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Free poetry Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

Ahoy, Hollywood!: Let’s Go To The Movies & Other Poems

by John Howard Reid

There are fifteen brand new poems in this never-published-before collection by multiple award-winning author, John Howard Reid. The poems could be described as traditional, although some liberties have been taken. Nevertheless, all the lines in all the poems rhyme! Their titles: Boxoffice Bonanza, The Chairman of the Bored, A Comedy Skit, Ghosts, Here’s a Question, Hoppy’s Recompense, Let’s Go to the Movies, Movie Groovy, Riddle Me This and Riddle Me That, Sing That Song, Sylvia Sidney, Today Is a Saturday, Today’s Matinee, Where’s My Cinema?, Winter Waves. As many of the titles suggest, this is mainly a humorous collection, although a few entries are more serious and there are some satiric stings here and there.

All Adrift in Charismatic Ports of Call: A Book of Humorous and/or Visual Poetry

by John Howard Reid

The 121 poems in this collection — almost all of them published here for the first time — contain four or five serious titles, but most of the poetry is humorous, and almost all of these entries are disposed to look as well as they read. Whether short poems, long poems or poesy of medium length, the text is deliberately designed to form humorous, pleasing, novel and/or artistic patterns. Of course, the actual appearance of the poems on-line may not necessarily be the same as they appear in the traditional, printed book, but the text itself invariably raised plenty of laughs when recited in public or broadcast on local radio. Some of the poems have also won awards and commendations in various contests and competitions. The author himself is a retired contest judge, who once headed a number of well-publicized poetry and prose competitions in the U.S.A. So, if you are looking for a laugh and/or seeking something different in the poetry line, search no further than “All Adrift in Charismatic Ports of Call”. I am sure you will agree that perusing this book is a most enjoyable experience.

Smart Remarks of Robert Burns

by Hollee Temple

Selected Remarks and paraphrased smart remarks of Robert Burns. Suggestions for a Robert Burns rap contest and Robert Burns poetry slam are given. This book will be FREE on the First Saturday of every month and on Robert Burns Birthday, January 25th and this book will also be free on my birthday January 15! Write to me and tell me about your adventures with Robert Burns!

Universally Human : The High Order Bits

by Sri Nagabhirava

The book of Universally Human : The High Order Bits is a collection of lyrical prose about living digital, thinking social and feeling human.

An excerpt from the preface:

If one were to dis-intermediate the virtual clothing and accessories that we humans mask ourselves withâ??culture, religion, senses and sensibilities, technology, and so forthâ??we would discover that human beings are universally the same.

Bed of Coals

by Joseph Hutchison

Joseph Hutchison’s BED OF COALS is a poetic sequence that tells a story of emotional crisis and recovery at the unsparing hand of Eros. Rooted in transgression, the poems honor the powerful psychic energies at work in the book’s tragicomical hero, whose name is Vander Meer. They trace his journey toward balance and wholeness in ways that reflect his struggle: shifting points of view, mercurial mood-swings, now layered and allusive, now plain as a single plucked guitar string. It is a highly crafted but deeply human book, a book for readers who appreciate the strange richness of our inner lives.

What the Neighbors Know

by Melanie McCabe

In these poems, Melanie McCabe traces the disintegration of a marriage and the loss of a house lived in for decades. The poems explore not only the end of a relationship, but also the deep and personal attachment that people form with the home they live in. Here also are poems about a childhood home and of days spent as a young mother in the house that must now be sold. Throughout this profoundly honest collection are love poemsâ??written not only to a husband, but to a parent, a child, and even to a beloved house itself. In the title poem, McCabe alludes to the limited view, the fragmented and incomplete stories our neighbors form as they bear witness to only a part of our livesâ??and never to the complete truth. Here the reader glimpses that truth, sees beyond the blinds, the closed curtains, to find a woman living a life that many will recognize as their own.


by John Laue

To celebrate the fifth-year anniversary of FutureCycle Press’s first poetry chapbook publication, COLMA has been released as a full-length edition with new content and photos of the massive city of 18 graveyards that is Colma. The original chapbook of the same name was printed on a laser printer and hand-bound and trimmed on a kitchen table by now-director of the press Diane Kistner, who says “We’ve come a long way, baby!”


by S.E. McKenzie

‘UNDERCLASS’ is S.E. McKenzie’s 30th epic poem. UNDERCLASS’ is a work of fiction which imagines life as a member of the underclass living under the overpass.

Drizzles of Passion: Weathered Heart

by Alejoie Torres Alonsagay

A Collection of Scribes by Angel Fizz

Still I Lie

by Kathleen Howarth

A collection of poems inspired by memories, imagination and the beauty of the natural world

True Love Poetry….: Roses are red, violets are blue…

by Marina Mindham

‘True Love Poetry’ is a romantic anthology, which is sometimes serious and sometimes funny and which offers many poems that will appeal to all ages of people.

Marina Mindham has written ‘True Love Poetry’ to make this anthology capable of being interpreted on many different levels. The poetry relates to themes which may resonate with some modern readers who don’t necessarily want to be spoon fed about love or poetry, but who want to think for themselves about what it means to them. People may not want to be told about love; they may wish to think about their own experiences as everyone has different encounters with love, as it is a totally unique experience. These poems are therefore prompts to reflect on. Some people may take ‘True Love Poetry’ literally, whereas some may find that they can see humour in some of the poems and they may find other meanings. Poetry is such a highly subjective means of communicating that you may see totally different things in the poems from what Marina Mindham sees- that is a sign that poetry has sparked off the imagination, and that it has created its own meaning to you. It would be interesting to share poems and see what friends make of one particular poem, either from this anthology or from another…

Poetry has progressed since when perhaps we were younger and we may write in a card ‘If 1+1 =2, I love you!’ or something similar, and yet expressing emotions about love can sometimes feel difficult for reasons to do with modern life. It may be that people don’t have enough spare time to think of fine tuning their visions about love, or they may simply think that in a post- feminist age, love as a romantic concept has become a cliché. They may not wish to be ‘in love’, having had difficult experiences such as divorce, or they may simply dislike the emotions that go into poetry, preferring factual things, or simply being on the internet instead. For those who feel that love poetry is not for them, perhaps try to write your own, whether it be about a friend, a pet or a particular place and see whether you find that your own engagement with writing poetry liberates you from past feelings about it, or prejudices?

Some people may find the whole concept of love poetry old fashioned, yet some may actually prefer the traditional way that love poems were once written. This anthology looks at love in terms of the melodramatic way it may have been represented in the past, while bringing in modern themes and language.

Marina Mindham is an English teacher who enjoys playing around with words. She hopes that in reading her anthology, you might be inspired to write your own poetry!


by Multiple Authors

A Good Works project, with all proceeds donated to charity. Co-edited by poets David Chorlton and Robert S. King, WEATHERINGS is three poetry anthologies in one: Homeland (Writings About Homelessness); Metamorphosis (Writings About Aging); and Our Place (Writings About the Earth). Proceeds from the sale of this FutureCycle Press Good Works project are donated to charity. Visit futurecycle.org for more information.

# Love Lines ….: Short poetic prose pieces….

by Marina Mindham

Marina Mindham, author of the bestselling poetry book ‘Christmas Presents’, has brought together these poetic lines of language, all to do with love. This is an ideal collection for Valentine’s Day, however it could be read at any time. It could be read out loud to someone you care for, or you could choose a favourite line and do something different such as sticking it on a note on the fridge, or words could be written on a cake. The beauty of love lines is that you could use them to brighten up any day….

In ‘Love Lines’, short sentiments of love have been put together to make ideal reading for Kindle. 28 small bites of poetic prose lines to explore the theme of love. The ‘you’ in the poems might be a new friend. ‘You’ might be a woman, or a man, or it might be God perhaps- it is up to you to decide. These lines may act as way of inspiring you to write a few lines to the one you love, and create a backdrop for making something creative such as a card for your partner with a few love lines in it….

Marina likes the idea of scavenger hunts round the house or garden, where people compose their own lines, or write out hers, for a loved one to discover….

Marina has encapsulated the language of love within her writing, and the beautiful lyrical tone of her words ring out to all who wish to share her poetic prose lines. Marina encounters language in a direct yet pensive manner, looking at the beautiful attributes that love brings with it.

These poetic prose lines are written in a Twitter style to make each line very modern. However, universal themes are embraced.

The anthology is presented in a purple colour font, with purple and pink decorations on the pages, so that the ‘Love Lines’ contained within this collection can be enjoyed and looked at in terms of their aesthetic appeal too….

Dead Horses

by Joan Colby

Life on a small midwestern farm is the genesis of many of the poems in DEAD HORSES. Unsentimental and realistic, they celebrate an enduring involvement with horses (riding, breeding, foaling, and racing) and offer a tough-minded look at the vagaries of rural existence.

Poet Laureate 2015

by Gary Drury Publishing

This anthology is a collection of poetry and short stories from a number of various authors throughout the United States, UK and Russia.

Love and Let Lust (Verbal Nut Bust Book 1)

by HoBs

Sit here, watching grass grow,
watching the clouds I blow,
thinking about the one,
the one I thought I had– White buffalo,
sent me in a dark place,
seeking any light,
now I write poetry, like a public diary,
see if it can take me higher,
trying to reach nirvana, but
the corporal sins keep me in,
leave my soul for the devil’s din,
delicious for him, demons inside me,
voices in my mind you see,
I lost it though, and don’t miss it,
because now I speak from my heart,
try to break free from this thin line
between love and hate, known as lust,
not in it for the nut bust, I need a mind fuck,
sapiosexual, just looking for that
heart to heart connection,
that love, not that erection,
dissect my mind, move me,
be my muse, use me.

Jason The Mythological Messenger

by J.V. Aster

The r-evolution starts here as this book comes from the heart and soul tearing the rule book up to give us principles and ideals to know our best selves. A poetic expression of the human spirit to guide, inspire and enlighten. A book to enrich the imagination giving in-depth pointers towards our innermost beings rooted in the source of life.

A poetical philosophical mystical mythology for ones own enlightenment, some of life’s deepest questions are answered in here.

The beauty is in the title, is it true or is it mythological? It is up to the reader to interpret.


by Sean Black

In this collection of modern verse, musical rhythm and internal rhyme energetically burst from the page. As the author shares despondency, melancholy, guarded optimism, and even strings of hope, the distance from mind to heart becomes a singularity of self-awareness.

I Meant to Say

by Amanda Laughtland

In this collection of seventeen poems inspired by “missed connections” personal ads, women hope to reconnect with the near-misses from their recent pasts. From a fleeting glimpse of a cyclist to the regular yet shy interactions with a cute neighbor in the elevator, these poems describe little moments between women where crushes create a spark without quite bursting into flame.

I Meant to Say was published as a print chapbook by overhere Press in 2007 and has been out of print for several years. This new ebook edition contains the original, unedited text of the 2007 book.

The Poems of W.M.M.

by WIlliam McCurrach

Compiled Poems from over the years- Written by me!

The Humane War

by Hannibal Newgate

A short epic detailing the odyssey of the subconscious spirit of man as it journeys throughout the chaotic wonders of flesh, pain, and eventual transcendence into the void of our infinite cosmos.

Series Twelve Poems Jealousy

by Pete Marchesi

This is a marvelous book.

The Bitches Door

by Brazell Tornellini

The new and exciting voice of Brazell Tornellini is captured within these bitching pages flaming in wildfire flair. These poems race the tracks of the poet’s untamed imagination. Dive into the pool of pages that are feverously burning. Hesitate not to consume Tornellini’s unadulterated tongue lashings of a vacant heart ravenous to be appeased by life, love, and romance.

Poetry is not frivolous and mundane! Poetry is not DEAD! Poetry is ALIVE and Thriving across the universe. Get your copy of The Bitches Door today if you dare to be brave.

Storms in the Fyre Fly

by Brazell Tornellini

Innovative Brazell Tornellini is captured within the storm torn pages of Storms in the Fyre Fly. Tornellini’s stone hand poetry electrifies a glimmer of hope releasing the poet’s uninhibited creativity. Embrace the whirling winds as pages tornado with thought provoking text. Hesitate not to consume Tornellini’s unadulterated voice of a relentless spirit ravenous for appeasement in life, love, and romance. Tornellini stands boldly and unapolitically with stern conviction.

Poetry is not frivolous and mundane! Poetry is not DEAD! Poetry is ALIVE and Thriving across the universe. Get your copy of The Bitches Door today if you dare to be brave.

Ink and Paper Memories

by Gary Drury Publishing

This anthology is a collection of poetry and short stories from a number of various authors throughout the United States, UK and Russia.

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Free religious fiction Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: This Bride’s New Year: A Clean Mail Order Bride Romance (Historical Romance) (Western Romance) (Mail Order Bride) (Historical Romance) … Order Bride of the West Romance Book 2)

by Claire Dawson


Feast your eyes on this refreshingly unique Mail Order Bride romance!

A Delightfully Clean Western Romance

New Year’s is a time where people are supposed to let go of everything that has happened from the past year and make goals to become a new person for the new year. Jeanetta Henderson decides that she will put her terrible past behind her this year and move away from Philadelphia; a town that holds many bad memories for her. However, it is not proper for a lady to simply up and move away without anything more than a, “farewell.” Getting away means that she will have to marry someone who lives far, far away.

What better idea than to become a mail order bride? It is surprising how quickly Jeanetta is snapped up and deposited into a town that is very far awayâ??and in the untamed west. To make matters even more confusing, her husband does not even seem to like her all that much.

After the unexpected addition to their town a mere few weeks ago while the Sheriff was out of town, Deputy William Middleton has had enough excitement for the year. His brother Charles now seems relatively at ease with his new wife and the town has accepted her, but what will they do when the Middleton’s well-to-do aunt once again influences the love lives of these brothers? When it is the Deputy who is the recipient of this timid girl who wakes up in the night screaming, the town is beyond shocked and horrified.

To make matters worse, a killer has come to their town and has begun murdering the townsfolk one by one. The Deputy has to take it onto himself to deal with his deepening feelings Jeanetta who may or may not be a killer, and catch the actual culprit. This New Year will definitely bring some changes, William has to make sure that they’re the good kind.


Buy Now To Enjoy This Mail Order Bride Book At The Discounted Price!

You Do NOT Need a Kindle Device to Read This E-Book, You Can Read On Your PC, Mac, Smart Phone, And/Or Your Kindle Device

WARNING: Adults 18+ Only. Contains Adult Content! Please Make Sure This E-book Is Stored Somewhere That It Cannot Be Accessed By Under Age 18 Readers. THIS E-BOOK IS FOR SALE TO ADULTS 18+ ONLY!

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Free sports Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

Quilting for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Beautiful Quilts That Can Stand the Test of Time (Crochet & Upcycling)

by Cassandra Levy

Do you have fond memories of your Grandmother sitting with piles of fabric and thread and creating beautiful blankets? Perhaps you are just looking for a new skill that brings up your do it yourself skills. If you are looking to learn the step by step basics of making your own beautiful quilts this is the book that you need.

Within the pages of this book you will find:

- A directory of tools needed to quilt

- A directory of common terms used in patterns

- Beautiful baby blanket quilts

- Larger adult quilts

- And much more.

This is a fully comprehensive guide to the basics of creating all types of quilts. It is full of all the best tips and tricks that will help the beginner and the veteran alike. You will be lead through the starting steps with pictures and words to ensure you have a great time learning this new and wonderful skill.

Bushcraft Survival: Skills And Strategies To Help You Survive In The Wild- Making Fire, Foraging, Fishing And Orientation: (bushcraft, bushcraft outdoor … Survival Books, Survival, Survival Books)

by Helen Jepson

Getting Your FREE Bonus

Download this book, read it to the end and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the conclusion.

Bushcraft Survival

Skills And Strategies To Help You Survive In The Wild- Making Fire, Foraging, Fishing And Orientation

Bushcraft surviving is not easy rather it’s full of threats and dangers. The journey to wild is fun on the one hand while on the other side surviving there is not an easy task. There are certain threats that you may face and it would be difficult for you to return home safe. To keep all these and much more aspects in mind, this book Bushcraft Survival is designed. The purpose of this book is to keep you safe from the wild life and different other threats. The most widely used survival strategies are part of this book. Here you will learn how to make fire in the dense wild when you have very scarce resources available. Moreover some tips that will help you to get oriented during the wild journey are also discussed in the fabulous book. Obviously the survival in the bushcraft is impossible without food. So some techniques like fishing and foraging are also elaborated in this book to guide you properly. Hence reading this book is crucial for you especially if you are beginner. Because this book will make your bushcraft survival easy and you will return home safe and sound. The main topics that Bushcraft Survival book contains are:

  • Some skills and strategies
  • Make fire in wild
  • Fishing in the wilderness
  • Foraging
  • How to remain oriented
  • Navigation tips
  • And much more

Download your E book “Bushcraft Survival: Skills And Strategies To Help You Survive In The Wild- Making Fire, Foraging, Fishing And Orientation” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

ROMANCE: In the Red Zone (Alpha Male Football BWWM Romance) (Interracial New Adult Billionaire Short Stories)

by Annabelle Hunter

New Year’s Eve. Helen, a successful black women, flies from New York to DC to surprise her boyfriend who’s there on a last minute business deal.

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Not knowing she’s coming, he arranges to celebrate the New Year with another girl. Helen catches him in the act, and walks away from him forever.

The next day on her way back to NYC, she meets a handsome white man named Timothy Barronâ?? who, unbeknownst to her, is a self made millionaire/ kicker for the New York Giants. And not knowing he’s famous, she sparks up a conversation with him. Tension builds as the two begin to connect, and before the flight is over, he invites her into his world.

Can Helen overcome her past hurts and look beyond cultural taboos to try someone that could rock her world?

Read now and get a special surprise at the end!

WARNING: This ebook contains mature content and language. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

Prepper’s Box Set: The Beginner’s Survival Guide to Prepping the Pantry, First Aid Kit, and Themselves for and Emergency (Off the Grid Living)

by Arthur Links

Prepper’s Box Set

The Prepper’s Guide to Survival Pantry: Emergency Food and Water Storage for Disaster Survival

This book contains proven strategies and techniques to plan, organize and maintain your survival pantry during emergency situations like natural or economic disasters.

Here is a sneak preview of what you will discover:

- Food and Water Management Strategies for Disaster Survival

- How to Store Food Supply

- How to Store Water

- Food Items to Stockpile

- Best Practices & Common Mistakes

… and more

SHTF Stockpile Preparation for Beginners! How to Prepare Yourself for Living off the Grid when things Go Bad!

The worst could be out there, and you need to prepare for it. You might wonder if there’s a way to prepare for when things go really bad. You might wonder if there’s a way to really ensure that you have the safest outcome when things go sour. There is a way to prepare yourself though, and that’s called SHTF prepping.

This book will tell you what you need for SHTF prepping. It’s not hard, and making sure that you have everything can save you a ton of time. Don’t let things get you down, for SHTF prepping will make sure that things are good even when the worst is near. You’ll learn a lot, and by the end of it, you’ll be a SHTF prepping master!

Prepper’s First Aid Kit: Survival Medicine In Case of Emergency

Disaster never strikes when you expect it will and neither do medical emergencies. That is why it is vitally important to always carry a complete first-aid kit, with all the necessary medicine and medical equipment. No prepper should be without their survival medicine on hand, but first they need to know exactly what their kit should contain.

Luckily for you, this is where this book comes in. It was written especially for people who are looking to put together an emergency first-aid kit and don’t know where to start. Allow this book to act as your guide and walk you through all the necessary steps, in order of priority in case of a medical emergency.

You no longer have to worry about not knowing what to include, forgetting something or overlooking an important, must-have item. With the help of the comprehensive check-lists provided for each type of emergency and affliction, you will be able to correctly put together your prepper’s medical kit.

Inside you will learn:

- The overwhelming importance of having an emergency medical kit at your disposal

- The different kinds of natural or man-made disasters you should always be prepared for

- What are the basic, must-have items that should be included in your kit

- How to prevent and heal the skin and its related conditions

- How to stop the bleeding and heal the wounds

- How to treat the conditions related to the digestive system

- How to treat the conditions related to the respiratory system

- What to do in case of broken bones

- How to offer pain relief in a variety of situations

- And much more!

Once you successfully put together your emergency first-aid kit, you will no longer have to worry about disasters and medical emergencies. You will be ready for the unpredictable!

Don’t wait another second; find out what your absolute necessities are right now.

Learn how to best protect your family.

Camping and Bushcraft Survival Box Set: Your Guide with Hacks to Having a Great Camping Trip and Surviving in the Wilderness! (First Adventure)

by Monica Hamilton

Camping and Bushcraft Survival Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: Camping 101: Your Guide to Secrets, Tips and Tricks to a Great Outdoor Adventure

Are you tired of being locked inside of your day to day routine without any source of adventure? Or do adventures now take the form of finding the best homemade recipe for Mac and Cheese? Maybe you’re feeling restless and need a change so you can recharge and get focused. If this is the case, maybe you need to head to the woods.

If you’re interested and have a burning desire to start getting out into the wilderness and having the vacation of a lifetime, then you’ve come to the right book. I’m here to show you the basic ropes of camping and what a few of the things you need to be aware of before you head out into the wilderness. With fun and easy guides to what you need to look for, where to buy, and a basis of what to make, you’ll be out in the wilderness, ready to experience all that nature has to offer.

Download this book today to get everything that we have to offer for those looking to make camping part of their daily lives. Not only are you going to have more adventure in your life, but you’re going to have more stories to tell your friends. Recharge today and get ready to experience everything that the world beyond your door has to offer.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

- What to look for when buying gear

- How to find the perfect location

- What to eat in the woods that isn’t gross

- How to be safe and competent

- How to strike a camp

- And how to have fun

Book Two: Bushcraft Survival 101: Survival Skills, Strategies, Tactics, and Tips to Help You Make it Through the Wilderness

Living in the bushcraft is a fun way that you are going to be able to learn how well your survival skills are going to work and if you would be able to survive in the wilderness. Known in the United Kingdom because of some really popular survival shows and getting its name from the bush area in Australia, bushcraft survival is a great way to see how strong you are and if you are going to be able to make it out in the wild. This guidebook is going to spend some time talking about the things that you need to know in order to make your survival possible.

In this guidebook, you will learn a lot of things about bushcraft survival.

Some of these things include:

- What bushcraft survival is and why so many people seem to like the idea

- Some of the skills that you should learn to have the most success when it comes to this survival

- The tools you should bring along to get the best results with survival

- 7 things to know about bushcraft survival before going out.

This is a great way to become one with natural and learn all of the things you need to know to have fun with surviving. Use this guidebook to get started with the newest adventure of your life.

Tennis: EIGHT GOLDEN RULES FOR HOW TO PLAY YOUR BEST TENNIS (Attitude in Sports Includes Stress Management, Focus, Sportsmanship, Winning, Successful Habits, More, Ages 6-Adults)

by Sally Huss

How do you give yourself the best chance of winning every time you go on the court? By playing your best tennis. But, how to do that? There are Eight Golden Rules that, when understood and applied, will give you the best chance of playing your best. These eight unwritten rules deal with attitude, stress management, competition, the zone, and winning.

Mary Carillo CBS and ESPN Sports:

“Sally Huss has written a simple, sparkling gem of a book. It is wise and gentle, and gives to tennis players what the great UCLA coach John Wooden gave to basketball players with his Pyramid of Success. If you do what Sally suggests you will be more than a better player; you’ll be a better person. Perhaps her book should be called Eight Golden Rules for How To Live Your Best Life.”

Dick Enberg, CBS and ESPN Sports:

“Loved the book. The message in her book is direct, kind, respectful and in its wondrous simplicity, as sharp as a backhand winner down the line. If I were to start playing again, I’d be best served to read this book FIRST and then GRIP a racquet. Game, Set, and Match, Ms. Huss! Oh My!”

Billie Jean King, 39 Grand Slam Titles, Founder of World Team Tennis:

“Tennis is a lifetime sport and fun for players of all ages. In Eight Golden Rules for How to Play Your Best Tennis, Sally Huss shows you how to get the most out of your game, and how much fun playing tennis can be.”

If this book sounds like something you’d like, scroll up and grab a copy.


Bushcraft Tips & Tools by Tony Nester (Practical Survival Book 7)

by Tony Nester

Bestselling author and survival instructor Tony Nester delves into recommendations for basic bushcraft gear and tips for increasing your competency in long-term wilderness living. Packed with practical advice taken from years of teaching field courses, and experimentation on extended personal trips, this book covers strategies for enjoying the wilderness with your hands and a few simple tools. Topics Include: Tarp and Bedroll Types, Bushcraft Blades, Axes and Saws, Firearms & Food Procurement Tools, Region-Specific Gear, Wilderness Ethics, Clothing Recommendations, Trail Food and Cooking Implements. Also included is a helpful Q & A section, colorful anecdotes from the author’s time on the trail, and home practice exercises. Volume 7 in the Practical Survival Series.

Football Books: Football Strategies with Five Bonus Books, Understand How To Watch The Game And Learn Tactics And Rules Of How They Play Football To Win … Football, Football tactics, Football)

by Randy Johnson

This book has actionable strategies that you can use, if you want to learn more about football, WITH FIVE BONUS BOOKS INCLUDED

NLF & Super bowl; do they ring a bell to you? Or do they remind you of the frustrations that you have to go through in each season when you seem not to understand why men in helmets are running after each other holding a ball and sort of attacking each other violently? Well, let the last Super Bowl be the time when you never enjoyed the football fever because this book will make you understand how the game is played just to make watching the game a lot easier for you.

The truth is that American football is one of a kind sport – it’s a game where gaining territory is just as important as scoring points. Whenever two teams make their way onto a football field, they are each competing for every single inch possible against the other team. Everyone is looking to defend their share of the field, while invading the opposing team’s field. The ultimate aim is to gain sufficient ground to land a field goal or touchdown. This book will teach you about how points are scored, the field, and various positions while putting into consideration professional football rules. In addition, we will cover some of the basic defense and offense strategies.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • General Rules
  • The Football Defense & Special Teams
  • Tricks & Techniques Of A Football Secondary
  • How Offense Achieves Better Position
  • Moving The Ball And Finding The End Zone
  • How An Offense Can Beat A Defense
  • Different Super Bowl Champions And How They Played
  • Players And Equipment
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

The Green Bay Packers The Dan Devine Years 1971-1974

by Stanton Greene

Volumes have been written about the Green Bay Packers detailing virtually every aspect of their storied history except one, the two decades of folly that lay between the legendary reign of Vince Lombardi and their resurgence in the 1990s under Mike Holmgren and Ron Wolf. The most pivotal of those years were the four presided over by college football Hall Of Fame Coach Dan Devine. During those years, the Packers won what would be their only division title between 1968 and 1994. Their decline from that pinnacle was so inexplicable and precipitous that it has defied pundits for four decades, engendering a mythology in Green Bay that has defamed a brilliant coach.

In his time, Dan Devine was a lightning rod for opinion, generating either intense loyalty or extreme loathing. Some have called him the worst coach in Packer history, but his record belies that. He turned around one of the sorriest teams in professional football in a single season, earning NFC Coach Of The Year honors in 1972. But by the end of 1974, Devine had so polarized the Packers that a group of players had mutinied and threatened to try and forfeit the season closer. Even legendary quarterback Bart Starr had gotten in on the intrigue as he maneuvered to take over the Packers.

Devine also pulled the trigger on perhaps the worst trade in NFL history, giving up five top draft choices to the Los Angeles Rams for a sore armed 34 year old quarterback. Little remembered is his equally brilliant dealing which brought NFL Hall Of Fame linebacker Ted Hendricks to the Packers that same year.

Using contemporary sources, the author has pulled together a never before told tale of glory, ineptitude and intrigue that will shed new light on Devine’s tumultuous years in Green Bay. Plus a myriad of facts, trivia and statistics including a full analysis of every regular and preseason season game from 1971 to 1974. A must read for Packer fans.

Note to the many fans who first purchased this book. We have updated to include a full Kindle compatible Table Of Contents. Please download and update your copy.


by Mike S Martin


Authors note.

I’ve been asked many times by various people what inspired me to write this book. The answer is the same now as it was when I first put pen to paper. It’s in recognition of the motorcycle riders and racers out there who are probably fast enough and talented enough to be up there with the best riders in the world, whether that be Superbikes or MotoGP, but will never get the chance.

This book is also dedicated to a friend who one sunny morning climbed onto his bike and never came back.

A Stunning & Moving story that will have you gripped from beginning to end as you follow one mans Breathtaking & Emotional journey into the world of Motorcycle Riding and the MotoGP World Championship. An “on the edge of your seat” read that will have you discovering all of your emotions. Experience the jubilation, humour, frustration and desperation that comes with being a motorcyle rider, racing elbow to elbow with the best riders in the world against the likes of Valentino Rossi,Jorge Lorenzo and Casey Stoner.

When life doesn’t give us what we hope for, we are forced to dream.

But what happens when the dream becomes a nightmare and betrayal is your only friend?

6 Week Workout: Arms Workouts: Arm Workouts for 6 Week Workouts

by Robert Harris

Arm exercises to complement my 6 Week Workouts Kindle book. 3 different exercises that I do for the different arm muscles during my 6 week workouts plan. 6 Week Workouts also available. Chest workouts, leg and abs workouts coming soon.

Hoverboards or Self Balancing Two Wheels Electric Scooters: The Full Story of Origin and Where It Is Going

by Matthew Ruiz

Unless you are living under a rock, you most probably know about the viral electric hoverboard that has won over millions of hearts within a very short time. Everyone’s been raving about it. Celebrities have tweeted and Instagrammed about this cool two wheel electric scooters of brands like Xcoot and other. It has revolutionized the way we perceive personal transportation. While some are terming it the “monorover” others are calling it the “self-balancing board”. Whatever term you use, it’s guaranteed that you are bound to fall in love with this piece of hardware.

Download this book about self-balancing scooters and learn a lot about this futuristic device.

Strength Training Machine:How To Stay Motivated At Strength Training With & Without A Strength Training Machine

by Jason Scotts

Strength training is one of the most important aspects of any fitness program. You should be involved in a strength-training program if you have any of the following goals: – Weight loss – Better overall fitness – More strength and muscle tone – Improved performance at sports or other activities – Better bone health All of the above can be gained by incorporating strength training into your every day life. The types of people who use strength training have changed somewhat over the years. It’s not only young males interested in sports or bodybuilding but people from all ages, of both sexes wanting to achieve a whole manner of different goals. Whatever your reasons for including strength training into your program you can guarantee the following benefits: Speed Up Your Metabolism Strength training has been shown to speed up your metabolism more effectively than any other form of exercise, such as aerobics or cardiovascular exercise. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do these types of exercise though. However, if you want to lose weight you should realize lifting weights or doing some other form of strength training is vital to your success! Weight loss is only one potential benefit of strength training.

Survival Skills: 30 Ultimate Survival Skills and Survival Tactics That Will Save You in the Wilderness Survival (Survival Skills, Survival Tactics, Wilderness Survival)

by Kim Emerson

Whether someone is camping, hiking, or took the wrong turn and ended up in the middle of nowhere, surviving in the wilderness is a real need for many people who find themselves in unfamiliar circumstances.

Actions that people in civilization take for granted are difficult, if not unlikely or impossible for people in the wild. Things like drinking water, staying warm or cool, finding shelter, getting something to eat, avoiding danger, and other situations are much trickier for those at the mercy of nature.

Survival Skills: 30 Ultimate Survival Skills and Survival Tactics That Will Save You in the Wilderness Survival is written to provide essential, possibly life-saving information to those in, going, or who find themselves in the wild.

The book features chapters like:

  • Now That’s A Fire – How to Create Warmth
  • Water, Water Somewhere – How To Find and Purify Water
  • Gimme Shelter – How to Find Shelter
  • Who Needs Tupperware? – How to Make Containers
  • Is There A Doctor in the Woods? – How to Survive Other Medical Emergencies
  • And many more!

The book is designed to provide answers to common questions and clarity to routine wilderness situations. The Ultimate Survival Manual gives information that can make the difference between successfully answering the call of the wild, or getting a busy signal.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Martial Arts: Origin: Secret Ancient Art first time revealed

by Juan Jose G. Garcia “Alomea”

By reading this book you could know about the origin of the Martial Arts, the key points of the system, its evolution and you could also find some derivatives at the present time.

By applying the knowledge hereafter shown, you could achieve marvelous accomplishments.

Table of contents:

1. Preface

2. More than 50,000 years ago

3. Around 7,000 years ago

4. Evolution

5. The system

6. Other considerations and other books by the author

Camping: The Ultimate Guide To Camping For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip (Backpacking, Outdoor Survival, Hiking)

by Isaac Green


The Ultimate Guide To Camping For Beginners – Everything You Need To Know To Prepare For Your First Camping Trip

Replace the following instructions with the actual description

So you decided it’s high time you got away from it all and spent a bit of your precious hours in the comfort of a nearby park and forest – well, you’re not alone. A lot of people enjoy spending a weekend or a night here and there away from the city, away from the normal constraints of home and away from the noise and stress of life, but they – and you – aren’t quite sure where to start.

What are you going to need? Can you camp in the wilds? How many types of tents are there? Are you going to have to go through the old motions of hammering poles into the dirt to get a canvas to stand up and shelter you from the wind and the cold? How does camping even work in the 21st century?

We’re here to help. Everyone was a beginner at some point, and with this, you’ll be ready to head out into a park and spend a few sacred hours with only yourself, a few close friends, or family – but without the worries, fears and stresses of normal life. You can give yourself a few days to decompress and relax, and we can help you learn how.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • A list of everything you’re going to need.
  • Learn the motions of camping, how to set-up, and conveniences.
  • Run into some valuable advice for camping in the great out-doors and learn how to find out where you can.
  • Discover how to keep the comforts of home without the constraints of home.
  • And acquaint yourself with the etiquette of camping to make the park a better place for all.

Download your copy of “Camping” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Outdoor Adventure Box Set: Tips and Ideas on Having a Great Camping Trip and Guide to Saltwater Fishing (Beginner’s Guide to Camping and Backpacking)

by Sarah Benson

Outdoor Adventure Box Set (2 in 1)

Book One: Camping Hacks: How to Have a Blast on Your Next Camping Trip!

Are you interested in turning your boring, everyday camping trip into the time of your life?

Would you like to know how you can make it a blast for your kids and anyone else who goes along with you by making it easier and smoother?

Then you’ll want to scroll up and grab a copy of this book on how to turn your camping trip into the time of your life with some of these amazing hacks! You’ll find information on how to prepare your tent, how to create a light source with or without flames, different and unique things you can cook while camping, general hacks on how to stay hygienic and still have fun, and hacks on how to survive cold weather camping.

There are unique hacks such as:

- How to deter and get rid of ticks naturally.

- How to create single-use packets of toothpaste and antibiotics.

- How to keep mosquitos away naturally.

- How to clean grease off your utensils and dishes without using hot water.

- How to make a homemade burner.

- And much more!

Book Two: Ocean Fishing: A Fisherman’s Guide to Mastering Saltwater Fishing

Have you gone to your local grocery store and seeing the high prices of seafood and said ouch? Dreamed of getting your own seafood and saving a lot of money?

If you can answer yes to both questions you are looking at going deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing can be a lot of fun, but carries serious risks if you are not prepared and aware of what you are going to start. Ocean fishing is one of the ultimate adventures you can have with your pants on, if done safely.

In this book you will learn:

- How to select the proper boat

- Selecting the proper motors

- Setting up communications including emergency beacons

- Licensing and regulations

- What to fish, how to catch it, clean it and cook it

- Needed emergency equipment

Get this book and go out there and catch that great white!

72-Hour Bag

by Stephen B. Fraser

When an unexpected emergency or disaster hits, are you prepared if you have to leave your home? All to often when these events occur there is little warning and even less time to prepare or pack. This book will help you to create a self-contained disaster preparedness kit to help you survive when the stuff hits the fan and you need to get out of an area fast to a safer location. This book details the basics of putting together a comprehensive kit giving you everything you need to survive for 72 hours of independent survival. This book covers everything from the basics of water, food, shelter, tools, and personal protection. A disaster could strike at any time anywhere. Are you prepared to face the aftermath? Protect yourself and your loved ones by being prepared for anything. Build your 72-Hour Bag today.

Where to Find Gold: Beginners guide to finding gold & gold panning: A quick guide to help beginner gold panners learn to read the creek to find gold deposits.

by Dave Markel

Ever walk up a creek and wonder if there is gold there. Chances areâ?¦ there is. However finding it is a completely different issue.

With “Where to Find Gold: Beginners guide to finding gold & gold panning” you will learn the places where gold naturally collects in a stream. There is no need to dig around guessing when you can become a better, more informed prospector.

“Where to Find Gold: Beginners guide to finding gold & gold panning” will guide you through the areas in a creek where gold naturally collects and shows you the tools you will need to dig it out.

Loaded with images and step by step planning you will never get skunked again while prospecting.

New Ideas for Pro Wrestling

by D. Simpson

Are you a pro wrestling fan? When you are watching the matches, are you able to predict the outcomes before they happen? Are you tired of the repetition of the product? Have you ever thought about what you would change if you were the promoter? Well I thought about what I would change. I am presenting my ideas in this article. I think these changes would make the product more unpredictable and therefore more entertaining.

Wildwood Wisdom: Master Your Talent for Wilderness Survival

by Filip Brooks

This book is about taking fundamental elements of survival in the wilderness to the next level – to learn advanced techniques for survival that will increase the reader’s odds in the wilderness. Regardless of physical stature, of socioeconomic status, this book will provide everyone with vital information for survival in the wilderness.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Shelter. Without shelter, you are exposed to the elements and when exposed to the elements for too long, you’re going to die. We will discuss where to build your shelter, identification of materials needed to build your shelter and how to build that shelter.
  • Water. It’s been said that in the wilderness, there are two types of water – the type you need to have to survive and the kind that will kill you. We will learn techniques to gather potable water and obvious techniques to avoid water that will kill you.
  • Food. The goal is to be rescued, to return to civilization as we understand it and without food, there is no energy. We will take a look at techniques to gather food, some of the foods that are fit to eat and some that are not.
  • Fire. Fire is used to cook food, to boil water for safe consumption and to keep the body warm in cold temperatures. Knowing how and where to build a fire can be the deciding factor as to whether you live or die. You will learn the three key elements needed to have fire, you’ll learn how and where to build a fire to increase probability of rescue as well.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Super Shoulders: Fired Up Body Series – Vol 4: Fired Up Body

by Paul Martin

Fired Up Body Series – Vol 4 – Super Shoulders.

Paul Martin & William O’Brien have over 27 years experience in health & fitness and finally decided to open their vast array of knowledge to the public again. After many years of people asking the same questions, a collection of tried and tested exercises and methods are now available.

*William O’Brien MSc, PGCert, BSc(Hons), CertNatSci

Bodybuilding and health & fitness expert, international author and writer of numerous articles

Competitive bodybuilder 1993-1994

Latham’s West Coast Championships – Intermediates 2nd place 1993

Latham’s UK Championships Men’s 80k – 4th place 1994

Law Of Attraction: Magnetic Numbers – The Football System

by Dean Heath

The main purpose of transmitting such a systematic betting approach into life was to offer some greater understanding to each individual, that the magnetic influence of so called â??lucky’ numbers we all generate, with or without consent of our control, can work in perfect unison together!

So much so, that when dictated accurately, we can win at almost anything. This higher principle can literally win you thousands of pounds on any chosen sport or field you desire!

Perhaps, you didn’t hear of the man who should have won over £400 in one afternoon, just by picking his unique numbers on the fixed odds betting coupon? Well, that man was me!

It was through this harsh understanding, which has directed me to win multiple times over, simply by using my magnetic numbers systematically. Yet, it is worth a variety of thoughts in realisation, that if I continued to bet only with the guidance of odds, stats, tipsters and other media speculationâ?¦ I would have lost hard and remained in financial bewilderment.

I have since come to appreciate, like the reader will too, that there are numbers far more profitable than others!

It is with this unwavering belief that I say:


Being, Essence & Motion: Aikido as a Way of Understanding

by Ron Ragusa

Being, Essence & Motion is an Aikido memoir of thoughts, ideas and training tips I have accumulated from almost 40 years of study and training. The book is not intended as a training manual.Rather my intent is to shed some light on the internal changes that have been wrought in me as a result of my long term commitment to the study of this Art.

I have grouped my observations into three categories: Being, Essence and Motion. While some entries may easily fall into one or more of the categories, I have done my best to slot each into the category that provides the best fit.It is my hope that anyone reading this book may gain some insight into how the long term study of any discipline can foster personal growth and change.

Ron Ragusa

May 2015

A Sportscaster’s Guide to Watching Football: Decoding America’s Favorite Game

by Mark Oristano

What is football? An amazingly fascinating game. And if you think you don’t understand football, football teams, football strategy, this is the book for you.

A 30-year veteran NFL broadcaster, Mark Oristano breaks down the complex (but not confusing) game in humorous detail. You’ll learn offense from defense, touchdowns from field goals, and you’ll get a whole list of “Cool Things to Say During the Game.” Not too mention a number of stories about NFL legends like Tom Landry, Earl Campbell and more.

The rules of football become crystal clear. And the next time your friends invite you to watch football on TV with them, you won’t fear kickoff, you’ll welcome it.

I Want To Run a 5K

by Erika Tobin

A 5K Training program that works. Learn how to train for and run your first 5K. Also, learn what a 5K is, what the health benefits are, how to prepare for a race, and receive a sample training schedule. The I Want To Run a 5K Training Program has a lot of information that helps understand the body, and explains how to train effectively, efficiently and safely. The program is easy to understand, and implement.

How To Improve Your Child’s Swimming Skills

by Katie Smith

Get Maximum Value From Swimming Lessons

Having your child taught to swim is essential these days – but it can be a long haul from baby lessons all the way to a competent swimmer. Many parents get frustrated along the way when their child seems to stall and there is no noticeable improvement as the weeks and months progress. Lessons cost money and you want to see a return from your investment, right?

Can you answer yes to any of the following questions?

  • Does your child seem to be taking a long time to progress through their swimming lessons?
  • Does it seem like other children move through at a much faster pace?
  • Is your child still scared to put their face in the water after numerous lessons?
  • Or do you just want to speed the whole process up?

How To Improve Your Child’s Swimming Skills can help!

This is not a “how to” manual about teaching your child to swim yourself, nor does it offer advanced technique advice. Rather it gives information on how you, as a parent or guardian, can help your child improve their swimming skills as they continue to attend their regular lessons. Aimed at the average parent with limited swimming experience it explains things in a simple, easy to understand manner and also contains helpful illustrations.

As an experienced swimming teacher I know that it is not difficult to assist your child through this process. All it requires is some background knowledge about what your child is learning and a willingness to practice several core skills regularly. These skills include:

  • Learning how to confidently submerge
  • Breath control and efficient breathing
  • Correct body position and effective kicking
  • Overcoming a fear of deep water

How To Improve Your Child’s Swimming Skills also covers many other relevant topics such as:

  • How many lessons per week are necessary?
  • The pros and cons of private lessons
  • Are baby classes worth the effort?

Your child may not have aspirations about becoming an Olympic champion, but helping them become a confident and capable swimmer is a gift that will last a lifetime. Invest some time and effort now and the results will speak for themself.

Readers said:

“â?¦The book has a positive and encouraging tone and offers the reader sensible, proven and realistic adviceâ?¦”

“â?¦It is not a learn to swim guide but in some ways it is even betterâ?¦”

First Bass and Other Stories: 99.44% True Tales of an Outdoorswoman

by Terran Moffat

There are no Death Stars or sparkling vampires in this little collection; no enchanted swords, or mushy, six-hanky chick lit tales. No. Instead, there is lots of mud, dirt, animal hair, the smell of dead worms baking in a hot car, and maybe a giggle or two. Come along on these six zany 99 44/100th percent true tales of the outdoor life. Action! Adventure! Fishing! Horses! Little sisters! The perfect bathroom book for those longer…. breaks.

DEER WARS: “Shoot zee deer, Terra. Vhy are you not shooting zee deer? Zhey are eating mein garten! Kill zhem all!” What happens when you have a landlord determined to eliminate an entire species from Tewksbury Township.

FIRST BASS: I undergo Bass Basic Training.

SHERRY AND THE RACCOONS: Have a hair-raising time with the Moffat sisters on safari in the wilds of northwesternmost Sussex County, NJ.

A GOOD HORSE: He was skinny. He made ugly faces. He was free, and he was my first horse.

CAMPING WITH MOM: A lifetime legacy of memories.

THE DEER LITTLE TAIL: “My first deer, Terra-Terra! My first deer!” Does a road kill count as a First Deer? My housemate at the time certainly thought so, since she saw it first. But then…

AUTHOR COMMENT: I was inspired by the great Patrick F. McManus, and I hope you find these mostly true adventures of my misspent sporting and farming youth as amusing.

Dogs: A Cute Book of Dog Photos for Kids (Animal Photo Collection 4)

by J.B. Snow

An I Love Dogs, Doggies, and Puppies Learn to Read Rhyming Picture Book

Cautionary Tales from the Pavilion: A short collection of verse

by Gascard Drew

Based on the observations of an undistinguished village cricketer, Cautionary Tales from the Pavilion is a short collection of verse, a cameo of an innings containing silky cover drives and bucolic bludgeons to cow corner.

Meet a team of village players, including poor Biffer Bevan, who paid the price for unwittingly failing to abide by child protection directives; then there’s old Daniel Trevor, who refused to retire from the game, and so was â??pushed’; Steven Rees, who felt overwhelmed when put on the tea rota; and young Reginald Fleet, who was unable to curb his instinct to sledge and received poetic justice and a painful end.

The verses have a certain wit and charm, reminiscent of Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales for Children. Suitable for village cricketers both young and old. (Though not too young, due to the disturbing nature of a couple of the verses; and not so old that you have lost your puerile sense of humour.)

Incremental Running: Motivation for the Reluctant Runner

by Steve Oxley

Incremental Running – featured in RUNNER’S WORLD magazine – is a motivational technique that is designed to appeal to people who want to run but, all too often, find reasons or excuses not to.

One of the problems with running, as part of a person’s exercise regime, is that people go out for a run but the reasons why they do so tend to be rather vague – to get fitter, to stay healthy. There’s no immediate payback. Hence it can be a struggle to find the motivation to do it. They become the Reluctant Runner.

By using Incremental Running there’s more meaning and purpose to going for a run – they’re working towards something, a target that they will have set for themselves. Hence it gives them something to aim for; it gives them drive and motivation.

Incremental Running is effective because it’s Reckonable, Accessible, Motivational and Personal. It works by adding up the cumulative mileage of each run that you do, working towards a visual target set by yourself.

It certainly is motivation for the Reluctant Runner.

This guide details how Incremental Running works – both the theory behind it and the practical use of this motivational technique. It also includes my story of how Incremental Running worked for me.

Constantly Evolve: Grizzly Bear

by Tribal Ambition

The Constantly Evolve series represents the ability we have as individuals to change ourselves into what we want to be! Readers will be entertained, feel empowered, learn interesting facts, and gain a deeper appreciation for animals that relate so closely to one’s self.

You Don’t Wanna Know; Tales of A Global Animal


You Don’t Wanna Know; Tales of A Global Animal are a compilation of true stories based on the life of world traveller, model and writer, Brad Chase. Brad’s career as a self-proclaimed â??Global Animal’ has taken him to all corners of the world. He has studied, worked and played on every continent over the last ten years. His thirst for adventure and knowledge has provided him with memories to last several lifetimes and he now wants to share them with you. Brad is a firm believer in taking risks and that the only way to achieve happiness, is to go out and get it.

B Is for Boxing

by Dmitriy Salita

This book is all about boxing! NO! For sure – it is an ABC-book! Com’on, you are all wrong – this is a brilliant comic-book, perfectly written and amazingly designed; for kids and their parents alike!

Well, what is it then?!

There is a small very bright and kind book in front of me. Less than eighty pages – cover included. Everything is just as it must be: foreword, a little bit about the authors. But – and that’s very important! – all the pages, from A (Arena) to Z (Zaire), are just small essays. One can read them just for fun – and I must admit, it is highly unusual for a regular alphabet-book. This one is very unusual indeed. Every letter got its own and the only; very accurate definition – as well as great graphical image.

Short, well-written text is supported by amazing illustration – just right for kids to memorize. Here is C – for CHAMPION, for instance. And your kid immediately will get a definition, originated from Romans (frankly – I didn’t know it! Thank you, authors!) Next page – a picture. To put this knowledge into its one and only place.

H – for HEAVY BAG. And from there, immediately – to the heavy-weight fighters. Well, woof! Just a short wind came and go (from the next picture).

What one will need – after just another round? I bet, you’ve got it right: an ice pack. So, here we go: I – healing, relaxing… ICE PACK. All the concussions, black marks… will go away at once – as in our childhood they came and go.

To learn an alphabet with this book is a fun, and a great pleasure indeed. It has no room for boredom, not even once – and what can be more important for a kid! Here, in clear and simple form we are given not only a gift of the letters – but also we are told a great story of boxing. At the end your kid (and you, an adult as well, of course!) will gain a complete understanding of everything connected to the amazing and breathtaking world of boxing – in one way or another.

The goal of this book is, as I may see, is not only to teach small boys and girls how to read – but to make of him or even of her at the very least a great enthusiast of sport – if not a world-class champion of fighting.

This book was written by the Salita brothers – Dimitry and Michael. Not only strong – but also, how it must be with strong men, very kind and hearty men they are. Real men – they know what they are doing. About them – introductions at the and of the book. But they were not alone – Bill Kaplan, world-famous boxing publicist; inducted into three boxing Halls of Fame. Bill used to work with such great stars as George Foreman, Oscar de la Hoya, Mohamed Ali – to name but a few. Illustrations were made by wonderful young artist Elena Stekacheva; and design had been made by Allen Gorokhov.

So, this is it. I close the cover. It’s a pity this book was so short. I place it on my shelf. Well… Why I am a grown man already?! It could be just great to learn an alphabet by B IS FOR BOXING!

Constantly Evolve: Shark

by Tribal Ambition

The Constantly Evolve series represents the ability we have as individuals to change ourselves into what we want to be! Readers will be entertained, feel empowered, learn interesting facts, and gain a deeper appreciation for animals that relate so closely to one’s self.

Sailing from Canada to Thailand: Adventures on CanKata

by Loretta A. Smith

This is the story of a Canadian couple who sell their home, buy a catamaran, and plan to sail around the world. When they land in Thailand, they fall in love with the country and make some major changes to their plans.

Sailing from Canada to Thailand: Behind the Scenes

by Darrel R. Smith

This book is intended for anyone who is dreaming, planning, or just beginning to sail offshore or circumnavigate. It is based on the author’s experiences and the knowledge he collected during the fifteen years that he and his wife spent searching for their catamaran, CanKata, and sailing more than half-way around the world. It includes topics such as: planning, preparing, bureaucracy, rallies, life-cycle costs, watch schedules, fuel consumption charts, repairs and maintenance. It also features an Operation Manual which is a rarity for sailboats, but invaluable for a new owner. Even though the Operation Manual is specific to CanKata, it could serve as a model or starting point for other boat owners.

Sailing from Canada to Thailand: Behind the Scenes is a companion book to Sailing from Canada to Thailand: Adventures on CanKata by Loretta Smith, which describes the lifestyle and adventures of a sailing couple.

About the Author: Darrel was born and raised in Saskatchewan but worked in a number of locations across Canada. He worked as a Housing Researcher and specialized in housing maintenance and renovation. He disseminated the research findings through various means such as books, factsheets and presentations. He has owned a variety of boats over the years. He and his wife, Loretta, decided to buy a sailboat once they retired with the intention to sail around the world. After reaching Thailand and falling in love with the climate, people, food and culture, they decided to call Thailand “home”. However, before selling CanKata and moving onto land, they decided to recommence their circumnavigation with the last port being Thailand. Three months after leaving Thailand, due mostly to a change of heart, they aborted their plan to circumnavigate and turned back to Thailand. Darrel and Loretta have sold CanKata and are living in their condominium overlooking their favourite bay in Phuket.

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6 Feb

Free science Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

How to Be a Chick Magnet: Learn Exactly How to Attract and Impress a Girl, and Master the Art of Talking to Women

by Calvin Biggs

If you want to be nothing short of a total chick magnet, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

For women, attraction is not a choice. If women could choose who they were attracted to, then they wouldn’t continually end up with the same emotionally vacant douchebags, who treat them poorly, drink too much, all while managing to still live in their mom’s basement. Most of these “chick magnets” are clueless as to how or why they attract women. It’s something they just do. While on the other hand, there are guys out there who appear to be doing everything right â?? they get up and go to work every morning, they’re respectful towards women (and people in general), they’re smart, funny â?? but they have the worst luck with the ladies. The reason for this discrepancy boils down to one thing: the reality of physical attraction for women. Most men have trouble understanding that a woman’s way of perceiving male physical attraction is completely unlike a man’s perception of female physical attraction. This book will help you understand and master the science of female physical attraction so you can be a chick magnet too.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • How Physical Attraction Works for Women
  • You Don’t Need Money and You Don’t Need Fame
  • How to Make Her Want You
  • Building a Strong Connection
  • How to Escalate the Attraction (Without Blowing It)
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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6 Feb

Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

HAUNTED: The GHOSTS that share our world


HERE – IN 92,000 WORDS, across 350-plus pages – eyewitnesses to the unknown describe their bizarre brushes with ghosts. Author-journalist John Pinkney has investigated several thousand hauntings,and this collection contains many of his most intriguing cases.

Against a background of authentic photographs and artwork, Pinkney’s unique book describes *The case of the newsreader who died at the microphone – then haunted his radio station for the following 25 years. *The ‘asphalt apparitions’ that haunt highways worldwide – prompting some authorities to install roadsigns warning living drivers. * The mansion owner who,

after intense detective work, discovered her resident ghost’s horrific secret.*The

drowned man’s face that invaded an official police photograph. *The furious phantom that shocked a million TV viewers.* Telephone calls from the tsunami dead. And much more.

This enthralling book is a comprehensive survey of modern hauntings – offering authentic reports and analysis of supernatural events in the 20th and 21st centuries.

ALSO by JOHN PINKNEY IN EBOOKS: Alien Airships Over Old America…The Mary Celeste Syndrome…Australia’s Strangest Mysteries…

A Paranormal File…Thirst: An Inheritance of Evil…The Girl Who Touched Infinity…The Key and the Fountain.

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6 Feb

Free reference Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

Reanimating Education: How to Bring Back the Love of Learning in Your Students (Teaching Inspiration Book 1)

by Cory Spring

We live in a world that is constantly evolving at an extremely rapid pace.

The students of today are living in a world that offers them much more technology to achieve the goals that they are reaching to achieve, but it also means they have much higher goals to achieve. Now it isn’t enough to be just good; you need to be amazing! Never before have students had to deal with the amount of pressure that our kids are dealing with today. The students of today are facing challenges that we didn’t even realize were possible when we were students.

Reanimating Education: How to Bring Back the Love of Learning in Your Students is going to revolutionize the way that you understand the problems facing teachers, educators and students in today’s high-stress learning environment.

Unfortunately, students are being overloaded with heavy educational burdens that are causing problems that past generations couldn’t visualize when they created the standards of what was expected of students today. High rates of depression, anxiety, fear and hatred of school and learning in general and even in extreme cases in some states higher rates of teen suicide.

Society and the educational departments, in general, have become obsessed with the statistics. Students have become numbers, not people and we need to move now to begin implementing positive changes in our school curriculums.

Inside Reanimating Education: How to Bring Back the Love of Learning in Your Students you will learn about;

  • The Leadership Challenges
  • Student Involved Assessments
  • Student-Centered Coaching
  • Building Engagement and Belonging in Students
  • Creating a Student Voice
  • Student GLOBE and so much more!
  • For the changes to have any impact we need to move quickly to begin implementing these as soon as possible. We need to focus all of our collective attention on changing the issues that need to be changed before the next generation of children is forced to deal with the same issues plaguing our current generations of kids.

    If you want to find out how we can make the changes vital to our kid’s futures, then scroll back up to the top of this page and click the BUY IT NOW button. It’s time that we as parents took a proactive role in getting the leaders of today to rectify the issues facing the leaders of tomorrow.

    365 American English Idioms

    by Michael DiGiacomo


    – The DEFINITION of each idiom.

    – The STRUCTURE and USE showing the grammar pattern of the idiom.

    – An EXAMPLE sentence to see how the idiom is used in context.

    An idiom is a word or set of words that have a different meaning than the usual & literal meaning of those words. For example, let’s look at the idiom, “a piece of cake.” The literal meaning of “a piece of cake” is “one section or part of a whole cake.” However, as an idiom, we use “a piece of cake” to mean, “something that is very easy to do.” For example, Jack has been building and repairing computers for a long time. For him, repairing a computer is a piece of cake.

    Idioms are commonly used in everyday, conversational English. It is more natural to say, “That job was a piece of cake,” than “That job was rather easy for me.” I encourage you to study the lessons in this book, and begin using these idioms in your conversations. You will sound more natural when you do so.

    NCLEX: Perioperative Nursing: 105 Practice Questions & Rationales to EASILY Crush the NCLEX! (Nursing Review Questions and RN Content Guide, 2000+ NCLEX … INCLUDED!!!, Exam Prep Study Guide Book 17)

    by Chase Hassen


    105 practice questions to help you become an RN!

    How to Become a Nurse: The Exact Roadmap That Will Lead You to a Fulfilling Career in Nursing! (NCLEX REVIEW INCLUDED) (Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical … Nursing Assistant, Job Hunting Book 1)

    by Chase Hassen


    Are you a recent high school grad or have you been looking toward nursing as a career option but just don’t know how to start?

    Are you struggling with trying to decide what kind of nurse you want to be and can’t find the answers at your local nursing school or two year college?

    This book can circumvent all your worries and uncertainties so you will take only the coursework necessary to get you where you want to be in nursing without wasting your time and tuition money on coursework that won’t help you. This book can direct you toward the exact career in nursing that you have been looking for.

    Have you been a nurse for a while and want to advance in your career but don’t know how? This book can help practicing nurses go from where they are to getting the education it takes to become a higher level nurse with better wages and a more satisfying career. Everyone wanting to expand their knowledge of the various pathways to nursing so you can be the kind of nurse you have always wanted to become.

    Becoming a nurse doesn’t have to be so difficult as you will find out from this book. You will learn all the tips and tricks to getting your nursing education toward a high paying job with lots of satisfaction and perks. You’ll discover that nursing is a growing field that will have plenty of job opportunities for you to choose from with the right education and information from this book.

    Get your nursing degree in record time with the tips you’ll discover in this book. You won’t be disappointed in the information you’ll get from this book on how to become the kind of nurse you want to be. Do you want an LPN degree, a four year degree or a Master’s level degree? Everything you need to know in order to get there is available for you in this book. All types of nursing programs are identified in this book so that you can find your way in the complex world of nursing education.

    So what’s holding you back from getting the nursing degree information you need to start or go further in your career? My book will direct you where you want to go.

    Just scroll back up and hit the “buy now” button so you can begin learning what you need to know to become a nurse and have a fulfilling career you will actually enjoy!

    Analyzing People: How To Analyze Anyone At Anytime, Understand Their Behavior And What You Can Do About It (human psychology, How to analyze people, Social skills, body language, Psychology)

    by Randy Johnson

    Powerful Analysing techniques to understand and deal with anyone at anytime

    Have you ever hoped to read and understand your neighbor, partner, boss, friend or probably colleague’s behavior? What was your reason for wanting to do that? Is it that you simply wanted to know whether they are true to their word/genuine or what it is that you wanted to achieve from knowing their thoughts? Well, you really don’t need to be a psychic to do that.

    What many people don’t know is that you can read someone’s behavior and analyze accurately what kind of actions and reactions to expect from them. Any person can read anybody’s behavior with precision and without requiring a degree in psychology.

    We often have heard that people are different but in essence, we are very similar as human beings in terms of our socializing capacity and basic needs. Therefore, reading people’s behavior is easy and entails going beyond the superficial traits while analyzing their behaviors with in-depth insight.

    Contrary to the popular myth, which says that reading behavior is a gift and reserve for a few (psychic), it is a skill that anyone can master if they start paying attention to the right things and follow this guide for direction.

    This book will look at some clues that you need to follow as you analyze behavior as well as do’s and don’ts when analyzing behavior. There will also be tips on how to analyze behavior effectively.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The Importance Of Analyzing People
    • Clues To Analyze People
    • Do’s and don’ts Of Profiling People
    • (insert bullet point)
    • Case Studies Of Analyzing
    • The Expert Profiler Tips
    • Much, much more!

    Take action and download your copy today!

    Speed Reading: 33 Techniques and Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Mind! Increase Your Comprehension and Increase Your Overall Reading Speed (speed reading, … reading software, speed reading course)

    by George Roberts

    33 Techniques and Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Mind! Increase Your Comprehension and Increase Your Overall Reading Speed is a quick and powerful way to increase your capacity to assimilate and learn new information. quickly. The outstanding idea of speed reading is that you will read as normal, but faster, but this isn’t entirely correct. In this book we will explore techniques and learn from an authority on speed reading on how best to speed read.

    This book explains how to prepare yourself to speed read, how to evaluate your progress and to make yourself an even better speed reader. There are no short cuts, however, and hard work and perseverance, as usual, is necessary to achieve any goal, especially speed reading.

    This book will teach you about speed reading in a dynamic, that will help those with a purpose and thirst to attain specific knowledge to do so as quickly as possible. You will learn to trawl through hundreds of pages of text that would otherwise take you days and weeks to get through in a blink of an eye.

    Join us, as we go through the simplistic yet necessary ways to read quickly, remove bad habits and gain untold amounts of knowledge in this book, with 33 Techniques and Tips to Unlock the Power of Your Mind! Increase Your Comprehension and Increase Your Overall Reading Speed!â??

    Contents of the book:

    • Chapter 1 – Environment
    • Chapter 2 -Materials
    • Chapter 3 – Evaluation
    • Chapter 4 – Goal Setting
    • Chapter 5 – Technique
    • Chapter 6 – Print
    • Chapter 7- Dynamic Reading

    Getting Your FREE Bonus

    Download this book, and find “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter right after the introduction or after the conclusion.

    Download your copy of “Speed Reading” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    Sesquipedalian: An Interactive Story to Learn Hundreds of GRE Vocabulary Words in Context

    by Kurt McGee

    Ready to Improve Your GRE Verbal Score by Improving Your Vocabulary?

    What is the secret to learn GRE vocabulary words? Honestly, there is no secret; but what you can do is try to learn vocabulary in as many different ways as possible. Doing this will give your brain differently-angled “snapshots” to help remember the words.

    In “Sesquipedalian: An Interactive Story to Learn Hundreds of GRE Vocabulary Words in Context” I present a novel way to learn GRE words in context, by giving you a story to follow and words to discover on your own.

    Have Fun While Learning in Context

    One of the best ways to learn GRE vocabulary words is to learn them in context. Sesquipedalian is a short novella designed to present memorable scenarios with dense GRE-level vocabulary words in each sentence.

    Simply use your Kindle’s dictionary to scroll over any words that you are unfamiliar with. Of course, it’s best to try to figure them out on your own first.

    Maximize Your Chance for a High Verbal Score

    Study cards and lists are good, but no GRE Verbal strategy is complete without learning the vocabulary words in context.

    Don’t miss an opportunity to improve your score and get into the graduate school that you want. Scroll up and select the buy button to begin studying with more confidence. Best wishes.

    240 Basic Speaking Topics (120 Basic Speaking Topics)

    by LIKE Test Prep

    240 Basic Speaking Topics
    This Book Contains
    -120 Speaking Topics
    -120 Sample Answers
    -560 Practice Questions
    -720 Useful Expressions

    Great for
    -Secondary School Students
    -Basic Level Writing Students
    -ESL Students

    *30 Basic Writing Topics & 30 Basic Speaking Topics share the same topics.

    Visit www.liketestprep.com for free downloads!

    Online Learning MASTERY: 7 Simple Steps to Your Graduation, Reaching A Higher Level in Life

    by Atalia F

    In Online Learning MASTERY, based on years of experience guiding and coaching thought leaders as professionals, executives and entrepreneurs doing their online degrees, Atalia Felicia structured proven ways that you can follow in order to serve and be successful in life, through graduation. Despite challenges ahead, you can make studying online simpler by better managing your life. As the Internet platform becomes more available worldwide and new inventions are gearing toward directions that will provide internet access to everyone everywhere, growth of online learning is inevitable.

    The chapters will show you the psychology and nature of online learning, the challenges students face, reasons why students drop out, or graduated; as well as principles you can follow in order to be successful and complete your education. As education has always been her passion, Felicia promotes online education as means of serving others, by reaching a higher level of accomplishment in life, and contribute more to our coexistence as a community. This is more of a self-help book and can fall under different categories in personal finance, time management, personal development, even relationship. Online Learning MASTERY guides and provides you practical tips which you can apply in your daily life so you can be closer to your brighter future. Using mostly her own professional and educational experience and research on different principles and behaviors that will lead to graduation, she identifies 7 simple steps you can take to be consciously successful. She delves into how you: can better manage your Money, increase Agility, be more Self-organized, have better Time management, E-learning, Relationship, and take better care of Yourself. MASTERY by design..

    This book provides simpler ways of studying online that’s easier to follow in a more structured way. This is the key to graduation and eventually serving others and living the life we all aspire to, to live with purpose. Read through the book, do the exercise and follow what it teaches you to do, you will find yourself seeing life in a more enlightened way.

    Don’t forget to leave your review if you enjoyed reading the book. It takes a minute and it’ll be much appreciated.

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

    Being Right: A beginner’s guide to logical fallacies and deductive reasoning

    by Stephen Pape

    Being Right is a beginner’s guide to logical fallacies and deductive reasoning.

    New for 2016, this book offers a complete description of the informal logical fallacies we hear every day in conversation. With over 300 memorable examples, Being Right explains why most people talk bollocks most of the time.

    Being Right is invaluable for students studying for a Critical Thinking qualification. It explains in simple language what the different logical fallacies are and describes how and why they crop up.

    The book covers the old favourites such as Strawman and Ad Hominem; explains fallacies observed and described over the last fifty years; and brings us up to date with a brand new fallacy for these troubled times: Self-Censorship in the Face of Schooled Offence.

    Being Right also analyses deductive reasoning and its formal fallacies. Categorical syllogisms are dissected and explained in detail. The 24 possible valid models are grouped in a 1-page crib sheet. For would-be employees facing recruitment selection tests involving deductive reasoning, it’s a handy aide-memoire.

    The book also describes and explains disjunctive and hypothetical syllogisms, and explains their formal fallacies simply but thoroughly.

    Most of all, it’s a good, conversational read, with lively examples and witty explanations. Being Right doesn’t set out to be a scholarly work but, because it’s easy to follow, it ends up being an effective tutor.

    HYPNOSIS: Instant Hypnosis Secrets You Need To Know (hypnosis, hypnosis book, how to hypnotize, self hypnosis, hypnotism, hypnosis scripts, hypnosis for weight loss,)

    by Dane Xander

    Instant Hypnosis Secrets That You Need To Know!

    Please note you do not require a Kindle device to read this book. Download the app and you can read this on any device.

    If you are looking to learn about the powerful and secret techniques of Hypnosis used by the modern masters then this will be the most important book you will read all year. Here is why:

    This book “HYPNOSIS: Instant Hypnosis Secrets You Need To Know” written by Dane Xander was recently commissioned with the challenge of succeeding where other books have, so far, failed.

    You see, until now, most books on this subject have failed to bring together the powerful information that is shared in this book. This is a compact guide, designed in mind for the earnest seeker looking for perhaps the first time into these teachings.

    You probably underestimate the power of hypnosis. Like many, you will be unaware of how often it is used throughout our world in human interactions of all types. In this book learn to protect yourself from hypnotic techniques designed to manipulate you and put you under the helpless control of the hypnotist.

    Get this book today. Make sure it is the very next thing you do. Why wait while the secrets of your life could start to open up to you. At this reasonable price if you even only get one great idea from this book (and you will likely get many, many more) you will have made a sound investment.

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Here Is A Preview Of EXACTLY What You’ll Learn…

    • Learn what hypnosis is and what happens to you when you are hypnotised
    • The 5 biggest reasons that people learn about hypnosis
    • The Power Of Suggestions: How and why they work and how they are used to influence people

    • How to prevent yourself from being hypnotised….an essential lesson!
    • What is “future pacing” and how it is used by salesmen and in advertising

    • How to set up your hypnosis session with leading and making your subject focus and how ot induce and deepen the trance
    • 2 Essential things to do post-hypnsis
    • Scroll Back To The Top To Get This Book On Special Offer Now!

    Copywriting: The Successful Copywriter – How To Start A Successful Business As a Copywriter And Make Money From Home

    by Yordan Kostadinov

    Discover How To Make Money From Home As A Copywriter

    Copywriting is the act of writing text, more commonly known as “copy” in the world of advertising. The text or copy that you will write will serve as a means to make people want to buy the product/service that you are advertising. Copywriters can create print ads, scripts for commercials, web page content, jingle lyrics, press releases, billboards, and catalogs to name a few.

    You know what’s great about copywriting these days? You can actually do it from home. Yes, gone are the days when the only way you can create copy is by being part of an advertising agency. You can now create your own copywriting business and start gaining profit in the comfort of your own home! How? Read this book now and find out.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • Learn How To Do A Research
    • Choose The Right Kind Of Niche For You
    • How To Build Your Copywriting Portfolio
    • Create Solutions
    • More Tips On How You Can Be A Successful Copywriter
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Tags: make money from home, internet marketing, make money blogging, make money now, successful business writing, how to make money online, make money writing

    A Fine Mess: Living Simply With Children

    by Michelle Kennedy Hogan

    A Fine Mess: Living Simply With Children is a memoir full of tips for living frugally and simply. Through humor, trial and error, the Hogan’s have learned how to scale back, live frugally and have fun in the process. Between unschooling, owning their own businesses and working at jobs they love, while on their Vermont farm, they learned how to stay debt-free and feed their family fresh organic foods for less than $400 a month. Learn

    more at mishahogan.com.

    Picturing English 3: Vowel Sound Stories for Teens & Adults

    by Doris Baker

    This book of pictures and stories is the third in a series to help teens and adults master the sounds and letters of the English alphabet.

    Stories in Picturing English 3 include spelling patterns for seven vowel sounds. Idioms are explained, unusual silent letters pointed out, and spelling patterns organized by specific sound. These stories can be used as a study guide to remind you of the spelling patterns when you write and the sound patterns when you speak.

    Today I Show Dinosaur Pictures For Kids: Children’s Picture Book with Words

    by Joey Kenson

    Today I Show

    Dinosaur Pictures For Kids: Children’s Picture Book with Words

    This dinosaur picture book will make happiness for kids by learning and seeking dinosaur picture,matching their groups and thinking for learning.This book has vocabularies that easy for kids and also easy to learn for kindergarten homeschool.

    The Training Manager’s Guide: Maximising Staff Training on a Minimum Budget

    by Sarah Cordiner

    In this book you will learn Sarah’s top 12 strategies that will help every organisational training and development professional ensure that they are facilitating excellence in professional development, whilst keeping their senior bean-counters on their side, as well.

    - Strategy 1: Add these people to your organisational guest list to enhance your staff training without increasing your spending.

    - Strategy 2: Use this strategy as a â??done for you’ training design template for world-class training without the expense.

    - Strategy 3: This one simple strategy will add specialised expertise to your staff’s professional development, increase staff morale AND ensure that the most advanced skills remain within your organisationâ??without spending a single dollar.

    - Strategy 4: This strategy will eliminate â??waste of time’ meetings and instead create valuable learning opportunities without the extra effort, organisation or expense.

    - Strategy 5: These â??eliminate and replace’ methods will save training budget wastage.

    - Strategy 6: This strategy will ensure that you smash your training department objectives, resulting in an INCREASED budget next year.

    - Strategy 7: Get the top experts in your training roomâ??without having to pay their travel expenses.

    - Strategy 8: Use this strategy to give your staff access to world-class training, without it taking up work hours and for less than the price of a coffee.

    - Strategy 9: Give your learners even more content and an increased learning experience whilst decreasing the expense.

    - Strategy 10: Use this strategy to release pressure on your training team, free up their time, get more results and reduce your HR spending.

    - Strategy 11: Conduct the most extreme, highly technical, high-risk training in the most expensive niches ever, without killing anyone or spending a fortune.

    - Strategy 12: Use this strategy to reduce long term expenses on staff career development.

    Regardless of whether your organisation has a great budget for you to work with or a limited one, there is no doubt that the training professionals using these strategies to get more results for their department at a much lower cost are going to reap the rewards from every angle for their team, their employees, their colleagues and their senior management!

    If you would like to smash your training department targets whilst pleasing the heck out of the bean-counters by learning how you can quickly and easily implement these simple, results-focused strategies, all you need to do is read on, and it’s all yours.



    Did you make a new resolutions this year? Many people plan to reduce weight and make more muscle. Some people try to reduce their debt problem, however do you know how to tackle this issue. In 2014, there are more than 100,000 people been declared bankrupt in the United Kingdom. On top of this figure, there are more than 25,000 are set to lose their home through repossession and this number increase every year.

    This eBook will help and explain about the techniques how to pay off your debt fast. Most people don’t have a knowledge about how to manage their debt. If you have problem in managing your debt then you must read this book. This book gives and insight about the techniques that can be used in managing the debt problem.

    You must also make a stand from the bank promoters that offers easy finance to settle your debt. Managing your debt is changing your lifestyle and sacrifice your needs. You don’t have to buy many new stuffs in order to make you happy. What you need is to have a financial freedom and free from your debt. That is the lives. You must cut all your credit cards and manage your money in systematic ways.

    The chapter contains in this ebook is

    Chapter 1. INTRODUCTION


    Chapter 3. HOW TO START SAVING

    Chapter 4. HOW TO PAY YOUR DEBT


    Chapter 6. REWARD YOURSELF

    Chapter 7. CONCLUSION

    Feel free to email me if you need further discussion about the techniques. You can contact me through email at the end of this eBook

    The Simple Guide to Urban Survival

    by Daniel Muhlestein

    This simple, easy to read, book takes you through the process of preparing for most types of urban survival emergencies or disasters that could occur while living in a high rise apartment building in a large city. It is very easy to understand and is not filled with technical or tactical jargon or doomsday panic. This is the everyday man or woman’s go-to manual for urban survival and prepping.

    In order to avoid the zombie apocalypse and being overrun by zombies, it will be best to have some basic pertinent information about urban survival and prepping. Emergency preparedness, survival and doomsday stuff has a stigma of people dressed in camo retreating to the forest. This guide isn’t written for “those” kinds of people. It’s written for the “everyday” man and woman living in an urban environment.

    The Life Of Harriet Minty Tubman (Freedom Fighters Book 2)

    by Stacey Thompson

    Click here to get your copy of “The Life Of Harriet “Minty” Tubman. This book takes us back in time to the 1800′s when slavery was being practiced. Harriet’s life unfolds with a great deal of physical abuse as well as mental slavery. In spite of her circumstances she fought the good fight of faith and became an overcomer.

    Rosie Learns About the Weather: An Easy Introduction to Meteorology (Rosie Learns About Science Book 2)

    by Diane Kirkpatrick

    This is a science story book.

    In this book, Rosie and her family learn about weather.

    Rosie is full of questions about the world around her.

    Dad uses every-day examples to teach her about science.

    You’re invited to come along and learn too.

    This book contains:

    19 short stories explaining topics in meteorology

    The print version has puzzle activities, images and diagrams for each lesson.

    Topics include:

    The atmosphere, clouds, fog, rain, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, sunsets, rainbows, and forecasting.

    Great for summer skills or homeschool

    Learn about hurricanes, tornadoes and winter storms.

    Experience a hail storm on the way to the airport.

    Observe sunsets and rainbows and learn what makes them colorful.

    Watch rain and snow on a family hike.

    Plus many more.

    Weekly Strategies for Writers: Tips on Writing, Editing, Publishing, Marketing & more

    by Linda A. Lavid

    Weekly Strategies for Writers: Tips on Writing, Editing, Publishing, Marketing & more is a collection of timely tips for fiction and nonfiction writers that discusses the changes, opportunities, and resources now available for writers to make their writing and publishing goals a success. New or veteran writers are sure to find Weekly Strategies a quick, informative read. For ease of use, hyperlinks are included to make tips dynamic and accessible.

    Playground: Walk To The Park (Neighborhood Exploring Book 1)

    by Alisha Basit

    One Early Afternoon we decided to go to the park. When we started walking to the park we saw a â??STOP’ Sign. The â??STOP’ Sign was big and high. We continue walking on the path to Park. The Park was empty. Just looking at the rides in Playground was fun. The park has huge soccer ground.We can run and Play running games in the soccer ground. In the Playground we had Swings. More enjoyment was on the slides and spring riders. Now it is time to go home.

    How To Build An Awesome Movie Collection For Beginners: 10 Tips To Help You Build An Amazing Collection!

    by B.B. Frank

    Have you wanted to start building that outstanding movie collection, but found it to be harder than you thought it might be?

    Then don’t panic, ‘Cause Author B.B. Frank (An expert in movie collecting) is here to give you ten tips to help you build an amazing movie collection!

    120 Basic Speaking Topics

    by LIKE Test Prep

    120 Basic Speaking Topics
    This Book Contains
    -120 Speaking Topics
    -120 Sample Answers
    -480 Practice Questions
    -720 Useful Expressions

    Great for
    -Secondary School Students
    -Basic Level Writing Students
    -ESL Students

    *120 Basic Writing Topics & 120 Basic Speaking Topics share the same topics.

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    Leadership: 7 Simple Leadership Secrets That Will Make You A Great Leader People Will Follow (Leadership, Leadership Books, Leadership Skills)

    by Andy Stone


    7 Simple Leadership Secrets That Will Make You A Great Leader People Will Follow

    Over the years, I have consulted for CEOs and many industry leaders, ranging from small tech startups to Fortune 500 companies on how to improve their leadership.

    While some of my clients had some great leadership skills, there were areas where they were lacking. By observing these leaders, as well as interviewing their employees, I began to discover the seven key secrets that make a remarkable leader. In the coming chapters, I am going to share each secret with you. But before I do, I want to share my story of why I became a leadership development consultant.

    Within a few years, I decided to get my M.B.A., and got hired at a consulting firm. Eventually, I branched out into my own practice, specializing in making good leaders exceptional leaders. In the coming chapters, I am going reveal seven secrets that will make you an exceptional leader. While I will use many examples from well-known leaders in the business world, these secrets can be applied in any situation and yield amazing results. Let’s get you on your way to becoming a great leader!

    Table of Contents:

    • Communication
    • Be Authentic and Approachable
    • Build an Engaging Culture
    • Be Willing to Delegate
    • Empower Your People
    • Focus on Doing Fewer Things
    • And much, much more!

    Download your copy of “Leadership” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    The Ultimate UpWork Guide for Freelance Graphic Designers (Make Money from Home, Upwork Guide, Freelance Graphic Designers)

    by Yordan Kostadinov

    Graphic Design Secrets – How To Make $3000 – $5000 Per Month As A Graphic Designer

    From the author of several bestselling Graphic Design ebooks Yordan Kostadinov shares how to make $3000 – $5000 per month as a graphic designer.

    The Ultimate UpWork Guide for Freelance Graphic Designers

    In this book I’ll not tell you how to make money fast and without efforts. You already know that is very hard to fulfill someone’s expectations. When you work with clients you’ll probably face a lot of problems, because every person is different and has a different point of view. Your task as a designer is to meet these expectations and make your clients happy. However, it is very hard to know what exactly is in the client’s head and what he really wants. Even if you create the best design the client may not like it.

    If you want to make big money, you have to work hard and make sacrifices sometimes. The ability to manage many things at once it will be your biggest weapon and you can use it to your advantage. You must always keep track of your deadlines, meet with the client’s expectations, and go above and beyond if you want to run a successful freelance business. With some hard work and dedication, you can start from $0 and go up to $3000 or even more per month in earnings. Follow some of the easy steps outlined in this guidebook and you will soon see how easy it is to make your dreams of becoming an freelance graphic designer a reality.

    How much to charge

    As you know, this question is very popular. It’s normal to not know how much to charge because you’re new in the business. Everyone is going to charge a different amount of the projects that they work on depending on how much they think their time is worth and how difficult the project is.

    Let’s say that you have a client who wants you to design a single page for their website. Before you give a price, first you have to gather more information about the project and the company. First prepare your questions and then contact the client. Grab a pen and paper and start writing.

    Some of your questions may include things such as:

    1. What is the purpose of the page;

    2. Tell me more about your business;

    3. Do you have any images that you want me to place on this page;

    4. What colors do you like;

    5. Who is your target market?

    6. What is your deadline;

    7. Do you have any specific instructions;

    8. Will there be extra costs like web hosting, outsourcing and etc;

    The answers to these questions will determine what your final price for the project will be. If the deadline is too short or the client requirements are numerous, then you can charge more than your normal rate. It will all depend on the requirements of each project.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • How to Start a Business, Without Investing Money?
    • Do I Need To Have a Portfolio?
    • Do I Need To Have A Personal Website?
    • How And Where To Find Work
    • How Much To Charge?
    • Fixed Or Hourly, How To Charge?
    • What Files To Send To The Client After Finishing The Job
    • Outsourcing Projects
    • Much, much more!

    Get this eBook and start making money!

    Secondary School Algebra

    by Sujith Vijay

    A concise and friendly introduction to topics in arithmetic, algebra and basic probability that are usually covered at high school level. The aim is to take the mystery out of the various rules and formulas that students encounter in their textbooks, and help them to reason independently and correctly about the properties of mathematical objects. It is the author’s conviction that most young people who dislike mathematics do so out of a misunderstanding of what the subject is really about. Written for the benefit and understanding of school students in the 12-16 age group worldwide.

    Picture It! Mutliply by 6 and 7 with Ease

    by Doris Baker

    Want a Simple Way to Quickly Recall Multiplication Facts?

    If you need new inspiration to keep reviewing those hard-to-remember math facts, these mental math puzzles inspire a desire to practice. Maybe you’ve sung your way to the answers or remembered rhyming stories that really work, but when it comes to quick recall those memory aids don’t help – in fact, maybe they slow you down.

    Picture It! Mutliply by 6 and 7 with Ease encourages you to practice with just the facts. Along with each fact (minus the product) is a colorful cartoon picture or two to jog your memory. The pictures rhyme with the numbers 0 through 9. So for instance, 3 x 6 is paired with a sun and a gate to help you recall one eight (18). After the picture page is an answer page to check yourself.

    The pictures are like training wheels on a bike. Soon you won’t need them â??cause you are flying down the road all by yourself!

    If you want more than just 6 and 7, check out the ebook Picture It! Mutliply by 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 & 9 with Ease. And, of course, there is Picture It! Multiply by 2 and 5 with Ease.

    But maybe 6 and 7 are all you need to fly through the multiplication tables. So scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button since life’s too short to spend too much time memorizing math facts. :)

    Sample Picturing English 1: Alphabet Learning for Teens & Adults

    by Doris Baker

    Picturing English 1 – 4 is an e-book series to help teens and adults master sounds and letters of the English alphabet. Here’s a sample of the first book.

    Books 1 and 2 use picture and word clues to help you review and remember each alphabet letter and its sound(s) as well as two-letter consonant sounds – â??ch’, â??sh’, â??th’ . The vowel clues help you recall both short and long sounds. Words and pictures focus on common subjects like food, clothes, family, and body parts. Books 3 and 4 use pictures and stories to reinforce spelling patterns for 16 vowel sounds.

    Sail Away

    by Greg Star

    A cartoon puppy sets sail in search for his own island of dreams. Someplace where there are no rules and no need for anything. It all turns out the way he expected, until he finds out that his island of dreams was missing something.

    The Real Costs of Keeping up With the Joneses

    by Daniel Muhlestein

    This short (3 page) article is your wake-up call! The information contained in this is worth many times the price you paid for the download. If you are serious about saving money, yet don’t want to sacrifice your love of the outdoors and recreation, take control of your personal finance, tell the Joneses to enjoy their massive debt while you are smart with your hard earned money- download it now!

    The article displays better in landscape on your device.

    The True Meaning of Christmas (Homeworker Helper Book 9)

    by M.D. Jones

    This essay was submitted by Flushing High School student M.D. Jones. “The True Meaning of Christmas” is a persuasive essay written to prompt the reader to ponder what Christmas and life is truly about. It prods readers to examine what should be most important in their own lives. This essay is told in a reflective mood, in which M.D. Jones describes what Christmas truly meant for him, and how he discovered it. “The True Meaning of Christmas” is approximately a 2.5 page dissertation.

    *All essays published through Homeworker Helper LLC have been published as they were submitted for classes. Grammatical errors may be present to reflect the proper grade of the submitted dissertation. The viewpoints presented in each essay do not necessarily reflect those of Homeworker Helper LLC. It is our hope that such essays will assist fellow students, in brainstorming for literary and English composition courses. Enjoy!

    Beware of Pride: Emnity towards Men and Missionary Work (BYU Religion Courses)

    by Miranda Tate

    Pride, is it a good thing or a bad thing? In this short read, Miranda Tate shares what she learned from President Benson’s talk “Beware of Pride.” She discusses the topic of enmity and why pride is so damaging in our lives. In this brief essay, Miranda talks about what she learned about pride, and about herself. Check out this read. Learn why pride is so damaging, and what it does to us.

    A B C for kids

    by Ella Watson

    This is a over-sized Paperback for babies and toddlers. This book is perfect for the diaper bag! it’s small. Building vocabulary is a first priority for age one- to-two and this book will help.

    School, Simply

    by Amato Maestro

    Education is in crisis. The very institution of education is under attack. It has been taken over by legislators and other do-gooders who know nothing about teaching but presume to take it upon themselves to “fix” the problems of a “failing education system.” It has been kidnapped by political ideologues who are using it to shape young minds (and, therefore, society) into their ideology. And it has been taken hostage by rapacious textbook and curriculum sellers who need constant change and innovation in order to maintain profitability. The Federal government is sticking its nose into local school districts using the bribe of funding, and causing far more damage than good. Teachers are mistrusted and mistreated. Their frustration is running many of our best educators out of the profession and keeping others from entering it.

    But it need not be so. Education, in its pure form, is simple. It is not so very difficult to educate a child. Take away all the outside influences, and education becomes uncomplicated. Author Amato Maestro details the damage being done to schools and then lays out the simple solution to our teaching dilemma.

    Consumer Reports What THEY Know About YOU

    by Daniel Muhlestein

    In this short book, you will be shocked by the information that is being gathered about you! This publication will guide you through the vast ocean of data that is being collected on each of us through constant surveillance by the NSA and other data mining organizations. This book will give you details on how you can access this information for FREE! The first step in regaining your privacy, thwarting big brother, the new world order, and terrorism is to get your hands on the information these companies have about you.

    I know that $7.50 seems like a lot of money to pay for a very short book. Understand you are not paying for the volume of words; you are paying for the value of the content. Consider the following scenario:

    There was once a guy whose television was not working. This guy flipped the switches and turned the buttons, and nothing happened. Matter of fact, the problem only got worse. He climbed up on the roof and adjusted the antenna, still, nothing happened and the problem only got worse. The guy even took the back off and looked around at the mechanics inside the TV Finally, the guy called a TV repairman.

    The repairman came out, took one look at the television set, turned one screw and voila! The t.v. was working better than if it was brand new. The guy thanked the repairman and said ‘How much do I owe you?’ figuring that since the problem was so easy to fix the job would be cheap or even free. The repairman said, ‘That will be $200 for the service call please.’

    Outraged, the guy said, “$200! You only turned one screw!” The repairman smiled and said, “Yes, but I knew which screw to turnâ?¦”

    The value of the content within this book is worth way more than what you are about to pay for it.

    Most of us feel powerless; most of us feel as though there is nothing we can do to thwart terrorism. We often feel as though the new world order is inevitable, that the NSA will do whatever they want. We are all becoming very comfortable with big brother. We dream of long past days where there was privacy and much less data mining. This just may be one of the most important books you buy yet.

    It’s time for you to be awakened.

    Hiking Life’s Difficult Trails: A Spiritual Journey (Hiking the Trail of Truth Book 2)

    by Mark Stephen Taylor

    Hiking Life’s Difficult Trails is a spiritual journeyâ??an arduous challenge. This particular journey is much better suited to those who have learned to live with remorseâ??who have earned it through a broad diversity of loss, pain and suffering. There are those who in time develop what it takes to negotiate difficult terrain in life, and there are those who do not. Yet to have what it takes has only one requirementâ??humility.

    We all fail in one way or another each day. Admit it or not, we just can’t seem to attain perfection. We usually blame God for our inability to live as we should, but them praise Him when He allows things to get a little better. We just can’t seem to find a way to be content in our circumstances, and be thankful for both the good ones and the bad ones. But, the bottom line is, we actually have some profound misunderstandingsâ??about life, about circumstances, and about God himself.

    It’s time once again to hike along with award-winning author Mark Stephen Taylor. In this second volume, he takes us back to the wilderness trailâ??not just to hike along its rim, but to explore its depthsâ??to hike up its buttes, among its sharp crags, and into its areas of parched desolation. Mr. Taylor helps us to better understand the difficulties of this earthly life, and leads us along a most profound trail of discovery, illumination, and hope. Hiking is indeed great therapy. So, what are you waiting for? C’mon alongâ??let’s do it!

    Children’s Book: COUNTING WITH SQUARES: Beginner readers-kids book collection(Values Book)Education-Early reader Picture Learning to Count to Ten: COUNTING TO TEN (Counting With Shapes 5)

    by Andrew Rosenblatt

    COUNTING WITH SQUARES: Counting To Ten, is our newest Early Education Series for Babies, Children and Toddlers for Pre-K Preschool kids to Kindergarten kids. Counting with Squares is a wonderful early educational training tool that helps improve your child’s thought processing and memory. Parents, use this book at home while teaching your children counting! Teaching with shapes and numbers will greatly improve your children’s educational future. Giving your child the right educational tools now will lead your child to a brighter future. Counting with Squares is great for in class school teaching and home school teaching alike. Our newest series will keep your kid’s brain energized and always thinking. What better way to ensure your children’s future by buying them learning books like our newest series, Counting With Shapes. Please check our author page for more of our early education learning children’s book and children’s ebooks. Teach your pre-k to kindergarten child at your own pace and buy this book on amazon kindle. You will be happy you did when your child comes home with straight A’s.

    What’s your favorite color

    by Greg Star

    This will help in spelling and learning the colors

    60 Addition Worksheets with Two 2-Digit Addends: Math Practice Workbook (60 Days Math Addition Series: Two)

    by Kapoo Stem

    Daily Math Practice 60 Worksheets

    This e-book contains several addition worksheets for practice. These are vertical addition sums with two addends. The addends are of 2 digits each. These maths problems sums are provided to improve the mathematics skills by frequent practicing of the worksheets provided.

    There is nothing more effective than a pencil and paper for practicing some math skills. These math worksheets are ideal for teachers, parents, students, and home schoolers. The companion ebook allows you to take print outs of these worksheets instantly or you can save them for later use. The learner can significantly improve math knowledge by developing a simple habit to daily practice the math drills.

    Tutors and homeschoolers use the maths worksheets to test and measure the child’s mastery of basic math skills. These math drill sheets can save you precious planning time when homeschooling as you can use these work sheets to give extra practice of essential math skills. Parents use these mathematics worksheets for their kids homework practice too.

    Designed for after school study and self study, it is used by homeschooler, special needs and gifted kids to add to the learning experience in positive ways. You can also use the worksheets during the summer to get your children ready for the upcoming school term. It helps your child excel in school as well as in building good study habits. If a workbook or mathematic textbook is not allowing for much basic practise, these sheets give you the flexibility to follow the practice that your student needs for an education curriculum.

    These worksheets are not designed to be grade specific for students, rather depend on how much practice they’ve had at the skill in the past and how the curriculum in your school is organized. Kids work at their own level and their own pace through these activities. The learner can practice one worksheet a day, two worksheets a day, one every alternate day, one per week, two per week or can follow any consistent pattern. Make best use of your judgement.

    What does your daddy do

    by Greg Star

    The first day of school is a big day for anybody growing up. A new teacher in a new place. New things to learn with new kids. The list goes on and on and most will tell you It’s pretty scary. In this book the kids find out about each other with laughter and cheers and the day turns out to be pretty good except for a little mishap at the end. This is the kind of story book you want read to a child that is worried about the next day or brighten it up with a little laughter

    I’m going on vacation

    by Greg Star

    Go on vacation with Mr.Turtle and be in his adventures. Fun for all at any age,

    The Cartoon Puppy Book

    by Greg Star

    A cartoon puppy picture book will make anyone laugh.

    Meet Amazing Americans Workbook: Dwight D. Eisenhower

    by LIKE Test Prep

    LIKE TEST PREP presents its workbook series for “Meet Amazing Americans,” a website created by US Library of Congress on many great american heroes and heroines. Great for Teachers and Students!

    This book contains

    -Comprehension Questions

    -Vocabulary Practice

    -Critical Thinking Questions

    *www.americaslibrary.gov which owns Meet Amazing Americans, was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and not of the publisher, LIKE TEST PREP.

    Make Money Online From Home: Make Money Online from Home: The Best and the Most Profitable Ways to Make Money from Home

    by Yordan Kostadinov

    The Best and the Most Profitable Ways to Make Money from Home for 2014

    Working from home is a great option that many people have always shown an interest in. It is the dream of many to be able to quite working in a job that they do not like, spend more time with their family, and to have the financial freedom that they have always wanted in their lives.

    With the current economy, there are many people who are looking to find ways to make some more money at home. Some people are interested in making just a little bit of extra money in order to help out with the bills while others are more interested in replacing their whole income while working at home. It does not have to be that difficult for you to find a work from home job that will be able to meet your needs, no matter what they are.

    What You’ll Learn…

    • Freelancing
    • Take Surveys
    • Scanning Your Groceries
    • Sell Your Hobby
    • Develop Computer Software
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Call Center
    • Much, much more!

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    Earning an income after retirement 2015: creating extra income to supplement your pension.

    by Sheila Wilson

    If you are looking for a way to create extra income, look no further. This book although small, contains excellent information to get you started out making extra money. With ‘how to’ and links to websites where you can start earning today.

    The Elements of College Success

    by David doc Robertson



    Former University of Arizona Academic Specialist, David doc Robertson, wants you to imagine that your son or daughter has left for college at an out-of-state university and after three or four weeks, suddenly wants to come home. This follows the orientation trip, the dorm deposit, out of state tuition fees, meal fees, books, and all of the purchases for his or her comfort.

    Robertson witnessed this scenario, costing tens of thousands of dollars, on several occasions when he counseled students. His handbook, The Elements of College Success, is a thorough survival guide to help make it through the maze of dead ends and trap doors that can frustrate even the best students and possibly save those thousands by avoiding the above scenario.

    This book does not overwhelm the reader with text-book length chapters that can cause added stress. Robertson focuses on the things that matter, such as time management and how it is the Key Element to college success. He also discusses accurate note taking skills, how to prepare for exams, the benefits of living in residence halls, the difficulties of coping with catastrophes, and other topics of concern for students and parents.

    The former Academic Specialist counseled students at the University of Arizona until budget cuts closed his departmenT. He successfully worked with students having trouble making the transition from high school to college in addition to those caught in the clutches of academic probation.

    Robertson says that at first glance someone may dismiss The Elements of College Success because of its brevity, but its points are well documented and address pertinent issues without taxing the reader. Its philosophy helped many students through college.

    Straight talk for students, but parents should read it too. In its short space, this book answers several questions that college students have been asking for decades. How do I utilize my time or study for an exam? How can I think like the professor; manage stress, or deal with unfamiliar surroundings? I explain the benefits of treating college like a job.

    For most students, the advice in this book can drastically raise a GPA and without any pain. It can also save thousands of dollars for under a buck! The same advice I gave to the students listed below is now available in my book.


    From University Students

    Mr. Robertson made it a very pleasant and calming experience when talking about my career goal, which I have never had with another faculty member in a school.

    T. Flores

    The personal service was encouraging. I learned a lot about my own study habits.

    F. Stalinski

    I am very proud to recommend David Robertson to any individual struggling with their studies. S. Johnson

    The information that I was able to get from David was something that I wouldn’t have gotten without him. T. Yesumi

    David was able to identify my needs with very little effort. It really gave me a grasp on how to better assess my learning style. A. Broyle

    He brought new stuff to my attention and taught me how to manage my time

    with homework and gain free time. B. Choi

    Two interesting articles (first edition / volume one) by Mohammed Raj (total words: 4874) (what is the meaning of your life? Book 1)

    by Mohammed Raj

    It will be a day when no one can help another. It will be a day when no amount of money can help you. You must have been a trillionaire. You must have been the the CEO of fusion technologies Microsoft corporation, earned billions on a monthly basis.

    I mean can you get any richer than this. The answer is no.

    But on judgement day if you were not a muslim then your trillions are useless and you will be utterly and completely helpless in the presence of the one and only creator (Allah subhana wa tha alaa).

    It will be a day so terrifying , imagine the worst horror film you have seen and times (x) by a billion trillion that is how much that day, the day in the future, the day of judgement, that is how terrifying and scary it will be, to those who ignored islam. To those who mocked Muhammad (peace be upon him). DON’T SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU !

    Sample Picturing English 2: Alphabet Learning for Teens & Adults – Who Ate the Apple

    by Doris Baker

    This picture book is a sample of the second in a series to help teens and adults master sounds and letters of the English alphabet. Picturing English 2 includes sentences using the words introduced in the first book and provides more information about spelling patterns.

    Words and pictures focus on common subjects like food, clothes, family, and body parts. Books 3 and 4 use pictures and stories to reinforce spelling patterns for 16 vowel sounds.

    Review of The Impact of Homeschooling on the Adjustment of College Students (Homeworker Helper)

    by Kelsey Laker

    “It’s true that home-schooled students have a bad reputation. Many people assume they are socially awkward,” says Kelsey Laker. But she continues that home-schooling is becoming a more common practice. This essay written by Laker is a response to the article: The Impact of Homeschooling on the Adjustment of College Students. Many people argue that home-schooled kids are disadvantaged when they attend college. However, statics completely disprove this common misconception. If you want to know more, then read this short report by Kelsey Laker today!

    Good Vines / Great Wines: How to Successfully Grow your Own Grape Vines and Make High Quality Wine

    by Wayne C. Weeks

    This book is aimed at the new, fairly new, or beginner wine maker. And for those who have not yet begun but would like to. It is presented in two parts: Part One – Good Vines is all about planting, growing and maintaining a small vineyard. Part two – is about making wine. If you don’t have a vineyard you can still make wine. In fact, I made wine for about six years before I planted my own small vineyard. My pre-vineyard wines managed to win awards, so don’t think you can’t make great wine without growing your own grapes. But you get both in this book. You get the viticulture portion (growing grapes) and you get the enology portion (making fine wine). If you have been thinking that you may need a new hobby, you should check this out!

    Philosophy of Nursing (Homeworker Helper)

    by Jeana Banka

    Have you ever dreamed of becoming a nurse? Did you ever wonder what it was all about? In this brief essay Jeana Banka will answer those questions and many more. Jeana, a pre-nursing student, shares her intial thoughts on nursing. In Jeana’s own words she says, “My initial impression of nursing was that it was all about helping people. This was not in any way incorrect however.” She continues stating that nursing is so much more than helping people, and it requires more sacrifice than just service. Jeana gives you the know-how to be an effective nurse, avoid burn-out, and limit anxiety while on the job. If you ever wanted to learn where nursing originated, what nurses do, and what it takes to be a nurse: mentally, physically, and emotionally then check out this read today!

    Making Classic Literature Fun for High School Students

    by Molly Zenk

    Hester Prynne on a Maury-eske ‘Who’s Your Baby Daddy?’ paternity results show? Jay Gatsy on The Dating Game to try to forget Daisy? A witch trial with modern lawyers and a jury? This guide is a fun, fresh, informative way to teach classic literature such as The Scarlet Letter, The Crucible, and The Great Gatsby to high school students. Each of the activities presented in the book have been used in the classroom with overwhelmingly positive results. After reading the once dreaded classic of required reading and showing off their creativity with the enrichment activities, teens from all backgrounds say: “I would have never picked this book myself, but I’m glad you made us read it. It’s cool.” Using hands-on activities and games that relate the classics back to modern times, teens understand and appreciate the hero or heroine’s situations and realize that their problems are not that different from what we go through today. The key to engaging teens is to make the material easy to relate to. They can relate to the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy (The Scarlet Letter), still being in love with an ex (The Great Gatsby), or being afraid of going against the in crowd (The Crucible). Each literature based chapter includes tests, quizzes, and examples of the creative activity.

    7 LESSONS TO HELP YOU LIVE A GREAT LIFE: You were born for greatness – Stop thinking small

    by Mthokozisi Nkosi

    There are lessons we can take from life, but most of the times we fail to recognise them and continue living small lives, when we were created for greatness. These are the 7 lessons that have helped me live the life of my dreams. They changed my thinking and I know for a fact that they will change yours too. Get yourself this short inspirational book and be inspired to live the life you were born to live.

    A Decision for Eternity: Why Christians will be with God forever, and how they know that Truth

    by Wayne C. Weeks

    I spent most of my life as a skeptic. Actually I said I was an atheist and often argued for my position with others.. others who were believers. This book tells the story of my changing belief.

    The information in this book could help you change your life, the lives of your children and their children. What would it be worth to you to be virtually assured that you and your spouse will remain together, in love, for as long as you are here on earth? What would it be worth to you to have absolute assurance that your spouse and your children will be with you forever? I mean forever. Not just for the rest of this life, but for all eternity. What would it be worth to you to find true “joy in living,” and gain a peace that eliminates the worry many people face day to day? What would it be worth to you to have love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

    Chapter 1 What This Book is About

    Chapter 2 My Story

    Chapter 3 Eternity – Why All the Fuss?

    Chapter 4 Is There Really a Heaven and Hell?

    Chapter 5 Why?

    Chapter 6 What Do I Do Now?

    Chapter 7 Some Things You Need to Know

    Chapter 8 The Truth is the Truth

    Chapter 9 The Miracle of One Hundred Days

    Chapter 10 Another Opportunity

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

    6 Feb

    Free politics and current events Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

    Survival Mega-Bundle 20 In 1. Everything You Need To Know To Survive In Any Situation: (Survival Gear, Survival Food, Survival Books) ((Zombie Survival Kit, Water Purifier Survival))

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    Survival Mega-Bundle 20 In 1

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    Hunting and Fishing + 20 Necessary Hacks to Survive the Wilderness by Lisa Edwards

    30 Important Lessons On How To Survive Anywhere In The World by Micheal Dexter

    How to Communicate And Stay In Touch With Your Family In Any Disaster by Michael Simpson

    20+ Helping Tips To Store Food And Water by Sarah Green

    How To Store Food And Water + 20 Canning And Preserving Tips by Susan Davidson

    20 Survival Tools Every Prepper Should Have To Survive Anything And Ways To Use Them by Sarah Draper

    25 Must-Have Things to Help You Survive When SHTF by Michael O’Brien

    30 Tips To Help You Build A Root Cellar With Food Storage by Sarah Irwin

    30 Survival Food Recipes by Susan Davidson

    20 Delicious Survival Recipes In Mason Jar by Susan Mason

    A Prepper’s Survival Guide To Prepare The Home For A Disaster by Mark Franklin

    Prepper’s Guide on Survival Gardening: Grow Your Own Food by Michael Goddard

    30 Tips Helping To Build The Eco-Friendly Home And Generate Off Grid Power by Mark White

    10 Preps That Won’t Cost You A Dime by Michael Gray

    The Beginner’s Guide To Self Sustainable Lifestyle by Helen Richardson

    The Ultimate Guide On Storage Food, Treatment And Storage Of Drinking Water by Mark Dunn

    The Beginner’s Guide On Canning And Preserving Meat With 25 Simple Recipes by Helen Jarret

    Skills And Strategies To Help You Survive In The Wild- Making Fire, Foraging, Fishing And Orientation by Helen Jepson

    Important Bushcraft Skills To Survive In The Wild by Sarah Frost

    25 Outdoor Skills To Help You Survive In The Wild by Susan Gibbs

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    Survival Guide Box Set (5 in 1): SHTF Stockpile for Beginners, Bug-Out Bag, Living Off the Grid Essentials and Surviving Economic Collapse (Survival Guide & SHTF Stockpile)

    by Michael Hansen

    Survival Guide Box Set (5 in 1)

    Book One: Prepper’s Survival Guide: Learn About Bug Out Bag, SHTF Stockpile and How to Prepare for a Disaster

    This ebook will assist you to prepare adequately for disaster. Readiness needs adequate information and understanding, as well as careful planning and proper execution to be successful. Nobody desires to have all the hard work completed only to discover that you got the incorrect supplies or it just wasn’t enough to push you and your loved ones through the perilous days. Some persons are of the view that being a prepper is an extreme measure but finally it does pay to be ready in the possibility that there is a crisis and you might need to evacuate in a rush.

    The book is ideal to help you the reader to understand:

    - How to prepare survival water measure

    - How to prepare survival food measures

    - How to store survival medication measure

    - How to prepare a complete and functional bug out bag

    - Survival best practices and common mistakes

    - How to prepare a first aid kit together

    Book Two: SHTF Stockpile: A Prepper’s Guide to Staying Alive! 50 Things You Need to Stockpile Right Now and 10 Tips on How to Prepare for Disaster

    Inside you’ll learn:

    - The Importance Of Starting A Stockpile

    - 10 Skills You’ll Want To Learn and Master To Survive

    - 50 Essential Things You Need To Stockpile Now!

    - 20 Things to Stockpile With High Barter Value

    - 10 Tips On How to Prepare Your Family For Disaster

    and much much more..

    Book Three: Surviving Off The Grid: The Prepper’s Guide to Survive the Grid Collapse and Live the Self-sufficient Lifestyle

    “Surviving Off The Grid” book contains proven techniques and strategies to help you get started building your own off the grid survival stockpile. The book provides handy tips on how to choose the perfect food storage, satisfy criteria of food packing and proper storing, making your survival garden and other tips and advices on how to survive SHTF scenarios and start living off the grid.

    Our guide will help you learn all the basic survival preps you need to know about surviving off the grid and becoming self-sufficient with simple tips and step-by-step approach.

    Book Four: Surviving the Death of Money: The Prepper’s Guide to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

    This book contains detailed steps and guidelines on how to survive the death of money and the coming economic collapse through preparation.

    It will show you that there exists a pattern in the recurring economic turmoils and the next interval is due in less than a decade if not earlier. The question is: are you prepared?

    Out of all the reasons for preppers to accumulate stockpiles and to train in survival skills, the most probable event is neither nuclear fallout nor a natural disaster. What event that has repeated not once but thrice in modern history that can cause such a collapse? An economic crisis looms in the horizon and every prepper has begun to prepare for it.

    In the recent past, the world market came to a screeching halt, buyers can no longer buy and sellers can no longer sell. In the near future, simple purchase for commodities will be impossible.

    Book Five: SHTF Stockpile Preparation for Beginners!: How to Prepare Yourself for Living off the Grid when things Go Bad!

    The worst could be out there, and you need to prepare for it. You might wonder if there’s a way to prepare for when things go really bad. You might wonder if there’s a way to really ensure that you have the safest outcome when things go sour. There is a way to prepare yourself though, and that’s called SHTF prepping.

    Off The Grid Living- How To Raise Chickens, Survive Without Power, and Live Off The Grid

    by Ben Night

    Off grid living is not everyone’s cup of tea, however this lifestyle has certain aspects about it that everyone ought to aim for. It is impossible to say how long the existing non renewable energy sources will be available. Whether you decide to go off the grid entirely, or only partially, you can take great steps towards energy independence and conservation, by generating at least a bit of your energy yourself.

    This book will cover:


    The Pros and Cons Of Living Off The Grid

    How Much Does It Cost To Live Off The Grid?

    Home Security When Living Off The Grid

    Raising Chickens When Living Off The Grid

    Things To Keep in Mind When You Need To Live Off The Grid

    Preparing A Bug Out Bag For Off The Grid Living

    Off The Grid Refrigeration

    Options In Sanitation When Living Off The Grid

    7 Ways You Know Your Food Storage System Is Ready For Off the Grid Living

    Cooking When There Is No Power

    Why Go Galt?

    by J.J. Smith

    The American dream is dying.

    People are working jobs to the detriment of their minds and bodies to further the wealth of others.

    Social inequality is out of control.

    Shaming white men and men in general is the new norm.

    Feminism isn’t about equality; it’s about increasing favor for women while trampling the rights of men.

    This book is a short introduction to the largely unspoken problems in America, written for the busy working class person who needs to put words to unsettling feelings they have about this country.

    Life is precious don’t waste yours working hard supporting a failed system.

    The Survival Know How: Everything You Need to Know to Handle the Danger and Remain Alive in the Wilderness (Survival, Survivalist, Survival guide)

    by Max White

    What would happen if the world as we know it did meet a catastrophic end? Could you survive in the wilderness or living in the wild? What would you do if you were stranded in the wilderness?

    If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to survive in the wild, now is the time. This book is great for people interested in prepping or homesteading, too. These survival skills, along with others, are good for more than living in the wild. You can also use the skills in times of natural disaster

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • How to set several basic traps
    • How to make a fish trap
    • Commonly found edible plants
    • How to distill your own water
    • How to smoke and dry your meat

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    You’ve been Brainwashed by Society: The movies that prove it!

    by Michael Alvin

    This book shows why you are frustrated, unhappy, unfulfilled. You don’t know who you are! As a child, you were born with natural traits, inclinations, a special self. Modern genetics proves it. But, you weren’t tested to reveal this identity; society channeled you into who they thought you should be. Your identity was stolen! This book proves it. It shows how this identity theft is reflected in popular movies we’ve all seen through the years, in plots and characters. It also shows how to reclaim your real identity. You’ll be happy again when you learn how to do this!

    Survival Pantry: Beginners Guide to Food Storage and Preserving (Survival Gear, emergency food, Survival Tips)

    by James Clark

    Survival Pantry: Beginners Guide to Food Storage and Preserving (FREE Bonus Included)

    Modern day food preservers are responding to the growth of two lifestyle movements. The first is a more paleo or primal diet that eschews unnatural preservatives and processed foods that are highly shelf stable. As a result, paleo and primal dieters have had cause to seek the ancient wisdom of food preservation and storage.

    They are joined by another lifestyle group. Individuals focused on preparing for disasters, whether man-made or naturally occurring, commit significant time to food storage. It is understood that to survive earthquakes, floods or acts of terror on a grand scale that disrupt the normal functioning of society, a stable source of food is non-optional.

    I wrote this book to provide the insight needed to allow you to use modern methods to preserve food for weeks, months, even years. Food storage allows the modern hunter gatherer to buy and prepare food in bulk. This results in significant cost as well as time savings.

    This book will cover food storage and preservation for both practical everyday purposes, as well as disaster preparedness. Food preservation can be overwhelming. I want to help unfog some of the confusion that surrounds the nutritional requirements as well as best means to attain long-lasting consumable food that tastes good, too.

    Table of Contents:

    • Introduction
    • Chapter 1 – Basics of Food Storage
    • Chapter 2 – Shelf Stable Consumables
    • Chapter 3 – Refrigeration
    • Chapter 4 – Dehydration
    • Chapter 5 – Freezing
    • Conclusion

    Download your copy of “Survival Pantry: Beginners Guide to Food Storage and Preserving” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

    SHTF: How To Make A Fire. Starting Fires Without Matches: (how to make a fire in a can, starting fires, without matches, survival guide, survival shelter, … prepping diy, how to survive guide, Book 1)

    by Bryan Damp

    SHTF: How To Make A Fire.

    Starting Fires Without Matches (Starting Fire Book)

    Imagine that you’re traveling somewhere and your plane crashes, but you survive. Or that your electricity goes out at your home and it’s a cold winter out. Or maybe that you went camping far into the wilderness but realize that you forgot to bring matches ans the lighter that you brought turned out to have no gas in it…

    One of the most essential tools that mankind has ever discovered has been the discovery of fire. Fire is there to keep us warm. To cook our food. To bring light in the darkness. It does so many other useful things that we need and take for granted on a daily basis that we’re completely unaware of… until we no longer have those modern conveniences and find ourselves cold, hungry, and in the dark…

    This book will teach you 10 basic techniques– both ancient and modern– to start fires without matches or convenient tools. You will be able to make fire from the natural elements by the end of this book, and you will learn of reliable tools which don’t use fuel in order to start fires.

    Some methods covered

    - Magnifying glasses

    - Slam Rods

    - Fire Plough

    - Make a magnifying glass out of ice!

    - Fire from a mobile phone

    - Chewing gum and batteries.

    - Chemical reactions with brake fluid

    - 9 volt batteries and steel wool

    - Coke cans…

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    survival guide for beginners, how to survive the end of the world, how to purify water, how to purify water for survival, water purification for travel, water purification filtration, water purification survival, water purification travel, how to filter water

    SHTF Preparedness. Water Purification & Filtration (water purification chemical,: water purification drinking, staying hydrated, prepping pantry, water … water purification, survival handbook)

    by Chris Brooks

    The SHTF Preparedness.

    Proven Methods for Water Purification & Filtration

    You will hopefully learn about water filtration to have several ideas on how to look at particular common resources in a way that makes your mind align those resources into ways to engineer a water filter– should the time of need ever arise.

    The basics are simple, and somewhat flexible. Most of the designs are simple gravity-fed systems of filtration, and can be constructed at zero cost and in minutes using only common materials.

    You’ll also learn some important chemical properties and characteristics of water that will give you a much finer perspective on what it is and how it gets contaminated– and how it can be cleaned.

    You’ll understand the design of how to construct water-filters based on performance to meet your needs. You’ll also consider multiple ways of delivering clean water in an absolute pinch using nothing but a rag or a shirt!

    You will know a lot more about water filtration than the common individual who’s out there walking the street. As a result of that knowledge, you may be able to save their lives– or your life with a simple practice of primitive engineering.

    You will be much more able to survive now.

    Some topics covered:

    - The necessity of water & The basics of water filtration

    - Two bottles, cotton, sand, charcoal, and gravel

    - Simple charcoal filter

    - The shirt strainer method

    - Safest bet

    - Distilling water

    Download your E book “The SHTF Preparedness.Proven Methods for Water Purification & Filtration” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

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    Preppers Blueprint: The Proven Preppers Guide to Get Yourself Ready for Any Disaster (Survival Gear, survivalist, Survival Tips)

    by Max Kessler

    Much can be said about preparing for disasters. Government and state websites outline a myriad of ways to prepare, survivalist companies advertise their specialty products and supplies, neighbors have their own ideas, but do you have an emergency plan? What would you do if you were ordered to leave your home right now? What would you take? What would you do if a nuclear power plant emitted radioactive substances? The question is – are you ready?

    Since Hurricane Katrina, 9/11 disaster, and massive outbreaks of tornadoes, this world has seen an uptick in all sorts of disasters: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, massive fires, floods; isolated civil unrest riots and protests; and, each news day features frightening details of disasters in the making. The Preppers Blueprint: The Proven Preppers Guide to Get Yourself Ready for Any Disaster provides a basic blueprint by examining the areas of preparation in devising a disaster survival plan.

    Success for any endeavor depends on planning. This book has broken down the areas of organization needed to compile a plan you can start today to build your supplies and build your survival knowledge. Be creative in your plan; take into consideration your special needs, your geography, most likely disaster scenarios for your location, readily available supplies, and immediate safety threats. It is vitally important to have an emergency disaster plan; your survival may depend on it. Don’t depend on the government for your disaster assistance; take the personal initiative to get yourself ready.

    These are the secrets of preparation that we will discuss:

    • Family Emergency Plan
    • Bugging Out
    • Shelter-in
    • Mobile shelter or camping
    • Evacuation to a shelter
    • Food – gardening, sprouting, canning, etc.
    • Water storage
    • Tools and supplies
    • Important documents
    • Evacuation of your home

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    The Illusion of Self: The Ego and its Influence

    by Guy Stanley

    The Illusion of Self opens the reader to challenge the perception the Ego creates within the physical mind. From birth we form our concept of self through ideas, actions and reactions of the life experience. It is a composite of all the influences of our lifetime; our struggles, our likes, dislikes, our wants and desires. It continues to develop through life’s challenges, creating in itself the illusions of an idea of “what is.” In reality, it’s all an illusion of how we observe life. The Illusion of Self exposes these perceptions and directs the reader to consider Truth and its meaning.

    The SHTF Stockpile: 33 Items You Will Need to Stay Alive When Disaster Strikes (The SHTF Stockpile, the shtf stockpile books, shtf survival)

    by Mike Burns

    What happens when it all hits the fan? Are you ready? What would it take for you to be ready?

    If you struggle to answer those questions, then you need to get prepared, right now.

    Disasters do not arrive on a scheduled timetable and they do not announce themselves politely. They come when they want and they hit hard and fast and put people, cities, and even whole countries at risk. If you are unprepared, your survival will be at the will of fate. If that’s acceptable, don’t buy this book. But if you’re like me, leaving your life in someone else’s hands or up to fate is utterly unacceptable. If that’s so, you need this book to discover the 33 most important things to stockpile.

    This guide book will detail the necessary preps and items for any person to survive a crisis. Some of this is common sense, but much of what I share in this book are things people don’t really consider until it’s too late.

    In this book you’ll learn how to:

    • Maintain food and water supplies,
    • Protect and defend your home,
    • Keep in contact with like-minded survivors for safety in numbers,
    • Administer basic first aid to yourself and to others,
    • How to structure your survival preparation plans, and
    • Keep yourself safe with the ultimate six must have survival preps.

    This guidebook can help you prepare for a disaster we hope never comes. But as well we all know; it is far better to be prepared and never need these skills, than to desperately need them and not have them.

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    Preppers Survival: 48 Super Easy Survival Tactics That Will Save You In Danger (Preppers Survival, preppers survival books, preppers survival guide)

    by Ashely Hall

    We don’t know what life has for us and so many people say, we should live life as if it’s our last as there are some frightening situations that can put us in danger, and worse, some of them happen the time we least expect it.

    Most of us have witnessed a lot of cases, mostly in TV or internet where people died because of disasters or accidents. A lot of people have lost their lives because they are not prepared for it.

    And simply being aware of the approaching disaster doesn’t help sometimes as well. Just think about the Hurricane Katrina disaster that happened in New Orleans back in 2005. Millions of people knew that there the worst hurricane to hit the region in a century is coming, but there were still a lot of people could do nothing but wait what’s going to happen next.

    Planning for the calamity is to take on an organized approach to rather shun the calamity, and when disaster is unavoidable, to lessen the harm and to do the essential approach to at least protect your life and the basic necessities that are going to help in keeping you alive from dangers.

    In most situations, your survival plan should be based on the preparation of shelter, supplies, and common sense for the period of the disaster situation.

    Anyone can survive in any kind of situations we would encounter are long as we are ready for it and knew the right survival tactics to use just in the event we face any kind of life threatening situations.

    If you know that a disaster is coming, it will be great if you have already prepared for it before it even comes. But there are unpredictable instances where danger comes even before we know it. Therefore, it is very important that we know what to do in case an emergency arises.

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • 48 super easy survival tactics that will save you in danger
    • Understand each step and apply it to yourself to save yourself and your family from natural or manmade disasters that may occur any time.

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    Chicago School Traditions: Deductive Qualitative Analysis and Grounded Theory, Volume 2

    by Jane Gilgun

    I can do research by talking to people about things that matter to them? That was my joyful question when I was a graduate student at Syracuse University and first heard of research methods associated with the Chicago School of Sociology. Until then, I had thought research was a matter of putting people in situations and seeing how they react or by asking them questions that researchers thought were important. Even rats, monkeys, and pigeons in boxes were what research meant to me. Getting to know other people? Building trust? Understanding what was important to them?

    That is what qualitative research is about and that is what this collection of essays is about: How researchers seek to understand other human beings in their own terms in their own contexts and in their own preferred ways. The essays in this volume are about deductive qualitative analysis and grounded theory, two theory-guided approaches that help researchers develop descriptions, typologies, and theory that are immediately useful in applied settings.

    I am a professor at the University of Minnesota School of Social Work, Twin Cities, USA. I wrote these essays for publications in family journals and in social work journals. Some are unpublished conference presentations. Social work and family studies are related and share audiences with other disciplines, such as nursing, psychology, and sociology. The topics range from introductory to advanced. This collection will be of interest to students, new researchers, and experienced researchers in a variety of applied disciplines.

    I arranged the essays in this volume in the order in which I wrote them. I did this to invite readers into the intellectual journey I took as I sought to understand these two ways of doing and thinking about research.

    This is volume 2 of a two-part series. Volume 2 covers the years 2008-2013. Volume 1 covers 1992-2007. The two volumes are available separately to cut down on the cost of the entire volume. Many of the essays are available as single publications on Amazon and iBooks.

    Why I Support Bernie Sanders Revolution: Mike Alan’s Vision for a New, Caring, Safe America

    by Mike Alan

    In Part one of this book Mike Alan describes in detail why Bernie Sanders is the best choice for President of the United States.

    Part two of this book is Mike Alan’s step by step plan for a New, Caring and Safe America:

    In Chapter 13 Mike describes how by increasing funding for Government Medical Research we can cure all diseases and increase the human lifespan dramatically.

    In chapter 14 Mike reveals a plan to make all American Citizens eligible for a minimum of $2000 per month Social Security.

    In chapter 15 Mike points out that we really can end homelessness in America.

    In chapter 16 Mike writes that by the time an American child reaches age 18 they have seen an average of 150,000 violent images on television and that one out of every four American woman will be the victim of severe violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime.

    Mike points out the relationship between those two facts.

    Mike also provides a plan to end violence in America.

    In Chapter 17 Mike states that public education grades 1 through 12 needs to completely change to teach children how to live psychologically and physically healthy lives.

    In chapter 18 Mike provides a plan for how we can stop convicting innocent people in our courtrooms.

    In chapter 19 Mike points out many examples of the lack of government accountability in America and the solution to that problem.

    In chapter 20 Mike focuses on the need for America to stop fighting unnecessary wars and why both the Vietnam War and the Iraq War were unnecessary wars.

    In chapter 21 Mike describes a detailed plan for preventing unnecessary wars and for stopping global anti Americanism.

    In chapter 23 Mike provides a plan for establishing safe, crime free communities in America.

    In chapter 24 Mike describes how we can end the more than 30,000 deaths and more than 2 million annual injuries from motor vehicle crashes.

    In chapter 25 Mike lists 14 new guaranteed rights that we should legally establish for all Americans.

    Build a Survival Safe Home: The Latest Guide for Building Safe and Warm Wilderness Shelters (Survival Safe Home, Survival shelter, Survival shelter books)

    by Ronald Nelson

    Maybe you love the great outdoors. Maybe you are a SHTF prepper. Regardless, you are currently on your personal journey of learning how to live off of the land and survive. When living off of the land or in the wilderness becomes your only option, shelter should be your first concern. That’s why we wrote this ebook. In this ebook you will learn 10 different shelters that you can build on your own land or out in the wilderness. Additionally, you will also learn about the things you should consider when you need to construct your survival shelter. You can learn these helpful shelter building techniques now and be ready for the end of the world!

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • How to build a debris shelter;
    • How to build a lean-to;
    • How to build a swamp bed;
    • How to build a wiki up; and
    • Six other types of shelters.

    As a bonus, we walk you through the very important and much needed skill of making and using survival cement. Survival cement can make living in the wilderness much easier. You can use it to secure your shelter, make it water resistant, and use it to build necessities such as a stove.

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    The New Bossism of the American Left

    by Richard Moore

    The bureaucracy rules, with its rules. That is the defining characteristic of the New Bossism of the American Left, and, in this fascinating book, investigative reporter and conservative author Richard Moore exposes the inner workings of this increasingly all-powerful political machine: a collectivist bureaucracy, its globalist allies, and a liberal state-run media. Together, they seek to control every aspect of our lives: what we eat, where we live, what we read, how long we will be in the shower. They want to control all the waters of the United States, and the dust on the nation’s farms. And so they compile 79,000 pages of regulationsâ??just on the federal levelâ??and continue to talk as if we are a free people.

    But, Richard Moore shows us, the New Bosses can be defeated if Americans rise up to reclaim the United States Constitution, and the political process by which it protects and enhances individual liberty. Too often, Moore says, the real plot lineâ??the underlying core philosophical debate of big government versus individual libertyâ??is often distorted and obscured by the media and by the government. We spend a disproportionate amount of time discussing the manifestations of the philosophical coreâ??the debt ceiling, education standards, Obamacareâ??instead of the core debate itself.

    While hot-button issues like Obamacare are not unimportant, Moore argues, reasserting the primacy of our constitutional system is critical to defeating the bureaucratic class – reasserting Congress’s authority to make legislation, re-establishing the separation of powers, restricting the appellate jurisdiction of courts, and upholding states’ rights. To restore the constitutional integrity that allows a free people to freely decide their fate demands that the true inner workings of the New Bosses be revealed, so its machinery can be dismantled. This is a primer on how to do it.

    Secrets to Happiness: Secret Keys to Greater Happiness: How to Always Be Happy Regardless of Your Circumstances (Boost Your Happiness, Improve Your Well-Being, Ultimate Key to Happiness)

    by V. Noot

    Become the happiest person you can be!

    Do you want to feel happier every day despite of the problems you have? This book offers solutions and steps towards achieving happiness. It will give you some of the key ingredients of a happy, joyful and fulfilling life. If you follow the steps in this book, you’ll find more inner peace.

    Happiness is the object and design of our existence. Everything we do, is because we think it can create more happiness in our lives. But sometimes we look for fulfillment in the wrong places. I encourage you to just download this quick and simple e-book, so you can get a better understanding of how to improve your well-being. If you apply the principles in this e-book, you’ll be able to:

    Become happier

    Find out what’s holding you back from being content with life

    Develop qualities that will give you joy

    Find inner peace

    Deal with life’s problems more effectively

    Improve your mood

    Worry less about trivial things

    Know how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles to your happiness

    And much more! Don’t put it off if you want to be happier and download this affordable e-book right now! Find out what attitudes, attributes and qualities could help you become a better and happier person and enjoy life to the fullest.

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    Good Enough for God: He’s Ready for You, Even if the Church Isn’t

    by Jeff McKinney

    Don’t let someone else define God for you.

    You can rely on God even if you can’t stand Christians or church. You are good enough for God right now, this second.

    Feel more at home in a bar than in a church building? This book is for you. You are better off with Him than without Him.

    Don’t let someone else define God for you – discover Him for yourself by reading Good Enougy for God. Make your own decision.

    FREE Companion email series available at mckinneywriting.com

    Going Off the Grid with Campfire Recipes: 25 Survival Recipes You Can Cook without Electricity (Prepper’s Cookbook)

    by Julie Peck

    Eating off the grid might sound a little strange but it can actually be a fun experience for most. Thousands of people each year go off on a survival or camping weekend and they enjoy it; in fact, they love it! It can be an once-in-a-lifetime experience and you can get a great sense of reality and what skills you really have.

    Cooking without electricity is possible even though very few know how to cook outdoors without the use of electricity. However, there are plenty of simple and tasty dishes you can prepare without the need of an electric stove.

    Getting back to nature can be simple when you put your mind to it.

    Inside You Will Learn:

    - What Off The Grid Cooking Is

    - 25 Recipes You Can Try Out While Going Off The Grid

    - Tips To Help Keep Food Safe From Animals

    - How To Store Food Safely

    - Basic Errors To Avoid When Cooking Outdoors

    - And Much More

    This really could give you the inspiration to go to the great outdoors.

    Download This Book Now.

    Alone in the Wild: The Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Survival (Preppers Survival, survival handbook, survival pantry)

    by James Clark

    This ebook is the ultimate guide to surviving the unexpected. How best to prepare yourself for the worse that mother nature can throw at you.

    Could you survive in the wilderness without all the modern paraphernalia, gadgets and luxuries, with this ebook your chances of surviving the wilderness will increase dramatically.

    If you read this book you will be equipped with the tools to help you survive in some of the more extreme conditions of the wild.

    The chapters covers all you need to know to enable you to:

    • Build a rough shelter to protect your body from the elements
    • Keeping warm and dry
    • What to eat and just as importantly what not to eat
    • What are the dangers, and how to avoid them
    • How to care for yourself, keep your body safe from harm
    • How to keep your sanity
    • Making a survival plan guiding you through the dangers of the wilderness

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    The Ultimate Survival Manual: 15 Proven Survival Skills and Survival Tactics That Will Save Your Life if You Get Lost in the Wilderness (survival skills, wilderness survival, survival techniques)

    by Tammy Weber

    This book is going to be beneficial for those that enjoy spending time in the wilderness or woods learning about or simply enjoying nature. Most people don’t realize that it can be very easy to get turned around in unfamiliar surroundings and find yourself fighting to survive. With the right tools and knowledge you will be able to survive and that is what this book is going to provide for you. This is a serious situation that has claimed many lives over the years and this book is fully designed to help you avoid a potentially fatal situation.

    After reading this book you will be able to go into the woods with a clear mind knowing that you will be fine and thus be able to enjoy the adventure. You will learn about ways to find food and water, how to build a shelter, and some of the most important dos and don’ts of the woods. Knowledge is a powerful tool and with this book you will be empowered to survive should you suddenly find yourself lost. Each lesson is designed to guide you and help you make choices that will keep you alive until you find your way back or a rescue team locates you and delivers you back home safe and sound.

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    SHTF Proof Your House: 15 Amazing Lessons on How to Protect Your House From Earthquakes (SHTF Proof Your House, shtf stockpile, shtf survival)

    by Lynn Bonne

    This book is going to be beneficial for those that enjoy spending time in the wilderness or woods learning about or simply enjoying nature. Most people don’t realize that it can be very easy to get turned around in unfamiliar surroundings and find yourself fighting to survive. With the right tools and knowledge you will be able to survive and that is what this book is going to provide for you. This is a serious situation that has claimed many lives over the years and this book is fully designed to help you avoid a potentially fatal situation.

    After reading this book you will be able to go into the woods with a clear mind knowing that you will be fine and thus be able to enjoy the adventure. You will learn about ways to find food and water, how to build a shelter, and some of the most important dos and don’ts of the woods. Knowledge is a powerful tool and with this book you will be empowered to survive should you suddenly find yourself lost. Each lesson is designed to guide you and help you make choices that will keep you alive until you find your way back or a rescue team locates you and delivers you back home safe and sound.

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    The SHTF Stockpile: 55 Items You Shouldn’t Miss When SHTF (The SHTF Stockpile books, shtf survival, shtf plan)

    by Ronald Nelson

    Your ability to survive when the SHTF depends on two things – having a solid survival strategy and possessing the tools to put it into action. This book tells you which tools you need. It is a guide to the 55 most essential you need to stockpile for when the SHTF.

    When preparing for a SHTF scenario, there can be no room for superfluous items. Everything you stockpile needs to stored for a reason. The 55 items recommended here have been rigorously assessed to ensure they provide you with the greatest utility.

    Essential SHTF stockpile items should have uses that focus on the bare necessities of survival. For this reason, the items in this book are organized into chapters that prioritize the basic human needs. There are four things all humans must have in order to survive: water, food, sleep and shelter. Without these, humans are in immediate danger. Take just one of these away and our survival hopes are drastically cut. Items that help to fulfill these basic needs are identified in the first four chapters.

    A further chapter details items that can help provide you with Power, Communication and Light. You will also need to make sure you have the right items to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable, and Chapter 6 guides you through the items you need for First Aid and Sanitation. Lastly, it makes no difference how well you stockpile your items if someone can simply come and take them from you. For this reason, Chapter 7 lists the most effective items for protecting your property from unwanted guests.

    Here are the chapters that you’ll find in this book:

    • Preparation
    • Water
    • Food
    • Sleep and Shelter
    • Power, Light and Communication
    • Sanitation and First Aid
    • Security

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    Data YOU Are The New Commodity

    by Daniel J Muhlestein

    In this short book, you will be shocked by the information that is being gathered about you! This publication will guide you through the vast ocean of data that is being collected on each of us through constant surveillance by the NSA and other data mining organizations. This book will give you details on how you can access this information for FREE! The first step in regaining your privacy, thwarting big brother, the new world order, and terrorism is to get your hands on the information these companies have about you.

    I know that $7.50 seems like a lot of money to pay for a very short book. Understand you are not paying for the volume of words; you are paying for the value of the content. Consider the following scenario:

    There was once a guy whose television was not working. This guy flipped the switches and turned the buttons, and nothing happened. Matter of fact, the problem only got worse. He climbed up on the roof and adjusted the antenna, still, nothing happened and the problem only got worse. The guy even took the back off and looked around at the mechanics inside the TV Finally, the guy called a TV repairman.

    The repairman came out, took one look at the television set, turned one screw and voila! The t.v. was working better than if it was brand new. The guy thanked the repairman and said ‘How much do I owe you?’ figuring that since the problem was so easy to fix the job would be cheap or even free. The repairman said, ‘That will be $200 for the service call please.’

    Outraged, the guy said, “$200! You only turned one screw!” The repairman smiled and said, “Yes, but I knew which screw to turnâ?¦”

    The value of the content within this book is worth way more than what you are about to pay for it.

    Most of us feel powerless; most of us feel as though there is nothing we can do to thwart terrorism. We often feel as though the new world order is inevitable, that the NSA will do whatever they want. We are all becoming very comfortable with big brother. We dream of long past days where there was privacy and much less data mining. This just may be one of the most important books you buy yet.

    It’s time for you to be awakened.

    The urge of capital: The root cause of the world’s deep contradictions – a Chinese perspective

    by Eddy Wai Choi Lee

    The author tries to address the issues of global poverty, environmental deterioration, increasing work pressure, economic crises, exacerbating wealth concentration and social inequality through the lens of Karl Marx, Fernand Braudel, Immanuel Wallerstein, etc. and provides an answer called “the urge of capital”. By analyzing the problems in a systematic and holistic approach, the author illustrates how this urge created our world as we know today, and how it will continue to affect our everyday life as well as the future of humanity. Towards the end, a range of suggestions are also put forward to counter the destructive trend of capitalistic expansion, so as to achieve a more just, harmonious and sustainable world. Some examples in the book are cited in reference to the context of Hong Kong and China, which provide Western readers an interesting glimpse of the political and economic environments therein.





    An Interview with Leonard Schatzman (Qualitative Family Research Book 7)

    by Jane Gilgun

    Leonard Schatzman worked with Anselm Strauss for more than 30 years. Lenny was Anselm’s first student. This article is an interview with Leonard Schatzman and also contains the transcript of the long interview on which the article is based. Article and interview were done in 1993. This article and transcript is a great opportunity to look backstage at the development of grounded theory as a research method.

    My cosmology 2: Modeling of Consciousness space and life generation

    by nobuaki yamada

    ã??It is a model for the observer (Consciousness) space that was suggested in the previous edition of “My cosmology”.

    ã??This book is a model of conscious brain and life. It does not matter even if you believe that this book is a philosophy book which leads to “I exist because I think me” of Descartes.

    This time, I added the life generation model, but I think that it is the world of SF for everyone. Over the 2000 since Archimedes started to consider life generation model,ã??a successful scientific modeling does not exist.

    How the Republicans Can Win the White House in 2016

    by D Simpson

    In this short essay, the Author presents a roadmap for a Republican Victory in the Pesidential Election of 2016. This is a plan where the Republicans can win without changing their message or principles. They can will the election and lose the popular vote by millions of votes. It is the Author’s contention that failure to follow this plan will result in Hillary Clinton being the next President of the United States.

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    6 Feb

    Free parenting and families Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

    How To Get A Boyfriend: The Ultimate Guide on How to Attract Men, How to Flirt and Have a Fabulous Self-Esteem

    by Victoria Alexander

    How To Get A Boyfriend

    The Ultimate Guide on How to Attract Men, How to Flirt and Have a Fabulous Self-Esteem

    Tired of being single? Don’t know if you’ll ever find the one? This book is your remedy!

    How to get a boyfriend is a practical program that will help you become a woman of anyone’s dream. You will be able to attract any man you want.

    This program is the combination of a lot of years of experience, though and insight of what exactly it is that attracts men, makes them fall in love and appreciate their women.  The first few chapters of the program are about you.  The practical exercises will help you dig deep to find that irresistible, confident and radiant woman. If you become that woman, the success with men will take care of itself. The last few chapters will help you understand men deeply, attract any man you choose and make him fall in love with you. Happy relationship is very important and this book will help you find one.

    Every chapter has practical exercises that I highly recommend. They are lots of fun.

    After reading the book you will discover:

    - How to let go of your past

    - How to be confident and boost your self-esteem

    - How to be truly happy and attract any man you want

    - How to discover your passion

    - What to do on the first date

    - How to choose the right man

    - How to make him fall in love with you

    - How to have a great conversation with anyone

    - How to understand psychology of men

    - How t stand out in any social situation

    - What men truly want

    - Where to meet men

    - How to instantly let go of your negative thoughts

    - How to be beautiful inside and out

    - How to be adventurous

    I have also included a Bonus chapter called Passion and Desire in Long-Term Relationship.

    Potty Training In 3 Days: 20 Astonishing Hacks That Will Help Any Parent And Make Potty Training Easier in Only 3 days (potty training in 3 days, early potty training, 3 day potty training)

    by Mina Long

    As a parent, you are probably wondering why most children are ready for potty training at the same time that they enter the “terrible two’s.” At a time when you so want them to say yes to potty training, they have fallen in love with the word “No!” and with exercising free will. Your funny little girl or boy can make the potty training experience a not so fun experience for both of you. The good news is there are many things you can do to make the potty training experience and this eBook breaks down tips and tricks that will ease the transition from diapers to big boy underwear for you and your little one.

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • The top 20 hacks to help you and your child win at potty training in 3 days
    • Signs that your child is ready for potty training
    • Signs that your child is not ready for this milestone
    • How to prep for the big 3 Day Potty Training Event
    • What to do and what not to do while potty training your child
    • What to expect on each of the 3 potty training days

    Read this book and you will have a plan that will get you and your child through potty training in just 3 days. It is a process and as long as you have a system, a plan and have done some preparation as outlined in this book, then you have everything you need to make the process as stress-free as possible for you and your child.

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    Potty Training: Top 30 Potty Training Tips That Will Help You Learn When and How to Potty Train Your Child (Potty Training, Potty Training books, potty training boys)

    by Trent Hood

    Potty training is one of the toughest times for a child and parents because they need to teach everything to their children. The Potty Training: Top 30 Potty Training Tips That Will Help You Learn When and How to Potty Train Your Child is particularly designed to help all girls and boys.

    This eBook helps you to teach basic potty training techniques, rules and regulations. This time comes at least once in the life of each parent, and they should learn how to deal with it. The parent often wants to do magic to their child to make them potty trained in a short period of time.

    You need to understand that there is no particular age for the potty training. You need to learn the signs of readiness before taking any decision. The Potty Training: Top 30 Potty Training Tips That Will Help You Learn When and How to Potty Train Your Child have answers to your all questions.

    It is a comprehensive book designed with versatile concepts of training. You need to train your child in advance and ask some readiness questions to your child to make sure if the child is ready for the training or not.

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    Potty Training 101: A Fun, Stress-Free, and Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training Your Child in a Few Days (Baby & Toddler Guide)

    by Aimee Long

    The very concept of potty training is overwhelming whether you are preparing to start the process or whether you are mid-way through. “Potty Training 101: A Fun, Stress-Free, and Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training Your Child in a Few Days” was written with you in mind with the intention of taking all of your fears, worries and frustrations away and making potty training completely stress free.

    “Potty Training 101: A Fun, Stress-Free, and Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training Your Child in a Few Days” tackles all of the common potty training problems with a wealth of solutions for what to do when your child won’t poop on the potty to how to know when it’s time to back off and try again later.

    As you journey through “Potty Training 101: A Fun, Stress-Free, and Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training Your Child in a Few Days” you will discover that you aren’t alone in your potty training troubles and that there are plenty of tips and tricks to ease your child into using the potty.

    Forget the books that are filled with the one and only solution to potty training, this book covers potty training from all angles to ensure that your potty training troubles are under control.

    Inside You Will Learn about:

    - Tips to complete potty training in five days!

    - How to know whether your child is ready for potty training

    - Common potty training techniques

    - Answers to popular potty training troubles

    - And Much More

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    Boosting Your Marriage Libido After Age 50. Things To Know About Having A Better Sex and More Intimacy In Your Marriage Sex Life!: (Marriage Sexual Intimacy … Marriage Advice, How to Have Sex Book 1)

    by Lacy Kingston

    Boosting Your Marriage Libido After Age 50.

    Things To Know About Having A Better Sex and More Intimacy In Your Marriage Sex Life!

    Almost everyone feels a little scooped on the idea they just reached 50 years old and they start wondering what they should do now. A lot of us go to a doctor and seek wisdom of how to stretch quality in our lives. We search for answers to age old questions that funny enough we already know the answers to. Unfortunately, so many things are going on in our life that we tend to either ignore or become immune to their effects on us. Sex is one of these issues and will be addressed in this book. Not because we need it to be our focal point, but to be reminded of why we are who we are.

    Download your E book “Boosting Your Marriage Libido After Age 50. Things To Know About Having A Better Sex and More Intimacy In Your Marriage Sex Life!” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now with 1-Click” button!

    Tags: sex, marriage, sex in marriage, love, sexuality, sex positions, marriage help, sex, sexual life, sexual pleasure, sexuality, Love, Romance, Sex Stories, Sex Guide

    Granny’s Advice: tips for Senior Citizens & those who care for them

    by Dr. Ebeth Reid

    Advice for senior citizens to stay healthy, take care of things and enjoy their golden years. Includes help for caregivers plus memory jogging articles and fun.

    Potty Training: 22 Effective Potty Training Tips on Toilet Training for Toddlers (Potty Training, potty training boys, potty training tips)

    by Georgiana Duke

    Is your child ready for potty training, but you are a very busy mum, so you do not have the time and the nerves to focus on this matter? Do you think that it will take months or even years to potty train your child because it simply refuses to sit on its potty or because it will go only if you sit next to him, but you have so many things to do around the house or at work? Do not despair because you are not the only one with this problem. This book will share with you the tips and methods that experienced parents have used and that pediatricians believe you need to bear in mind when you start potty training your toddler. This book will also instruct you how to potty train you child in just three days, so that you have enough time for your everyday duties afterward and so that you do not feel tired or frustrated at the end of the potty training. Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding potty training that will help you deal with the problems that you encounter during potty training and thus assist you to potty train your child quickly and more effectively.

    Learn about:

    • The 22 tips for fast potty training that will help you finish this job easily and painlessly
    • The remarkable three-day potty training method
    • The useful answers to the most frequently asked questions about potty training

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    Pregnancy & Baby Box Set: How To Get Pregnant Fast + 5000 Baby Names For Girls And Boys – Contains The Complete Guide for Using Essential Oils For Kids

    by Madeline Garcia

    Pregnancy & Baby Box Set (3 IN 1 BOX SET)

    BOOK 1: Getting Pregnant Fast: How To Get Pregnant Fast – The Complete Guide To Ovulation, Fertility, And Best Fertility Superfoods For Faster Conception!

    Did you know that one in six couples has trouble conceiving a child? Many factors go into this problem, but some of them are things that YOU can control.

    This complete guide will help you get pregnant- fast! Find out how to calculate when you are ovulating so that you can get your timing to try to get pregnant more accurate! You’ll also learn tips and tricks to improve both male and female fertility and what foods you should be eating if you want to get pregnant!

    Getting pregnant can be a difficult, time consuming process if you don’t have all the information. This guide will help make it easier and quicker. You’ll learn what you’re doing wrong on your journey to getting pregnant and how you can correct your mistakes and have a happy, healthy baby on the way!

    BOOK 2: Baby Names: The Complete Guide To Naming Your Child The Right Way – Contains 5000 Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Baby Meanings And Origins

    Nothing is more exciting than preparing for the arrival of your child. Part of that preparation is choosing the perfect name, and there is no better time to get started than right now!

    Just imagine, soon you will be holding your infant and gently whispering his or her name with words of affection that only a parent can offer. Feeling confident that you will love that name for the years to come is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child.

    Throughout your child’s lifetime, you will look back on when you were choosing the perfect name and will congratulate yourself for being so thoughtful as to study “The Complete Guide to Naming Your Child the Right Way – Contains 5000 Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Baby Meanings And Origins.”

    BOOK 3: Essential Oils for Kids: The Complete Guide for Using Essential Oils to Maximize Your Child’s Health, Vitality, and Radiant Skin!

    There is so much conflicting information out there these days; each telling us what to use and what not to use for ourselves and our kids. You want your child to be happy and healthy, but then you ask yourself, how healthy can something that is made in a lab really be?

    The answer is simple: natural products are better than lab produced products any time. Whether it be for health, energy, or appearance, you can’t do better than the natural benefits that are found in nature.

    Whether you are looking for a specific choice of oil in its pure form, or are looking for a blend of oils that will help you remedy what you are looking for, this is the book for you! Explaining the health benefits of each oil along with a few suggestions for use, there is no end to the helpful information in this book.

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    Baby Names and their Meaning: Choosing a Name, Boys Names, Girls Names, Baby Name Origins.

    by Jenny Phillips

    Baby Names and Their Meanings: Choosing a Name, Boy,s Names, Girl,s Names, Baby name Origins.

    Congratulations, you or someone you know is having a baby, wonderful news.

    As all parents to be will know choosing the name of the new arrival is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make. Baby names and their meanings may I hope make this decision a little easier.

    I have not set out in this publication to include thousands of names from every corner of the world. My experience is that trawling through endless lists of names makes the task even more perplexing.

    Here is a list of boy’s and girl’s names that may appeal to the reader. I have included the meaning of each name and the country of origin if known.

    Some of the names included will be well known to the reader, some not so well known and some perhaps not known at all.

    Please enjoy your journey through the choices you will make in the quest to name your child. Children are the most wonderful gift that God can bestow upon us.

    It is my hope that this book will help in your difficult and very important decision.

    Table of Contents.

    Choosing a name
    Boy,s Names
    Girl,s Names

    Parenting: A Practical Guide On Parenting: Effective Parenting Advice To Help Raise A Lifelong Happy Family (Parenting Book, Parenting Advice, Parenting … Help, Parenting Teens, Parenting Styles)

    by Alexis G. Roldan

    Limited Time Offer $0.99 – Regular Price $2.99

    Discover How To Improve Your Parenting Skills To Ensure Success While Raising Your Children

    You are about to learn proven strategies that have helped families around the world raise successful children. It’s no secret that raising a child is no easy task. As parents, we are constantly being tested. Children have a way, through their actions and words, of putting parents into situations that they never thought they’d be in.

    So how do we face the many challenges of being a parent? What is the best way to deal with certain situations? Is there anything we can do as parents to help us to avoid some of these challenging situations altogether? Well, the answer is yes. And that’s where this book comes in.

    I have written this book to give parents the knowledge to be able to raise their families with confidence, knowing that their children are receiving the best upbringing possible. The techniques discussed in this book have been proven to work. Armed with this information, your job as a parent will not only be easier, but will be enjoyable as well.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

    • How To Connect With Your Child
    • How To Improve Your Child’s Behavior
    • How To Support Your Child In Different Aspects Of Life
    • How To Promote A Resilient And Healthy Social Life
    • How To Create A Healthy Home
    • And Much, Much More!

    Download your copy of “A Practical Guide On Parenting” today. You’ll be glad you did.

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    DIVORCE: Child Custody – Doing What Is Best For Your Kids (Find Out Your Rights and Learn Strategies To Communicate With An Uncooperative Ex) (Custody, Divorce, Divorce Poison, Toxic Ex, Splitting)

    by Samantha Evans

    Are The Questions Regarding Child Custody Stressing You Out?

    This book will answer all your child custody questions!

    You’ll Soon Find Out:

    - How To Communicate With Your Ex In A Peaceful Way

    - How To Do What Is Best For Your Child

    - How To Resolve Money Issues

    - What To Do Regarding Medical Care

    - What To Do For Your Child’s Education

    - How To Resolve Any Issues Regarding Religious Training

    - How To Decide The Living Arrangements

    - What Is Best For Your Child On The Holidays

    - How To Deal With Changes In An Existing Agreement

    - How To Work With Professionals In Any Dispute

    - And Much More!

    Give Yourself The Opportunity To Finally Feel Good About The Child Custody Issues.

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    Snapchat Dating Secrets: Proven Strategies to Attract Girls With Snapchat

    by Thomas Lane

    FREE Bonus Report & Video Training Included!

    The Ultimate Blueprint to Flirt With Girls On Snapchat

    Normal Human Variations: An argument for Autism, Aspergers and Personality Disorders – Disorders or Natural Human Brain and Gene Evolution? (Transcend Mediocrity Book 94)

    by J.B. Snow

    Many of us know people whom society and doctors would consider personality-disordered or mentally ill. We often use these labels for diagnoses and treatment. Sometimes the labels aren’t accurate due to difficulties in testing for disorders and due to the differing views of the physicians and psychoanalysts. But are these people really â??disordered’ after all? Is there truly a â??normal’ personality that exists, and if it does exist – what is it?

    There are theories that exist which classify as women having a female brain and men having a male brain. The woman’s brain is often wired for socializing and empathizing to allow them to raise and care for their young. The man’s brain is often wired for task-orientation and individuation so that he can hunt, gather and promote his civilization or his tribe. These brain variations don’t have to be specific to the gender of the person who holds this specific brain – a woman can be a â??tomboy’ and a man can be socially adept and empathetic towards others.

    It has been known that there are different variations in a person’s skills, emotions, self-confidence and self-worth. But the fact of the matter is that it is arguable whether those who hold socially unacceptable or â??negative’ personality traits are disordered or that they simply have a less mature or less evolved brain.

    When we talk about evolution of the brain, we can seek to compare ourselves to the great apes who can arguably show similar evolution in the personality traits that humans have displayed. The primate’s brain is much more complex than that of an instinctual animal, and the apes display a great deal of behaviors that are similar to humans in nature.

    Download now to read more!

    Andy The Dog: Today, Andy Goes Outside to Play

    by Frank Gonzalez

    Andy The Dog loves to play his video games, but when Mom brings Andy a new video game. Andy quickly realizes that the game is for two players only. Mom and Dad are busy with house chores and can’t play with Andy. Dad asks Andy if he would like to go outside and ride his bike instead? While Andy rides his bike, he meets two new friends, and his fun filled day of outside activites begins. Andy and The Kids take part in many of the games that you and I played during our younger days. Follow along as Today, Andy Goes Outside To Play.

    Potty Training: The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Hassle Free Results In 3 Days (Potty TraPotty Training, Potty Training in 3 Days, Potty Train in a Weekend)

    by Anna Nelson

    Potty Training

    The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Hassle Free Results In 3 Days

    Most children enter a daycare, babysitter or preschool situation by age two or three, prime potty training years. Having them prepared ahead of time saves parents frequent trips exchanging accident clothes for clean ones and saves children embarrassment when accidents do happen. Since the mid-1970s, there have been many studies and reports of “quick-training” potty training methods published, some claiming to work as quickly as one day! It is important that we stress what success will be when trying to potty train a child in a short amount of time. Success will mean that your child is more likely to use the potty rather than diapers. A three-day potty training plan will definitely not be the end of your potty training endeavors; there will still be setbacks and accidents. Look at these three days as a HUGE jump start to your child’s eventual 100% success. On the other hand, some children may be completely potty trained after a long weekend. We will now examine some components to some of these methods and some sure-fire ways to potty train your toddler quickly, within three days!

    Download your copy of “The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Hassle Free Results In 3 Days” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    Baby Sleep : Tips to Getting Your Baby to Sleep Through the Night (a baby sleep book of solutions to have a Happy Child)

    by Mike C. Adams

    If you have trouble laying your baby down to sleep at night or if you have trouble with your baby even sleeping through the entire night you are in luck. Effective Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep offers fifty excellent tips that will save your night. A parent of a baby can be so frustrated with their baby’s sleep habits; they become weary from the lack of sleep. All babies go through times of restlessness and the key to success is in finding the best routine and sleep schedule so both you and your baby will get a good night’s sleep every single night.

    If you are at a loss as to what to do to help your baby get a good night’s sleep you won’t be after you read the Effective Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep. Each tip offers a help in getting your baby to sleep. Some of the tips cover bedtime routines and others make suggestions on things to do during the day that will help with the nighttime sleep schedules. You must rule out medical reasons first for the lack of going to sleep and staying asleep. Once you rule out medical conditions, you can then work on effective ways of lulling your baby to sleep and having them to sleep peacefully all night long.

    You are encouraged to read through the fifty tips listed within Effective Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep and mark the ones that will work for you. Try just one or two of the tips at a time. Mark off the ones that are irrelevant (if your baby is a newborn that is breastfed, you won’t want to feed them cereal) or if you already decided on co-sleeping or not co-sleeping. There are plenty of tips that will give you a jump-start at helping your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep all night with a little patience.

    On Having a Baby: One Woman’s Journey through Pregnancy and the First Year

    by Crystal Rowe

    I had no idea what to expect when I got pregnant. I read books, watched movies, talked to other people who had been pregnant before. People told me that my life would change once I had a baby – but no one told me that I would change.

    None of the prior research I did prepared me for the transformation that would happen inside my own heart. As I went on a journey through 42 weeks of pregnancy and the first year of my daughter’s life, I discovered I had changed. Significantly.

    As I compiled these essays, I remember how scared I was when I saw the positive test. I remember how lonely I felt – as if no one in my life could help guide me through the journey I was about to embark on. And I realize, as I look back on it, that God provided for me in ways I didn’t even know at the time. God held my hand with every step I took.

    Most of these essays were originally published at Soul Munchies, but there are several that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also an Appendix that has my favorite cloth diapering tips as well as my top five books for new parents.

    This is my story. The story of one woman – of one family. As you’ll discover, I am an avid supporter of breastfeeding, babywearing, co-sleeping and cloth diapering. But, most importantly, I’m a proponent of finding what works for you. For your baby. For your family.

    A dear friend of mine once told me that it’s most important for my baby to have a happy and healthy mama. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, whether you wear your baby or push her in a stroller, whether you sleep with him next to you or in the other room – my prayer, as you read this book, is that you see a glimpse of God in the journey I traveled.

    Your story may be similar in some ways, but it will also be different. No matter what, it will be your story. As you travel along your own journey, may you know you are never alone – that God is with you every step of the way.

    A MOTHERS LOSS 2nd Edition: Take My Hand And Allow Me To Lead You The Way Towards Comfort and Recovery (Poetry Annie MItchell)

    by Annie Mitchell

    This little collection of Poetry has been written with Mothers in mind

    and others seeking comfort and support after Loss of a child at any age

    including stillborn and miscarriage.

    It is a useful product for those who wish to choose a special Poetry piece

    to express their love for their Child when they are visiting their child at the parlour of rest

    or chapel or while at your loved ones ceremony.

    Sometimes when we are faced with a loss such as a child we find we are overwhelmed with grief

    which may close down our ability to find the proper words to express our love for our child,

    as this is what happened to myself.

    You may wish to recite a Poetry section selected by you and your family members from this sensitive collection of Poetry written straight from the heart of a Mother who suffered the loss of her own child.


    by Pannatat

    WHEN TWO’S A CROWD : Preparing your child for the arrival of a brother is not an easy task. “It’s a great milestone and life changing for her,” says Jodi Lord, a Cape Town based specialist board certified in play therapy

    The Enchanted world of love!

    by Sidnei Ismail

    The city of paradise where he lived love!

    Charming was a very beautiful and docile girl who lived in the enchanted paradise and city, she had a friend named because that always went with her wherever she went, and also had another friend who was called value, virtue and value always went wherever they were charming, they were inseparable friends, and could not live without the other

    Infidelity, Deceit and Betrayal: What It Is, What It Means and How To Tell If It May Happen To You

    by Lawty Lenya

    Over one third of married people have admitted having an affair in America. Infidelity is becoming a way of life for many and it does not seem to be slowing down. When it happens it can rip families apart and ruin marriages and fortunes. A cuckolded person can have emotional problems for years and the hurt is very difficult to get over.
    In this short but “to the point” book, the author attempts to explain why infidelity happens, how it works and what can be done to both prevent and avoid it before it happens. You can be reading this in less than five minutes.

    The Secret Behind The Lines – My Discovery

    by Gregory Akinlotan

    Kolade lives a life filled with wild dreams and his vivid imagination. For him, everything great that life has to offer is just for him. The idea that there is a God seems more fantastical than any of the dreams he’s made his reality. That is, until his life takes a sharp turn. It is only then that he finds he’ll need more than just his imagination to get him through.

    Can a boy who chose not to believe have a change of heart and spirit?

    HORSEBACK RIDING: 6 Ultimate Tips to Improve your Equestrian & Equitation Skills in 30 Minutes, Horses Learn Guide and Horseback Riding (Horseback Riding, Horses)

    by Henry Durden

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    HORSEBACK RIDING: 6 Ultimate Tips to Improve your Equestrian & Equitation Skills in 30 Minutes, Horses Learn Guide

    Have you always dreamed of riding a horse?

    Do you want to start horseback riding the right and safe way?

    Are you always drawing or doodling horses in your notebook?

    Do your children constantly beg you for a pony?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then “HORSEBACK RIDING: Ultimate Tips to Improve your Equestrian & Equitation Skills in 30 Minutes, Horses Learn Guide” is the book for you!

    This book is the perfect choice if you want a simple step by step guide on how to master the basics in a very short time. This book is written by a professional revealing all his secrets to shorten your learning curve.

    What Will I Learn In This Book?

    Here are some of the topics you will learn about in this book!

    • Basics of Equitation
    • Equestrian Riding Style & Gear
    • Prepare Yourself & the Equine for Riding
    • Learn Skills of Equestrian Riding
    • Practice More Skills with Exercises
    • Exploring Equine Care

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    Parenting: Teenager: Parenting Advice on How to Deal With teens (Teen Family Raising) (Child Care Adolescent Psychology Drugs)

    by Amanda Franklin

    LIMITED TIME BONUS INCLUDED: FREE BOOK Happy Marriage: Discover the Secrets to Having the Best Marriage Life

    Discover How To Deal With Your Teens

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced

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    You’re about to discover how to understand your teen and how to deal with them. Millions of parents find the hardest time to parenting is when their children are in their teenage years. Most parents don’t understand the teenagers perspective and don’t know how to deal with their teenagers behavior and attitudes. Resulting in a toxic relationship with endless fighting between parent and child.

    The truth is if you’re having trouble dealing with your teen it’s simply a matter of getting to better understand what they’re going thru and having the right tools and strategy on how to deal with them. This book will provide you the simple tools on how to deal with your teenager that can lead to a good healthy relationship.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

    • The Challenges of Raising a Teenager
    • Staying Connected With Your Teens
    • Disciplining YOur Teenager
    • Motivating Your Teen To Perform Better
    • Helping Your Teenager Cope With Personal Issues
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

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    Potty Training Box Set: Top 42 Potty Training Tips To Learn You How to Potty Train Your Child. 33 Creative Toddler Learning Games (Potty Training, potty training in 3 days, start potty training)

    by Kelvin Kim

    BOOK #1: Potty Training Tips: 12 Easy Potty Training Tips On How To Potty Train Your Toddler And Succeed Potty Training in 3 Days

    If you are the parent of a toddler and you are considering beginning potty training, stop and read this book first. This book will give you comprehensive advice and techniques for potty training your toddler in as little as Three Days! Worried parents who are on the cusp of beginning the potty training journey will gain an effective method that will make potty training less stressful and more fun for parent and child.

    BOOK #2: Potty Training: The Amazing Potty Training Guide to Outstanding Results in Less Than 3 Days

    So it’s time to Ditch those Diapers for Good!

    For most parents the idea of potty training can be a little nerve-wracking, and it is hardly surprising given that even the so-called experts can’t seem to agree on what is the best approach to use, when to do it, or even if you should bother to do it formally at all!

    The simple truth is that every child and every parent is different. So, though in essence potty training is pretty universal, the way you do it will need to suit you.

    BOOK #3: Toddler Learning Games: 33 Creative Toddler Learning Games That Your Child Will Love

    All parents want the best for their children and most are aware of the value of the â??early learning’ years, but aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to helping their own children develop as a toddler.

    This book aims to act as a simple guide for parents that will introduce you to some simple and creative ways to incorporate learning into your child’s play schedule. From motor skills to language ability and from social skills to numeracy, there are no end to the ways in which play can be used as a learning tool for children aged eighteen months to three years old.

    BOOK #4: Potty Training: Top 30 Potty Training Tips That Will Help You Learn When and How to Potty Train Your Child

    Potty training is one of the toughest times for a child and parents because they need to teach everything to their children. The Potty Training: Top 30 Potty Training Tips That Will Help You Learn When and How to Potty Train Your Child is particularly designed to help all girls and boys.

    BOOK #5: Potty Training In 3 Days: An Amazing Guide That Will Help Parents Learn The Science of Potty Training in Less Than 3 Days

    Potty training is a word that most people do not want to hear or think about when it comes to their kids. Sure they would love to have their child all potty trained and ready to take anywhere at any time, but the thought of putting all of that time and effort into the process is enough to make any parent a bit nervous.

    Now with the help of this guidebook, you do not have to feel as nervous about the process of potty training your little one. This guidebook is full of all the information that you will need in order to avoid some of the hassle that comes with potty training so that you can get it done in no time and get on with the next milestone in your child’s life.

    BOOK #6: Potty Training: An Amazing No Tears Potty Training Guide to Teach Your Child How to Use the Potty In Less Than 3 Days

    This book covers some proven steps and strategies on how to potty training your own child in amazing ways. There are 6 chapters in this book that analysis scientific data and presents behind the truth of potty training, tips as well as what should to do to get best results. This book is a result of numerous research on potty training practicing all over the world.

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    6 Feb

    Free mystery and thriller Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

    Mystery: Cornered by Cupcakes: Cozy Mystery Short Story (Cozy Mystery, Death, Humor Comedy, Women Sleuth, Sweet, Culinary, Detective, Suspense, Short Story)

    by S. Y. Robins

    Cozy Mystery

    Hannah seems to have a perfect life. She has a perfect job, perfect boyfriend and perfect university grades. Planning her life away, Hannah is deliriously happy. That is, until two mysterious deaths plague her, throwing her life into chaos and despair and pain. Hannah’s world is turned upside down; everything she thought she knew is a lie.

    Jay, her perfect boyfriend is a successful businessman. He treats her wonderfully and makes her happier than she ever dreamed she could be. However, Jay is not as perfect as he seems. Can Hannah uncover his secrets in order to clear his name? Or will Hannah’s own life become endangered, by simply trying to help the man she loves?

    Going from cupcake maker and nutritionist, to hard-hitting sleuth, Hannah dives nose first into a world of drugs, money laundering and death threats. All of a sudden, her life changes dramatically for the worse. Can Hannah make it out alive?

    Read this book for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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    The Legend of Joey Trucks: The Accidental Mobster

    by Craig Daliessio

    He’s the most notorious mobster in the South

    …and he isn’t even in the mob!

    Joe Mezilli is a great guy. Known to his friends as “Joey Trucks”, he’s a wonderful son, a terrific father, a loving husband and a trusted friend. He’s also a really great boss. He’s just not a MOB boss.

    He is the third generation owner of “Mezilli Trash Hauling and cartage,” the largest independent trash hauling company in the Philadelphia area. His grandfather, Giuseppe,”Zippie” Mezilli, started the business with one beat up old truck and a legendary immigrant’s work ethic. His father, Giuseppe Jr. worked hard to keep things going and Joe came back from college and grew it into the success story it is. Life was good.

    Then one day a lawyer from the giant waste management conglomerate “Waste International” makes Joe an offer he can’t refuse; 75 million dollars for the family business and Joe’s life changes forever.

    He decides to move his young family out of the city and down to the tiny town of Forest, Virginia, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, near where Joe went to college. He was young, rich, had a gorgeous wife and four beautiful kids…life couldn’t get any better.

    What Joe didn’t realize was that his new neighbors have a problem…one of them thinks Joe is in the mob. Phil Lowery is an old retiree with a passion for eavesdropping and an obsession with mafia movies and TV shows. He see Joe doing what all Italians do, and thinks it’s Joe doing what all MOBSTERS do. The result is hysterical, lighthearted, and FUN!

    It’s “The Godfather” without the crime. It’s “The Legend of Joey Trucks!”

    Sold Out (Nick Woods Book 1)

    by Stan R. Mitchell

    An incredible national security secret, more than two decades old.

    An intrepid, tireless reporter, seeking the truth.

    A CIA hunter-killer group, who will stop at nothing to silence the story.

    This is the book you’ve been looking for: a deep, dark conspiracy that should delight those who loved the Jason Bourne movies, as well as fans of authors Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy, and Stephen Hunter. You won’t believe what happens when free speech slams into the messy realities of national security.

    Meet Nick Woods, a former Marine Scout Sniper, who used to be one of our country’s greatest operatives.

    Meet Allen Green, a ballsy reporter in his fifties, who’s desperate to break the biggest story since Watergate.

    When the book begins, Nick is in hiding, using an alias, and believes he’ll never be found. Allen is opposed to all violence and believes he will never use a gun against someone.

    Both couldn’t be more wrong….

    “Sold Out” is an epic, fast-paced story that will leave you breathless, waiting to see what happens next. It’s also the first book in the spectacular Nick Woods series (fourth book to land in Spring, 2016).

    The Nick Woods series has climbed to the top of the charts on Amazon — and remained there for more than three years. It’s also been picked up by Audible.com for a multi-book, audio deal.

    Murder Mystery: Colorful Death: Craft Theme Cozy Mystery (Cozy Mystery, Murder, Craft, Woman Sleuth, Detective, Short Story)

    by S. Y. Robins

    Cozy Murder Mystery

    So far, it has pretty much sucked.

    And unfortunately, it’s about to get worse. When she catches attractive neighbor Maddox out in a horrible rainstorm, Jade invites him in out of the cold, only to see scratches on his arms. Maddox is pleasant and polite, but even Jade can see that something is wrong. When she learns the next day that an old lady was murdered in her cottage, Jade has a sinking feeling that she knows who’s to blame.

    When another body crops up soon after, Jade sets out to find the truth. After all, how much worse could this vacation get? She might as well tramp over the heath and figure out what’s going on.

    But all this poking about is going to put her squarely in the killer’s sights. And now that they’ve murdered twice, they’re not going to stop until all of their enemies are dead.

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    ROMANCE: Bear Shifter’s Best Friend (Paranormal Taboo Shapeshifter Alpha Male BBW Book 1) (New Adult Werebear Besties Fantasy Short Stories)

    by Alexis Diamond

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    What do you do when your’re in love with your best friend and he’s hiding a HUGE secret?

    Introducing a new sexy werebear shifter series!

    Bruce has lived in the town of Williamsburg at the foot of the Syracuse Mountains for over five years.

    He’s come to love the people there, especially Jenna, but he’s scared to take their relationship further.

    Jenna was in trouble once, a long time ago, and Bruce was the handsome stranger that saved her.

    His heroic act had caused her to fall in love with him, but she doesn’t want to risk telling him her feelings either.

    They both do it for different reasons.

    Jenna doesn’t want to risk their friendship.

    Bruce doesn’t want the truth to come out – that he’s really a bear.

    And suddenly there’s a new female in Bruce’s life, an alpha wereleopard, eager to push Jenna out of the picture and seduce Bruce to mate…

    For fans of Terry Bolryder and Lola Kidd shifter stories!

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    Murder Mystery: Murder Book Club: Cozy Murder Mystery (Short Story) (Book Club, Detective, Woman Sleuth, Murder, Cozy Mystery)

    by S. Y. Robins

    Cozy Mystery

    Susan’s book club reads mystery books all the time, but this time they aren’t just reading about it, they are living it when Laura dies the same way the main character in the book did. Carbon Monoxide poisoning might be common, but Susan does not like the coincidence and refuses to believe it is accidental the way the police think it is.

    Butting heads with Detective Mason, Susan is determined to find out the truth and together with her beloved dog Toby she sets out to find it. Will Susan be able to find out what truly happened, and whether it was murder or an accident, or will the fact that she can’t remember the night herself get in the way of the truth? Will Toby be able to help her, despite the fact that he can’t talk?

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    Murder Mysteries: Murder Party: Short Stories Collection (Mystery, Cozy, Detective, Sleuth, Murder, Short Stories, Humor)

    by Lovy Books


    Over 30,000 words in this COZY MYSTERY COLLECTION!

    This is a 3 book Cozy Mystery Collection contains:

    1. Spicy Murder

    2. Bake Off

    3. Cornered by Cupcakes

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    KISS THE GIRLS: a gripping serial killer thriller with a dark twist

    by Pete Brassett

    “Gripping and dark. A nice new take on the serial killer genre” Ann Abrams (Author of Mobius)

    “The best we’ve seen yet from Pete Brassett,” Vygodski (Goodreads)

    “…sent shivers down my spine.” Alex Graham

    A gripping serial killer thriller with a huge twist

    When Stan gets back from the war, he finds a lot has changed in 1940s London. And although he quickly builds up a semblance of normality around himself, his underlying inability to cope with the trauma of battle finally triggers a series of violent events that will become another man’s life-long obsession to reveal.

    Woman Sleuth: Drop Dead Hotel: A Cozy Murder Mystery (Cozy, Mystery, Detective, Murder, Sleuth, Short Story)

    by S. Y. Robins

    When my brother and I agreed to help the police solve a murder in a burned down hotel, the last thing we expected was for it to get complicated. Well, more complicated than usual. Now, suddenly, we’ve got the victim’s dog snoozing in our office corner while we search for clues, and a potential link to a jewelry heist from a theatre almost thirty years ago. This case was already complicated enough to begin with. Then, the corpse woke up.

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    SIX KILLER THRILLER NOVELS – Marsha & Danny Jones Thriller Series Books 1 – 6

    by Ken Rossignol

    Travel on the world’s most unusual cruise ship, the SEA EMPRESS and you will never think about cruise travel again in the same way. Perfect for frequent cruisers who are bored stiff with the same old shows, comedians, belly flop contests and chair hogs. Pull up this six pack of cruise thrillers and book a cruise you’ll never forget. Step onto the promenade deck of the Sea Empress for a cruise of a lifetime and become part of the world’s greatest series of murder mysteries and thrillers in the Caribbean. Marsha and Danny Jones retired from law enforcement and thought it would be just thing to break the boredom of retirement to be security consultants to protect the Seven Seas Company’s finest ship from trouble. Terrorists, killers and sinister crewmen all plan,

    plot and purvey their own special brands of crime & death and the only roadblock in their chosen course is the special resilience of this pair of sea cops.

    Like all cruise ships, the Sea Empress sails year round, providing thrilling new mysteries and suspense for both passengers and crew alike. Your voyage here will last more than one cruise. Pour your favorite drink, suspend your disbelief, prop up your feet and enjoy.

    The question remains: will Marsha and Danny be able to save the ship from harm?

    Boarding now and be sure to bring your life jacket to muster stations as the Sea Empress leaves for the Caribbean in this first in the series of great sea adventures.

    Cozy Murder Mystery: Dog Dig Death: Clever Dog Mystery Short Story (Dog, Cozy Mystery, Sleuth, Detective, Murder, Animal, Short Story)

    by S. Y. Robins

    Cozy Murder Mystery

    Lacy Mitchell wasn’t looking for love in all the wrong places. She wasn’t looking for love at all. Self-sufficient and happy love was the last thing she wanted. She wasn’t looking to become involved in a murder investigation either but when you’re the one that finds the body not becoming involved is impossible. Lacy simply wanted to walk the dogs for her clients and snuggle up with her own dog Freddy while watching movies with her best friend Alex.

    Fate had more in mind for Lacy, however, and she soon finds herself entangled in a tangle of suspects. Is the murderer a mad man? A disgruntled family member? Or is it the building owner who was so rude to her when they first met. Can she take a chance on the man? Will the murderer be found before he kills again? Lacy has some choices to make, she just hopes her choices aren’t deadly.

    Bonus Book included in this edition! ENJOY!

    Murphy’s Law

    by D. Glenn Millar

    When Mark Murphy, an experienced but burnt out newspaper reporter, takes a job on a second-rate city daily, he’s really just looking for a steady income and a little peace and quiet. What he gets is a murder mystery. First, the body of a drowned journalist washes up on English Bay beach. Next, the girlfriend of the journalist turns up dead in his apartment. It looks like a crime of passion followed by a suicide. But Murphy doesn’t buy it and begins hunting for the real killers. Along the way, he gets help from Ronald Phillips, a green but eager student reporter, Cynthia Drummond, a city hall reporter with a cool exterior but warm interior, and a little black cat named Fred with a weird obsession for pushing buttons. Add a good cop, a bad cop and a cast of characters of varying degrees of shady, and you have Murphy’s Law.

    Taking the Fall: A Cozy Mystery (Brenna Battle Book 1)

    by Laney Monday

    Olympian Brenna Battle once had the fire. Now, she’s just burned outâ??and burned by love. She’s ready to retire from competitive judo and pursue a new dream in a new town, with her biggest supporter, her recently divorced little sister, Blythe. But on their first day in town, Blythe falls for local sleaze-bag reporter, Ellison Baxter, and their small-town welcome is stained by Baxter’s murder. The weaponâ??Blythe Battle’s hair brush.

    In this fast-paced, fun cozy mystery, Brenna, the proud new owner of the building that formerly housed Bonney Bay’s lone recreational opportunity for kids, Little Swans Ballet, is ready to turn tutu-clad powder-puffs into little warriors by opening a judo school for kids in its place. But now she must clear her sister’s name and save her new dream from ending even more disastrously than her Olympic hopes. Brenna must deal with one crazy member of the local police force, who’s determined to see the sisters payâ??and another cop, whose deep brown eyes just might drive Brenna crazyâ??in a way her battered heart just can’t take.

    Taking the Fall is the first book in the Brenna Battle series. At the end of each book, the mystery is solved and there are no cliff-hangers.

    Odin’s Wake

    by R.W. Magill

    2014 ABNA Quarterfinalist


    While in the vicinity of the Flemish Cap area of the North Atlantic, a fire broke out in the engine room of the Icelandic f/v Odin. In the course of events, a mechanical failure of unknown origin resulted in flooding in the engine room. The crew could not stop the flooding and eventually abandoned shipâ?¦

    So begins the report on the foundering of the Odin, a sixteen-hundred ton commercial fishing vessel insured at just over six million dollars. The loss of the sturdy vessel was hardly routine, as the ship was lost under uncharacteristically calm conditions.

    Reconstructing catastrophic events is all part of the normal workload for former Naval Officer and forensic engineer Will Kelly, who has been hired to investigate the accident and piece together the likely chain of events. But sorting out what has happened is proving more than a little difficult. Will has his own problems to deal with, including an impossible workload, a mysteriously missing employee, and a disintegrating relationship with his beautiful ex-wife.

    And in a quiet suburb not far from Will Kelly’s Green Lake home, long-time Seattle police detective Jimmy Songhkla has just begun an investigation into a sadistic torture and killing. Songhkla is psychologically scarred from a decades-old search for one of the Pacific Northwest’s most notorious serial killers, and is determined to stop the brutal new murderer before he strikes again.

    A vessel lost at sea.

    A mutilated corpse.

    And at the nexus of the seemingly unrelated mysteries lies an unsuspecting family, a family that will soon find itself in utter perilâ?¦

    Last Words: A Horror Novelette

    by Shaun Hupp

    “Shaun Hupp is a high quality author of darkness. When the horror kicks in, his work can make you gasp for air.” -Terry M. West, author of Dreg

    Gwen and Hank are celebrating their one year anniversary, but little do they know,

    Someone is watching them���

    Someone has been looking for a couple like them for a long time��.

    Someone wants to know all their darkest secrets��.

    Someone won’t give them a chance to say noâ?¦â?¦.

    Suddenly, a night of romantic bliss is turned into sheer terror, because

    Someone has some questions for the happy couple���..

    You, the reader, should feel lucky.

    You only need to answer one question.

    Who will make it out alive?


    Last Words is the debut novelette from author Shaun Hupp. It’s a psychological suspense thriller that contains blood, gore, and everything that makes for a great horror story.

    ROMANCE: The Werewolf Kidnapper 4 (Werewolf Shifter Romance Kidnapper Romantic Comedy Book 4) (Paranormal Action Adventure Shifter Romantic Comedy Series)

    by Sicily Duval

    * * * 60+ Bonus Books Included! * * *


    Can you fall in love with someone who kidnaps you, throws you in a trunk,

    and holds you captive at a mountain lodge?

    Book 4 of this new romantic and sexy shifter comedy series!

    Dalton Brown is an alpha werewolf with a disappearing pack.

    His lack of a mate, and his sometimes un-alpha like behavior has driven all

    but three of his pack mates away.

    Times are desperate and he decides to follow a lead into the Shenandoah Valley.

    There might be an available she wolf working at a popular lodge there.

    Dalton finds the she wolf but isn’t able to talk to her before he makes the rash decision to take matters into his own hands.

    The result is a catastrophe that is as comical as it is tragic; and things only go downhill from there…

    Go ahead and treat yourself. Sexy suspense and thrilling werewolf romantic comedy awaits! Free download with Kindle Unlimited!


    The Werewolf Kidnapper

    The Werewolf Kidnapper 2

    The Werewolf Kidnapper 3

    The Werewolf Kidnapper 4:

    A DEAD RED MIRACLE: #5 in the Dead Red Mystery Series

    by RP Dahlke

    Thinking to jump start their careers as private investigators, cousins Lalla and Pearlie Bains partner up with an unscrupulous P.I. Unfortunately, their nifty plan starts circling the drain when they discover he’s a blackmailing, two-timing, client stealing dirtbag.

    But when he dies under suspicious circumstances, the duo must catch the killer if they want to save their business…and their lives. All they need is a miracle or two.


    “…what a great job the author did in the telling of this fast-paced and action-filled drama. I like how this was presented with an eclectic cast of characters and a mystery that kept me intrigued, especially when all the pieces came together as the author peppered the scenes with red herrings and some twists and turns to keep me glued to the pages as the puzzling case comes to an end. This was a great read and I enjoyed my time spent with Lalla, Pearlie, Caleb and their friends” Dru Ann Love, Reviewer

    :Another great book by one of my favorite authors! I am always excited when a new book comes out because they are always good! Ms. Dahlke never disappoints! Lalla and Pearlie are magnets for trouble and they find plenty in this new adventure. By investigating a cold case they turn up dead bodies right and left while trying to avoid becoming a victim themselves. Fast paced and never a dull moment, this is a book you will enjoy! ” By Sherry E. Wells

    The Glass Girls (Missing In Action Book 1)

    by Eric Scott Johnston

    “This is a story journey… that plays on one’s emotions the way a master pianist plays the piano…”- Joy MacCauley Amazon Review

    “Two stories told simultaneously seamlessly side by side interwoven and intertwined, something only a gifted and skilled writer can successfully manage to pull off.”- Judy Lopez Amazon Review


    He was having strange dreams, and they say that’s why he did it.

    Most call him a traitor. Others say he went crazy after being injured and even fewer say his act was one of true compassion. But no one can say what happened to him after he wandered into the jungles of Cambodia.

    Forty-two years later, the people who encountered this soldier in the depths of the jungle begin to emerge and weave together a remarkable story of the past and present taking the reader from the streets of Cologne, Germany to the ancient temples of Cambodia on a quest to find a soldiers grave, and with it, the truth.

    An Antarctic Mystery

    by Jules Verne

    Jules Verne was a prolific French writer in the 19th century who greatly influenced the science fiction genre.  Verne is the second most-translated author behind only Agatha Christie.  This edition of An Antarctic Mystery includes a table of contents.

    Indecent Vows (Robin Nicollette Series Book 2)

    by R.N. JORDAN

    Robin Nicollette is at it again writing her latest novel, and giving a voice to the characters of Teresa Wagner, Dhia Tengku, and Becca Lee. This complex and assorted trio of women had been living totally divergent lives, each managing to overcome their individual obstacles of single motherhood, loneliness and poverty, and polygamy, respectively.

    After successfully rebuilding their lives, they each unknowingly found love with Curtisâ??the handsome, successful, wealthy man of their dreams, who showered them with exotic vacations, and all the romance a woman could want. However, being the deceitful cheat that he was, Curtis gave the women indecent proposals through vows made in secret to spend the rest of his life with each of them.

    Life with Curtis was great, until he revealed his abusive and controlling ways. Deceit and betrayal lead the women to learn of one another, giving them reason to join forces, seek revenge, and conspire to rid the world of Curtis once and for all. Afterwards, they’d planned to inherit and split all of his wealth between them, and then bask in satisfaction, having had gotten away with his murder.

    Will the women get away with their murderous plan or will their greed and conspiracy lead them into a hell that they never saw coming?

    But I Love You

    by Peter Rosch

    A successful dating service maven falls for a beautiful new client, forcing the hand of her sociopathic admirer.

    On the well-intentioned dare of a friend, model and recovering addict Lisa Denton meets Alicia Lynn Wilde, Manhattan’s hottest matchmaker to the city’s elite and the mind behind an exclusive, very lucrative singles service built on a misguided ideal, lies, and Midwestern blue collar work ethic. Alicia’s brief encounter with this new stranger quickly begins to unsettle her meticulously curated world, and throws Lisa unwittingly into a series of unsavoryâ??possibly lethalâ??events already set in motion when one of Elite Two Meet’s members claims to have been sexually assaulted by two high-profile clientele.

    Kill Switch: A Vigilante Serial Killer Action Thriller (Angel of Darkness Suspense Thriller Series Book 1)

    by Steve N. Lee

    “Nikita meets Dirty Harry” “A female Jack Reacher”

    Lurking in the shadows of a medieval city, vicious thugs stalk their next victim. A gift for bloodshed ensures they always get whatever they want.

    Across the city, a mother’s dying wish is to spend her last days with her daughter visiting their ancestral home. It’s a loving way to say goodbye.

    When these two worlds collide, Elena Petrescu and her daughter Catalina plummet into a nightmare of greed-fueled brutality.

    Luckily, they don’t face this deadly gang alone.

    Tess Williams looks like just another tourist doing what tourists do – drinking in bars, visiting tourist hotspots, reveling in European cultureâ?¦ However, Tess has a secret, a secret so dark that most who discover it are sent to their grave long before they’re due.

    Armed with the deadliest of fighting skills, Tess unleashes her fury upon the city’s shadowy underworld, claiming vengeance for the mother and daughter.

    But Tess is only one woman. With time running out and the odds against her, what price is she prepared to pay to put these savage thugs down for good?

    Angel of Darkness Suspense Thriller Series

    In an action thriller series packed with vigilante justice, vengeance and suspense, a rogue female assassin hunts deadly criminals to avenge their innocent victims.

    Is she a courageous hero, or a psycho serial killer? Only you can decide.

    Bottom line?

    If you want an action-packed thrill ride that is intelligently written, combines intriguing plots with nail-biting suspense, and features compelling, flawed characters – whose backstories are revealed gradually as the series progresses – READ THIS SERIES!

    Absolutely FREE!

    You get Angel of Darkness Black File 01 free with this book (see the Table of Contents for details).

    Can I read the series in any order?

    Each book is a self-contained story, so they can be read out of sequence (with the possible exception of Nightmare’s Rage).

    However, small subplots run through the series to make it more fun, so you’ll enjoy it far more if you read the books in order (these threads come together in Nightmare’s Rage, so it’s wise to read that last). But this is only a suggestion.

    Kill Switch: Amazon #1 Best Seller in various Mystery, Thriller and Suspense categories in the USA and the UK.

    So what are you waiting for? Click Buy Now!

    Please be Awareâ?¦ Miss Marple she ain’t!

    While it is NEVER gory, graphic, or gratuitous, the Angel of Darkness Suspense Thriller Series contains occasional strong language, violence, and scenes of a sexual nature. It is novella-length fiction.

    What do you want from an action packed thriller series?

    A female assassin and vigilante justice?

    Check and check!

    Plus you get a kickass heroine, psycho killers and female revenge all wrapped up in gripping suspense thrillers.

    Serial killers, female killers and an antihero?

    Check, check and double check!

    Not to mention action packed adventures, violent crime fiction, and mystery and suspense all washed down with heaps of dark justice.

    A female action hero in a page turner thriller?

    That’s a big, big, BIG check!

    The Angel of Darkness Series gives you a:

    • serial killer series
    • vengeance series
    • assassin series
    • bounty hunter series
    • PI series
    • vigilante justice series

    all packed into one gripping action thriller series!

    So what are you waiting for? Click Buy Now!

    Scottsdale Squeeze: a romantic light-hearted murder mystery (Laura Black Mysteries Book 2)

    by B A Trimmer

    “Laura Black and her Scottsdale friends are back on the case and trouble is sure to follow!

    In this thrilling romantic mystery, Laura Black is an investigator for the highly successful but slightly shady Scottsdale lawyer, Lenny Shapiro. This time, she’s tracking down a wealthy Scottsdale cougar named Jacky Wade, who’s been missing for a week and her clueless boyfriend, Terry Lennox, is getting desperate. But even after Laura manages to find Jacky, it seems that the trouble is only beginning. First is the death threat. Next there’s the murder. Finally there’s the kidnapping. Laura’s best friend Sophie and fellow investigator Gina Rondinelli help with the hunt while Laura enlists a group of man-hungry cougars to search the nightclubs of Scottsdale. Unfortunately, this all leads Laura into the arms of Carlos the Butcher, a guy with some serious anger issues.

    If this wasn’t enough to keep her busy, Laura’s next door neighbor, Grandma Peckham, is on the prowl for a new boyfriend and she’s in serious need of Laura’s dating advice. All of this might even be manageable if it wasn’t for the fact that Laura is also trying to start a real relationship with plainclothes cop Jack Reno. The only problem there is that she is also having romantic thoughts about the gorgeous and dangerous crime lieutenant, Maximillian.

    With equal parts humor, action, and mystery, Scottsdale Squeeze is the perfect light, fast, and fun summer novel.

    ALMOST DEAD: A Murder Mystery

    by James J. Murray

    Detectives Rosie Young and Vince Mendez chase an elusive villain when not one but two victims turn up alive less than twenty-four hours after their death. The body count continues to climb as the detectives investigate how two seemingly unrelated victims share an almost identical near-death experience but have no memory of the event. The trail of evidence leads to starting revelations of deceit, greed and an international conspiracy in this entertaining murder mystery.

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    6 Feb

    Free literary fiction Kindle books for 06 Feb 16

    Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood

    by George MacDonald

    George MacDonald was a Scottish author and Christian minister.  MacDonald was an early writer of the fantasy novel and his works influenced authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  This edition of Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood includes a table of contents.

    Weighed and Wanting

    by George MacDonald

    George MacDonald was a Scottish author and Christian minister.  MacDonald was an early writer of the fantasy novel and his works influenced authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  This edition of Weighed and Wanting includes a table of contents.

    A Double Story

    by George MacDonald

    George MacDonald was a Scottish author and Christian minister.  MacDonald was an early writer of the fantasy novel and his works influenced authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  This edition of A Double Story includes a table of contents.

    The Vicar’s Daughter

    by George MacDonald

    George MacDonald was a Scottish author and Christian minister.  MacDonald was an early writer of the fantasy novel and his works influenced authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  This edition of The Vicar’s Daughter includes a table of contents.


    by George MacDonald

    George MacDonald was a Scottish author and Christian minister.  MacDonald was an early writer of the fantasy novel and his works influenced authors such as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.  This edition of Malcolm includes a table of contents.

    Twelve Men

    by Theodore Dreiser

    Theodore Dreiser was a prominent American writer in the early 20th century.  Dreiser’s books are noted for featuring characters who lack morals yet often succeeded in life.  This edition of Twelve Men includes a table of contents.

    Dick Sand: A Captain at Fifteen

    by Jules Verne

    Jules Verne was a prolific French writer in the 19th century who greatly influenced the science fiction genre.  Verne is the second most-translated author behind only Agatha Christie.  This edition of Dick Sand: A Captain at Fifteen includes a table of contents.

    Summer Street Secrets (The Hills of Burlington Book 3)

    by Jacie Middlemann

    The ink on Carrie’s divorce papers was barely dry when she got the frantic call from her ex-husband’s sister. Carrie’s young niece had trusted when she shouldn’t have and as a result was now the victim of internet bullying and harassment. Without a second thought Carrie agrees to her former sister-in-law’s request to allow Addie to spend time with her in Burlington. Regardless of the divorce she is still family. Within hours of Addie’s arrival Carrie realizes the damage done to her young niece is far worse than she could have anticipated and that a few shopping excursions weren’t going to do the trick. Before long Carrie’s mother is involved in the efforts to help Addie. Her cousins aren’t far behind. But it’s Grace, Carrie’s neighbor and friend that she met shortly after her return to the city of her most precious childhood memories who comes up with the idea to give Addie and others like her what they need. And in the process gives Addie a way to do more than be a victim.

    Carrie had come to Burlington months ago in search of her mother who’d been determined to return to the city she had always called home and had done just that without letting any of her family know. While she had never planned to stay once making sure her mother is happily settled in she finds that being surrounded by family who know and understand her best is no better place for starting over. And now in the midst of Addie’s unexpected arrival Carrie’s cautious friendship with Court turns a corner when he reveals to her his own closely held secret. One he is willing to allow to be exposed as part of the overall effort to help her niece.

    And then there is her cousin Mary’s newly purchased house on Summer Street. It’s a mess both inside and out. But it’s another connection to family. Family who came to Burlington to begin anew generations ago. Connections. They are surrounded by them and even as Carrie and her cousins embark on another of Casey’s business savvy ideas they find the house is not all it seemsâ?¦but so much more as they come to learn when they discover the long hidden secrets of the house on Summer Street.

    Summer Street Secrets is a story of family. Both the family we’re born to and grow up with and the family we find along the way. It is the story of where we go when we need support in our best and worst moments. Where and who we turn to when life throws all it can at us. And then more. And it is when we find that the where we go is really the who we go to. Family. Carrie found her own deep well of strength upon her return to Burlington and the family who’d made their way there before her. Now she hopes that surrounded by family and new friends in the city they all call home that Addie will find hers as well.

    Summer Street Secrets, the third in the Hills of Burlington series, is the continuing family saga of six contemporary women, their family and friends, of different generations but drawn together at a time when all are at a crossroad in their livesâ?¦and searching for something they’ve not yet found.

    The Lovers of the Concrete Castle

    by Carl Reader

    After a ghost is refused entrance to heaven he’s kicked down to earth by a gigantic blue angel with the flu. He’s been dead for ten years and has nowhere to go but home. Once there he discovers he can re-materialize if he wishes hard enough. Seeing his two adopted children does the trick, but they’re grown and have a daughter, an albino girl who becomes one of the lovers of the concrete castle.

    Don’t You Tell (Don’t You Cry Book 2)

    by Aimee Taylor

    In the course of her profession, social worker, Amber Walker, deals with tragedy on a daily basis. But when her own family is destroyed by a client she tried to help, she is tormented by guilt and loses faith in the goodness of humanity. As she picks up the pieces of her life, Amber is propelled into the lives of Lilly, a teenage victim of sexual abuse, and Jessie, a vivacious tomboy whose young life ends much too soon. A person from Amber’s past forces her to confront old demons despite her desire to discover new love. She struggles to remain afloat amidst the confusion until a trip to meet her biological mother forces Amber to look inward for answers to her most burning questions.

    Cara’s House

    by Annie Katz

    Rather than slowing down in her old age, ninety-year-old Cara Conrad opens her heart and her home to a young woman and her son who need a bit more family help before launching into the world on their own. Cara’s daughter Susan thinks her mother should be hiring a live-in caretaker rather than harboring relatives she’s never met, but Susan’s own daughter, her grandchildren, and her weight loss goals are keeping her so busy she can’t sort things out at her mother’s place. Next a mystery man shows up to court Cara, and by the time everything settles down, all the delightful characters in Cara’s House realize it’s never too late to welcome more love into your life.

    Tuffer’s Christmas Wish

    by Jean Joachim

    When he turned eighteen, Tuffer Demson had given up on getting his one special Christmas wish. No one could have been more surprised when that wish was finally granted. He was twenty-three, yet this desire still burned inside him.

    Cupid’s Deadlock

    by Christopher Sword

    Ainslee Porter is a successful producer on a Chicago radio show. Her family and friends think she’s devoted too much of her life to the job and spends too much time with her dog, Bear. That all changes when scandalous allegations against a pet food company hit the airwaves. Ainslee chases the story, see-sawing back and forth between personal and professional obligations and the new presence of two vastly different men in her life. Nolan is a shrouded but handsome veterinary doctor and Teddy is an adventurous, muscular and tattooed business owner. Both carry secrets, one with deadly consequences.

    From the author of A Drop of April Snow (available now).

    Hiding Darkly

    by Stephen Beam

    A first person narrative told by a lost soul that doesn’t know who, where or what he is, a creature obsessed with escaping from chaos – the world eating monster that is growing more threatening by the hour.
    The surreal pilgrimage begins on a walk through a decaying town, then across desert sand and finally into the bowels of the earth. This refugee from reality is either a victim of an otherworldly conspiracy or something much darker and much closer to home.

    The Agent: A Short Story (The Writer’s Block Book 1)

    by samantha jacobey

    An author of dark tales is looking for someone to represent her. An agent who thinks all writers are the same wants the job. Will one lunch date be enough to convince him that she’s different, or will her clouded past continue to overshadow her future?

    The Spy’s Daughter

    by John T. Cullen

    Born in poverty, raised in wealth, French Countess Marianne Didier has lived a wild life. Now 45 in 1991 at the fall of the Soviet Union, she is widowed, the mother of grown children, but feels empty yet driven. She starts a global search for her lost, mysterious parents and her identity. Her search frames the much larger story of what happened with her parents during World War Two, covering four continents and many of the war’s major events. Guest appearances include brief cameos of U.S. spy master W. J. ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan (who founded OSS, a precursor of the CIA) and a young U.S. Navy officer named Dick Nixon.

    This is a complex novel (original title: Umnitsa) whose scope and ambition mirror the enigmatic but passionate sprawl of Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago (both the sentimental movie, and the thoughtful novel). Readers have been reminded of Herman Wouk’s epics of war and love, while some Africa settings echo writings of Paul Bowles (who is mentioned) and contemporaries like Lawrence Durrell.

    Ultimately, the mystery Marianne must solve is: who were Tim Nordhall’s women, and which one became her mother? Kidnapped by Stalin’s secret service, kept in Siberia as bait to attract the U.S. spy who never came, Marianne’s mother bore a false name and died before the little girl (Umnitsa) understood all these truths floating by like icebergs on a dark and churning sea in the long Siberian night.

    Marianne was adopted in 1946 by a childless, wealthy Parisian family of ancient title, and grew up in luxury and dissipation. Her children have grown up, and become successful in their own right. Her husband, a wild playboy, died in a race car crash. In her 40s, Marianne begins a new life of sober reflection, thoughtful loneliness, and urgent searching.

    In 1991, as the Soviet Union collapses, it is as if a sea were receding, and a tide going out that exposes the secrets of a lost century. Marianne’s search frames the story, which closely follows Tim Nordhall’s adventures as a spy, and his women. Marianne needs desperately to solve the enigma of who were the women in his life, and which one was Marianne’s mother. She holds on to one loving memory of the fond Russian nickname she earned as a tiny child in Siberia–Umnitsa: what a clever little girl.

    (for complete description, see Preface inside).

    Billy’s War

    by Tony Whelpton

    WHAT CAN BEING AT WAR MEAN TO A NINE-YEAR OLD? Not much, you might think, but if the boy in question is a war orphan…

    A child in war-torn Britain embarks on a quest to rediscover his lost happiness

    The date was Thursday 8 May 1941. Britain had been at war with Nazi Germany for 19 months.

    Billy Frecknall was only nine years old, but what a character he turned out to be! Like many boys of his age, Billy to all intents and purposes no longer had a Dad, because his father had enlisted in the army in the early days of the war, and Billy and his Mum didn’t even know where he was.

    But that night saw the biggest air raid Billy’s home town of Nottingham had experienced, and there were many casualties, including Billy’s Mum. Billy was fortunate to survive, but life as an orphan, especially an orphan being brought up in an apparently hostile family, left a lot to be desired.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? What could a little boy in that situation do? Grin and bear it?

    That would be the only option for many. But what if the little boy in question is resilient, resourceful, intelligent and, above all, driven? Driven by a desire which becomes an obsession, and aided by the innocence of a child of his time,which meant that he trusted everyone until he had reason to think otherwise, he sets off to find his Dad.

    In the course of his quest he faces up to many obstacles that would have caused a less resourceful boy to blanch and give up, but he doesn’t – and he is blessed also with a charisma that makes most people he encounters take his side without hesitation.

    If you read his story, you’ll quickly see why Billy captures so many hearts and, with all the odds apparently stacked against him, wins his war.

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Here are some readers’ reactions from around the world:

    “Readers will love the way Tony weaves a thrilling story. He captures the changing mood in the air raid shelter as cheerfulness gives way to fear as the bombs fall closer, and tugs at the heart strings as he describes Billy’s despair when told his mother Molly had been killed.” [Review, Nottingham Post]

    “I got to page 5, closed my eyes and was immediately on the morning of May 9th 1941. I got up and found my mother and father downstairs talking about bombs which had fallen during the night. It brought back memories as though it was happening at the time – strange feeling.” [Elderly reader in Nottingham, UK]

    “As a unpublished writer reading Billy’s War has spurred me on to retire and get on with the passions in my life, research and writing.” [Reader in New Zealand]

    “The author may be an octogenarian but he is blossoming into a very competent fiction writer. I eagerly await his next book.” [Amazon UK Reviewer]

    Ë?Ë?Ë? And the latest review on the Amazon UK site: 5.0 out of 5 stars 26 April 2015 “This is one of the best books I have read”, by Sandra Wright

    “This is one of the best books I have read, I really enjoyed the story line, I felt for Billy all through, he was only a young lad but life was not so good, after losing his mum the way he did, it was heartbreaking. But after this his only wish was to find his dad, did he or didn’t he… I would say it’s a book you must read, great.”

    Ë?Ë?Ë? Billy’s War is dedicated to the memory of the…

    … twenty-three people who really did lose their lives in the air-raid shelter in Dakeyne Street, Nottingham on Thursday 8 May 1941, killed by German bombs which the author, himself eight years old at the time, heard falling from the safety of his home not more than two miles away.

    So what are you waiting for? Buy a copy now and join the swelling ranks of those who have loved this book!

    Cats on a Seesaw: A Short Story

    by Meggan Haller

    Byron Gully was all set to ditch this wretched existence and follow the Lord to His Heavenly Kingdom, but he didn’t have anybody to watch his cat.

    The countdown to Rapture is on, and Byron Gully is under the gun to find a home for his beloved cat. He doesn’t need a good home. He needs a Godless one, and that’s not much of a sales pitch.

    Lance Thew has his hands full taking care of his senile mother. The last thing he needs is another helpless creature with long, sharp nails roaming the house.

    As the Rapture approaches in this wicked farce, Byron and Lance discover that some people leave too much behind, and others don’t leave nearly enough.

    Cats on a Seesaw is an 8,000-word short story.

    Disillusion Meets Delight

    by Leah Battaglio


    SWF desires fun, exciting job. Must provide salary that helps maintain lifestyle of Pottery Barn, Saks Fifth Avenue, and dinners in hip dining atmosphere. Ample supply of handsome SWM bonus. Serious applicants need only apply.

    “Grown-up” life for Portland girl, Natalie Everett is nothing at all like she daydreamed about in college. Her boring job barely pays the bills, her sleeping companion is a 12 pound cat and she still hasn’t met the expectations of her overbearing mother. While it seems her friends are on their way to figuring out their careers and romantic relationships, Natalie can’t seem to get out of her rut. Enter the handsome Ian O’Reilly, a single guy from D.C. who keeps bumping into Natalie at her favorite spots and really getting under her skin. Is he just an annoying guy or is he what she needs to blast some excitement into life?

    The Highest Ignorance

    by Sunil Gandhi

    Protagonist’s quest to know reasons for differences in everybody and laws governing every soul takes her to know the highest form of knowledge about the self and laws of Karma. With many real-life examples, the book conveys the truth governing every soul in a convincing manner. With extremely easy and an enjoyable way the author conveys very profound message. Reading this book can have a life-changing effect. It helps shed layers of ignorance & experience the knowledge, the truth.

    Praise for the book:

    “A captivating novel on how our religious practices are inconsistent with truth & real natural laws…Sunil Gandhi is a master story teller and makes us visualize and relate to each character in the book like a good movie!”

    - Professor Jagdish N. Sheth, Charles Kellstadt Professor of Business, Emory University, USA.

    “For today’s brake-less and largely aim-less people, Sunilbhai has created a ‘sugar coated’ fast pill. Fiction that presents the highest wisdom in a practical and applied manner. Hope a lot of readers take its benefit.”

    - Vallabh Bhanshali , Co-Founder & Chairman , ENAM Group

    “This novella chronicles the journey of a young bride learning the ways of Jainism. The reader catches a glimpse into two parallel universes: contemporary urban life in 21st century India, and the world of age-old truths regarding Karma found in the Bhagavad Gita and as taught by Mahavira and Jain philosophers, past and present.”

    - Christopher Key Chapple, Doshi Professor of Indic and Comparative Theology, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA.

    “A book that takes a reader on a path never attempted; the protagonist asks questions and searches for answers that we all need. An enjoyable read. ”

    - Padma Bhushan Mallika Sarabhai,Renowned Indian Theatre Personality

    “An excellent book, explaining the basics of Jainism in a very simple, lucid language that laymen can understand. A delight to read. The story flows. No jarring notes of discord. Strongly recommended to persons wanting to understand something about Shrimad Rajchandra’s teachings and Jainism.”

    - CA Pradeep Shah, Senior Partner, AJ Shah & Company

    “Beautifulâ?¦â?¦. very touchingâ?¦â?¦â?¦ lucidly written story explaining intricacies of Jainism and, its attraction through the medium of a young Brahmin woman married into leading Jain Family and her curiosity… . “The Highest Ignorance” maintains grip all through while kindling curiosity; answers questions that arise in many minds in the midst of daily routine and expectations of modern families and, interestingly, subtly introduces principles of winning hearts.

    A must read for allâ?¦ young and not so young, initiated and non-initiatedâ?¦â?¦ ”

    - CA Bhavana Doshi, Senior Advisor, KPMG

    “A gentle book on the deeply contemplative religion of Jainism, told in a contemporary language, drawing some very interesting and lucid parallels from movies and the game of cricket!! ”

    - Aruna Chakravorty, Ex Journalist, Indian Express

    Look Away Silence

    by Edward C. Patterson

    Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas. Instead, he got . . . Matthew Kieler, a non-returnable gift, but a gift that kept on giving. Chance encounters are sometimes the ones that most change our lives. He sold Matt a tie, but got more in the bargain – more than most people would want and more than anyone deserved. Although these lovers may not have had the pink American dream, they had it better than most, even as they faced a crisis that would change us all.

    Look Away Silence is a romance set in the time of AIDS, when ignorance could spell trouble and often did. It encompasses the author’s experiences in volunteer community service and personal friendships during a tragic period in American history. The novel is dedicated to the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, the NAMES Project and to the author’s own fallen angels. “Mothers, do not shun your children, because you never know how long you have to revel in them.”

    Review from Rainbow Reviews

    This is an intensely emotional story about a young couple that falls in love, only to face the AIDS crisis instead of matching pink rockers on the porch. At a time when the government was refusing to acknowledge the crisis and the immortality of youth cast a protective pall over young gay men, this couple must cope with a horrible disease and the ramifications within their family and larger community. A very intensely moving story that packs an incredible punch, the last half left me crying all the way through it and beyond for some time. This is not a light-hearted tale but combines several important themes and a deeply romantic and fulfilling, yet heart breaking relationship that will resonate and stay with the reader for some time.

    Martin Powers meets Matt, a shy blue-eyed cowboy on Christmas eve and although Martin expects the relationship to barely last to New Year’s, it turns into a permanent partnership. Their happiness in each other create a small bubble around their love and world that is all too soon popped when the horrible specter of Matt’s dead lover and the crisis of AIDS invades their world. All of a sudden Martin is confronted with issues and problems he has never imagined and struggles with the intense emotions that come along.

    The writing is instantly engaging and engrossing as Martin’s character is likable and relatable. The pacing is well done and the book is incredibly easy to read, even for all the intense emotion elicited. Martin is a wonderful character as he is first introduced through his love of laundry and cleaning attachments through his surprising affection and love for a small, blue eyed cowboy that loves snow. Martin’s maturity, humor and intelligence are at odds with his young age, only twenty years old. Martin is not perfect and struggles through the story with his jealousy, fears, manipulation, and selfishness. His dysfunctional childhood has changed the way he views relationships and although he can look back on his faults, he makes numerous mistakes. However, for all his faults he truly and deeply loves Matt and that love is returned, creating the first solid and meaningful relationship young Martin has ever had. As Martin matures and finds strength and courage where he fears none exist, it’s easy to forget that he is only twenty three by the end of the story, and Matt was only twenty five. These are incredibly young men who should have been able to grow old together but instead live a full, loving life as best they can.

    Woven into the romance between the men are multiple themes about the gay community and the impact AIDS has upon the country and various individuals. Several couples from past works by the author make brief cameos in this story, although the focus never waivers from Martin and Matt. The depth of the characters and their story is an important tale that transcends gender and race. This is one story that will resonate for a very long after the incredibly beautiful final page.

    The Coffin Maker’s Son

    by Travis Moon

    The Coffin Maker’s Son is a novel about fathers, sons, friends, and the ghosts of each. It is a fictional biograpy, but of a man haunted by people that pass through his life as easily as shadows, or reflections passing in a mirror, never to be recaptured. It is written with a voice- no, an ear- to three verb tenses. Each chapter presents to varying degrees, and in each of these three tenses, a tale of a man’s fate, the whisper of the supernatural, and the riddle of fathers. So, it is a novel of three losses then, and in three repetitions, each sent echoing through time from the begining of the novel through to its conclusion.

    Before The Swallow Dares

    by Tony Whelpton

    Does romance die as you get older? Not likely! It lasts as long as life itself!

    So what happens when you meet an old love later in life?

    Two old school friends meet again by accident after a gap of almost fifty years and renew their friendship, one of them not realising that his friend is now married to a girl he loved when they were both only eighteen and still at school – a vivid flashback shows us how they first met, how matters developed, and, more importantly, how they lost touch.

    As time goes on there are complications and difficulties to be faced by all the characters involved, not least those posed by the fact that they are no longer in the first flush of youth and have to cope with the problems which confront all of us when faced with advancing age.

    There is much humour and light-heartedness in the story, but much pathos too; but among the novel’s many qualities are that it presents characters of advanced age as people who still enjoy life and generally have a positive attitude. The fact that the author himself was a sprightly 79-year-old when he finished writing it puts him in an ideal position to show us what it’s really like!

    Review comments

    • A really good read – well worth buying! (Amazon customer review)
    • A beautifully written and sensitive story (Amazon customer review)
    • A book which should be compulsory reading for younger generations! (Amazon customer review)

    What are you waiting for? Get your copy now!

    The Land Of Cannabis

    by Hicham El Harrak

    When he finished his studies, and graduated in the Spanish Literature, Mohammed dreamt of a job and a promising future. Unfortunately, his dreams were broken quickly, as he was unable to find a job, because nepotism was rife everywhere. His decision to go to Sumatha, his father’s homeland, to grow cannabis, was strongly opposed by his mother; notwithstanding, he insisted on taking this risky step because the future was unknown, and little can be done to secure one. In his dull and routinely life of a cultivator of cannabis, he will come across a distinguished dealer of cannabis who will introduce him into a new world, and opened to him the doors of the illegal trade. But, will he succeed in the first test? Will he live in peace as he did before converting into a real cannabis taycoon? A conflict with Ben Aisha, his rival in the area, was bitter and violent. Will he be able to confront ben Aisha?

    Working It Out

    by D. A. Greiner

    A committed Christian sifts through the conflicting pressures applied by work, family, the church and his own conscience in search of a Christ-like response to one of the world’s most hotly debated sins. Putting that response into practice, though, will test his faith in ways he never imagined.

    Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.