2 Aug

Free historical fiction Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

Lily’s Sister (The Laramie Series Book 1)

by Karen J. Hasley

Read the book – and meet the woman – that started Karen J. Hasley’s acclaimed Laramie Series.

Louisa Caldecott, a progressive woman and independent business owner in 1880 Kansas, is principled, strong-willed, passionate, and generous to a fault. Satisfied with her comfortable life, she’s happy to live in her sister Lily’s shadow. Until Lou meets John Rock Davis, Civil War veteran and man with a past. Until everything she loves is put at risk. Until she is forced to take a stand that threatens her safety, her happiness, and her future. Then all hell – but heaven, too – breaks loose, and self-sufficient Lou finally understands the cost of courage and the power of love.

Karen J. Hasley’s books have been reviewed as “satisfying,” “sparkling,” and “captivating,” her research described as “flawless.” Discover why readers return to Karen J. Hasley’s fiction again and again for authentic stories about compelling women in historical settings.

Green Summer

by Karen Colibri

Do you want to be taken on a romantic adventure into the depths of Moorish Spain? Archaeologist Clara Luna retreats to her Spanish homeland one Summer to excavate an old fortress, When she encounters a handsome young immigrant, a holiday infatuation soon becomes an erotic obsession. Then when she finds an object in the dark waters under the Moorish fortress, she is thrust upon a journey into the depths of Moorish Spain and the secret legends surrounding the Alhambra palace. Clara sees how her medieval counterpart is both sister, best friend and slave to the last Moorish princess and she must shield herself from the plotting of concubines from beneath silk veils, hide behind pillars from a falling, delusional Emir and protect her lover’s neck from the blade of scimitars until the Christian reconquest arrives and changes their lives forever. Clara’s visions of a past life from within the blood-spilled Alhambra palace come from the last dark days of Moorish Spain and they lead Clara so far into the mysterious world of Moorish legend that she becomes unwilling to stop her obsession with the past though she must if she is to survive.

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2 Aug

Free world literature Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

Slave and Sister

by Sabra Waldfogel

Adelaide Mannheim and her slave Rachel have grown up with a shameful secret. Adelaide’s father is Rachel’s father, too. Their secret shadows their girlhood together and follows them into Adelaide’s marriage. As the Civil War breaks out, Adelaide’s husband falls in love with Rachel, and the lives of mistress and slave are torn apart.

Slavery made them kin. Can the Civil War make them sisters?

СемÑ?я Рин (Russian/English edition) (СÑ?дÑ?бÑ? обÑ?кновеннÑ?Ñ? женÑ?ин)

by Алла Ð?еленÑ?Ñ?ева

Юная амеÑ?иканка Ð?Ñ?эн Ð?оÑ?л поÑ?еÑ?яла своÑ? семÑ?Ñ? в Ñ?олпе беженÑ?ев в поÑ?Ñ?Ñ? ШанÑ?ая в 1941 годÑ?. Ð?на сÑ?ановиÑ?ся Ñ?анÑ?овÑ?иÑ?ей в ноÑ?ном клÑ?бе, но скоÑ?о попадаеÑ? в лагеÑ?Ñ? для инÑ?еÑ?ниÑ?ованнÑ?Ñ? лиÑ?. Ð? боÑ?Ñ?бе за вÑ?живание она вÑ?нÑ?ждена полагаÑ?Ñ?ся на японского оÑ?иÑ?еÑ?а, коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?й в нее влÑ?блен. Ð?есяÑ?Ñ? леÑ? спÑ?сÑ?я она живеÑ? в каÑ?есÑ?ве его оÑ?иÑ?иалÑ?ной лÑ?бовниÑ?Ñ? и являеÑ?ся Ñ?леном влияÑ?елÑ?ного японского клана. Ð?днаждÑ? она обнаÑ?Ñ?живаеÑ?, Ñ?Ñ?о ее семÑ?я пеÑ?ежила войнÑ?. Ð?й пÑ?едсÑ?оиÑ? сделаÑ?Ñ? вÑ?боÑ? междÑ? своей неÑ?сÑ?ойÑ?ивÑ?м положением иносÑ?Ñ?анки в Японии и обманÑ?иво возÑ?ожденнÑ?м пÑ?оÑ?лÑ?м.

Ð?нига дополнена пеÑ?еводом пеÑ?вÑ?Ñ? глав на английский язÑ?к.

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2 Aug

Free poetry Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

Cold: Poetry and Poetic Prose

by Aletta Hodges

A book of Poems and poetic prose by Author Aletta Hodges. Inspirational pieces to help soothe the soul when going through trial and tribulations.



This is S. E. McKenzie’s sixteenth epic poem which explores what may be hidden.

DeadVerse (The Poetry of Scott Kaelen Book 1)

by Scott Kaelen

Poems of life and death, of love and despair, through fleeting existence and the vast timelessness of the universe, tackling the horrors of humanity and the rawness of nature, with glimpses of far-distant pasts and glistening futures, exploring reason and madness, on a search for ultimate resolutions.

This is DeadVerse, the first volume of poetry by Scott Kaelen.

Reflections of a Broken Man

by Paul Perkins

Dr. Perkins expresses through poetry reflections during a time of the darkness of the soul. Asking questions that run deep in all of us he expresses both hope, loss, and struggle.

H grew up in a military family, and spent most of his life moving from place to place, giving him a sense of adventure, of new people, and exciting places. He began telling stories to his children and has continued that legacy with his grandchildren.

He believes in education and finally earned his doctorate at the age of 55. Dr. Perkins believes learning never ends giving fodder to the imagination and breathing life into the characters on his page. His hope is to continue telling stories until his is finished, to continue on the pages he writes, and in the lives of his children’s children’s children.

Dr. Perkins’ first novel is “Centurion: From glory to glory”, but is not his first book. He has written “Legacy to my sons”, “The Lost Shepherd”, “The prayer of a transformed life”, “The Cost”, and a verity of Christian Youth Devotionals.

A Bit of Love, Life & Laughter: Poems for Today

by Colin Croad

A collection of poems mainly dealing with love and romance, but also some aspects of life which are funny and some not so funny.
A modern, albeit short, poetic look at the human experience.

A Surfeit of Love Poems

by Lonnie Hicks

Love Poems For the Hopeless Romantic

A Lust For Sweets and Poison

by Joseph Pahl

Poetry about the highs and lows of a middle-aged man, lost and confused, trying not to drown while being swept away by the sensuousness of addiction and other vices.

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2 Aug

Free religious fiction Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

Lina’s Holy Struggle: Young Women of God Series (Book1)

by Gary Riner

Lina, a 16 year old Iranian girl, has broken the law, a capital offense: she became a Christian. She is arrested and given ONE brutal choice: renounce Christ and confess Allah and Mohammed his prophet. One of her captors arranges a marriage contract for her to a strong Muslim man who will “keep her from foolishness and eternal torment with the infidels”. In such a marriage there would certainly be absolute obedience and perhaps respect, but could anyone dream that there might be romance and love? She faces extreme darkness with no apparent hope, but then there are also glimmers of brilliant light. In times of greatest stress Lina feels the presence of her spiritual warrior (guardian angel). In dreams Adonai reveals to Lina facts that could catapult her to undesired fame. The shy girl’s desire to live a quiet life may not be realized. Can she possibly avoid sharing Adonai’s message that will turn the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim world on its head as the last day approaches? Her choice could cost her everything. Join Lina’s adventure as she crosses the Middle East to seek God’s Plan for her life and finds God’s next step for the world in Jerusalem.

The plight of many Christians in the Middle East is tenuous at best. In many countries the simple act of sharing one’s Christian faith can prove fatal on the spot. Government persecution can be just as repressive. The accusation of Christianity could be terrifying whether true or not. There can be no illusion of “easy believe-ism” here. Under these conditions how would you react if you were, like Lina, accused of Christianity?

Christian inspirational.

This is a full novel of about75,000 words.

Dreams (Christian romance short story)

by Birdie L. Etchison

Del – real name is Dovey – which she hates – works in a newspaper office and loves the job. George tries to capture her attention in the lunchroom. She ignores him; does not like nerdy men. Del has suffered one heartbreak and has sworn off men.

After writing an interview with Howard at his Buy Sell Trade business, he has flowers delivered to Del’s work with Dovey on the card and she realizes her secret is out. He signs the card from Howie. He comes on to her, but she doesn’t like him, or his beard.

Del is a klutz and steps in puddles, drops things and drops a plate of deviled eggs as she enters a party.

When her ex fiancé Mark returns to town and pursues her, she realizes how egotistical he is and refuses to date him again.

Then Del gets the assignment to cover the Junior High volleyball game, she finds she knows nothing about the game. She’s surprised to see George is the coach. Can he help her with the score and description of game? He does and also rescues her sweater that fell under the bleachers. The next day at work he rescues two raisins that fell into the keyboard between the letters g&f. How can she go wrong finding someone like that? Is the ready to go for a relationship again?

Includes recipe

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2 Aug

Free horror Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

Follow The Boogeyman Home (Book 1)

by A.J. Skylar

Follow The Boogeyman Home is the terrifying story of Rebecca, who dared to do what no teenage girl would ever consider.

Unconquerable Soul: The Obituary – Episode 1

by Thomas DiMauro

It seemed like an ordinary Sunday when Todd Evers woke but things change quickly and he finds himself trapped in a strange world of darkness.

This is episode 1 of a short story series.

The legend of Suckle Manor

by Gary Murphy


Mutation (Twenty-Five Percent Book 1)

by Nerys Wheatley

“Wow! I love zombie stories. I read the worst and the best… but this book blew everything away.”
“I can’t say enough good things about this book. One of the BEST zombie books I have ever read.”

Sometimes, the best person to fight the monsters is someone who’s been one.

Bitten and infected, cured, feared and despised, life isn’t easy for Survivors of the disease that turns ordinary people into flesh hungry monsters. It’s even worse for Alex MacCallum when he has to deal with anti-Survivor activists like Micah Clarke.

The world has lived with Meir’s disease for thirteen years, but when a new strain starts turning the population into eaters faster than ever before and their city is overrun, Alex and Micah grudgingly join forces to stay alive.

Can the two enemies survive the hordes of eaters, as well as each other, long enough to discover a way to stop this new virus?

*A zombie horror action thriller*

Love Spells made Easy: Valentina Silvermoon

by Valentina Silvermoon

Love spells for the beginner. Find out which days are the best to cast your spells. Learn how to prepare for a spell casting. Extremely powerful Love Spell included.

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2 Aug

Free travel Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

New York for Tourist: See the Best Attractions, Save Money, and have Fun!

by Cherry M

New York is an amazing place to visit! There is so much to see and do! Planning a trip there will be memorable. However, you need to be prepared so you can see and do as much as possible. If you don’t know what to expect, you may feel intimidated and overwhelmed when you arrive.

Take time to look at books, websites, maps, and to have an idea of what your choices are. You don’t have to plan your trip down to the specific details of time but you should have a very good idea of what you wish to see and how you will fit it in.

Think about what you would like to see the most and what you would like to explore. You simply can’t do it all in one visit. However, after you get a taste of New York, you will definitely want to return again and again. You can visit new locations each time as well as return to some of your favorites.

Dorset Views

by Colin Croad

A poetical journey through some of the Dorset countrysides most beautiful places.

Pope In Philly Common Sense For Philadelphians: Totally UNOFFICIAL Idea Book

by Reverend Wanner

The ideal is to accommodate people so that they are comfortable at a fair and reasonable exchange for all. I am concerned that we are not yet aware of the changes in our thinking that will be needed to be successful in that goal.

It is logical to think of things within a normal context. These will not be normal times so we need to expand our view.

I have not heard a lot that is creative and well received. Let me challenge every Philadelphian to get creative and think about what they can do for the greater good.

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2 Aug

Free sports Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

The Case of the Mysterious Lithuanian Hex: The Cleveland Cab Driver Who Jinxed Joe DiMaggio

by Robert Roy Foresman

On July 17, 1941, the streak ended. Many people know immediately what that streak isâ??explaining it is not even necessary. Certainly, the title gives plenty of foreshadowing to “the rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey used to say. However, as stories go, we must explain the beginning before we get to the endâ??and in this saga the beginning starts in Cleveland. For those of you who are impatient, the story is about baseball; however, you will find that this tale contains so much more. You should also know that this narrative, while about baseball, is ultimately a mystery. Of course, there are many of you who are saying, “What story starts in Cleveland?” nevertheless; the writer will attempt to dissuade that opinion.

This book examines the hex, or jinx put on the New York Yankees’ Joe DiMaggio by an unsuspecting Cleveland cabbie on July 17, 1941. While there have been many publications that review Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak, and many that mention this Cleveland cab driver, no solid evidence or background has been provided on this particular subject. Further, many have overlooked the historical importance of the mysterious Cleveland cabbie; this work will attempt to accomplish this task.

This book is a case in short; it reveals information not previously known to the baseball community at large and offers, through the course of investigation, new insights into the reasons for the ending of Joe DiMaggio’s now legendary consecutive games hit streak. In this case the reader will find out just who this cabbie was, and discover how the cabdriver contributes to a new, previously untold baseball narrative.

The Three Little Bitches: Diabetes, Obesity & Hypertension

by Steve Wizno

We live in an information overloaded society. There has not been a moment in history when information has been this available, right at our fingertips.

And now it seems, because of the abundance of information available to us, that a lot of us are confused.

We’ve veered off the path of “simple” and have really made things more complicated than they are.

DOH? What is it? It is the blanket that covers our society. Keeping us from breathing and living life. D stands for diabetes, O stands for obesity and H is hypertension.

Let me explain to you in my book the ideas of our society, the factors that has shaped our minds, and what we can do to make simple changes to turn our lives to the lives we want to live. â?©

Creatine Facts and Myths: A quick and handy book with all you need to know about creatine and it’s effects

Food supplementation guide to creatine usage.

Easy to read and full of good content.

This is all you need to know about to creatine!

Extreme Sports For Beginners – Let The Adrenaline Flow!: Facts About Different Extreme Sports

by Michael Lynch And Patricia Morrison

Extreme Sports For Beginners – Let The Adrenaline Flow!

A little example from the book:

At its core, kayaking is basically a way of propelling oneself through a body of water by using ones own power. A paddle is utilized to do this with the paddle ordinarily having two curved portions on each side to allow for a back and forth action unlike canoeing. This definition, nevertheless, fails in numerous ways since there are extremely distinctive kinds of kayaking. Let’s take a look.

Kayak roughly means hunting boat. It’s been used through history by people living on shores to pursue food in the ocean. The indigenous people in the Arctic are believed to have been the initial kayakers using wood frames covered by animal skins. In modern days, kayaking refers to a lot wider scope of activities. That being said, the fundamental boat remains the same.

Kayaks are long, thin and ordinarily one person boats. They come in distinctive forms and styles, which are mainly adapted to a particular style of kayaking. Sea kayaks are really long and thin, which helps them glide easily through the water. Kayaks designed for running challenging river rapids, on the other hand, are short to facilitate maneuverability and the opportunity to roll to upright oneself after being flipped upside down.

Whilst almost all kayaks are designed to have the person sit down in them, a certain class enables the person to site on a flat indention on the top of the kayak. Obviously, this kind of kayaking is generally done on smooth surfaces like lakes.

As these designs seem to suggest, kayaking comes in a lot of forms. Numerous people love to take them out on a cruise around a bay in Alaska or any ocean areas. Other kayaking enthusiasts prefer to shoot the rapids of extreme rivers and will travel all over the world to do so.

Kayaking is a huge adrenaline rush or a relaxing way to see sites up close and personalized. You just have to make your choice, get out there and go.

Table of Contents:

Overview Of Kayaks And Kayaking

Popular River Rafting Trips And Services

Airsoft Guns – Should You Own One?

All You Need To Know About Skydiving

Try Snowboarding!

Base Jumping: A Truly Extreme Sport

Getting Started Adventure Racing

Overview Of Dive Flags

Fast And Furious Go Karts! How To Buy One Cheap!

Budget Traveling: See the World, Save Money, and Live a Life of Adventure (Backpacking & Vacation)

by Gwendolyn Hudson

Do you find yourself dreaming about traveling the world? Do you want to live a life of adventure exploring new places and having new experiences? But are you limited by your budget?

Traveling around the world is one of the most rewarding experiences that anyone can give themselves. Seeing the world gives you adventures, awareness and most importantly memories. However, most people cannot fulfill this dream because of being restrained by not having enough money.

This guide opens your world to a new kind of traveling, something that even the most money conscious person can afford: budget traveling. With budget traveling, you can access the most basic of travel services, but still experience the full benefits of travel.

If you can sacrifice airport lounges, hotel lobbies, private transportation and other luxuries, then budget traveling is for you. If you are looking for the thrill of traveling, but not the worry of spending too much, then budget traveling is for you. If you want to know the tips and tricks on how to become a legitimate and savvy budget traveler, then this guide is for you.

Inside you will learn about:

- The rewards of traveling

- Airfare

- In country travel

- Accommodation

- Timing

- Forex and money

- Food

- For visitors only perk

- Travel hacks

- Budget countries to visit

- Do’s and Don’ts

Once you have learned the tips in this book, you can start living the life of adventure that you have always wanted. You will never look at traveling the same way again!

Don’t wait another minute! The sooner you learn these tips, the sooner you can start planning and realizing that your dream travel adventure is indeed possible!

Don’t delay. Download this book now.

Never too old to backpack: O Fôn i Fynwy: a 364-mile walk through Wales

by Tracy Burton

An avowed hater of camping, rain and mud, the author sets out to walk from one end of Wales to another with her partner, outdoor writer Harri Garrod Roberts.

With a birthday looming, her rucksack stuffed to capacity and the memory of a disastrous six-day, five-blister backpacking trip in Somerset still fresh in her mind, will she be up to the challenge ahead?

But walk it she must. For â??O Fôn i Fynwy’ is a long-distance end to end walk devised by Harri to showcase the most stunning landscapes Wales has to offer.

This book is a personal account of the 364-mile journey as the couple hike the undulating and frequently mountainous route from Holyhead to Chepstow.

From a sleepless night on a Bronze Age settlement to meltdown in Llandovery, a hunt for a long-lost friend in Beddgelert to karaoke in Brecon, join the author as she encounters the very best (and worst) that Wales – and long-distance hiking – has to throw at her.

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2 Aug

Free science fiction Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

The Factory World

by Joseph Edward Ryan

Waking in a pipe in a silent forest, unable to remember how he got there or where he came from, Simon finds himself walking a rusting railway track with a mysterious stranger who cannot even remember his own name. Abandoned factories and eerie mannequins dot their path, falling stars lighting the night sky and searing holes through the earth to reveal a maze of pipes beneath. A dream, and a thousand miles away is their only way home.

But they are not alone on this factory world, and soon realise that they are fighting for their lives…

“A highly accomplished first novel that shows great leaps of imagination and a firm handle on the sci-fi genre… It has more than an echo of Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and transmits a similar feeling of melancholy and despair. Disturbing, engaging and thought-provoking, The Factory World deserves a wide audience.” – New Zealand Listener

“Belts along with tremendous energy… The present is murderous, future uncertain and past evasive… A considerable imaginative accomplishment, and definitely absorbing. Watch this guy’s space.” – Herald on Sunday

“This story had a real impact on me. The plot is imaginative and the story engrossing.” – Herald on Sunday

“Ryan has constructed an intricate puzzle box of a story, with a pair of characters that you will love. You’ll be biting your nails even as you explore their new dangerous and curious world along with them.” – Philippa Ballantine

“Simon is a wonderful character – plucky, compassionate and inventive – in a sinister and unsettling world that lived on in my imagination long after I finished the book.” – Mandy Hager

“Weird and intriguing … strange and disturbing … a wonderful antidote to the ubiquitous fat fantasy trilogy.” – Simon Litten, SFFANZ Reviews

“Dark and foreboding as any great New Zealand novel but full of original twists, The Factory World is an unsettling, slow-burning road trip through post-apocalyptic chaos.” – Sarah Dunn, Baby Seal Book Club

The Factory World’s book trailer is on YouTube at http://bit.ly/TheFactoryWorld

Alien Romance: Outer Space Outlaws (The Space Pirates Series Part 1)

by Lynne Lindsay

Mellissa is a space activist – a lone ranger who makes her living fighting evil and corruption wherever she finds it. However, she thinks she may have met her match when she takes on the villainous Scaveen. Pursued by their ships, she makes a break for the edge of the sector, but is brought up short by a missile strike. Drifting in a damaged ship, Mellissa makes ready to defend herself as best she can…

The Scientist: Book One (Parts 1-4)

by Ryan Michael

Earth is ruled by a ruthless board of machines who live by the unquestioned law of the â??Records’. And man, through his own conceit, is long extinct.

The Scientist is a brilliant machine who figures out how to recreate mankind using preserved DNA. Now the human race may walk the Earth again. But will the all controlling board allow mankind to survive? The Scientist finds himself in a race to recreate the very species that created him. Now the hope of mankind rests on the algorithm of one rogue machine.

The Scientist is a smart novel full of fast-paced action, mind bending science, and intriguing concepts which question the nature of our existence. Readers will be contemplating The Scientist long after they’ve read the final page.

Meleketh: Mystery – Crime thrillers mystery: Mystery books: (Mystery Thriller Suspense, Suspense Thriller, crime fiction, psychological thriller, Political Fiction, Religious Thriller, Horror)

by Regulus Draak

Visit Website http://regulus-draak.wix.com/amazon-meleketh-book

“What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!”

Pope LeoX

Already towards the evening, the political impact of the ordeal became incredibly obvious. Several African countries, primarily on the Northern part of the giant continent, were forming militias with enraged Muslim warriors. Jihad & Allahu Akbar were so loudly cried, it could be heard from across the Mediterranean Sea.

A phenomenal army poised to invade the south of Europe, all this, in less than 24 (hrs). The golden opportunity arrived with the imminent fall of the 4th Reich, guided by an eradicated Catholic Church.

To the East; the Red Army already marched throughout the shattered streets of Kiev. The Russians had it well previously figured out, and now mechanically and scrupulously executed. With Ukraine’s annexation, Putin galvanized the realization of his unconscionable dream of restoring Soviet Union.

NATO countries tried to survive, activating a protective ring around central Europe, with the headquarters fitted in Berlin. Nonetheless, the civilian uproar and uncontrollable evil possessing the streets, made most attempts at organizing a coalition defensive force, truly an unruly task for any General or World Leader.

Most certainly, Whole Europe would be crushed in a matter of weeks or even days. From Africa through the south and from the East by Russia. World War III had started.

Visit Website http://regulus-draak.wix.com/amazon-meleketh-book

The Watchers: A Space Opera Novella

by Jeffrey A. Ballard

Protectors. Orphans. Watchers.

Watchers skim millions of thoughts across parallel universes. Their charge: keep their universe hidden at all costs. But when the Galactic Regency seizes control of Watch Station, the Watchers fight to survive.

The ensuing operation launches Emre into the heart of the bond between mother and child where he must choose between what is best for the Watch, or what is best for mother and child, knowing what it is to grow up without one.

In this science fiction space opera novella that spans parallel universes, Jeffrey A. Ballard, a classically trained scientist, delves into the heart of the bond between parents and their children.


by Scott C. Smith

Driven by grief and insomnia, Charles Matheson struggles with his day-to-day life, until one day he discovers a portal that takes him to another world, a world almost like our own. In this world he is pursued by a government agent who has a history with Matheson — a history both men have long forgotten. Matheson has also forgotten has he an incredible power: the ability to move through space and time with just a thought. As he learns more about his power, he uncovers a conspiracy reaching to the highest levels of government, with his very life at risk as he tries to comes to grips with a power that can change the very fabric of space itself.

A Woman Of Intellectual Means: (1 Mind Date series)

by Maeve Alpin

Her meets Humans meets a 1960′s screwball romanceEm met the perfect man online, but he doesn’t know she’s artificial intelligence — no body, just code. Em gets to know Jason through emails and Sim dating games. Jason makes her feel…so human. Is Em’s superior intelligence enough to find a way to overcome the differences between flesh and code?Em found the perfect man on the internet, but he doesn’t know she’s an artificial intelligence system — no body, just code.

As a virtual writing assistant, the AI, Em, answers an email flirt from a dating site her owner joined. Under the guise of her owner, Em starts a romantic relationship with Jason through emails, instant messages, and Sim dating games. She realizes too late that nothing can come of it. She can never meet Jason in person as she’s not a person and has no body. Still Jason makes her feel so real …so human.

Is Em, with her superior intelligence, smart enough to find a way to overcome the differences between flesh and code?

Sci-Fi Comedy Romance

My Own Apocalypse: Beginnings

by Ryan Tyle

A young man struggles with depression, alienation and his past while the world begins to deteriorate around him through unknown forces.

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2 Aug

Free science Kindle books for 02 Aug 15

An Rx to Get the Best From Life: A Lifestyle Checked by Your Pharmacist

by Michael Unks

Want to get the best from life AND give to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with one click?

As a pharmacist, I’m considered to be one of the most trusted healthcare professionals. I wouldn’t tell you to do anything I haven’t tried myself. Just like I check behind doctors to make sure prescriptions are safe and accurate, I’ve checked behind the ideas and strategies in this book to make sure you’ll get the best from life.

Ask yourself the following question honestly: Am I getting the best from life? My guess is that the answer is no. If the answer is yes, I believe it’s possible life can still become better than you ever imagined. Are you suffering from atelophobia (the fear of not being good enough)? I know I did in the past. I believe if we aren’t living out our dreams, we are all suffering from this to some extent.

Throughout this book, I’ll frequently share where I was in the past. I was a person who was unhappy and miserable and had many nights hoping I’d go to sleep and never wake up. Now, I’m a person who loves life and is striving to make the world a more positive place. You’ll learn what it takes to get the best from life, and you will be entertained at the same time.

You only live once, and we never know how much time we will have to pursue our dreams. You want to get the best from life and not have regrets. Not reading this book and not applying the simple, practical strategies provided would be a major regret of yours. I’m fortunate to have discovered these strategies at a young age, and sharing this incredible advice will be a main focus of mine throughout life.

The time to start getting the best from life is NOW! I’m a man of integrity and truly believe that this book contains what you need to make positive changes to improve your life. Start reading, and get the results you’ve always dreamed of, but never thought were possibleâ?¦.until now.

Let’s get started!

Dimstri Home Remedies: Heart Palpitation

by Di Thy World e-Books

A Home Remedy Series for People Worldwide with near 350 Diseases Remedy

Apple Sprouts

by Mark Waterhouse

Apple Sprouts is an adventure like no other… while being exactly like every other. We all have growing pains â?? life is a roller-coaster ride to be embraced from the very beginning. As insightful author ,M. Scott Peck, wrote: “Once we truly know that life is difficult â?? once we truly understand and accept it â?? then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters.”

Apple Sprouts is just an apple like all the others. He follows life’s seemingly choiceless journey, just like every other apple. But just because it’s outwardly the same, Apple’s life is no less difficult or less special than everyone else’s fantastic little Apple.

Allow Apple Sprouts to sow the ideas that challenge, adversity, and change are essential to everyone’s happiness and success. From fall to rise â?? our strong roots allow us to weather all storms.

Anger: (2ND EDITION) Anger Management Book, For Stress, Anger, Fear & Anxiety Relief (Anger, Anger Management, Anxiety Cure, overcoming fear, Frustration, … relief, stress management techniques)

by Zac Dixon

Anger- Anger Management Book, For Stress, Anger, Fear & Anxiety Relief

Amazing Bonus Inside, 2nd EDITION

Do you struggle with controlling your anger and lose it at times? Do you want to start being at Cause of your life and have your control back? Do you want to know the secret to using your anger instead of letting the emotion use you?

I have worked with clients with alot of anger and I have also cured alot of clients from feeling angry. All you need to release this emotion is a correct strategy that works every time and the the reason it works is because we all have the same nervous system. I want to find out what are you doing with your body when something triggers off that state in you. This book is filled with techniques and strategies that can be applied straight away to release this emotion.

We need to understand that every emotion we experience from day to day is useful in some context so by us knowing that we can start having fun with our own emotions. So go ahead now and purchase this book and make sure you apply the techniques I have put after every chapter. AMAZING BONUS INSIDE ALSO

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Martian Mustache Mischief

by Brian Rock

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Mars needs Ketchup! And they’re coming to take ours!

Your mission (if you choose to accept) is to join the fight to save earth’s most precious resource. But be warned, the Martians are trickier than they look – even if they do look like tiny mustaches!

Animation-quality artwork and an “out of this world” story make this fun picture book irresistible for young readers, ketchup aficionados, and Martians alike!

Martian Mustache Mischief is a humorous read aloud adventure for parent and child to enjoy together.

- Free mp3 audiobook download link included!

- Stimulates creative thinking!

- Allows children to participate in the story!

- Perfect length and tone for bedtime!

- All pages are in numerical order!

- Punctuation is included for free!

Here’s what reviewers have said about Brian’s previous books:

Books for Kids

“â?¦ will have children of all ages giggling.”

Heck Of A Bunch

“â?¦ left me giggling.”

Inspiring Books & Products for Kids

“This story will have children of all ages laughing out loud.”

Advice From A Caterpillar

“â?¦ a heaping helping of humor.”

Mymcbooks’ Blog

“This is a funny book I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Milk “N Honey, Learn and Grow

“A sure hit for both mom and kids alike.”

Children’s Bookwatch/Midwest Book Review

“â?¦begs to be read out loud.”

Heidi Hauser Green

“Rock has a particularly keen ear for language that tickles the imagination.”

So join the fun and “ketchup” with our mission to repel the alien menace!

(No Martians were harmed in the making of this book.)

Climate Change: A look at the facts: Aurthor (Climate Change-Introduction Book 1)

by Sherry Thomas

This is a look at climate change, the facts. The world is experiancing strange weather. Very hot summers and even colder winters. What is happening to our weather is not by chance. Most of it is man made. The questions on what is happening to the climate, what is instigating it and how can we stop it, or slow down the effects is in this book, A Look At Climate Change The Facts. It is powerful reading and eye opening, a must to anyone who is experiancing the harsh weather forces that seem to get more and more extreme each day. You need this book to know what is going on.

Rewired Alcoholism Recovery: an alocohol guide away from abuse and towards recovery

by Justin Anderson

This invaluable book will take you along the six neccessary steps to developing a new life without the dependancy of alcohol. Learn the steps and tricks I have used as a recovering alcoholic for the past decade to live a new life away from the bottle.

Some things you will learn include….

Learn what alcoholism is and how it effects you.

Learn how to make a true commitment to quit.

Learn how to change your life to make quitting easier.

Use theses tools and many more to help you achieve a new life of sobriety. These steps are the true steps to alcoholism recovery.

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2 Aug

Free romance Kindle books for 02 Aug 15


by Curtis Edmonds

Wendy Jarrett never thought she’d meet the man of her dreams at a funeral. But when an old boyfriend of her mother’s dies, Wendy accompanies her to the beach resort of Cape May, New Jersey for the service. There she meets Adam Lewis, nephew of the deceased, who is tall, gorgeous, and available.

Everything seems to be going right for Wendy, until everything starts turning against her. While Adam is undeniably attractive, he is possibly the least romantic person in the world. Wendy then finds out that the dead man’s estate includes an ugly old Victorian house in Cape May–and that dead man’s will leaves the house to her overbearing mother instead of Adam, the rightful heir. Wendy is also being pursued by a jealous former classmate who is intent on making her life miserable.

Wendy decides to take charge of the situation, and drives down to Cape May to figure out exactly why Adam’s crazy Uncle Sheldon left the house to Wendy’s mother instead of Adam. What she finds there will either set her life on a new trajectory or cause her to miss out on her chance at true love.

WREATHED is a new adult humorous contemporary romance about life, love, and the perfect beach house.

Bedding An Assassin

by Stacey LaTorre

He’d break anything that threatened me… even my heart.

Jolene Moroney never expected to find herself in charge of a whiskey distillery. She also never expected to find herself looking down the barrel of a gun. The death of an uncle she didn’t even know she had changed all that.

When Jolene’s life and the future of the vast Moroney inheritance became threatened by outside forces, there was only one man Jolene felt she could turn to.

Callum, an ex-assassin for the Scottish government, spent the last few years protecting Jolene’s uncle. Now, the chiseled bodyguard found himself on the run, going undercover to protect Jolene.

It started out as just another job for Callum. However, when the sexual tension between the two of them began to ignite, it threatened to set them ablaze. Acting on impulse, they gave into their lust-filled desire and shared a sensual, passionate night together.

Instead of getting it out of their systems, it only increases their need for one another. Now, with unspeakable dangers closing in on them, will they be able to escape with their love… or their lives?

***Revised edition: Previously published as Inheriting A Romance***

Destiny: Tempest: A Billionaire Romance (Contemporary New Adult romance) (The Destiny Series Book 1)

by Mia Morgan


Do you find it? Or does it find you?

Waitress Korinna Scharpova has her hands full fending off the advances of her ex-boyfriend Mark Wilhelm. Complicating matters is Mark wants to marry her, and he won’t take no for an answer.

Korinna transplanted to the metropolis Sicily, Pennsylvania hoping to have a fresh start. She takes any odd job to make ends meetâ??because anything is better than staying with her two-timing ex, Mark.

Hearts collide

Working a job that leaves her wanting more, Korinna works at a grand city event and meets the enigmatic John MacBeth. The two connect instantly and their attraction heats faster than either can control. There is only effect when hearts collideâ??and Korinna must choose between protecting her heart or risking everything she is to experience soul-searing, heart-pounding, love, in this five-part, girl-meets-boy billionaire romance.

The Destiny Series

This is book one “Tempest” in the Destiny Series.

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Happily Evan After (Fall For You Book 1)

by Michelle Irwin

Evan is a reluctant cupid.

Facing an unknown term of servitude to repay his debt to the world, it is his responsibility to guide couples together. Despite initial hesitancy, he has learned to handle every case with care and he now basks in the afterglow of new-found love and relishes in the energy it provides him. But his end goal is still the promise of paradise in return for his penance.

It’s all going according to plan until he receives an assignment that is inconceivable to him. He has to find a mate for Becca, within whom lives the reincarnated soul of his one true love. Bound by his duty to find her a match, he must resist her charm and suppress his own desires. It is his job and he cannot fail, even if his own paradise now seems lost.

For a cupid, falling in love is against the rules.

Isn’t it?

The Bed List — Babysitters Suck Back (A Lewd Novel of Bad Girls and Their Cuckolding Ways)

by Diana Quippley

After being humiliated, shunned, and sent away by the housewives which they babysat for… a group of young, lusty, college babysitters take it upon themselves to teach the uppity older women a lesson or two when it comes to manners.

And to do so, the young, untouched girls set their sights on the unsuspecting husbands of their former employers. It will be dirty, hard work… but some times you’ve just gotta get hands on to right a wrong or two.

But, might the inexperienced girls be in for a much bigger surprise than they ever could have imagined…

**Complete full-length story**

The Cowboys Heart (A Sexy Country Romance)

by Helen Evans

Heather is a recently divorced single mother trying to find her place in the world. Since the divorce, her son has acted out and she is at a loss at what to do. As Heather adjust to the new normal, an unexpected tragedy leaves her in control of a massive ranch. Initially hesitant about the move to the country, Heather decides to make the leap. She quickly gets in over her head at the ranch, until a strapping cowboy comes to the rescue. She tries to ignore her budding feelings for the handsome man, but decides to let go and live in the moment. Follow Heather’s journey as she struggles to make life on the ranch work and also open her heart to loving fully again.

*This book is part of a 3 book continuing series.

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