Free war Kindle books for 27 May 16

Sins of the Fathers (Freedom Fighters Book 1)

by Scott McChrystal

On Afghanistan’s front lines, he’s known as Brynner.

He’s good at two thingsâ??killing the enemy and staying alive.

If you’re in trouble, you want Brynner on your side. If you’re causing the trouble, you don’t want him coming after you.

But the one man Brynner fears, the near-ghost who lives in his nightmares, isn’t waiting for him on the battlefield.

Brynner’s most dreaded adversary is his father.

For Brynner, there’s no going home.


Vietnam veteran Scott McChrystal and journalist Scott Harrup connect readers with the life challenges warriors and families encounterâ??while deployed or on the home front.

Sins of the Fathers, the first in the Freedom Fighters series, offers hope and encourages faith when marriages, parents and friends are at the intersection of the home front and the front lines.

Duties Faithfully Executed

by JT Hume

Bruce Carson earned a Purple Heart in the war and is a rising star in the Party, but can he outrun his past and save his marriage?

The Estion Chronicles: Volume 1

by Richard O’Reilly

Books 1 through 5, all under one cover: 275 years after establishing a colony on the planet Estion, the struggles to forge a viable society continues.

The main ruling bodies, the Church and the World Council, work together to enforce a fragile peace, all the while, elements within the Church work in secret to strengthen their base of power.

One man, a young Church Acolyte named Brother Esparza, uncovers a plot by the Church Elders to destroy the last remnants of old Earth religions. Stealing these texts, he embarks on a years long journey, hiding them while avoiding capture, before finally turning himself in.

Throughout the centuries that followed, as humanity struggles to gain a foothold, clues emerge indicating the locations of the hidden texts, and the man who hid them. Others are led down a path of discovery, as the Church fights to keep their dark secret from being revealed.

The Assassin

by Lorenzo Del Toro

A former U.S. Army sniper is hired by an international petroleum firm to assassinate a Colombian Cocaine Lord. The Houston-based firm needs the cartel cleared out in order to exploit the proven oil reserves in the region. The sniper enters the triple canopy rainforest of Central America to track down and execute his prey, where the only rules are the Law of the Jungle, and not everything is as it seems. The exact identity of this Kingpin remains unknown; there is no dossier. The target is referred to only under black whispers as: “The Chess Player.”

Unarmed and thus anonymous, this young man rides a public bus deep into the jungle to a small Caribbean village called Puerto Viejo – the end of the road. First, he breaks into the local police station and steals three M-16s. Then, he befriends a lonely beach-combing Vietnam Veteran, a former member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. The Vet clearly suffers severe PTSD and “never left the jungle,” yet only this old soldier possesses the unique skills to propel the young sniper to succeed in his gambit in the jungle. The young man lives in the soldier’s house, a perfect place to remain anonymous and hide the stolen rifles. From there, the sniper carefully observes and takes measurements, wins over local assets and identifies targets, and most difficult – gathers intelligence in a small village. However, the house is a dilapidated crack house; the Vet, a wanted smuggler and an addict, who, unknown to the young sniper, works with the local police.

The village is also ravaged by a crack cocaine epidemic. Instant death waits for anyone who dares to upset the Cartel. Worse, following strict cartel orders, the local small-time drug dealers even try feed their evil to the local school children to dominate the populace and enforce the Cartel’s control.

Repulsed by this wickedness and against his better tactical judgment, the young man takes immediate action, thus violating the cardinal sniper school rule of “Be Patient!” To solve this problem he gathers empirical information – by hunting down the Cartel members in the jungle like wild trophy animals. Killing in order to discover the true identity of “The Chess Player,” and force him into play.

“There is no hunting like the hunting of Man,

and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it,

never care for anything else thereafter.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Insane But Not Crazy: Combat Medic – Winds of Change

by Carl R. ToersBijns

If you read my first mini-book, then you will appreciate this second mini-book on my experiences as a medic in the Vietnam War. This book talks about being jammed up (PTSD), Paranoia, the 68 Monsoon Madness, and the TET toxicity on our troops as seen from the medic’s eyes, not political or militarily speaking but from my interactions with soldiers and men, real men, not actors out of Hollywood. An experience that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when it is all said or written. Make sure you have both books to see the continuity of the war from my eyes. It’s different and it’s insane but it never made me crazy. Let me assure the reader, this is not your normal perspectives written in history books. This is up close and personal and gathered while it was happening around me. Things like racism, refusal to engage in combat, hate growth and an erosion of morals and ethics by our leadership through the commands that show no regard for human lives – on both sides.

Romance: Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret: (Bad Boy Alphas Military Romance) (Navy SEAL Pregnancy Billionaire Short Stories)

by Kristen Chase

People like me never got guys like him.

Hayden was an incredibly carved piece of muscular art and I was more of the large cushioned blow up doll you use for one night and never look back.

But Hayden was about to become the best stepbrother I could have ever asked for, and in more ways than one. I know that sounds strange, but it didn’t feel strange at all. It felt right.

It was right.

It scared me alright, but it excited me even more.

But what would happen when he would leave again for six months? My Navy SEAL lover would surely forget about me.

And when he gets back and sees my pregnant belly ready to pop? I’m sure he will wish he never even knew me to begin with.

**This is an 8,000 word Romance Short Story and your copy of Stepbrother SEAL’s Secret includes 20+ BONUS ROMANCE BOOKS (approx. 8,000 words each)!**

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WARNING: This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

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Free historical fiction Kindle books for 27 May 16

ROMANCE: Military Romance: The Soldier’s Mail Order Bride (Billionaire Western Rancher Romance) (Bad Boy Contemporary Soldier Romance Book 1)

by Scarlett Peters

Wounded and hurt badly from a past that follows him around, Lucian seeks to begin a new life as a law enforcer.

The war is an inescapable memory and the weaknesses it left behind, many. His world takes a spin when a young lady arrives in answer to his mail order bride advertisement.

Emma is like a breath of fresh air with hopes and dreams, but will Lucian be the kind of man she wants?

Will he beat the past and form something worthwhile with a woman that plagues his thoughts but scares him at the same time?

Together, Emma and Lucian embark on a journey that has the potential to change them both. For better or for worse.

Tsura: A World War II Romance

by Heather Anastasiu

In WWII Romania, Tsura, a young Roma (gypsy) woman, has no choice but to leave her lover, Andrei, behind and marry the grandson of the man whose basement she and Andrei have been hiding in. An epic WWII saga, for fans of The Bronze Horseman and Outlander.

“It won’t be a real marriage.” Tsura put her hands to Andrei’s shirt and pulled him in close. “I’ll never share a bed with him. I love you. I only do what I must to keep us all safe. Once the war ends, it’ll be as if it never was.” She caught his face in her hands. “I am only yours, Andrei.”

“Yes, you’re only mine,” Andrei bent over and growled in her ear. “When you put on that dress for him and walk down the aisle in that ugly goy church,” he kissed her hard before putting a strong hand to the back of her neck, pulling her forehead to his, “you think of me, here. When you say your vows to that man, you remember that it’s me who has owned your body tonight.” He again pressed his lips to hers. It was a claiming.

Book I of II.

COWBOY ROMANCE: Western Romance: Cowboy Lust (Navy SEAL Contemporary Romance Box Set) (Military College Romance Short Stories)

by Ponderosa Publishing

Warning: Contains HOT Cowboy Romance Scenes that don’t leave much to the imagination! A surprise bonus is also included inside for a VERY limited time!

This collection includes:

The Navy SEAL Cowboy

First Time With A Cowboy

The Navy SEAL Cowboy’s Secret Baby

The Navy SEAL’s Secret Lady

My Foridden Navy SEAL Cowboy

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MAIL ORDER BRIDE: REGENCY ROMANCE: Love Through The Ages Box Set (Historical Secret Baby Romance Collection) (Victorian Western Romance Short Stories)

by Ponderosa Publishing

**Get 75000+ Words Of Heart-Melting and Juicy Regency & Mail Order Bride Romance With A Surprise Bonus Inside!**

This collection includes:

The Crippled Cowboy

Murder In Montana

The Texas Billionaire’s Bride

Faith In A Cowboy

The Cowgirl’s Child

The Barren Bride

The Duke Of London’s Baby

To Marry The Prince Or Love The Duke

The Rogue Duke

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Claimed By The Cowboys (Claimed Series Book 1)

by Jamie Klaire

Rose’s plans for a normal, perfect life ended up anything but. Many months after her husband’s passing, she takes a job at a dude ranch, purely because of the revolving door of wanna-be cowboys that she knows are looking for the full cowboy experience, including a warm, willing, no-strings-attached woman warming their bunk at night.

Rose didn’t expect that it would be the ranch’s owners who would claim her attentions instead. Hot brothers Cade and Kevin, together, keep Rose way busier than any dude ranch guests ever could. Real cowboys Cade and Kevin each run one part of the ranch’s operation. Kevin runs the working ranch, taking care of the cattle and such, while Cade controls the dude ranch portion, but Rose soon discovers a third income stream the two rich cowboys hadn’t revealed in the hot interview process…

This sexy short is not for those under 18.

Aprox 13,600 words, not including supplementary material

Note- This is a short story in transition.

Jamie Klaire writes shorts, but she fell in love with writing about cowboys, so she is starting a new cowboy romance pen name JENNY KLAIRE for longer, hot, cowboy romance stories.

So if you like this short, at the end you will have links to Jamie’s catalog for more shorts, AND a link to Jenny’s longer, novel length version of this story that continues where this one leaves off.


Revenge of the Siren Song

by Michelle Stinson Ross

Danger and adventure await in this tale from the Golden Age of Piracy. As deadly as she is beautiful, Captain Grace O’Malley is not the only threat in the Caribbean. She must strike an alliance with an old flame in order to continue to ply her trade upon the tropical sea. But the burning passions of Liam O’Shea threaten to unravel all her plots and plans.

The Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang

by David Lang

1937 China; the Japanese Imperial Army is chewing up China. Three middle-aged friends, Westerners, who have lived in China for decades, are about to lose everything to the onslaught. Leave China or die. As their world collapses around them, a fur trader from New York, a Russian, and a Rabbi from Germany, learn that a race of Chinese Jews is about to become victims of a German and Japanese alliance to acquire a valuable ruby, supposedly hidden in their village of Kaifeng.

The three friends embark on one last adventure before leaving China, to save the Jews of Kaifeng and the jewel. Can they reach Kaifeng before the alliance bent on the destruction of the village gets to them? It’s a deadly pursuit across 1937 China, through Japanese controlled territory, Chinese bandits, and countless dangers and obstacles.The only clues to its location are written in a cryptic, twenty-year-old diary of a disillusioned Chinese Rabbi; the Journal of Rabbi Levy Wang. The three friends are tested to the extreme in a desperate attempt to warn their friends and find the jewel.

HISTORICAL ROMANCE: REGENCY ROMANCE: Taken By The Scandalous Duke (Duke Pregnancy Romance) (19th Century Victorian Romance Short Stories)

by Cassandra Michaels

This is a Standalone Regency Romance With A Happily Ever After Ending & No Cliffhanger..Now Includes 40 FREE Bonus Stories For A Limited Time!

William Caldwell, Duke of Essex, had a bright future ahead of him. As right-hand man to the newly crowned King, William was moving up the ranks and gaining more and more influence at court.

In no time, he reasoned he would be helping the King with the most important matters of state and helping to shape the Kingdom’s foreign affairs.

But first, a simple enough job. While the King is away, he’s entrusted William to travel to Italy and bring home his future bride. William is, at first, annoyed at being assigned so trivial a task. That is until he meets the Princess.

The attraction is undeniable, and both keenly feel the struggle between duty and desire.

And then one day, they lose the battle.

The King, now back at court and anxious to get to know his future bride, suspects something is wrong and starts to ask questions.

Now, William and Bianca must use their wits to escape charges of treason the most unfortunate consequences that come with betraying your King.

Great Protector (The Great Lords of le Bec Book 1)

by Kathryn Le Veque

1402 A.D. – Eighteen years ago, Sir Richmond le Bec, a knight in the service of Henry of Bolingbroke, was tasked with a mission of great importance. Young Henry had an affair with a married woman who bore him a child, and the woman’s husband vowed to kill both his wife and the child she birthed. Richmond was charged with taking the baby to safety and acting as her protector. Even though Richmond has risen to become Henry’s greatest knight, the protection of his illegitimate daughter has been his most important task. For eighteen years he has watched over the girl, ensuring her health and safety, as she is raised by another family, unaware of her true identity.

The Lady Arissa de Lohr has always loved Sir Richmond, the man who she believes is only a family friend. The powerful, handsome knight has always been in her heart and on the day of her eighteenth birthday, she can no longer keep her feelings to herself. Although she has been pledged to Whitby Abbey since infancy and knows that, upon reaching maturity, she will be delivered to the abbey as a novice nun, she has no desire to be sequestered away from Richmond. She loves the man, and she will have him.

Richmond, too, is deeply in love with the young lady he was assigned to protect. As she became a woman, his feelings turned from friendly concern to romantic admirer. Confessing their feelings to each other is only the beginning of their adventure, for dark forces are at work against both Arissa and Richmond, threatening to tear the lovers apart.

King Henry goes to battle against Owen Glendower, who has been made aware of the king’s secret illegitimate daughter and seeks to claim the girl to use against her father. Richmond is caught in the middle, protecting Arissa from the Welsh Rebels even as he fights Henry to keep her from being committing to Whitby.

Intrigue, battles, life, death and love blend in the greatest story yet of true love and the lengths Richmond will go to in order to have his beloved Arissa. He is more than willing to risk his life for the her in this epic tale of ultimate romance.

Romance: Closet Most Tempting: Historical Romance Victorian (The Seamstress Series #2)

by Paige Turner

Elisabeth has been welcomed in to the lovely Lovelace chateau by her dearest friend and lover the Countess Adelaide. Together they spend their time together, sewing to create an original inspired collection of gowns and dresses that they plan to show to all of London’s high society. While they attend balls, tea parties and soirées Adelaide’s husband is drinking himself into a stupor every night, being led home by his close companion Thomas. Thomas has also taken up residence at the chateau, leaving the foursome to be seen as a solid group out and amongst the socialites. Little do they realize that their inner kept secrets are not so secret after all and word begins to spread that the Lovelace marriage is not as solid as it may seem and that Thomas and Elisabeth may be starting their own romance within the chateau walls.

Follow the four as they muddle their way through the truth, each finding their own answers in their own ways to benefit their own needs. We find a couple falling in love and one sailing apart, while another is lost in the frustration of romantic limbo. Travel with them through the ups and downs in an array of fashion, dancing, drinking and assumptions. Until the end when a marriage is saved, a friendship is kept and a man is left questioning his truest desire for a woman who is not of his social standing and has been returned to her own station in life.

The Dawn of Liberty

by Jake Gouchie-Provencher

In the midst of a bloody war between naval empires, brave Thomas Northwood must sacrifice his old life and adopt a new one aboard a French warship, The Dawn of Liberty. Upon his watery voyage, he must overcome a treacherous ocean, blood-thirsty Spaniards, and a dark, mysterious family secret, to which only he can unlock.

ROMANCE: Lust (Secret Baby Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Alpha Male Collection)

by Prise Publishing

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Collection Contents:

1. Price of a Princess

2. Riding Mile High

3. Fallen Past

4. A Viking’s Queen

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ROMANCE: All Mine (Menage Secret Baby Alpha Male Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Collection))

by Prise Publishing

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Collection Contents:

1. A Senator’s Secret

2. Fallen Past

3. Sacked Secretary

4. The Dirty 3

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BAD BOY ROMANCE: MENAGE: Lovers Unbound (Secret Baby Second Chances Romance Collection) (Alpha Male New Adult Short Stories)

by Prise Publishing

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Collection Contents:

1. Naked Affair

2. Sins of a Viking

3. A Viking’s Pleasure

4. Triple Temptation

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ROMANCE: Senator’s Secret (Secret Baby Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Alpha Male Romance)

by Jane Price

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Sasha Jones, a middle-class young woman fresh out of college.

An aspiring political intern, with an impeccable CV.

She lands an interview with Senator James Chilton.

He is so impressed with Sasha credentials he interviews her himself.

A hot and sweaty VERY unorthodox interview ensues.

The Senator offers her the position.

She wants to accept but…

she finds herself keeping more than one big secret from her interview with the Senator.

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ROMANCE: Naked Crush (Secret Baby Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Alpha Male Collection)

by Prise Publishing

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Collection Contents:

1. Riding Mile High

2. Fallen Past

3. A Viking’s Desire

4. College Star’s Secret

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ROMANCE: Dirty Double (Secret Baby Second Chance Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Alpha Male Collection)

by Prise Publishing

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Collection Contents:

1. Irresistible Lovers

2. Bad Boy Allure

3. Forbidden Fling

4. College Affair

WARNING: These stories are super SEXY with explicit scenes of passion and lust that do not leave much to the imagination. This ebook is intended for adult eyes only!!

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Firewater Book Two :INSORCK

by Daniel Farrell

“Firewater” was the word used to describe the potent rum offered by the Hudson’s Bay Company in trade for pelts with Canadian Indians. To test whether they were getting the genuine liquor native trappers would set a spoonful alight. Although my books have nothing to do with the fur trade I chose the title Firewater in part, because of its association with the fierce competition between the foreign corporations then vying to dominate the fur trade in North America – often at the expense of unsophisticated aboriginals – but also because it evokes the ruthless competition among multinational corporations that remains prevalent today. It was also the name I selected for my sailboat.
The Firewater novels chronicle a journey taken by fraternal twins that begins as a straightforward business venture in 1983, but develops into a troubled voyage bound for disaster. Ned Kelly, a retired RCAF navigator, and his disparate twin Liam form a company with the object of buying a yacht in England and sailing it on a cruise through the Greek isles before returning to Canada for resale at a profit. The venture is plagued by difficulties from the outset.
In the first volume: Firewater: Travelling with Terror, at the beginning of his quest for a suitable yacht, Ned has chance encounters with an IRA terrorist and an enigmatic young woman who works with MI6. Soon afterward, his proximity to a terrorist bombing attempt on the British royal family brings Ned to the attention of the ultra secret M(Matilda) branch of Scotland Yard. From that point, problems with the Kelly brothers’ business dream multiply and evolve into a tangled web of British security agencies, IRA terrorists, mafiosi, and a sinister cabal dating from the middle ages, with the innocent Kelly brothers caught in its strands.

Firewater Book Two INSORCK opens with a flashback to the mediaeval crusades and the downfall of the Templars, then follows the Kelly brothers as they blunder their way through France toward the Mediterranean with murderous forces in hot pursuit. This second volume weaves the various threads developed in the first book into a comprehensive tapestry presenting a vivid image of corruption, treachery, terror, deceit, romance, idealism and disaster.

Because my books are based on a real voyage, it is inevitable that some may recognize superficial similarities between themselves and the characters portrayed. The oddballs and misfits presented, however, were chosen only for their symbolic value and in no way represent real individuals, nor are they intended to stigmatize those of any religious or sexual orientation-as long as their practices do not hurt anyone. I must confess, however, that I feel profound revulsion at the many crimes that have been and are being committed by those who presume to speak for a deity of whose very existence they have no credible evidence. I am almost equally repelled by the fraud and deception practiced by privileged elites in countries that claim to be democratically governed. In conclusion, I stress that, although politically most incorrect, the Firewater books are works of fiction intended primarily to entertain and perhaps to cause some to question cherished assumptions.

THE WOLF’S SUN: Intrigue in 17th Century Brittany and Paris

by Karen Charbonneau

In this sweeping historical novel of 17th century France, the wrath and power of Louis XIV are felt all the way to Keltic Brittany near the Bay of the Dead.

The girl Anna is born into the peasant culture, a mixture of ancient pagan beliefs mixed with Catholicism. Taught the use of herbs by the women of her family, she also has the gift of healing – a power also attributed to French and English kings who were said to heal scrofula with their touch. This ability will cause one man, a physician, to attempt to use her for his own glorification, and another, a Jesuit, to seek her out to send her to a fiery death.

She is caught up in the Breton peasant rebellion of 1675 when, after years of hunger and failed crops, the people rise up against the punishing taxes of the French king and local nobles. The consequence of the violence and retribution by the French set in motion the wheels of her destiny.

After learning first-hand about her healing touch, a young physician, Luc de St. Connec, purchases Anna’s services her from her family and carries her to the chateau of a relative on the French border. To conceal his motive, he creates a new identity for her — she is his cousin Anne de St. Nolf, stolen away by her peasant nurse as an infant and in need of being taught French and the graces that accompany her birthright. At the chateau she becomes the companion of Marie Angélique de Scoraille, the demoiselle de Fontanges, destined to become Louis XIV’s last and tragically short-lived mistress. But Anne has a secret St, Connec has yet to discover, which will change him from her exploiter into her protector.

Paris and the court of Monsieur, brother to the Sun King, beckon. To gain an appointment at court, St. Connec abjures his Huguenot religion and embraces Catholicism, an act of conscience he will later regret as the King, edict by edict, suppresses the freedom to practice Protestantism in France. In Paris, St. Connec renews his friendship with the English diplomat and spy John Keyes, whom he’d met in Brittany and who knows of Anne’s origin. Their friendship is challenged by their growing love for Anne, a love they deny to each other and to themselves.

In 1680, the Affair of the Poisons takes Paris by storm, and during a three-year period many are tried as blasphemers and poisoners (with the implicit understanding that they are also witches). Many are burned at the stake. The poison investigations implicate the King’s longtime mistress, Madame de Montespan, mother of five of his children. Assisted in conspiracy by the lieutenant-general of the Paris police, Louis XIV begins one of the great cover-ups of French history, determined that no word of La Montespan’s possible involvement will leak out to make him an object of ridicule or to endanger her. Anne is implicated in the Affair of Poisons, endangering herself and the men who love her.

Researched in depth, the author has revised it for a 2nd edition. “I like to think one can learn history from my novels, and enjoy a good yarn at the same time. Peasants weren’t dullards. We’re all descended from peasants if we go back far enough. Theirs was an oral culture, full of colorful language, practical knowledge, myth and superstition. The aristocracy of France wasn’t above superstition itself.”

Immerse yourself in a different time and place, observe historical figures in their proper milieu like a ghost at a banquet, and follow the destinies of charming, ambitious, but flawed characters during a time of French splendor and court intrigue, religious persecution, torture and fiery executions, brandings and life sentences to the galleys.

Lizzie Bennett: Pride and Prejudice Revisited 1943-1946: A Short Story (Austen Tales)

by Onna Carr

In this zesty re-telling of Jane Austen’s classic, Pride and Prejudice, Will Darcy and Lizzie Bennett meet in the 1940’s North Platte Nebraska Canteen. Will, a wealthy southerner, is smitten by the spicy Lizzie. Lizzie remains unimpressed because of Will’s prominent pride. However, when an unforeseen set of circumstances thrusts them together, will Lizzie overcome her prejudices? Buy your copy of Lizzie Bennett: Pride and Prejudice Revisited 1943-1946 today to find out!

Beneath the Threatening Skies: A Historical Novel of Early New Zealand

by DB Daglish

An epic historical novel (complete with glossary and maps) of actual events between 1700 and the present, chiefly set in and around Preservation Inlet and Dusky Sound on the lower south-west coast of Fiordland, New Zealand. This novel is a decent 178,000 words long.

Centered on accounts of the earliest inhabitants; a largely forgotten people, the Maori, Captain Cooks visit, sealers, whalers, goldminers, adventurers, hunters and finally tourists as one discovers an old secret: hidden for eleven hundred years

To a forgotten people: denied a recognized existence by modern interpretation and systematic destruction of everything that can be destroyed. Only old journals, written in discussion with old tribal elders, record a time when even the old Maori elders’ the first Europeans talked to, recognized the existence of an organised and peaceable people group that existed long before even they arrived. If they cannot be avenged, if they can never regain their lands taken by violence, if they can never receive any modern justice while their conquerors receive millions in compensation – then at the very least they should never be forgotten.

ROMANCE: Mail Order Bride: Ofelia (A Clean Sweet Inspirational Western Christian Romance) (Western Frontier Montana Short Stories)

by Jeffery Gordon

A heartfelt love story, a MODERN day Mail Order Bride.

With her mother’s illness keeping her house-bound, and her brother disappearing while studying in America, Ofélia Espinosa is finally in a position to take control of the spiraling problems plaguing her life. And it all starts with signing up as a mail-order bride!

Atlas Neville is a cool businessman through and through: So when Ofélia crossing his path nearly endangers his latest plan, his mind churns out a proposition that will suit them both. In turn for helping find her brother, Atlas expects Ofélia to continue to play the role of the mail-order fiancée as she was going to do for his brother.

Having lived a lonely existence for most his life, Atlas doesn’t anticipate he’ll enjoy Ofélia’s company or care for her opinion of him in the short days they spend together, but he does. Maybe a bit too muchâ?¦

Wearing her heart on her sleeve as usual, Ofélia knows she’s a goner if she has to continue to pretend to be this dangerously sexy man’s fake fiancée. But she’s also running out of plans to find her brother and bring him home to their mother.

Surely their give-and-take relationship isn’t fairy-tale material?

I wanted to swim with dolphins – but I ended up in Kidderminster

by Carter Campbell

Jack Farrell is not unusual, he has a wife, two sons, and a small, not too successful, heating business and a slightly battered Volvo estate.

Like many of us at some time or other, Jack longs to escape from his predicament.

In the words of Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse, “STOP THE WORLD I WANNA GET OFF”

which, should come with a caveat – “BUT I MIGHT WANT TO GET BACK ON AGAIN”

The Revolution: Indus Valley 1800 BC

by Khalid Rawat

Some 4000 years ago, a colossal earthquake hit the Himalayas, and caused the river Ghaghar to suddenly disappear. There was a city named Kolachi that was located on the banks of that river. The city had beautiful people, traditions and customs; that city suffered a huge social destruction due to the sudden disappearance of the river.

This is a story of the people of that city. The story focuses two themes that run side by side; a romance between two teenagers, and a political drama that resulted in a revolution. The two streams of events merge into a great climax. This novel will take you thousands of years ago, an epoch where no science but only artistic imagination can reach. It gives you access to the religious, economic, social, spiritual and emotional lives of the concrete individuals who lived thousands of years ago in a valley now known as the Valley of Indus.

Not Quite a Gentleman: A Rural Regency Romance

by Lizzie Church

What happens when a pretty young village girl, romantic, trusting and naive, catches the eye of a gentleman at the â??big house’ nearby? What is life like for the villagers and gentry in the England of 1803? In this charming â??Regency’ romance the worlds of villagers and gentry converge unstoppably in a dreamy summer countryside of birdsong, fields and scents, and the outlooks of all the characters are subtly shaped and tested by the results of these events.

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Attending a Ball – A Pride and Prejudice Variation (THIRD EDITION): Regency Romance (Darcy and Elizabeth Book 1)

by Gianna Thomas

Attending a Ball – A Pride and Prejudice Variation (THIRD EDITION) is a prequel to the novel Darcy Chooses – A Pride and Prejudice Variation in the Darcy and Elizabeth Series.

This short story recounts the three days before the beginning of the novel from Elizabeth Bennet’s perspective, and portrays the Bennets and Elizabeth’s friends: Charlotte Lucas and Melanie Farrington. It also gives extra insight into each of the Bennet family members.

Here is a brief preview:

“Melanie, guess what?”

“What, Lizzy? Tell me immediately what you want to do.”

“You know that my ball gown is two years old, and I need new fabric, lace and ribbons for a new one. Soâ?¦I asked Papa if I could go to Town to shop at Uncle Gardiner’s warehouse for some beautiful silk fabric for a new gown, and Papa said yes.


For a few minutes, silence reigned. Then, with an unnerving move for the passengers, the coach suddenly slid sideways, struck a large rock on the side of the road, tipped and began to roll sideways. Screaming horses, being dragged along, were heard as the coach continued its roll down an incline and eventually came to a stop. All was quiet in the coach.

“Darcy Chooses: A Pride and Prejudice Variation is a wonderful combination of old and new styles. Gianna writes with a style that embraces Jane Austen’s and remains true to her characters, but also with a bit of a modern flare that guarantees a pleasurable read for both Jane traditionalists and readers of more modern Regency romance novels. Gianna’s knowledge of the Regency period adds an authentic shine that puts the story at the top of the must-read list.” Kay Springsteen, Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

Wickham: Pride & Prejudice Continues – Book 3 (The Pride & Prejudice Continues Series)

by Karen Aminadra

Wickham ~ Pride & Prejudice Continues, Book 3.

Wickham believes life is cruel to him until he comes face-to-face with an irresistible pair of dark brown glinting eyes and falls in love.

He is bored with his wife, Lydia, and his lot in life. She drives him as mad as a hornet’s nest, and he does not give her the attention and respect she demands.

They both yearn for change.

When Wickham leaves England to fight against Napoléon’s army in France, they both get their chance.

However, what they want is dangerous, foolhardy, and could wind up killing Wickham and ruining Lydia’s reputation forever.

Lydia’s wicked neglect of their infant son in favour of her own desires and need for attention could lead her into very hot water.

Wickham’s desire for the Frenchwoman he yearns for could be his complete undoing.

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Treasure Chest of Words: (A Collection of Original Poems)

by Phyllis P. Colucci

“Treasure Chest of Words” is a short collection (anthology) of original poems, written over the years, by the author. Poetry is a form of expression that allows the writer/poet to paint/create vivid pictures through words and emotions; just as a painter/artist paints/creates various artwork through color and brush strokes. So welcome to my world of poetry, and enjoy this “Treasure Chest of Words”.


by S.B. Snibby

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland,” young Alyce Lyttle excitedly runs home from school to create her very own “Alice adventure.” Little does she know that she has attracted a trio of mischievous fairies who join her to bring all of her “Alice dreams” to life.

Alyceland is a magical universe inhabited by all manner of mystical creature. We invite you to accompany Alyce and her fairy friends on their whimsical journey through this colorful world.

Catitudes & Platitudes: Poems

by Susan Wingate

A compilation of Susan Wingate’s latest poems, including The Dance of Wind in Trees which was selected for publication by the Virginia Quarterly Online in 2013.

Many of Susan’s poems deal with cats, nature and spousal relationships.

Her highly emotional subject matter shows the depth of the author’s range of writing.

Princess Poems

by Lee Bernier

PRINCESS POEMSâ??This short book contains fourteen poems and one short prose piece accompanied by eight color photographs. The poems are of a variety of lengths and feature a variety of poetry forms. And the subject of both the poems and the photos is a beloved cat who is known by her family as “The Princess.” NOTE: In order to have the poems appear “intact” on the various pages, this e-book was created in a “fixed layout” format. As a result, the print is rather small and may be difficult to read on some devices.


by charles ernest watson

Poems of life, love, joy, death, and redemption from the desert series of poems.

God on Fire: Spiritual Poetry (Poetry Trilogy Book 3)

by Nina Bingham

Are you spiritual but not religious? Spark and rekindle that inner flame! These inspirational and moving poems transcend religious denomination. A stirring celebration of your own spiritual power, be reminded you are nothing less than a magnificent reflection of the Divine!

Dazzling Wobble

by Judyth Hill

Rebecca Seiferle describes DAZZLING WOBBLE as “a whirling dervishâ??a love poem” written “with the ecstasy of a postmodern Rumi.” Veronica Golos calls the work “a lush and lavish glossolalia.” Hill has been described as “shamelessly ecstatic and exclamatory, proclaiming her unfettered joy in being alive” (Sam Hamill); “a poetic transformer whose work lights up the reader’s whole body/mind power grid” (Joseph Hutchison); and a “Doorway Woman” (Gary Lawless).

Journey of the Butterfly

by Deborah Mariposa McCollin

“Journey of the Butterfly” is one woman’s struggle to love, give love and accept love after being abused as a child then subsequently being in abusive relationships as an adult.

She experiences a roller-coaster of emotions: anguish, pain, self-hate, self-discovery, and then self-love – learning she is worthy of love and the good that life has to offer. She realizes that her past does not define her, neither does it dictate her path.

A Book of Poetry for Young Adults: Book of Poems

by RyAnn Hall

Mrs. Hall wrote this Book of Poetry about Life, Family, and Friends. Some Poems will bring a tear to your eye while others may make you laugh. This is Book #2 in The Set.

This book won Readers Favorite Five Star Award.


by Royston Skipp

Why did I start writing? Well I am not sure, but this book of poetry almost wrote itself. After my first wife died and I had been made redundant certainly I had more time on my hands. I awakend one morning and wrote the title poem Tomorrow in a few minuets. I have no idea where it came from as I was never very good with poetry at school. Then came all the others, plus other books which will follow on this site. Please read and enjoy

The Knife Collector

by Jesse Breite

The Knife Collector features a speaker who cannot escape weighing each present moment and image against the parallel narratives of his youth and his family in Arkansas. While traveling through time and space, these poems explore the physical, emotional, and spiritual landscape that is the speaker’s youth and negotiate a path to his fledgling adult life in Atlanta, Georgia.

Fugitive Pigments

by Ruth Bavetta

In FUGITIVE PIGMENTS, Ruth Bavetta brings together the worlds of poetry and art. These are ekphrastic poems, instructive poems, poems riffing off the principles of artâ??the art of living, of shading, perspective, colors; how to create an exquisite corpse, and what one should know about shadows. Bavetta speaks in the voice of Joseph Cornell, addresses Alice Neel, wakes up under a sky painted by Andrea Mantegna. She writes of making art, looking at art, teaching artâ??teaching us to see.

July’s Thick Kingdom

by Kathleen Brewin Lewis

In prose poems and lineated poems, sonnets and free verse, Kathleen Brewin Lewis writes about the seasonsâ??of the calendar year and of family life. JULY’S THICK KINGDOM moves the reader through snowstorms and thick pollen into summer’s bounty and the bittersweet beauty of fall, from her children’s childhood to her parents’ old age. “The words go on, a braided rope”â??in her second chapbook, Lewis means to mark the passage of time.

Lunatic Speaks

by Caroline Hagood

In this slim volume of poems, Caroline Hagood offers a surreal journey through the fever dream of creativity, exploring what it means to grow up as a woman and poet sensitive to the point of being skinless, walking the line between inspiration and madness daily. Starting from early childhood and moving forward, these poems address gender and trauma, sex and bathroom humor, the misbehaving mind, relationships, and more. A poet’s attempt to transcend suffering through writing, Lunatic Speaks is by turns funny, sad, and, joyous.

Eighty-One Stopovers: Collection of Poems

by Cédric H. Roserens

From Rome to Wadi Rum,

North Cape to Cape Leeuwin,

Andorra – Zanzibar,

Ireland to Iceland,

Ottawa to Tonga,

Tokyo, Kyoto, Quito…

Cédric H. Roserens, a polyglot serial traveller, computer scientist, geographer, writer, 40 years young, born in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is giving us a poetic feedback of 15 years spent travelling around the world.

“Eighty-One Stopovers” is his first book.

His first novel will come soon.

Autumn Quotes

by Caroline Clemens

A Poetry collection displayed with care for the seasons of our lives. From our beginnings in Summer Love we follow ideas to the Spring Spirit in all of us. Maturity and wisdom blend for an adventure into Autumn Quotes, which then, finally, we arrive at Winter’s Fin. The tulip tree or Japanese Maple on the cover represents to me that burst of life some of us are lucky enough to be gifted, and in so doing we are ignited with endless energy for our pursuits. I often wondered why the tulip tree was my favorite spring blossom and now I know why.

Madman in a Brown Tophat Volume 2: Raggedy man

by Trevor Welford

Selected Poems volume 2

Motivation For Your Soul

by Brooke Jost

Motivation for your soul is a delightful read to lift spirits. The poetry & literature of this book will inspire you to become yourself; will motivate you to follow your dreams.

Tri Pyro : Canto . 1

by Maxam Waxaw

Canto . 1 of an Epic Poem composed in Dactylic Hexameter that tells the tales of Troy! Join heroic Juan as he arrives at Troy to fight for the Greeks! Watch as Juan plows through the Trojan ranks slicing and dicing always with a sword in hand! Canto . 1 surely sets the tone!

Lest We Forget: Poems in Remembrance

by Elizabeth Chapin-Pinotti

Lest We Forget: Poems in Remembrance is a collection of poems dedicated to those who survived the holocaust and those who did not. It is a collection that echoes the horrors of a time in history that cannot rest within the pages of our texts, but must be discussed and studied again and again and again so that history does not repeat itself and the goodness of humanity forever overshadows its capabilities.

“… in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness, I hear the ever approaching thunder, which will destroy us too, I can feel the sufferings of millions and yet, if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility will return again.” – Anne Frank

For, while I believe as Anne Frank did, “…that people are really good at heart…” I understand that those hearts must be nurtured and lead towards what is right and just and fair. We owe it to her, to the millions more who suffered and continue to suffer…and we owe it to our children…to talk and teach and tell the stories of the real people who experienced the darkest depths of human nature.

And there was with the angel . . .

by Sherwin W. Howard

“And there was with the angel” by Sherwin W. Howard contains 17 poems focusing on the lighter side of Christmas.


by Harshit

In this huge concrete jungle, we all are like a gypsy, a vagabond, roaming aimlessly in search of our destinations. While we are on this journey, we meet a variety of souls, we come across millions of emotions and face numerous situations, some in our favor and some exceptionally odd for us. During all these phases, all these emotion one thing remains constant, the way we talk to ourselves, the wisdom we impart to ourselves, the way our conscience make us realize and understand situations, the way we happily smile for no reason on feeling that cold breeze during a rainy night or the way we cry ourselves to sleep smothering ourselves into that pillow. This is the collection of all those whispers…which are too esoteric for us to understand because it comes from the vagabond inside us, the gypsy inside us, the part of our soul whom we have failed to reach.

Untitled I: A Collection of Mirlitonnades

by G. James

A collection of sixty confessional mirlitonnades or doggerel verse – inspired by the work of Samuel Beckett, Sylvia Plath and George Bacovia as well as the Japanese haiku.

The Inevitable Intermission (The Minds Book 3)

by Lynn Daniels

The third poetry book of The MINDS series exploring the omnipotence of social media, the quest for notoriety and the addictive trance of modern society through the perspective of an outsider.

Hope and Humiliation: A Journey of Love

by Lucy Barton

What really happens behind closed doors? Who really knows the truth? Sometimes, even those most intimately involved have no concept of reality. Too much has been invested which renders them incapable of seeing the wood for the trees.

What is love? Real love? Is it the fairy tale we have all grown up searching for – filled with happiness, laughter, security, adoration, commitment, loyalty and fun? Or something more sinister – filled with longing, hope, humiliation, desperation and despair?

How does one carry on?

When her reason for living has gone.

What a frightening place the future now seems,

With banished hopes and long-lost dreams.

An intimate tale of an influential bond; charting the highs and lows that come with real love and adoration. A sympathetic fusion of poetry and narrative that acutely highlights the rollercoaster of relationship emotions. A powerful tale that many will be able to identify with.

A must-read for anyone who is, has been or who wants to be in love – and for those who have had their heart broken.

Rambling Rose: Poetry and prose from the mind of Angel Rose

by Angel Rose

Poetry and prose, from the mind of Angel Rose. Based on her eventful life growing up, sometimes with her ‘unique’ mother, but mostly in British care institutions, during the 60’s and 70’s. A life of abuse and maternal neglect

A forfeit of civics

by Jonathan S Gordon

Poetry: An Analogous boxer fighting against the sad state of political goodwill.

Ad Eundum Quo Nemo Ante iit:: A Carmina Collectio

by Shannon Perry

“Ad Eundum Quo Nemo Ante Iit” is a Latin phrase that translates into “to boldly go where no man has gone before” which perfectly sums up the content of this book. The poetry within is raw, painfully honest and passionate. Some are hard to read. The poetry covers mental illness, abuse, sadness, love, hope, justice and recovery. It balances out the happiness and sadness within life with poems from each side represented.

I hope you enjoy reading these poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. And most importantly of all, I hope they make you stop and think.


by L.W. Flouisa

The newest version of my poetry book, now including new poems.

Rhymes From Outer Minds

by Ronald Allen Bell

Come along with Ron and his sidekick Guidey, as they traverse through Dream and fight to see it free of racism and bigotry. It’s an uphill climb that will require resilience and tact.


by S.E. McKenzie

‘STRING’ is S.E. McKenzie’s forty-sixth epic poem which explores the mystery of ‘String’.

Superficial Psychobabble

A book of honest poetry by a bipolar girl in a millennial world; See also: disenchanted love poems for the soul.

Unconventional Book of Positive Thoughts

by Suzana Mustra

Positive thoughts and lot of motivation for everybody.


The words came to me and I had the sense aand will to write them down. They come to us all , but most don’t see , and the few that see seldom feel the conviction to write.

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Kaillar: Christian Romance Series (Three Brothers Lodge #3)

by Morris Fenris

Welcome back to Silver Springs, Colorado, where the Donnelly brothers are once again saving damsels in distress.

Becca Edwards fled her island home of Hawaii after a series of tragedies broke her trust and took her brother’s life. She’s been running from her past for four years, but now she is forced to return to pay her final respects to her father. Will she be able to get past the events of four years ago and finally give herself permission to live again? She wants to live again, but she’ll have to walk through the fire of her guilt to get there.

Kaillar Donnelly has just watched both of his brothers find the loves of their lives, and he’s feeling a bit left out. The only woman who has even sparked any interest in him is so shy around him, and skittish, he’s almost afraid to step in and help. But when she receives devastating news and is forced to face her past, he’ll put aside his doubts and come to her rescue.

Come along on the journey as Becca learns to forgive herself, and Kaillar finds what his brothers have – true love.

The Man of Lawlessness

by Alex Lindsey

Tomorrow’s headlines in a contemporary, high-tech, action-packed thriller

He stands under the Dome of the Rock and declares he is the Anointed One to the Jews, the returned Christ to the Christians, the Mahdi of Islam, and the one sought by all throughout the ages. And now with the power to bend nations to his will, he makes a stunning declaration about the rock on which he stands.

Let those who are in Judea flee into the mountains… the time has come.

Follow two federal agents, brought together by escalating world events, through secret chambers of the ultra-elite, ancient rituals reaching back to Sumeria, stunning archeological finds beneath the Temple Mount, top secret weapons laboratories, and finally the Templum Domini -The Dome of the Rock, where the Man of Lawlessness is finally revealed.

A Discovery of Hope (A Coming Home Again Novel Book 3)

by T.I. Lowe

Do you believe in angels?

Willow Carter certainly did not, until Hope showed up and refused to leave. This insistent angel opens Willow’s eyes to a world filled with incredible people in many formsâ??a purple-headed artist with a heart lined in pure gold, an autistic young man who sees the world through different eyes, a homeless woman trying to survive. As if they weren’t enough, JP Thorton enters Willow’s life and turns it upside down and around and round. The surfboard-riding photographer needs to understand how to claim hope, too.

Willow and JP go on a journey for something we all need and it leads them to a discovery of hope. Such a powerful thing hope can be, and an endless journey of wonder when truly discovered. Hope can change everything. You only need a spark of it to lead to a blazing wonder.

Orange Blossom Cafe: Christian Contemporary Romance novella (American State Flower)

by T.I. Lowe

What happens when a new restaurant opens right next door to your café?

Sabotage it, of course!

Well, that’s what Aiden O’Connell thought until she tangles one too many times with the charismatic Phillip Moreau. Between their wild run-ins and her new craving for caramels, Aiden may have finally met her match.

Recipe for a Witty Romantic Tale

Take one stubborn-minded heroine. Add a serving of spice with one flirty hero, who has no trouble holding his own against her feistiness. Mix in hilarious sabotages that slightly miss the mark and an amusing dash of mischief. Don’t forget to resolve the angst with an anticipated kiss.

Recipe Tip: Be sure to balance the portions of tension and chemistry in order to whip up the sweetest, love-inspiring result.

Recipe Included

HISTORICAL ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: ROMANCE: Nothing Like Love (The Highlander Romance) (Water Black Series Book 3)

by Chandra Allen

The news about the baby changes Will‘s behavior and he shows his affection by taking care of her and making sure that she has everything. Timothy is no longer considered a threat by Will and Lydia is happy to see her husband calmer and more understanding.

Their life together takes a natural turn and Will starts to treat her as a wife for the first time since they got married. To celebrate a very good business deal, Will organizes a party at the ranch, inviting family and friends from the East. Together with his best friend from the University comes also his sister, Arabela Douglass. Lydia immediately sees that the young and beautiful woman is in love with her husband and that William is unaware of the fact.

Arabela, however, makes sure to inform Lydia about her intention to have Will for herself and with that really scares the young and still unsecure, six months pregnant woman. When Will acts as if he doesn’t mind Arabela’s attention, Lydia decides to leave the ranch. She manages to reach only the nearest town, when Will, together with Timothy catches up with her and finally confesses his love for her.

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!

BWWM ROMANCE: ROMANCE: The Voice of Love (Contemporary New Multicultural Adult Romance Interracial) (Alpha Billionaire African American Baby Male Short Stories)

by Debbie Gordon

Sophia thought that she had it all when she married her daughter’s dad and moved into their own home. She had known him for years and they had spent many nights together in their youths, as they partied and drank the night away, but with the responsibility of a new baby weighing on their minds they find their relationship put under strain.

When Sophia finds herself waiting at home for him to come home from the pub yet again, her temper flairs and she tells him that it’s about time that he steps up. What she doesn’t expect is what happens next. What she doesn’t expect is to find herself with her baby in her arms, as she runs through the night in the desperate attempt at escape.

That’s the night that everything changes, but things don’t start getting better until one night when a handsome cowboy walks into the bar where Sophia is working. That’s when everything starts to turn around for Sophia and that’s also when she find herself in a position where she could lose everything that she has ever loved.

WARNING: This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Tags: Romance Short Taboo BDSM Pleasure Forbidden Stories Adult Discipline Submission Menage Sport Valentine Dating Druid Stepbrother LGBT BBW Billionaire Romance, billionaire obsession bachelors baby unmasked brothers, Alpha male romance erotic billionaire omega lgbt, Adult sex books romance with sex adultery new age druid Celtic, Forbidden series fruit love romance pleasures billionaire, New Adult romance contemporary college paranormal with sex fantasy fiction, Short Stories Sport reads romance divorce gay military inspirational clean ghost vampire werewolf cowboy doctor highlander pirate politician viking beach gambling baby pregnancy second chance vacation wedding divorce office workplace amnesia new year christmas angel devil demon fbi police dark fun theft murder noir dog cat food craft hitman conspiracy financial london ireland scottish druid wales sweden denmark angels demons dragons elf shapeshifter aliens clones corporations pirates robots horror mystery thriller coming of age superhero sword magic invasion cyberpunk contact empire genes fleet troop exploration bisexual transgender gay lesbian time travel action adventure spy historical fantasy wizard warlock zombies spanish life application inspire papal christian historical jesus self help self-help catholic hebrew woman women haunted house metaphysical guru conduct of life death family man men mystic healing transformation ancient medieval renaissance aging childhood youth death depression alcohol abuse, drug abuse family life friendship immigration, immigrant politics, politician love marriage religion, religious, spiritual travel, voyage military & war career, workplace, working, office parenting, parent and children dating, relationships singlehood, single women sister wedding short story highland Menage Threesome humor comedy

MEDIEVAL ROMANCE: MAIL ORDER BRIDE: ROMANCE: Learning How To Love (The Highlander Romance) (Water Black Series)

by Chandra Allen

A few weeks after they marry, Will has to go to the nearest city for some business and his young bride is left alone at home. Lydia continues to take care of the house and teaches the cowboys to read. One of them, Timothy Wilson has fallen in love with her, but Lydia knows that the boy will never do anything to harm her marriage.

Unfortunately, when Will comes home, an ill wishing neighbor tells him about the boy’s feelings and he becomes insanely jealous. Lydia tries to explain to him the real situation, but Will refuses to listen and orders her to stay inside the house and stop talking to the employees. The young woman is extremely hurt and decides to show him that he can trust her.

During a hurricane the herds of cows and horses are in danger and Will is outside trying to bring them to a safer destination. Timothy is always by his side and even saves him from an unexpected encounter with a wolf. In the house, one of the buildings catches fire and Lydia and the few house servants have to stop the fire all by themselves. They are able to arrest the fire’s progress, but Lydia faints due to the smoke inhalation. When Will comes home, she is lying in bed unconscious. The doctor comes in the morning and he brings them the news that she is pregnant.

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!

ROMANCE: REGENCY ROMANCE: The Secrets We Keep (Romance Victorian Regency Scottish Western Highlander Historical) (High Hills Series Book 1)

by Chandra Allen

The twenty-five years old, Jane Williams wakes up feeling nauseous and hurting all over. She is living with her old aunt, who is blind and needs constant care, and still unmarried. The first thought that comes to her mind that morning, however, was that she might be pregnant, as about two months ago she did something very stupid and let Richard Hardstone have her.

The man is the richest person in the High Hills town, Colorado, and a well known rake Lord. Jane had been in love with him since they were at school together and is unable to resist him, no matter how wrong what they were doing was.

On the other hand, Richard Hardstone is used to be admired by women and had never found it difficult to have one. All that until he meets again with Jane Williams. The shy and lonely girl is constantly saying no to him, no matter what he says or does. However, during the town’s festival, Richard manages to take her away from her friends and Jane couldn’t resist him any longer. Now, two months later she is pregnant, unmarried and all alone in the world.

Should she tell him about the pregnancy or would Richard find the truth on his own?

Note: Contains Explicit Scenes of Passion and Desire. Intended For Adult Eyes Only!


by White Cloud Press

Over 55,000 Words of MOUTH WATERING Cowboy Western romance to Spice up your Kindle with! Amazing SIZZLING HOT deal! Buy 1 book, get 3 FREE!


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Books included:

BOOK 1: The Cowboy’s Role Model

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NOTE: These books contains adult themes and are meant for adult eyes only!

Arizona Guy (A Ted White Mystery Book 1)

by Raymond Spitzer

Ted White, a high school band director from California, comes to Ajo, Arizona to house-sit for his aunt and uncle, hoping to get some space from a failed relationship.

But something isn’t right. Ted’s relatives, not scheduled to leave until he arrived, are gone. They left no note, no key, they don’t answer their phones. And no one in this small town seems to know where they are.

As Ted works with the local police to unravel the puzzling mystery, an unknown enemy sabotages his every move. Someone wants Ted to leave town. But why?

“The mystery is believable and the characters and their surroundings even more so. Ray Spitzer has our hometown down pat. He stirs humor into the story, adds the seasoning of a little natural history, and pulls off a very readable first novel. I hope the next in the series is out soon so I can find out what happens next to my fictional neighbors.” ~Gabrielle David, Ajo Copper News

“Spitzer delightfully depicts the wonderful friendships and occasional dangers of small town life along the border between the United States and Mexico. Spitzer’s novel earns a well deserved place alongside other classics of the genre such as Robert Parker’s Jesse Stone series.” ~Rich Radford, Torrance Daily Breeze

ROMANCE: BWWM: Under One Roof (New Romance Multicultural Interracial Contemporary Adult) (Romance Western BWWM Male Baby Short Stories Alpha)

by Debbie Gordon

Camille Bank is a young woman that through no fault of her own has lost her way. Her parents feel that she has no semblance of what a dollar is all about. She spends like it’s growing on trees and has no problem putting it on credit. Her attitude is not the carefree young girl that they remember. She sees her parents, as a hindrance and their idea of tough love is to throw her to a precocious young kid that has made her life a living hell. She has no desire to go another round with Jamie, especially when he goes into his terrible two’s. What she wants is for her parents to get off her back, but that’s not gonna happen.

Callen Carson is a cowboy billionaire that lives across the street from the Banks. He has just lost his wife and his business is a fledgling oil concern that makes him a lot of money, even if he isn’t working at the time. He has never strayed from his wife, but now that she’s gone, he has a decision to make that to move on or get stuck in the past. He’s lonely, doesn’t put himself out there and is about to learn that good things come in small packages.

Callen has no idea what to expect when he gets a call from across the street. They want him to take their daughter for the evening and give her a sense of responsibility by looking after Jamie. This actually works in his favor, because he has business to conduct and he has not been able to find a babysitter on such short notice. He doesn’t expect the beautiful sensuous bronzed goddess that shows up at his door. He can’t take his eyes off of her and he knows that he is playing with fire. That fire is not unrequited and even though Camille had no feelings for him a couple of years ago, she begins to see him as somebody that can show her the way.

Can he see past his wife’s memory?

Will she be able defrost his heat in and begin the heat things up to the point that they are boiling?

Tags: Romance Short Taboo BDSM Pleasure Forbidden Stories Adult Discipline Submission Menage Sport Valentine Dating Druid Stepbrother LGBT BBW Billionaire Romance, billionaire obsession bachelors baby unmasked brothers, Alpha male romance erotic billionaire omega lgbt, Adult sex books romance with sex adultery new age druid Celtic, Forbidden series fruit love romance pleasures billionaire, New Adult romance contemporary college paranormal with sex fantasy fiction, Short Stories Sport reads romance divorce gay military inspirational clean ghost vampire werewolf cowboy doctor highlander pirate politician viking beach gambling baby pregnancy second chance vacation wedding divorce office workplace amnesia new year christmas angel devil demon fbi police dark fun theft murder noir dog cat food craft hitman conspiracy financial london ireland scottish druid wales sweden denmark angels demons dragons elf shapeshifter aliens clones corporations pirates robots horror mystery thriller coming of age superhero sword magic invasion cyberpunk contact empire genes fleet troop exploration bisexual transgender gay lesbian time travel action adventure spy historical fantasy wizard warlock zombies spanish life application inspire papal christian historical jesus self help self-help catholic hebrew woman women haunted house metaphysical guru conduct of life death family man men mystic healing transformation ancient medieval renaissance aging childhood youth death depression alcohol abuse, drug abuse family life friendship immigration, immigrant politics, politician love marriage religion, religious, spiritual travel, voyage military & war career, workplace, working, office parenting, parent and children dating, relationships singlehood, single women sister wedding short story highland Menage Threesome humor comedy

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Under the Stone Paw (Power Places Series Book 1)

by Theresa Crater

Anne Le Clair, a successful, young attorney, has managed to remain free from her family’s gothic pastâ??until now. When she inherits her murdered Aunt’s antique necklace however, she finds no escape from its secrets. Under the Stone Paw is a thrill ride from the upper crust of New York society to the forbidden tunnels underneath the Sphinx, from a time before Jesus and Mary Magdalene sought to free humanity to our own time when a shadowy consortium of powerful individuals threaten to control it.

She Wolf

by Jade Britton

Anna is a housewife who wants to escape; her teenage children are rebelling, her husband is demanding and her job sucks. She dreams literally and figuratively of a new life. A life of freedom and power. One night, she bitten by a stray wolf outside and begins to experience different changes to both her mind and body. Her friends and family notice the differences in her but Anna knows what is really happening…She’s becoming a werewolf.

Deliberate Intentions

by Matthew Eby

In the psychological thriller Deliberate Intentions, you will embark on a journey into the shattered mind of a brutal serial killer. With vibrant characters, sinister nightmares and savage murders, Deliberate Intentions challenges you to confront your darkest personal fears.

Horror Collection : the death collection: (Horror Suspense Paranormal SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED ) (Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological, Thriller)

by Camila White

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Book1 :

Lauren and Alex needed a vacation, so when their friend gave them the chance of a lifetime–spending as long as they wanted in the Swiss Alps–they jumped at the opportunity. However, when they went looking for peace and tranquility, something about the peace made them uneasy. Using on their wits and determination, Alex and Lauren have to try and figure out what’s going on behind the scenes at the Chateau Fiennes.

Book 2:

Andy Renholm is a writer driving home from a self-imposed hiatus. It’s a long drive back home and on the way he passes through highway 66 and the Holmwood Forest. The forest is home to a whole host of terrifying tales and legends. The legends are based on actual true events including a fire at the asylum in the heart of the forest a long time ago. Andy’s heard about the legends but doesn’t really believe them. However, when a ragged girl steps out of the forest and asks for his help in rescuing her friends from the creatures and monstrosities within the forest, Andy will be drawn into the center of Holmwood Forest, and the evil within it. Andy also has no idea that the girl he is helping is not what she seems..

Book 3:

When a ghost refuses to enter the world of the dead, everything started to flip upside down, and the same happens in this horror mysterious story Set in small village in Maryland, when a female ghost (Emily), who was murdered, appears in front of a government official (Brian) and pleads for the man to punish her murderer. The government official then attempts to appease her anger and do as she wishes. Brian is a man who has the power to see and hear ghosts. He heads for a small town in Maryland looking for his mother. His mother was missing for 10 years. While walking with his servant (Charley), Brian sees a ghost named Emily while she was being chased by ghost hunter Dust. Brian pretends to not see them, as this is his usual routine when he comes across ghosts. Brian is appointed as a sheriff and Emily begs him after finding out that he can see her to find who killed her. The sheriff agrees but he continues his quest for his mother and Emily, fed up from living like a ghost, asked god to revive her, the following day, she found that she was human again and she starts looking for the reason of her death. Brian falls in love with Emily as she was very spontaneous and beautiful and didn’t want her to die again, but something was puzzling, Emily was carrying the ornament of Brian’s mother, and he started to get attracted more to Emily because he believed she must know something; and all she had to do was to regain her memory.


by Johnny Black

More disgusting words. More disgusting pages. Good luck gagging your way through this one, but I bet you won’t finish this novel front to back.

Horror Collection : The Dark Horror: (Dark Psychological Short Stories SPECIAL BOOK INCLUDED) (Horror Suspense Paranormal Short Stories, Suspense, Psychological Thriller)

by Camila White

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Book1 :

Lauren and Alex needed a vacation, so when their friend gave them the chance of a lifetime–spending as long as they wanted in the Swiss Alps–they jumped at the opportunity. However, when they went looking for peace and tranquility, something about the peace made them uneasy. Using on their wits and determination, Alex and Lauren have to try and figure out what’s going on behind the scenes at the Chateau Fiennes.

Book 2:

Andy Renholm is a writer driving home from a self-imposed hiatus. It’s a long drive back home and on the way he passes through highway 66 and the Holmwood Forest. The forest is home to a whole host of terrifying tales and legends. The legends are based on actual true events including a fire at the asylum in the heart of the forest a long time ago. Andy’s heard about the legends but doesn’t really believe them. However, when a ragged girl steps out of the forest and asks for his help in rescuing her friends from the creatures and monstrosities within the forest, Andy will be drawn into the center of Holmwood Forest, and the evil within it. Andy also has no idea that the girl he is helping is not what she seems..

Book 3:

Dr. Andy Tyrell seemed to be part of a dying breedâ??an honest scientist. His genius, combined with naive innocence put his career and his life into harm’s way. When biotech giant, SynSanto contracted with him to prove their herbicide safe, Dr. Tyrell had unwittingly signed his own death warrant.

HORROR COLLECTION : The Secret Basement: (Horror Suspense Paranormal SPECIAL STORY INCLUDED ) (Supernatural, Suspense, Psychological, Thriller)

by Stephan Tim

This bundle is FREE with the KINDLE UNLIMITED program… 

Book1 :

Cassie – a 15 – year – old, small town girl who is also a nature – lover falls into a trap while coming back from school one day. She is taken far away from home into a dark abyss by an unusual man. He clearly didn’t belong to the town, nor did he seem to have any manner of resemblance to the human kind. Who was he? What did he want? Read this story to find out more about Cassie’s shocking discovery as her story unravels with the most climatic of experiences.

Book 2:

After years of helping people with their psychological problems, James decided to move his wife and children to the country to start a new life. They purchased a home through an auction site that promised to make their dreams come true. Darlene would finally have a greenhouse to pursue her dreams, and the children would have the space to explore. The new life James and Darlene imagine is as picture perfect as their family.

James and Darlene’s children Jimmy and Mikey befriend the spirits of the house. Whereas the energy of the house slowly drives a wedge between their parents. A photo of the founding family brings questions about the origins of the property to the forefront.

Darkness lurks behind the walls of the house. The secret room James uncovers in the basement hides a secret that changes their lives forever. 

The legacy of the McRae family will bring the past charging into the present.

Book 3:

One night after long hours of studying in the library, Michelle heard what seemed to be an inexplicable incantation from below the women’s bathroom. Goaded by her impulses, she found herself exploring the eerie basement of the library. Much to her horror, she saw a red-cloaked human-like figure performing a gruesome ritual. Who is this red-cloaked man? What kind of ritual is it performing? These questions endlessly circled through her mind, and she found herself drawn to the bizarre markings and the obscure rituals of black magic and occult. After encountering the mysterious red-cloaked man again, she began to suspect her friend, Anne, her geeky roommate who loves witchcraft and sorcery, of being the culprit. Meanwhile, she is also compelled to face the amnesia-like illness that had plagued her life since she was a child. With her childhood friend, Nathan, she learns about the real nature of her disease, albeit reluctantly.

Caught in the Web (Invisible Spiders Book 2)

by Jason Davis

In the morning, they had hatched and had spread. Now the small town of Hammond is under quarantine and the inhabitants are fighting to survive. They face something they can’t see and no one, not even the military has answers. They just know they must escape before it’s too late. They must stop themselves from being Caught in the Webâ?¦

Assorted Murder Box Set (6 in 1): Women Sleuth Detective Short Stories (Detective Investigator Thriller Mystery Series)

by Ronda West

Assorted Murder Box Set (6 in 1) Women Sleuth Detective Short Stories

Get SIX books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • When the Shivers Run Down Your Spine
  • When the Wind Howls in New Directions
  • The Bride Price
  • Price of Freedom
  • The Road to Price
  • Murder in San Sebastian

In When the Shivers Run Down Your Spine, you’ll meet Kate Plain and embark upon her not so plain detective adventure

In When the Wind Howls in New Directions, Kate Plain’s story keeps getting out of control

In The Bride Price, Judith Price, noted puzzle designer, solves the mystery of her father’s death.

In Price of Freedom, Judith Price is solving another piece of a puzzle, just right after her honeymoon

In The Road to Price , Judith Price, famed puzzle creator and developing deductive investigator, is back on the road, picking up a case in the shadows of the city of Wheeling

In Murder in San Sebastian , you’ll meet Annie Walker, a writer from busy London seeking new inspirations and sanctuary in a little town San Sebastian. Will she find it there?

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Free travel Kindle books for 27 May 16

Bangkok City, Travel Dudes Destination Guidebook

by Travel Dudes

About Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide

Travel Dudes ebooks are written by travellers for travellers to give you the very best up-to-date travel information out there. We have specifically designed Travel Dudes ebooks to work with the Amazon Kindle reader.

Travel Dudes Bangkok city travel guide is packed full of useful information to help you with your onward journey.

Go on an adventure, get lost, explore on your own terms and use this ebook as a useful resource to navigate your way on your next trip to Bangkok Thailand.

Travel Dudes Bangkok guide is the perfect guidebook to help you navigate the streets of Bangkok city.

This Travel Dudes Bangkok city guidebook includes:

– Accommodation Options in Bangkok

– Bangkok Drinking & Nightlife

– Bangkok Attractions

– Arrival in Bangkok

– Areas of Bangkok

– Transportation in Bangkok

– Transportation In & Out of Bangkok

Also explains:

– Important Thai Cultural Information (Do’s and Don’ts)

– Banking and Money

– Medical Emergency Information

– Shopping in Bangkok

– How to find Bangkok International Food spots.

Special sections surrounding:

– Thai Food Dining Guide

– Helpful Refferal Price Sheet of Items in Bangkok

– Vegetarian Food in Bangkok

– Wi-Fi and Internet Communications

Issues addressed in this book:

– Safety Tips in Bangkok

– Thai Visa Information

– Apartment Rental and Long-Term Stay in Bangkok

– Length of Stay in Bangkok

A personal note from the author about Travel Dudes ebooks

An informed traveller is a smarter traveller and we hope that this ebook can serve you well. We hope that you have a lot of fun on your next adventure and we thank you for taking us along with you on your journey.

Safe travels РMelvin B̦cher (Founder of

Pilgrim Tips & Packing List Camino de Santiago: What you need to know beforehand, what you need to take, and what you can leave at home.

by S. Yates

You have seen the movie, you have read all the novels, now you want to walk “The Way” yourself – the Camino de Santiago. But you have questions, many questions:

What does the daily life of a pilgrim actually look like? How big should your backpack be and do you need xyz? What is the best time to walk the Camino? Is it dangerous to walk alone, especially as a woman? What about the dangerous dogs you have heard so much about? Are there gender-separated showers and toilets in the pilgrim hostels? And when nature calls when you are on the trail, will there be outhouses or not? How can you prevent blisters and other health problems? Will you find enough places to buy food from or restaurants to eat in? And what about if you are vegetarian – will you find adequate food to keep you going? Do you need to speak Spanish to walk the Camino? Do you need to be religious and / or baptized to do The Way? Where does the Camino start and how long does it take to walk “The Whole Way”? And, and, and …

If these are your questions, then this book is for you. Read about what you need to know beforehand, what you need to take, and what you can leave at home – which is the most important bit! Read about how to prepare for the Camino de Santiago in a book written by two experienced pilgrims and hospitaleras that, between them, have walked more than 10,000 km / 6,000 mi on European pilgrimage routes in Spain, France and Italy and have looked after, over the years, ten thousands of pilgrims in over twenty different refugios (pilgrim hostels).

Some of the many topics covered in this book are:

Introduction into the daily pilgrim life – So that you know what to expect and what not. Movies like “The Way” are not always true to reality 😉

Which way and when? – Choosing the right Camino for you, and yes, there is a choice! And choosing the right time to go, plus many insider tips on how to experience a somewhat quieter Camino, even in the midst of the pilgrim season.

A detailed explanation of the few things you need to take, where best to buy them and what to look out for when buying them. And a longer list of things you don’t need to take and the reasons why.

A lot of practical background information covering pretty much every aspect of the pilgrim life.

Plus pilgrim stories out of our real life experience to make it a more entertaining read and a large appendix with many useful addresses and texts. Also included is a free download link to a template that will allow you to create your very own, personalized packing list for your very own Way.

If you are still unsure if this is the book you are looking for – just use the “Click to look inside” function here on Amazon to get a good impression of it. In all cases, we want to wish you a ¡Buen Camino! – A Good Way! And yes, you will pick up a few essential Spanish pilgrim terms in this book also …

Top Ten Sights: Krakow

by Mark Jones

â??Top Ten Sights: Krakow’ is the ultimate guide to a fascinating city, giving you the background and history on the top ten attractions. We focus on the essentials; there are ten chapters of text, one on each attraction, all written by our team of experienced travel writers.

With so many different monuments, historical sights, restaurants, shops bars and nightlife to see, make sure that you experience the best of everything Krakow has to offer, and don’t miss a thing – â??Top Ten Sights: Krakow’ is the only guide you need!

Chowder Summer: One Man Eats Rhode Island, Manhattan and New England (And Still Has Room For Oyster Crackers)

by David Norton Stone

Forget everything you thought you knew about clam chowder.

When David Norton Stone dipped his spoon into the history of clam chowder in Rhode Island, he found that the picture was not at allâ?¦clear.

These are some of the old rules about chowder he found:

“Don’t be afraid of the onions.”

“Never boil a potato in chowder.”

“In the old day you could, if you wanted to, put in â??bout half a pint o’ nice wine.”

And from a man who had been cooking chowder for clambakes in Rhode Island (not Manhattan) since the 1870’s: “Put in a quart can o’ tomatoes.”

In this concluding volume of his clammy trilogy that began with Clamcake Summer and Stuffie Summer, Stone proves that he’s not afraid of a little regional controversy or of being called the Great Chowder Head of Rhode Island.

The Fourth Immortal of the Wine Cup (An Ennin Mystery)

by Ben Stevens

‘The continuing saga of that famous Japanese detective, the illustrious Ennin-sensei… Highly entertaining, although parting slightly from Japanese / Oriental myth and customs, thus making the stories more accessible to the western mindset…’ Qualánqui / Amazon

The famous Chinese poet, Li Du, has been discovered lying face down in the center of a small lake…

The investigating magistrate believes that Li Du died from natural causes – drowning.

But what – exactly – was Li Du praising in his later poems…?

Ennin – the ‘Sherlock Holmes of feudal Japan’ – investigates…

This is the 30th Ennin Mystery.

NOW AVAILABLE: The Ennin Mysteries: Collected Series 1 – 5 (25 Stories) MEGAPACK

Amazon Reviews for ENNIN

‘Absolutely engaging… There is so much mystery here…’ Joanna Daneman (USA), #1 HALL OF FAME AMAZON REVIEWER

‘The greatest of Japan’s detectives, Ennin, and of course his trusted

servant and chronicler Kukai… Full of intrigue, action and

excitement… Great escapism…’ M. Dowden (UK), HALL OF FAME TOP 50


‘The Ennin Mysteries are an absolute delight…’ sshap

‘Stevens keeps on delivering… This is a great series…’ Abby Normal

‘Love it! Simply amazed by how good these short stories are!’ Edwina Callan

‘Intriguing and good to read… Set out in a very eastern myth fashion… Recommend them to all and sundry….’ Chris

‘I confess to being addicted to them for the depiction of medieval Japan,

the characters and the enjoyable stories. I treasure each Ennin mystery

that I have…’ Postscripter

‘Five stars…’ Daphne Frampton

‘I especially like the sort of quiet and abiding love that exists between

Ennin and Kukai, master and scribe. Also, there’s a kind of sweeping

majesty in the description of Japan…’ Lisa

‘Another good short story by Ben Stevens. Keep getting them can’t seem to help myself. Try them yourself…’ Tigger

‘Atmospheric, intriguing and entertaining… A rare achievement…’ Kenny51

‘Entertaining read with Holmesian overtones… Interesting to read about imperial Japan…’ AC

‘Thank you Ben Stevens for writing the Ennin Mysteries… I love the

characters… My only complaint? I have read all the Ennin Mysteries – I

want more…’ Momma Dahama

‘Amazing… An inspiration…’ Valentine Williams

‘Well-written… I’ve enjoyed many Ennin mysteries… Satisfying as always…’ S. Pearson

‘A FUN READ!’ Cowboy-not Wyoming

‘I love the different stories Ben Stevens comes up with… There is always

a twist, and the solutions are imaginative…’ Jay Gold

‘I like the writer, I like the mysteries…’ Amazon Customer

‘Really enjoyable…’ Menarue

‘This excellent rendition of mystery, suspense and intrigue! I’m surprised

these adventures haven’t been made into movies or a TV series! They are

that good!’ Arnold Mount

‘I was completely hooked by the Ennin series from the first story… Ben Stevens’s writing style is somewhat like a Japanese room arrangement…’ AcerAcer

‘Mystery from historic Japan… Like Holmes and Watson, but in an Asian setting…’ Nysa

‘How refreshing… Really delightful…’ Leyla

‘I can’t get enough of “The Ennin Mysteries”! Every story I read is so

entertaining, I hate for it to end. I recommend this author to anyone

who likes “whodunnit” stories!’ Ruth Casey May

‘These stories are always so amazing… Look forward to more…’ Eileen Sedgwick

‘A great read…’ Carter

‘Ennin does it again… Well written, evocative of the era, and suitably mysterious…’ KD

‘Highly enjoyable… Stories are tight, punchy and uncluttered… Bravo, Mr. Stevens!’ Damien Omen III

‘This Japanese detective is a fine addition to the burgeoning field of Asian

historical detectives which began with Judge Dee (China) and runs

through I.P. Parker’s Akitada…’ Mcb

‘Delightful short story… Enjoy!…’ PeaTee (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

‘(The) Ennin series is intriguing… Recommend these stories to all…’

Happísland: The short but not too brief tale of a Swiss spy in Iceland

by Cédric H. Roserens

This small book, full of ð and þ, is a tribute to Iceland, a tribute via the reports of Swiss spy Hans-Ueli Stauffacher. A spy whose mission is to understand why the Icelanders are happier than the Swiss!

The author, Cédric H. Roserens, Swiss, forty-one years young, has spent the last two years in Iceland. This is his first step into the epistolary world, and not likely to be his last…

A Greek Odyssey

by Tia Mitsis

Take a journey of discovery with Tia Mitsis, and be introduced to the roads less travelled in Greece; places that are off the beaten track normally frequented by tourists. Areas that are hidden gems, traditional and authentic parts of Greece that are largely untouched by tourism. The Greece which Tia introduces readers to is filled with beauty, history, and scenery that needs to be seen to be believed.

While tourists normally flock to the famous Greek islands, Tia explores the mainland of Greece. A journey which leads her to a variety of hidden wonders not often explored. Tia climbs to the top of the monument of Zalongo, sees the famous Edessa waterfalls, finds herself on the edge of Greece, and explores places with vivid stories and mythology.

As an author with Greek parentage, Tia explores her roots and captures the natural beauty of an ancient country. A country that is filled with natural landscapes, traditions, and monuments that have weathered time, wars, and the elements to still enchant visitors today.

“When I think of Greece, I think of warmth, comfort, rich history and culture, and breathtaking scenery.”

Backpacking With Chad In India: A travel journal: An American’s stories from traveling around the world (Volume 1)

by Chad Thomson

Have you ever wanted to travel the world?

When young American Chad Thomson sets out to backpack around the world, little does he know how much of an impact the world will have on him. In this first installment of his travel memoirs, Chad begins his round-the-world travel adventure in typical American style.

Come with Chad as he follows exactly what the Bible tells him (not the Holy Bible, the travelers Bible: Lonely Planet) and immerses himself in the local culture of India, meeting people from Australia, the USA and even one or two Indians!

Join Chad as he travels from Delhi to Agra to see the (barely visible) Taj Mahal, then on to Mumbai where he manages to insult a survivor of the terror attacks, onward to the beaches of Goa and a three week drinking marathon with his new (unrequited) best friend from Australia and finally to Jaisalmer in Rajasthan where he takes an unforgettable two day camel safari with a twelve year old guide who Chad thinks might have been called Dave. He has misadventures along the way in fast food restaurants, Gandhi’s house, the Thar Desert and dirty bathrooms.

Come and see India from an American’s perspective with Chad Thomson, typical American backpacker!

About Chad:

Chad Thomson is just a typical American leaving the comforts of his home country to travel the world. He was inspired to write about his adventures after reading the many, many travel blogs online.

He writes travel stories and articles at

This is his story.*

*not the whole story, just the part that takes place in India. Stay tuned for further installments of Backpacking With Chad!

Backpacking With Chad In Nepal (Volume 2) is available here:

Backpacking With Chad In China & Hong Kong (Volume 3) is available here:

Backpacking With Chad Box Set 1 is available here:

Fun in Yelapa-Diversion en Yelapa (Adventures with Teo-Adventuras con Teo Book 3)

by Yelapa Memo

Many visitors arrive daily in Yelapa. They come for one reason-that is to have fun. Teo follows some of them to discover all the ways of having fun.

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Free sports Kindle books for 27 May 16

Getting Started with Hobby Quadcopters and Drones

by Craig Issod

Updated May. 2016

Quadcopters, Personal Drones, Multirotors and UAV’s are amazing flying machines which contain advanced technology. They are about to transform our world and our lives in many ways.

What’s more, you and I and others who are hobbyists, photographers, pilots or just have interest in technology can participate in this revolution at a very low cost.

This book will guide the beginner through the first steps in choosing, buying, flying and understanding these flying robots.

Buying and Flying the DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopters

by Craig Issod

Updated 10/2015

The new DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter builds on the success of earlier Phantom Drones by integrating technology passed down from much more expensive models. Taken together, these technologies represent a major step forward in bringing Aerial Photography and Video to the general public.

Best Selling Author, Technologist and founder Craig Issod takes a hands-on approach to introduce readers to the features and benefits of the DJI Phantom 3.

Note – this book is not meant to replace the owners manuals and other documentation, but to give the reader a general education in the background, technology and capabilities of the Phantom 3 product line.

Exercise and Lose Weight Box Set (4 in 1): Simplified Fitness Guide, Introduction to Running, Motivation Techniques and Protein Bar Recipes to Show You … Way to Fitness (Exercise & Lose Weight)

by Francis Rowe

Exercise and Lose Weight Box Set (4 in 1) Simplified Fitness Guide, Introduction to Running, Motivation Techniques and Protein Bar Recipes to Show You the Easy Way to Fitness

Get FOUR books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • Walking Your Way to Fitness
  • Homemade Protein Bars
  • The Art of Running
  • Motivated!

In Walking Your Way to Fitness, you’ll learn A Simplified Guide to Burn Calories and Lose Weight by Walking

In Homemade Protein Bars , you’ll learn 15 No-Bake Recipes To Help Your Diet

In The Art of Running , you’ll get Stay Fit, Lose Weight and Improve Health for Beginners

In Motivated! , you’ll learn Weight Loss Tips and Life Hacks to Motivating Yourself and Achieving Goals!

Buy all four books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

Essential Turn Technique of Skiing

by Koji Nakai

This book presents the essence of skiing simply.

The essence of skiing is the principle of dynamics of skis traveling on the snow.

In other words, it is how the skis and the snow exert a force mutually to make a turn.

In the light of the contents of this book, you can definitely walk the path of righteousness to make progress in skiing�and to take reasonable measures to the various problems in the future.

I hope this book will help many skiers make progress, and enjoy skiing on various slopes and snow.



Chapterâ? ï¼?Basic Idea

1-1. Be aware of a force, not a posture

1-2. Be aware of how to receive the force the snow exerts on the skis, rather than exerting the force on the snow.

Chapterâ?¡ï¼?Basic principles of making the skis turn

Section 2.1: Force to make the skis turn

2-1-1. By establishing the initial steering angle relative to the direction of travel, to generate the force you turn from the resistance of snow.

2-1-2. By shifting pressure from side to side to make the skis turn.

2-1-3. To sustain the force making the skis turn, by keep on traveling the direction of tangent of the arc.

2-1-4. To decrease the difference in pressure to zero at the end of a turn, then to increase the inverse difference at the beginning of the next turn.

2-1-5. To control the amount of the lateral force by varying the steering angle.

2-1-6. To interpret a parallel stance as a wedge very close to parallel.

2-1-7. Because the ski flexes due to the force from the snow, you can make a turn with a smaller steering angle, reducing the brake force.

Section 2.2: To shorten the period of the turn, you reduce the parts of your body turning.

2-2-1. Short turn is the turn reducing the parts of your body turning in order to shorten the period of the turn.

2-2-2. To prevent the parts that don’t turn from turning by planting the pole.

Section 2.3: How to control pressure to prevent the snow surface from collapsing, which is fragile and easily susceptible to collapse in order that the resistance from the snow may exert.

2-3-1. To be aware of receiving the reaction of the gravitational force from the snow as pressure on your soles.

2-3-2. To make the ski grip by reducing a pressure variation

Chapter��How to adjust a turn

Chapterâ?£ï¼? Let’s not be fettered by the things determined naturally.


by Josag Femi

The Magic Of Inspirational is an unforgettable collection of motivational, inspirational and divine poems derived from the Authors vivid imagination of humans, nature, circumstances and the study of the Holy Bible.

Divine Dartmoor Walks (Volume Book 1)

by Gillian Adams

Explore the wilderness of Dartmoor National Park with these 22 popular routes from the Divine Dartmoor Walks website. Mostly moderate walks, there are also suggestions for longer or shorter routes. Discover interesting history and landmarks, as well as magnificent views. You can download this ebook to your kindle app and avoid carrying a heavy paperback in your rucksack.

Calisthenics + Weight Watcher 2 in 1 Bundle: Book 1: 40 Essential Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners + Book 2: Weight Watcher’s Recipes Quick Reference: Simple Start Plan To Lose 21 Lbs in 2 weeks

by Alex Vin

Book 1 – Calisthenics

The Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics: 40 Essential Calisthenics Exercises for Beginners. Get Your Dream Body Fast With Body Weight Exercises and Calisthenics (Street Workout)

Do you want to try a new, interesting way to work out? Are you trying to build muscle? Are you looking for things to add to your workout routine to make it more versatile? Have you heard of Calisthenics but are unsure of how to approach this type of workout? Are you simply looking to broaden your workout horizons? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then this book will be a great tool for you!

Calisthenics is a new and emerging type of workout that you may not yet be familiar with. You may not even know what Calisthenics is or entails. That’s perfectly okay! This book is here to help with background information on just what Calisthenics is, how it works and how you can do it! This book will also guide you through 40 beginner Calisthenics workouts to teach you not only how to exercise in this way but how to do it most effectively.

For many, working out and staying in shape is a constant struggle for many reasons. Some struggle to find the time, some struggle with the knowledge of how to benefit their body in the correct ways and some struggle with broadening their workouts to avoid boredom. On the other hand, some are struggling most with wanting to work out and try new things but not knowing how to understand new workouts or apply them. Whatever you seem to be struggling with, this book can help!

This book includes:

-40 beginner Calisthenics exercises

-In depth information and explanations on the exercises

-Helpful pictures for better understanding

-Tips and tricks to help you get a firm grasp on Calisthenics exercising

-Background and brief history on just what Calisthenics is.

Book 2 – Your Own Weight Watcher

Weight Watcher’s Recipes Quick Reference: Simple Start Plan To Lose 21 Lbs in 2 weeks (Weight Loss For Beginners, Simple Weight Watcher’s Cookbook)

Are you currently trying to lose weight? Have you tried to lose weight in the past but struggled? Have you lost weight but are trying to lose more? Are you curious about Weight Watchers and how you can use it on your own weight loss journey? If you’re reading this, it’s quite likely you answered “yes” to one or more of the previous questions and if you did, then this book can not only help you but be a great educational tool to help you lose weight!

Weight is such an important issue in our everyday lives. So much of what we wear and eat as well as how we think of ourselves is based on our weight and how we look. Weight (and how it makes us look) is important to us because how we look and therefore, how we feel, relays a message to everyone who sees us throughout our daily life.

If you are feeling or have felt, uncomfortable with your weight and are looking to make a serious life change, then this book is a great choice for you! Losing weight and keeping it off is an extremely difficult thing to do! It is always easier when you have something or someone to help you stick with the commitment. This book can not only help you preserver but it can also serve as a guide to educate you on what to eat, when to eat it and how this will affect your weight loss. This book includes:

-Helpful information that can assist you in losing weight

-An introduction to Weight Watchers

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for a smart breakfast

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for a healthy lunch

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for a satisfying, yet nutritious dinner

-Three Weight Watchers Recipes for desserts

Coach, I Gotta Pee

by Dale Alderman

For twelve years, Dale Alderman coached a wide range of youth sports including; baseball, football, basketball, lacrosse, track, and soccer. He has felt the testosterone-fueled rush of winning and the gut-wrenching torment of losing. For the record, Dale hates losing more than tofu, asparagus, and beets. In this collection of funny stories about youth sports, Dale provides a view of the field from a coach’s perspective. Episodes include; Coach I Gotta Pee, Draft Karma, The Crying Game, and What is that Smell? Dale is not a sports psychologist. He is not like Phil Jackson or Nick Saban and he doesn’t have a hand full of enormous championship rings. All he has is a few plastic trophies and a closet full of free shirts and hats. He is just a volunteer dad and that’s fine with him. For more information about Dale, go to

Sailing: Boating: Top Things You Need to Know When Sailing Boats (Sailboat Financial Planning Yachting) (Seamanship Sailing Boats)

by James S

Discover the Essential Need-to-Knows for Sailing

â?? â?? â??This Book is FREE – For Kindle Unlimited Users. â?? â?? â??

You’re about to discover the joys of sailing in the open seas without a care in the world. Many people love the idea of getting away and being one with the ocean with nothing but sea all around and a beautiful blue sky above. No matter how short or long your sailing journey is, preparation is a major factor for having a safe and enjoyable sailing adventure.

If you crave the knowledge to be an expert sailor but don’t have the experience then this is the read for you. This book will gear you with the proper knowledge to turning your sailing dreams into a great reality in the seas.

Hop in, and learn about…

  • Safety Tips and Guidelines for Sailors
  • The Schooner Vocabulary and Sailing for Beginners
  • Tips for Sailing Beginners
  • The Core Sailing Techniques
  • Types of Sailboats for Beginners
  • Rules of the Sea
  • Sailing Destinations
  • Much, much more!

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“Great read” — Andrii

“This book is a great guide. This will share you the information you must learn when sailing boats. It contains the tips and guidelines for sailors, the schooner vocabulary, the core sailing techniques, types of sailboats, and many more. This book is very well guide for all beginners in sailing boats.” — Von Green

“This is a quick read about some introductory aspects of sailing, such as terms, best practices, and ideal destinations for those wishing to participate in sailing. A good, quick read.” — Lance Christiansen

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Survival Medicine: Top 30 Medicinal Plants To Learn For Survival

by Julia Strong

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Survival Medicine (FREE Bonus Included)

Top 30 Medicinal Plants To Learn For Survival

Survival plants are found everywhere! Getting to know your local plants can help spice up your lunch and save your life! Wild plants can fulfill a broad variety of survival needs including:

  • Nutrients and calories to fuel your body
  • Building insulating material and material for shelters
  • Wood for fire and an array of tools
  • Medicines to help treat as well as prevent sicknesses
  • Materials to make cordage
  • Survival Precedence

One way to look at survival plants and their uses is based on the four basic survival priorities. These are typically considered to be ordered in order of priority as follows: water, shelter, fire and finally food. Plants can be useful for taking care of many of the survival precedences. Also, distinct parts of the same plant during different seasons can be helpful for various survival needs.

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Free science fiction Kindle books for 27 May 16

Escape (Alliance Book 1)

by Inna Hardison

Book One of the Alliance Series.

What if everything you knew about the world around you was a lie, and the very people you were taught to fear were your salvation, your escape?

Meet Amelia, raised in the safety of a Replenisher compound, a protectorate for the few Alliance females who can bear children. In two months, she will have to choose a mate and begin her duties, except it doesn’t happen like that.

When she witnesses a Zoriner boy fall over the wall of the compound, the very wall designed to keep those like her safe from those like him, the injured boy becomes her burden and maybe, if she lets him, her escape from the life she is meant to have, and the key to unraveling of the many secrets and lies on both sides of this conflict and each other. This is the very beginning of her journey.

WOLF DAWN: Science Fiction Thriller/ Romance (Forsaken Worlds Book 1)

by Susan Cartwright

“In the marvelous tradition of Marion Zimmer Bradley, here is an exciting space adventure epic, with the heart of Orson Scott Card’s ENDER series, the soul of Frank Herbert’s DUNE — and yet, much more that is startling and controversial.”

Dave Bischoff, Hotspur Publishing

Ashton Chayton, the last of his race, wants revenge. Stranded on a backwater planet, gifted with the ability to enter the minds and bodies of both people and animals, Ashton has been through the torments of hell and is ready to even the score.

Unfortunately everybody wants Ashton. Admiral Neopol Jones of the United Worlds Government is a pathological sadist and one of the most powerful men in the galaxy. He will torture Ashton or destroy entire worlds to get the secret of his power. Some feel Ashton is “The One” as named in prophecy. The influential Lord Andros just wants him dead.

Ashton is up against impossible odds, but he has allies — the woman he falls in love with, a pack of intelligent wolves and a man who Ashton thinks he hates. If you had unique powers, wouldn’t you use them to get what you want? But Ashton’s greatest enemy may just be himself.

Ryonna’s Wrath: Universe in Flames – A Novella

by Christian Kallias

This book is the first Novella in the Universe in Flames saga. It can be read independently from the series or as part of it (timeline info below).


“Although Initially I read Ryonna’s Trials through my Kindle Unlimited, I decided to buy it anyway… Worth reading. A solid 4.0 out of 5 stars.” –Bill Anderson (Top 500 reviewer)

Ryonna, the Droxian who helped Chase and Sarah in their fight against the Zarlack forces threatening Earth, embarks on a mission to rescue her abducted son, Ronan. 

To infiltrate Hellstar, the maximum security prison her son is being held in, she needs to acquire vital information. An unlikely alliance raises shadows from her past and it quickly becomes clear that the reasons behind the bounty on her head run deeper than she could ever have imagined. This shocking revelation will turn Ryonna’s life upside down. 

While saving her son remains her top priority, Ryonna embarks on a series of deadly missions in order to uncover the truth behind it all. In the process, she puts her life and even her sanity on the line at every turnâ?¦

Timeline: The events of this Novella take place between book one (Earth – Last Sanctuary) and book two (Fury to the Stars) of the Universe in Flames saga. They focus around Ryonna’s character. While it is not necessary to have read these books to enjoy this Novella, you’ll understand each reference to other characters and mention of races as well as some other world building details better if you did. If this is the first book you read from me, worry not, you can still go ahead and read it.

You’ll also find the 1st chapter of book 4, which is slotted for an April 2016 release at the end of this book.

Fusion Heart (STAR EPIC ONE Book 1)

by Andrew J Cole

Fifteen-year-old Fennius Taylor lives with his father in a small town in mid-22nd century Oklahoma and dreams of someday joining the global sport of hovercraft racing. The SLED circuit, a dangerous, 300+mph slug fest on magnetized tracks around the world. But with the world of racing so far from him, the closest escape he ever seems to get is the simulator he escapes into for hours at a time.

When Team Nitro, a local amateur league racing organization from Oklahoma City, holds open tryouts for a new pilot, the opportunity Fennius has been waiting for may finally be a reality.

But there’s more at play than just racing.

As Fennius places his bid for a brighter future, he unknowingly attracts the eye and heart of Akiko Chiyo, a world famous sentient artificial intelligence that appears in the form of a perpetually 16-year-old Japanese hologram and plays sold out concerts around the globe to millions. And with Akiko pulling the strings of fate behind the scenes with her songs, Fennius will have more than to worry about more than just racing as a series of events that will change his life forever are about to begin.

Fusion Heart is the speed-fueled starting point for Star Epic One, a multi-volume space opera that will take you and your imagination on a wild ride across the stars and back.

Forget what you think you know about space opera. This is everything you never knew you always wanted, and it all starts here.

35,000 Feet

by Thomas Kreuzberger

A free trip to Hawaii is enough to get almost anybody on an airplane. It certainly was enough for Melanie, a young, fairly attractive single 20-something who was happy to get a few days off from her stressful nine to five. But as she’d quickly find out, she was in for more than she bargained for.

Continuum: A Twisted Alien Encounter

by Stuart Church

In this sexy, super-powered adventure, Mike Kruger battles against the cancerous hatred that is infesting Earth.

His most powerful weapon: he has accessed Continuum, the infinite spectrum of energy that permeates the universe.

Mike struggles to stay focused, but his carnal hunger draws him into a relationship with a dark-haired seductress who has her own plans for using his powers.

Together they seek an alliance with an alien race who bring their sophisticated warplanes to join the battle on Earth.

But Mike soon discovers that his choice of lover, and allies have been twisted by greed and desire.

He joins forces with a bawdy Viet Nam ace-pilot and together they go head to head against the invading alien race.

Its lust versus righteousness, F-22 Raptor against otherworldly technology, and hatred against the most powerful force of peace in the universe.

Join the battle.

Flatfoot: A NewT Universe Story

by William Laws

Cal Fenton was one of the best detectives in the business, running head-to-head with tech-jackers, smugglers, and the gangs who ruled the real estate under Corokep’s Haze. He could do no wrong, until the day he chased Maddox across the Market and took a shot at him.

After 100 days of stasis for manslaughter, Cal suddenly finds himself back on the job, struggling to unravel a mystery that goes deeper than anything on the planet. This time, he’s not hunting, he’s being hunted. And he’s about to discover that not everyone is who they seem to be.

No Net

by Noah Nichols

What would you do if the Internet mysteriously vanished? NO NET is the ambitious novel that explores how little or how much people care about the beloved World Wide Web. Spanning across 20 APPs with a hearty assortment of varied characters, this cautionary tale begs of you to just take a moment and think about how deep we’ve all been sinking in a digital quicksand…

Mad Hatter (Steampunk)

by David Gallie

Somewhere there is a woman without a face.

When Inspector Dermot is tasked with finding both the body and the assailant, he has no idea that his investigation will take him on a hunt for one of England’s most powerful men.

Determined to bring the culprit to justice, Dermot finds himself going toe to toe with a man who could easily destroy him and everything he holds dear.


by Hafsteinn Thordarson

Something has been found in space that could be a potential threat. A mission is underway to address it.

A short story of 3,700 words.

Escaping the Undead: Books 1 – 3

by N.J. McConnell

The first three parts of the Escaping the Undead series from award winning author and journalist, NJ McConnell.

dney was living a dream life. She had a great job in a law firm and had just bought and decorated her dream home. Nothing could spoil things for her now. Nothing except a zombie apocalypse.

Something was in the fireworks that exploded above the New Year’s Eve celebrations around the country. When the ball dropped, it was the final countdown to the end of the world

Follow Sidney, her best friend (and dog) Coco and her father Dan (a retired Army Ranger), as they gather a motley group of strangers together to make a trek across the American countryside and outrun an impending nuclear disaster while fighting off both the undead and humans alike.

They survived the initial outbreak, but will they be able to work together and overcome their differences in order to build a brave new world?

The Complete Michael Campbell Episodes: Volumes 1 – 3

by Jeff Hamilton

Two luxury yachts wash up on the shores of Jamaica filled with dead bodies. Among the deceased are a corrupt international banker and a retired US senator. FBI agent, Ana Fountain, is assigned the case, and she quickly discovers that this is much more than a simple murder investigation. The trail leads her to Edward Masterson, a nuclear power mogul with influence in the highest levels of government. A master of manipulation and deception, Masterson is poised to initiate a plan almost fifty years in the making: a plan that threatens to draw the United States into global political turmoil or even nuclear war. Ana’s only hope to stop Masterson is Mike Campbell, a drunken vagrant hiding out in the Caribbean who suffers from terrible hallucinations. As Ana races to prevent an international crisis, she slowly unravels the horrible truth behind Campbell and Masterson’s unbelievable shared history.

Winter’s Legacy: Future Days (Winter’s Saga Book 6)

by Karen Luellen

A devil’s war.

A family’s faith.

A journey’s end.

Winter’s Legacy: Future Days is the 6th book and last installment of the Winter’s Saga series.

Tensions run high as the Winter family has been forced out of the country and into hiding without Meg. Evan has pushed himself away from everyoneâ??tormented by a choice he made that could bring the whole family to its knees. Left alone in the hands of the enemies, Meg struggles to fend for herself, desperately trying to stand in the way of Arkdone’s political schemes. Though her memories are gone, she’s determined to navigate right and wrong under the watchful eyes of those who want either her blood or her giftsâ??or both. There will be no peaceful resolution. War between the Winter Clan, Williams’ Metahumans and Arkdone’s Metamonarchs has been preordained. There will be bloodshed, and those left standing won’t necessarily be the victors.

Brace yourself for the gripping conclusion of Winter’s Saga!


by Lynna Merrill

In the perfect city of Lucasta life is easy, bountiful, and completely planned for everyone. New fashions and material goods abound. Everyone constantly communicates with hundreds of friends through their computing device, and benevolent corporations watch over people as good parents. To the new generation, hate and prejudice are just a fairy tale, and pain, disease, and cruelty are fading into a distant memory. So is personal choice.

Teenage Meliora feels as if Lucasta is suffocating her. Always an unusual child, she discovers the dark secret of a world where secrets don’t even exist any more. But what can be wrong with a perfect world?

Survivors: Secrets

by Violet Cross

Lacey Young is a survivor. So is her sister, her best friend, and all the other young adults they share a hotel with now that the world has ended.

Lacey Young is a leader. That’s why when the lives of her crew and the people she loves become endangered, she must go against the odds and fight to take back what is theirs.

However, with secrets and betrayal as common as the grains of sand that smother the landscape, what once appeared to be a big problem threatens to become a tragedy. Blood is spilled, friendships are tested, and all the while the lurking threat that’s responsible for sending the world into chaos is closer than they all think.

Lacey has a secret. A secret she’s been repressing and hiding from those closest to her. It’s a secret that she knows can help save her friends and bring back some small semblance of peace.

But at what cost?

A Friend in Need

by Les Lynam

A Friend in Need is a short story collaboration between three different YA authors who combine their talents to create an intersection in an apocalyptic world populated with characters from their respective novels. LX and Jane (from Lynam’s Time Will Tell series) time-crash into Tim Hemlin’s The Wastelanders. Their only hope of returning to their own world requires help from Bear, Caballito, and the time-witch. Enter Calla and Valcas, (time-travelers from Chess Desalls’ Call to Search Everywhen series,) who land in the wastelands while conducting a time-search of their own. Will the travelers be able to return, or are they stuck in the wastelands forever?

Burial of the Hatchet (The Hystericals Series Book 22)

by Wolfen Saunderson

The first half of the saga comes to a smashing close leading up to the final battle and clash between a pack of old friends and lovers that soon boiled over into a bittersweet rivalry, and is now a full on primal quest for revenge; albeit while attempting to restore justice, peace, and order not only to the pack, but also amongst themselves and the once aptly named “city of brotherly love” in which they put they lives on the line each and every day to proudly serve.

Out of Body

by Y.M. El-Batal

OUT OF BODY tells the story of a trapped digital mind that once worked for The Peace: an organization that has enslaved the world when they perfected the technology of mind-uploading.

Exodus from the Seven Cities: A Zombie Novel (The Seven Cities Saga Book 3)

by Jay Brenham

Perfect for fans of Run and The Remaining, this is the second story in an action-packed new series that is impossible to put down!

After five years painting ships in the Navy, Sam Connor has big plans for his life after the militaryâ?¦but no plan for surviving a pandemic. With his wife and infant son away visiting relatives, Sam struggles to find them in a world gone mad. In order to survive in a city that’s quickly become unrecognizable he must become unrecognizable himself.

With no gun to protect him and no special skills to show for his military service, Samâ??s ability to adapt and his will to survive are soon put to the test in a city that’s become a nightmare.

The Seven Cities Saga:

1. Survival in the Seven Cities

2. Fall of the Seven Cities

3. Exodus from the Seven Cities

Outcast: A Corporation Novel (The Corporation)

by RaeLynn Fry

Things have changed for Karis since coming back from Dahn. Right and wrong are not the same as they used to be. Loved ones are not who they claim to be. And she must chose who it is that is most important to her.

It’s been eighty-five days.

Eighty-five days since the Corporation took my little brother, Ajna, into the Inner City as a Sponsor.

Eighty-five days since I almost died from a faulty Mark I got from the Black Market.

Eight-five days since my heart last fluttered at the thought of Ethan.

I never thought life could be harder than what it was before I went into Dahn and met the Corporation’s President, Akin Hughes; but I’m learning how much worse it can get.

It’s been eighty-five days since I realized I can’t be held back by anyone who doesn’t agree with me. Even if that someone is Ethan.

Karis has changed. So has Ethan. And their differences are pulling them apart. While Karis is focused on getting Ajna back, and getting closer to someone else, Ethan is trying to figure out a way to take down his father. With the lack of readiness from the citizens of Neech, his hand is forced by someone thought to be dead, and Ethan and Dhevan must go on a journey that they may not come back from.

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Free romance Kindle books for 27 May 16

Third Time Lucky The Honey Trap

by Victoria Browne

A fast moving witty chick lit drama that will take you on a journey of laughter and revelations.

Good friends Sarah a sensible simple soul, Laura bitchy complicated, Beth a â??too cool for school’ high school teacher, and Jess a funky hairdresser, decide to honey trap Jess’s new American boyfriend Richard. How could such a simple plan go wrong? Just add Jess’s new flat mate, hot sexy Elise to the mix, a few glasses of wine and you have a cocktail fit for disaster – especially when Elise honey traps the wrong boyfriend! Good friends are all Sarah needs when her uncomplicated life is jettisoned into chaos.

Dan, Sarah’s boyfriend makes some shady life choices. But who is friend and who is foe?

Wealthy bachelor Lee Preston sets his sights on Sarah and all Lee wants is to make her happy. Life could be fantastic when money is no object and your closet is filled with designer shoes, Oh, and his with secrets.

The Pretend Billionaire Groom – Part 1 (Finding The Love Of Your Life Series)

by Sierra Rose

Rose is a veterinarian in Wessler, a small town she calls home. Her father has just passed away. In order to secure her inheritance, she must be married by age twenty-six. And that’s when she calls in her crazy, unemployed, and carefree best friend named Tommy.

When Tommy’s responsible brother comes into town from New York City to attend the wedding, he learns they’re all taking a road trip to Vegas. The clock is tickingâ?¦ Old friends reunite to get Tommy and Rose to the altar as fast as possible.

But sometimesâ?¦things don’t go exactly according to plan.

You and I The Complete Trilogy

by Melissa Toppen

You and I The Complete Trilogy: Alone, Together, Forever

Now Including the spin-off novel TAMING LO

The Bestselling Series now all together in this complete box set.

You and I Alone, Book One

Twenty-one year old Anna Blake has lived her life by one simple rule; never get attached. Having learned early on in life that nothing is guaranteed, she knows there is only one person she can truly rely on; herself.

But when she accepts a job as a dancer at one of the most secretive and exclusive clubs in the country, operating under the name Logan, she meets the one man who makes her question everything she thought she knew.

Bentley Reed is exactly the type of man women crave. Rich, powerful, and as sexy as they come; the definition of a playboy. A former soccer star turned business mogul, Bentley is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it…. but he has never met a girl like Logan before.

Their undeniable attraction is clear from their first encounter and neither can deny the sexual chemistry that flows between them. When Logan agrees to one night with Bentley, she has no idea that one night will alter her very existence.

Determined to walk away from a man insistent on not letting her go, Logan struggles to resist the temptation of what her body desires above all else.

What happens when two people who operate by the same rules, find themselves breaking them all for the chance to experience just one more night in each others arms?

Discover Anna and Bentley’s entire story in You and I Alone, You and I Together, and You and I Forever

Also now included in this set…

Taming Lo

A You and I Novel

I know they think they have me all figured out.

Hell, I thought I knew who I was too.

I’m Lo. Allure’s resident wild child.

Dancer at one of the most secretive and exclusive clubs in the country.

I’m not ashamed of who I am.

I like sex. Love it actually.

I get off on getting off and I am not afraid to go for what I want.

I don’t do boyfriends.

I don’t do commitment.

I don’t do the same man twice.

These are my rules.

The first time I laid eyes on Dax, I knew I had to have a taste.

Dax is exactly the type of man I usually go for.

Inked in tattoos, hot, sexy, dominant; just looking at him made me squirm.

He’s one of those easy, get in and get out, kind of hook-ups.

Or at least, that’s what I thought……

In Bed with the Competition (Bad Boy Bosses)

by J.K. Coi

Elizabeth Carlson and Ben Harrison used to be friends, coworkers…and almost lovers. But that was before Ben proposed mixing business with pleasure. Elizabeth refuses to lose her heart to a hotshot tycoon with a cutthroat, take-no-prisoners attitude. Not with the prospect of starting her own company at stake.

Driven to succeed in all areas of his life, Ben couldn’t resist the temptation to make Liz his. But then she walked away, igniting a bitter rivalry. Competing for the same contract at a Caribbean conference ignites sparks too hot to ignore, and Ben’s determined to finish what they started, even if it’ll only last a few steamy, tropical nights.

Elizabeth’s resolve begins to crumble under Ben’s blatant seduction. Can she walk away from a hot island fling with the sexiest man she’s ever known with her heart intact, or will losing herself in Ben destroy everything she’s fought to achieve?

Each book in the Bad Boy Bosses series is a standalone, full-length story that can be enjoyed out of order.

Series Order:
Book 1: In Bed with the Competition
Book 2: Protecting His Assets
Book 3: Sleeping with the Opposition

Page: A Sweet Scottish Medieval Romance (Sweet Scottish Brides Book 1)

by Tanya Anne Crosby

“Page” is the SWEET/CLEAN edition of “The MacKinnon’s Bride” by Tanya Anne Crosby — a New York Times bestselling author and her daughter

England/Scotland 1124: Page FitzSimon has lived her entire life in the shadow of the man she called father. Left to her own devices, with her mother imprisoned, she still might never have imagined that Hugh FitzSimon would deny his only daughter. Alas, when Scottish Chieftain Iain MacKinnon comes to barter for his son’s release, she learns how expendable she truly is…

Vowing to stop at nothing to secure his young son’s return, Iain MacKinnon captures Page with the intent of bartering her for Malcom’s freedom. Little does he realize that Page’s father doesn’t want his daughter, and although he will win Malcom’s freedom by other means, he will also find himself a reluctant champion to the Sassench lass who now has no home.

For readers who prefer romance without strong language or sex. This is a clean read book.


  • Book One of Tanya Anne and Alaina Christine Crosby’s Sweet Scottish Brides series 
  • A full-length novel 
  • PG-rated: Kisses only, no love scenes! 
  • Contains new scenes 
  • Humorous historical romance 

While Catrìona can be read as a stand-alone novel, many readers enjoy reading it as part of a series. The following books are in reading order.

  • Page 
  • Meghan 
  • Seana 
  • Elizabet
  • Catrìona

Blame it on Mistletoe (North Pole, Alaska Book 1)

by Noelle Fox

Welcome to North Pole, Alaska, where the Christmas Spirit lives all year long.

Lots of kids write letters to Santa. But those delivered to North Pole are actually answered by a group of dedicated volunteers who call themselves “the Elves.”

JD Baxter’s letter to St. Nick asks for just one thing: His father didn’t make it back from Afghanistan, and JD wants Daddy home again. Saints can do miracles, right? But since last year’s letter went astray, JD decides to stow away to North Pole and ask for his miracle in person.

In North Pole, he encounters a postmistress who looks exactly like Mrs. Claus, a man named Rudolph with a red nose and a herd of reindeer, as well as enough toys, candy and Christmas cheer to make anyone feel good. He just can’t find St. Nick.

Abby Baxter has spent the year since her husband’s death trying to hold on. When she discovers her son is missing, her entire world tremblesâ?? until her husband’s best friend appears at her door, offering a steadying hand.

Frank Machado couldn’t save David Baxter’s life in combat. Worse, for years he’s been secretly in love with David’s wife. Now that their son is missing, Frank is determined to see the child back in Abby’s arms.

But during their unpredictable, impulsive trip into the wilds to search for JD, the problem becomes staying out of those arms himself.

Sparks fly, hearts warm, loveâ??and Christmasâ??are in the air. Should they Blame it on Mistletoe?

Owned by the Bastard (The Soldiers of Wrath MC, 1) (The Soldiers of Wrath MC Series)

by Jenika Snow

Demon, the President of The Soldiers of Wrath MC, is a vicious bastard, a heartless killer, and has no regrets about any of the violent things he does in life. It is how he survives, and how he keeps his club and his men safe.

Deanna Monte has stayed in the life of her drug addicted, low-life father since her mother passed away. She may hate her dad, but after her mother’s dying wish for Deanna to not give up on him, she knows she can’t walk away.

When Deanna is given to Demon as payment for her father’s debt, she fights with everything inside of her and refuses to submit. But she’s never met a man like Demon, a cruel man that is big and powerful and can take her life as easily as he breathes. She shouldn’t want him the way she does, not after he takes her away from her life, refusing to let her go, and tells her that she is his now.

But she does, and that frightens her most of all.

Warning: This title does contain explicit adult themes.

SIMON: New Orleans Billionaire Wolf Shifters with plus sized BBW for mates (Le Beau Series Book 2)

by V.A. Dold

BTS Award winner (Rising Star Paranormal Romance)

NOTE: Complete novel. No cliffhanger. Dual POV. This is an adult paranormal romance with erotic content. The series centers on New Orleans Billionaire Wolf Shifters with plus sized BBW for mates. It also includes vampires, voodoo priestess, a Marine, and magic. These are stand alone books that create a series. They do not need to be read in order. Of course, the story is richer if the books are read in order.

#1 Cade

#2 Simon

#3 Stefan

#4 Thomas

#4.5 Cade & Anna

# 5 Lucas

Four years of honorably serving his country have left Simon, Cade’s younger brother, damaged and trapped in wolf form. Little did he know the only person with the ability to heal him completely would be found at home. Literally. Now that he’s found her, he is desperate to claim her.

Rose is a beautiful, voluptuous woman with limited experience with men. Although she’s confident, she still has reservations. Never having a family of her own, her fear of abandonment has her fleeing romantic relationships, and doubting herself.

Travis is insane. A deadly loose cannon that a secret organization hired to destroy the Le Beau family by denying them their mates. Permanently.

Simon’s dream will be lost forever unless he is able to maintain human form.

Rose needs unconditional love and a mate to create the family she’s always wanted.

Travis’s all-consuming drive is to take Rose for himself.

Will Simon ever be whole again, able to claim his mate, giving Rose the love and family she so desperately craves? Or will Travis destroy them both?

Seducing the Sun Fae: A Fada Novel Book 1 (The Fada Shapeshifter Series)

by Rebecca Rivard

2016 EPIC Awards Finalist for Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

A dark shifter alpha…

Dion, alpha of a shapeshifting river fada clan, has had enough. The sun fae queen has seduced several of his best warriors, leaving them fit for little but fishing and drinking wine, and draining life-energy from all his people in the process. Then comes the final strawâ??she works her wiles on his youngest brother. It’s time to turn the tables on the shallow, pleasure-loving queen.

A jaded fae queen…

Cleia is a two-hundred-year-old fae whose powerful glamour gets her any man she wants. But she’s bored. She wants something moreâ??and the river fada men have it. So when she meets the big, untamed river alpha, she sets out to seduce him, even though something whispers this man is dangerous. She all but orders him to her bed.

That’s just what Dion is counting onâ?¦


Shapeshifters created during Dionysus’s infamous bacchanals from a mix of fae, human and animal genes.

They’re ruthless, untamedâ??and irresistible to the one person fated to be their mate.

Seducing the Sun Fae is a full-length, standalone paranormal romance novel with an HEA. For readers 18+ only.

Rock the Boat: A Griffin Bay Novel

by Lib Starling

The first novel in a steamy new contemporary romance series!

Jordan Griffin has worked hard to make her charter sailing business a success. But years of catering to rich, entitled clients have finally worn her down. She’s on the verge of giving up when she gets a request for a mysterious charterâ?¦ and it’s accompanied by a suspiciously large payment. The money will set her up for a year, allowing her to figure out where her life is headed. But payments that large don’t come from pleasant clients. Jordan braces for the worstâ?¦ but the worst doesn’t even begin to describe what she finds waiting at her slip.

Davis Steen is a world-famous rock star, but his fame is fading. His manager sends him on a ten-day sailing vacation with one clear directive: use the time to figure out exactly where his career is going or the record label will drop him. But the last thing Davis wants is contemplation. The serenity of the San Juan Islands only amplifies his doubtsâ??and Davis would rather sail away from his problems than confront them head-on. He’s eager to have a good time the only way he knows how: with booze, loud musicâ?¦ and debauchery.

Davis clashes hard with the sexy but straight-laced captain. Despite her irritation with his party-boy image, Jordan finds Davis’s alpha personality and gorgeous body impossible to resist. The fire that flares between them is stoked more by fury than affection. But when they can no longer deny their attraction, the captain and the rock star must learn to see eye-to-eye. If they can chart a course together, they’ll turn hate into loveâ?¦ and find unexpected passion filling their sails.

Heat level: moderate to high

Black: Part 1 (Black Series)

by Kelly Harper

From USA Today Bestselling and Amazon Top 100 Author, Kelly Harperâ?¦

From the author of the Top 100 romance, By You series, the Black Series is a steamy story of revenge, betrayal, and second chances. Calvin Black buries himself inside every woman he meets in an attempt to forget his past. Sofie Bennett is done with the bad boys and just wants a quiet lifeâ?¦

But what happens when two old flames reignite? Will they both get burned?

Black: Part 1â?¦

Calvin Black is the ruler of his own kingdom. He owns the hottest new club in New York City and he always gets what he wants. And who he wants. Women throw themselves at him, and he does with them what he pleases. He’s never been denied anything, except by one personâ?¦

Sofie Bennett has been at her corporate job for nearly a year, but she still feels out of place. Her roommate and work-wife, Aimee, insists that she needs to cut loose and have more fun, but Sofie is doubtful. But when she discovers she’ll be attending an all day seminar with the hot new VP, Wade Foster, she begins to wonder if Aimee might have the right ideaâ?¦

Worlds collide when an unexpected night leads to a chance encounter. An encounter that’s destined to change Calvin and Sofie forever.

**Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language.

Keywords: top 100 romance, bad boy romance novella, free new adult romance, billionaire revenge romance, free second chance romance

Abducted Part 1: Through the Looking Glass: (Alien Warrior BBW Scifi Romance) (The Alien Mate Index)

by Evangeline Anderson

This is Part 1 of Abducted, book one in my new Sci-fi romance series, The Alien Mate Index.

I’m putting it out as a novella to give you a taste of what is to come.

There are order links for the entire book at the end of this novella.

Zoe McKinley has a boring life, an awful job, and a boss that throws staplers at her head. What could be worse?

How about being abducted by Aliens?

When Zoe is dragged aboard an extraterrestrial ship, she thinks she’s been chosen as a concubine by the huge red-skinned male with horns and a devilish grin because he has a hard-on for Earth girls. But Sarden has worse plans for her–he wants to trade her to an alien petting zoo!

Can Zoe convince him she’s worth saving? And can Sarden keep from falling for the little Earth girl with the sassy attitude and the lush, plus-sized curves?

You’ll have to read Abducted, book one in the Alien Mate Index series to find out.

Find out more about The Alien Mate Index Series

Warriors of the Twelve Peoplesâ??Alien males who need to bond with females.

From the pen of Evangeline Anderson, the writer who brought you Brides of the Kindred, comes a new race of Alien warriorsâ?¦twelve races, to be exact.

Everyone thinks that live just evolved on Earthâ??


Our planet, and twelve others, all capable of supporting Terran life, was seeded by the Ancient Ones.

Then Earth was locked away, kept safe in the cocoon of our ozone layer. But now there’s a gaping hole in our security blanket and guess who’s coming to dinner?

That’s rightâ??the Alien warriors of the Twelve Peoplesâ??also descended from the Ancient Ones, are looking for mates and Earth girls are their first choice.

The Vorn are feared throughout the galaxy. Savage, horned warriors, these males can be surprisingly gentle to the females they choose to bond with.

Denarins come in pairsâ??two muscular males who share a psychic bond… and feel the need to share one woman as well.

And the Majorans worship their females as goddesses, the very color of their skin changing with their bonded mate’s mood.

Braxians are savage with black-on-white eyes that can see every spectrum of light. They will defend their females to the last drop of blood in their huge, blue bodies.

And there are moreâ?¦so many more Alien warriors to pick from.

Which type of male would you choose?

Too bad you won’t have a choice, because thanks to the Alien Mate Index, an agency that abducts Earth brides for alien males, you could be snatched at any time and turned into a massive warrior’s mate or concubine.

So the real question isâ??who will choose you?

Stone Dystopia: 3 Book Set

by C.B. Stone

This is a 3 book set, with book 1 from each Stone’s series currently available.

Rehabilitation (Book 1 of the Unbelief Series)

“My name is Sinna Reardon. I suppose deep down I’d like to believe God exists. But he doesn’t, not since the war. Most days I’m OK with that. Jacob calls me a pessimist, but I’m prefer realist. How can I Believe when a place like Rehabilitation and a regime like the Elite exist, dictating our every move?

If God were so great, he’d do something. But he hasn’t. We’re forgotten. And that scares me, because it means I might have to do something myself…”

Sinna has spent her life walking a fine line between breaking the rules and obeying them to a fault. In a Godless world where science and logic reign supreme and people are punished for Believing, are friendship and love reasons enough to abandon unbelief? Enough to put her faith in something bigger than herself?

Ruin (Unbelief II)

Revelation (Unbelief III)

God Wars: The Beginnings (An Unbelief Prequel)

* * *

Desperation (Book 1 of The Island Series)

“My skin does a little crawling thing at the way he says my name, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why. He seems nice enough. He’s very polite and charismatic. Quite charming actually, to others at any rate. But just the way he says my name sends a warning tingle along my spine, and I can’t get rid of it.”

Reagan Rykehart has been sentenced to a stint on Grandy Island, a reintegration camp for at-risk youth. Problem is, she was sentenced there not because of her own deeds, but for trying to help a friend. Guess that’s what she gets for trying.

Sailing away to meet her fate, she finds fate has other plans. Mostly because Reagan is stubborn and a little crazy. At least that’s what people usually call folks who jump off ships. In the middle of the ocean. In the dark.

Yep, definitely crazy. But will her new fate be even more grim than Grandy Island?

Escalation (The Island II)

Deliverance (The Island III)

* * *

Awakening (Book 1 in the Absence of Song Series)

“Though music is forbidden and could get me in big trouble with the Ministry, I nevertheless often find myself singing softly in spite of the danger.

Little do I know just how much hot water my strange compulsion to sing will actually land me in.

What is happening in the world around me? How is it happening? How does the stranger Noah fit into things? And most importantlyâ?¦ why me? I’m no more special than the next person.

So many questions, and so many dangers. All I can do is trust that whatever is happening, it is good. I can see that it’s good, and I refuse to let anyone convince me otherwise.”

Becoming (Absence of Song II)

Chosen (Absence of Song III)

All books in each series should be read in order.

The Gift Boxed Set (Books 1, 2 & 3): The Billionaire’s Love Story

by Lily Zante

Read the first three books from ‘The Billionaire’s Love Story’, a contemporary romance serial set in New York.

**And for a Strictly Limited Time, get the The Offer, Boxed Set (Books 1-3) for 0.99c only,**

Tobias Stone, a billionaire hedge fund owner, has plenty of wealth but lives an empty life devoid of love. Struggling to come to terms with his past, he uses his wealth to insulate him from the real world where everything can be bought. Even sex.

Savannah Page, a debt-ridden single mom, has come to New York with her young son, Jacob, to make a fresh start. Struggling to make ends meet, she is determined to make a good life for both of them.

What happens when the billionaire with too much money, meets the single mom with too much heart?



Growing up for Cream wasn’t easy. For as long as she can remember its just been Cream and Jackie. Bouncing from city to city with her mom was hard. She had to leave friends behind and move on with her life.

Jackie is hiding a secret from Cream that may or may not cause harm to her family. Once Jackie back is against the way she has no choice but to tell the truth. The Finally settle in Cincinnati, Ohio and her life changes for the better.. Or worst. She meets and fall in love with Coffee, but does Coffee have what it take to keep Cream in Cincinnati?

Coffee was the man in the streets. Even at a young age he was a boss. But Coffee has always had a problem with “keeping it in his pants”. Now that he has Cream will he change his ways or lose her forever?

Jude (A Cocky Cage Fighter Novel Book 2)

by Lane Hart

MMA cage fighter Jude Malone leads a simple life – eat, sleep and train. His older brother Jax is a legend in the octagon, and while Jude’s had his fair share of recent losses, he’s better than his record. He just needs a chance to prove it.

When Jude is suddenly offered the fight of a lifetime by his head coach, there is only one tiny string attached. He decides to go for it, but that little string just might turn out to be the one that unravels him completely.

Sadie Briggs is a quiet, introverted tomboy. She was raised by a single father and grew up in his MMA training gym with dozens of sweaty, aggressive men. They only think of her as their sweet little sister, not as a woman who is getting ready to go off to college. That all changes when her longtime crush, Jude Malone, becomes her knight in shining armor after her boyfriend dumps her the week before her senior prom.

Jude feels like he’s been sucker punched when Sadie’s unexpected Cinderella transformation forces him to actually see her as a woman for the very first time. Overwhelming lust, jealousy and passion turn out to be the right combination to finally unlock Jude’s cocky alpha fighter inside and out of the cage. Only one thing stands in the way of him winning the world championship welterweight title and a gorgeous girl. The truth.

This 77K word HEA novel can be read as a stand-alone, although there are appearances from the characters in Jax, the first book in the Cocky Cage Fighter series.

A Masterpiece Of Our Love (The Masterpiece Trilogy Book 1)

by Nikki Lynn Barrett

The first in a contemporary romance with mystery elements trilogy! WARNING: Please note: This is a trilogy that follows the same characters. There is a mild cliffhanger in this book, as a mystery element is not solved in this story. 

Two Lives Torn by tragedy.

Eight-year-old Becca and twelve-year-old Hunter cling to each other and life after surviving a plane crash which stole their families.

Two Souls Seeking Love.

Each year, from the time she was old enough to travel on her own, Becca met up with Hunter on the island that altered their lives forever.

Until he stopped showing.

Her constant. Her link to the past. Gone in the blink of an eye.

Two Lives Bound by Secret.

Suffering more heartbreak, Hunter returns to the one place he’s always sought comfort, the island where he and Becca met. It was the place that stole from him, and in the same instance gave to him. He hasn’t been back or spoken to Becca in four years.

Though he’s sure she must hate him for disappearing, Hunter discovers the girl gone, now a woman in her place. Hunter is determined to prove to Becca he isn’t the same twelve-year-old boy of yesteryear.

But someone isn’t happy about their reunion…

Strange things begin happening. Letters start showing up in their hotel rooms and at home with cryptic messages.

Two Broken Hearts Heal as One.

With the mystery unsolved, Hunter convinces Becca to spend the remainder of the summer back home with him, both for safety and to give them a chance to discover the adults they’ve now become.

Will love get a chance to blossom, or will the past come back and tear the masterpiece of their love apart once and for all?

Romance: California Dreams (Second Chances Trilogy Book 2)

by Morris Fenris

What happens when you have two widows, two men, one precocious four-year old, and a life-threatening disease? Dreams come true.

After Jane’s husband was killed in action, she let her dreams of becoming a famous chef, living by the ocean and having a family of her own, die with him. Now that she’s been given a second chance, will she realize all of her dreams, or play it safe?

When Grace’s husband was killed in action, she got the surprise of her life – a baby girl, Daniella. With her daughter’s life hanging in the balance, will she take a leap of faith and realize the resurrection of her dreams, or play it safe?

Follow Jane and Grace as they realize that true love can come around twice, you just have to be willing to take a chance on your lost dreams.

California Dreams is the second book in the Second Chances Trilogy by author Morris Fenris.


A summary of reader reviews of â??Romance: California Dreams’:

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“..very enjoyable Christian Romance novel and Christmas love story…”

“â?¦one of the best romance books I have read in a long timeâ?¦”

An Introduction to the Pink Collection -The Cross of Love and Love in the Highlands

by Barbara Cartland

Welcome to the Pink Collection from Barbara Cartland this is a new collection of pure romance books from the biggest selling Romantic author of all time

Book One of Two – The Cross Of Love

When Rena’s father dies she is alone in the world, forced out of the vicarage that has been her home, with nowhere to go and no money. She seeks help at the large wooden cross standing in the nearby grounds of The Grange.

And there in the earth she finds three golden coins, which she hands over to the new young Earl of Lansdale. They form a friendship, the sweetest one of her life.

But her new happiness is threatened by Mr. Wyngate, a wealthy man determined to force the Earl to marry his daughter. There is something sinister about Mr. Wyngate, also another man who looks mysteriously like him, and seems to come and go without warning.

In the end, one man lies dead and another’s heart is broken before Rena’s faith and courage triumph.

Book Two of Two – Love in the Highlands

When the Balkan Prince Stanislaus demanded an English bride, Queen Victoria decided to send him Lady Lavina, whose family had a slight connection with royalty.

Determined to avoid this fate, Lavina threw herself on the mercy of the Marquis of Elswick, a disagreeable man who had turned his back on the world following betrayal by the woman he had loved. Surprisingly, he agreed to help by pretending to be engaged to Lavina, and, with her father, they left to visit her relatives in Scotland.

In the highlands Lavina began to find herself attracted to the Marquis. Beneath his harsh manners he had a heart – a heart that perhaps she could win.

But nearby was the Queen’s country home, Balmoral, and when Her Majesty arrived with Prince Stanislaus, they knew that there was still a battle to be fought.

Now Lavina learned the shattering secret that was the real reason the Marquis had agreed to help her. And that secret was to threaten to take from her the man she loved.

How she discovered the truth in a way that nearly cost him his life, is told in this romantic novel .

If you enjoy Downton Abbey you will love Barbara Cartland.

Brindle: Werewolf Romance (Winter Valley Wolves Book 1)

by V. Vaughn

Katie Winslow made a life-altering decision the night of senior prom. But once she realized what she had become, Katie wanted nothing to do with her new state. Running off to college seemed like a good idea until mating season hit. Now the fever to reproduce is so great she can’t think straight.

Brindle Lindholm has his true mate locked in forever. If only Katie would come to her senses and accept that they are meant to be together. Mating season has come, and he knows Katie has to be suffering in heat. Brindle is the only one who can satiate the need, and even though his heart will have to stand the rejection that is sure to follow, he knows he must go to her. When their coupling satisfies more than sexual need, it changes their future, forever.

**This is a complete story. The Winter Valley Wolves can be read in any order.**

The Last First Game (The Senior Semester Series Book 1)

by Gina Azzi

When Lila Avers accepts a medical internship through Astor University in California for the fall semester of her senior year, she doesn’t expect much. In fact, she’d rather work on her tan and meet a surfer instead of logging long hours at the hospital and studying. But before she even boards her flight to LA, she meets Astor University wide receiver, Cade Wilkins. A football player. When Cade turns out to be so much more than just muscle, Lila is smitten. Maybe a semester away from her friends won’t be so bad after all.

Cade Wilkins is beyond ready for his last season at Astor. Already being scouted and projected as a NFL draft pick, he’s riding a natural high and all set to breeze through his senior year. To sweeten the start of the fall semester, he meets his dream girl at the airport on his way back to LA. Lila Avers, a blond, blue-eyed angel. Could life get any better?

When Cade is sidelined by an unexpected injury, he’s devastated to learn of more serious health concerns. As his world implodes, Lila holds him together. But is she strong enough to see him through his recovery?

As their own insecurities and doubts emerge, their new, fragile relationship is tested. Can Cade and Lila handle the ugly truths of falling in love when tensions flare, boundaries are violated, and uncertainty looms over the future of their relationship?

Pleasure (Dark Alpha 2) : New Adult Paranormal Romance

by Alisa Woods

Pleasure is the second episode of Dark Alpha

Is love stronger than magic? Or will breaking an unbreakable bond destroy them both?

Jak enjoys the female human population of Seattle as much as any wolf, but his heart belongs to a female shifter who’s already mated. Worse, she’s the mate of his alpha’s brother. But she was captured and mated against her willâ?¦ and watching her get hurt is slowly tearing Jak apart.

Arianna was stolen from her pack when she was only twenty, and her alpha has a dark sideâ??he takes full advantage of her unbreakable bond to him. Her nights belong to him, but her days are free to explore other thingsâ?¦ including feelings for a wolf she can never have.

Jax wants to break an unbreakable bond, but freeing Arianna may cost him everythingâ?¦ but it just might be worth it.

In Pleasure Jak and Arianna have found something special in each other’s arms… but is it something they can keep?

Pleasure (Dark Alpha 2) is 60 pages or 15,000 words. It’s the second of six episodes in the Dark Alpha Series. The complete series Dark Alpha (Shifters in Seattle 2) is available. All the individual episodes are available in kindle unlimited.

Contains strong sexual themes/language and is meant for readers over 18.

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.