steering you away from the bad bits. All put together in an easy-reference format so you can take it around with you on your tablet or e-reader while you walk around the cities or for on the plane ride across.

Road Trip Planner: Explore The USA With Kids

by Jema

Connecting readers with years of road traveling experience, Jema shares valuable resources for families planning to explore the United States. As a full-time traveler, Jema navigates the United States gathering up ideas and resources along the miles. ROAD TRIP PLANNER: Explore The USA With Kids is a resource for families who have limited time and energy to research where to stay, what to pack, and how to save money. This book simplifies the road trip, allowing more time to be spent having fun with the family.

Road Trip Planner Includes:

- Exploring vacation ideas

- Packing lists

- Leaving home checklist

- Mapping options

- Where to find cheap gas

- Accommodation ideas

- Finding the ideal camping site

- Favorite apps

- Rainy day ideas

- Money saving secrets

- Where to take roadside breaks

- How to keep kids busy on the long drive

- Traveling with kids who have special needs

- Tools for parenting in a small space

- What to bring for a pet

Jema, is a published author and artist traveling the United States. She shares stories about self-discovery, relationships, and traveling experiences through her writing as she journeys. A modern nomad, Jema lives a life of simplicity as she and her husband, Jon, raise their four children. Visit Jema’s blog to learn more.

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Free sports Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Trout Fishing: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Trout Fishing Like A Pro! (trout fishing, catching trout, catching trout with flies, fishing, trout, how to catch trout, fishing tips, how to fish)

by David Woodsworth

Learn How To Master Trout Fishing Like A Pro!

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You’re about to discover how to finally begin trout fishing like a pro, and catch more trout than you could have ever imagined!

Learning how to become a great trout fisherman can be a hard task at hand to say the least, and many people struggle for years to ever become slightly skilled at trout fishing. With that being said, within this short book you will learn proven methods that have helped others just like you, and many more, to learn how to become great at trout fishing in a very short period of time.

The truth is, many people fail to become a talented trout fisherman because they never really seek out the necessary help that can really make a change. By purchasing this book and reading through these concepts, you can really make a long lasting difference, and will be putting yourself in a position to finally start trout fishing at an impressive level!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Making the Best of each Season
  • Great Tips for Serious Trout Fishing
  • For Maximum Yield, Understand Trout Senses
  • Best Paraphernalia to Make You a Master Fisherman
  • Celebrities That Share Your Trout Fishing Passion
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy of Trout Fishing today!

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Don’t let your friend catch more fish than you. Check out the book right now and step up your trout fishing game!

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From Here to There: A simple blueprint for women to achieve peak performance in sports and business

by Dr. Michelle Cleere

From Here to There is for all the women out there who know they have the potential to be great but struggle to figure out how to get there. Women have the strength and the ability to rebuild the skills they need to have to get what they want. This book is my commitment and passion to help support women in all of their endeavors by providing them with the necessary skills to get what they want. I’ve done it with my life and feel that all women can do the same.

“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.”

Oprah Winfrey

By reading From Here to There you will discover:

  • You can have what you want. (Really. I know it’s a big promise and you have heard it before)
  • You are in control. (Let me show you how)
  • The good news is you already have everything you need it’s inside of you.
  • There is a simple blueprint which supports lasting change. This means you don’t have to work harder and longer but can learn to work smarter and have more balance in your life.
  • You can simply yet effectively redo old coping mechanisms that no longer work for you.

From a life lived as white trash: a high school dropout, hospitalized for anorexia and on her own at age 17 to a PhD and a thriving practice. Dr. Michelle’s personal story is the impetus behind her work and the basis of From Here to There.

Dr. Michelle Cleere holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and a M.A. in Sports Psychology. She serves on the faculty of JFK University. Her research focuses on how the mind can be used as an ally and trained to improve performance.

In addition to writing an acclaimed blog, Dr. Michelle has been an expert writer for numerous magazines. She has contributed to articles in Real Simple, Women’s Health and Men’s Health Magazine.

NFL (American Football): A Fascinating Book Containing NFL Facts, Trivia, Images & Memory Recall Quiz: Suitable for Adults & Children

by Matthew Harper

Hi and a very warm welcome to “NFL (American Football)”. A Fascinating Book Containing NFL Facts, Trivia, Images & Memory Recall Quiz: Suitable for Adults & Children.

I’m one of those people who loves to hear about extraordinary facts or trivia about anything. They seem to be one of the few things my memory can actually recall. I’m not sure if it’s to do with the shock or the “WoW” factor but for some reason my brain seems to store at least some of it for a later date.

I’ve always been a great believer in that whatever the subject, if a good teacher can inspire you and hold your attention, then you’ll learn! Now I’m not a teacher but the system I’ve used in previous publications on Kindle seems to work well, particularly with children.

This edition includes a selection of those “WoW” facts combined with some pretty awesome pictures, if I say so myself! At the end there is a short “True or False” quiz to check memory recall and to help cement some of the information included in the book. Don’t worry though, it’s a bit of fun but at the same time, it helps to check your understanding.

Please note that if you’re an expert on this subject then you may not find anything new here. If however you enjoy hearing sensational and extraordinary trivia and you like looking at some great pictures then I think you’ll love it.


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28 Jul

Free science fiction Kindle books for 28 Jul 14


by E. R. Everett

A history teacher accidentally discovers an online entity called Valkyrie, a completely immersive multiplayer game whose scenario begins in Nazi Germany, in the months leading up to World War II. Each player’s role is different, and the ultimate purpose of the game is unknowable, as are its origins and its creators. However, Mr. Hayes decides to use the game to encourage students to learn history, which it does with incredible success–but at an unthinkable price. As players struggle to master a game whose objectives must be determined by the players themselves, a question must ultimately be asked: If one discovers a way to change horrific elements of history, does s/he have the obligation–or even the right–to do so?

The Reward of The Oolyay

by Liam Alden Smith

The old Vesh religions, The Oolyay and the Hagayal have lost out in their great war to the secular military: The Uyor Sevoign. Now as the Uyor Sevoign attempts to rebuild the world of Veshmali, an alien force has begun a world-ending invasion. Inlojem, a troubled old priest of The Oolyay finds himself forced into a perilous mission to escort a young child prophet, Iogi off of the planet before the Vesh are destroyed. The only way for him to get off the planet is with the assistance of the secular military he despises, and a particularly embittered young military captain ripe from the recently ended great war. Together, they must find a way off the planet before the impending doom from above swallows them up and extinguishes their people forever.

Predestined Rath: Rath of God, Act I

by Tracy Alan Gitchell


Twenty years ago the world faced a near-extinction event. With centralized government a thing of the past, humanity has slowly begun re-establishing independent communities in small towns built along the crumbling roads and highways of the Old World. This is the only world Garrett Ross has ever known, and after he miraculously survives an attack that leaves his companions dead and their fourteen-year-old niece missing, he crosses paths with Cyrus Rath, a scarred man from the Old World who has become a renowned gunslinger in his post-Event life.

. . .OR IS IT?

Claiming to be directed by a will not his own, Cyrus leads Garrett on a manhunt that brings them up against the human evil and depravity that survived extinction and flourishes in this post-apocalyptic world. In the midst of their trials, Garrett learns about Cyrus’s past, and begins to wonder if he has linked himself to a deranged madman.

A cross-genre novel (think “The Book of Eli” meets “Pale Rider”), Predestined Rath combines an intense, character-focused story with the violent gunplay of a western set in the ruins and rebuilt towns of a struggling post-apocalyptic society.

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Free science Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Essential Oils: Learn How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Life (Essential Oils for Beginners, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Beginners)

by Jennifer Cane

Discover the Wonderful World of Essential Oils

If you are like me and have become concerned with the chemicals and ingredients that are in your cleaners, medicines, hair products and other personal hygiene products, then the world of essential oils will prove an exciting place to discover. Imagine being able to use natural, healthy ingredients for all your personal care needs. No longer will you be wondering if what is in the medicine you take is doing more harm than good.

In this book, I will take you through the myriad uses of essential oils, including chapters on using them in aromatherapy as well as in reducing stress. The power behind these natural oils is unbelievable, and you will be shocked at how much you can do with them.

So if you are looking for an easy way to make your household healthier, happier, and to have better lives, essential oils are a wonderful solution.

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Ayurvedic Cookbook For Beginners: Easy-to-Follow Recipes for Building Better Holistic Health (Ayurvedic cookbook, Ayurvedic home remedies, Ayurveda, Ayurvedic … Ayurvedic self healing, Ayurvedic 1)

by Jennifer Jones

Get Recipes to Cook While Living the Ayurveda Way

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The Ayurveda lifestyle has been around for centuries, but it has recently found a new rise in popularity. With this way of life comes a change in what you eat. While “diet change” may bring thoughts of bland, disgusting meals to mind, this cookbook gives recipes that allow you to follow the Ayurveda diet while still eating appetizing food. Pick up your copy today and make the most of your new life!

Here’s a Preview of What You Will Learn

* The basic principles of Ayurveda

* What is a constitution?

* The three doshas

* The six tastes

* Ayurvedic recipes


Comments From Other Readers

“I had just started the Ayurveda lifestyle and was trying to make a complete change in how I lived according to these principles. Obviously, what I ate was going to be one of the biggest changes. Imagine my delight when I found that there was an entire cookbook for Ayurveda friendly food. These are delicious!” – Marge M. (Oakland, USA)

“After reading about Ayurveda, I found that my dosha is balanced with sweet, cold foods. Thankfully, this book gave me several recipes that delivered exactly what I needed in this area. The dishes are filling, yet healthy.” – Roshan G. (Chicago, USA)

“I appreciate the detailed nature of this cookbook. Not only is there a large list of recipes, but it also takes the time to thoroughly describe each of the three doshas, what their traits are, and what foods balance out these innate traits. Within those same chapters are recipes that meet that criteria. Thanks to the author for a detailed, easy to reference cookbook for those who wish to follow Ayurveda and find their balance.” – Mike H. (Toronto, Canada)

Tags: special diets, Ayurveda, Ayurveda lifestyle, Ayurvedic food, dosha, three doshas, cookbook, recipes, Ayurvedic medicine, Ayurvedic diets, Ayurvedic yoga, Ayurvedic book, Ayurvedic ebook, Ayurvedic oil, Ayurvedic detox, Ayurvedic home remedies, Ayurvedic cookbook, Ayurveda self healing, Ayurveda wellness & health, Ayurvedic vegan kitchen, Ayurveda

Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity

by Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton, author and a guest host for the Science Channel’s most popular show of 2013 â??The Unexplained Files’ (appearing in series two Summer 2014), along with esteemed researcher, speaker and author, Steven Strong, take us on a journey to the mysterious ancient sites of Australia. On the way we also pass through ancient ruins of the Maya and the Egyptians as we search for the lost history of our collective human origins.

In this remarkable book, supported by numerous photos and images, we are introduced to the incredible physical evidence for a lost civilisation in Australia that held advanced knowledge and high technology. A civilisation that seems to proclaim for itself an out of this world origin – in the direction of the seven sisters of the Pleiades constellation. This lost race of progenitors may well be the true ancestors of modern Homo sapiens, the mysterious unknown third race included in our DNA alongside that of Neanderthals and Denisovans. The evidence is supplied for you examination.

This is not just a sharing of physical research relating to an ancient alien contact event, it is far more. It is also the record of an incredible modern contact event, a series of spontaneous shamanic journeys into altered states of consciousness, these have supplied a wealth of information about the Pleiadian beings themselves and their intimate connection with the authors. Allow yourself to be taken through time and into other dimensions of reality to gain an understanding of one of our galaxies most advanced ancient species. This direct contact has already led to the ruins of two other lost civilisations being brought to the awareness of the authors, the Pleiadians continue to seed a path of discovery about the true history of ancient humanity.

Read with an open mind and much wisdom can be gained here.

101 Facts About Animals

by K.E. Wright

Did you know that a sloth can starve with a full stomach? or that a black widow spider is more deadly than a rattlesnake? How much do you really know about the animals of the earth? Find out in 101 Facts About Animals.

A Squirrel Planted an Acorn

by Amber Higgins

A delightful and touching tale of three hundred years history in America as told

from the eyes of the forest.

America unfolds from wagon trains to motor homes. From Native Americans, hunters and generations of the family tell the history of America.

A great read for all ages.


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28 Jul

Free romance Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

The Pretend Fiancé: A Billionaire Love Story

by Lucy Lambert

“What if he didn’t have that company and that money, though? Would you still feel the same way about him?”

After Aiden Manning, the billionaire CEO, let me into his life, I thought our problems were over. And when he went down on one knee, in front of my parents and all our friends, I knew there was only one answer to his question.


However, as soon as I started feeling secure in our relationship, an old figure from his past arrived. She wasn’t interested in congratulating us, she was only interested in breaking the two of us apart, just as Henry had done last year.

I sacrificed so much to make our relationship work, and I’d do it all again. However, will the secrets that I have to keep from Aiden be our undoing?

Saturdays At The Viper Rooms: Book one in The Viper Series

by Kirsty-Anne Still

Book one in The Viper Series

“You and I know I can’t say no.” I swallow my fear and allow my eyes to fall down to his chest, I can’t bear to look at him. “And I can’t lose you.”

Joely Gilbert, one of two head Viper Girls for the club, strives to maintain a double life both full of deceit, betrayal, sex, lust, and fear. She knows the rules of the club and the way the boss works like no other, but she is the one breaking everything she knows in order to keep the new life she has. After running from her past, she’ll do anything to stay away from it. It’s what makes her perfect for the job. It’s what makes her normal.

Everyone has a story when they arrive at the doors of The Viper Rooms.

It’s this that binds clients and Viper Girls together. Each want to forget, each want something to remember, to feel, to lust over. The Viper Rooms gives the exclusive a time in their life to get the things they need from a club devoted solely to them. No strings attached, no questions asked. But what lies beneath the surface can’t always be stopped. It can’t be silenced forever.

And Joely’s one of the girls who knows that more than anyone else.

What happens when her facade starts to break? What would Joely rather give up; the man who wants to save her, but could die trying, or the life that could ultimately kill her?

Is pleasure worth the pain?

Tougher Than The Rest (MacLarens of Fire Mountain Book 1)

by Shirleen Davies

A passionate, fast-paced story set in the untamed western frontier by an exciting new voice in historical romance.

Niall MacLaren is the oldest of four brothers, and the undisputed leader of the family. A widower, and single father, he is focused on building the MacLaren ranch into the largest and most successful in northern Arizona. He is serious about two thingsâ??his responsibility to the family and his future marriage to a goal of a wealthy, well-connected widow who will secure his place in the territory’s destiny


Katherine is determined to live the life she’s dreamed about. With a job waiting for her in the growing town of Los Angeles, California, the young teacher from Philadelphia begins a journey across the United States with only a couple of trunks and her spinster companion. Life is perfect for this adventurous, beautiful young woman, until an accident throws her into the arms of the one man who can destroy it all.

Fighting his growing attraction and strong desire for the beautiful stranger, Niall is more determined than ever to push emotions aside to focus on his goals of wealth and political gain. But looking into the clear, blue eyes of the woman who could ruin everything, Niall discovers he will have to harden his heart and be tougher than he’s ever been in his lifeâ?¦Tougher than the Rest.


Kate heard her doorknob turn, and the door open. Niall stood inside her room in bare feet, dressed only in his dress pants.

His skin was darkened from the summer months of working without a shirt. His body was muscled from the heavy work a ranch required. His dark hair was tousled as if he, too, had been lying awake in bed, unable to sleep. His arms hung limp at his sides. His expressive green eyes bored into hers as she turned to face him.

Does she know that with the fire behind her, I can see right through that nightdress? It was as if she had nothing on. Even as he advanced toward her, he knew he shouldn’t have come. This was wrong in so many ways. But his body had a mind of its own and he was unable to deny itâ?¦

â?¦Now he was in her room, half dressed, and wanting nothing more than to pick her up and take her to bed. He advanced slowly, waiting for her to make a sound, to tell him to stop, but she just watched him advance.

“I shouldn’t be here,” Niall whispered. “You belong to someone else.”

Kate said nothing, just continued to stare into those dark pools of emerald green. Niall stopped a couple of feet away.

“We don’t have a future.” His throat worked as the words came out. He wanted, needed, Kate to understand that the pull between them, if they acted on it, wouldn’t change his plans. He advanced until she was only inches away. “Tonight won’t change anything,” he rasped, the words barely discernible. “We can only have this one night.”

Vampires: Boxed Set

by Alice Bello

Two Paranormal novels by Eva Sloan: Vampires, werewolves and witches, oh my!



Min’s Vampire


New Adult Paranormal Romance

What if your fiancé turns out to be a werewolf, and worse, his creature-of-the-night girlfriend is trying to kill you?

Lucy Hart, eighteen-year-old queen bee and captain of the cheer squad, faces just that. She loses everythingâ??money, social status, and even her homeâ??when her father is arrested for tax evasion and immigrant slave trafficking. Reduced to flipping burgers, she plots to get her old life back by blackmailing her father’s slimeball lawyer and scheming her way into a gig pretending to be a rich young man’s “fiancée.”

The pay: enough money to let her write her own future. The bad news: the guy is a condescending pain in the butt.

In no time at all Lucy finds herself fighting for her life as her faux fiancé’s vampire girlfriend tries to slaughter her, and on top of that, getting royally grossed out by her own spanking new paranormal ability: necromancy. Yet somehow, while she gets back her life and kicks vampire butt, she also manages to fall in love/lust with her fake fiancé.

Min’s Vampire

One night turned into foreverâ?¦

Min thought her biggest problem was the soulless vampire she’d captured with magic and made into her personal sex slave for the night.

That was until her comatose mother’s most deadly secret threatened to destroy them all. So much of what she remembers is a lie and one she trusts completely and loves deeply is the reason why.

Can she save the ones she lovesâ??and herselfâ??when the Queen of Air and Darkness comes calling.

The Broken Road (The Broken Series Book 1)

by K.S. Ruff

Montana girl Kristine Stone was strong enough to break out of an abusive marriage, but is she strong enough for the road that lies ahead? For the first time in her life, Kristine finds she is able to control the direction her life takes. Haunted by her ex-husband and a newly acquired stalker, she decides to leave Montana to work in the US Senate. Kristine issues a moratorium on dating the moment she decides to move to DC. This does little to deter Kadyn Rand, the Air Force Captain, who threatens to tear down every wall she’s ever built. Still, someone from her dark past refuses to be ignored, and Kristine finds herself in yet another fight for her life.

Air Force Captain Kadyn Rand is too stoic to be swept away by much of anything, but a vulnerable woman from Montana manages to do just that when she finds herself alone and in danger in DC. Kadyn tries to earn Kristine’s love and her trust, but he soon learns it will take much more than that to save her from her past.

The Progeny (The Progeny Series #1)

by Ashlynne Laynne




THE PROGENY (The Progeny Series #1)

“No fate other than the one I choose.”

The timeless creed and tattoo bore by the Rousseausâ?? a vampire clan with the purest bloodline of any vampire family. Out of this clandestine group came one who was different, yet the same: Ascher, a half-bloodlingâ?? half- human, half vampire.

Ascher questions the purpose for his existence and which world he truly belongs to: the human world or the vampire world. Two months from sealing to Ursulaâ??a prearranged union to a woman he abhors â??he’s at his wit’s end. He knows if he calls off the sealing, the Romanian clan will strike with deadly force, but he cannot see eternity with a cold empty shell of a woman like Ursula.

Just when he thought life was complicated enough, he meets Shaunaâ??a beautiful, bi-racial human Wiccanâ??and immediately develops an unshakable attraction to her. She makes him feel alive and vital despite his origins and Ascher makes a decision that turns his immortal world upside down.

Novels of the Progeny Series

*The Progeny

*Blood Bonds

*Blood Promise

*Blood Reborn

*Yearning: A Blood Reborn Novel

What’s being said about The Progeny Series and Ashlynne Laynne…

“The Progeny is an incredible saga with characters that come to life for the reader. I was spellbound until the end by this entrancing story and larger than life characters. The blending of the paranormal abilities with that of witches added an interesting twist to this story.”

5 Angels ~ Fallen Angel Reviews review of The Progeny

“This story flowed so easily, I was quickly lost in it and depressed when the end came so soonâ?¦ The story doesn’t lack for action, romance, wicca, vampiric strength/weakness, and revenge. In true Laynne form it also doesn’t lack for steamy sex scenes that make you melt from the pure heat. These are not for children! They are oh so good though for erotic romance.”

5 Stars ~ The Library at the End of the Universe review of Blood Bonds

“Ms. Laynne introduces a breed of vampire so different than most we read about. The Rousseau family consists of men who care about others, and who love beyond reason. The love these men have for their woman knows no bounds and their comfort and happiness is all consuming to themâ?¦ Gorgeous vampires who put their loved ones before anything else, what is not to love?”

5 Stars ~ Paranormal Romance Review Team review of Blood Promise

“Oh how I love a good Vampire series! If you have yet to fall in love with The Progeny series, there is no time like the present! Blood Reborn is the fourth book in the series and is chock full of excitement, adventure, mystery and romance. While the Progeny series was originally intended to be a trilogy, the characters, charisma and storyline have grown so much that Ashlynne could not stop with just three books. Blood Reborn is a page-turner in line with the first three novels and I loved every minute of it.”

5 Stars ~ Liberty Ann, SnifferWalk Books review of Blood Reborn

“Temptress that she is, Ashlynne Laynne has created one of the sexiest vampire families I have ever ran across, and I have a thing for vampires. Top it off with Wiccans and a mystical level of paranormal magic, her Progeny series is a tasty bite for all. Definitely for adults, but worth the read. The Progeny will hook you in, Blood Bonds will sink its teeth into you, Blood Promise will bewitch you and the latest Blood Reborn will have you ready to sign a deal in blood to join the family.”

Penelope Bartotto ~ Librarian, Library at the End of the Universe

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28 Jul

Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Secret Occult Gallery And Spell Casting Formulary: A Psychic Insider’s Personal STudy Guide To Over 50 Rarely Discussed Occult Topics – Plus Maria’s Most Powerful Spells Never Revealed Previously!

by Maria D’ Andrea


The Personal Benefits Are ALL Here In One Fantastic Volume –
Feel TOTALLY Re-energized And Incredibly Transformed As You Thumb Through These Pages And Sense The Magick Working For Yourself!

Though most popularly known as the “Money Psychic,” the Hungarian born
Maria D’ Andrea is actually knowledgeable on a wide range of paranormal topics. Each week she focuses on a different topic in her widely seen TV show The Spiritual World With Maria broadcast throughout Long Island. In addition, she has given lectures and seminars on subjects that are widely diverse.

In this, her latest work, Maria delves into over fifty little known aspects of the occult. Subjects that will put a positive spin on everything you try to accomplish.



Auras: Learn and Develop How to See, Sense, and Feel Human Auras (Auras,Human Aura,Astral Colors,Thought Forms,Chakras)

by S.J. Morgan

Discover How to Master The Art of Reading Auras!!!

An aura is a vibrant color that surrounds all living things. What you feel and thinks happens to radiate with a spiritual energy that surfaces as different colors and shapes. The aura is considered to be our spiritual blueprint. So just imagine if you were able to read not only your aura but also those around you.

With this step-by-step guide you will learn how to read and see the aura of others. And with the daily practices that are included inside this book you will be able to master the art if reading auras in no time.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Is Aura
  • Seven Layers Of The Aura
  • How Do You See Aura?
  • What Is The Meaning Of Aura And Its Colors?
  • How To Amplify Your Bio-Energy And Aura Vibration
  • Much, much more!

Grab your copy today!

Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

Spiritual Healing

by Lois Hewitt

What is spiritual healing – another New Age fad, or something much older?

In this book, the author looks at healing of self and others, believing that all healing starts with self. She traces the history of spiritual healing and discusses auras, chakras and the Universal Power available to us all, and includes exercises, techniques and guidelines aimed at improving our health.

Lois Hewitt deals on a daily basis with people from all walks of life who are looking to improve their health and wellbeing, both physical and spiritual. Using her detailed knowledge of the esoteric, Lois specialises in counselling and helping other people find their direction in life.

Passion for Healing and Wellbeing

by Alexandra Zawieracz

Passion for Healing and Wellbeing offers a wonderful glimpse into the struggle, sacrifice, and ultimate survival and victory of Alexandra Zawieracz as she battles cancer. The great thing about this book is that it offers a personal glimpse into the world of the author as she attempts a nontraditional treatment. Anyone searching for a different treatment plan unique to his/her own disease can appreciate the triumphs of Zawieracz.

Those looking for a healthy, disease-preventative lifestyle will appreciate Passion for Healing and Wellbeing. It’s a book of hope and finding happiness in the aftermath of one of life’s greatest struggles. Written in clear, concise prose, this fabulous and informative narrative follows the author from her diagnosis to her cure. It’s this unique journey that can give us glimpses into how to treat our own diseases and how to maintain a healthy, well-balanced life.

This book is more than an account of the ordeals of a terrifying disease. It recounts an interminable struggle for living as healthy as one can. It’s an inspirational book that we can all apply to our own situations, offering motivation and healthy advice from a personal story of overcoming breast cancer. It’s a story of survival.

Discovery: Raise Your Personal Power in a Changing World

by Jessica Blalock

Discovery will help you raise your personal power by helping you learn and re-learn things about yourself and the world around you. During this process, you can picture an effervescent glow that surrounds you and know that you are not this moment, but a spiritual being with a past, learning about life in a physical body growing into a state of love.

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28 Jul

Free reference Kindle books for 28 Jul 14

Leadership – Simple & Effective Ways To Become A Better Leader Now (Leadership, How To Lead, How To Lead People, Communication Skills)

by Patrick Cogen

Leadership – How To Lead Effectively And Efficiently

Simple & Effective Ways To Become A Better Leader NOW!

BONUS: Get FREE access to some great titles!

* * *LIMITED TIME OFFER! Only $2.99 (Regularly Priced At $5.99)* * *

You’re about to discover how to become a better leader now.

Any organization requires a good leader for it to become successful. The leader manages the members of the organization and makes important decisions for the group. Members of the team look up to and get encouragement and motivation from their leader. If your organization does not have an effective leader, it will not succeed no matter how great its goals and visions are.

This book will give you some important tips and techniques on how to become a great leader that people will want to work with. By reading the book, you will realize that being a great leader is a lot more than giving orders to the members of the organization.

Being a leader entails a lot of responsibilities. It also takes a lot of character to become a good leader. You will also find out more about the roles and importance of good leaders in an organization. If you are a leader in an organization or in your company, you will benefit a lot after reading and understanding the contents of this book and applying what you have learned in real life.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn When You Download Your Copy Today:

  • What Is a Leader?
  • Key Roles of Leaders in an Organization
  • The Power of Positive Thought and Positive Talk
  • Leadership and Communication
  • Setting Goals
  • Feedback and Rewards
  • Improving Your Team
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Leadership Mistakes to Avoid
  • BONUS CHAPTER from “Emotional Intelligence – The Ultimate Guide To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence And Improve Your Communication Skills Now”
  • Much, much more!

Download Your Copy Right Now!

… and get FREE access to some great titles!

Take action right away to become a better leader today by downloading this book, “Leadership – Simple And Effective Ways To Become A Better Leader Now”, for a limited time discount of only $2.99!

Tags: Leadership, How To Lead, How To Lead People, Leadership Challenge, Leadership Development, How to Lead Effectively, Communication Skills, Communication

From Auden to Yeats: Critical Analysis of 30 Selected Poems

by Geetanjali Mukherjee

This book is a ready reference for students of English literature looking for help navigating the poetry of some of the late nineteenth and twentieth century’s greatest poets. The book contains in-depth critical analyses of 30 selected poems from the work of W.H. Auden, Ted Hughes, John Keats, Philip Larkin and W.B. Yeats. A collection of 30 essays, the book aims to help students of literature gain an overview of the life and work of each poet represented, as well as understanding the poems discussed in sufficient depth.


* MCQs for each poet, with answer key

* Short study questions


* A section on the life and background of each poet, to better understand the influences behind their poetry, and gain insight into the context of the selected poems

* A simple explanation of each poem

* Explanations of the themes, motifs and symbols used in the poems

* A dedicated essay for each selected poem, analysing it for the benefit of the literature student

* New Bonus Feature: multiple-choice questions on the biography of each poet and their important poems, with answer key

* Short questions for students to think about, on the deeper underlying themes of the poems

This is an invaluable guide for school and college students of English literature or anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of some of the best-known poetry of the last century. This book is best used as a study guide, and should not substitute reading the poems themselves (POEMS NOT INCLUDED).

Some of the poems discussed:

* W.H. Auden – Refugee Blues

* Ted Hughes – Crow Tyrannosaurus

* Philip Larkin – The Whitsun Weddings

* John Keats – To Autumn

* W.B. Yeats – The Second Coming

Jam of All Jams

by Edna Curry

The largest logjam in the world occured in 1886 on the St. Croix River at Taylors Falls, Minnesota. Reporters and sightseers arrived from all over the world. This event spawned the current tourist industry in the St. Croix Valley and also fueled the drive for the current two Interstate Parks there today. Pictures of this event are available at both the Minnesota and Wisconsin Historical Societies.

Four! (Learning Numbers Series)

by Demeree B. Hatton

This book is part of a learning series.This book in the series teaches little children, about the number four.

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