12 Oct

Free non-fiction Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

Hydroponics for Beginners: Secrets of Growing Plants Bigger and Faster with Hydroponic Gardening

by David Taylor

With hydroponic farming, your plants can mature up to 25 percent faster and yield up to 30 percent more than if they were grown on soil.

A hydroponic system is a great way for all types of growers to grow big, juicy, and yummy plants.

By letting you control the variables that affect the growth of the plants, a hydroponic system can give you better quality and a higher yield than produce from the store.

This short, easy to read bood teaches you the basics of hydroponic food production.

Foraging for Beginners: Your Simplified Guide to Foraging Edible Plants for Survival in the Wild (Prepper & Homesteading)

by Lonnie Carr

Simplified Guide to Foraging Edible Plants for Survival in the Wild

If you get stranded, are you ready?

It can happen to anyone. Your car can break down, a natural disaster can hit, and you’re stuck in the wild with no idea how to survive. This can be one of the most dangerous situations a person can get in. Most people could never make it out alive. They simply don’t know how easy it is to survive in the wild, or how easy it is to find food.

If you’re going to survive in the wild, you are going to have to have some knowledge about what it takes to get the things you need to survive. This guide will help you do that.

Inside You Will Learn:

- A Variety of Poisonous Plants

- Signs that a Plant is Poisonous

- How to Find Edible Plants

- How to Test to See Whether or not a Plant is Edible

- How to Recognize Certain Edible Plants

- How to Spot a variety of Medicinal Plants

- How to Treat Lacerations With Natural Antiseptic

- And Much More

This valuable information could easily mean the difference between life and death, whether you’re stranded or just taking a hike.

You can’t undermine the importance of valuable information on foraging. It won’t just give you knowledge that could save your life; it could save somebody else’s.

Don’t Delay. Download This Book Now.

Soap Making: Recipes for Handmade Aromatherapy Soaps & Essential Oil Scrubs

by Bella Sherwood

Are you sick of paying hundreds of dollars for mass-made, bulk produced soap?

***SPECIAL OFFER!!!*** LIMITED TIME OFFER 40% OFF (Regular Price $4.99)

Stop throwing your money down the drain. Soap. Body lotion. Shampoo, body butter, cleanser, tonerâ?¦ We spend our own precious earnings every week at the supermarket or pharmacy buying products that often contain toxic chemicals and preservatives. Whether it because of the cost or health aspects, making your own personal products is easy with the correct tools and knowledge.

In this book we will show you the correct, safe way to make your own soaps and body scrubs from scratch, whether for your own use or because you are trying to start your own business. In the wrong hands, soap making can be very dangerous. We cover all of the basics that you will require to make sure that you approach your projects safely and effectively. We cover the techniques, basics and background that you will require to use essential oils in a range of different applications. This resource is perfect whether you are just starting out in your aromatherapy endeavours, or whether you are already making your own products and just need some new ideas.

In this book, you will learn the following practical information:

  • The fundamental knowledge that you will require to ensure correct usage and application of essential oils
  • How to effectively avoid the wrong essential oils that may put you or your family in danger!
  • In depth tutorials on the basics of soap making and body scrubs
  • Professional advice on where and in what situation you can best use your essential oil blends
  • Exclusive access to our “cheat sheets” with MUST KNOW information
  • An overview and discussion on how to package and store your creations – BONUS!
  • and much much moreâ?¦.
  • So what are you waiting for? Get started today and understand the basics of using essential oils for creating your own heavenly soaps and scrubs!

    ***SPECIAL OFFER!!!*** LIMITED TIME OFFER 40% OFF (Regular Price $4.99)

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    The Habitual Hustler: Daily Habits of 50 Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

    by Corey Breier

    Featuring the daily routines of authors like Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Cal Newport, and Nathan Barry, bloggers like Leo Babauta, Derek Sivers, James Clear, and Penelope Trunk, podcasters like John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Andrew Warner, and Jaime Tardy, and nomads like Benny Lewis, Tynan, Sebastian Marshall, Nomadic Matt, and Jodi Ettenberg, The Habitual Hustler is the only comprehensive portrait of a modern entrepreneurial day from beginning to end.

    I began writing it after losing my job and my girlfriend in the same week one year ago. Suddenly I had a lot of time on my hands. I wanted to use my days constructively, but found myself sleeping in and aimlessly surfing the web. Without obligations, it was all too easy to slack off.

    The Internet was little help. It is full of self-employed entrepreneurs telling you how to live like them: which habits to develop, how to hack the system, the proper way to design a lifestyle. But nobody shared what their daily routines look like after their lifestyle was designed. I wondered “What does a productive and happy day look like in an absence of structure?”

    So I went and asked them. I selected 50 self-employed entrepreneurs with public bodies of work dealing with entrepreneurship and self-development, and asked them what their days look like. I asked authors about the first thing they do when they wake up. I asked bloggers how they structure their workspace to minimize distractions. I asked nomads which tools and software they can’t live without. And I asked everyone what the single habit they’d most recommend to an aspiring hustler was.

    The result is The Habitual Hustler. It is both a sketch of self-employment and a map of a successful day lived on one’s own terms. It is both an inspiration for those of us without the same freedom, and a poignant remainder that things still need to get done even when you don’t have a boss. None of these entrepreneurs have shared their routines in entirety until now, and you won’t find these daily portraits anywhere else.

    If you can’t be productive without structure, struggle with effective habits, or just want to get more out of your day, The Habitual Hustler is for you!

    Learn more at habitualhustler.com

    Declutter in 10 Easy Steps: Free Yourself From The Confusion of a Cluttered Home and Mind (Minimalism, Decluttering, and Tidying up Book 1)

    by J. A. Sutton

    Declutter in 10 East Steps, Free Yourself From the Confusion of a Cluttered Home and Mind

    Getting The Most Out Of Your Space At Home

    In these modern times we own far too much stuff. It seems society nowadays is geared towards making us consume more and more. A side effect of this modern lifestyle is that we are increasingly looking for more and more space to hold our belongings. Its no wonder there are so many storage companies opening up!

    This book is FREE for Kindle Unlimited Users

    The aim of this book is to show you an effective and easy way to declutter your home and life. Very often a cluttered space leaves us unable to relax and focus on the important aspects of everyday life, and this book aims to help!

    This book contains a proven step by step guide on dealing with accumulated clutter and help with avoiding it becoming a burden.

    So what are you waiting for, download this guide and you too can have the perfect decluttered home and life.

    Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Understanding Clutter
    • Planning To Deal with Clutter
    • Essential Information To Get You Started
    • Goal Setting
    • How To Tackle Each Room
    • Storage Tips
    • Staying Clutter Free
    • And Much More!

    Download your copy today to receive all of this information!

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    BODY LANGUAGE BOX SET: The Ultimate Body Language Guide to Become Body Language Expert in 24 Hours Plus 33 Tips To Better Read and Understand What the … language decoded, body language kindle)

    by Andrew Walker

    BOOK #1: Body Language: The Ultimate Body Language Guide to Become Body Language Expert in 24 Hours

    Have you ever been in a conversation and wondered if the other person was telling the truth? Have you ever needed to look and feel more confident at work? If you answered yes to either question, this ebook is for you. In 24 hours, you will know all of the common body language signs that tell you if someone may be lying to you or even if someone is definitely in to what you are saying.

    Understanding body language cues means that you know how your message is being received by the other party. Understanding their non-verbal communication gives you needed insight.

    This ebook will give you fast insight and understanding of the basics of body language. It will help you in your personal life and in your career. You’ll even learn about things to consider while observing someone’s body language.

    BOOK #2: Body Language: The Ultimate Body Language Guide to Knowing When People Are Lying and How They Are Feeling

    Are you getting a strange vibe from your significant other? Are you unable to explain why you think you’re in trouble at work? Do you feel like you’re missing out on much of what people are saying to you, because something doesn’t feel right?

    If so, this is the book for you. You don’t want to be taken off guard when someone says things are good, even though they aren’t.

    Studies have consistently shown that more than ninety percent of communication is non-verbal. In addition to what people are saying, they convey much of what they are feeling through subtle (and sometimes not very subtle) gestures, movements and tone changes. Experts in this field of study help sales reps close deals, lawyers pick juries and relationship counselors with their clients.

    You don’t need to rely on the experts to determine if a person is deceiving you. Understanding body language and the many non-verbal clues people give off will enable you to read between the lines of what people are saying and get to the heart of what they are feeling. In this guide, readers will discover how to effectively read people all around them.

    BOOK #3: Body Language: The Advanced Body Language Guide to Help You Read And Talk Body Language

    Effective communication is one of the most important aspects of success today and without it people are doomed to fail. With the complete understanding of body language and how to read it thoroughly, you will learn how 60% of communication is delivered in a nonverbal way.

    The Advanced Body Language Guide focuses on the different aspects of silent body language and will teach you what specific movements to look out for.

    BOOK #4: Body Language: 33 Tips To Better Read and Understand What the Bodies and Eyes Of Others Are Saying

    Some people are exceptionally hard to read, but with the understanding of little supposedly insignificant expressions and body language, there just might be hope to gain insight as to whether the person with whom you’re talking to is interesting in the conversation or if they are mentally a million miles away.

    Body Language is one of those books that will be useful for your personal life as well as professional life. Having the ability to read expressions, body language can make all the difference in whether or not you’re successful or just average. It will help you read individuals on dates, at the theater and even at the grocery store. This book will probably be one of the most influential you read this year.

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    Puppy Training Guide: 7 Tips and Tricks to Train your Puppy in Obedience and Manners, Environmental Habituation, Hygiene, Walking on Leash. (Puppy Training … for beginners, puppy training guide)

    by Camilla Anderson

    Have you ever thought about what it takes to be an effective puppy trainer?

    Have you been doing everything you can but still your pup does not respond to your training?

    Has it occurred to you that maybe you are not doing things right or you can still improve your training to be better?

    If you have been bombarding yourself with questions like why your puppy does not come when you ask him to, why your puppy still soils inside home, why the things in your house get randomly scratched by your pup, why your little dog has stopped responding to your commands and many other things, this book will tell you secrets of properly training your puppy so he does whatever you want him to

    This book is an attempt to provide a general direction of how to deal with puppies, why we should understand them first, and how we should set our training so that it bears fruit

    This book’s dream is to be the solution to every puppy owner’s everyday dilemma

    Through this book, you will learn few things that relate to puppy training such as:

    • Doing housetraining the proper way
    • Dealing with your dog’s biting and chewing issues
    • Teaching your pup to do commands like sitting, staying, coming, and lying down
    • Preparing your puppy especially to walk with a leash on
    • Training puppies to socialize and habituate their environment
    • And many other things

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Neuroplasticity: Master the Art of Neuroplasticity and Brain Training (Healthy Brain Function, Memory Improvement) (Neuroplasticity, Brain Plasticity, … Healthy Brain Function, Memory Improvement)

    by Clarence T. Rivers

    **Brain Training for EXPLOSIVE Results**

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    From the ~Unleash the Power of the Mind~ collection and the award winning writer, Clarence T. Rivers, comes a masterful explanation of the brain and how neuroplasticity REALLY works in order to help develop, repair, and grow the brain, memory, and overall intelligence, exponentially.

    “An excellent depiction of neuroplasticity and how to harness it… amazing stuff!” – Jerry Corrigan, Book Critique

    Topics of Discussion

    â?? The Amazing Capacity of the Human Brain

    â?? No Longer a Concept, But a Fact of Life

    â?? Early Brain Development

    â?? Neuroplasticity and Intelligence

    â?? Neuroplasticity and Brain Repair

    â?? The Future of the Brain

    â?? BONUS! Find Insideâ?¦

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    Tags: Neuroplasticity, Brain Plasticity, Brain Training, Healthy Brain Function, Memory Improvement

    Pressure Cooker: Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Recipes To Enjoy For The Whole Family (Book2) (Pressure Cooker Cookbook, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Crockpot, … Electric Pressure Cooker, Soup, Meals)

    by The Health Expert

    Discover The Pressure Cooker Cookbook!

    For Just $2.99!. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    You’re about to discover the Pressure Cooker Cookbook!

    This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to cook the best dishes using a pressure Cooker in a simple and fast way.

    Pressure Cooker has shown to be the best method to make healthy and delicious dishes. So this book is focused only on delivering the best healthy dishes for you and your whole family. A beginner and a professional chef can do each recipe with ease.

    If you still haven’t started cooking with a pressure cooker you should start right now. It is the best way to get all the necessary nutrition for your body and yet your dishes will be done in a short period of time.

    Since in the first edition of the book you got the benefits about the pressure-cooking, this book will present you with tips and tricks on using a pressure cooker. So start reading further because this edition will blow your mind with the wonderful recipes.

    Pressure Cooker is there to help you get back everything that is lost when cooking by using other methods. Plus, not only that you will get a fast and healthy dish out of your pressure cooker but you will also save money. However, pressure-cooking sometimes requires adjustments, and these adjustments can be easily done if you follow tips we have inside the book and it will make your cooking even easier.

    Tips you will get in the book:

    Cooking liquid

    Filling the pressure cooker

    Cooking with many ingredients

    Long cooking time at a high altitude

    Releasing the Pressure

    Take action right away by downloading this book. ” Pressure Cooker Cookbook:Recipes To Enjoy For The Whole Family”. for just $2.99!

    Download Your Copy Right Now…

    Tags: Pressure Cooker Cookbook, Pressure Cooker Recipes, Crockpot, Slow Cooker, Electric Pressure Cooker, Soup, Meals

    Slowcooker Tortellini Meat 101. Delicious Low Carb High Protein Italian Recipes Cookbook

    by Heviz’s

    Table of Content:

    *Sausage Soup

    *Tortellini Ai Formaggi

    *Italian Sausage

    *Tortellini Rose

    *Westphalian Tortellini

    *Tortellini Rosé

    *Warming Italian

    *Tortellini Bean Soup

    *Bacon Salad

    *Cheese Pesto Tortellini

    *Ravioli With Meat

    *Stuffed Peppers

    *Chicken Tortellini Soup

    *Italian Tortellini

    *Tortellini Soup

    *Turkey Tortellini

    *Creamy Pesto

    *Sausage Tortellini Soup

    *Holiday Tortellini

    *Italian Sausage

    STRESS: How to Quickly Reduce Stress – Anxiety, Worrying & Depression (Stress at Work, Stress Cure, Stress Management Techniques, Anger Management, Stress Relief, Fatigue, Relaxation)

    by Peter Kaplan

    Finally Stop Your Worry, Stress, and Unease!

    Read a special bonus chapter at the end of this book: “Your Worst Enemy”!

    Read This Book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited – Download Now!

    Are you plagued by doubt and dread? Do you suffer from fear and anxiety? Would you like to stop your worry, anguish, and depression?

    If so, then Stress: How to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Worrying & Depression is the book for you! Peter Kaplan describes the many negative effects of worry – and how to start winning this battle – Today!

    Stress: How to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Worrying & Depression is available for Download Now.

    When you download Stress: How to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Worrying & Depression, you’ll discover Peter’s methods for adjusting your lifestyle, learning to breathe and relax, and getting rid of excess mental energy. By adopting the practice of humility, you’ll begin to understand how hiding behind facades can limit your potential. With the exercises in your book, you can begin to discover the real you!

    Don’t spend another day feeling helpless and low. Download Stress: How to Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Worrying & Depression Now for Instant Reading by Scrolling Up and Clicking the “Buy” Button. Let Peter Kaplan teach you how to feel great – right away!

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    How To Crochet Box Set: Perfect Guides to Learning How to Crochet With 10 Unique and Easy Granny Square Patterns (How to Crochet, How to Crochet books, how to crochet for beginners)

    by Ethan Bishop

    BOOK #1: How to Crochet: A Beginners Guide to Learning How to Crochet

    Are you ready to take up a hobby that not only gives you something to do but can also help others? Crocheting may be the perfect hobby for you. Imagine being able to make blankets, socks, hats, jackets, and other things that your friends and family envy.

    Imagine if you could quickly and easily learn the basic stitches to get started. With this ebook, you can! You will learn about the differences in yarn and all about hooks. You’ll learn how to read a pattern and how to complete basic stitches. As a bonus, we will tell you the best places to find patterns for your new hobby!

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • Make blankets, socks, hats, jackets, and other things that your friends and family envy.
    • How to read a pattern and how to complete basic stitches?
    • Best places for finding patterns for your new hobby.

    BOOK #2: How To Crochet: Perfect Guide for Crocheting with Beginners Techniques

    How To Crochet Guide will surely answer the question it presents by itself, as we have gathered everything a beginner might need for finally learning how to crochet and soon start with crocheting. Starting from explaining basic terms and listing the equipment you need, going through equipment preferences and basic techniques, our guide is probably the only thing you need to finally get started and give your creativity the vent it needed.

    In “Perfect Guide for Crocheting with Beginners Techniques” you will find:

    • Getting familiar with yarns and hooks – crocheters equipment
    • Crocheting 101: How to start before you start
    • Crochet foundation: Chain stitches
    • Finally starting: Basic crocheting
    • Crocheters’ Vocabulary: Terms in crochet patterns
    • Crocheting Top Tips and Tricks for making crocheting easier

    BOOK #3: How To Crochet: 10 Unique and Easy Granny Square Patterns

    Have you ever wanted to crochet? Have you ever seen anything amazing created by friends and family that was made through the use of crocheting? Do you think it’s a hard thing to do? Well, it’s not hard at all, and you can learn how to crochet so many things without any problems at all. It’s a fun hobby, and you’ll be able to make amazing things for your friends and family. If you’re the type that loves to make homemade gifts, then crocheting is for you.

    In this book you’ll learn:

    • What you will need in order to crochet
    • 10 amazing patterns that can be used to make so many cool things, such as bags and blankets

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Homemade Deodorant: A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Natural DIY Deodorants You Can Make Today – Includes 20 Healthy, Organic Deodorant Recipes! (Organic, Chemical-Free, Healthy Recipes)

    by Jane Aniston

    Ditch Damaging, Toxic Deodorants & Enjoy Making Your Own Healthy, Organic Deodorant At Home Today!

    Get this Kindle book today for just $0.99! (Limited offer). Regularly priced at $4.99. Can easily be read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or Kindle device!

    Do you know about the nasty chemicals in your store-bought deodorant and the damaging effects they can have on your health? Neither did I, but now that I do I would never expose myself to these toxic nasties again!

    Many store-bought deodorants contain a vast array of toxic chemicals which you introduce to your body via your skin every time you apply them. Once in your body, these chemicals build up over time and can contribute to a myriad of health problems.

    Making your own natural deodorant at home is quick, easy, inexpensive and fun. Whats more, not only are these deodorants good for your skin, your health, and your wallet, they’re also good for the environment as all the ingredients used are non-toxic and non-polluting.

    In this book you’ll learn more about exactly why you should ditch toxic, store-bought deodorants which are full of mysterious chemicals, and start making your own healthy, homemade alternatives today. This book also includes 20 amazing natural homemade deodorant recipes each of which clearly lists the ingredients required and is beautifully laid out with simple step by step instructions, making it easy for you to follow along.

    Here’s A Preview Of What You’ll Learnâ?¦

    • What The Chemical Nasties Lurking In Your Store-Bought Deodorant Are And Their Potential Effects On Your Health!
    • The Natural Ingredients You Can Use In Your Homemade Deodorants And The Benefits Of Each
    • Insider Tips On Creating Your Own Deodorants
    • Natural Deodorant Recipes With Flower Bases
    • Green & Easy Vegan Natural Deodorant Recipes
    • Fruity Natural Deodorant Recipes
    • Natural Deodorant Recipes With Natural Oil & Butter Bases (Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter etc.)
    • Combination Natural Deodorant Recipes – Combining Various Halthy Ingredients For Wonderfully Unique Deodorants!
    • Includes Deodorant Recipes For Those With Sensitive Skin and Overly Active Sweat Glands
    • FREE BONUS! Includes a Free Sample Chapter Of One Of My Other Best Selling Books!

    You can have fantastic smelling deodorants which keep you fresh and dry without taking risks with your health!. Download “Homemade Deodorant – A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Natural DIY Deodorants” today for the discounted price of $0.99 by clicking the button above, and you’ll have access to 20 natural, healthy, organic deodorant recipes which you’ll be making in no time!

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    Matchmaker Secrets: The Six Predictors of Dating Success

    by Elizabeth Cobey-Piper

    Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Why do some people appear to effortlessly find love, while others struggle in the dating scene?” Most people say it is good looks, success, age, or lack of baggage that are the keys to finding love, but are they right? The answer is, No! Those things are part of the equation, but the truth is they are not the determining factors for dating success. What are the factors that increase your odds of finding love? After 30 years of combined experience, Certified Matchmakers Elizabeth Cobey-Piper and Susie Hardesty have discovered the secrets to finding love. Through watching thousands of singles succeed and fail in their quests for fulfilling relationships, one thing became clear: It is how you approach the dating process in six specific areas that makes the difference in your success. This groundbreaking discovery is the Six Predictors of Dating Success. In just one conversation with you, these insightful matchmakers can use these six factors to predict your likelihood of finding love. In their book Matchmaker Secrets, the Six Predictors of Dating Success, Elizabeth and Susie, will take you on an exploration of these powerful concepts and show you how each Predictor plays a crucial role in your own success. In this straightforward, yet warm and sometimes humorous book, these loving and fierce cupids share the inspiring real-life stories of how their clients used the Six Predictors to find love. Through strategic recommendations and practical advice, they explain how to use the Six Predictors to empower you in your search for love, transform your dating experience, and help you reach your goal of a fulfilling relationship.

    In this book you will discover:

    Why you haven’t been successful in the past

    The pitfalls of modern dating and how to avoid them

    How to turn the odds in your favor

    How to enjoy the dating process

    How to find love

    Join Elizabeth and Susie on this transformative journey through the Six Predictors, learn their matchmaker secrets, and realize that you have the power to change your dating experience and find love.

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    12 Oct

    Free historical fiction Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    A Most Improper Profession: A Novella (Brown Eyed Beauties Book 1)

    by Zoe Baxter

    This is book one in the Brown Eyed Beauties Novella Series (available as box set).

    Marcus Farniente must marry for money if he intends to escape being hauled off to debtor’s prison, but, just as he’s reconciled himself to his fate, he meets the lovely Adelaide L’Estrange, who, unfortunately, is just as poor as he is.

    This novella is Book One of the Brown Eyed Beauties Novella Series.

    The Brown Eyed Beauties Novella Series follows the love affairs of three friends: Marcus Farniente, Harry Cavendish and Philip Carteret. Although characters reappear throughout the series, each novella is a self-contained story and the series does not have to be read in chronological order. These sweet traditional romances set in Victorian England range from 19,000 to 24,000 words. They contain mild sexual references, antiquated oaths and some passionate kissing.

    A Most Improper Profession

    Marcus Farniente must marry for money if he intends to escape being hauled off to debtor’s prison. But, just as he’s reconciled himself to his fate, he meets the lovely Adelaide L’Estrange, who, unfortunately, is just as poor as he is.

    The Engagement

    While Harry Cavendish is working up the courage to declare his love to Flora Moreland, he finds out that his friend Philip has gone and gotten engaged to the girl himself.

    The Accidental Adventuress

    When Philip Carteret discovers that his widowed father is falling victim to a brazen adventuress, he vows to stop at nothing to thwart her plans. What he doesn’t count on is falling victim to the scheming minx himself.

    Death is a Duty (The Soldier Chronicles Book 5)

    by David Cook

    June 1815, and Napoleon Bonaparte has returned from exile to plunge Europe into war once again.

    Veteran soldier Regimental-Sergeant Major Adam Bannerman of the 42nd Foot, the Black Watch, momentarily watches the dawn light flicker over the city of Brussels, before joining his regiment with the rest of the Duke of Wellington’s patchwork army of British, German and Netherland troops. Peace has been irrevocably shattered by the news that Bonaparte has already crossed the border into Belgium catching the allies unprepared. Wellington hurriedly orders his men, mostly raw recruits and some with dubious loyalty, south to battle their old enemy in what will truly be the clash of nations.

    During the campaign, Bannerman uncovers a dark tale of murder, which could dishonour the regiment if it ever came to light. As the war draws to its bloody conclusion at Waterloo, Bannerman, in the midst of flame and powder smoke, must use his wits to survive not only the French assaults, but men on his own side who want him dead.

    Blood will be spilt. Fate demands it.

    Death is a Duty is the fifth novella in The Soldier Chronicles exciting new historical series.

    Sweet Romance: Clean Love Story Romance Collection Boxset – Two Hearts (Contemporary Happy Duchess Regency Second Chance Romance) (Women’s Fiction Amish Victorian Romance Anthologies)

    by Sweet Story Club

    Over 57,000 words of 6 clean, sweet romance stories that will surely warm your heart!

    Kindle Unlimited Members Read for FREE!! Or…

    Today only, you can get this sweet romance boxset for just $4.99!! (over 70% off regular price of $17.94)…

    This collection includes:
    - Betsy
    - Ray of Hope
    - Rustic Love
    - Turn the World Around
    - Prayerfully Yours
    - Golden Cage

    Scroll up and click the the orange buy now button to start reading TODAY…

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    Free poetry Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Christmas poems 2: A second collection of christmas poems by S DIckinson

    by S Dickinson

    Journey into yet another collection of Christmas poems , written to warm any heart round the holidays.

    Flacking like a muse

    by Dana Daea

    Dana Daea writes poetry at the key of present times :o n the edge of hallucination(Ilie Chelaru)



    A collection of poems from an African milk maid

    Poems, Poems, Poems

    by Hillary Clancy

    An assortment of my poems retrieved from past mad scribblings in a multitude of note pads.

    Sex and the Civil Servant: Poems by Paul the Silentiary

    by Graham John Wheeler

    Paul the Silentiary was a Byzantine Greek civil servant who lived in the sixth century AD. As well as a devoted servant of the Emperor, he was also a gifted poet. He is an obscure figure today, largely forgotten even by classical scholars. In so far as he is remembered at all, he is remembered as the author of great, set-piece ceremonial works in praise of church and state. But Paul had a poetic double life. He was also responsible for penning some of the most witty and accomplished epigrams that survive from antiquity, on subjects ranging from love to drinking to death. This is the first ever dedicated English translation of Paul’s epigrams.

    Magical Nights A Book of Poems

    by Wanda Day

    A book of poems about love, friendship, angels and children.

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    12 Oct

    Free religious fiction Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Mail Order Bride: Lenora’s Inconvenient Marriage: Hollister Sisters Mail Order Brides: Historical Christian Romance Novelette

    by Debby Mayne

    In this historical romance, widow Lenora has run out of money, so she turns to her father for help. He struggles to make ends meet, but he can’t turn his back on his daughter. After Jesse Grant loses his wife and two children in a fire, he has tried to make his way through life for the past couple of years. But it’s hard to pastor such a large church without the support of a wife. The members of his church urge him to find a woman to marry, so he responds to the letter from John Hollister, saying he would consider taking Lenora as his wife and her son as his own. When Lenora arrives in Colorado, she is shocked to see how surly Jesse is. Can these two people ever come to terms with their grief and find love with each other?

    Daydreams: A Christian Romance Novel (The Lewis Legacy Series Book 4)

    by JoAnn Durgin

    It’s early December 2002, and Amy Jacobsen is living the dream: a job she loves with a trendy New York City magazine, a Manhattan walk-up inherited from her grandfather, and a busy social life without the unwanted complication of a steady boyfriend. During dinner one evening with her Wall Street financier brother, Mitch, she spies Landon Warnick at the next table. He’s one of the most influential, successful and youngest magazine publishers in the country-not to mention one of New York’s most eligible bachelors.

    After Mitch wrangles a meeting between the two, Landon wastes little time asking her to dinner. Usually wary of smooth men and romantic entanglements, Amy questions her sanity when they share a cozy carriage ride in Central Park and she comes *this* close to kissing him. Is it the joy and wonder of the Christmas season that’s put stars in her eyes or the enigmatic, intelligent, challenging and incredibly handsome man? The following weekend, she travels to Louisiana to be a bridesmaid in a wedding and a reunion with Sam and Lexa Lewis and some of her dearest friends and fellow volunteers in TeamWork Missions. Headed down the aisle at the wedding, Amy’s steps falter. Standing at the front is a groomsman who flew into town only an hour before, and she does a double take. What’s Landon Warnick doing in her world, with her friends? Perhaps more importantly, why does he suddenly have a Texas drawl and a crescent-shaped scar on his forehead? Sharing a romantic dance at the wedding reception, she casts aside her better judgment and kisses him. She’s lost her mind, and her heart might not be far behind, it seems.

    Let the adventure begin! Is the Lord showing her the “right” man for her heart or is Amy in way over her head?

    The Babylonian Queen: A Novel

    by Summer Lee

    Mariah, the Maiden of Mesopotamia, has an opportunity to tutor the children of the Parthian queen at the palace in Babylon. En route, she gets word that the queen has suddenly died. Now Mariah must not only become the children’s tutor, but their full-time guardian as well, by order of the king.

    Also along the way, Mariah falls in love with her carriage driver. Unfortunately, the widower king falls in love with her, too. Her heart, which was already torn by the son she gave up for adoption, years ago, is now further divided between love and duty. The King wants to make her into his mistress, but Mariah must keep him at arm’s length and choose the best path. Adding to the secret sorrow of her lost son, his father unexpectedly shows up and makes trouble that could ruin her reputation, or worse.

    THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN is the stunning story of a smart, strong woman’s life in 5 A.D. Reader fans of Anita Diamant’s THE RED TENT will find a new Biblical-era heroine to love in THE BABYLONIAN QUEEN.

    **Acclaim for the novels of Summer Lee**

    “Angel Heart ends with some major cliffhangers, leaving the reader with hope for a sequel to this fascinating book. I know I will be looking forward to it!”

    â??Kwips and Kritiques

    “Congratulations to Summer Lee for a moving conclusion to a wonderful series!”

    â??Wild On Books

    “Kindred Spirits is a deeply moving and fascinating look at life before the Great Flood. I loved this book!”

    â??J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

    “Angel Heart is thrilling, adventurous, and deeply romantic!”

    â??Elaine Babich, author of You Never Called Me Princess and Intrusion

    Love, Lies & Consequences

    by Natasha D. Frazier

    The only way to prove what you say you believe is to be put to the test. So was the case with Raegan who was all set to live a life free of sexual impurities until she met Rico, who challenged her character. Sex outside of marriage isn’t all that bad if you’re going to eventually marry that person, right? Afterall, Rico did want to marry her and she thought she wanted to marry him until Caleb, her college love, comes back into her life.

    Not only does Raegan have choices to make, but so does her good friend Tammy who gets a second chance at love with her estranged husband.

    What will they choose? Both friends find themselves in a whirlwind romance filled with Love, Lies & Consequences.

    Cold River

    by Liz Adair

    Mandy Steenburg thinks her doctorate in education has prepared her to run any school district – until she tangles with the backwoods residents of a tiny district in Pacific Northwest timber country. She’s determined to make a difference, but the local populace still looks to the former superintendent for leadership. When Mandy lands in the middle of an old feud and someone keeps trying to kill her, instinct tells her to run. With the river rising, will she find a reason to stay and chance the odds?

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    12 Oct

    Free horror Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    The October King

    by Zachary T. Owen

    “October is a time of horror. This is the only time the channels are right, the only time the magic really works. A time pitiful few are open to my bits of dread, my slices of terror. And above all, little one, October is the only environment I can thrive in, for I am the October King.” So spoke the King of Terror to his latest victim, who is forced to read his stories. The alternative is murder.

    Bedeviled & Beguiled (Futuristic Paranormal Romance with a Devilish Flavor) (Bedeviled & Beyond Book 1)

    by Sam Cheever

    A roller coaster ride of fun and sexy sci fi paranormal romance with a devilish flavor!

    Astra Q Phelps is on the side of the good guys in the war between good and evil. Unfortunately for her, the bad guys have been making inroads on her soul. And when a particularly dark and sexy dark worlder fixes his heated gaze on Astra, the lighter side of her nature quickly finds itself kicked to the curb by her slut-monkey side. But Astra doesn’t have time to deal with her love life. She’s in the middle of a war between two dark factionsâ?¦a war that just might mean the end of the human populationâ?¦and it seems the fate of the world rests uneasily on her shoulders. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one feisty halflingâ?¦but Astra Q Phelps is definitelyâ?¦ermâ?¦certainlyâ?¦ahhâ?¦possibly up to the challenge.

    ***NOTE: This was previously published under the title ‘Tween Heaven and Hell. It is Book 1 of a 6-book futuristic paranormal romance series of full-length standalone novels with no cliffhangers. The series is written in first person POV. This book contains some violence, a single, brief portrayal of coerced sex and the occasional sexual innuendo. The heroine in this fun series isn’t always politically correct and may at times embarrass herself and bumble about slightly out of control. If you’re not a fan of self-deprecating humor, you might want to give this one a pass! #:0) Happy Reading!

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    12 Oct

    Free travel Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Camboys II: CHP Makes Three (Straight Guys Book 10)

    by Steve Milton

    College studs cum camboys Troy and Kev meet a corrupt cop trying to get into their pants.

    Kev had thought of Troy as all looks and no brains, but it’s Troy who leads the couple’s way out of legal trouble, and entices the cop to come out and join the fun.

    Paranormal Encounters From The East: A Spooky Collection Of Stories

    by Lillian Lo

    Tales of the supernatural and the macabre have always been a morbid fascination to many. We travel to Asia, a world rich in its abundance of culture and superstitious beliefs, as well as a unique specialty in one-of-a-kind horror in film and media, inspired by the both colorful and bone-chilling folklore passed down for generations. But what happens when legendary myths turn to reality? This collection of frightful tales includes five stories from different individuals around Asia, from all walks of life, who have braved through blood-curdling nightmares and lived to tell the tale…

    Jumping the Cliff To Simply Be: Reggio Calabria to Monte Carlo

    by Paul Burgum

    One’s man’s remarkable journey of self-discovery that spanned a whole continent before finally finding himself in the beauty of the Italian coast. If you have ever dreamed of chasing your goals, but held back, this book is for you. The simple gift of a smile being Paul’s simple but effective tool for making friends of the people he met as strangers on the road, from the very first day.

    Paul Burgum has walked across England, Scotland, France & Monaco before departing for Italy just before New Year 2013. His aim to walk un-aided across the length of Italy from Reggio Calabria to Monte Carlo, a journey of over a 1000 miles. As usual Paul set the rules for the walk of undertaking the challenge not speaking the language, without support crew or funds of any note & not even having planned his route, other than the start & finish.

    Following a nervous breakdown 5 years ago, Paul coined the phrase jumping the cliff, which meant throwing himself into situations that scared him, aiming to conquer his anxiety disorder and also his battles with depression. Paul’s writing shows what can be achieved regardless of mental health issues and how on occasion we can use them to our advantage.

    Paul writes with complete honesty during the walk as he details his slow relapse into the hands of alcohol, a long-time nemesis. If the journey was not tough enough Paul also had to battle gaining a serious chest infection during his first few days, being the victim of credit card fraud, leaving him penniless & walking during some of the worst rain Italy had seen for a generation.

    The walk itself also raised funds for the Jo & Mya Memorial Fund, named in memory of the family of Paul’s good friend Ian Richardson. The charity aims to support children & families of people who have been suddenly & unexpectedly bereaved.

    Paul is a long time dreamer who believes that anything is possible if you believe in yourself!!

    Make Your Travels Appy: 50 Travel Apps to Save You Time and Money

    by Carmen Allan-Petale

    Want to make your travels stress free?

    Download this book to help you discover all the apps you’ll ever need for making your holiday time easy to organise.

    From saving money to staying safe, this book helps you discover apps and travel tools related to:

    - Planning

    - Flight booking

    - Transportation

    - Accommodation

    - Navigation

    - Money

    - Language

    - Tours

    - Safety

    - Fitness and Health

    Travel: Europe Travel Box Set – Berlin,Prague,Budapest (Europe Travel)

    by Gary Jones

    Europe Travel Box Set – Get 3 Books For The PRICE of 2 NOW!!

    Discover the best of Berlin ,Budapest and Prague

    If you are planning to go to Berlin, Budapest or Prague for vacation or business, and you only have 2 or 3 days in each city, then this box set is perfect for you.

    The focus of this box set is to make your short stay one of the most memorable experiences of your life.The goal of these books is not to squeeze everything the cities has to offer into 2 -3 days.The goal is to show you the best of the cities in a short time.

    This box set is for a short stay traveler only!We focus on the best the cities has to offer.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Understanding Berlin,Budapest and Prague
    • The Histories of Berlin,Budapest and Prague
    • An Overview Of The Cities
    • Transport and Safety
    • Museums and Art Galleries
    • Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and Nightlife
    • Sample 3 Day Itinerary
    • Shopping
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

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    12 Oct

    Free sports Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Golf: Golf Simplified: Eliminate Strokes Right Away: 21 Simple And Effective Tips To Help You Instantly Improve All Aspects of Your Game (JORDAN SPIETH BONUS tips, Beginners guide)

    by Al Turner

    *All BS and marketing strategies aside, this book is meant to provide as much value for you as possible. I’m assuming if your reading this you enjoy playing the magnificently challenging game of golf…I truly want to help you enjoy this game even more by lowering your score with the provided tips, techniques, strategies, knowledge, and drills in this book, which are explained to you in the simplest way possible.

    Whether you are a professional, an experienced player looking to take your game to that seemingly impossible next level, an amateur, a curious beginner searching for a product with the perfect combination of basic fundamentals and essential knowledge, or totally clueless and won’t even step foot on a golf course out of fear of embarrassment (Don’t worry! We all have been there.) this book has something practical you can take away to positively impact your game.

    This Book Covers Just About Every Aspect of Golf

    • Driving
    • Iron Shots
    • Wedge Shots
    • Putting
    • Mental Tips
    • Pictures and diagrams to enhance comprehension and simplify content
    • and a lot more (Additional Jordan Spieth bonus tips)
    • You Will Find Answers To Frequently Asked Golf Questions Like…

      • How do I stop slicing the ball?
      • How can I hit longer and straighter drives?
      • How can I consistently make solid contact?
      • What do I have to do in order to stop this three putting madness?
      • What is the most important aspect of putting?
      • How do I hit the sweet spot on the putter every time?
      • What wedges should I carry?
      • What are the best drills to develop my game?
      • and a lot more
      • Additional JORDAN SPIETH BONUS tip on ball control

        You may be hesitant to buy this book as there are a lot of other golf books out there but there is one thing I want you to know: this book is the most helpful and effective.

        Because I appreciate you going out of your way to read this description here is a short excerpt and inside look at one of the additional Jordan Spieth bonus tips called “check it”.

        Check it

        “One of the best ways to control your ball is to hit it low, allowing it to gain after a few bounces. This technique can come in handy when you are dealing with a lot of green. Open the face of your sixty-degree wedge at address, and then set your ball about center in your stance to ensure that you catch it clean. On the return, hinge your wrists, and then try to maintain a bit of that hinge when coming down. Your hands should be slightly closer to the target during impact than your club head. A good trick to control the speed of the ball is to maintain the club head at close proximity to the ground as much as possible. This will enable the grooves to really grasp the ball and cause a backspin. Swinging up too soon will lead to either poor contact or a too high shot.”

        $2.99 and the rest of this extremely valuable information is yours forever.

    The Airsoft Bible: Book of Comm

    by William Frisbee

    Combat Communications. Not as glamorous or as intimidating as weapons, but without it you are rabble, easy prey for the team of professional warriors who use and understand the art of battle field communications.

    This book covers the art of battle field communication at the small unit tactical level and battlefield level. It lists methods, techniques, tricks, equipment and best practices. It covers radios, hand arm signals, hand signals, challenge and passwords, proper and effective radio communications and more.

    For the Airsoft and Paintball warrior this books covers simple to advanced concepts, with tips, tricks and recommendations. If you don’t have it your enemy probably will. Can you take that chance?

    This book is one of The Airsoft Bible series. Do unto others before they do unto you.

    Crossfit: Crossfit Now! An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Top 10 WODs, Paleo Dieting, and embracing the SUCK

    by D. James Smith

    Crossfit isn’t a fad – it’s a lifestyle. It is demanding, but undeniably effective in helping people get control over their diet and habits. There are so many different elements to Crossfit that you can do a different workout every day to prevent boredom and the usual routine that makes people quit exercising. From changing your diet to embracing the SUCK, there are a lot of things you should know and prepare yourself to do before you start the Crossfit regimen. Crossfit is the promise of pain and long-term gain in exchange for your dedication. And it has one of the most supportive communities to help you get through the rough times. Getting started is almost easy, sticking with it takes determination and a strong will that pays off with a new and healthier lifestyle.

    If you’re ready to get started with Crossfit or to take your WODs to the next level, please purchase this book by clicking above.

    Good to you, D. James Smith

    Compressing the Golf Ball: Making good contact (How to Play Golf from the Very Beginning Book 2)

    by Richard Koreski

    The number one thing that most new golfers get wrong from the beginning is how they imagine that you are supposed to hit a golf ball. A good deal of the misinformation comes from the TV and watching professional golf on TV. If you watch golf on TV and you don’t know much about it, you can come away with the idea that you need to dig up the lawn

    A Grill Master Deluxe: The Basics of Grilling

    by Cameron Dunn

    Learn how to become the master of the grill today. Follow master grill master Cameron Dunn as he leads you through the exciting world of grilling. Get all your questions answered and much more. Get ready for a summer of fun grilling.

    RV Living: A Beginner’s Guide With 35+ Useful Tips For Comfortable Full Time RV Living: (RV Living for beginners, Motorhome Living, rv living in the 21st … rv travel guide, rv trips, rv full time)

    by Adam Sins

    RV Living

    A Beginner’s Guide with 35+ Useful Tips for Comfortable Full Time RV Living

    Have you ever wanted to try an RV trip? It’s one of the major things that people want to do with their lives. Going in an RV is a fun and fascinating experience, but as a person, you might not know where to start. You might think that an RV isn’t as awesome as it is, and you might not know how to achieve this sort of thing. Well, what if you were able to learn the basics of it? There is something good that comes out of that, and this book will show you some handy tips on RV-ing.

    This book will give you the full basics of life in an RV, some basics that will help make your life easier, and some helpful hacks and tips to make the experience all the more better. Life in an RV can be a ton of fun, and it can be quite the adventure, and this book will go into great detail and highlight what some of those tips are. By the end of this, you will know the basics of living in an RV, and you will learn about some of the essentials to learn before you embark on this adventure.

    Download your E book “RV Living: A Beginner’s Guide with 35+ Useful Tips for Comfortable Full Time RV Living” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

    Tags: RV living, RV travel, RV camping, RV books, RV living full time, RV Living free, RV living boondocking, RV camping guide, RV camping secrets for beginners, Rv camping secrets, RV camping books, RV Living, RV living for beginners, RV Living full time, Rv camping secrets, RV camping books

    Weight Loss For Women Box Set: 33 Tips to Improve Your Hips, Waist, & Buttocks Combined with the Guide For Mastering 15 Bodyweight Exercises For Women … bodyweight training and workouts)

    by Jennifer Smith

    BOOK #1: Weight Loss For Women: 33 Tips to Improve Your Hips, Waist, & Buttocks

    Losing weight can be a huge struggle for most women. With so many fad diets and exercise trends that promise to slim your hips, tone your butt and reduce your waist it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start your own weight loss plan. Some women end up taking drastic measures to drop the pounds by getting risky surgeries. Some spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, exercise equipment or diet planning kits. You can easily get the same results by making conscience changes to your everyday routine and sticking to an effective workout that does not cost any money or require hours of sweat at the gym. Weight Loss For Women: 33 Tips to Improve Hips, Waist & Buttocks covers a variety of effective weight loss tips that ensures achievable results.

    If you, like so many other women struggle to cut fat from your midsection this book will help you finally see results for an improved body. Any women can put the tips in this book into practice for the body they have been not been able to attain from their previous weight loss attempts.

    Examples of the tips and topics covered in this book include:

    • Dieting Tips. Simple Lifestyle Changes to boost your weight loss
    • Exercise targeted to shape up your butt
    • Core focused exercises to slim your waist
    • Hip trimming exercises

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    BOOK #2: Bodyweight Training: The Advanced Guide For Mastering 15 Bodyweight Exercises For Women

    Staying fit has become more popular as people become more aware of the health risks associated with obesity and poor lifestyles. This is even more so for women. Engaging in various bodyweight training activities can ensure one to remain healthy and to an improved quality of life. Nevertheless, you must find a type of bodyweight training activity that you take pleasure in performing to reap maximum results. In this book, we will review all of the acceptable bodyweight training activities that will help women get in shape without having to lift heavy weights.

    Here are just a few things this great book has to offer:

    • This book will take you on an all-access pass to learning the ins and outs of bodyweight training.
    • It will prepare you before your workout and for all after workout routines and methods.
    • It will also give you the best exercises that bodyweight training has to offer.

    So, throw they old rusty weights out of the window! There’s no need in picking up any weights or sweating it out in some line at the squat in your local gym. You can get the same results from these bodyweight training tips and methods.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

    Download your copy of “Weight Loss For Women Box Set” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.


    Tags: Weight Loss For Women Box Set, weight loss motivation, bodyweight training and workouts,weight loss for dummies, weight loss for busy women, bodyweight training for women, bodyweight training for beginners, weight loss for people who feel too much, weight loss for busy women, lose weight, lose weight fast, weight loss strategies, how to lose weight fast, fast weight loss, weight loss plan, how to lose weight fast, how to lose belly fat, lose belly fat, diet and weight loss, bodyweight exercises, bodyweight workout, bodyweight training bible, bodyweight training anatomy , bodyweight training equipment, bodyweight training guide, bodyweight, bodyweight circuit training, bodyweight bodybuilding, bodyweight strength training

    Screwballs & Short Hops: Four Classic Base-Ball Stories (American Flim-Flam)

    by Tracy Tomkowiak

    The History of Baseball Turned on its Headâ??Four Vintage Tales in One Volume!

    Welcome to American Flim-Flam, where we poke fun at the game of baseball during its early and formative years in the 1800s. With two full-length novels and two shorter works, Screwballs & Short Hops features a cast of quirky characters in humorous and oftentimes farcical situations as we take aim at satirizing our national pastime.

    The stories:

    Big League Balderdash A rollicking tale of the first four decades of baseball with dozens of player profiles and in the center of it all a colossal clash between the rich and powerful industrialist J.B. Sterne and the pugnacious beer baron Pete Schnockerdâ??with the entire future of the game up for grabs.

    Vs. Speaking of clashes, two hard-scrabble baseball rivals, Chester Deevers and Bill “Spit” Mullansky duke it out with their teams in a no-holds-barred playoff contest to see who survives each other’s blatant cheating. Chock full of foul language, over-the-top antics and sudden bursts of violence, this is vintage baseball at its finest!

    Barnstormin’ Flynt Doyle is down on his luck. Once a star outfielder for the Chicago Unions, he’s now been kicked out of the game for his habitual drunkenness and his only way back in is to manage the hapless Baltimore Federals, the worst team ever to play. Follow Doyle as he drags the team across the country on a barnstorming tour in search of a way out of their misfortune.

    Left Field The baseball era of the 19th century has long been forgotten but an odd bit of memorabilia has managed to pop back into the present day.

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    12 Oct

    Free science fiction Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Native Storm

    by Sara Butler

    Devastated by the effects of global warming, earth is abandoned; it’s people flee to the stars. But three colonies return to a re-formed planet: the hedonistic Natives, the religious people of the Hive, and the technologically savvy engineers of Fleet.

    Several hundred years have passed and the Natives need more land. Mysteriously, one family in Fleet is slaughtered in their sleep every Twentieth night, and the Natives are suspect.

    Schell Faber, a young woman of the Hive, seeks to lead her people to a closer bond with their Onegod. Her time of testing lands her in the middle of the murder spree in Fleet. When she uncovers the identity of the killer, her own life is threatened. Only her unlikely bond with Thanos, a Native tavern keeper, saves her. Together they must find and unmask the killer to end the clock-like slaughter.

    Native Storm is at its heart the story of two young people determined to find the truth and enable others to see as they do. They must confront issues of religion vs faith, and knowledge vs wisdom. To succeed they must discard their own prejudices and rise above their own limitations to save the people of earth.

    Native Storm is the first of the Earth Metamorphosis series. The story continues with Vengeance is Mine (coming soon) and Faith of the Father (coming soon).


    by Mark Dupuy

    James Hoffman Kent had a great life in Orlando. He had super strength, super speed, X-ray vision and the ability to fly. But he wasn’t a super hero. He used these unique talents to build a company where he is paid handsome sums of money to move things. He could move a wrecked truck; he could build a dam in the Middle East; he could destroy a hotel that needed to be off the property quickly. A private jet crashes on takeoff in Sanford, Florida. Janet Marcos comes into his life. The CEO of a luxury transportation company (Suretran) she needed his services to remove the wreckage before incurring daily fines. His life would be changed forever, not realizing that while he was enjoying her company some other figures from his past would return to haunt him. And when the situation came to a full boil, he would have to return to Nidwalden, Switzerland, where it all began.

    Betrayed by Blood (Courtesan Slave Trade Book 2)

    by Allison West

    When Aaron discovers his father, King Gideon, and brother, Prince August, are still alive and a verdict for treason to come within a few days, Aaron has no choice but to infiltrate the palace, no matter the cost. Forced to align himself with the rebel leader Rhys, Aaron and Lorelei must return to the palace to seek justice and protect the crumbling nation of Brayleigh. Will she be loved by all who know of her as the murderess or feared for her deadly sins?

    Unwilling to let Rhys take command of the country, Aaron will have to become the prince he was destined to be and rise in power to overthrow the new regime. Will Aaron be able to stop Rhys from his rise of power and end the slave trade once and for all? Will Lorelei find herself assimilated as part of the rebel movement or an enemy of the people?

    Betrayed by Blood is the riveting conclusion to the Courtesan Slave Trade series and a spin-off of the Gem Apocalypse series.

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    12 Oct

    Free science Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Herbal Antibiotics Box Set: 68 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Kills All Infections. 18 Secrets of Homemade Remedies and Recipes That Will Help … Herbal Antibiotics books, herbal medicine)

    by Chad Tran

    BOOK #1: Herbal Antibiotics: 15 Herbs With Natural Antibiotic Properties As An Effective Defense Against Drug-Resistant Superbugs

    The Herbal Antibiotics: 15 Herbs with Natural Antibiotic Properties as an Effective Defense against Drug-Resistant Superbugs is designed to increase your awareness about the benefits of herbal antibiotics. After reading this book, you will come to know the adverse effects of traditional antibiotics on your body.

    BOOK #2: Herbal Antibiotics: How to Use the 15 Amazing Natural Herbal Antibiotics and Anti-virals That Are Hiding in Your Kitchen

    It is not only the medical professionals that are debating the uses of antibiotics. There is still a large grey area surrounding how viral and bacterial infections can be diagnosed simply from the symptoms.

    Topics that are covered in detail are as follows:

    • Antibiotics in general
    • Introducing alternative medicines
    • Antibiotics versus natural remedies
    • 15 natural herbal and viral antibiotics
    • Today’s antibiotics could threaten your life tomorrow
    • Myths about antibiotics
    • First aid for the family

    BOOK #3: Natural Antibiotics: 15 of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Kills All Infections

    Build immunity to modern medicine! The United States government understands how dangerous a potential drug resistant bacterium could be on a population of unprepared people. Infections from medical institutions are one of the highest causes of death, with an estimated 100,000 people dying in the United States annually from disease they caught in a hospital and this number is expected to rise in the future. Don’t let that happen to you!

    BOOK #4: Herbal Antibiotics: 8 Amazing Herbs for Curing Infections Naturally Without Using Pills

    This guide to herbal antibiotics is meant to grant you a much deep understanding of the world of herbal alternatives to the mass produced and overused list of antibiotics currently in our world.

    This book will expand your knowledge in the following areas:

    • What are herbal antibiotics?
    • The properties of various herbal antibiotics
    • What are the benefits of herbal antibiotics?
    • How have traditional drugs failed?
    • How can herbal antibiotics treat today’s illnesses?
    • How to prepare and consume herbal antibiotics
    • Which herbal antibiotics will treat an infection or illness
    • Which herbal antibiotics to use for improved immune health

    BOOK #5: Herbal Antibiotics: 18 Secrets of Homemade Natural Remedies and Recipes That Will Help You Take Off Your Pills and Live More Healthy

    Do you hate showing your face when you have an outbreak of unsightly acne? Does your son or daughter dread going to school when their face is covered with blemishes? Have you considered the possibility that acne might be caused by bad bacteria within the body?

    The science behind acne outbreaks is growing clearer and clearer. And so can your skin. By relying not on topical creams or treatments loaded with chemicals.

    BOOK #6: Natural Antibiotics: 30 of the Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics That Kill Pathogens and Heals Bacterial Infections

    Alternative or complementary medicine is something to be seriously considered in a world that is becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics and increasingly dependent on pharmaceutical solutions. Whilst visiting your doctor is always appropriate for more serious conditions, many minor complaints and injuries can be effectively treated at home using natural antibiotics from botanical sources.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Essential Oils: The Complete Essential Oils Guide: Essential Oils For Beginners, Benefits of Essential Oils And Essential Oil Recipes (Essential Oils, essential oils recipes, Aromatherapy)

    by Paola Duglas

    Essential oils are crucial when you want to improve your day to day living and spruce it up to be excellent. The aroma that they give out has a positive impact on your spirit, body and mind. The wide range of the essential oils and their benefits will ensure that your skin and body are also taken care of by using them.

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • Types of essential oils that will guide you as a beginner in their usage
    • Aromatherapy benefits that accompany the use of the different essential oils
    • How essential oils are extracted and the sources from which they are gotten from
    • The qualities of oils that are preferred to give the highest qualities of essential oils
    • Strategies that are used to extract oil from plants, and the process of making them pure.
    • Benefits of using the oils and how they can enhance the care of your skin and other body parts.
    • Places, where some of the materials used to make essential oils, are found and grown.
    • How different essential oils blend to form a perfume or fragrance that is appealing in terms of scent and aroma.
    • Various applications of the essentials always that are in the book, and how useful they are in the creation of different products.
    • Products that are created with the use of the essential oils that have been mentioned in this book.
    • Types and parts of a plant that will give the best result in producing pure and high-quality oil.
    • Dangers of exposing your skin after applying some of the essential oils.

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

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    Anti-Aging: Superfoods Diet: Lose Weight Naturally, Have Younger Skin and Increase your Energy in Less Than 30 Days with the Ultimate Detox Plan (Anti … Energy, Look Young, Look Younger Naturally)

    by Carl Preston

    Anti-Aging Superfoods: How To Lose Weight and Feel Great In Just One Month

    Today only, get this Kindle eBook for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $2.99. Take advantage of this offer and read it today on your PC, MAC or portable device.

    Cut your bad habits and kick off the ultimate anti-aging detox diet!. Stop your cravings for junk food, make yourself radiant with younger looking skin and give yourself the energy of a teenager that you thought you’d lost forever. All these thanks to the miraculous Superfoods Diet.

    Learning the benefits of superfoods, you will be given the tools to embrace a healthier lifestyle without any drastic measures like eating three cabbage leaves a day and only drinking water that has been rinsed through the hair of a young prince! In this superfoods anti-aging diet you will find a step by step guide to ease you through four weeks of changing habits, resulting in a slimmer, energetic and younger looking person looking back at you in the mirror. This is the beginning of your anti-aging process!

    The book is written simply to make reading effortless, allowing you to let the information wash over you and prepare you for taking control of your appearance and moods. Your anti-aging process has begun!

    There is no jargon to complicate the guide, just easy to understand instructions to help you lose weight naturally through this superfoods diet detox plan.

    A Sneaky Peak Inside The Anti-Aging Superfoods Diet

    This book is a comprehensive overview of a diet that will help you towards acquiring essential anti-aging habits and diet. When you’ve completed this four week superfoods diet plan, your skin will be healthier, and your body will feel stronger. Anti-aging habits will just become part of your life after your have interiorized the superfoods diet!

    In this book, we will discover exactly what foods you need to make a part of your diet in order to help you become healthier, look younger, and have more energy. The four week superfood plan is a perfect jumping-off point towards a healthier lifestyle and a younger you!

    • Chapter 1: The Basics of the superfoods diet
    • Chapter 2: Anti-Aging Superfoods
    • Chapter 3: Superfoods for a Higher Energy Level
    • Chapter 4: Superfoods to Help You Lose Weight Naturally
    • Chapter 5: Anti-Aging Diet Week 1
    • Chapter 6: Anti-Aging Diet Week 2
    • Chapter 7: Anti-Aging Diet Week 3
    • Chapter 8: Anti-Aging Diet Week 4
    • Chapter 9: The Long Term Journey

    As you turn each page of this book, you will learn the truth behind why every afternoon we can’t help but leaving our desks for the vending machine seeking that energy boost that chocolate and crisps give us. You will discover what is making your skin age and what steps you can take to achieve anti-aging habits. If you’re fed up of having to stop for breath halfway up the stairs, then this book will explain how you can rediscover high energy levels so instead of chasing your children or grandchildren around the park, they will be the ones who struggle to keep up with you!

    After taking a little time to read this superfoods diet book, you will learn how a simple trip to the supermarket will be all you need to kick-off the anti-aging process. Armed with this superfoods diet you will be able to melt away your excess fat, plump up your skin to make your wrinkles disappear. Your friends and family will be amazed at your transformation, so be prepared to be told several times about how you have got your sparkle back and you’ll get many questions to ask how you have managed to knock ten, fifteen, twenty years off your face. Your answer:The Anti-Aging superfoods diet!

    Tags: Anti Aging, Superfoods, Youn

    Microsoft Project 2010 Tutorials 04: Closeout and Software Cheat Sheets (PMP Toolbox Training Book 8)

    by Adam Ding

    ***Proven Results: Everyone can learn all PM essentials with Microsoft Project in 30 minutes or less!***

    This booklet is the last tutorial for Microsoft Project 2010 in the “PMP Toolbox Training” series. Still based on the same simple case scenario from the previous books, it officially closes the project by updating the progress and also reviewing overall performance information. As a conclusion and grand finale, the book also includes many handy cheat sheets for “how-to” shortcuts covered in the whole book series: schedule set-up, resource/cost loading and progress updates etc.

    Note: The current book is based on Microsoft Project 2010. For Microsoft Project 2013 version tutorial, please check out “PMBOK 5th Edition Lab Manual (Master Edition): Using Microsoft Project 2013″ by the same author. Please do a search on Kindle or simply follow this direct link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B010EP3S8G

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    12 Oct

    Free romance Kindle books for 12 Oct 15

    Aedian: Alien Warrior: A Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Paranormal Romance

    by Ashley West

    A Steamy Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Paranormal Romance

    This is a full-length novel with no cliffhangers

    Ten years ago, the Calphesians, a warrior race from far beyond our stars, invaded Earth with the intention to kill everyone they found and take the planet’s resources for themselves. In order to prevent the destruction of the human race, a treaty was set, allowing the Calphesians to remain on Earth and use its resources as long as they didn’t kill anyone or hurt the people. In addition, they would be able to pick and choose from a selection of human women to marry and have children with, in order to keep their kind from dying out.

    Every five years, three women are randomly selected and married off to the strongest warriors of the Calphesians, and this year Roxanne has been chosen. She’s angry and bitter about having her life decided for her, and nothing changes when she meets Aedian, her husband to be. He’s boorish and crude, and treats her like she’s insignificant most of the time, and all they do is fight.

    But when another race of aliens seeks to destroy the Earth and everyone on it, everyone will have to band together to fight them off, and both Aedian and Roxanne will realize there’s more to each other than they’d thought.

    This Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Paranormal Romance has action, adventure and romance around every turn. Get your copy today by clicking “Buy Now!”…

    CAUTION: Includes hot sex scenes and intense action! 18 or older.

    Forever After (Montana Brides, Book 3)

    by Leeanna Morgan

    She’s on a mission. He’s in control. For now.

    Nicky Scotson is on a mission: to duck, dive and deploy every evasive maneuver she can manage to keep away from Sam Delaney, Chief Executive of her family’s construction company. Falling in love with him two years earlier wasn’t the smartest thing she’d ever done and she won’t repeat the same mistake again.

    Sam is unprepared for the havoc that’s about to turn his carefully ordered life into a crazy ride of hormones and heartache. When Nicky comes back to Montana to find the person stealing thousands of dollars from her family’s company, he knows he’s in trouble. A white picket fence and two point five kids have never been part of his plan. He thinks nothing lasts forever…until Nicky shows him that forever is closer than he thinks.

    If this is the first time you have read a Montana Brides story, you can easily read each book as a standalone. If you would like to know when the next book in the series is published, please go to my website leeannamorgan.com and sign up to my newsletter. Thank you for your incredible support!

    The Montana Brides series:

    Book 1: Forever Dreams (Gracie and Trent)

    Book 2: Forever in Love (Amy and Nathan)

    Book 3: Forever After (Nicky and Sam)

    Book 4: Forever Wishes (Erin and Jake)

    Book 4.5: Forever Santa (A Montana Brides Christmas Novella)

    Book 5: Forever Cowboy (Emily and Alex)

    Book 6: Forever Together (Kate and Dan)

    Book 7: Forever and a Day (Jordan and Sarah)

    The Bridesmaids Club (Linked to Montana Brides):

    Book 1: All of Me (Tess and Logan)

    Book 2: Loving You (Annie and Dylan)

    Book 3: Head Over Heels (Sally and Todd)

    Book4: Sweet on You (Molly and Jacob)

    Emerald Lake Billionaires

    (Linked to The Bridesmaids Club & Montana Brides):

    Book 1: Sealed with a Kiss (Rachel and John)

    Book 2: Playing for Keeps (Sophie and Ryan)

    Book 3: Crazy Love (Holly and Daniel)

    Romance: Tempted By The Wild Stallion, A Western Historical Romance (BBW,Ranchers,Cowboys,Mail Order Bride)

    by E. Sharpe

    Warning: This ebook contains mature scenes and language only suitable for readers 18+!

    When Wyatt and Colby Bolton inherited their father’s cattle ranch at the tender ages of 22 and 23 they had no idea of just how much time the business would demand. The older of the two, Wyatt, finally he turns to a mail order bride website to try to revive his personal life.

    Little does he know however, that the girl he agrees to meet up with has another date planned for the same day – with Wyatt’s very own brother!

    What happens when the two brothers find out about Ruth’s plan? Who will she choose? Or will she have to?

    My Brother’s Best Friend

    by P.L Jenkins

    Growing up, Emerson Asher had always been in love with the boy next door, Graysen. It wasn’t easy though, as Graysen was the best friend to Emerson’s older brother, Ethan. Out of fear of rejection she never told him her feelings- then he left.

    Now being years later, he shows back up in her life. Old feelings resurface, and she finally has the opportunity to tell him how she feels. Although he admits to having similar feelings, they can’t let anyone know, especially Ethan.

    Graysen Stevens moved from his hometown as a teenager. As he gets older, he finds out something he should have never known, and as a result moves back home to Austin, Texas. He becomes the boy next door once more.

    The moment his eyes connect with Emerson’s after all these years, he knows he shouldn’t be thinking the things he is to a girl he once thought of as his own sister. Temptation gets the best of him though, and now he has more secrets to hide. He can’t let anyone know what Emerson and him are doing behind closed doors, and he certainly can’t let Emerson know what drove him back home after all this time.

    Eventually secrets find their way to the surface though. Everything that became ideal in their lives change, and they know that nothing will ever be the same again

    A Season of Magenta

    by Brenda B. Dawson

    RJ Scott is a cantankerous, old cowboy, doggedly set in his ways, determined to spend his golden years the same as he’s spent his life: proud, independent, and alone. Having paid dearly for the mistakes made in his life, he has no use for women, other than his weekly visits to “Big Goldie’s Roadhouse” in his town of Poke, Texas. 

    Elizabeth Carlton is an uptight widow, clinging to the memory of her deceased husband. Carefully hiding her own heart wrenching mistakes, she is insistent that her church friends on “Widow’s Row” see only the virtuous image she has meticulously created for herself. 

    The two “baby boomers” have accepted the routine of their boring existence, and expect nothing more from life than to spend their golden years in peace and serenity, but with the announcement of their children’s upcoming wedding, the two aging delinquents are forced to spend the weekend from hell together.

    As the horrible weekend passes, the icy slope melts between them, and they unwittingly discover that life and love are far from over for either of them. Unfortunately, the same is true for their long hidden mistakes.

    Dragon Blues (Immortal Dragons Book 1)

    by Ophelia Bell

    They weren’t dragons. They weren’t even human. But she wanted them both more than anything in the thousands of years she’d lived.

    One of only six immortal dragonsâ??truly immortal in every sense of the wordâ??the Blue Dragon Belah only seeks one more chance at love after a heartbreak that took millennia to recover from. Wary of humans after the last man she loved nearly destroyed her entire race centuries ago, she takes the chance, leaving her sanctuary to find a worthy human mate.

    If she can find the perfect mate and conceive a child with him, she might just turn the tide against their mortal enemy.

    Lukas and Iszak North have managed to stick to the fringes of the world for two hundred years. They would gladly leave the true work up to the dragons, and let their own race of falcon shifters have their peace. Tortured after their mortal enemy murdered their sister decades earlier, they finally hope to find happiness when when a beautiful female dragon walks into the jazz club Lukas’s band has a gig at. Dragons are renowned for their sexual appetites, and she’s apparently set her sights on them.

    It doesn’t take long for them to learn who she really isâ??the dragon who was single-handedly responsible for unleashing an enemy on the world that’s tormented their race for more than a millennia, and their own family in very recent history. Centuries of buried animosity blaze forth when they learns Belah’s secrets, threatening to ruin the first true love they’ve found in several lifetimes of searching.

    Truth might set them free, but it might also destroy them.

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