Free war Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Blood Runs Deep: Operation Amazon (S. U. Cobra Book 1)

by James Punt

A specialist unit gets sent into the deepest part of the Amazon rain forest, to gather Intel on a dangerous terrorist cell. The cell was planning on setting a killer virus free on the world. From the moment the team enter the village, members of the team disappear without a trace; the village turns red with blood, now it’s a fight for survival.

HERO Romance: Protected by a HERO (Contemporary Steamy Suspense Alpha Male Protector Romance) (Women’s Fiction American Adventure Pregnancy BBW Stepbrother Collection)

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– “Erik” My Bodyguard

– Protected by a SEAL Wolf

– Duty of a SEAL Lion


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Romance: Hero Romance Collection Box Set – Protector (Contemporary Steamy Suspense Alpha SEALs War Romance) (Women’s Fiction American Pregnancy Adventure BBW Shifter MC Collection)

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– Rescued by the SEAL
– Loved by the SEAL
– Protected by the SEAL
– Chosen
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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Historical Romance: Once Upon an Arranged Marriage (Victorian Duke 19th Century Love Romance) (Lady Rake Rogue Historical Romance)

by Julia Regan



Cora Ashton

She is still adjusting to the life her father’s newfound wealth has brought her, and she can’t seem to understand why people think it’s so much better to have money. After all, with the turn of the 20th century coming quickly, Cora sees more freedom in being poor. She certainly had a less strained relationship with her mother before, and she hadn’t been expected to parade around at a coming of age party or to marry a man she didn’t love.

And she’d had Joseph.

Joseph Watts

He hates seeing Cora’s unhappiness, but with such a low station in life, he can do nothing about it. Besides, his hands are full with his ailing sister and working every odd job he can find to support the two of them. While the news of Cora’s engagement to Charlie Cantrell is difficult to hear, Joseph knows the wealthy young man will provide for her.

But when circumstances become overwhelming and Cora and Joseph find a way to steal a moment here and there to reminisce over their childhood together, the uproar it causes – both in social perception and the raging storm inside both of them that drives them to need each other – becomes overwhelming.

Each forced to make difficult decisions, will they be driven apart by their differences or together by their mutual need?

Annabelle’s Diary

by Lila M Beckham

They said that in her youth, Annabelle had long, coal black hair, high cheekbones, and deep, penetrating, brown eyes. Her eyes could still penetrate the soul, but they were paler in color, maybe because they were covered with the whitish film of cataracts. I remember watching her take her hair from the neat bun she wore and let it down to comb. Her hair was long, but no longer black as coal. It was the color of newly formed storm clouds and fell in a silvery braid to her hips. I watched her comb it out and then she would braid it, wind it back into a bun and pin it low, just above the nape of her neck.

Everyone always said that I favored her a lot. Annabelle was my great-grandmother; she was a Full Blood, a Choctaw Indian from Savannah, Georgia.

When a child, I thought she was tall, larger than life. My admiration of her as we walked in the yard and I helped her gather eggs and pick flowers, was unsurpassable; but as I grew, I realized that she was a tiny woman.

Shrunken from her many years on earth, she stood barely four feet, ten inches tall. In her older years, maybe even her younger ones too, she was never without a jar of Garrett snuff.

One summer, when I was about twelve years old, I went to stay with my grandmother Annabelle. And because her house was so small, I slept in her bedroom with her. Each night before we went to sleep, she pulled a leather bound book from underneath her mattress and wrote for a few minutes before she extinguished the bedside lamp. She seemed intent on what she was doing so I did not bother her with questions, but after several nights, curiosity got the better of me and when she finished and placed the book under the mattress, I asked what she was writing in the book.

She told me that she was writing her thoughts on the events of the day so that if she wanted she could look back and know exactly what she was thinking and how she felt that particular day.

“Is that how you remember all of those stories you tell me, about when you were a child and about your kinfolks back then” I asked.

“It is a part of it,” she replied, “but some things you just do not ever forget. They remain with you your entire life.”

“Tell me a story, Grandmother,” I begged. “Tell me about when you were a child; a young girl like me.”

She began her story that night, by telling me how she met and married my grandfather Jesse. She also told me about leaving her home and family in Savannah to move to Mobile to live near my grandfather’s family. And in that telling, I discovered that my grandmother had led a very interesting life, especially in her earlier years.

Her life was filled with heartbreaks, heartaches, great times, and sad times. She attended Mardi Gras Balls and traveled extensively around the South. She was involved with an assortment of ill-fated lovers. Indulged in hoodoo, voodoo, even murder! Hers was a life I found extremely fascinating; a life, I wished I could live.

That summer, I decided that when I grew old, I wanted to be just like my grandmother Annabelle. However, today, as I sat staring across the haphazard layer of hills to the west and thought of Annabelle and the olden days of grace and charm. I realized that those days were forever gone. They were days that I myself would never know, except through my grandmother’s eyes and memories.

No longer that young inquisitive girl, I am an old woman now. On my own, I have lived a long uneventful life. Only through her stories could I live the life I dreamt of; therefore, I decided to share her story with the world. I am certain she would approve.

I hope you all enjoy reading her story, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Her story began April 1865, at the end of the Civil War, as was told to me by my grandmother, Rebecca Annabelle Maples Foster.

Romance: Historical Romance: Escaping the Prince (Regency 19th Century Military Romance) (Victorian & Medieval Short Stories)

by Annabel Blair

A 13,500 word Steamy Regency Novella with no Cliffhanger

Charlotte Gordon is the envy of high British society, universally known as both beautiful and charming by everyone — and now she’s caught the eye of the Prince.

But for the adventurous and spirited Charlotte, marriage to the Prince is the last thing she wants. Trapped in an engagement she neither wants nor asked for, she meets a mysterious stranger who just might be the man of her dreams…

But why won’t he tell her who he is?

Contains a FREE series of Historical Romance Stories

ROMANCE: Billionaires : Kissing Moment: (BBW Bad Boy Alpha Boss Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Menage Romance)

by Elizabeth Chloe

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At first there was darkness. A cold bleak wash of nothing, that found itself spread out across an even bigger void. The emptiness of it all would have been unbearable had there been anything there to bear it. As gases ebbed and swirled into life, so they swirled and ebbed into each other. The universe was created by the simple act of attraction. It decided to be, and so it was. These swirls danced like twin flames around a timeless universe. A colossal canvas upon which all manner of thoughts and people and feelings could eventually paint their picture. But in this moment, there was simply gas. Blue and orange mists, balls of delight wiggled into each others path and seemingly fleeted out. But never the less leaving a remnant of themselves inside one another. Always leaving a trail. Forever losing part of what they were to become what they are.



Lowarth Toll.

â??Do not forget about the family treasure.’

That is the contents of the note that start a family feud. The note does not specify what the treasure is. What lengths will some members of the family go to, to get their hands on it anyway?

While on holiday with his parents one summer in Cornwall, Arthur visits his Great Aunt Emma. She spent the first 50 years of her life, nursing her parents. Not that many years after they passed away, Emma has suffered a stroke. Her brother and sister do not believe she will survive, so go to her house to check on things. Emma lives in a cottage in the hamlet of Torleith, in Cornwall. They go through her papers and find, along with her will, a note from their Grandfather, Charles, to his son. In it, he reminds his son not to forget about the family treasure. It does not specify what the treasure is.

They set about taking the cottage apart, but still fail to find anything. They then take to visiting Emma in hospital, trying to force information out of her about the treasure. Even if she does know anything about it, which she does not, Emma is incapable of communicating to anyone. Eventually they give up.

When Arthur visits his Aunt whilst on holiday, he feels for her. Every day he visits her and reads to her. He buys her a radio to listen to when he is goes home again. Emma responds to this and after Arthur has returned home, she continues to improve. The progress is slow but in the right direction. She improves to the degree that it is thought that she might even be able to return home. That is until the social worker visits and discovers that the family has wrecked her house. The family start to visit again too and the combination of all this sends her rapidly downhill, culminating in her having another stroke.

Only when she eventually dies, does the family learn that when she improved, she had also changed her will. Arthur now inherits her estate. They now turn their attention on Arthur, to reveal the family treasure to them. Arthur isn’t even aware he has inherited when they first attack him in his home. On the second occasion they do so, a visitor steps in to help save him.

This visitor leads him back to Cornwall, where he follows the clues left by Charles. Is it all a big family joke or is there something to be found at Lowarth Toll?

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: WESTERN ROMANCE: Seeking Love in the West (Clean Inspirational Historical Billionaire Romance) (Sweet Young Adult Reluctant Hero Romance)

by Faith Crawford

A brave young girl travels West to meet her future husband. But what secret is he hiding? Can she trust him with her love?

After the untimely death of her mother during labor, Adeline is forced to look after her siblings as her father becomes distant and uncaring, spending the majority of his time drinking and at times even becoming abusive.

When Adeline’s aunt comes to visit, concerned about the state of their family, she notes their financial decline and struggles to stay afloat with children and a father who isn’t present.

Adeline’s aunt does all she can to help them, and in doing so decides that sending Adeline west as a mail order bride is the best option.

Not knowing what to expect, Adeline dreads arriving west where she is to meet her new husband, Benjamin.

Even while in the west, Adeline hopes to find a way in helping her family; in a constant state of worry about their financial state and whether or not her siblings are alright in the hands of her father and aunt.

That, together with a difficult past Benjamin seems to be hiding, Adeline tries to handle a new set of emotions and situations she’s never had to deal with before.

It’s these situations, however, that could make all the difference in her life, changing things for the better or worse.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is an 8,000-word stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers.

The Dark Continent Part One: A lusty saga set in colonial Africa

by Ron Dawes

This saga follows the story of Elizabeth, a young British woman born and raised in Shanghai in the 1890s. At eighteen, she marries a young missionary who is assigned to East Africa and struggles to discover and enjoy her sexuality amid the expectations of decorum for a young British woman in the puritanical age of the Victorian era. She knows there must be more to love and marriage than is provided by her devoted, yet hapless husband Aston, who seems unwilling or unable to fulfill her needs.

The historically accurate account of the colonization of Africa from 1900 through the end of the first World War serves as the backdrop for the story, which introduces a rich variety of characters, including the crusty old trader, John Brown, the dashing young Captain Waltham, and the young missionary couple, Thomas and Jane Faulk.

The descriptions of Elizabeth’s lusty adventures are detailed, and meant for a mature audience. You’ll come back to read the juicy bits over and over.

The Warrior (The Herod Chronicles Book 1)

by Wanda Ann Thomas

A deadly assault…

A former soldier in the Jewish army, NATHAN OF RUMAH, just wants a quiet life on his family’s olive farm. But his idyll ends abruptly when he rescues a wealthy and prominent Pharisee and his family from a brutal attack by rebels he calls friends. Nathan vows to right the wrong, never guessing it will lead to his hasty marriage to the Pharisee’s shy daughter, ALEXANDRA ONIAS. The tender passion he finds with his new wife only strengthens his need to seek justice for her and her family.

A formidable warrior…

Determined to end the bloody rebellion against Rome, Nathan picks up his sword again, seeking help from his friend Herod, the newly-minted governor of Galilee, and the man who will one day be called HEROD THE GREAT. Betrayed by friends and hunted by neighbors, Nathan and Alexandra fight side by side to protect their loved ones, their home, and their very lives. But the couple’s blossoming love faces ruin when the rebels strike out and Nathan unleashes the full fury of… The Warrior.

Lila: A Novel of Trials and Triumph

by Mae Schick

Lila, a teenage Dakota farm girl, has a fiery streak of determination to match her flame red hair. And, as a young woman in the 1920s, she will need every ounce of fire to overcome the expectations of her family of German immigrants from Russia. Can she forge her own destiny in the still-evolving America of the early twentieth century?

Lila is the mesmerizing novel of one woman’s trials and triumphs, which lays bare our nation’s complex cultural heritage. As part of the German diaspora from Russia, Lila’s world revolves around the Evangelical Lutheran Church community, which does not tolerate outspokenness or disrespect to elders. However, Lila soon finds herself running afoul of her father’s wishes. He has forbidden her to socialize with the wild young man Fischer, and when her father remarries, she is relegated to fieldwork rather than her beloved baking.

As cultures clash and violence erupts, Lila is forced to navigate opposing forces in her ever-changing world. As she does, this absorbing, authentic immersion in a time long gone celebrates the deep reserves of inner strength in all of us, which are summoned grit and glory by the indomitable Lila.

Under The Shadow Of Vesuvius

by Mimi L. Thompson

Coming of age in the age of depravity in the Malibu of the Ancient World

Bridget Jones Diary and Sophie’s World meet Ben Hur – on the beach. A gender-bending, genre-bending romp through the Bay of Naples in the first century BC. Join Phoebe, Julia and Claudia in their search for true love amid the mad world of the Roman aristocracy.

Parties and sex, of course, but also Epicurean philosophers, fascist politicians, international businessmen, billionaire philanthropists, celebrity sportsmen and the Naples mafia. And Catullus’ most famous girlfriend. Expect excitement and mayhem, tears and laughter. And always the unexpected twist: in Baiae, nothing is ever as it seems. And nobody is who they claim to be.

Your review will be much appreciated

Ticket of Leave: Javelin Man (Javelin Man: Book 1)

by Theo Flynn

You think you’ve had a bad day?

4 October 1843 Van Diemen’s Land; a British Prison Colony:

  • Irish “Javelin Man” and convicted felon, Sir John Turner Flinn used to be a navy intelligence officer but at the age of fifty he’s been transported for life. How can he retain the respect of his sons and restore his honor? “Javelin Men” were trustee convicts who were employed as turn-keys, prisoner escorts and as guards at public hangings.
  • The new Governor learns his “sinecure” is a “poison chalice” as the Colony’s bankrupt and his reform agenda unworkable..
  • The new police chief, Frank Burgess is worried; he’s supposed to clean up a force that’s manned by serving convicts and brutality and graft is a way of life.
  • Long serving colonial auditor, George Boyes is fed up with the worse thieves in the Colony; the Men at the Top.
  • Bushrangers, Marty Cash and Lawrie Kavenagh pace the death cell dreading the gallows. They broke out of Port Arthur Prison, went on a rampage but now they must pay. Lawrie says he only escaped to go to Mass.
  • Convicted Irish Patriot, Richard Jones is a man the System can’t break. His plan to seize the prison ship and to sail to New York, would have worked but for betrayal. He faced trial for piracy in Hobart but out-witted “the System” and beat the charge. However, he must finish his original sentence and he’s now in solitary and recovering from a savage flogging inflicted for leading a protest about the absence of Catholic prison chaplains. Dreams of liberty and dignity in America are the only thing keeping him going.
  • Pub owner and widow, Mary Anne Smith is a beautiful, passionate but brutalized former convict; she’s lonely and yearns for a strong but gentle man.
  • The only person who’s had a good day is magistrate, John Giles Price. He’s a man with a very dark past and he’s planning an even darker futureâ?¦

“Ticket of Leave” represents the first installment of the “Javelin Man” trilogy and is based on records and newspaper articles from the time. The book’s for adults as it contains a lot of sex and violence.

How the Story Came About.

“John Turner Flinn” dropped into my lap one Christmas holiday in Alice Springs NT. It was too hot to do anything but watch videos and we became engrossed in a crime series set in the 1920’s. My girlfriend’s granddad was a gangster in Melbourne in that era so we looked him up on “Trove”. After seeing his many press cuttings, we decided to dig into earlier generations and uncovered an array of petty thieves, Swing Rioters, ships’ captains, a Chinese gold miner and a lot of wayward women.

I became jealous as my own family tree yielded a staid collection of Lancashire refugees from the Irish “Great Hunger” of â??47. Envy led to a series of “jokes” about “checking change” and “watching pockets”; the response went from polite smiles to “probably a lot of your bloody relatives came here in chains as well!” I decided to check this and the first “Flynn” I saw on a convict list became my hero; John Turner Flinn. His record revealed he’d been an “officer and gentleman” in the Navy and contained a strange reference to the “Regiment” so I “Googled” further and found :

  • His case was in the “Newgate Calendar” so his trial was big news.
  • He gave evidence at Queen Caroline’s trial for adultery in 1820. The trial was example of public crucifixion of another “People’s Princess”.
  • He was a “spook” in the Napoleonic War; and then
  • The coup de grace; rumors that his wife, Edwardina Kent was the secret daughter of Queen Caroline and the Prince Regent. If true, this gave her a better claim on the throne than Victoria.

With material like this, I felt a duty to finish this novel; hope you enjoy it.”.


Ravens Cry

by Colin Kertland

A compelling story that will immerse you in the passions, hatred and ferocity brought by the Roman invasion of Britain. Entwined in this drama is a convulsive love that struggles to survive being thwarted on all sides by angry prejudices and superstitions. But it is a love so potent it irrevocably changes the lives it touches, bringing both joy and despair. The story is told through the eyes of its three main characters: Caesernius is an experienced, battle-hardened Roman career officer determined to make his mark in the world who has long regarded women as a recreational pleasure. Cresalena is a strong-willed, passionate and vivacious Celtic noblewoman whose looks enthral men. She is self-assured, independent and shrewd. She is intensely loyalty to her father Conubus a well-respected Celtic chieftain of proven bravery.

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Free world literature Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

At God’s Mercy: WW2 Mystery

by L. L. Fine

Can you escape your past’s ghosts?

Poland, World War II. A desperate young Jewish woman sacrifices her life to save her baby twins from the terrible death that awaits them.

Decades later, in New York, Rabbi Jeremiah Neumann discovers the existence of his long lost twin. He rushes headlong to meet him – but is shocked to discover that his identical twin is a priest.

The two brothers travel to Poland to find out who they truly are. Page by page they uncover the terrible secret of their bloodcurdling heritage. A long-dormant evil is resurrected, and once again threatens to take the twins’ lives. Will they survive the new storm?

At God’s Mercy is a captivating book that is hard to put down. It will take you deep behind the frontiers of human atrocity, where cruelty meets courage, and faith meets fate. Its chilling storyline bites hard at religious establishment and raises hard questions regarding Judaism, Christianity, human nature, faith and existence.

Looking For America: : Short stories from the Shetland Islands

by Yvonne Spence

This collection of short stories is set on the edge of the British Isles, amid wild landscapes of the Shetland Isles. Sea and sky are characters as much as people.

In the title story, a small girl makes a bargain with God when she tells a white lie. In some other stories in this compilation, a teenage girl with lofty dreams comes down to earth with a bump; an old man tends his ailing wife and remembers the day they met; a wife desperately tries to keep her family together as her husband struggles stay sober.

Most of these stories have previously been published in anthologies, and this short story collection brings them together for the first time. The author is a previous prizewinner in the She (UK) magazine short story contest.

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Free poetry Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life

by Cyrus Migadde

Dreams Mislaid – 50 Poems About Life, is Cyrus Migadde’s debut African book of poetry. The red line that runs throughout “Dreams Mislaid” poems book about life is the incite that; your dreams are just mislaid but not lost! There are things they never taught you and thus there is knowledge outside your normal awareness that you need to acquire in order to resettle your lost glory. Read cyrus’s poems book in order to find out what that hidden knowledge is!

Love poetry excluded, Dreams Mislaid poems book focuses on 7 themes of poetry of life. The book’s 7 chapters include probably the best poems about life, namely; Success Poems, Dreams Poems, Life Poems, Africa Poems, Humanity Poems, Spiritual/Inspirational Poems and Political Poems. Each poem that is attached to those 7 chapters of Cyrus’s poetry book, has a deep feeling, message or lesson it wants to reveal to you about that particular poetry chapter. Each poem also expresses a feeling or thought that cyrus Migadde experienced, considered or imagined to be real in life.

At a wider view of his book of poems, the 50 poems about life, are also poems on life as well as poems of life. These life poems invite you to read and dig deeply in them in order to understand the wider spectrum of life. This poetry book can also be perceived as small life lessons from the poem writer’s own life. He was born in Kampala city, Uganda, but during his youth time he moved to Sweden, since then he has lived a life between those two countries. From that background, his poems book thus bears many African diasporic life experiences and observations that seem to be drawn from the poet’s own life. Reading Cyrus,s poems from an African diasporic view, his poems are lessons, messages and principles of life survival in areas of; Investing of money, Success, understanding the double trouble situation of African in life in both the diaspora and on the African continent, dreaming and achieving dreams, finding your own call on earth, identity crisis and recovery, humanity to dismantling of politics, to solutions of tracing and finding our innerself. In the Dreams Mislaid 50 poems book about life, Cyrus poetry’s intention is to teach and enligten people, especially the new African middle class, how to invigorate their identity from the status quo thus creating a new African self image. He uses an easy poetic English language for that group to understand their new roll. He thus created free poems that can easily be read, consumed and grasped by this prior group. Another aspect for his simple free word poems, is to attract a global readers group who love African Poetry. The reason for this is that there is a need to advise the new world generation on what issues they must understand, adapt to, abandon, or step up to in order to move to their personal emancipation.

The 50 poems of life and about life have acted as the questions, answers and solutions to the writer’s own life. He this expects Dreams Mislaid poetry poems book to teach you everything you need to know about life. The poems are meant to serve, enligheten, teach, advise and warn you about life as well as on life. Cyrus resonates that the fact that we are all living on earth, we all share, dwell and face the same universal rules of nature, except that they affect us in different nuances, find us in different countries, places, cultures and time. He hopes that the 50 poems about life in the Dream Mislaid poem book, will be able to inspire, guide, guard, warn, strengthen, encourage, advise and teach you about life in your own moments on earth. Cyrus expects that after you have read “Dream Mislaid: 50 poems About Life” book, you will discover, learn and be revealed to the silent hidden knowledge of the world. After discovering that knowledge and applying it to your own life, you will be able to live a good complete life. Living a good life also involves that one must align him/herself with the laws of the universe because we are all connected.

Foaming the Optics: Poems Against Patriarchy, Poems Against Neuriarchy (Autism of the Heart (Poetry at the Bleeding Edge) Book 1)

by Wallace Runnymede

This brief collection of dark and twisted poems lays bare the sombre heart of woman-hatred and neuro-hatred. In order to oppose the Patriarchy and the Neuriarchy, an education in feeling is required, and not only an education in intellectual ratiocination. The problem is men, and the problem is medical chauvinism and assimilationist ‘Neurodiversity’ alike.

Kentucky Review 2015

by Multiple Authors

KENTUCKY REVIEW (ISSN 2376-9920) is an annual anthology of literary work published online at throughout the year. Contributors to the 2015 issue include Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Diana Anhalt, Anne Babson, Pam Baggett, Rebecca Baggett, Bobby Steve Baker, Mary Jo Balistreri, Roy Bentley, Bryce Berkowitz, Adam Berlin, Nancy Bevilaqua, Rose Mary Boehm, Ace Boggess, Kathleen Sheeder Bonanno, Z. Z. Boone, G. F. Boyer, Jesse Breite, Kristene Brown, Jeff Burt, Elizabeth Burton, Roger Camp, Jessie Carty, Kevin Casey, Alan Catlin, Yu-Han Chao, C. M. Chapman, Kelly Cherry, Michael Chin, David Chorlton, Joan Colby, Douglas Cole, Ed Coletti, David Colodney, Gayle Compton, Nick Conrad, J. L. Cooper, Ken Craft, Barbara Crooker, Dede Cummings, Jim Daniels, Jim Davis, John Davis, John Davis Jr., Gen Del Raye, William Derge, Lynn DeTurk, Benjamin DeVos, Heather Dorn, Michael Dowdy, Phillip T. Egelston, Brian Fanelli, Amy Fant, Andrea Fekete, Jenny Ferguson, Rupert Fike, Colon Foxworth, Katherine Frain, Marc Frazier, D. Dina Friedman, Trevor Fuller, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Armando Jaramillo Garcia, Michael Gaspeny, Karen George, Joe Giordano, Adam Gianforcaro, D. A. Gray, Barry Harris, Matthew Haughton, William Ogden Haynes, Dixon Hearne, Richard Hedderman, Dianna Henning, Gretchen Hodgin, David Brendan Hopes, Paul Hostovsky, Kurt Hunt, Joseph Hutchison, Ronald Jackson, Mike James, Susan Johnson, George Kalamaras, Susan Doble Kaluza, Debra Kaufman, Ami Kaye, Gloria Keeley, Robert Lee Kendrick, Robert King, Michael Koenig, J. D. Kotzman, Jennifer Lagier, Lori Lamothe, Rustin Larson, Sean Lause, Eleanor Levine, Denise H. Long, Helen Losse, Denton Loving, Richard Luftig, Veronica Lupinacci, Al Maginnes, Jennifer Martelli, Joshua Lee Martin, Jo McCreary, Matt McGee, K. A. McGowan, Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, N. T. McQueen, Ken Meisel, Todd Mercer, Bryan Merck, Jay Merill, David Mihalyov, Devon Miller-Duggan, Thomas Mitchell, Arthur Nahill, Will Nixon, Angie Crea O’Neal, Martin Ott, James Owens, Elaine Fowler Palencia, Lee Passarella, Tim Peeler, Teresa Peipins, Mary Petralia, Alice Pettway, Cathy Porter, Steph Post, Marjorie Power, Bill Richter, Amy Riddell, Ron Riekki, Marissa Rose, Rosemary Royston, Leslie M. Rupracht, Terry Savoie, Jan Zlotnik Schmidt, Jason Sears, Dahlia Seroussi, Danny Earl Simmons, David Sloan, Ian C. Smith, Ronnie K. Stephens, Anders M. Svenning, Wally Swist, Mark Taksa, Dylan Taylor, George Thompson, Michael Tugendhat, Jay Udall, Milla van der Have, Donna Vitucci, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Vrenios, Connemara Wadsworth, Robert Walicki, Court Walsh, Lisa Weiss, Jill White, Kelley White, Harold Whit Williams, Martin Willitts Jr., Jenni Wiltz, Pete Wingard, Shannon K. Winston, Guinotte Wise, Francine Witte, and Gerald Yelle.

Augie Lohtech: and the Hole Between Worlds

by Mackenzie Cole

Everyone thinks Augie is a weirdo except for her dog – after all, she slips away to work on her lattice of tree forts, dresses like a chimney sweep, and has imaginary adventures after sneaking off from school. But when she dozes off high up in a tree and finds herself falling, something unusual happens – SHE DISCOVERS A SECRET WORLD LONG FORGOTTEN.

Inspired by the novels from my childhood, I’ve put together a rough draft telling Augie’s epic adventure. I’ve tried to fill it with magic-not just the sort that only happens in stories, but the strangenesses of those books we loved as children, and also the lessons about how to better live in the world. My goal is to spend the year revising Augie’s story into a crisp and polished book.

I think I have something with Augie. She’s brave, and I’ve written her story to encourage younger folks to pay attention to the natural world and be able to discern how certain ways we have of seeing threaten that world. Rather than pitching her story to publishers or sending it out to never hear a word back, I want to share Augie in a way that engages people as I do it. Rather than relying on men behind the curtain of the publishing world to make a declaration about the appeal of this book, I’ve come up with a new idea that puts my writing in your hands. If people like the story, it continues. If not, oh well.

Here’s the plan: I’ll release new sections each month as the same Kindle book based on downloads. If you want to see more of Augie’s world, you can download the latest release and encourage your friends/family/social media connections, etc to do the same. Buying it is a vote for me to keep going and once I get 100 downloads, I’ll re-release the book with the next section by the end of the month. After another hundred, I’ll re-release it with another section and so on (I’m shooting for at least 10+ pages per release). If you want to keep up and you’re not a Kindle Unlimited member, you’ll have to keep buying the book after each release in order to get the new version. However, once I finish, anyone who bought Augie along the way can get a full digital version by going to and messaging me. If you message me, no matter what, I’ll make sure you get the book, however far I take it, for just that initial $1.

If you want to do more, just visit my patreon page:

If people get behind it, by this time next year I should have a complete first draft that I can release in print and you’ll have helped me accomplish a dream, plus Augie’s story will be there to hopefully help push us toward a better way of being. I know that’s a lofty ambition, but I also know this world needs us to be lofty if we want to stem the looming disasters.

Kentucky Review 2014

KENTUCKY REVIEW (ISSN 2376-9920) is an annual anthology of work published online at throughout the year. Contributors to the 2014 issue include Jeffrey Alfier, Shawn Aveningo, Mary Jo Balistreri, Ruth Bavetta, Brian Beatty, Sandy Benitez, Nancy Bevilaqua, Byron Beynon, George Bishop, CL Bledsoe, Rose Mary Boehm, Ace Boggess, Jesse Breite, Richard Brobst, Jeff Burt, Jefferson Carter, R.T. Castleberry, Alan Catlin, Chelsea Cefalu, Sherry Chandler, David Chorlton, Sara Clancy, Chloe N. Clark, Joan Colby, C. Cleo Creech, Jim Davis, Michael Diebert, donnarkevic, William Doreski, Robert Eastwood, Richard Fein, William Ford, Joshua Gage, Bill Glose, James Grabill, M. Krockmalnik Grabois, Lori Gravley, William Greenway, Pat Hanahoe-Dosch, Sarah Hina, Katherine Hoerth, Karen Paul Holmes, Paul Hostovsky, A. J. Huffman, Henry Hughes, Joseph Hutchison, M. J. Iuppa, Mike James, Carole Johnston, Laura M Kaminski, Collin Kelley, Clyde Kessler, Philip Kobylarz, Jennifer Lagier, Marie Lecrivain, Helen Losse, Bruce McCandless, Jennifer A. McGowan, Bruce McRae, Jacqueline Markowski, Todd Mercer, Scott Minar, Anderson O’Brien, Anne Britting Oleson, Shawnte Orion, James Owens, Scott Owens, William Page, Jimmy Pappas, Lee Passarella, Tim Peeler, Frederick Pollack, Connie Post, Stephen Roger Powers, Ken Poyner, David Radavich, JC Reilly, Jonathan K. Rice, P. R. Rice, Mary Ricketson, Katherine Riegel, Ron Riekki, Peg Robarchek, Susan Rooke, Don Schofield, Judith Skillman, Eric Steineger, Tim Suermondt, Victoria Sullivan, Alice Teeter, Alarie Tennille, Aden Thomas, Allison Thorpe, Jill White, Dana Wildsmith, John Sibley Williams, Martin Willitts, Jr., Jeffrey Zable.

Poems About Dylan: A Love Story in Verse

by Lydia Buzzard

I believe in reserving the most romantic form of literature for only the most intense romances. Dylan was one of those.

In fourteen poems, I will walk you through the short-lived, game-changing relationship that dictated my transition into adulthood. These are memories I captured in the moment, in iPhone notes and Word documents that, looking back, told a story pretty well. It’s a story of finding a friend, falling for him, then leaving him behind to chase a better future. This is losing him and missing him and trying to replace him. These are the bandages I used to cover the wounds until they finally healed. These are Poems About Dylan.

The Blue Window Bay

by Dale John Kanera

These are the poetic musings and observations of life and its trials from a romantic, honest, joyful yet real perspective. The feelings we have during our stay on earth, along with the inevitable ups and downs, can be complicated and simple. They are explored and shared here in gentle, eclectic and partial prose.

still the lilacs bloom: a collection of poetry

by Miranda Beall

To my beloved sister, who passed away at 55.

From Despair to Dreams

by Maria Lento

I hope these poems inspire you to feel that there is always a rainbow at the end of the storm, and that life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Never give up!!!


by Michael Forester

A bardic epic fantasy in rhyming Old English, an allegorical masque of good and evil in an Authurian tradition.

Rebekah, daughter of Merlin and noblewoman of Albion has been driven to madness by the murder of her lover Vidar. In her torment she bargains with the Prince of Demons to turn her into a dragon. Once transformed, she seeks to take revenge upon her father, Merlin, whom she is fooled into believing is responsible for Vidar’s death.

Behind the subterfuge stands Oberon, Captain-King of Elves, who cannot foresee the devastation his jealousy and unrequited love for Rebekah will unleash upon the world of Gaia. Its salvation depends upon Merlin travelling back in time to find a pure hearted warrior, Lady Attie, who, together with Michael, seer of Albion, must take the Sleep Stone from the gates of Hell to persuade the dragon to sleep. But if they are unable to return the Stone to the mouth of Hell in time, the demon army will awaken and ransack Gaia in a war that will destroy its existence. Time is the solution to Gaia’s destiny – but only if the gods of Asgard can find a way to stop it.

Dragonsong is a unique epic fantasy that explores fundamental themes of good and evil, jealously and revenge. Woven together with a gripping and powerful plot, the pattern of the language, the musicality of the form and the profound emotions invoked carry the reader to extremes of human experience and capability at both its best and worst.

A Pocketful of Poems

by C. L. Griffin

A small collection of heartfelt poetry.

Simple Grace Poems

by C.L. Griffin

A collection of poems inspired from living and knowing the Lord.

In the mind of a variable

by Lisa Hargrove

Born in Rockford. Not UNDER a rock, but IN Rockford, Illinois. I was soooooooo glad Mom decided to move to Texas when I was 3 months old. I would have been here sooner, but I couldn’t quite drive. Graduated High School a Married my High School Sweet heart. That lasted only 4 years total. Then as a blessing after getting divorced in 1994 I got a gift in 1998 named Mykaila Beautiful Red haired, Blue eyed baby, without a husband. Raised her by myself. I am a bipolar mum, which isn’t always easy. So, I have decided to write down my thoughts to explain my world to others.


by Musa Gift Masombuka

Have you ever felt that the world inside you is building up into a bitter taste? Has life to you seem to be very promising but at the end the ends couldn’t meet? Have you been spiritually abused? Is life starting to become your worst nightmare and the people closer to you seem to be invisible because you are too absorbed in your thoughts? Is your rosy garden filled with thorns, that pricks at you every time happy moments strike? Is life to you becoming more like a daydream dressed like a nightmare, wishing that you could one day wake up and find the storm all over? Are you suffering the emotional torture and life to you has started to be meaningless?

How do you feel? Do you have some magic moments you would like to share but do not know how to express them in words? Are you a cupid spreading love to others and want to express it more in a poesy way? Are stuck in a middle of a love struck and would like to get over it? Do you have reminiscent memories that are sheer than the shining moon and beautiful like the night sky full of stars? Life can be wonderful sometimes.

Are you still struggling to forgive and forget about the apartheid leap that has drenched the blood of fellow South Africans? Have you travelled and lived in your friend’s souls and would like to express your emotions about what you experienced? Are you a man of nature and has a thing for the animals and creatures? Do you appreciate your life and very thankful for as long as you breathe?

Have you seen the struggle of life? Those horrifying moments when everyone has turned the back on you and felt like you are in your own planet of troubles and helplessness? Have you ever sat down and looked at life from a different angle and see things that not everyone could ever see? Has that helped you enough to can confess that you understand life much better?

Poetry marks one of the shortest ways to express thoughts and emotions, it has been divided into a wide of ranges where writers express themselves in different emotions and situations. Poets put their pens on the paper to console their emotions and also to send us an important message about their experiences in life, they are our messengers of life. Poets and writers have always been regarded as the titanium towers because their souls are undefeatable for they find healing and rehabilitation in their writings. Writing also serves as a big part of the rehabilitation process.

No matter how you feel, this book is designed for you with emotions and moments to share. MY WORDS IN VOLUMES: Emotions Of A Poet has been written for everyone with a troubled soul. It is a book that will help you deal with all your solutions by healing your soul while making you strong. It is again aimed to teach you the important lessons of life and prepares you to all the walks of life. The poems has been carefully selected and well penned for you to get the message while healing your broken soul.

Spiritual & Inspirational Poems: Spiritual & Inspirational Poems Of The Greatest Muslim Thinker of All Time.

by Muhammad Asim

DR. Allama Iqbal was born on 9th of the November 1877 in Sialkot modern days Pakistan. He got his early education in Sialkot and went to Germany for higher education; he got his PhD degree from Germany, where he got the company of his great teachers SIR THOMAS ARNOLD and FRIEDRICH HOMMEL.

DR. ALLAMA MUHAMMAD IQBAL was a great philosopher, a PH.D scholar, an intelligent lawyer and a respected politician of the sub-continent. He is considered to be one of the greatest Muslim thinkers of all time following the great JALAL UDDIN RUMI and ALI IBN ABU-TALIB.

His poetry and writing gave new dimension and cause to the Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs of the sub-continent which eventually led to the independence of Pakistan and India from the British rule back in 1947.

He writes most of his poems for the Muslims of the world and forces the Muslims rulers and leaders to unite for peace and prosperity of the Islamic world.

His poetry and thinking impressed the people of sub-continent so much that they unanimously gave him the title of THE POET OF THE EAST.

Allama Iqbal is the national poet of Pakistan. The Iranian also claims that he is a Persian and hence they also considering him their national poet officially. Allama iqbal is also the national poet of the Afghanistan and Bangladesh. The national anthem of India is also written by Allama iqbal.

Iqbal died on 21st April 1938 in Lahore, Pakistan

â??’ the departed melody may return or not!

The zephyr from Hejaz may blow again or not!

The days of this fakir has come to an end,

Another seer may come or not!”

These were the last lines of Allama iqbal in the hands of his servant on the early morning of 21st April.

The Non-sense Collection Work: Work

by Monsur Choudhury

This is the ‘hope’, the hope in that a collection of poetical rythmic stutters in life lessons that may be learnt.

Simply it can be lessons in outwardly giving direction in story form.

Simply it is through experiences told in story form.

Meant as lessons and others in humour at a situation.

It is made from me thinking how I have been and how my baby could be.

Humor, theatre in life lessons, experiences to be yet to come across, guidance in a parenting nature. Most importantly engaging the mind and to nurture exploration of young spirits and minds and keep them interested in reading and carrying on exploring the world of imagination.

I hope whole heartedly it can be of some useful substance over form and form without form just as water is free flowing in so many of the implicit emotions that we do hold, everyone holds, and starting this in our young minds.


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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

On 4/19 (On 4/19 and Beyond 4/20)

by Lisa Heaton

Book One of Two (Watch for Beyond 4/20 Fall ’14)

Out of desperation to pay tuition for her final year of school, Chelsea enters into an arrangement with a much older man. The one-year contract commits her to accompany him to social events and occasional travel, nothing more, and in return he pays for her school and living expenses.

John’s intention is to have a smoke screen of sorts. While entering the agreement with no fear of developing any emotional attachment to a woman so young, John quickly discovers his feelings are deepening toward Chelsea.

As the contract stipulates, they begin and end on 4/19 – no exceptions. After a year together, though, and as deepening feelings complicate what is supposed to be a business relationship, will walking away really be as easy for Chelsea as signing her name to a contract?

Note from the author: In this story you will encounter a young believer who has true faith but not so much trust. As much as Chelsea loves and believes in God, her journey to be truly close to Him takes time and develops on into the sequel, Beyond 4/20. For John, a cynical man who turned from his faith in pursuit of “more”, Chelsea’s character and integrity becomes a beacon home.

Watch for Chelsea’s story as it continues in Beyond 4/20. In this sequel, Chelsea’s deepening relationship with God will be what gives her strength to endure life’s most difficult challenges.

Also by Lisa Heaton, Unmending the Veil, Beyond 4/20, and Deceiver (available August 2015) in print or on Kindle or

For Better Or For Worse (Let No Man Put Asunder Book 2)

by LaShanda Michelle

Dana’s marriage to Gavin quickly unravels once her secret is revealed. As she struggles to deal with the aftermath of her previous decisions, he continues to grow closer to Parker and wonders if he’ll be happier elsewhere.

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Free horror Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Colony of the Lost

by Derik Cavignano


When the children of Glenwood begin vanishing one by one, baffling local and federal authorities alike, the idyllic New England suburb becomes anything but a utopia.
Built upon the ruins of a lost colony, Glenwood harbors a long-forgotten secret, and when three strangers are lured into the midnight woods by the phantom of a Puritan boy, they discover the truth of the town’s dark past and must face a vision of its bloody future. 
Together, this unlikely trio–Jay, an alcoholic school teacher, Tim, a wise-cracking new kid in town, and Sarah, a nine-year-old with a handful of imaginary friends–must find a way to rescue the town from a terrifying supernatural force to prevent history from repeating itself.

“A solid horror story with appetizing characters.” -Kirkus Reviews

“An immensely satisfying paranormal thriller …” –

Occult Assassin 2.5: Ice Shadows (A Novella)

by William Massa

0.99 for a limited time – Occult Assassin: Dark Missions (Books 1-3 Boxed Set)  One man stands between the forces of darkness.

After his fianc̩e is slain by a murderous cult, Delta Force Operator Mark Talon dedicates himself to a new mission Рhunting down twisted occultists around the globe and stopping them before they can unleash the forces of darkness upon an unsuspecting world.

In ICE SHADOWS, Talon must head to Norway to stop a Black Metal musician who plans on using an ancient Norse ritual to trigger a frozen cataclysm.

Occult Assassin: Ice Shadows is a novella and tells a self-contained Mark Talon adventure. This is a perfect way to sample the series.

“Occult Assassin moves like a bullet exploding from Talon’s 9mm Glock.” — Nicholas Sansbury Smith, best-selling author of EXTINCTION HORIZON/ORBS.

Sleepwalking: This is my story that should never be told.

by Mark Rodseth

This is a story about the edge of consciousness. The space between wakefulness and sleep; intoxication and sobriety; the angels and the demons; dark and light. This is my journey to this place. It is my horror. My twisted romance. My black comedy. My drug binge. This is my story that should never be told.

The Unwanted (Black Water Tales Book 2)

by Jean Nicole Rivers

In the remote, eastern European town of Borslav there is St. Sebastian orphanage, a place where people discard their unwanted children. For the American, Blaire Baker, it’s the perfect place to volunteer her services. Paired with a cheerful volunteer nurse, Blaire is enthusiastic about the possibilities, but is quickly discouraged when she encounters the nefarious nature of the staff and the deplorable conditions of the facility and the children.

Upon arrival, one of the children informs Blaire, “There’s something in the basement.” It isn’t long before strange things begin happening, including Blaire’s flashbacks of the accident that killed her parents. The children soon suffer injuries that Blaire, first, fears may be the deeds of the callous workers but she soon thinks the abuse may originate from a source that is less than human, something unwanted.

The unwanted is coming but in order for Blaire to fight it, she must dig into St. Sebastian and herself in search of truth. Blaire wants nothing more than to help the children, but when she discovers the tragedy that happened in the basement and learns that the same evil forces are still at work, it will be Blaire who needs helpâ?¦There’s something in the basement.

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Free travel Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour (Travel Guide): Seven Things You Must Do To Have A Fabulous Time In The Crescent City — A guide for visitors and locals alike

by Richard Bienvenu

Bestseller on Amazon! Revised and updated for 2014.

Now Get the Insider Secrets to Having a Fabulous Time in the Crescent City!

“…jazzes you up in all departments. This is a great little read that does a nice job of condensing the must eats, dos, and music scenes of NOLA. Technically more than seven items, you are left wanting to visit them all. I really enjoyed the personal voice of a native.”

NO WADING THROUGH LIST AFTER LIST of suggestions like your typical Fodor’s or Lonely Planet, this travel book was put together by a full-fledged local who knows the best places to go to have an authentic New Orleans experience.


* the best restaurants with the most delicious food authentic New Orleans food,â?¨

* elegant hotels in all price ranges,â?¨

* great bars for fantastic libations,â?¨

* insider sightseeing tips,â?¨

* popular music venues â?¨

* and other fine suggestions on how to have an all around memorable time in the Crescent City.

NEW ORLEANS is a city like no other. Over the centuries it’s been sung about and written about as this mysterious, dream-like place almost magical in its effect on people.

VISITING NEW ORLEANS IS LIKE TRAVELING TO EUROPE in a language you’ll understand without all the hassle and expense. The Crescent City speaks the language of hospitality second-to-none with a world-wide reputation for fabulous food, world-class music and never-ending good times.

WITH THIS TRAVEL GUIDE IN HAND you’ll easily be able to create your own personal New Orleans tour with insider tips that only a local would know. It’s the hope of the author that you’ll get a taste of some of the magic that makes the Crescent City truly unique.

INTENDED FOR VISITORS AND LOCALS ALIKE this New Orleans travel guide is short and concise written by a native of the city who shares with you where to go and what to do in planning for a perfect visit to this historic, fun-loving, northern Caribbean city.

SO SCROLL UP THE PAGE NOW and click on the orange button to the right and order your own copy of this winning New Orleans travel guide and you can be on your way to having a fabulous time in the Crescent City!

A to Z Guide to Booking with AirBnB in New York City

by Wojciech Migda

This guide is dedicated to travellers. It is not one of those “make money on AirBnB” books you can find everywhere. Instead, it’s purpose is to help the reader to make the best of his money finding and booking an accommodation in New York City through AirBnB.

It is short, concise, compressed, and to the point. It is based on my own experiences and it was conceived after long weeks spent browsing through AirBnB listings while I was trying to find a place to sleep and rest for each of my travels to New York City. I wrote it to help others speed up the process of booking the right place at the right price. Some of the subjects I touched upon are more general, some focus on intricacies of New York City itself. In many cases I have learned about them the hard way – by discovering aspects which made me take step backwards or even go back to point zero. I am not an American citizen, hence, my learning curve was very steep – I hope that travelers in a similar position will benefit the most. Enjoy!



Everyone has that one dream, planted as a seed when they were a child, that they’ve all but given up on after realising the hardships and responsibilities that come with growing up and starting a family. Always lingering in the back of your mind, only a few people have the courage and the will to follow through with such lofty ambitions. For author Rod Wood, that dream was to climb the beautifully daunting Kilimanjaro.

Unfortunately, life and depression hit Rod like an oncoming truck. Dissatisfied with his day to day living and unable to put a finger on why, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery to recapture the very same whimsy and joy he felt while learning about this legendary continent as a child. Not content to let his life-long desire pass him by a second time, Rod begins to etch out the plans that would change his life forever. With a new-found confidence and commitment to discovery, Rod sets out on the adventure we’ve all dreamed of: to fulfil our childhood ambitions.

Engaging in conversations about life, love and the world, Rod’s thought-provoking tale takes him on a series of adventures, coming across people and places that would define his later years. Chronicling the real life tale of one man’s journey to the “roof” of Africa, Kilimanjaro: My Goal, My Story, spins a heart-warming and relatable memoir into a powerful and engaging personal study.

The Brand Ambassador Handbook: Learn How To Make Money Promoting Major Brands, Travel The World, & Have Fun!

by Edwin Goitia

Have you always wanted to do something fun and get paid for it? Are you the kind of person that buys something new and tells all your friends about it? What if you could do that for the public, travel, and make money at the same time?

Brought to you from Promo Rockstars, now you can learn how you can do all of this with our new, one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide.

Introducing experiential marketing. More widely known as promotional marketing, the Promo Rockstar Movement has been training and developing novice and veteran event specialists since 2010. We strive to take people to the next level in whatever area of the event industry they find themselves in.

Brand new to our world? No worries! We created the Brand Ambassador Handbook to help cover the basics of what it takes to become the ultimate professional product evangelist. That way you learn faster, get paid sooner, and have fun while doing so.


by Camilo Prosper H

The Old Panama located exactly in the area of San Felipe, is a city of approximately 340 years old and known as the first city of Panama, instilling a little more we want the readers to know that the correct term to say his name referring to it It’s like (Old town) and not (Ancient town) in Panama because there was already a town before and still called Old Panama.

Most of the buildings in this historic city are located in an area of 38 blocks that is called “Old Town” or “San Felipe”. In which you can see from the Golden Altar of the Church of San Jose, or the Canal Museum, every corner of this ancient city has some historical meaning.

Roads to Adventure 31 Kayaking, Hiking, Biking, Fishing, Skiing, Caving, Surfing, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing, Rafting, Camping and RVing Stories

by Bruce Leonard

I wrote this book for travelers who enjoy reading about adventures and for those willing to expand their comfort zones by participating in exciting activities that they thought were too much for them. I am athletic, true, but I have suffered from a series of injuries, a back injury foremost among them, and yet I have climbed rock faces, plunged into icy rivers, mountain biked trails that tested my stamina and my resolve, skied an Olympic downhill course, boated huge fish and participated in dozens of other activities that nearly anyone can pursue, so long as they believe they can. Roads to Adventure, therefore, is meant to encourage self belief.

Smoky Goes to Europe… Again: A Decade Later in England and France

by Kevin Amsler

Smoky is again off to Europe with his parents, this time to England and France. This humorous travel journal weaves its way through an 18-day journey beginning with the exploration of charming villages in the English Cotswolds before heading to Oxford, Windsor, then London. The Chunnel train delivers the travelers to Paris for the pleasures of the French capital with a side trip to view the chateaux of the Loire Valley.

English and French history is told through visits to historic towns, museums, castles, and palaces. European royalty is discussed, from the saintly to the tyranical, kings and queens who were honored and hated. Notables such as Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Vincent van Gogh, and Napoleon are brought to life through their deeds, both good and bad. Nearly 200 photographs bring the scenery to life.

Bangkok in 3 Days: The Definitive Tourist Guide Book That Helps You Travel Smart and Save Time (Thailand Travel Guide)

by Finest City Guides

There are many types of tourist guide that introduce people to Bangkok, but this book will prove incredibly helpful thanks to its very high practical value. This guide was primarily designed for people who have to stay in the capital of Thailand for a few days only. It comes hardest for them to organize their visit in the city, because they literally have to make many choices and “condense” the beauty of a large city in a short time frame. However, this book is also useful for people whose stay in the capital is longer, but who don’t know very well what is worth seeing most of all, what they should do in Bangkok to get around easily, and how they could save time as well as some money. While travelling on a budget is not the main focus of this guide, many recommendations can also prove effective from this point of view as tips that people should know about.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in this guide:

� what makes Bangkok attractive for tourists and what is particular about it

� key information about the capital of Thailand

� how to get there

� tips on means of transport in the city

� advice on accommodation

� highly recommended tourist attractions that are a must even if you stay only 3 days

� tips on what and where to eat/drink if you want to experience a typical flavors or interesting places in the capital

â? what you should see if you’re interested in culture and entertainment

� recommendations for specific events that your stay can synchronize with

This guide offers you information about the most important touristic highlights in Bangkok. Such places include historical monuments, places that have high architectural or artistic value, and social attractions. Many of these places are already landmarks, but this guide aims at helping you organize your trip by including only what is really a must-see attraction. This guide also provides many useful tips on what you shouldn’t miss in Bangkok if you’re interested in cultural life such as theaters, concerts, or art galleries. Moreover, it advises you on what you should consider from a practical perspective if you want to have a smooth ride through the city and not spend the highest amount of money. This short guide is designed for people of all ages and for this reason it presents a wide array of details and information that anyone can benefit from. This book also recommends a few basic facts to consider during your trip e.g. tipping habits. Bangkok offers a memorable experience to anyone who knows how to travel intelligently and save time and unwanted expenses. Enjoy it and make the best of your visit!

Travel, Food, Occasionally Wine: Wine Tasting for Beginners

by Sarah Lunsford

New to wine tasting? Feel a little like a fish out of water every time you walk into a wine tasting room? This little book is designed to help you relax and feel at ease during the wine tasting experience. Learn how to make your wine tasting experience stress free and fun because it’s just wine after all!

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Barceloneta (Pueblos of Puerto Rico Book 9)

by Greg “Froggy” Boudonck

Greg, a gringo and his wife a boricua(Puerto Rican native) are traveling throughout the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. This edition is about the pueblo of Barceloneta. Learn the history, see pictures and get ideas what to see. Collect this whole series and learn about Puerto Rico.

French Men on Sex, Love and Women

by Tanja Bulatovic

French men are open to love, sex, passion, communication, no holds barred. It’s a free way of being we envy when we study them. It oozes from them like an overflowing glass of champagne. And we want to drink, become intoxicated, we want more.

Looking for clues to resolving our existential belly, heart and soul questions, the author goes deep-sea-diving for straight up opinions on sex, love, women and the spiritual core of life. By peering inside the French male mind she unveils their heart’s secrets, seeds of liberation, happiness, laughter and some hard truths.

Presented via a collection of casual interviews with friends and strangers in cafes, bars, trains and other hideouts, this is the only book you’ll need to understand what French men really think.

Arequipa Travel Guide (Unanchor) – A 1-Day Foodie’s Dream Tour of Arequipa

by Michael Fraiman

A 1-Day Foodie’s Dream Tour of Arequipa (Published April 2016)

This isn’t a Peruvian food tourâ??this is an Arequipeño food tour. The Andean city, Peru’s second-largest, is known for its traditional gastronomy, which means you’re basically guaranteed to never find these dishes anywhere else in the world. They’re represented by a unique blend of Andean spices and European flair, crispy pork skins, local fruits, spicy peppers, doughy desserts, and potatoes served every way you could imagine. Don’t expect ceviche or lomo saltado on this tour; the goal is to stick to what’s local whenever possible, including historic institutions and mainstay dishes.

This simple one-day walking tour will take you through the city’s gorgeously preserved colonial downtown and through the beautiful lookout of nearby Yanahuara, all while making sure you’re eating Arequipa’s best offerings. We also eschew most of the conventional top-rated TripAdvisor restaurantsâ??they’re expensive touristy nonsense, and not really representative of the city’s decades-old purveyors of desserts, coffee, and soups. If you want the real deal, read on.

What will you eat in Arequipa?

– A complete 12-hour itineraryâ??two breakfasts, lunch, and dinner, with desserts and drinks in between.

– The best spots for local specialties such as rocoto relleno, chupe de camarones, and adobo.

РUnique local twists on South American classics, including Arequipe̱o tamales and lime-spiced empanadas.

– Hand-rolled tea leaves, acclaimed coffee, craft beer, and the best spots for Andean corn beer, chicha.

РDesserts abound: clove-spiced ice cream, sugar-dusted alfajores, and freshly fried bu̱uelos.

What does this Arequipa itinerary include?

– Restaurants and food stalls you won’t find on Lonely Planetâ??some don’t even have addresses.

– A good balance of popular (though authentic) restaurants along with places where you’re guaranteed to be the only foreigner.

– The city’s one restaurant that must not be missed.

– A guide to local ingredients, meal etiquette, and gastronomic history.

– The best times to eat to avoid the crowds.

– Information about public transport, detailed maps and directions, prices for sites and restaurants, and night activities as a bonus.

Why should you buy this Arequipa travel guide?

If you visit Arequipa according to the top restaurants on TripAdvisor, you’d waste roughly 50 times more money than this guide costs.

The city’s best eateries aren’t always touristic and expensive. Like all Unanchor travel guides, this itinerary has been curated by someone who’s actually lived in Arequipa, and includes a detailed timeline of the city’s top sights, along with maps, directions, and insider tips.

We’ve done the researchâ??all you have to do is follow along and explore the city. No need to spend hours sifting through different websites, guidebooks, and maps. This itinerary is like having a personal foodie tour guide in your pocketâ??but with the freedom to explore on your own and without the cost!


At $3.99, the itinerary will pay for itself the first time you follow the advice on dining and traveling destinations. If you are unhappy with the itinerary for any reason, Amazon provides a full refund. What are waiting for? Get this guide and go explore the food of Arequipa!

World’s Bounty: World Travel Sketches of the 1960s

by Douglas McCloud

The fascinating World’s Bounty was inspired by the Russian classic The Hunting Sketches. Like Ivan Turgenev’s acclaimed stories, these sketches are fictional, though they draw from the people and places author Douglas Pollock McCloud encountered in his travels as a young man during the 1960s.

World’s Bounty includes eleven short literary storiesâ??each filled with conversations in which individuals from all walks of life express their views on love, war, health, faith, and ordinary living.

One anecdote takes you to a sidewalk café in Paris, while another tells a tale of survival and belief through suffering in Peru. You’ll meet a soldier on a train and a surgeon in the Austrian Alps. And you’ll encounter love that cannot be detained on the border between Libya and Egypt.

Some stories trace the never-ending conflicts affecting humanity as played out on the beaches of Acapulco and the jungles of the Amazon Basin. Others, taking place on Mount Olympus; in Madurai, India; and on a series of islands across the seas, have a mystical tone.

Each narrative is a philosophical reckoning. Together, they illuminate the world’s vast bounty of people, places, and ideas.

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Free sports Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

The Beginner’s Guide to Your First Handgun: A helpful, simple, concise guide for beginners.

by Keith R. Baker

Written in clear and simple non-technical language, this guide leads the reader through the mental processes and physical steps to selecting, buying, using and caring for a handgun with special emphasis on SAFETY.

“Reminds me that I need to practice.”

“Not preachy.”

“Helped me ask the right questions when shopping.”

The author has more than 5 decades of hands on shooting experience and is also an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

Bug Out Bag Guide: How to Pack the Perfect Bug Out Bag To Survive For At Least 72 Hours After SHTF

by Ken Johnson

Do you have a bug out bag ready to survive for at least 72 hours if you need to evacuate after a disaster?

This guide will reveal how to pack the perfect bug out bag to survive SHTF.

Inside you will discover…

* What you should have in your bug out bag.

* How to lighten up your bag and still have enough food to keep you alive.

* How to customize a bug out bag for your needs.

* Which firearm you should carry in your bug out bag.

* What you should carry for lighting.

* The reliable and durable item that will keep you from getting lost.

* Which clothing to pack to withstand any climate.

…and many more essential bug out survival tips!

Surfing vs. SUP surfing

by Dan Plouff

This book reveals the pros and cons of short board surfing, long board surfing, kayaking, and SUP (Stand Up Paddle) board surfing, for people who want to try to decide which type of board to buy. Lots of tips for new surfers are given in this book that will make it so you will be safer and have more fun. This book teaches you about California and Florida surfing and adventures you can have. This is a short book that gives you lots of info very quickly.

Poker Tournament Practice

by Dan Plouff

This book will teach you how to practice for a poker tournament. This book will help you make it to the final table that will give you profits for your time. Without knowing statistically how many hands you have to fold, which hands to fold, how much to bet before the flop, how much to bet at the flop, how to knock players out of the tournament, and how to protect your profits, then you’re doomed to lose a tournament. This book will help gambling addicts, and will help your loved ones to stop losing money, and to start training their minds statistically instead with poker tournament videogames. This is a short book that gives you lots of info very quickly.

Fitness Fundamentals

by Federico Calafati

Are you overweight? Be fit right now with this book, all the FITNESS FUNDAMENTALS you need!

Twenty-Four Paul Signac’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Paul Signac”s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac”s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Paul Signac”s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac”s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Paul Signac”s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac”s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Paul Signac”s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac”s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac’s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

by Stanley Cesar

Have you ever wanted to enrich your child with the arts and humanities?


Have you ever wanted to decorate your child’s room with great paintings from one of your favorite painters?

Well, you can start with Paul Signac”s Paintings.

Twenty-Four Paul Signac”s Paintings (Collection) for Kids

There are colorful, youthful, and inspirational.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Starbound: Eleven Tales of Interstellar Adventure

by SM Reine

Her stories… her stars. A fabulous collection of short stories with great female characters (most of them lead-ins to series, so a great way to discover some new reading material!) You’ll also find dragons, smugglers, vampires, aliens, a street-ruffian mathematical genius, a princess desperate to save Earth, and more. It’s amazing what’s out there traveling the stars.

PASSAGE OUT (Anthea Sharp): Street rat Diana Smythe has long since given up her hopes of escaping Earth, but that doesn’t mean she can’t watch the ships fly in and out of the spaceport and dream…

BLOOD TIES (Christine Pope): On the outlaw world of Iradia, Miala Fels and her computer-hacker father discover that taking the wrong commission can have unexpected consequences.

RAISING A DRAGON (Sara Reine): Nobody knows that retired war hero Aja Skytoucher took an alien from an enemy’s nest. Hiding on a farm planet with the dragonet, she finds that the hardest part of committing treason may not be the treason itself, but going home again.

EXILE (Nathan Lowell): When her graduation party goes awry, Natalya Regyri finds herself on the run from the most powerful police force in the galaxy.

ARCTURUS 5 (Debra Dunbar): Xella went to Arcturus 5 to mediate a simple trade dispute between the Mol and the Dark, but now she’s not sure she’ll get out alive.

A TALE OF TWO SHIPS, A KarmaCorp Story (Audrey Faye): Two ships crash into an unimportant digger rock. The first carries a newborn baby. The second will rewrite her destiny.

CARL SAGAN’S HUNT FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE (C. Gockel): Sometimes intelligent life is right in front of your whiskers.

BLUE LIGHT (Phaedra M. Weldon): You gotta run… before you burn.

TREASON’S COURSE (LJ Cohen): When a soldier is given a covert assignment, she must decide if treason lies in carrying out her orders or disobeying them.

SILENT WITNESS (Colleen Vanderlinden): Aria is about to become the next ruler of a society that is sworn to Witness and record the lives and histories of all beings, but when the planet that has fascinated her since childhood is threatened with annihilation, she must decide between fulfilling her duty or creating her own destiny.

THE FINAL SUNRISE (Shawntelle Madison): A lonely vampire, with no memories of her past, must face looters who have infiltrated her powerful spaceship.

The Huntress

by Michelle O’Leary

The Hunter:

Traumatized at a young age by the violent death of her parents, Mea Brin becomes a Hunter, part of an elite policing force of the Planetary Coalition. She is the best of the best, ruthless and predatory on a hunt and driven by the memory of violence. But then she meets Seth Terrik, an escaped convict, and Regan Freya, a child recently orphaned. The pair make an impression on Mea that she can’t ignoreâ??she feels a deep empathy for the girl and in Terrik she sees reflections of herself. Her choices seem limitedâ??duty demands that she capture the escapee and turn the child over to the proper authorities. But Mea is not one to allow duty to define her. She creates a new choice.

The Convict:

Seth Terrik has spent more than half of his life in prison. All that he knows or cares about is survival and the fight for freedom until a trusting girl becomes his responsibility and a seductive Hunter offers him what looks like a second chance at life. The simple rules of his existence become much more complicated as he is forced to redefine the concepts of survival and freedom. What does a hardened criminal like him know of trust or love? Is he even capable of stepping beyond instinct and into human emotion?

The Álfaerën Legacy: Marc Jacobs

by Marc Jacobs

There are some places in Teynia none were meant to go, hiding secrets none were meant to find. But one morning, sisters Kali and Kilyn Middlethird stumbled upon such a place, and uncovered such a secret. They stood before an enchanted Gate left behind by the Álfaerëns long ago to imprison the Spirit, an evil capable of destroying all of Teynia. If only someone had told the Middlethirds about the Gate, they might not have opened it. Now, Teynia’s fate hinged on the Middlethirds surviving long enough to find the legendary Portal of Worlds, and the lost descendants of an ancient hero hidden somewhere within the Portal. To save their world, they would have to find the magic to leave it. Their journey would lead them to Earth, where they would have to decipher age-old clues to find what they were looking for. But if Pennsylvania high school senior, Alexandra Castellano, failed to unravel a thousand year old mystery of her own, buried deep within her family name itself, Teynia would be lost to the Spirit, and Earth was next. And none of them would ever find out who they really wereâ?¦

King of the Natives: Book One

by Clayton Black

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, King of the Natives is the first in a series of books following Detective Stuckler as he wages war against the “natives”- humans that have been battered into monsters by a virus – armed only with his gun, knife and foul language. After veering from his mission to learn what happened to his family, he finds himself facing a mutable world as the natives’ behaviour changes and he is tugged into a quest to find out what is to blame – but getting to the truth proves his greatest challenge yet.

Romance: New Adult: Rescuing Rebecca: (MMF Bisexual Menage Romance) (New Adult Contemporary Threesome Romance)

by Elizabeth Chloe

Read this book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited. 

BONUS FREE story included in this book! 

Jake and Rebecca go to the same cafe, and it’s obvious she likes him. When he asks her out she panics, which is his first sign that’s something wrong, and it’s not long before he finds out she’s in an abusive relationship. As he does his best to help her he falls in love, but knows unless she makes the choice to leave her boyfriend there’s nothing he can do.

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Star Gazer: Reboot Hill

by E. Sharp

Michael Faraday, maintenance class worker, grade fourteen, serial number three, five, six, dash, one, one, seven, dash, four. Faraday Repair Company, New Road Island colony, Maintenance Cruiser Star Gazer, serial number four, four, five, three, Alpha. Responds to a repair request from the entertainment moon Kith. What he finds there are pirates who are holding the moon hostage and force him to help build an Ion cannon. He becomes a thorn in the pirates’ side instead.

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Free science Kindle books for 30 Apr 16

Diabetes: Naturally Lower Your Blood Sugar Using Herbal Remedies and Recipes

by Philip Johnson

any people now suffer with diabetes, both type one and type two. Diabetes is actually a group of diseases that mean you have too much sugar in your blood, or it could mean that you have high blood glucose. This is because it is a metabolic disease that stops your body from producing enough insulin, if any, which is what results in this raise in blood glucose. Diabetes doesn’t pick just one type of person, and it can strike anyone. It doesn’t matter your lifestyle.

Stomach Flu – Causes, Treatment and Home Remedies

by David L. Jonathan

The purpose of this book is to bring together in one place the relevant information about viral gastroenteritis, also known as stomach flu.

Nevertheless, all the information found within these pages should be carefully read and not taken as a solid healthcare provider. The intention is not to replace proper medical treatment and advice, but to encourage people to be extremely careful with their health.

It proves to be a useful resource, as it is easy to read, in a friendly language and with extensive explanations. Also, the structure of the content is divided into relevant subchapters. Therefore, the reader has the option to read it page by page or just go to the chapter that interests them mostly.

The content is organized in such a way that it provides information about causes, risk factors, symptoms, remedies and treatment, but also curiosities, quick facts, definition of some medical terms and a series of questions and answers. May it offer you the assistance you needed!

Life Planning Workbook: The Ultimate Daily Planner with Self-Help Activities and Daily Goals. Create Your Ideal Life Plan And Design The Life Of Your Dreams (How to Set Goals, Goal Setting)

by Victoria Alexander

Life Planning Workbook

The Ultimate Daily Planner with Self-Help Activities and Daily Goals. Create Your Ideal Life Plan And Design The Life Of Your Dreams

Dear Kindle readers, you can download your PDF copy at the end of the Kindle book

This Guide will help you set your goals and have daily exercises to achieve your goals. This guide includes the following exercises:

– Life Wheel exercise

– Finding what you want and setting measurable goals

– Yearly/ monthly/ weekly goals

– Daily Goals

– Daily Comfort zone challenges

– Daily Intentions

– Daily Gratitude exercise

– Daily Exercise of people you’ve met and how you impacted their life

– Daily Exercise: Lessons you learned

Enjoy achieving your goals and hope you have an amazing year!

The Medical Marijuana Mess: A Prescription for Fixing a Broken Policy

by John Hudak

The uncertainty and inconsistency surrounding federal and state laws for medical marijuana use, distribution, and research is placing unnecessary obstacles in the way of suffering patients, their families, and the people trying to help them.

In The Medical Marijuana Mess, senior fellow John Hudak illustrates the extreme dysfunction of medical marijuana policy through two different narratives: the Collins’, who make the painful choice to split up their family in order to treat their daughter’s debilitating epilepsy with CBD oil, and Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn, a medical marijuana dispensary owner who encountered unimaginable obstacles, scrutiny, and personal liability in order to help other patients in need.

Off Grid Living: Alternative Energy Solutions to Inspire You to Use More Clean, Green, and Renewable Resources. Usefull Guide to Energy Efficiency at Home … sustainability, renewable resources)

by Theodore Hall

You might have heard the phrase “living off the grid” used for some time now but don’t have an idea of what it really means. Living off the grid means providing and relying on your own resources, rather than those of the community. It means you have the willingness to sacrifice material objects in order to achieve something for yourself. For example, spending money to earn more money. Since you are providing for yourself, it means you are not affected by anything going on around you, economically speaking, and you have no use for an excess of funds. If for miles around you there is a power outage, but you have your own source, you may not even know about it because it does not affect your home. To live off the grid means not having to worry about how the economy turns or what the crime rate is in your area.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Why you should consider off the grid
  • Power your home
  • How to make a steady income
  • What off the gird living is truly like
  • What to do about health care and insurance

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

Download your copy of “Off Grid Living” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Birth Control 2016: Contraception – Sexually Transmitted Diseases – Assault

by Betty J. Kuffel MD FACP

A science-based explanation of current methods of birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and treatments as well as advice on what to do in the case of sexual assault.


The prostate – a male organ enlarges as we age. Prostate diseases including Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis and prostate cancer can happen to men of all ages. Thus, suffering from the condition is not a sign of old age.Recent reports show that even the sophisticated medical techniques and surgeries do not cure these conditions. Natural therapies are the best ways of treating conditions. You can take advantage of watermelon tea, corn silk tea and others to reduce prostate enlargement substantially within a short period of time.

Low Fat Cooking: Lose Fat with Clean Eating and the Belly Fat Diet

by Margarete Aguilera

Low Fat Cooking: Lose Fat with Clean Eating and the Belly Fat Diet The Low Fat Cooking book covers two diets, the clean eating diet and the belly fat diet. Both diets offers recipes that are low in fat to help you lose weight. Each diet plan calls for fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber foods and lean meats. These nutritious foods help to boost the metabolism, which helps to burn more calories. There is a huge variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, supper, beverages, and snacks and desserts to plan meals for a couple of weeks ahead of time. The first section covers the clean eating diet with these categories: The Clean Diet, Benefits of Clean Eating, Alternative Food Types, Tips for Eating Clean and Healthy, 5 Day Sample Planner for Day to Day Meals, Breakfast Recipes, Quick and Easy Lunches, Main Meal Recipes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Snacks, and Beverages. A sampling of the recipes includes: Peachy Spritzer, Vanilla Lovers Granola, Classy Carrot Cake, Stuffed Zucchini Boats, Crispy Fish Fillets with Lemon Dip, Touch of Italy Cheese Quesadillas, Sweet and Zesty Pancake Apple Rings, Rise and Shine Banana Bread, Creamy Albacore Pita, Home Made Beef Tacos with Salsa, Quinoa Corn Salad, and Classy Carrot Cake. The second section of the book covers the belly fat diet with these categories: What is the Belly Fat Diet, The Secret Behind the Diet, How the Diet Works, Benefits of the Belly Fat Diet, Essential Tips for Success on the Belly Melt Diet, Helpful Diet Tips to Follow, Top Belly Fat Burning Foods, Belly Melting Breakfast Recipes, Great Lunch Recipes to Help You Lose Belly Fat, Flat Belly diet Dinner Recipes, Belly Flattening Drink, Snack and Dessert Recipes, and Your 7 Day Belly Fat Diet Meal Plan. There is a big variety of delicious belly fat reducing recipes too.

detox: Intestinal cleanse and Reconstruction: detox cleanse diet, smoothies for weight loss, smoothie cleanse (Muscle and fitness hers, Green smoothie, … recipe book, Weight loss for women Book 3)

by Nekoterran


You have come to the right place.

The information in this e-book contains exact knowledge on:how to cleanse and reconstruct the small and large intestines completely, and maintain healthy internal system permanently. If you learn how, and apply what you learn, you will achieve just as the title readsâ?? guaranteed!

KNOW that an unhealthy physique or excess body fat accumulation, or disease does not automatically occurâ?¦ everything has a cause.

What is mucoid plaque?

Do an image search on “mucoid plaque, bowel mucus, mucus rope” and observe what comes up. More than 90% of diseases are diet, and internal pollution related. The list would go on and on with all of the internal and external damage that unhealthy bowels cause.

What separates this program from the other internal detox programs?

There are hundreds of internal cleansing programs available. Most programs can take up to months to complete, and even then mucoid plaque, parasites, fungal overgrowth will only be marginally cleaned out. In this program you will learn how to eradicate all of the mucoid plaque in a matter of days. Not only cleanse the bowels, but reconstruct/strengthen (what is missing from most internal cleansing programs) and transplant friendly bacteria to flourish for long periods of time.

What is in this book?

This book is how to step by step guide to cleanse the small and large intestines, and reconstruct the intestinal delicate wall lining. If you desire to know what causes mucoid plaque build up, excess body fat, alkaline body temperature, and everything to stay in optimal shapeall of this information is covered in my other books:

1. How to Burn Body Fat Completely and Maintain a Slim Physique Permanently.

2. How to Build More Muscle than Ever Before and Maintain Muscle Mass Permanently.

The information in this book has been tested on myself, and others whom achieved outstanding results without harming the body.

Note:Be warnedâ?¦ deep internal cleansing is a difficult process. Far more difficult than losing weight or exercise alone. Deep tissue cleansing requires time, patience, persistence and disciplined effort that may be too much to handle for some.

But if you choose follow through with the guidelines in these pages, your health, fitness, body and every area of your life will improve to new heights you would not have experienced in the past. Your body will feel light, free, and burst with energy knowing that the unnecessary waste/junk has been removed from your system.

Losing weight, staying lean and building muscle mass will become a more pleasurable process, and obtain greater results.

If you do not experience change after the completion of the cleanseâ?? 100% money back guaranteed!

Included in this e-book:

Bonus #1:

receive $5 – $10 discount on first time natural herb orders.

Bonus #2:

receive even more updates from Nekoterran.

This program is not a quick fix, requires a few weeks of dedication, and a lot of work from your part.

Required to successfully complete the program:

  • Spend $100- $150 on Natural herbs
  • Make dietary changes
  • Dedicate yourself for a few weeks weeks to the program (depending on your condition)
  • Approach the program with an open mind, be open to new methods, and new ideas
  • Open an account
  • Enjoy optimal health

If you cannot commit to the above points 100%,


This is not a program for you!

If you agreed to all the points above, prepare for a permanent change.

Available for a limited time for only $7.99!

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Diabetes: Reverse Diabetes: How to reverse diabetes and manage type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes and gestational diabetes (Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Type … sugar, diabetic recipes, what is diabetes)

by Anthony Taylor

Diabetes: Reverse Diabetes: How to reverse diabetes and manage type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes and gestational diabetes

(Further topics: Exercising, Proper Diabetic Diet (Diabetic Recipes) and control of Low Blood Sugar and High Blood Sugar with Insulin)

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for $2.99. Regularly priced at $7.99 (62,5% DISCOUNT!).

You have diabetes and are desperate about it?

You think you are stuck with it for life, because you were told so?

You are afraid of all the complications coming along with diabetes?

Then I encourage you to read on.

This book contains comprehensive and up-to-date scientific information and illustrates how to live a life full of enjoyment and less restrictions, though having diabetes. It even reveals that it’s possible to reverse diabetes with the right attitude and actions. Next to nutritional aspects you will learn about the importance of exercising and understand the real background of this strategies.

The right diabetic diet and a proper exercise program will help to reduce or even eliminate dependency on diabetes medication. You will learn about which food to include and which food to avoid, when you’re planning your meals.

You will get to know all the relevant aspects about diabetes. Ranging from the most remarkable facts about diabetes, over the dysfunctions in the body when having diabetes, over signs and type specific symptoms, to risk factors and complications coming along with diabetes. Besides you’ll know the real function of insulin in the body and be aware of the problems occurring with low blood sugar and high blood sugar.

After you got to know all the basics and details, you will learn how to properly manage and finally reverse diabetes.

This book offers help to all diabetic patients, no matter if Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes.

It will guide you how to live a long, healthy and happy life – without feeling restricted.

On top of that you’ll get more than 10 special diabetes recipes with Ingredients, Instructions and Nutritional Information, at the end of the book.

Here Is Again a Quick Preview of What You’ll learnâ?¦

  • 10 Remarkable aspects about diabetes
  • Different Types of Diabetes
  • Signs and symptoms of Diabetes
  • Risk factors of Diabetes
  • Complications caused by Diabetes
  • How to manage Diabetes
  • How to reverse diabetes
  • Delicious Diabetes Recipes
  • Research aspects and the link to depression

I really believe this book can contribute to a better understanding of what diabetes really is, and how to live with diabetes or even reverse it.

I’m sure you can benefit from reading, so:

Take action today and download this book for a special discount price!

Remember the discount is for a limited time only!


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E-Liquid Recipes: 32 Flavors of Vape. (Dirty Joe’s TOBACCO E-Juice mix list.)

by Darius Artistas

I love Vaping! – Do You?

Still seeking for that great tasting vape? But can’t find a decent book on Amazon with cool Tobacco E-Juice recipes?

Well, I’m here to offer you to take a puff of faith and download

this awesome Tobacco E-Juice recipe book, which won’t let you down!

This mixing book will offer you 32 best tobacco E-Liquid recipes,

which were selected by pure experience!

This book will teach you new tobacco e-liquid recipes you could start trying out right now.

I’ve been a vendor and a proud user of Electronic Cigarettes for a year now – so I might just hit the spot with this recipe kindle!

Take care and stay vaped!

Also be sure to download:

1.Electronic Cigarettes: Facts Your E-Cigarette Sellers Won’t Tell You!

2.E-Liquid Recipes: 31 Flavors of Vape. (Dirty Joe’s awesome E-Juice mix list.)

Tags: Vape books, vape recipes, vapes for smoking, vaping guide, vaping juice, vaping for beginners, vaping for dummies.

Be the Feeling: The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Journey Therapy

by Jennie Williams

Our life experiences create patterns in our bodies. Depending on our experiences these can be positive patterns of negative patterns. How do you know what patterns you hold in your body? How do you know how these patterns are affecting you? How can you change any unhealthy patterns for healthy ones? Be the Feeling answers these questions and helps you along the road to become more healthy, happy and fulfilled.

‘Be the Feeling – The Transforming Power of Hypnotic Journey Therapy’ is a new approach to hypnotherapy. Hypnotic Journey Therapy is an exciting blend of The 12 Body Areas and Therapeutic Hypnosis helping people to unlock their healing by learning to let go of their past, live in the moment and look forward to their future by embracing the power of their vulnerability.

A New Approach to Hypnotherapy:-

All about your client and their Journey.

Body-centred – offering your client an experience of healing in their whole self – body, mind, emotions and the sub-conscious.

Uses Therapeutic Hypnosis – helping your client unravel the story of negative experiences and affirm new positive life giving patterns.

Body Led – enabling your client to heal thoroughly, processing completely any memories, feelings or thought patterns that are blocking your client from moving forwards and finding their place in the world.

Quick Easy Meals: Grain Free Cooking and Lose the Belly Fat

by Sara Lee

Quick Easy Meals: Grain Free Cooking and Lose the Belly Fat Are you tired of dealing with constant digestive problems and stubborn belly fat in your search for quick, easy meals? This book is here to help. You may have been promised quick weight loss by mainstream diets, only to discover that getting rid of a stubborn belly is a lot harder than it sounds. You might try, time after time, to cook quick healthy meals that can help you slim down and feel better, only to discover that food has once again failed you. The quick, easy recipes contained in this book are here to make a difference. They’re designed to help remove problem belly fat and help you get rid of health problems caused by reliance on processed grains like wheat and corn. You’ll find lots of quick dinner recipes, snacks, breakfasts and more, all designed to help you enjoy your food again. There’s no need to worry about gaining when you use these quick meals. Belly fat is a serious problem, and it can be very hard to deal with it. Whether you’ve tried quick low carb solutions or seriously restricted your fat intake, you probably know that no solution seems to stick. Until you’ve rebalanced your diet and learned quick cooking that’s designed to help you feel good and lose weight, you won’t be able to conquer your problems. The recipes included in this book are ready to help you get the job done. You’ll enjoy all kinds of flavorful foods rich in beneficial fats and low in unhealthy processed carbohydrates. With foods like tomato-pesto eggs Florentine and grain-free chicken curry, you’ll be ready to take on belly fat and calm your body without giving up on taste. If you’re sick of constantly trying to lose weight only to find out that food is your enemy, now’s the time for a change. Try some of these great, belly-busting foods and feel better faster!

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