Free science fiction Kindle books for 26 May 17

Song and Signal

by M. E. Patterson

Seventeen year-old genius Zakari Sharp has never stood on the surface of a planet, never seen a sun-streaked sky. He lives on a corporate-owned mining facility at the edge of the solar system, with a mute alien for a guardian and brainwashed, muscle-bound ex-convicts for company. The day his father vanished was so long ago that Zak thought he would never hear from him again.

Zak was wrong.

Now, chased off-station by a cabal of mythical assassins, Zak and his best friend Liz embark on a harrowing journey across the galaxy, to find his father’s hiding place and learn the universe-shaking discovery that hides with him. But their enemies will stop at nothing to steal the secret themselves.

Can a teenage boy change the fate of the universe? Or will a nanotech-wielding killer reach him first?

The Unforgiving Minute: Quantum Physics can be Murder

by Paul Casselle

An Amazon Kindle Short Read

Professor Edward Vivian Phillips, head of Physics at Trinity College, Cambridge has just invented the unthinkable! But celebrations are cut short when he is arrested for the murder of his research fellow, Alan Newton.

Phillips claims he didn’t do it. That he couldn’t have done it.

Professor Phillips was using his new invention at the time of Newton’s murder. However, his claim means that he is either innocent or a madman!

…or could this be the ‘Mandela Effect’?

Dream Shifters

by Janice Abel

Dream Shifters- A collection of eight fantasy stories. From a time travel romance, a contemporary cowboy shoot-out, to a humor defining Martian kidnapping, there is something for everyone. The eight stories: Mirage, a 2011 Bookrix Contest Winner. A young woman and boy on the run find the unexpected. Time Rides the Tide- A time travel affair that changes Jen’s life forever. Beam Down Scotty- A dead man in class. Not a prank. Silver Stars on the Sea- A woman with her children caught in a web of deception. The Secret, “Sealed with a Kiss.” A contemporary cowboy shootout. The Porch- A supernatural return to an afternoon on a porch swing. The Metallic Bird- An alien of a different kind. Magic, Mockery. The Green Phone- Humor. Martians kidnap grandma. Chickens, Wall Street.

Space Cowboys & Indians (Cosmic Cowboys Book 1)

by Lisa Medley

How can the chance of a lifetime go so horribly wrong?

Mining Engineer Cole Hudson signed up for NASA astronaut training, but after washing out short of getting his gold wings, he retreats to Alaska where he stakes out a gold claim. When billionaire entrepreneur Duncan Janson offers him an opportunity to join a mining team on an asteroid, Cole jumps at the chance.

But nothing is as it seems. Former NASA reject and rival classmate, Tessa Hernandez, is also a member of the team, and from the beginning of the mission test flight, things go wrong. They soon discover they’re not the only ones on the asteroid. As they try to escape, they are pulled through a wormhole and back to the early 1800s New Mexico desert where aliens and Apaches may be the least of their problems.

Verdant Magic: A Dragon Mage Novel

by Aimee Easterling

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USA Today bestselling author Aimee Easterling’s new series is chock-full of “electric story telling” and “wild post apocalyptic world building.”

Ever since dragon fire killed her parents, Amber Gardener has resolved to protect her enclave of illegal magic users from the dangers of the outside world. So when a winged intruder lands in her garden, the witch’s initial impulse is to defend her neighbors using every weapon at her disposal…up to and including the use of deadly force.

But at the last moment, the invading dragon shifts into a mysterious yet handsome stranger whose calm nature prompts Amber to question everything she previously believed to be true. Too bad her childhood sweetheart has no such compunction against dealing with danger the quick and dirty way.

Enter a murderous dragon on the rampage, an unexplained fading illness, and a kind-hearted innocent kidnapped out of her bed. Can Amber abandon her post as protector and team up with her enemy in time to save people they both hold dear?

Dive into an exhilarating new adventure with this first in a series of interconnected standalones.

A New War: The Drifter

by James Kendall

John just wanted to be left alone so he could survive the apocalypse in peace. He survived the nuclear war and the famine that followed, but now, the bandits, bounty hunters, cannibals, and the Federal Army are not going to make things easy for him as he tries to survive in the wastelands.

Avoidables 1-3

by Rachel Medhurst

Like all Avoidables, I’ve been consumed by hate for a race that rejects us so heartlessly. I’ve become dangerous.

With only one arm, my world in limited. Not only with what I can and can’t do, but with my whole life. You see, I’m an Avoidable. A person who’s deemed less than beautiful. Which means I get to live on Lower Side, the place reserved for those of us who don’t pass the Perfects test.

My rebellious side has me venturing over to Upper Side, where the Perfects live. Their part of the city is luxurious, while we live in filth. Even meeting Jason, a Perfect who uncovers who I really am, doesn’t stop me from detesting his kind. If they can’t change their view, we’ll have to change it for them.

This is 1-3 in the Avoidables series, following Hope, Purple and Jason.


by Jeremy Bates

“It’s scary that an author can do so much so quickly and so well” – Silver Screen Videos


When a man wakes in a rundown apartment, hooked up to a strange machine, a dead body in the next room, he has no memory of who he is, or what he is doing there. Over the next forty-eight hours, however, as he works to unravel the mystery of his identity, he’ll come to realize that he might be one of the most influential people of the twenty-first century–and that some things are better left unknown.


“Thriller fans and readers of Stephen King, Joe Lansdale, and other masters of the art will find much to love in this highly recommended, action-packed read.” – Midwest Book Review on Island of the Dolls

“An understated horror story that will remind readers what chattering teeth sound like.” –Kirkus on Suicide Forest

“[A] short, sharp shocker…Bates writes persuasively from Brian’s adolescent point of view, making the horror of his youthful reminiscences that much more intense.” – Publishers Weekly on Black Canyon

“Jeremy Bates has written a great book that would make a great Hollywood screenplay!” – Suspense Magazine on The Taste of Fear

“Bates takes an intriguing premise to shocking lengths, revealing the outcome only in an epilogue. A graphically violent story with building suspense and a moral about where weaving such a web may lead.” – Booklist on White Lies

“The Catacombs is a thrilling descent into the unknown, peeling back the dark layers like a rotting onion, tears running down your face as you try to climb your way out. A hypnotic story of buried truths, disfigured creatures, and lost histories told with an authoritative voice full of heart and insight.” – Richard Thomas, Bram Stoker nominated author on The Catacombs

“Jeremy Bates doesn’t miss a trick, teasing and misleading, ratcheting up the tension as the heroine…loses traction on a slippery slope of deceptions.” – Glenn Kleier, New York Times bestselling author on White Lies

“A horror story like none other…makes for a read that will delight horror fans who want their novels steeped in psychological suspense as well as action.” – Midwest Book Review on The Catacombs

“A success!” – Hellnotes on Suicide Forest


“Definitely gave me chills reading this late at night which hasn’t happened since I was a 13 year old teenager reading Stephen King’s, It, for the first time.” – verothehero

“Move over King and Koontz there’s a new talent in town.” – judy pfanner

“I had to stop reading at certain points because he was freaking me out. That only happens to me with one other writer–Stephen King.” – Lyn Lutrzykowski

“Suicide Forest is up the with Joe Hills Heart Shaped Box.” – Lola Cain

“Scariest book I’ve ever read” – Jamie Dobbs

“If you like Greg Olsen or Jeffrey Deaver, Jeremy Bates is a great new talent.” – Lnh

“If you like Greg Olsen or Jeffrey Deaver, Jeremy Bates is a great new talent.” – Lnh

“I found it rivaling some of Stephen King’s and Dean Koontz’s early works—high praise indeed.” – Diana D

“If you enjoy Richard Layman, you’ll love reading Jeremy Bates” – Anna W.

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Free science Kindle books for 26 May 17

WHEAT BELLY: GRAIN FREE: Discover 10 Common Health Problems Cured by Adopting a Wheat Free Diet (Slow Cooker, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Weight Loss)

by Charlotte Moyer

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Learn The Shockingly Easy Way To Boost Your Health Dramatically!

Let me ask you a few short questions:

  • Do you want to be healthy and live a flourishing, happy and long life?
  • Is your health declining? Or are you facing any health problems?
  • Do these health problems have a negative impact on your life?

If your answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this eBook is a must buy for you!

The truth is, that consuming wheat or any other gluten containing grains can be really detrimental to your health.

Wheat consumption can cause much trouble down the road. Did you know that many health conditions exist only due to high consumption of wheat?

Diseases like Celiac, Psoriasis or even problems like hyperthyroidism and polyarthritis are associated with high consumption of wheat!

Fortunately, you can prevent lots of trouble just by adopting a wheat free diet.

And this life changing eBook can show you how adopting a wheat free diet can impact your health and even your whole life!

The Wheat Belly Cure can not only lead to an incredibly healthier lifestyle, diet and body. It can also help in treating several medical conditions!

However, to avoid the health problems caused by consumption of wheat, you need to broaden your thinking horizons and understand the effects of wheat and gluten on your body!

Will you miss this chance to boost your health and increase your vitality?

You shouldn’tâ?¦

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Acupuncture for beginners: Easy course for understanding and doing acupressure.

by Dan D Tong

Discover How Easy It Is To Learn About Acupuncture

By Reading This Book You Will Learn The Proper Way Of Understanding And Doing Acupressure.

By Reading This Book You Will Learn About Acupuncture In Sports Medicine

This Acupuncture For Beginners Book Can Be Used by General Readers Who Are Interested in Acupuncture , As Well As Those Who Have Such Education.

Don’t worry If You Don’t Have Kindle device. 

You Can Still Read This Book On Your Web Browser  by Simply Using Amazon Free Cloud Reader.

This ebook contains proven steps and strategies on how to do acupuncture

This ebook will help you in doing acupressure.

You no longer need to spend a lot of money and time in sourcing for information about the topic. The reaserch included in this book is very easy for understanding.

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Ebook:

=> Each chapter in this ebook is informational and fun for reading.

=> There are step-by-step directions for understanding  acupuncture that makes the process of reading much easier and quicker.

=> The navigation between the chapters has been made super easy.

=> The ebook comes with table of contents which made switching to your preferred and desirable chapter very easy

Take Action Right Away To Read Acupuncture For Beginners. From The Comfort of Your Home.

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My Cat Hates My Vet!: Foiling Fear Before, During & After Vet Visits (A Quick-Tips Guide Book 3)

by Amy Shojai


We want to provide the best care possible for our beloved cats, but what do you do when your kitty turns into a wildcat at the vet? Cats visit veterinarians less often because their owners hate to see them upset and afraid of the cat carrier, car ride, and stranger handling.

MY CAT HATES MY VET! packs prescriptive advice into a short how-to guide that offers step-by-step instructions to help your cats learn to LOVE the vet, accept the cat carrier, and tolerate car rides–and get the medical care they need and deserve. This is your definitive guide for foiling feline fear. From one of America’s best known pet care authorities, you’ll learn:

*7 Reasons Cats HATE The Vet
*12 Ways to Soothe Fear
*Best Carriers & 8 Cat Crate Tips
*9 Calming Cat Car Ride Techniques
*How to Choose the Best Veterinarian
*What are Cat Friendly Practices & Fear Free Clinics
*Ways to Stop Cat-to-Cat Aggression After Vet Visits

With a fun conversational tone and easy proven techniques, MY CAT HATES MY VET! helps ensure your loving bond remains strong and intact.

Reverse Your Genetics: The 14 Day Program To Lose Weight, Look Younger, Feel Better And Reclaim Your Health And Happiness (Includes A 14 Day Meal Plan)

by Joanne Warren

Are you fed up with trying diet after diet, only to lose and regain the same 5,10, 20, or 30 pounds over and over again? Are you sick of suffering through diets where you need to restrict fat, carbs, or calories?

Would love to be back to the size you were in high school, but you feel too self-conscious to waste money on a gym membership?

Do you want to lose fat, look great and disease-proof your body as quickly as possible without wasting a ridiculous amount of time in the gym and wasting money on expensive supplements and diet pills?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you need to read this book

Did you know that EVERYONE carries “good genes” and “bad genes” in their DNA? And if you’ve ever struggled to lose even just a few pounds or bought countless creams to try to look youngerâ?¦

But NOTHING ever worksâ?¦

You’re probably suffering from a hidden chemical build-up inside your body that that turns ON your BAD Genes and makes it virtually impossible to lose belly fat and have a youthful lean bodyâ?¦And it gets worse once you reach 35.

The result?

Your body packs on belly fat and rapidly accelerates aging and wrinkles.

What’s the solution?

The first thing you need to know is that your failed weight-loss attempts in the past are NOT YOUR FAULT. Almost everything you’ve been told by the media and big food companies in order to look younger and lose belly fat is a misleading lie.

Have you noticed: the more you diet – the worse you feel, the older you look, and the more you pile on belly fat?

The reasons you have failed before are because willpower and counting calories don’t help – you can’t sustain those stringent rules for the long termâ?¦

It’s too difficult and produces more hidden inflammation inside your body that turns ON your Bad Genes.

So the ONLY reason you don’t have the lean youthful body you desire, is because everything you tried before actually turns ON your bad genes – and you were never told about this working AGAINST your body and forcing it to store fat and age you fasterâ?¦

Introducing “Reverse Your Genetics”

Reverse Your Genetics will help you clean out your body â?? even at the deepest level of your cells â?? so that you can actually turn back the clock, look younger and feel more energy than folks half your age and have the body you wantâ?¦At ANY age.

What can you expect when following this program and what are some benefits?

  • Lose 10-15 pounds in 14 days
  • A decrease in your stress hormone so you burn more belly fat
  • Drop pounds and inches fast, without grueling workouts
  • Learn to live a healthier lifestyle of detoxing and healthy eating
  • Rapid Cleansing & Renewal of Your Body At a Cellular Level
  • Naturally crave healthy foods so you never have to diet again
  • An increase in energy levels without the need for caffeine or stimulants
  • As well as:

  • Younger looking skin, with less wrinkles, discolouration and acne
  • A better night’s sleep, and easier time waking up
  • Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better
  • A new understanding of foods, and how they impact your fat loss and health
  • The complete 14 day plan to get you started on your path to your new lean self
  • Simple yet delicious recipes – so you don’t need to be a master chef
  • And much, much more
  • The Botton Line:

    Imagine being in the best shape of your life in just weeks, instead of years.

    Here, you’re going to learn secret mind tricks and strategies that will help you to transform your life in a way you’ve never thought of

    What are you waiting for?

    Twitter Marketing: Learn How To Grow Your Twitter account to 1 Million Followers in the first 6 months. (Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Online Business)

    by Pamela Russell

    Reach Millions of Users with the simple Click of a Button

    Boasting well over 300 million monthly active users, Twitter truly deserves being labelled one of the most popular social media platforms . I have been involved in the marketing industry for a long time, from television ads to infomercials I have always loved my job. Recently, I have grasped the opportunities offered by the power of social media to reach to a global audience. Never before have I felt so powerful and well connected to an audience of millions.

    In this book I will explain key digital marketing strategies I have personally tested and developed to capture and engage a massive following on Twitter. From the fundamental concepts of digital marketing to automating the daily maintenance of your account, I will teach you everything you need to grow your Twitter account to 1 million followers in the first 6 months!

    Inside You Will Learn…

    • Fundamental Concepts for Digital Marketing
    • Define your Target Audience
    • Determine what your Customers Value
    • Develop Your Content Strategy
    • Outsource and Automate your Account
    • Insights to Twitter Analytics

    Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief: Sciatica Symptoms and Treatment

    by Dale L. Roberts

    Common Symptoms of Sciatica Revealed & Treatment Options Available NOW

    Are you unsure of whether you strained your low back or have pinched the sciatic nerve? Do you need to know what type of back pain you have and how to get rid of it forever? Then you may want this overview of common sciatica symptoms and sciatic nerve pain treatment.

    Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief includes:

    • What Are the Common Symptoms of a Pinched Sciatic Nerve
    • When Sciatica Pain Hits, You Should Do THIS First…
    • Where One Back Pain Treatment Could Make Your Symptoms Worse
    • How the Best Line of Defense Sciatica is Easier than You Know
    • Who is the Most Reliable Person to Consult When You Need Sciatic Nerve Leg Pain Relief
    • Additional Resources to Address Your Back and Sciatic Nerve Pain

    Don’t Agonize Any Longer…

    Order Your Copy to Find Out More About Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief TODAY!

    Reishi Mushroom – The Mushroom of Immortality: Fight Cancer, Boost Immunity & Improve Your Liver Detox

    by Marcus D. Adams

    Reishi Mushroom – The Mushroom of Immortality
    Fight Cancer, Boost Immunity & Improve Your Liver Detox

    Agaricus blazei, Cordyceps, Reishi – So many mushrooms, where do I start? You can start by reading â??Reishi Mushroom – The Mushroom of Immortality’ and find out all you need to know about the amazing effects of medicinal mushrooms, in particular, the Reishi mushroom.
    The Reishi mushroom known for its anti-cancer properties, its ability to reduce the risk of cancer, and even known to treat insomnia, arthritis, asthma and so much more. It is even used to make healthy coffee!

    Read â??Reishi Mushroom – The Mushroom of Immortality’ now and find out why they call it the mushroom of immortality and also the king of herbs.

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    Free romance Kindle books for 26 May 17

    My One and Only: Book 1 in the Love and Weddings Trilogy

    by Shannon Guymon

    Meredith Jensen has seen her share of ups and downs. She’s found love twice already and lost it in spectacularly traumatic ways. Now? She just wants a peaceful life, free from love and drama. Meredith’s plans for the future center around planning other people’s weddings and her new online dating website. Just because she works to help other people find love doesn’t mean she wants any part of it though. Unfortunately for Meredith’s plans, Asher Murphy is determined to get her to give love another chance. But then again, so is Pule Matafeo. Meredith has never denied that she’s stubborn and feisty so it might take the combined forces of all their friends in Fircrest to get her heart back on track in time for Valentine’s Day.

    You Can Stay On The Couch

    by Michale Bryson

    You Can Stay On The Couch: A First Time Gay Romance + Bonus Books


    I’m the dumbest man alive.
    A complete sucker.
    I can’t just walk past somebody who’s in trouble and ignore them.
    No. I give bums change, help old ladies carry their things. That’s me.
    But I’ve never taken this kind of risk before. I don’t know why I did it.
    Strange man, kinda small, afraid and confused. I swept in, asked him everything.
    He didn’t know who he was. His situation was completely hopeless, but for some reason I had to help him.
    So I did the dumbest possible thing I could do. I took him inâ?¦


    I remember the gray dash console, the tablet screen, and the twisted metal, hurtling towards me. It was time, I thought. I was going to die.
    Then I lost it all in a mass of gray fog. Sometimes I’d look around and things would look vaguely familiar, but nothing.
    I lost myself. My most integral core, the one thing I can count on. Myself. Without that I was nothing.
    No ID, meant no address, no way to get a job. No social security card, no car title. I was going to have to live in the forest hunting for berries. Sleeping on some nice guys couch for the night was a welcome alternative.
    David was nice, too nice, not naïve, but he cared too much about people. I never wanted him to get hurt, so I held him back as long as I could but I was only holding off the inevitable. He was too good a man to turn away�

    CONTENT NOTE: This is a short story that may be read in under 2 hours â??Perfect to relax before bed or by the pool!
    For a limited time, this book also includes an extra 20+ hours of bonus stories for your enjoyment!.

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! This story contains explicit love scenes and is intended for 18+ readers only.

    The Lion Mistress: Book 1 (The Horse Mistress 5)

    by R. A. Steffan

    **A new chapter in the 2016 Rainbow Award winning Horse Mistress series**

    Kathrael is a nobodyâ??an escaped Rhytheeri slave with a face disfigured by an acid attack and a giant chip on her shoulder. Despite being alone in the world, with no possessions other than the clothes on her back, she has vowed to lead a rebellion against the brutal overseers who once owned her. First, though, she’s going to murder the cowardly bastard of a shape-shifter who was prophesied to save them all, and didn’t.

    The man who destroyed her life.

    She’s fully prepared to die along the way, if that’s what it takes. But falling in love with both a eunuch priest and a scruffy, itinerant lion-shifter? Well… admittedly, that part she really didn’t see coming.

    Favian is content with his life as a pagan priest. After finding and losing a forbidden love, he has devoted himself to helping others as best he can. When a starving, desperate girl takes him hostage at knife point, he has no glimmering of the kind of journey that will follow. He’d convinced himself that love was for other peopleâ??not for the likes of him. And the one he lost? It turns out that when the gods are kind, what is lost can sometimes be found again.

    As a lion-shifter, Ithric knows that his feline nature tends to get him into trouble. This time, though, he might be in just a hair deeper than usual. After he and Favian broke each other’s hearts over a stupid misunderstanding, Ithric decided that relying on other people was a fool’s game. Of course, that was before he ended up collared and locked in a cage. Now, some outside help would be just a teensy bit useful… even coming from a decidedly unexpected source.

    * * *

    Sensual and inspiring, The Lion Mistress: Book 1 explores the strength of the human spirit, and the ways in which love can overcome the scars of the past.

    Author’s note: The Lion Mistress series is a continuation of The Horse Mistress series. It is not necessary to have read The Horse Mistress books first. The story contains graphic violence and graphic sex, including sex between men and sex with multiple partners. It is intended for a mature audience.

    Once She Dreamed

    by Abbi Glines

    Everyone in the small country town, Sammy Jo Knox had been born and raised,
    never left. They made their life there. Got married, had kids, lived in the same
    houses that were always there along the streets that never changed. The whole
    white picket fence and tree swing might look good on greeting cards but in real life
    it was boring, at least to Sammy Jo.
    When Sammy Jo was a little girl she began dreaming of something bigger. Brighter.
    Something that wasn’t her town. She wanted to see the world and experience it all.
    Just how she was going to do that she had no idea. Because if her momma had her
    way she’d marry one of the boys in town and be spitting out babies and going to
    church on Sunday with them all lined up in a row.
    The day Hale Christopher Jude III walked into the bakery she worked at, she knew
    he was it. That part of life she was missing. He smelled of foreign places and exciting
    things. He represented all the bright lights she dreamed of and simply put she hoped
    he was her way out of this place.
    What Sammy Jo didn’t realize was things that appear perfectâ?¦ aren’t. And chasing
    her dreams could lead to something very different.

    Playing to Win (Glasgow Lads Book 2)

    by Avery Cockburn

    Being out in this world was dangerous enough. Being real was downright suicidal.

    Colin MacDuff has nothing. Growing up in a Glasgow slum, he learned never to trust, never to cryâ??and never EVER to be at the mercy of anyone, especially rich men. So how did he end up half-naked at a rave with Scotland’s hottest young aristocrat?

    Lord Andrew Sunderland has everything. From ancestral castle to posh prep school, he’s spent his life wrapping others around his wee finger. With a social circle full of celebrities and politicians, nothing can stop Andrew’s rise to the top. Nothing, that is, save his desire for a dirt-poor, wolf-eyed footballer whose scars and tattoos tell unbearable tales.

    Colin and Andrew come from different worlds, believe in different worlds, want different worlds. Yet every time they touch, all worlds fall away.

    Set amid the fiery Scottish-independence struggle, this searing gay romance tells the story of two men who must lose everything to win each other’s hearts.

    Glasgow Lads series

    More Warriors are on the way! The series features a recurring cast of teammates, but each novel contains its own stand-alone romance, so they can be read in any order.

    – Play On, Duncan & Brodie novella
    – Playing for Keeps, Fergus & John novel
    – Playing to Win, Colin & Andrew novel
    – Play It Safe, Fergus & John short story
    – Playing with Fire, Liam and Robert novel
    – Play Dead, Colin & Andrew novella
    – Playing in the Dark, Evan & Ben novel, late 2017 (tentative)
    – More to come in 2018!

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    Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 26 May 17

    Cecilia: Mail Order Bride: Brides of Bannack Book 2

    by Natalie Dean

    Sheriff Lance isn’t the kind of man Cecilia wants to be with. So why can’t she stop thinking about him…

    Cecilia has her whole life ahead of her. She refuses to be a pawn in her father’s business ventures, especially if it means being married off to a dirty old man. Cecilia has a mind of her own and has decided to become a mail order bride. She finds true love on the American Frontier, only to become widowed soon after. However, she’s a woman of strength, and her fierce independent streak enables her to make it on her own as the successful owner of the tea shop in town. She’s doing just fine without a man. Or so she tells herself…

    Then Sheriff Lance shows up. He thinks Cecilia is beautiful but too independent for his liking. Even if it is attractive the way she outwits the bad guys. Sheriff Lance rubs Cecilia the wrong way with all his chauvinist talk about “a woman’s place.” She hates to admit, he both intrigues her and frustrates her all at the same time. Who does he think he is – coming to her town thinking he has her all figured out?

    A little murder mystery just might be the thing to throw these two opposites together. Can Cecilia help Sheriff Lance solve this mystery and keep the wrong man out of jail? And will they get past their bad first impressions of each other and fall in love?

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Download now to start enjoying the journeys of these courageous frontier women. This book is part of the Brides of Bannack series, but can be read as a standalone. All of your favorite characters from book 1 are along for the ride in this book too! Several bonus books are included.

    Conflicted Heart (Edgefield Dukedom Book 3)

    by Caroline Johnson

    Lady Jane is the envy of many. As the beautiful daughter of a duke, she has never had an absence of suitors. The Marquess of Greenshire has seemingly won her heart, but Jane is surprised that she cannot keep her thoughts from wandering to a certain baron with a questionable reputation.

    Lady Jane Stone has won the affections of many men, but she never imagined that her heart would be torn between two suitors. Lord Greenshire is the obvious choice that would please her father, The Duke of Edgefield. However, the charms of Lord Hays cannot be overlooked. Status has always been important to Jane, and Lord Hays does not have the title or wealth she wishes for in a husband.

    Can Lady Jane make the right decision before she loses them both?

    If you love clean and inspirational Regency romances, you’ll love this sweet tale of love.

    Author’s Note: This is a clean, historical romance. It’s a stand-alone story with no cliffhangers. This book contains bonus books to make you fall in love!

    WESTERN ROMANCE: ROMANCE: The Cowboy of My Dreams (ADDITIONAL STORY INSIDE!!) (BWWM Short Stories Billionaire Romance Western Contemporary Book 1)

    by Christin Jensen

    Jason sat down at the kitchen and poured himself a drink. He just couldn’t imagine Emily’s dad pulled a shotgun on him. He loved her sure, and would take a bullet for her. But not in his wildest dreams did he imagine that the bullet would be from her dad’s shotgun.

    After an honorable discharge from the army, Emily Hobson came back home looking to start a new life but it didn’t really work out as she couldn’t find any good teaching jobs. So her brother peter hooked her up with a private security job working for a billionaire cowboy at his ranch. Emily had this fantasy of marrying a white cowboy ever since she was a little girl but his father had his fair share of issues with rich white people.

    Will Emily Hobson be able to find genuine love from this cowboy billionaire?
    Will her father finally accept Jason as family?
    Keep on reading and find out more on this scintillating cowboy romance story.

    ***This is a STANDALONE SHORT. This short ends in a happily ever after with no cliffhanger***

    Warning: This novel contains mature content intended for readers 18 years of age or older.

    Tags: Romance Short Taboo BDSM Pleasure Forbidden Stories Adult Discipline Submission Menage Sport Valentine Dating Druid Stepbrother LGBT BBW Billionaire Romance, billionaire obsession bachelors baby unmasked brothers, Alpha male romance erotic billionaire omega lgbt, Adult sex books romance with sex adultery new age druid Celtic, Forbidden series fruit love romance pleasures billionaire, New Adult romance contemporary college paranormal with sex fantasy fiction, Short Stories Sport reads romance divorce gay military inspirational clean ghost vampire werewolf cowboy doctor highlander pirate politician viking beach gambling baby pregnancy second chance vacation wedding divorce office workplace amnesia new year christmas angel devil demon fbi police dark fun theft murder noir dog cat food craft hitman conspiracy financial london ireland scottish druid wales sweden denmark angels demons dragons elf shapeshifter aliens clones corporations pirates robots horror mystery thriller coming of age superhero sword magic invasion cyberpunk contact empire genes fleet troop exploration bisexual transgender gay lesbian time travel action adventure spy historical fantasy wizard warlock zombies spanish life application inspire papal christian historical jesus self help self-help catholic hebrew woman women haunted house metaphysical guru conduct of life death family man men mystic healing transformation ancient medieval renaissance aging childhood youth death depression alcohol abuse, drug abuse family life friendship immigration, immigrant politics, politician love marriage religion, religious, spiritual travel, voyage military & war career, workplace, working, office parenting, parent and children dating, relationships singlehood, single women sister wedding short story highland Menage Threesome humor comedy

    Honoring Her Heart

    by Julie Joseph

    When newly-minted Doctor Matt Conroy moves from the North Carolina campus life to a rural, lakeside Michigan town, he’s got a much quieter, easy pace of life to look forward to. For a man suffering from multiple fears- fears of crowds, drowning, heights- the quieter pace of life is just what he’s looking for.

    What he wasn’t counting on was sassy and outgoing Emma Butler entering his life the same day he started his new job. She’s talking him into trying out things that his ordinary fears would normally prohibit him from ever even thinking of trying. Too bad Matt managed to infuriate her father, the overprotective Reverend Frank Butler, on the same day he started the job and that he met Emma!

    When Emma’s life is in danger, it’s up to Matt to set aside his greatest fear, save her life, and maybe save his own in the process.


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    Free politics and current events Kindle books for 26 May 17

    Festival Puerto de Ideas 2011-2015 (Spanish Edition)

    by Chantal Signorio

    Este libro recoge las ideas y reflexiones de los destacados exponentes nacionales e internacionales del mundo de las artes, letras, ciencias y humanidades, que han participado del Festival Puerto de Ideas.

    Te invitamos a hacer una pausa en el tiempo cotidiano para adentrarte en un trazado cultural incomparable: conferencias, diálogos, entrevistas, espectáculos, conciertos, exposiciones y mucho más. Este libro es un registro de los principales contenidos que estuvieron presentes durante los primeros 5 años de Puerto de Ideas. Tzvetan Todorov, Bruno Latour, Chantal Mouffe, David Grossman, Saskia Sassen, Ferdinando Sccianna, Philippe Claudel, Beatriz Sarlo, Raúl Zurita, Semir Zeki, Ada Yonath, María Teresa Ruiz, Carlo Rovelli, son solo algunos de los más de 200 invitados que han sido parte de los Festivales de Valparaíso y Antofagasta.

    Puerto de Ideas es una fundación sin fines de lucro creada en el año 2010. Nace con el firme propósito de desarrollar actividades culturales y científicas de primer nivel que aporten a la democratización del acceso a contenidos que han estado restringidos a una elite intelectual y académica.
    Uno de los principales desafíos de la Fundación ha sido contribuir a la descentralización de la actividad cultural y literaria del país, por lo cual desarrolla dos festivales anuales: el Festival Puerto de Ideas Valparaíso y el Festival de Ciencia de Antofagasta, que permitan una activación de la agenda cultural en sus respectivas ciudades-puerto.

    How I Live Comfortably in Costa Rica On a $ 1,000 U.S. Disability Check: How to escape poverty and live comfortably in Costa Rica (The Life and Times of Texas Guitar Legend Nathon Dees Book 12)

    by Rev. Nathon Quinn Dees

    This is a guide to getting the system to work for you.
    While a diagnosis of mental illness or an injury can be a dream crushing death sentence for many, it can be a ticket to a more peaceful and productive life to those intelligent enough to listen to the valuable information that I am about to convey to you through my proven experience
    Let’s Begin. The Whole Story!

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    Free parenting and families Kindle books for 26 May 17


    by Adenilson Lemos Pelozi

    Cristini is a charming girl full of talent who lives in the city of Guarapuava, she is about to turn seven, but something unusual happens when Jesus appears to her and both become great friends. In an exciting and captivating story the reader will have the opportunity to know a new form of friendship and love, CRISTINI THE LITTLE GIRL WHO MET JESUS is an exciting and engaging book where he treats the supernatural relationship of God with the human being in a different perspective.

    Tommy Rabbit and the Outside

    by Ben Krakora

    For ages 3 to 7. Tommy Rabbits learns to play outside and eat better foods. He stops playing too many video games and eating junk food.

    About the book: The pictures are created in TuxPaint by a 7th grader. The words were added in Amazon’s Children’s book creator by a parent. Then published to Amazon. Hope to inspire you to make one and publish it too!

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    Free literary fiction Kindle books for 26 May 17

    The Preacher’s Daughter’s Secret

    by Elaine Young

    Warning!: This book contains FREE BONUS BOOKS as a thank you for ordering. Some of the free books are clean and some are intended for mature audiences.

    The Preacher’s Daughter’s Secret

    A chance encounter during Rumspringa thrusts sweet, innocent Rosalie Mitchell, the daughter of a Preacher, into a world of untold delights and passion. She falls recklessly into the arms of Jake Owenson, the handsome, rebellious man who turned his back on their Amish community years ago.

    But her passionate encounter comes at a high price and brings with it unexpected consequences, ones that will change her life forever. Faced with the possibility of banishment from her home and community, Rosalie must decide whether she can turn for help to the man she had never expected to see again. Will she bow down to her father’s wishes and the choices he makes for her, or summon up the strength to forge her own path?

    Warning: This book is a clean romance but the other free books attached may contain scenes not suitable for children under 18.

    LAST NIGHT: Francine

    by Jessica Caryn

    It has been awhile since Francine had a girls’ night out with her best friend Sara. She also wanted to celebrate her final and permanent break up with her ex-boyfriend. There were awkward moments at the bar, an unwanted drink was sent over, but things improved when Sara left the dance floor with her new friend Ray.
    The night turned into good times and ended at a waterfront loft.
    Francine crashed on the sofa and woke up the next morning to freshly brewed coffee and Ray’s older brother half naked in the kitchen. Ryan was handsome, inked, and his gritty persona was so hot she couldn’t take it.
    Francine had a weakness for men like Ryan but she will soon discover the man he is underneath it all and how it felt to be wanted in a different way than what she was used to.
    *Adult fiction, contains sexual content.
    The LAST NIGHT novellas are short and sweet with heat or naughty but darling. There are no cliffhangers and no reading order because each story is about a different woman, in a different city, with a different set of circumstances. The stories are told from dual points of view in the first person narrative.

    Mozzarella (Spanish Edition)

    by Victoria Roch

    Una historia de amor en la que ambos protagonistas guardan en sus adentros dolor y soledad. El destino hará que se encuentren y será inmediata su sintonía, pero no la relación.
    A lo largo de la novela varios personajes dan su opinión sobre la eutanasia, siendo la causa del dolor y el silencio en el que han vivido los protagonistas.
    La historia trascurre en Italia en una finca agrícola y ganadera, dedicada al cuidado de las búfalas y la producción del queso Mozzarella.
    Daria, la protagonista, es una mujer de ciudad que va allí a trabajar, pero desconoce todo lo relacionado con la producción del queso, aprenderá cómo son las búfalas y cómo producen el queso de manera artesanal. Disfrutará visitando los alrededores y escuchando las historias que le cuenta Giordano.

    Love in the Time of Marijuana

    by Jesse Read

    Gomez is a public school teacher in the year 2020. After heartbreak on the east coast, he returns home, yet struggles to reconcile his liberal lifestyle with both the conservative atmosphere of a rural California in the midst of secession and the restraint expected of him within his teaching position.

    Temptation from his coworker Maria and a chance sighting of his mysterious disappeared ex-wife resurface memories and emotions Gomez had shut away. He descends into a cycle of former addictions and obsessions as his careful routine and career veer into an ambiguous unreality of his own paranoid creation.

    People forget things when they get high–but just how much has Gomez forgotten?

    The Picture of Dorian Gray (AmazonClassics Edition)

    by Oscar Wilde

    In the wealthy and vain hedonist Dorian Gray, London painter Basil Hallward has found his muse. Only when the portrait of Dorian begins to age, while the man himself remains untouched by time, do they realize they may have made a deal with the devil.

    Oscar Wilde’s only novel takes a witty, philosophical, and harrowing look at our obsession with youth and the price we pay for it.

    Revised edition: Previously published as The Picture of Dorian Gray, this edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray (AmazonClassics Edition) includes editorial revisions.

    Murder at Raven’s Lodge (The Freelancers case files)

    by Lee Isserow

    Rafe Clarke is a magical private investigator. He’s by no means a great detective, but sometimes the last guy you’re willing to call is exactly the guy you need..

    .There’s been a mystical murder at the notorious Raven’s Lodge.
    As much as they don’t want to hire a guy who gets hit in the face way more often than doctors recommend, he’s their only hope.

    But this murder is going to turn out a hell of a lot stranger than even Rafe could expect…

    Il dinosauro di plastica (Italian Edition)

    by Federico Scarioni

    Il testo è impreziosito dai contributi di Andrea Napoli e Omar Pedrini. Anna è una pittrice che si avvia a una promettente carriera nel mondo dell’arte. Ha dipinto, non ricorda quando e perché, un quadro, Domiseda: un uomo e una donna si stringono in un avvolgente bacio, al di là del tempo e dello spazio. Durante le sue mostre personali incontra degli uomini, volti nuovi ma familiari, frasi mai sentite prima eppure paurosamente ricorrenti. Da giorni, lo sguardo ossessivo di una donna sconosciuta la segue ovunque. Nel vortice di un’insana inquietudine, sospesa tra realtà e immaginazione, Anna si sente in trappola e fugge. Ma i fili di una vita parallela si intrecciano tenacemente al suo corpo. Perché?

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    Free humour Kindle books for 26 May 17

    Phosky and Reedox: Life As a Human Red Blood Cell

    by David Hayes

    How about a humorous look at life on a microscopic level within the human body. I’m talking about the cellular level stuff! Ever wonder what it’s like? Well here’s your chance to observe it.

    nandokukanjikuizuyonjiyudaidoubutsunanbagohen (Japanese Edition)

    by soyokazepapa




    å?é¡?1ã??é°? å?é¡?2ã??æ??è?¤ã??


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    Free fantasy Kindle books for 26 May 17

    The Weeds within the Rulership (The End in the Beginning Book 1)

    by Emily Martha Sorensen

    Raneh’s really worried that she has magic and it’s forbidden.

    But she gets a slight distraction when the boy next door gives her a bouquet of weeds.

    Blood Legacy (The V V Inn Book 5)

    by C.J. Ellisson

    The V V Inn series, from the USA Today & New York Times Bestselling Author, C.J. Ellisson: 
    Despite surviving silver poisoning, Vivian isn’t out of the fire yet. Rolando is still alive, as is his desire to eliminate all manipulator vampires like her. The streets of Buenos Aires prove to be a tricky hunting ground for Vivian and her husband Rafe, especially when a paranormal serial killer starts leaving bodies behind.

    Overwhelmed amidst the city’s chaos, they seek help from Jon, Vivian’s werewolf servant and the couple’s right-hand man. As the deaths continue, a local alpha under scrutiny for the crimes threatens to blame Jon and reveal his master’s daytime location–if they don’t find the real culprit.

    It’s a race for the trio to stop the killings, uncover the truth, and catch the vampire responsible for Vivian’s torture–before the supernatural locals pick up their proverbial pitchforks and stop them all, for good.

    Publisher’s Note: This story alternates points of view between Vivian, Rafe, and Jon. No portion of a scene is retold from another point of view, but the story progresses through the eyes of rotating view points, shifting between characters each chapter.

    **If you’re new to the series, please consider trying Death’s Servant, before purchasing any of the books. It’s a prequel adventure and is a great way to see if you like the writing style and storyline. To get it for free, sign upfor C.J.’s mailing list (copy and paste address into your browser):    

    Titles in the V V Inn series, in reading order:

    • Vampire Vacation, Book One
    • The Hunt, Book Two
    • Big Game, Book Three
    • Death Times Two, Book Four, A Grim Reality and V V Inn novelco-authored with Boone Brux
    • BloodLegacy, Book Five
    • Sharpenthe Blade, Book Six
    • Blood Reckoning, Book Seven (late 2017)

    Titles in the Before the V V Inn series:

    • Death’s Servant, Book One (Jon’s Tale)

    The Fisher King Assassins (The Assassins Collective Book 3)

    by Gary S. Pritchett

    At the dawn of our time cycle, following closely after Earth had become repopulated after a great flood, seven immortal god men assassins appeared. War caused these demigods to become scattered throughout the planet. These shape-shifting enforcers grew tired of walking among uneducated humans, and soon began teaching men the ways of gods and magic. The seven were tasked with maintaining vigilance over earthly interactions, including those impacting dimensions of time and space. They decided to teach between beheadings, and in short order this instruction evolved into vigilantism.

    Each assumed control of terrestrial locations, and they continue to oversee every dimensional fracture within their chosen realm. Humans in rebuilding civilizations who listened patiently to the teachers were allowed to live out their days in the region of their birth. Those people were few. The majority sought out darkness, which answered, and caused ripples to radiate throughout each new society. These ripples spread out like rings of water on a still pond when a pebble has been tossed. Each generation carries forth the resulting fluctuations caused by previous generations, and those that ask for help are eventually assisted and washed free of blame. These people are also few.

    The frustrated immortal teachers slowly became more like the flock than the shepherdâ??then learned to be as wolves among the sheepâ??and ultimately became assassins feeding on their charges like hungry lions.

    These assassins became known as The Fisher Kings.

    Cat Incarcerated

    by Noah Nichols

    A divorced, recovering alcoholic is killed after rescuing a black cat from getting run over by a teen driver texting. Inexplicably reincarnated as a Manx kitten, he’s saved by his ex-wifeâ??who has now become a closet drunk. Bonkers and/or hilarious, Cat Incarcerated is a fun, tell-all memoir that you’ll love. Well, maybe. You could be uptight. I don’t really know you…

    Death Times Two: Grim Reality & V V Inn (The V V Inn)

    by C.J. Ellisson

    A Combination of Two Great Series!

    The V V Inn has a ghost problem. When the lurking specters draw the attention of Constantine, head of Grim Reaper Services, he calls in the only local who can return the remote resort to its former tranquility, Lisa Carronâ??resident Alaskan reaper.

    Still new to the death gig, Lisa accepts the job. After all, how much trouble could one ghost be? Once at the hotel, she learns that not only is the inn full of the dearly departed, she’ll also be working for vampires. Throw in Asa, a young vamp hot enough to melt the Arctic ice, and Lisa realizes she’s way out of her element.

    Asa didn’t know what to expect when told a reaper would be working on the property, but Lisa certainly wasn’t it. Blond and curvy, she’s very easy on the eyes. Tasked with helping her, Asa soon realizes that not only can she provide the dead a peaceful passing, but offer him solace in a way no other woman can.

    Publisher’s Note: This story alternates points of view between Lisa and Asa. No portion of a scene is retold from another point of view, but the story progresses through the eyes of rotating view points, shifting between characters each chapter.

    Other Related Titles:

    Books in the V V Inn series, by C.J. Ellisson (in reading order):

    • Death’s Servant, First Prequel Book (Jon’s Tale)
    • Vampire Vacation, Book 1
    • The Hunt, Book 2
    • Big Game, Book 3
    • Death Times Two, Book 4 ~ A Grim Reality and V V Inn novel co-authored with Boone Brux
    • Blood Legacy, Book 5
    • Sharpen the Blade, Book 6
    • Blood Reckoning, Book 7 (late 2017)

    Books in the Grim Reality series, by Boone Brux:

    • To Catch Her Death, Book 1
    • Styx and Stoned, Book 2
    • Dead Spooky, Book 3

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    Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 26 May 17



    DOEACC Centre, Kolkata is a unit of DOEACC Society which is an autonomous body of Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India. The Centre is a Premier Organization for Education, Training, R&D and Consultancy in IT and Electronics.

    This is a Certificate Course designed to impart knowledge at a basic level in computers for the common man.

    Benefits: On successful completion of the course, the incumbent is enabled to use a computer for basic purposes of preparing personal/business letters, viewing information on Internet (the Web), sending mails, preparing business presentations. Small business communities, house-wives would be able to maintain their accounts using computers.

    No Product Ecommerce: Start an Online Store Even Without Your Own Product. Become an Affiliate or Dropship Marketer.

    by Robert Martin

    Start an Ecommerce Business from Scratch and Grow it to Six Figures Fast!

    Inside this 2 in 1 bundle you’ll learn:

    – How to find the best products to promote
    – The best niches to target so you can easily sell affiliate products
    – How to find keywords to target
    – How to create a FREE website in 10 minutes or less
    – How to structure your blog content
    – How to write a product review that converts website views into product buys!
    – How to do SEO… absolutely FREE!
    – The best paid alternative SEO to apply in your website

    – Where to find the best products… clue: It’s not on
    – 2 ways to start your research if you have no idea where to begin
    – The “Click Five” criteria to use when looking for a best-selling product
    – Real life examples of products you can sell right now
    – How to create a shopify website from scratch… no technical knowledge required
    – How to create your own Facebook ad for only $5 per day
    – The one setting that you should never ever forget to fix on your Facebook fan page- – – How to analyze your ads after 3 days of testing and what to do in each scenario


    You can “trial and error” your way to online marketing success and that’s not so bad if you have a lot of time and money.

    But the smarter way to do it is to learn from other people’s mistakes and implement the lessons from their mistakes.

    I urge you to choose the second method!

    Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Today!

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