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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

Loving Miss Darcy (Brides of Pemberley Book 2)

by Nancy Kelley

Georgiana Darcy watches daily as her brother and his wife fall more deeply in love and dreams of similar love and a home of her own. However, after the disaster years ago with Wickham, she does not believe that any man will have her; thus, the idea of a Season in London holds no appeal for her.

Richard Fitzwilliam was tasked with watching over Georgiana and seeing her married to a deserving gentleman. The problem is finding a gentleman he approves of; not even his closest friends are deemed worthy of her hand.

When scandal breaks and all Georgiana’s worst fears seem to come true, will Richard realize in time how deep his affections run, or will they lose their chance at happiness?

Sinful Folk: FIRE: (includes Book 1)

by Ned Hayes

PART 1 of the Best-selling Historical Novel:

A tragic loss. A desperate journey. A mother seeks the truth.

In December of 1377, four children were burned to death in a house fire. Villagers traveled hundreds of miles across England to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

Sinful Folk is the story of this terrible mid-winter journey as seen by Mear, a former nun who has lived for a decade disguised as a mute man, raising her son quietly in this isolated village. For years, she has concealed herself and all her history. But on this journey, she will find the strength to redeem the promise of her past. Mear begins her journey in terror and heartache, and ends in triumph and transcendence.

The remarkable new novel by Ned Hayes, illustrated by New York Times bestselling author/illustrator Nikki McClure, Sinful Folk illuminates the medieval era with profound insight and compassion.

Favorably reviewed by bestselling historical writers Karen Maitland, Brenda Vantrease, Kathryn Le Veque, and Ella March Chase.

Song of the Spirit: A Story of Love and Freedom

by M. Lee Prescott

In the late 1800s, post-Civil War, two young Cheyenne sisters are wrenched from a loving family, kidnapped and incarcerated at Rose Academy, a harsh, Indian boarding school established to assimilate native young people, teach them English, and eradicate their knowledge of traditional ways, considered inferior to the ways of the Washita (whites).

Forbidden to speak their native language, the sisters are whipped and punished, however, the school harsh life fails break their spirit. The eldest, Wind Flower, on the cusp of womanhood, excels academically, while continually planning their escape. Time and again she is hunted down and forcibly returned to Rose Academy. There, she watches her beloved little sister’s alarming transformation into a proper Washita girl. At the same time, Wind Flower finds love, with a young Sioux, renamed Caleb Green, by his captors.

A fast-paced, breathtaking tale of courage and romance, Song of the Spirit’s unforgettable characters intersect with historical events of the day, including the devastation of the Wound Knee massacre. Will these three courageous young people find freedom, or lose themselves and their way of life to the relentless cruelty of the Washita world?

Detective Miguel Orandez of the LAPD

by Za Funstein

Detective Miguel Orandez of the LAPD read out from the Internet: “Sleep specialists have successfully treated a rare set of circumstances whereby a beautician began having intimacies with strangers whilst sleepwalking.” The activities had disrupted the twenty-two year old & her boyfriend. The patient – who lives in West Hollywood & could not be identified for reasons of confidentiality – left her house & had intimacies with unfamiliar persons of various ages

A Flower in a Fallow Field

by Bruce Bennett

Driven from her country by war, a young Muslim girl finds that America can be a harsh and dangerous land. While more and more of her countrymen surround her in a small mid-west community, the threat of violence never escapes her.

Having seen the violence and devastation in her own birthplace, she longs for freedom which seems to be an elusive concept. Mocked and abused by Americans, she finally decides to arm herself against the ever-present dangers in her own home.

Find out what happens when hatred pushes average people beyond reason. What does America think about acts of violence against a misunderstood people? Pick a flower in a fallow field. New from William Collins Publishing on Amazon now.

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22 Jul

Free poetry Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

Never Meant To Be Written Part 1


Basically, I’m a flaw,

I know not, what is wrong,

I search for the light,

yet I’m lost in the dark,

find me, accepting, who I am.

The Traveler – Collected Poems

by Richard Palmer

Collected poetry of American poet, Richard Palmer

Tales of a Poor Poge

by Richard Palmer

Spanning over fifty years of artistic expression, “Tales of a Poor Poge” marks the definitive collective work of the American poet, Richard Palmer. Born out of the inner creative fire, it spins the tales of one destined to drink of the deepest well of human experience – love, war, friendship, betrayal, loneliness and isolation. Forged within the crucible of the inner self, these poems and plays embody the essence of a life lived truthfully and passionately and their light will sustain and vivify all who drink of their essence.

Two plays on the Vietnam War carries the reader on a journey into the heart of war and the suffering it brings to those whose misfortune it is to live through its horror. Never before published, these plays speak of a past history that is still relevant today as our world continues to be ravaged by the violence and cruelty of armed conflict and the legacy of sorrow it bequeaths to those who taste of its savagery.

Passion and power mark these tales of one who was destined to live as A Poor Poge, a dweller at the bottom of the food chain. For the seeker of reality, no finer feast than these tales could be offered to satisfy their inner hunger for truth.

Alex Pauley’s Poetry compilation: All poems written by Alex Pauley

by alex pauley

A complete set of Alex Pauley’s Poems.


by Essence Mason

Heart-Led takes you on a journey through love and the ups and downs that may occur while in it, and it explores the power of love itself. This short piece is written in the form of poetry, giving readers a brief, yet image-filled piece to enjoy on the go.

Goosebumps II: And Other New Poetry

by Domenic Marbaniang

Goosebumps II is an anthology of poems by Domenic Marbaniang. It includes poems such as Goosebumps II, Miracles, A Dozen Mirrors Wouldn’t Do, and Protect Your Heart.

Goosebumps: An Anthology of Poems

by Domenic Marbaniang

Goosebumps is a collection of poems by Domenic Marbaniang, author, philosopher, Christian minister, and music artist.

Rule My Heart! – A Collection of Poems

by Domenic Marbaniang

Rule My Heart! is a collection of poems by author, artist, and teaching pastor Domenic Marbaniang. Poems include, Rule My Heart!, Flee Lust!, Protect Your Heart,Winds of Change, The World A Wily Tradesman, A Tale of Something and Nothing, Delay Is Not Denial, Beauty for Ashes,The Rain, Conquer This Self!, The Heart of Faith,How Quickly Do the Cycles Run, My Lines Have Fallen In Pleasant Places, Round of the Year, The Passion, The Key to Wisdom, The Lightning Or The River of Light
You’re a Hero, Deliverance from Myself, Cover Me Savior!, To The Ground My Face!, Peace, Bloom Where You’ve Been Planted, How Old Have We Grown, The World Is Not Your End, The Rainbow, By The Gate Called Beautiful, Man Beyond Nothingness, and others

Tears of a Giant

by Lyric .

When I wrote this book, all I could think of was how many people it would help. How people would get an understanding as to not only how I went thru itâ?¦But how I got thru it as well.

Many of my family members don’t know all of my emotions. This book will hopefully shed some light on my feelings during those times. My hope for this book is that it will encourage, uplift, and make you reach inside yourself. See your past and future at the same time. Finally, my hope for this book is that it will reach people regardless of sexuality, religion, and relationship status. We all have love in our hearts, the only issue we have as humansâ?¦Is we aren’t all free to express it.

Totems: Spirit and Symbols: Seeing, Speaking, Singing

by DonnaMarie Fekete

Totems are Spirit Symbols we See, Speak, or Sing. Poetry slips and slides through patterns of sound and silence. Most of us experience poetry as rhythm early in life, in nursery rhymes, songs, or rap. These poems share elements of all these forms. Their spirits are smaller than sparrows and as cosmic as creation, often telling a story, occasionally unraveling the hem of a healing mystery.

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22 Jul

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

Restorations (Oregon In Love Book 1)

by Bonnie Blythe

Book One in the Oregon In Love series.
In a small Oregon community, Sara Andersen finds herself in possession of an old farmhouse in desperate need of renovations. Brian Farris is a builder who is new in town, but intimately acquainted with Sara. His purpose is not to restore only the house, but his relationship with her. The only problem is that Sara doesn’t believe Brian has undergone any soulful renovations of his own. (Christian romance)

Look for Book Two: Lights and Shadows, and Book Three: Milagro For Miranda. Or buy the set Oregon In Love and save!

Rhythms of Grace

by Marilynn Griffith

Grace Okoye was a promising young dancer when her career was cut short by a brutal assault that left her scarred for life. Twenty years later, when her past gets in the way of her happiness, she heeds the invitation of her dance instructor and returns home to help hurting children and rediscover the rhythms of grace. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a man who already seems to know her beat. But for all they share in common, the biggest thing in Grace’s life is noticeably absent in his–faith. She’s finally found the love of her life, but can she choose between him and God?
Real, raw emotion and the promise of redemption run through this soulful new book from Marilynn Griffith.

In High Places

by Tom Morrisey

A Breath From Tragedy, a Whisper from Glory

For Patrick Nolan, every climb tells a story. And now maybe it’s his own …. He’s right at the rim, staring over the cliff’s knife edge and wondering how things went wrong so quickly.

It all started after arriving home from a weekend climbing trip with his father, Kevin. That’s when word reached them. In a silent moment, they’d lost the person most important to them–her death raising unanswerable questions and dangerous doubts.

Launching a new life in a new town to escape their pain, son and father find themselves in danger of being torn apart forever. As his father seeks a route to solace on the dangerous high face of the rock, Patrick finds a path to hope with the unlikeliest of allies–a pastor’s daughter. Together they must discover the one answer that can bring Patrick and Kevin back from the brink of the precipice

Sometimes There’s No Place to Go But Up

Buried Talents: An Inspirational Novella

by Shari Broyer

Downtrodden Sara Avery once sang like a songbird, but no tune has escaped her lips in years. Taken for granted and verbally abused by her husband and her children alike, the only place Sara finds any solace is in her garden. One day as she hacks at the ground with a hoe like a serial killer with an axe, something flies up and hits her, literally forcing her to see things differently.

As Sara begins digging to uncover the self she’s buried deep inside, she’s met with resistance from her family. Now Sara has to find a middle ground somewhere in-between doing what’s right for her and what’s right for them. It will take a Power greater than herself to do it, though. When Sara also rediscovers her relationship with Him, even one of the worst things that could happen turns out to be a miracle in disguise.

Like the Amazon bestselling Inspirational, Jesus on a Park Bench, this new story by Shari Broyer with a holiday theme is also great reading for all seasons, not just at Christmas.

Dawn of Shadows: Prophecy of the Heir: Chapter One (The Chronicles of Time Book 1)

by JC Lamont

Dawn of Shadows: Chapter One of Prophecy of the Heir

Prophecy of the Heir: Embedded within the gnarled knot of a gold tree lay the key to the fate of worlds. Its fruit, the bane of mortals and the lust of spirit-lords, conjures the wraith of death, whose power is wielded by the dark lord, Hashatan. Attempting to escape his predestined fate, Hashatan summons an army of blood-lusting warlords and fire-breathing horses as he seeks to annihilate the ancestral line of the prophesied Heir.

Only Michael can stop himâ??a vigilante warrior haunted by visions of a bleeding tree growing atop a blackened skull.

A 7-book series released in 3 volumes, The Chronicles of Time is a fantasy-inspired Christian mythos that plunges the reader into the supernatural world of Michael the archangel. A behind-the-scenes take on the angelic and demonic powers that move history, this epic series follows Michael, the vigilante commander of the Malakim, as he battles against Hashatan, the dark lord who seeks to usurp King Elyon’s throne and take rule of Shamayim. History and fantasy collide as the ultimate struggle between good and evil rages on in a war that spans millennia.

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Free horror Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

Falling Angels (Angel Thriller- AngelFire Chronicles Book 2): AngelFire Chronicles

by Ami Blackwelder

Catch up on some of your favorite characters in this sequel!

DRM free

Word count: 85,000

AngelFire Chronicles:

She Speaks to Angels- 1

Dumah’s Demons- 1.5

Falling Angels- 2

Angel Codes -3

Enter a World Where Love Knows No Boundaries. A World Where Boundaries are Manipulated. A World Where Manipulation Might End Everything.


The anticipated follow up book to She Speaks to Angels.

The stakes are raised after Ali Maney becomes Angelfire and Dameon would like nothing more than her death. Though Ali grows closer to Kian, they also find many differences that cause friction between them and after her best friends and brother are drawn into the angel wars, Ali will never look back until the war is over. 


“I enjoyed this book. If you’re into angels then this is a series that you don’t want to miss. One thing I can say is that the characters are written well. I can truly believe that Ali and her friends are teenagers. Usually when I read a story it’s the characters and then the plot that draws my attention, but with Falling Angels it’s the plot that keeps drawing me back. I love the problems and objects that come in play that help move the plot along. I love the premise behind Angelfire and the idea of how we all have the ability to go dark within us. I love how demons come to be and even Dameon. For once the bad guys are actually really bad and we see just how evil they are. I can’t wait for the next book and to see Ali grow and mature. Read this series you won’t be disappointed.” -Dennis Wilson

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22 Jul

Free travel Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

3 Day Guide to Santorini: A 72-Hour Definitive Guide On What to See, Eat & Enjoy In Santorini, Greece (Santorini Travel Guide, Santorini Greece)

by 3 Day Guides

See. Eat. Sleep. Enjoy. A 72-Hour Guide to Santorini, Greece

City breaks are perfect for those long weekends away. You go to a city and you’ve got only a short amount of time to see the sights, there’s no time to get distracted. But what if you don’t know exactly what to do and see? Which places to eat at? When is the best time to visit?

Exploring one of the most romantic and beautiful places on earth couldn’t be easier with this guide. No matter what you might be searching for in Santorini, whether it’s rekindling your romantic relationship, celebrating the start of a long and happy marriage or exploring more of the Greek island you can find it here. Whether you want to visit museums and learn more about the country that was the birthplace of democracy, explore the wineries that offer some of the most amazing wines around or even stroll along one of the island’s many beautiful beaches, you’re guaranteed to find something here that you will enjoy.

Inside 3 Day Guide to Santorini: A 72-Hour Definitive Guide On What to See, Eat & Enjoy In Santorini, Greece:

  • History – we’ve put together a historic overview of Santorini and Greece so you can learn for yourself exactly how this jewel of the Mediterranean came to be so beautiful
  • Climate – we explore the climate around Santorini, helping you pick the best time for you to come. If you’re coming for hot sun and cool breezes we help you pick the perfect time of year to get the most out of your holiday.
  • Island Overview – maybe you want to sample a few of the local festivals, some of which date back to the height of the Greek civilization, try the local cuisine with the season’s flow of fish and fresh vegetables or just explore the island like a local. Whatever you’re looking for you can find something to kindle the imagination.
  • Transport – Whether it’s getting to the island of Santorini by boat or plane or just traveling around the island, this book is packed with tips and tricks to help you keep travel stress free and cross the city like a local.
  • Sight-seeing – helping you to make the most of your visit and turn your holiday into the trip of a life time this guide is full of attractions to suit any type of adventurer, including; museums, beaches, outdoor hikes, night life, history, archaeology, architecture, food, wineries, sightseeing or even just spending time in the company of the one you love.
  • 3 Day Itinerary – For those of you who aren’t sure exactly what to you want to see but want to explore all that Santorini has to offer there’s a handy itinerary all drawn up for you. Filled with dozens of exciting ideas you can just pick and choose which parts you want to use and your trip of a lifetime is set.
  • Best Places for Any Budget – with comprehensive lists and reviews of the best places to eat, sleep and enjoy a night out all arranged by budget levels you’re bound to find something for you no matter what your budget is and what you’ve come to see.
  • Whether you’re coming for a romantic get away, want to see some breathtaking views or just want to get away from the stress of daily life you’re sure to find what you seek in Santorini, Greece. Download your kindle copy of 3-Day Guide to Santorini: A 72-hour definitive guide on what to see, eat and enjoy in Santorini, Greece to turn your trip into a trip of a lifetime on this idyllic paradise island.

    Tags: Santorini Greece, Santorini Guide, Santorini, Santorini Travel Guide, Greece Travel

    Top Ten Sights: New Orleans

    â??Top Ten Sights: New Orleans’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

    With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything New Orleans has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: New Orleans’ is the only guide you need!

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    22 Jul

    Free sports Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

    INDIA INSOURCING: Tourists Wanted

    by Justin Hensley

    In a forgotten corner of India, untamed rivers tumble past tribal villages hidden in the foothills of the Himalayas. The race is on to profit from their power. River India is hoping to preserve this untouched region by training locals to be rafting guides instead of construction workers and they need your help: Tourists Wanted.

    (This is an adventure travel feature written in 2009.)

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    22 Jul

    Free science fiction Kindle books for 22 Jul 14


    by A K Stone

    â??If only we had known.
    If we had just been aware of the child,
    delivered to safety, his only fragile protection the
    dark warning: keep him secret, or he will die.
    If we had recognised the flaw in humanity’s
    balancing act, competing with Artificial Intelligences
    by merging man with technology.
    If we had understood that when we finally
    conquered the light-speed barrier, our momentous
    achievement would be noticed.
    If only we had known, that something was
    out there, watching, and waitingâ?¦’

    The Lament of Michael Foxton, 2221 AD

    As Timeless As Stone: A love that transcends time (Steam-Gyptian-Punk Book 1)

    by Maeve Alpin

    Little does Ricard know when he sets the broken head of an ancient Egyptian statue onto its body, the stone figure will transform before his eyes into the most beautiful flesh and blood woman he’s ever seen.

    Seshat, an ancient Egyptian Priestess is newly awaken in 19th century Paris, after centuries as a stone statue. Though enchanted by the wondrous inventions of steam-servants and a steam-carriage, she is enthralled by the inventor, Ricard. He ignites her sensual desires and in a steamy night of carnal magic, Seshat transforms Ricard’s life forever. But how far will he go to secure her happiness? Is Ricard’s love for Seshat powerful enough to transcend time?

    Box of Zombies: Rise of the Dead Volumes 1-3

    by Donna Burgess

    Download all three together and save!

    For fans of hardcore horror/zombie gorefests such as Chainsaw Massacre, House of 1000 Corpses, Grindhouse’s Planet Terror and Walking Dead.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Biter: Volume 1

    When Morgan and Savannah’s tire blows, they’re positive they’re going to be stuck forever in Shitkicker, Alabama. But along comes hunky Johnny, their knight-in-not-so-shining-primer, and their bad day takes a turn for the better. Or so they think. The thing is, Johnny has a twin brother named Mikey, who’s starving for some fresh college chick flesh, and an inbred family set on making sure Mikey gets his dinner.

    Warning: Gory scenes and coarse language. Recommended for adults.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Dead Alive: Volume 2

    They said the virus was just a rumor.

    Sam Clark just witnessed a living nightmare as his wife devoured their small daughter. Now, with nothing left to lose, he treks his way across a landscape of living dead, back to his childhood home, with the hopes of finding his parents alive.

    “The Dead Alive,” is Romero-inspired tale of zombies, love and survival, with a dash of sex, more than a pinch of gore, and a glaring of hungry cats on the prowl.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Dead Girl: Volume 3

    Meet Audrey Scott. She has it all. She’s the most popular girl at Lincoln High and dates Tommy Barker, the cutest boy in the senior class. She has a credit card with no limit, is head cheerleader and was probably going to be homecoming queen again this year”"until she was bitten by a Deader. Worst part of it? He ruined her best jeans.

    But that’s just the tip of the putrid iceberg. Now, Audrey is beginning to fester. She doesn’t smell very fresh. Her hair comes out, along with pieces of scalp. Her friends no longer want to hang out with her. Tommy has moved on to a new girl. And poor Audrey is suddenly wearing Depends and hanging with her lame younger sister, Cindy.

    The world isn’t like it was. Disease is in the air and people have become infected. The dead are no longer buried because they won’t stay put in their graves. They are sent out to big, green pastures with electric fences, where they remain until they rot away to nothing.

    **Incidentally, the misspellings in this blog-style short story are intentional. Although I have no personal experience with the living dead, I have heard they are notoriously poor spellers.

    Scroll up and grab a copy today.

    Underneath the Draconian Sky

    by Dale M. Chatwin

    Dale M. Chatwin presents his debut novel: When 1107 is hired by saloon proprietor Sylvester Claproot to exterminate a group of escaped residents from the Bachman Gardens Institute for the Criminally Insane, it all seems like a run of the mill extermination: capture, torture and kill. He soon finds himself plunged into a brutal world of sexual lust, unhindered violence and where the fringes of sanity are lost to the winds of time. At the heart of this dark tale is the story of one man’s acceptance of his own demise and his journey into a chaotic world where he is forced to chase his death across a brutal dystopian landscape. It is a novel that will keep you reading until the Sun scars the horizon.

    Duty, Honor, Planet

    by Rick Partlow

    Former Marine Jason McKay thinks his first assignment as a Military Intelligence officer—as the head of a protection detail for a Republic Senator’s daughter on her humanitarian mission to the star colonies—will be a boring waste of time. Until Aphrodite, the agricultural colony they’re touring, is invaded by an inhuman enemy that may threaten Earth, and McKay and his people are trapped far behind enemy lines.

    Separated from his team during the attack, McKay has to try to keep Valerie O’Keefe, the idealistic daughter of a powerful politician, alive in the face of threats from an alien menace and a more mundane revolutionary front that is working to free the forced exiles from their servitude to the MultiCorps that run the colonies.

    Meanwhile, McKay’s second in command, Shannon Stark, leads the remainder of the special operations unit in an effort to sabotage the invaders in their effort to loot the resources of Aphrodite and to learn more about their true identity.

    Together, these two officers fight to survive, to protect the civilians in their charge…and to do their duty.

    Look for the next two novels in the series, Duty, Honor, Planet: Honor Bound and Duty, Honor, Planet: The Line of Duty now available on Amazon for Kindle.

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    22 Jul

    Free science Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

    Asthma inhalation devices: For pharmacy technicians, asthma nurses and trainee pharmacists

    by Dr Mousa Adel Qarawi

    The text describes different classes of medicines usually found in asthma inhaler devices. A detailed description of correct and effective techniques for commonly available inhaler devices in addition to answers to common patient questions about inhaler devices. There is external website link in the text to video for practical demonstrations on most inhaler devices described here.

    There is self assessment questions at the end of the text designed to assess ability to answer common patient questions about asthma inhalation devices.

    This guide would be of interest to pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, trainee pharmacists and asthma nurses.

    How The Paleo Diet Can Cure Your Diabetes

    by David Koski

    Are you one of the 25,000,000 Americans suffering from Diabetes, or is there someone in your family that has been diagnosed with this debilitating disease? Unfortunately, chances are very high that you, or someone you love, is suffering from Diabetes, and this trend is expected to continue. Traditional medicines treat the symptoms, but not the cause of the disease, and can have destructive side effects. The good news is that there is a way to fight and even reverse the effects of Diabetes. A way to naturally balance your blood sugars, put an end to obesity and give you more energy than you’ve ever had before. All this with no calorie counting, no feelings of deprivation and no gimmicks! The Paleo diet has already helped thousands of people control and reverse their Diabetes – and it can help you too!

    Mom’s Pocket Drug Guide: 20 Common Medications at Your Finger Tips

    by Karen Leung

    Prescribed medications like Amoxicillin and Penicillin are Antibiotics. How much do you know them? How about Aspirin, Bupropion, Benadryl, Ibuprofen, Viagra, and many others?

    Do you know which medication will treat ADD?

    If you are reading this eBook because you would like to find out more about medications, you come to the right place. You are concerned about drugs because you would like to find out the dosage, the good, the bad and the ugly of these 20 common medications.

    Many people like to take over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol, Aspirin, and others when they have fever, pain, and so on. Do you know their normal dosages, side effects, and the Information and Facts of each medication?

    In this book, you will learn more about how medications can take control of your body and your health both short term and long term.

    By the end of this book, you will know:

    - What Adderall is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Alprazolam is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Amoxicillin is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Analgesic is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Antibiotics is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Aspirin is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Bupropion is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Cetirizine is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Cyclobenzaprine is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Diphenhydramine is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Gabapentin is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Ibuprofen is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Loratadine is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Naproxen is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Paracetamol is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Sertraline is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Sildenafil is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Steriod is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Tramadol is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    - What Tylenol is, the dosage, the side effects, and Information and Facts

    Read on and start finding out how you can benefit or avoid in these 20 common medications.

    A Supernatural Affection

    by da Voce

    If you have been living under the misconception that God is a myth and Christianity is just a bunch of fairy tales, then your ideas will vaporize as you are exposed to the extreme heat of tales of real encounters with God and your pessimism will wilt away in the depths of simple verses of rhyme and veracity.

    A Supernatural Affection is a manuscript of poetry and author’s commentaries that take you into the soul of one person, a solitary voice, one individual who has been blessed and shown mercy in ways that you just may not believe, until you read about them for yourself.

    The cover is a picture of the rock that God gave to me the night I prayed that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob give me a reason for living. God’s alive and contactable.

    Now, I only ask you to have a good time, and give yourself over to my new paradigm of rhyme.

    There is a tantalizing inescapable conclusion you will not want to miss in the epilogue of A Supernatural Affection. You will believe, oh yes, you will!

    Fantastic Facts About Koalas: Illustrated Fun Learning For Kids

    by Miles Merchant

    Welcome to the Fantastic Facts Book Series!

    Bestselling children’s author Miles Merchant presents “Fantastic Facts About Koalas”. This book uses captivating images and expertly written words to teach children about “Koalas”

    Perfect reading for any occasion and especially ideal for bed times, long journeys or for bonding with your child.

    Fun Filled Learning for Your Child (and you!)

    Every one of our books is lovingly researched, illustrated and put together to outstand, awe and inspire the reader. Our beautiful images help explain and enlighten each well-written fact.

    This book covers a range of exciting topics including:

    • Introduction
    • What Koalas look like?
    • Size
    • Environment
    • Social behavior
    • Reproduction
    • Baby Koalas
    • Lifespan
    • Conservation
    • Diet
    • Predators
    • The Marsupial Infraclass
    • Koalas sleep a lot
    • Koalas aren’t Bears
    • Paws and Claws
    • Different types of Koalas
    • Communication
    • Digestion
    • Discovering Koalas
    • Noses

    We loved compiling this book and even learned a few things along the way and hopefully you will too.

    Get this book at this SPECIAL PRICE exclusive to the Amazon Store.

    *** Your child will love it – this is guaranteed.***

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    22 Jul

    Free romance Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

    Reckless (Renegades, Book 1)

    by Skye Jordan

    “Hotter than hell and a lot more fun. Skye Jordan’s writing sizzles!”

    -Elisabeth Naughton, New York Times bestselling author

    A couture wedding dress designer to the rich and famous, Lexi LaCroix’s image means everything. Raised on the wrong side of the tracks, her years of polish and hard work are finally about to pay off. But crossing paths with a sexier-than-sin, bad-boy biker who makes her realize how much living she’s sacrificed for her success, one touch is all it takes to threaten her carefully choreographed life.

    Jax Chamberlin has been screwed over by gorgeous gold-diggers one too many times. Though he runs his own stunt company, all of America knows his Hollywood face even years after he’s given up acting. Finding a woman who doesn’t plan to use him as a stepping stone to success is virtually impossible, so when the charming and mysterious Lexi offers him a chance at a totally anonymous hook-up during an out of town trip, Jax accepts. Only Lexi is more sextacular than charming, and Jax wants more. Lots more.

    But Lexi’s got a major hang-up over his renegade lifestyle. And if she finds out his connections could catapult her to the top of her career, he’s afraid the fantasy woman he’s falling for might just end up like all the rest.

    Warning: This novel contains uber-hot sexual encounters. For safety’s sake, read along with pitcher of ice-water. Or…wine…

    Blind Seduction: Team Red, Book 1

    by T. Hammond

    Can a blind woman who shares a very special bond with her dog, gain her independence and choose between the love of TWO sailors?

    In Blind Seduction an accident leaves Teresa March scarred and completely blind. Encouraged by the support of her friends, Teresa sets about adapting to life in the dark, reclaiming her independence.

    Best friends make the toughest adversaries. Sebastian Declan and David Preston retire after twenty years of service to their country. Teresa’s scars discourage neither man in their newest mission: winning her heart. Bastian’s battle is uphill, overcoming Teresa’s negative teenage impression. David is a virtual stranger who fell in love with Teresa through Bas’ pictures and childhood stories. These sexy sailors will stop at nothing, including deploying military tactics, to secure Teresa for themselves.

    Smart, opinionated, and handsome commonly describe German Shepherds. Teresa’s service dog, Red, is all this, and then some. Red and Teresa are surprised to discover they share a bond which allows Red to speak into Teresa’s mind. Red’s adept tracking skills, and ability to deduce information, open new opportunities for the pair. More importantly, his quirky humor brightens Teresa’s dark world.

    Welcome to Team Red!

    You will laugh out loud (the author apologizes in advance for the strange looks you will get when you start to giggle uncontrollably), in this Humorous, Spicy, Paranormal Romance.

    WARNING: This book is INTENDED FOR MATURE ADULTS OVER 18. Contains swearing, which is unfortunate, as the dog repeats everything. When you have two hot, single-minded, sailors pursuing the same woman, graphic language and sexual situations are inevitable.

    Final Hours (Love in Time Book One)

    by Cate Dean

    Book One of an exciting new romantic suspense series – now *free*!

    One man’s death will change the future.

    Only two people can save him – if they have the courage to trust each other.

    Elizabeth Barritt fought hard to put her childhood behind her. Now she has the chance to move forward, to reach out for a new, exciting future. All she has to do is take the first step.

    And she does – straight into Jackson Kane’s path. He is a time traveler, on the hunt for a rogue agent.

    When Kane is injured protecting Elizabeth from that agent, she makes a decision that will change her life, in ways she can’t even begin to grasp. She takes him home.

    Once he is healed enough to travel, Kane goes after the agent, chasing him back to war-torn London. But his journey back takes a sideways turn, forcing Elizabeth to make another choice. She follows him into the past, to help him stop one man from changing their future.

    *Includes a preview of First Breath, Book Two of the Love in Time series.

    Love in Time:
    Book One – Final Hours – free
    Book Two – First Breath
    Book 2.5 – Loving Kane
    Book Three – Second Chances (coming August 2014)

    Other books by Cate Dean:

    The Claire Wiche Chronicles:
    Book 1 – Rest For The Wicked – free
    Book 2 – A Gathering of Angels
    Book 3 – Carry On Wayward Son
    Book 4 – Annie’s Song
    Book 5 – What Doesn’t Kill You

    Box sets:
    The Claire Wiche Chronicles Volumes 1-3
    The Claire Wiche Chronicles Volumes 4-5

    Young Adult:
    Alex Finch: Monster Hunter (The Monster Files Book 1)
    Truth and Consequences (The Monster Files Book 2)
    When Walls Can Talk (The Black Mountain Saga)
    Danel of Black Mountain (The Black Mountain Saga)

    Last Chance Jack

    Tales From The Mist – The Messenger
    Lore: Tales of Myth and Legend Retold – The Barricades

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    22 Jul

    Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 22 Jul 14

    Essential Oils: A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils and Aromatherapy (Essential Oils and Aromatherapy 101)

    by Tyler Logan

    Essential Oils are the Secret to a Healthier Life!

    Are you seeking a healthy, more natural lifestyle? Are you trying to avoid the harmful side effects of prescriptions pills and over-the-counter products we encounter every day? Join the millions of people are now turning to Essential Oils, Aromatherapy and the world’s Natural Cures, for everything form spectacular skin care, to digestion help, to stress reduction and many more!

    Many people know the simple benefits of things like eating mint for an upset stomach, or that oranges help build immunity, and maybe even using aloe vera for a sunburn. But aromatherapy, when harnessed for all its potential, can bring you more than just a quick fix. It can change your life!

    Within this book by best selling author, Tyler Logan, you will not only learn how modern aromatherapy evolved, but how to gain the benefits of using the latest methods of aromatherapy in a simple way. Be it relaxing from daily stress, gaining a healthier heart, or wanting a vibrant complexion, aromatherapy will deliver you long lasting benefits that bridge the ancient world and the modern one you live in.

    Here is what else you will find inside:

    Aromatherapy in History

    Modern Use

    Aromatherapy Tools


    Ingredient Basics

    Essential Oils

    Skin and Body Recipes

    Recipes for the Home

    Healthy Food Recipes

    Quran Made Easy: Complete English Translation with Inline Commentary

    by Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

    No.1 Bestselling English Quran Translation in the Kindle Store ****

    *** Now also includes the full Arabic text of the Quran ***

    Quran Made Easy is a modern, easy to understand english translation of the Holy Quran with inline commentary. This is the only english language translation that includes translation and inline commentary and the Arabic verses. The language is simple and easy to understand and unlike other translations leaves no room for ambiguity and misunderstanding. The work is a recent project and does not use “old” english or difficult to understand words.

    This is the complete english version which includes all 30 sections of the Quran as well as the inline commentary and introduction to the Quran.

    Translators foreword:

    In preparing this translation of The Quraan, the dilemma was whether to use very ornate and elegant language which could compromise clear understanding for most people or to use a simple and clear style of language. Because the intention was to make The Quraan clear to every person, the second style was chosen, even though it may at times lack the dignity and lofty tone. It was also chosen because thousands of English-speaking people who are not very proficient in the language found the lofty language of other translations difficult to understand. This translation caters for their needs by providing where necessary synonyms between brackets. It is the language of only the Divine that can combine exceptional eloquence and ease of understanding.

    Unlike in previous translations, footnotes are not used in this translation. Rather the explanations which have been given between brackets, serve multiple purposes. Firstly, they save the reader the need to look for the corresponding footnote which often hampers one’s train of thought and understanding. Secondly, the explanations enhance the meaning of a verse by adding text which is often hidden. This is especially necessary in a translation of the Quraan because the Arabic text is extremely compact and rich in meaning, and to render the same meaning in another language requires the use of many more words. By using words between brackets, the essential text of The Quraan is not confused with the additional words that are required to promote understanding.

    Hyper-Grace: The True Gospel of Jesus Christ

    by Ravi Durairaj

    - Is grace a license to sin or is it what really empowers us to walk in holiness, free from sin?

    - What is God really like?

    - Why did God create the world and us in it?

    - What actually happened when Jesus came to earth, died, rose again and ascended to heaven?

    - Is life a constant struggle between our sinful flesh and our spirit, or is there a better way?

    - Can we live a stress-free life with overflowing joy?

    - Is it possible to be like Jesus?

    This book makes a case for why hyper-grace is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and answers these and many other such questions.

    The Greatest Gift – A Max Lucado Digital Sampler

    by Thomas Nelson

    The Greatest Gift digital sampler includes selected excerpts from six books by New York Times best-selling author Max Lucado. They offer a glimpse into the content of these titles and the heart of the greatest gift of all time. Peek inside these books to find the perfect gift to share with someone you love this Christmas season. Excerpts are from Max on Life, Outlive Your Life, No Wonder They Call Him the Savior, When God Whispers Your Name, Grace for the Moment Morning & Evening Edition, and Christmas Stories.

    The Way Home (Seven Brides Seven Brothers Book 1)

    by Belle Calhoune

    Christian Romance. Seven boys were adopted from the foster care system by Alec and Maggie Donahue, a loving Irish couple living in Breeze Point, Cape Cod. Now grown men, the brothers are making their way in the world in their chosen professions, each hoping to find love that will last a lifetime.

    The Caretaker

    Blue Donahue, an internationally-known journalist, has come home to Breeze Point, Cape Cod to celebrate his parents’ fortieth wedding anniversary. When his father suffers a stroke, Blue, along with his six adopted brothers, is thrown into a tailspin. When he comes face to face with Sarah, the love of his life, his heart awakens to all the possibilities stretched out before them.

    Sarah Dalton, an emergency room nurse, can’t believe her eyes when her ex-fiancé, Blue Donahue, comes crashing into her hospital. Four years ago their relationship crashed and burned when Blue showed up two hours late for their wedding. Now, she’s forced to face the only man she’s ever loved as he deals with a family crisis.

    The hurts of the past loom large between Blue and Sarah. But as circumstances drive them together, they find that the love they thought they’d lost has endured. And, with faith and truth, they may be able to create a love stronger than any they’d ever dreamed possible and get their happily ever after.

    Seven Brides, Seven Brothers Series

    Spiritual Supremacy: Have A More Spiritual Understanding

    Spirituality has various meanings. Some books defined it as a journey of self-improvement and self discovery. Others also define spirituality as the opposite of religion. For better understanding about spirituality, here are some of its definitions:

    The concept of a process of learning not only who you want to be, but also who you are. It is the connection to you and to other people. Spirituality is personal and rooted in the connection with the people around you. Refers to purpose, meaning and direction. It helps in reaching conclusions, embraces the idea of moving forward and searching in the direction or meaning for your life.

    Greek Grammar: You ARE Learning Bible Greek, Vol. 2

    by John Poly

    Volume 2 of a series of 3, GREEK GRAMMAR: You ARE Learning Bible Greek is a self-help for persons of all levels of education who wish to study Bible Greek. Volume 2 continues where Volume 1 left off.

    Greek Grammar: You ARE Learning Bible Greek” is not merely a

    progressive study course. This grammar of three volumes is a reliable guide into one’s quest for an accurate understanding of Koine (“New Testament”) Greek. It is the student’s practical handbook on Greek; the minister’s consultant for the correct application of Bible texts; the theologian’s reference book for maintaining unerring exegesis in grammatical studies. Greek Grammar is the interlinear analyst’s guidebook; the linguist’s trusted advisor.

    Of course, this is a course anyone can search through to learn the progressive points of Greek grammar.

    While respecting the differing views of readers regarding their position on

    personal belief and doctrine, Greek Grammar reasons with the student

    regarding the correct comprehension of grammar in its own context in

    order to allow the Greek text to explain itself. This prevents one from

    falling into the trap of personal interpretation based on an errant concept

    of a specific text in the “New Testament.”

    Thus, Greek Grammar will not shy away from addressing such popular

    passages as was demonstrated in Volume 1 with John 1:1. In Voume 2, this reference work studies Phil. 2:6 and the phrase “who gave no consideration to a seizure, namely to be equal to God.” Often, translators render the phrase in question as “this equality,” or “his equality,” believing that this phrase is anaphoric. However, anaphora is not grammatically accurate when considering the articular infinitive. It has no place at Philippians 2:6 , or in the “New Testament,” for that matter, when examining the Greek infinitive. This examination will prove that the expression Gr- “toh einai isa theo”) is not anaphoric, as many have supposed. Volume 3, the final volume, will address the translation of John 1:1 and other vital aspects of grammar as they relate to popular exegesis and commonly held beliefs.

    In addition, in Volume 2, John 8:58 and the often misunderstood use of “ego eimi” will be treated extensively. First, it will beconsidered in connection with the present tense and later with aorist infinitive at this same text. The use of both tenses together, reveal the accurate rendering, which translates the text into English into the perfect tense.

    However, the bulk of Greek Grammar examines the employment of all

    aspects of the Greek language as one studies the profound wisdom of

    Bible Greek. It is an especially helpful companion to the student’s Greek

    interlinear as he or she lays both references open side-by-side to make

    comparisons during that one’s study periods.

    Greek Grammar, with its 600 pages of rich treasures will provide the Greekenthusiast with more than what is needed to study and comprehend thisprecious language. As an added feature, this progressive study courseconnects Koine (Bible Greek) with modern Greek, so that the student candiscern the remarkable parallel between the two languages.

    You will also find Greek Grammar captivating as it considers the Koine

    and the Erasmian methods of pronunciation of Greek words, and may be

    surprised to learn which method proves the most practical.

    If you are bold enough to start on this intrepid journey, you will gain an

    experience few others have dared to attempt. But if you do so, you will

    never regret your decision. Instead, you will likely find the hidden treasures

    in life you have been searching for.

    Benevolent Torment

    by Chad Lawrence

    When the jerks from the local football team offer the quiet loner Patrick two hundred dollars to spend the night in a deserted farmhouse rumored to be haunted, he figures there’s a catch, that they’ll pull something sneaky on him in the middle of the night. But they’ve given him money to do crazy things before, and they’re always tormenting him in a half-friendly way, calling him â??Fatty-Patty,’ urging him to join their football team because of his size and his supposedly powerful â??stink.’ So he agrees to do it, expecting to be hassled by them in the night, but needing the cash for a new gaming system.

    But then the weird new girl Naomi wants to come along for his midnight adventure, even offers to drive in her brother’s truck. And then the football jerks want him to videotape his experiences, complicating things even more. Not to mention the pair of mysterious strangers who show up at the old house at midnight, carrying what looks to be a body.

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