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Crochet: Crochet for Beginners: Step by step beginners guide to crochet for 21 crochet patterns (Crochet, Crochet Patterns, Crochet for Beginners, Crochet … Needlework, Knitting, Quilts & Quilting)

by Tara Adams

Crochet- Step by step beginners guide to crochet for 21 crochet patterns

This is designed to share beautiful patterns of dresses, headband, earrings, bracelet, boots, scarves and handbags. If you like working with a crochet hook, it will be a good start for you. It has beautiful patterns and you can learn important techniques to make rows, bands, and dresses. It is good for those people who know the basic stitches. You can use these stitches to make vests, dresses, handbags and headbands. These are stylish and fashionable clothes. You can gift them to your friends and family members.

It will be a unique addition to your wardrobe and you can get the advantage of this unique art to sell these clothes. Everyone will appreciate your craft and skills. Try the patterns given in this book and your work will be really easy. The vests and dresses are available with step-by-step instructions for the measurements of different sizes. This book will offer 21 patterns and these all are easy to follow for everyone. If you want to wear crochet dresses, download this book because it will help you with step by step guide. It will be a good addition to your library, so try it and design your dresses.

Try these patterns and design beautiful items with crochet yarn and hook. This will be an excellent hobby for you.

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Essential Oils: 365 Days of Essential Oils (Essential Oils Recipes Guide Books For Beginners,Essential Oils for Weight Loss, Aromatherapy).: Essential Oils: 365 Days of Essential Oil Recipes

by Coral James

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Special Bonus: Over 49 Everyday Essential Oils Recipes included at the back of this book

Do you know what chemicals are in the products you use on your hair, skin, and your children? Do you know that many of these chemicals contain chemicals that are harmful to you and your family? It dosen’t have to be this way. There are natural ways to keep yourself feeling energized, fresh, sharp, and beautiful. The good news is that Essential oils can help you get on the track to a healthier lifestyle, and stay there. Not only can these oils provide you with major wellness benefits, they can work wonders in the lives of your friends, family, and even pets. In this book, you’ll learn a new recipe containing essential oils for every day of the year, that is a massive 365 recipes! Find out how you can replace chemical-laden cleaning products with all-natural solutions, how to create your own bug repellent, and so much more in a few easy-to-follow steps. Knowledge is like a key. When you have it, there’s nothing that can stop you. Think of this book as a key and its contents the doorway to better health and a better you!

Healing Secrets of Natural Remedies: How To Use Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Probiotics And Cultured Foods For Health And Beauty

by Julie Jane Clarrison

Discover The Healing Power of Natural Remedies And How You Can Enjoy Health And Beauty Using Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Coconut Flour, Probiotics And Cultured Foods

This book contains important information on how you can use natural remdies to relieve common health problems, protect yourself from diseases, and achieve radiant beauty.

In this book, you will learn how these natural products heal or eliminate a range of ailments. There are hundreds of health benefits linked to the use of the natural remedies presented in this book. The health benefits are staggering, so check it out.

Learn how to eliminate toxins from your body, increase gut flora, strengthen digestion, improve bowel function for better elimination, and boost your immune system. Get clean from the inside out, and restore optimal health and vitality.

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unWorking: Exit the Rat Race, Live Like a Millionaire, and Be Happy Now!

by Clark Vandeventer

Wake up. The world has changed. Are you living in the new world, or are you still living in the old one? The old world was about paying your dues and biding your time on the basis of promised golden years. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Don’t complain; just adapt. The old world wasn’t that good anyway. Who wants to give the best years of their life to a job and then wake up at 65 and wonder where all the time went? In the new world you can write your own ticket, be your own boss, and live on a grand scale, now.

This guide to lifestyle design will teach you:

How to summon the courage to pursue your dreams agains the odds

How to figure out what you want your life to look like

How to pursue work that you’re passionate about

How to develop good income while avoiding bad income

How to actually prioritize your family over your career

How to stay in sync with your spouse amidst major life changes

How to get your kids out of the miniaturized, pressurized rat race

How to live on a grand scale now instead of holding out hope for the “golden years.”

unWorking is a guide to lifestyle design in the new world. It’s also a darn good story, one of epic proportions, just like yours can be.

Anxiety: The Essential Guide to Overcome Stress, Panic Attacks, and Fear and Free Yourself from Shyness, Constant Worry, and Trepidation: Crush Anxiety … Conquer Your Mind and Regain Your Life 3)

This is a DOUBLE Book Bundle! There are TWO complete books for a LOW price!

Included in the Anxiety Bundle include the following titles:

  • Anxiety: Overcome Stress, Panic Attacks, and Fear: Find Relief to Free Yourself and Most Importantly Unleash Your Inner Peace

  • Anxiety: Free Yourself from Shyness, Constant Worry, and Trepidation

In Anxiety: Overcome Stress, Panic Attacks, and Fear: Find Relief to Free Yourself and Most Importantly Unleash Your Inner Peace, you will learn these 7-Steps in overcoming Anxiety altogether:

  • Step 1:  Identify, Accept, and Label Your Anxiety

  • Step 2: Accept Change Is Progressive and Your Today Does Not Define Your Tomorrow

  • Step 3: Make Changes and the Right Choices Right Now

  • Step 4: Practice Visualization and Anchoring

  • Step 5: Be Mindful of Your Blessings, and the Present

  • Step 6: Practice Regular Meditation

  • Step 7: Spreading Positivity and Positive Vibes to Your Surrounding

Additionally, in Anxiety: Free Youreself from Shyness, Constant Worry, and Trepidation will include 

  • Introspection and understanding the root of your emotions

  • A vast and detail friendly explanation on the 10 most common types of Anxiety

  • Emotional, Behavioral, Physical symptoms of each type of Anxiety, as well as general guidelines/tips and treatment for each 

  • Common misconceptions about Anxiety. Knowing what is true and what is false about Anxiety disorder

  • Implementing proven measures in taking control of your life

  • Conquering your Fears

  • Different approaches on how to manage your anxieties

  • Exploring your personality, life experiences, and trauma

These are just SOME of the topics that this bundle will cover. 

I have been a victim of anxiety all of my life.  The uncomfortable feeling of my heart racing and my mind being consumed by unnecessary thoughts is not only debilitating, but has taken precious moments of my life.  After formally studying this disorder, as well as trying to figure out how to cure myself of this problem, I can happily say I am Anxiety free and I want to help others achieve of what I thought was impossible.

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Paleo: 77 Delicious Paleo Recipes with an Easy Guide for Rapid Weight Loss (Cookbook)

by Celine Walker

77 Delicious Paleo Recipes

This book contains proven steps and strategies to help you discover the virtues of the Paleo lifestyle. Here, you will have an increase realization about the benefits of healthy eating and keeping at it for good. Food can provide much more than daily nourishment. It can be more than that! Whatever you eat and put into your body has the power to prevent and cure illnesses, from stroke, heart diseases, and even diabetes. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to take charge of the food you put into your mouth and in your body. This is equally the same as with the dishes you serve to your family.

In this book, you will learn different kinds of Paleo recipes to help you eat smarter and get the most out of food. When we say eat smarter, it simply means eating Paleo. The basic principle behind this dietary framework is to follow our hunter-gatherer ancestors, and that is to eat food in its natural state because they simply fit humans geneticallyâ??to eat fresh, naturally-raised animals, and wild caught fish and seafood.

Let this guide be your first step towards your journey towards your 7-Day Paleo Plan, and onwards. And because you surely do not want to eat something that is not pleasing to the palate, the recipes you will find here are all enjoyable and are equally delicious. Now is the time to take charge of your health and well-being, a perfect time to change your lifestyle, the Paleo way. You sure will not regret this decision.

Within this book’s pages, you’ll find that the 77 recipes include:

  • Paleo Starters and Soups
  • Paleo Fish and Seafood
  • Paleo Vegetable Dinners
  • Paleo Pasta

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Keto Diet: Ketogenic Diet. Lose Weight with 30 Ketogenic Recipes for Beginners On A Budget: Ketogenic Cookbook for Newbies

Learn How To Prepare Keto Dishes Inexpensively For Beginners

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet consist in a high fat (70%-75%), adequate protein (20%-25%) and low carbohydrate (5%-10%) eating. You don’t need to calculate your calories, although you should take into account the nutritional content of the food. That means you get to eat as many healthy foods as you’d like!

Your body will go to a Ketosis state, which is a metabolic process during which the body uses the stored fat and converts it into a product that the body can use for energy

What are the common benefits of consuming a ketosis diet?

  1. You will not feel hungry because you are consuming more fat, which lessens the cravings
  2. You’ll have lower blood pressure and a drop in LDL cholesterol, but an increase in HDL cholesterol. LDL is the â??bad’ cholesterol and HDL is the â??good’ cholesterol
  3. The triglyceride levels in your body will decrease because your carbohydrate levels are going to decrease.
  4. Your fasting insulin and glucose levels will drop so those who suffer from diabetes will see a more even blood glucose level on a ketogenic diet
  5. Weight loss: Potentially one of the best benefits, increased fat loss around stomach area and visceral fat. The loss of visceral (internal) fat helps to reduce the chances of diabetes and general health problems in the future. Your weight loss will be more obvious if you add some moderate exercise to your routine

This books includes more than 30 Keto recipes, including fish, meats and vegetable dishes… and desserts also… with colorful pictures 😉

What you will find in this book:

  • Easy to follow recipes. This book is for beginners
  • The dishes are made with staples, affordable and easy to find ingredients
  • Most of the recipes comes with colorful pictures
  • All the dishes are made with natural ingredients, you won’t find artificial components here

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Tags: Keto Diet, Ketogenic, Keto, Ketogenic Diet, Burn Fat, Keto for Beginners, Stay Fit

Baking Soda and Essential Oils Box Set (5 in 1): Inexpensive Cleaning Recipes, Health and Beauty Products with Baking Soda and Essential Oils (Household Cleaning Hacks & DIY Beauty)

by Olivia Henson

Baking Soda and Essential Oils Box Set (5 in 1) Inexpensive Cleaning Recipes, Health and Beauty Products with Baking Soda and Essential Oils

Get FIVE books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • The Magic of Baking Soda
  • Baking Soda 101
  • The Secrets of Baking Soda
  • Homemade Essential Oils
  • The Everyday Magic of Aromatherapy

In The Magic of Baking Soda,you’ll get Everyday Magic for Everything from Cleaning to Beauty Tips

In Baking Soda 101,you’ll learn The Incredible Effects of Baking Soda on Your House, Beauty and Health

In The Secrets of Baking Soda, you’ll get Over 40 Recipes and Secret Tips for Cleaning, Cooking and Health on a Budget

In Homemade Essential Oils, you’ll learn Amazing DIY Recipes for Aromatherapy on a Budget

In The Everyday Magic of Aromatherapy, you’ll know how to Use Essential Oils and More to Be Happy, And Healthy.

Buy all five books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

High Blood Pressure Made Simple – Practical Steps To Help Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally and Improve Heart Health

by Cochise Tarak-Saa

High blood pressure accounts for almost 13% of the world’s total death toll. This number is fairly exorbitant considering the litany of life threatening situations to which one could succumb on a daily basis. It’s not until a person’s heart health has been put in jeopardy or they have been diagnosed with a severe case of heart disease that their attention is grabbed. High blood pressure is now being contracted in the younger generation which means that this is truly a world epidemic at present. Whether it’s from stress, eating habits or excessive weight gain, no one wants to have the daunting task of monitoring their everyday actions because their blood pressure is in a danger zone.

There are several well written high blood pressure books that provide great sound advice for properly following a regimen that leads to the road of health restoration. However, this book cuts to the core and shares a viable high blood pressure solution that can be understood and implemented by all ages. One of the most problematic issues to high blood pressure is that your heart is the organ that is consistently under fire. This is why it’s never a good idea to micro-manage or live with hypertension. You’re basically draining your (battery) each and every day that you attempt to live with high blood pressure.

This book is not about inventing a high blood pressure cure. But you will learn a course of actions that when properly executed have been known to be able to rejuvenate heart health. If your heart is functioning properly then by default your blood pressure will normalize. We’ll share with you:

*The best herbs to consume for heart health

*What foods you must eliminate

*Which method of food preparation damages the lining of the arteries

*What makes it difficult for your blood to travel

*What nutrient plays a major role in high blood pressure and 150 other illnesses

*Specific bonus juicing recipes that assist in normalizing blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Made Simple is a very easy read with ample amounts of information that can be applied instantly! Get your copy today!

Joint Pain Relief: How To Eliminate Joint Pain Today (Health and Wellness)

by William Gray

Proven Methods To Relieve Joint Pain

Updated with new chapters and material. Get this Amazon best eBook for just $0.99

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You are about to learn the causes, treatments and cures for joint pain. This eBook describes what joint pain is, the primary causes of joint pain, how to eliminate joint pain, and the the best methods for joint pain relief.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is Joint Pain?
  • Joint Pain Causes
  • Joint Pain Treatment
  • Home and Natural Joint Pain Remedies
  • Relieving Joint Pain with Diet
  • Vitamins to Ward Off Joint Pains
  • Fruits for Joint Pain
  • Treating Joint Pain with Aloe Vera
  • Herbs for Joint Pain
  • Workouts for Joint Pain
  • Much, much more!

A Great Read

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There is an email address to provide feedback directly to the author. Your feedback, testimonials and suggestions are important, and the author enjoys hearing from readers.

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Well Written and Informative

Grab Your Copy of This eBook Today!

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Benefits of Coconut Oil: Discover Coconut Oil Benefits For Health, Beauty, Energy, Weight Loss And Strong Immune System

by Julie Jane Clarrison

People around the globe have revered the coconut as a valuable source of both food and medicine. For thousands of years coconut products have held a respected and valuable place in local folk medicine.

Coconut oil is of special interest because it possesses powerful healing properties, and is a natural and effective way to tackle a wide range of ailments. It helps promote weight loss, protects against arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stops premature aging of the skin, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system.

In this book, you will learn about the health benefits of coconut oil, and how you can use it for health, healing and beauty.

Get a copy of this amazing book now, and discover the secrets to coconut’s amazing healing powers.

How You Can Generate Passive Income Online

by Alemayehu Midekisa

This e-book has been thoroughly researched and written with the intent to provide information for anyone who wants to learn how to generate Passive Income Online.

Throughout the making of this e-book, every effort has been made to ensure the highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for the techniques suggested by the author.

Gay Romance: Straight to Gay: Caught the Other Way (First Time M/M Experience Bundle Collection) (Contemporary MM Fiction)

by Em Covax

All Presley knows in life, is how to con the people around him. A useful skill that in his time has raised him up, beat him down and in between, kept him alive.

When his old mentor, Richard Knox, resurfaces, Presley is determined to prove himself. But as his latest con progresses, Presley discovers that he has feelings for Richard. In fact, he is falling for him.

Scared and confused about these new feelings, Presley realized that the con is over and it is time to face the truth about himself and what it is that he really wants. Is he brave enough to risk it all and finally get what he wants?

Ten Gay Bonus stories included as a token of our appreciation. Great value!

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Free philosophy Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

China speaks in different languages: A new book by the writer of one of the popular books

by Publishing house of Inna Vassurman

China is a multinational country, with a population composed of a large num-ber of ethnic and linguistic groups.



Are we happier than people who lived 2000 years ago? If not, then people who will be living 2000 years to come will not be any happier than us, because the time from 2000 years ago up to now is long enough to prove otherwise! So relax! To understand life it requires a great deal of thinking! But then to figure life out is too important to be boring! Love endures every thing, even death! Love of wisdom overcomes the troublesome task of understanding life! I have answered the question “what is the meaning of life?” accordingly!

Do not copy others in the examination of life

by Bandaru Nagesswara Rao

This book is about philosophy of living.

Nirvana: Cause And Effect (The Exchange Book 1)

by Michael Uva

Nirvana is the story of Karma, cause and effect. An aged philanthropist has a dark secret. Problem being, his years are running out before he can cause change. He has his researcher’s design a secret suspension device. He will return fifty years later to a hopefully, socially changing world of his clandestine past. Thirty-five years into his carefully laid plans, things suddenly go bizarre. Greed will unravel his perfect plan. His trusted CFO cashes out. An inquisitive female reporter stumbles onto his story while helping out another reporter, though trying to solve her own mystery of sudden headaches, blackouts, and visions. Now the past and the present are locked in a fight for the essence of life. The probing reporter and the mystery man, still in postponement, are at war while both personalities are in search of an elusive and mysterious answer.

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Free travel Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

Switzerland Travel Guide Tips & Advice For Long Vacations or Short Trips – Trip to Relax & Discover Swiss, Food, Drink, Restaurants, Bars,Night life, Music: … Save Time & Money (TravelGuideTeam Book 13)

by TravelGuideTeam

The Complete Travel Guide To Uncover Switzerland

Packed full of useful tips that will help you to navigate your way around Switzerland as if you have lived there for years.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to travel Switzerland on a budget.

Saving you Time & Money

  • Advice that will save you hundreds of dollars throughout your travels.
  • Travel Tips including how to travel on a budget
  • A list of the best value accommodation in Switzerland
  • Whats happening guide 2016 in Switzerland
  • Best places to go on a night out in Switzerland
  • Switzerland’s best city tours
  • Comprehensive list that outlines what you require to ensure an AMAZING trip to Switzerland
  • Much, much


Download your copy NOW!

Eastern European Travel Guide: Tips & Advice For Long Vacations or Short Trips – Trip to Relax & Discover Eastern Europe, Food, Drink, Restaurants, Bars,Night … Save Time & Money (Europe Travel Book 4)

by TravelGuideTeam

The Complete Travel Guide To Uncover Eastern Europe

Packed full of useful tips that will help you to navigate your way around Eastern Europe as if you have lived there for years.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to travel Eastern Europe on a budget.

Saving you Time & Money

  • Advice that will save you hundreds of dollars throughout your travels.
  • Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia
  • A list of the best value Accommodation in Eastern Europe
  • Whats happening guide 2016 in Eastern Europe
  • Best places to go on a night out in Eastern Europe
  • Best Eastern Europe city tours
  • Comprehensive list that outlines what you require to ensure an AMAZING trip to Eastern Europe
  • Much, much


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Spain Travel Guide Tips & Advice For Long Vacations or Short Trips – Trip to Relax & Discover Spanish, Food, Drink, Restaurants, Bars,Night life, Music: Save Time & Money (TravelGuideTeam Book 12)

by TravelGuideTeam

The Complete Travel Guide To Uncover Spain

Packed full of useful tips that will help you to navigate your way around Spain as if you have lived there for years.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to travel Spain on a budget.

Saving you Time & Money

  • Advice that will save you hundreds of dollars throughout your travels.
  • Travel Tips including how to travel on a budget
  • A list of the best value accommodation in Spain
  • Whats happening guide 2016 in Spain
  • Best places to go on a night out in Spain
  • Spain best city tours
  • Comprehensive list that outlines what you require to ensure an AMAZING trip to Spain
  • Much, much


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Wales Travel Guide Tips & Advice For Long Vacations or Short Trips – Trip to Relax & Discover Welsh, Food, Drink, Restaurants, Bars,Night life, Music: Save Time & Money (Europe Travel Book 14)

by TravelGuideTeam

The Complete Travel Guide To Uncover Wales

Packed full of useful tips that will help you to navigate your way around Wales as if you have lived there for years.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to travel Wales on a budget.

Saving you Time & Money

  • Advice that will save you hundreds of dollars throughout your travels.
  • Travel Tips including how to travel on a budget
  • A list of the best value accommodation in Wales
  • Whats happening guide 2016 in Wales
  • Best places to go on a night out in Wales
  • Wales best city tours
  • Comprehensive list that outlines what you require to ensure an AMAZING trip to Wales
  • Much, much


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Philippines Girls – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

by Rose Cuzzion

The Philippines is the Pearl of the Orient, a country of warm smiles, delicious food, idyllic beaches, bustling cities and lush mountains. Here, three Westerners come for an adventure while three Filipinas dream for a chance at an unforgettable romance. Will they find what they are looking for?

The Good – Arlene is a single mother working as a sales clerk in Agoo, La Union. Just for fun, she signs up for online dating and to her surprise, an American, Elliot, takes an interest in her. As the months pass, their online relationship grows stronger but what if Elliot decides to come and see her? Will it be a disaster or a dream come true?

The Bad – In Manila, Janine is working hard to become successful while secretly dreaming of romance. When she goes to a bar, she meets an American named Brian and her naïve, untrained heart falls in love, at first sight. Dizzy with love and lust, she invites him to her apartment but that might just turn out to be a terrifying nightmareâ?¦

The Ugly – In Baguio City, Letty is a 19-year-old with a lazy eye and a heart that has lost hope in finding a man to love her. That changes, however, when Letty meets Andrew, a youth minister from New Zealand. With him, for the first time, Letty might just find out what it means to be beautifulâ?¦

Awesome Vacation Destinations You Don’t Know About

by Vasanth Simon

Discover new and exciting places to visit with this travel guide. It covers several vacation destinations including all-inclusive family resorts in the Mexican town of Playa del Carmen, Larnaca, the Florida Keys, the tiny town of Bedford in Nova Scotia, and several Italian destinations including the Italian islands (Capri, Procida, and Ischia), the Italian lakes (Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, & Lake Lugano), Vesuvius Park, and more. Find the best places to stay, eat, and shop with this guide. Get an overview of the villages in the area, including tourist attractions and activities. It also provides valuable travel information including the best time to visit and how to get around town. It’s the perfect travel companion.

Mandarin Mastery: Learn Mandarin, Get a Law Degree and Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead on the Way

by Hastings Cavendish

How to use a memory system to memorise Chinese characters with the ‘System Method’. An explanation of what you need to learn when studying Mandarin Chinese, ‘the four essentials’ of each character. How to learn to write more attractive and cool looking Chinese characters that look more like the ones Chinese write themselves.

A funny book with amusing illustrations.

Experiences seeking enlightenment in Sichuan near Tibet and Taiwan’s Fo Guang Shan temple. Learning, failing to learn or professionally using Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese. Getting bitten by a werewolf dog in Sichuan.

Working as Mandarin Chinese legal adviser in London when you don’t yet speak fluent Chinese and have to answer complicated legal questions in Mandarin, but you can’t understand a word of what the other person is saying.

Experiences studying a distance learning law degree.

How to use a memory system in that setting to gain a law degree (LLB) in three years while working for under 4000 British pounds or 6000 USD TOTAL costs (including some online lessons, sample essay marking and legal books for three years).

What it’s like taking a training contract as a trainee lawyer/solicitor in the immigration and criminal law fields in London, England.

It includes a period returning to the UK when I had no home, no job and no qualifications and how I went about changing that. A fruitless but amusing search for the meaning of life at a buddhist temple in Si Chuan Province in China and how this relates to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s lack of central heating and English chocolate digestive biscuits habit. How to find work as an international English teacher. Food is a theme throughout.

How to do language exchanges to learn for free, achieve better fluency or even study any language from scratch. The pitfalls to watch out for such as avoiding people in very different time zones.

There are ten or more fun illustrations included some of which you can see on my author page. Below are some quotes from the book.

I was running a drop in service. Chinese people, who could not speak English, would come to me with their everyday problems. These could be anything ranging from everyday advice, help making arrangements, telephoning people, asking how to set up a business and the like, but the big one was reading their mail for them.

I wish I was able to meet each one again now. Shake them by the hand and say thank you!

They are from provinces like Fu Jian and aware that there is a standard way to pronounce the ‘shi’ and the ‘si’ characters, but they don’t know which is which.

They normally just pronounce all of them as ‘si’. But, then they hear me trying to speak very clearly all the time, with my goal being that they can hopefully understand everything I say.

Unfortunately, it has an unintended effect.

They figure, ok, you’re obviously trying to speak really clearly, so I will too.

I’m going to speak really Chinese Central news service standard now. They then start randomly turning some ‘shi’ sounds into ‘si’ sounds and some ‘si’ sounds into ‘shi’. They have effectively made it four times as difficult to understand.

This devil dog I did not care for, but then neither did I want to hit it with the metal rod as the only reason it was here was the Head Monk was feeding it. Thinking about it, I should hit him over the head with the metal pipe.

‘Aaawwww!! OUUCH!! What did you do that for???!!!’ The Head Monk would say.

‘Cos you’re a bloody idiot!’

Netherlands Travel Guide Tips & Advice For Long Vacations or Short Trips – Trip to Relax & Discover Holland, Food, Drink, Restaurants, Bars,Night life, Music: Save Time & Money (Europe Travel Book 9)

by TravelGuideTeam

The Complete Travel Guide To Uncover Netherlands

Packed full of useful tips that will help you to navigate your way around Netherlands as if you have lived there for years.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to travel Netherlands on a budget.

Saving you Time & Money

  • Advice that will save you hundreds of dollars throughout your travels.
  • Travel tips including how to travel on a budget
  • A list of the best value accommodation in the Netherlands
  • Whats happening guide 2016 in Netherlands
  • Best places to go on a night out in Netherlands
  • Netherlands best city tours
  • Comprehensive list that outlines what you require to ensure an AMAZING trip to Netherlands
  • Much, much


Download your copy NOW!

Anjuna villa Goa India

by Robert Bennett

Anjuna villa Goa India.

The Russians have been using this resort for years what do they know what we don’t.First it is a cheap first class place to stay with the owner Nelson Sirurn a pleasant and helpful man.

This picture book takes you round the resort and Anjuna beach with all the details at the end for a great holiday.If you want to travel to India you have to see Goa and there is no perfect other place to stay than the Anjuna villa resort.

My top 51 Temples to visit in the world

by Clarissa Price

When I say temples, the first thing that comes to my mind are Hindu Temples, and the image of India (and South-east Asia) and its temples.

But temples are not just limited to Hinduism, they are the religious structures for any of the religions where a more specific term for the religious buildings is missing. (Like church, mosque or synagogue)

Temples form a part of many religions including (but not limited to) Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, as well as those of the ancient religions, like Ancient Egyptian temples and Greek temples.

This book will go into the diversity when looking towards â??my top 51′ temples to visit, and include temples from many religions as well as regions in the world.

Hope you enjoy it, and I encourage you to pack your bags, and start off with the one nearest to you, and enjoy the details and simplicities of each of the temples from the greatest lenses in the world, your eyes.

This being my third book related to religious buildings, one might think that I’m too much into religion. Well, I’m not!

But one thing I know for sure is that I love religious buildings. Many people (especially the rich people) are big followers of god, and hence over the Centuries, religious buildings have seen the most money spent on them.

There are no expenses spared when it comes towards building these houses for god. And that is the prime reason why each and every one of these religious buildings churn out to be so gorgeous.

And I love good architecture! Hence the third book in the series, on â??my top 51′ temples to visit in the world.

MALLORCA 25 Secrets – The Locals Travel Guide For Your Trip to Palma de Mallorca (Spain) 2016: Skip the tourist traps and explore like a local : Where to Go, Eat & Party in Mallorca

by 55 Secrets

25 Secrets you’d never find out about MALLORCA!

Welcome to the most Complete Palma de Mallorca Travel Guide for Tourists made by locals!

Here Is a Preview of What You’ll Learn Inside…

â?¥ 25 Unique activities to do when you are in town

â?¥ Best places to eat in town

â?¥ Best local Markets

â?¥ Best Parks and Good Views

â?¥ Best Museums

â?¥ Best Bars

â?¥ Best things to do in Mallorca

â?¥ Much, much more!


If you are heading to the wonderful island of Mallorca anytime soon this book will give you an insight of the best places and most unique places to see where you will mingle with the locals and get to see and do the activities as one of them.

We have prepared a unique BUCKET LIST with the 25 most unique experiences you can have in Mallorca

Most people don’t even take the time to prepare themselves in advance, and just wish for the best once they have arrived! Most people aren’t aware of some of the most amazing places Mallorcacan offer… And it’d be such a pity to miss them! That’s precisely why we desperately need the RIGHT travel guide first. Don’t arrive to Valleta and follow the crowds of Tourists. With this exclusive travel guide made by locals you will be finding about the places that don’t come on Lonely Planet’s or are listed on Trip Advisor where thousands of tourists head daily.

It took lots of time to incorporate the tips and hacks that ended up shaping this travel guide! And now, we are willing to share those secrets with you!

We will tell you where you should go, eat, sleep, and of course, party! We know you won’t just settle for average boring travel guides! We know you are looking for something better; something unique that will truly help you down the road: a book with real life tips, recommendations, useful travel hacks and data… everything you may need in your trip. You’ve just found what you were looking for!

Our goal is simple. we will give you a complete and detailed Bucket list with MAPS to all the locations to make sure you won’t get lost in the amazing city of Mallorcatransforming your trip into absolutely amazing experience. We will help you simplify your path, showing you exactly where the best places are.

â?¥ Download Your Copy Right Now! â?¥

Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.

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Tokyo Cheapo: A Cheapo’s Guide To Tokyo

by Aaron Baggett

If you’re new to Tokyo and worried about it costing too much, this is the perfect guide for you!

Drawing on our decades of experience, the writers behind the popular Tokyo Cheapo website have put together this handy guide on how to get the most out of Tokyo without it costing an arm and a leg.

Carefully curated listings – top quality without the top prices

Getting around – we simplify it for you

Seasonal activities – the highlights each month

Traveling with your family? – special chapter “Tokyo with kids”

Area guides – easy to follow maps and listings

Super tasty eats – eat your way through the world’s tastiest city

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Sumo Deadlift Specialization Program: 10 Weeks to Serious Sumo Strength

by Philippe Gervais

Get the Dream Body You Always Wanted

Who doesn’t admire celebs and wish for bodies like them? I can make your dreams come true. Being an ISSA certified personal trainer and former model; I can help you achieve the body type you desire.

– As a fitness transformation coach, I structure nutritional and diet protocols that helps to tone your body and maintain overall fitness at the same.

Successful results are guaranteed – you will notice the difference within weeks of starting the program. Please get in touch with me for further details.

Rome Travel Guide Tips & Advice For Long Vacations or Short Trips – Trip to Relax & Discover Roman, Food, Drink, Restaurants, Bars,Night life, Music: Save Time & Money (Europe Travel Book 11)

by TravelGuideTeam

The Complete Travel Guide To Uncover Rome

Packed full of useful tips that will help you to navigate your way around Rome as if you have lived there for years.

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to travel Rome on a budget.

Saving you Time & Money

  • Advice that will save you hundreds of dollars throughout your travels.
  • Travel Tips including how to travel on a budget
  • A list of the best value accommodation in Rome
  • Whats happening guide 2016 in Rome
  • Best places to go on a night out in Rome
  • Rome best city tours
  • Comprehensive list that outlines what you require to ensure an AMAZING trip to Rome
  • Much, much


Download your copy NOW!

From Misery to Mystery

by Lydia Istomina

“From Misery to Mystery” weaves together comedy, romance, adventure, intrigue, tragedy and spiritual revelation into a rich tapestry. From KGB interrogations in Soviet Russia to speed dating in downtown Kansas City, each chapter builds upon complex themes of enduring love, self-discovery, and spiritual fulfillment. This single-mother, immigrant, musician, preacher, daughter, story-teller guides struggles through betrayal, personal tragedy and social injustice without ever losing hope and child-like wonder. With just the clothes on her back and limitless determination, she builds a foundation of faith, love and happiness to sustain herself, her children and the man she loves.

Mastering High Intensity Training: Boost Your Performance and Accelerate Fat Loss at the Same Time

by Paul Smith

If you’ve just set the goal to work towards getting leaner but you also have the goal to increase your performance and fitness level, whether it’s because you’re involved in recreational sports activities or because you simply just love pushing the boundaries on what you can accomplish, then there’s one form of workout that you must be doing.

That workout is high intensity interval training.

HIIT, as it’s often called, has taken on a great deal of attention lately as more and more people are realizing just how effective it can be to help you achieve optimal results both with your physical improvement level as well as with your fat loss progress.

Plus, it’s fast and while it is intense, most people do find it more enjoyable than performing a steady state workout for hours on end.

If you have yet to even consider giving high intensity interval training a try, or don’t have the slightest idea of what that even is, this book is for you.

Or, if you’re someone who has tried it in the past but may have not seen the results you were hoping for from it, then this book will also help to guide you through learning how to utilize it most effectively.

Chapters within the book include:

The Benefits of HIIT

Structuring Your HIIT Plan

Advancing Your HIIT Plan

Adding HIIT Workouts to Your Program

Quick-Tips for Optimal Success

Introduction To Fat Loss

Setting Up Your Diet For Rapid Fat Burning

Weight Lifting To Get Defined Fast

How Cardio Training Fits Into The Mix

Barefoot Running: Have Feet, Will Travel

by Jessica Form

Have you ever watched race footage and noticed athletes who ran without shoes? Did it make you wonder why someone would choose to run barefoot, considering the ever-increasing number of footwear options?

Perhaps your response was to write them off as crazy. After all, running without shoes has to be pretty painful and risky, right?

Athletes and non-athletes alike are curious about this seemingly extreme form of running that’s been sweeping the athletic world in the recent years, and are wondering about the many beneficial claims made about barefoot running.

In Barefoot Running: Have Feet, Will Travel, you will find the answers to all your questions about barefoot running, from its science, to its history, to its controversy, to its claims.

Barefoot Running: Have Feet, Will Travel is written to help you understand the theory, practice, and potential benefits of barefoot running as well as to help you decide whether it’s something that might be right for you.

Topics / Chapters covered include:

The Barefoot Trend: A History of Barefoot Running
The Science of Movement
Why Run Barefoot?
A Critic’s View of Barefoot Running
Barefoot vs. Minimalist Running
Is Barefoot Running for You?
Transitioning to Barefoot Running
Barefoot Running Form and Techniques
Barefoot Running Injuries
Benefits of Barefoot Running

Wilderness and Remote First Aid Emergency Reference Guide

by StayWell

The American Red Cross presents the Wilderness and Remote First Aid Reference Guide. The official course guide for the ARC Wilderness and Remote First Aid course, this pocket sized guide turned eBook has all of the essential information and how-to to keep one safe and prevent emergencies when in the wilderness.

Topics covered include:

Altitude Illnesses


Shock and Heart Attack


Snow Blindness

Wounds and Wound Infection, and many more

– Based on the 2010 Boy Scouts of America Wilderness First Aid Curriculum and Doctrine Guidelines

– Great for scouts, outdoor enthusiasts, or people who work in a remote environment

– Learn how to respond to over 25 first aid emergencies when help may be delayed

– Includes skills sheets for performing CPR, and responding to both conscious and unconscious choking

EXTREME MENTAL TRAINING: A guide to a life of progress, success and prosperity.

by James Miller

Step in the chariot and be one of the best achievers in the world. Achieve Champion Mind-set for maximum performance.

Achieve high dimensions of success and mental strength with this complete ultimate guide.

This success mental training guide teaches a mixture of individual mental training technologies, essential elements of sports psychology and ultimate peak performance formulas that are proven effective world-wide. Prepare to increase their self-confidence, and mental strength. This guide will clearly expose how to break productivity records and achieve new level of success in all areas, from sports performance to personal development. By developing the right mind-set you can organize your life for success, conquer the fear of failure and live a creative and inspired life!

Living Room Weight Training: Dumbbell-based exercises and routines for building strength, getting toned, and achieving the body you want at home! (Living Room Fit Book 2)

by A.K. Davidson

Living Room Weight Training provides dumbbell-based strength training exercises and routines that you can complete in the comfort of your own living room. Weight training is a powerful fitness discipline that will enhance the way you look and feel.

The guidance in this book will help you fit lifting into your daily routine. No expensive gym membership, fancy equipment, or large time commitment required. Full illustrations of all exercises included!

Mike Tyson Celebrity Training Program: 10 Weeks to Look Like Your Favorite Athlete

by Philippe Gervais

Get the Dream Body You Always Wanted

Who doesn’t admire celebs and wish for bodies like them? I can make your dreams come true. Being an ISSA certified personal trainer and former model; I can help you achieve the body type you desire.

– As a fitness transformation coach, I structure nutritional and diet protocols that helps to tone your body and maintain overall fitness at the same.

Successful results are guaranteed – you will notice the difference within weeks of starting the program. Please get in touch with me for further details.

Steve Reeves Celebrity Training Program: 10 Weeks to Look Like Your Favorite Movie Star

by Philippe Gervais

Get the Dream Body You Always Wanted

Who doesn’t admire celebs and wish for bodies like them? I can make your dreams come true. Being an ISSA certified personal trainer and former model; I can help you achieve the body type you desire.

– As a fitness transformation coach, I structure nutritional and diet protocols that helps to tone your body and maintain overall fitness at the same.

Successful results are guaranteed – you will notice the difference within weeks of starting the program. Please get in touch with me for further details.

Weight Loss Specialization Program: 10 Weeks To Seeing Lower Numbers on The Scale

by philippe gervais

Get the Dream Body You Always Wanted

Who doesn’t admire celebs and wish for bodies like them? I can make your dreams come true. Being an ISSA certified personal trainer and former model; I can help you achieve the body type you desire.

– As a fitness transformation coach, I structure nutritional and diet protocols that helps to tone your body and maintain overall fitness at the same.

Successful results are guaranteed – you will notice the difference within weeks of starting the program. Please get in touch with me for further details.

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Terror Rising: Book 0 – The Insurgence

by Roger Hayden

Angela Gannon, a border patrol agent, discovers a terrorist plot to unleash a devastating attack on the U.S. and must stop an ISIS sleeper cell before it’s too late. Her partner is missing. Another agent is dead. Her supervisor wants her off the case. And that’s all in one day. The FBI soon arrives, looking for answers. But Angela isn’t sure who’s being investigated: herself or the sleeper cells? The search for her partner soon thrusts Angela into startling dangerous world where the race for survival is unlike anything she’s ever experienced before.

Filled with heart-stopping suspense and government intrigue, “Terror Rising” sets the stage for a new modern thriller from best-selling author Roger Hayden.

Roger Hayden, author of the best-selling series “The Abducted” and “Sleeper Cell,” brings you his most thrilling series yet with “Terror Rising,” a tale of survival against an activated ISIS sleeper cell attempting to destroy American from within.

The Farthest City

by Daniel P Swenson

In the far future, intelligent machines resurrected the human race then disappeared. Now humanity wages a losing war against the alien Hexi.

One soldier, Sergeant Sheemi Tanamal, experiencing unbearable loss after the death of her brother, possessed by her anger, wants as much revenge as she can get before she dies in battle. However, her father has other plans for her, and an unexpected mission changes everything.

Citizen Kellen Beaudin, is an artist with a different, but equally troubling past. Living a life of secrecy, far from the family that rejected him, his safe existence is shattered by someone stirring up echoes of the past. Kellen’s origin is deeply intertwined with the machines, although he doesn’t understand how or why. He learns who he really is when his machine obsession takes him on an incredible journey.

Neither Kellen or Sheemi will ever be the same.

On A Savage Planet: (Volume 1) The Rocketeers

by Gavin Chappell

How will the four adventurers survive after crashlanding on a planet inhabited by prehistoric monsters? Can they adapt to living among cavemen? And what lies beyond the unscalable cliffs that surround the valley?


The Helpers: A Novelette

by Michael K Murphy

A short story set decades in the future. Genetedyne Technologies manufactures Servians, synthetic human beings intended for companionship and personal service. In his loneliness Daryl, a hopeless “terk” (technology oriented nerdy geek) purchases Amy, a Servian, as a companion. Their relationship leads to love, and to their version of marriage. But Daryl is murdered for seeing something on line that he shouldn’t have, and Amy sets out to exact her revenge.

Nightstalkers (The Corsair Uprising Book 2)

by Trevor Schmidt

Two months has passed since the battle for Garuda Colony, and Captain Liam Kidd is tired. His crew has worked diligently to retrieve a stolen artifact, but all of their efforts have failed. Finally, during a brutal boxing match, a lead has surfaced. The clue comes with entangled rumors of a nefarious Ansaran research facility on the Planet Narra, and a new danger from the Kraven Throng that threatens to destroy them all. Even stranger is what they find when they land on the wayward planet. Will Captain Kidd and his crew discover the truth before it’s too late? Or will they fall prey to the NIGHTSTALKERS?

Anastomosis (The Hysteresis Chain Book 1)

by David Kutai Weiss

Saturn looms through the haze above Titan’s menacing surface. The moon of Saturn is home to Alpha India. But the fuel that powers the colony is mysteriously disappearing, and the engineer responsible for maintaining the colony’s life-support is forced to leave the confines of the colony to confront his past and their future on the bleak moon of Saturn.

Alpha India human population: 51

Galaxy-wide human population: 51

The Hysteresis Chain is a 3-part series intended to be read in reverse chronological order. It is composed of 3 interrelated stories, although each part can be read on its own.
Part 1, Anastomosis
Part 2, Tessellation (out now)

Part 3, coming soon

The Remnants: Book 2 of the After The Event Series

by T.A. Williams

In a single moment

Hundreds of thousands of people died instantly,

every plane fell from the sky

and the world was plunged into darkness

This became known as The Event

The world has been reduced to empty buildings, on empty streets, in empty cities.

The people who have survived either scavenge for supplies or hunt those who have them. This is the world that Alec must enter in order to find his sister and bring his shattered family back together.

The next step in one family’s epic journey to survive in a world, After The Event.

Mystery : Cozy Mystery: Bred to Be a Warrior Series (mystery, thriller, cozy, short stories) (suspense, short reads, detective, murder)

by Athena Dorsey

“3 Cozy Mystery Series that will keep you on the edge for hours

This is a Three Cozy Mystery SERIES that will promise to keep you entertained for hours.

This Series Includes:

1. Bred to Be a Warrior (Book 1)

2. Bred to Be a Warrior (Book 2)

3. Bred to Be a Warrior (Book 3)

Memories Lost In Time: Ben travels back in time to the one day missing from his otherwise perfect memory

by JJ Harlyn

During his Junior year at Cooke College, Ben’s photographic memory made him a super star at the Psychology Department. As the subject of experiments and research papers it was all fun and games until Hope, a brilliant physicist, suggests that his unique mind may be capable of traveling back in time.

At first he dismissed the idea as fantasy, but when his family’s financial problems threaten to derail his plans for the future Ben is forced to reconsider the possibilities.

When the time-travel experiment goes awry, Ben wakes up in his Freshman dorm, just as a naked woman emerges from his roommate’s bed. To make matters worse he’s traveled back to the one day missing from his otherwise perfect memory.

Join Ben on his journey back in time where he must once again face the roommate from hell. And who was that mysterious young woman that rocked his world.

Hot Zone

by John McGregor

It was dangerous to be on the streets after dark. They all knew that. The ozone-rich atmosphere made it equally precarious in daylight but they were used to the searing heat. Perhaps that was why anyone over the age of fourteen was considered old. By then their skin had acquired the patina of old leather and their eyes were covered with silvery cataracts.

Egg, Psycho and Benny live to survive in an area of NE USA ravaged by the final world war a century earlier. Despite the rigours of their existence they enjoy a relatively favoured lifestyle. They rule the roost. They are the major gang in the area and relatively untroubled, despite the existence of mutants, irradiated areas of land and the occasional illness or injury.

Their lifestyle takes a turn for the worse when they encounter an enigmatic girl who persuades them to take her to the deadly and feared Hot Zone. Things will never be the same again as they tread forth into an area where they are no longer in charge of their destiny.

Dawn of the Spiders: Special Edition

by Brian O’Gorman

Brian O’Gorman’s international best seller returns uncut and extended. A virus designed to control the burgeoning spider population causes them to mutate into overgrown, venomous killers. A large hoard of the spiders take over the small village of Newtown, killing all but two of its residents. Laurence Johnson and Chloe Jones have only been together one night after Laurence parted ways with his wife. They find themselves trapped in the house with no way of escaping. Their only hope is to try and stay alive long enough for the army to intervene. Lorna Johnson is on the outskirts of town with nowhere to go and the spider invasion taking control. Her only hope of survival lies with a team headed up by Doctor Michael Briggs. He has a plan to stop the invasion before it gets out of hand. But he is running out of time and he is running out of allies. If he doesn’t move quickly then mankind will face the darkest day it has ever known.

The Last Man

by Mary Shelley

A futuristic story of tragic love and of the gradual extermination of the human race by plague, The Last Man is Mary Shelley’s most important novel after Frankenstein. With intriguing portraits of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Lord Byron, the novel offers a vision of the future that expresses a reaction against Romanticism, and demonstrates the failure of the imagination and of art to redeem the doomed characters.

The Mystery of Yamashita’s Map

by James McKenzie

Sci fi / fantasy. Prepare to be astounded – A tale of government conspiracies, secret bases where horrific experiments are taking place, all based on actual reports. Now featured in TV’s ‘Myth Hunters’ Series 3. – In 1945 a Japanese officer, General Tomoyuki Yamashita, buried valuable spoils of war in a network of tunnels throughout the Philippine Islands. Maps were drawn of the locations, and plans were made to return to the sites after the war to collect the treasures. However, after his arrest by the American forces and subsequent execution in 1946, all trace of the maps had vanished. The Mystery of Yamashita’s Map takes this wartime legend and moulds it into a fast-paced Sci-fi thriller, combining, myth and mystery into a heady combination that is hard to put down. Joe Hutchins, an American adventurer is enlisted by Professor Okada to help him decipher a map that has come into his possession. Since acquiring the map the professor is haunted by strange dreams and visions that both terrify and excite him. Only Joe can lead him to the tunnels, and to what is concealed inside. Follow Joe and his companions as they engage in a dangerous race to find Yamashita’s gold – pursued by the ruthless and cruel gangland boss Tanaka. However, other mysterious forces are at work. Tanaka it seems, is not the only one who desires to thwart them in their quest. The team uncover an unbelievable conspiracy and a threat to the survival of the entire human race. An explosive novel that is hard to put down.

Dark Age

by Felix O. Hartmann

In 2154 the world as we know it has fallen into oblivion. Mankind lives decimated and scattered in the remnants of the old world. But only few know what really happened. Growing up in a secluded city ruled by a dogmatic tyrant, Adam watches hunger starve the poor, sickness claim the young, and war kill his three older brothers. Turning seventeen, he has one year left before being forced to join the Grey Guard and follow his brothers into the unknown. Wanting to put an end to the broken system and mindless war, to seek a life of harmony with the one he loves, he decides to do whatever it takes to bring the tyrant to his knees.

Felix Hartmann’s powerful debut novel tells a tale of good and evil, truth and deceit, and paints a riveting and ruthless picture of a rebellious young man that must choose between surviving under a tyrannical regime, and risking everything in an ultimate fight for freedom.

Mystery : Cozy Mystery: Bred to Be a Warrior 1 (crime, mystery, short reads) (murder, thriller, cozy, short stories)

by Athena Dorsey

Bred from the DNA-laboratories of the Warzone, a massive flying starship, an unnamed human must fight to stay alive. But it will not be easy. Warzone is the known galaxy’s prime spot for brutal combat entertainment, hosting fights to the death in its many arenas. The newly-bred human was bred for only one purpose; to fight in the arena and lose to a stronger, and more popular opponent. But the newly-bred warrior will not just lie down and die. He will not accept his fate and fight to the death to survive.

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Free science Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition

by Jeremy Griffith

Why do we thinking, rational, immensely clever, supposedly sensible beings behave so ruthlessly, competitively and selfishly that human life has become all but unbearable and we have nearly destroyed our own planet? Are we a flawed species, some sort of evolutionary mistake, fundamentally worthless beingsâ??or are we possibly the absolute heroes of the story of life on Earth? How are we to make sense of the awesome contradictions of the human condition? Yes, how are we to truly understand ourselvesâ??because without redeeming, biological understanding there can be no real peace for the human mind, no basis for the much-needed psychological rehabilitation and maturation of the human race.

Venturing, however, into the heart of darkness of this most foreboding of all frontiers for the human mind of the issue of self, the issue of what the human condition really is, has been a near impossible task. When the poet Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote, â??O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall, frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed’, he was acknowledging how fearfully depressing the issue of the human condition has been for virtually all humans, and why, therefore, our condition has never been truthfully â??fathomed’â??â??truthfully’ because innumerable explanations have been put forward for the human condition, but none have genuinely confronted and, by so doing, solved the human condition.

But no longer is this the case, because Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith has been able to venture right to the bottom of the dark depths of what it is to be human and return with the fully accountable, true explanation of our seemingly imperfect lives. At long last we have the redeeming and thus transforming understanding of human behavior! And with that explanation found all the other great outstanding scientific mysteries about life are now also able to be truthfully explainedâ??of the meaning of our existence, the origin of our unconditionally selfless moral instincts, and why humans became conscious when other animals haven’t. Yes, the full story of life on Earth can finally be toldâ??and all of these incredible breakthroughs and insights are presented here in this â??greatest of all books’.

Mushrooms Growing For Dummies: A Complete Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home: (Mushroom Farming, How to Grow Oyster Mushrooms, Edible Mushrooms)

by Micheal Coleman

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Mushroom Growing for Dummies: (FREE Bonus Included)

A Complete Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home

The book “Mushroom Growing for Dummies: A Complete Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home” is a must read for all of the mushroom lovers out there because it helps you identifying the edible and poisonous species of these fungi so you know which buttons to eat and which morels to avoid. Otherwise you can get hard allergies and food poisoning. This book helps you in growing the mushrooms at home if you don’t like to wait for the particular harvesting season to arrive or you just don’t want to go on the fungi hunt in the dark forest jungle. It tells you all about the different varieties of mushrooms that you can grow easily grow in your basement or pressure cooker jars. It also provides a complete account of the supplies and equipments that you are going to need during the process of growing the mycelium. It is also a complete code on the medium requirements and environmental conditions required by these fungi to grow properly and delicious. And if you know the mushroom growth calendar to not miss any of the species with a lot of nutritional and medicinal benefits, this book has the answer of this query as well.

In short, this book offers:

  • Edible mushrooms in the world and their medicinal properties
  • Supplies and equipments to grow mushrooms
  • Best varieties for home growers
  • Process of growing mushrooms
  • Growing timetable of mushrooms

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Preppers Survival Medicine: 15 Plants And Herbs To Survive The End Of The World: (Alternative Medicine, Natural Healing, Medicinal Herbs, Survival Books, … Survivalist, Safety) (Practical Preppers)

by Micheal Odell

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Preppers Survival Medicine: (FREE Bonus Included)

15 Plants and Herbs To Survive The End Of The World

In this book, you are going to discover about how to survive in the absence of medical aid. You will learn everything about specific herbs and plants that are useful in the preparation of herbal medicine. Herbs and plants are safe for your health and you can use them in the wilderness. It is essential to learn about safe herbs and plants to survive the end of the world. This book is designed for your assistance so that you can learn about various plants, their uses, and properties. Images are available for your convenience so that you can identify them easily instead of selecting a wrong plant. Read recipes given in this book and understand the precautions for these medicines as well.

This book offers:

  • Plants and Herbs that can Save Your Life in the Wilderness
  • Survival Medicine for Fever and Cough
  • Herbal Antiseptics in the Wilderness
  • Common Ailments and Their Herbal Cures
  • Precautions to Use Peppers Survival Medicine

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Essential Oils for Beginners: The practical guide to Aromatherapy using only 12 Essential Oils (natural remedies, essential oils for beginner, aromatherapy, essential oils book, essential oils guide)

by Marie Ségurat

Heal, enhance your beauty and even cure diseases with ONLY 12 Essential Oils no more

In this guide you will find more than 80 recipes using the most important 12 Essential Oils only in order to heal, cure & treat your hair and skin naturally

Launching Discount Promotion, only $0.99 instead of $2.99

Translated from its french version, Marie Ségurat has understood the issue people are facing when thinking about using essential oils. First of all, the cost of each essential oil can be expensive, therefore buying 30 or more becomes really hard. It is also very difficult to find real recipes with correct measurements and how to apply each essential oil correctly.

Marie Ségurat wrote this guide so everybody is able to use it in the most easy way. After many years of personal experiences and practice, she came to the fact that only 12 Essential Oils are necessary to heal & cure most diseases as well as using them for beauty treatments and also natural home cleaner.

The potential of essential oils is infinite and using these 12 oils will make your life easier, you will never have to worry about spending too much money on it or having to learn more recipes than the ones in this guide.

In this book you will learn the property of these 12 essential oils and their benefits to your health, skin, hair and more. You will learn how to apply every essential oil the right way, wether it is orally, on the skin or by diffuser in the air.

Moreover, this guide is a great source of recipes, indeed you will find more that 80 recipes and again using only these 12 Essential Oils.

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Morning Routine: Top Morning Ritual Hacks for Beginners: (Morning Ritual, Morning Miracle, Power of Habit, Happiness, Yoga, Aerobics)

by James Derici

Morning Routine: Top Morning Ritual Hacks for Beginners

Over the course of time you will find that there are no longer those days when you want to stay in bed all day long, even on holidays. You will find yourself forever charged to indulge in that morning exercise routine of yours, and your life will be changed for the better.

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HOW TO BE HAPPY: How to Cure Insomnia Naturally (Finally Cure Insomnia The Natural Way) (Sleeplessness Anxiety Depression Good Night Sleep)

by L. S. Louvain

How to cure insomnia naturally?

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You are about to finally learn how to get rid of insomnia

If you suffer from restless and sleeplessness nights, you are suffering silently, frustrating long hours trying to get to sleep or worse, you get to sleep and awaken in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.

I have been in this situation from the longest time and I study many ways to get myself able to rest. There was so much at stake. My work, my relationships, my health and even my sexual performances were affected by the simple fact that I couldn’t rest properly.

If you suffered from insomnia, suffer no longer and let this book be a guide to your well-being.

Here Is What You’ll Learn…

  • What is insomnia and how to get rid of it
  • What are the symptoms and causes of insomnia
  • What underlying medical conditions may Trigger Insomnia
  • What are the Natural Means to Remedy Insomnia
  • How to finally get a good night of sleep and get over this disease
  • Much, much more!

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Finally get the rest you need and deserve

You are about to learn how to cure insomnia, restlessness and long sleepless nights so download this book now.

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Homemade Repellents Organic Insect Repellents and Natural After Bite Remedies: (Non-Toxic Repellents, Essential oils) (Natural Repellents, Ecosmart Organic Insect Repellent)

by Rose Kirby

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Homemade Repellents:

Organic Insect Repellents and Natural After Bite Remedies(FREE Bonus Included)

Mosquitoes suck! It is their job. Unfortunately, most of us are mosquito magnets. So, you have to have this itchy, bumpy and swollen skin throughout the summer season.

There are a number of chemical based mosquito repellents available in the markets. They work real fast but they have harmful effects on our environment.

Therefore, you must use natural remedies and homemade repellents to drive these undesired summer friends away from you. This book is complete guide on making such organic products.

This books offers;

  • Essential ingredients for homemade repellents
  • Natural insect repellents for people
  • Homemade insect repellents for pets
  • Natural remedies to treat insect bites
  • Natural hacks to keep insects away from home

Mosquitoes and other insects are attracted to you for a number of reasons such as your body scent, and heat, light and humidity of the environment surrounding you.

There are a number of ways in which you can use many natural ingredients to make environment friendly organic repellents. Such as extracting their oils and making their solutions with base oils.

Similarly you can also pluck some fresh leaves of certain herbs and ornamental plants and rub them on your skin after crushing them or you can boil them in water and spray in your house to act as repellents.

These and many such homemade remedies and repellents are described in this book. Let’s read together!

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Meditation: Step by Step Guide to Incorporate Meditation in Your Life: (Meditation, Meditation for Beginners, Yoga, Running, Praying, Happiness, Healing)

by James Derici

Meditation: Step by Step Guide to Incorporate Meditation in Your Life

What are you doing right now? “Reading this book!” you might think while you smirk. But that’s not what I mean. I mean, what is your mind up to? You bought this book with certain expectations and as you skim through you are thinking of the next step. You might be mentally making a note of the ‘things you need to complete’. You might be thinking about that presentation that you need to send to your boss. Or maybe you are too stressed to think about anything right now.

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Beginners Guide to Pollinators and Other Flower Visitors

by Beatriz Moisset

An illustrated beginner’s field guide to insect flower visitors, including pollinators. The guide provides concise descriptions, photos and life history information of the most common insects found visiting flowers. It includes time of year, geographic area and favorite flowers. Also mentioned are those that act as pollinators and whether they may sting.

Lazy Eye Treatment: Discover How to Treat and Cure Your Lazy Eye (Amblyopia or Strabismus), Including At-Home Exercises and Information about Surgery

by Marien Jankovic

If you or your loved one suffers from lazy eye, then this book is for you!

Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

Curing lazy eye requires careful integration of various methods to make the treatment succeed. Although the condition usually starts with mild blurred vision only, it can eventually aggravate to a permanent loss of vision in both eyes. Therefore, if you or a member of your family is diagnosed with amblyopia or strabismus, it’s urgent that you begin treatment as soon as possible because once the disease progresses, the effects can be irreversible. Learning all about lazy eye is the first step in effectively combating it. Also, knowing how to manage the condition at home will help significantly in the recovery process. This book will provide all the information you need to know about treating amblyopia in an easy-to-understand format, including the surgical procedures that you can undergo, the at-home exercises you can do, and reliable home management techniques that can assist.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding the Causes and Types of Amblyopia
  • How to Test and Diagnose Amblyopia or Strabismus
  • Treating and Curing Lazy Eye
  • Deciding to Undergo Surgery
  • How to Exercise Your Lazy Eye at Home
  • Differences in Treatment for Adults and Children
  • Much, much more!

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Yoga for Weight Loss + Alkaline Diet + Mediterranean Diet 3 in 1! Bundle: Learn Yoga Poses and Experience the Benefits of Yoga + Lose Weight using Alkaline Diet Plan + Mediterranean Diet Recipes

by Victoria Hill

Book 1: Yoga for Weight Loss (with pictures)

7 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Learn Yoga Poses and Experience the Benefits of Yoga. Yoga for Beginners

With the current popularity and ubiquitousness of yoga in society and the media, it doesn’t take much effort to begin learning. Yoga is a great hobby to take up when you’re bored but don’t feel like biking or running, since it burns calories and helps distress at the same. As another benefit, yoga doesn’t take a lot of space, so you don’t even need to leave the comforts of your own home as long as you have a yoga mat and a large enough open space to fit it. Anyone can do yoga; all it takes is the right mindset. Apply the tips and poses in this book to yourself, keep practicing, and believe in yourself. That’s all it takes to succeed in yoga! It’s not about being the best (yoga isn’t a highly competitive Olympic sport where you’re trying to win the gold medal!); it’s about improving your own body and mind at a pace that is comfortable for you as an individual.

Just a few of the benefits of yoga are better posture, stronger muscles, less pain, less stress, and more confidence. If paired with a healthy diet, you can even lose weight!

In this book, we’ll be covering 7 different basic yoga poses as well as 7 tips to help you maximize your yoga experience and benefits.

Book 2: Alkaline Diet

5 Super Useful Tips To Lose Weight using Alkaline Diet Plan, Alkaline Water and Alkaline Foods.

Donuts, Twinkies, French fries, soft drinks, the standard American diet is centered around processed foods. Beyond the obvious health risks that these unhealthy and fattening oils produce, these are all highly acidic foods.

Of course our body has natural counter systems in charge of neutralizing this acid, but it does put stress on the organs involved, even in healthy bodies. Excess acid is harmful in that it not only stresses organs such as our kidneys but in that it has the potential of interfering with key bodily processes critical to ensuring that the body runs normally.

Book 3: Mediterranean Diet

The Ultimate Guide to Mediterranean Diet Recipes For Weight Loss with 10-Day Diet Meal Plan

Not another diet book! We’ve all been there before and seen the various “crash diets” that claim to be a quick fix to getting that ideal body, but the truth is, they don’t work. By eliminating portions of nutrition, your body is essentially starving itself and must compensate to gain the nutrients it needs, preventing weight loss.

Food is delicious. After all, it’s what leads us to eat again and again. It is what fuels us and should be something to look forward to, and with most typical diets that’s not possible. Since I’ve discovered the Mediterranean Diet, it has done wonders for my weight and self-confidence. The Mediterranean Diet is based simply on eating nutritious foods, such as lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and good fats. It has been proven to decrease risk of heart disease and lead to a longer lifespan, and if used properly, can also lead to weight loss. With the Mediterranean Diet, you can enjoy what you eat while leading a healthier lifestyle.

This book provides a gradual introduction to ease you into experiencing the Mediterranean Diet, including:

– A description of what exactly the Mediterranean Diet is with recommended serving amounts

– A 10-Day Meal Plan detailing breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner (recipes included)

– Dozens of additional fun and delicious ethnic recipes

– Tips to keep in mind as you continue the diet in the future

Enjoy the book!

An Incredible Journey from Stroke and to Recovery: An Fight against Stroke

by Sharad Kumar

Sharad Tekalkote, a successful marketing professional in Bangalore, suddenly found himself unable to speak one day. He had suffered a stroke. He could not speak almost 2 years.

In a candid book, “An Incredible through Stroke and to Recovery” he describes what he went through, how he learnt to challenge the disability, where he found effective treatment and realistic alternatives, and how support and motivation can make a difference.

This is the story of a courageous survivor, and can inspire anyone who has suffered a setback. Through perseverance and dedication, Sharad had suffered all the odds and still emerged victorious.

Quantum Mechanics for the 99% (but not for Dummies)

by Eliot Hawkins

This book is intended for someone who doesn’t know anything about quantum
mechanics but does know about science is general. A basic â??hobby’ level
knowledge is enough to get you started and I’ll fill in the blanks.

By the end of this book, you will know all the types of particles that quantum
physics has discovered and most of the roles they play. You will know the
major players in the foundation of quantum mechanics, the experiments they
performed and why it was so important.

I will also discuss some real-world applications of quantum mechanics and how they work. Finally, we will briefly touch on the philosophical implications of quantum mechanics.

Chapters include:

Physiological Effects of Radiation
Black Body Radiation
Quantum Field Theories
Quantum Electrodynamics – QED
Quantum Chromodynamics – QCD
Electroweak Unification
Types of Particles
Recent Experiments
The Copenhagen Interpretation
Many Worlds

Beneath Your Pink Perfect: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Labiaplasty But Didn’t Know to Ask

by Troy Hailparn

We all know the basics of female anatomy. We watched the movie in our junior high health class, learned about our period, the uterus, fallopian tubes, how babies are made. But no one ever talked about the labia. What it is, where it is and what’s normal? What can you do when the tissue is the issue? I’m here to tell you about it and reassure you that this is something that can be fixed, with or without surgical intervention, and that you should never feel embarrassed to discuss this problem with a qualified physician.

This book is for all the women who have been told everything “down there” is normal when you knew something was different.

Dr. Hailparn is devoted to educating women and colleagues alike, and lectures locally and nationally. She is a sensitive and compassionate board-certified OB-GYN with more than 21 years of vaginal surgery experience. She is an international leader in the field of cosmetic-plastic gynecology and believes it is important for all gynecologists and obstetricians to recognize and validate the needs of women everywhere.

Shingles: Shingles Symptoms, Treatment, Causes and Cures (How To Treat Shingles/Herpes Zoster Virus Book 1)

by Ashley Rosebloom

Shingles Disease-A Guide To Understanding The Herpes Zoster Virus

This book contains everything you need to know about the Shingles-Herpes Zoster Virus. In this guide you will learn about the symptoms, causes, treatment and cures of Shingles.

Disclaimer:This book is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians. The reader should regularly consult a physician in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.

Here are a few of the chapter titles from the book:

  1. What Is Shingles
  2. How is it Diagnosed
  3. Diagnostic Facts
  4. Shingles and Pregnancy
  5. Shingles in The Eyes
  6. Shingles in The Ears
  7. Complications of Shingles
  8. Urgency of Treatment
  9. Pain Relief
  10. Prevention
  11. Shingles Vaccine
  12. Home Remedies For Shingles

IMPORTANT:This virus is extremely painful and can be very detrimental. People have lost their eyesight and in some cases have lost their lives due to being infected with the Herpes Zoster virus. If you suspect that you have Shingles, get to a doctor immediately. The sooner you start treatment the quicker you will heal. This is a very dangerous illness.

Statement From The Center of Disease Control About Shingles:

“Shingles is a painful localized skin rash often with blisters that is caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), the same virus that causes chickenpox. Anyone who has had chickenpox can develop shingles because VZV remains in the nerve cells of the body after the chickenpox infection clears and VZV can reappear years later causing shingles. Shingles most commonly occurs in people 50 years old or older.”

Facts About The Shingles Virus-Herpes Zoster:

  • After a person is infected by the virus, he immediately becomes a carrier. This is the reason why patients who suffer it once, never contract it again.
  • Almost 1 out of 3 people in the United State can suffer from Shingles, but both children and adults could be affected by herpes zoster.
  • While there are definite symptoms that characterize Shingles from other conditions, note that it is often mistook from poison ivy, impetigo, scabies and the more serious herpes simplex virus (HSV).
  • The incidence of Shingles on pregnant women is very low, but there have been unfortunate stories related to pregnancy Shingles are reported dangerous to pregnant women because it can cause premature births or low birth weights to the infants.
  • Zostavax is the vaccine that doctors use to help prevent the condition from becoming a problem. This vaccine helps to prevent Shingles or at least helps to reduce the negative effect of the condition.

Common Questions About The Shingles Virus That Are Answered In The Book:

  1. What is Shingles?
  2. Are Shingles contagious?
  3. What are the symptoms of Shingles?
  4. What causes Shingles?
  5. How long does Shingles last?
  6. How do you treat Shingles?
  7. Is there a cure for Shingles?

The Shingles rash can be active for up to 30 days, and for most the pain is intense in the beginning and lessens as the rash heals. But some people who develop Shingles experience long-term nerve pain that can last for months, even years. The rate in which the virus goes away is dependent upon the immune system of the infected person.

If you’ve had Chickenpox you can get Shingles. As you get older your risk of the Herpes Zoster virus becoming active increases. If you suspect that the virus is active, get to a doctor immediately.

Get the book today while it is offered at an extra low introductory price.

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Free romance Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

Colorado Hope: A Sweet Historical Western Romance (The Front Range Series Book 2)

by Charlene Whitman

While traveling to the Western town of Fort Collins, Colorado, a new bride watches in horror as her husband is swept away in a flash flood. She fears she’ll never see him again, but a year later, he walks into townâ??with a beautiful woman on his arm . . .

A new sweet Historical Western Romance by best-selling author Charlene Whitmanâ??Book 2 in The Front Range Series

1875 ~ Beset by a sudden spring storm on the Front Range, newlywed Grace Cunningham watches in horror as her husband, Monty, is swept downriver. Pregnant and despairing, she stumbles into Fort Collins and tries to make a life for herself, praying that one day the man she loves will walk into town and back into her life.

Montgomery Cunningham wakens on the bank of a river with no recollection of who he is or how he got the gash on his head. A woman named Stella, who claims to be his fiancée, nurses him back to health. Plagued by images of a faceless woman who he is certain is the key to his past, Monty concedes to Stella’s pressure to marry him and move to Fort Collins, but he quickly regrets his actions.

A year after Grace’s tragic loss, Monty walks into the dress shop where she worksâ??with a woman on his arm. Shocked that Monty has no recollection of her, Grace is determined to win back his heart. Somehow she must help him regain his memories and his buried love for herâ??and not just for her sake but for the sake of their infant son, Ben.

Monty, miserable in his marriage to a woman he hardly knows, is inexplicably drawn to Grace. Every time he’s near her, memories surface, but they are hazy and troubling. He’s torn between his vows and the desires of his heart, for he cannot stay away from Grace.

Grace’s hope is sparked when Monty starts recalling glimpses of his past. But when murderous outlaws come to town, she is thrust into grave danger. Monty risks his life to rescue her, only to face even greater perils in the treacherous mountains. Can she truly hang on to hope when she is about to lose all she loves?

This new full-length Historical Western Romance novel takes readers on a heart-wrenching journey of love, loss, and hope amid the dangers and challenges in Colorado Territory’s wild frontier.

Don’t miss Colorado Promise, Book 1 in The Front Range series (Historical Western Romance)

The Examiner says of author Charlene Whitman: “An adequate writer of historical fiction will include minor bits and pieces about the setting of their story. A good writer will do a bit of research to make sure there are historical facts included in the pages of their novel. A superb writer will create characters that could have actually lived during the time in which the story takes place and allows them to act as people in that time period would have really acted. Charlene Whitman is a superb writer.”

Amazon categories:

*Sweet Historical Romance

*Western Romance

*Historical Western Romance

*Frontier and Pioneer Love Stories

*Cowboy Romance Novel

Ecstasy Wears Emeralds (The Jaded Gentlemen Book 3)

by Renee Bernard

From Renee Bernard comes the latest gem in her series of seductive gentlemen–and the tempting women who entice them…

Like all the Jaded Gentlemen, Dr. Rowan West may have his secrets, but he’s done his best to forgive the ghosts of his past and move on with his life. Until the beautiful Miss Gayle Renshaw appears on his doorstep, jeopardizing his medical practice, his reputation and worst of all, his heart.

In her desperation to become a doctor, Gayle uses what she knows of Rowan’s fiance’s mysterious death to blackmail him into taking her on as an apprentice. With his back against the wall, Rowan agrees, but quickly discovers that Gayle isn’t as heartless as she seems. Captivated by his tenacious and brilliant new student, Rowan finds himself surrendering to temptation, just as the enemies of the Jaded start to encroach. Now, with both their lives threatened, Rowan may be forced to give up the woman he loves to save her life…

Caught (Prequel to Hawk) (Sex and Bullets)

by Jo Raven

The moment I met HAWK, I was CAUGHT.

That was the night my boyfriend called me frigid in front of everyone at my favorite restaurant, and Jamie Hawk Fleming came to the rescue. Casually as you please, he proposed an arrangement: no attachments, no feelings. Only hot, awesome sex.

That’s fine with me. I want to get over the humiliation my ex-boyfriend caused me, prove to myself I’m not frigid, andâ??let’s be serious, who can say no to a mouthwateringly handsome young millionaire? It’s surely an experience, right? Even if he doesn’t want to be my boyfriend, just my fuckbuddy.

I’m perfectly fine with that.

If only my headâ??and my heartâ??didn’t have other ideasâ?¦

*** This is a prequel to HAWK (Sex and Bullets 2) – a Novella ***

Mature Content – for 18+ public

Grab HAWK (Sex and Bullets #2) here:

That Thing You Do (Whispering Bay Romance Book 1)

by Maria Geraci

Welcome to the world of Whispering Bay romance, where hot heroes and smart heroines collide to find their happily-ever-afters!

Allie Grant doesn’t believe in second chances. She does, however, believe in the power of a permanent paycheck. So when a tipster reports that the soon-to-be demolished senior center in her hometown is haunted, Allie hightails it to Whispering Bay to get the scoop that could secure her dream job at Florida! magazine. What she finds, though, is far scarier than any ghost. Cue her ex-boyfriend, sexy construction foreman Tom Donalan.

When Tom catches Allie poking around his construction site, he quickly realizes his former high school flame is just as feisty as ever. And, heaven help him, her irresistible, mile-high legs still take his breath away. But Tom isn’t about to delay the building’s demolition because of a silly ghost story.

With neither of the stubborn exes backing down from their opposing positions, sparks fly. And, underneath the surface, the fire of their old attraction burns as hot as ever. When strange things start happening with increasing frequency around town, even a tough skeptic like Tom is tested. The question is, can Allie and Tom stop fighting long enough to get to the bottom of Whispering Bay’s ghost problemâ??and the more important matter of mending their broken hearts?

Sinclair (Acquisition Series)

by Celia Aaron

Sinclair Vinemont, an impeccable parish prosecutor, conducts his duties the same way he conducts his life–every move calculated, every outcome assured. When he sees something he wants, he takes it. When he finds a hint of weakness, he capitalizes. But what happens when he sees Stella Rousseau for the very first time?

Sinclair is a prologue to The Acquisition Series and is told entirely from Sinclair Vinemont’s point of view. It can be read in one sitting.

Temptation: Grey Wolves Rising #1: BBW stand-alone paranormal romance

by Emma Storm

Some werewolves walk the world forever in search of their mates. Gabriel Danes was one of the lucky ones–Joy Sutton just sort of appeared in his path one night six years earlier. Unfortunately, she came along too soon, leaving him with a painful choice: succumb to temptation and rob a young girl of her innocence, or suffer through season after season until she’d experienced enough of the world to know what she would have to give up if she decided to accept his bite.

Joy didn’t need four years at a university in Miami to teach her anything about the world, but she went anyway because Gabriel Danes wanted a woman, not a girl…and because it was just too painful to watch him live his life around her while she yearned helplessly for what he wouldn’t give. Now she’s home, and she’s done. Just done.

But when Joy tracks Gabriel down to let him know she’s moving to Florida for good, his tightly-leashed control snapsâ??and Joy realizes she did learn something during four years of college.

She learned how to claim her mate.


The mating moon is risingâ?¦

Wherever that silver light touches, lone male werewolves are seized by the urge to find their mates. Join these six packs of growly alpha males (with six-packs!) as they seek out the smart, sassy women who are strong enough to claim them forever.


Temptation –

Obsession –

Salvation –

Forbidden –

Haven –

Taken –


Desired by the Pack –

Crux (Southern Arcana, Book #1)

by Moira Rogers

The Southern Arcana novels have been reissued with new covers, but inside they’re still the same sexy stories!

Southern Arcana, Book One

Jackson Holt has carved out a life for himself as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn’t crackâ?¦until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.

New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a desperate woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn’t explain why Marcus always finds her, no matter how far she runs.

When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible, unbelievable truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as they struggle to uncover the truth of her pastâ??and her destiny.

Holiday Encounters Books 1-3 (The Holiday Encounters Series Box Set)

by Amy Lamont


Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1)

When introvert Emma Glover makes a bet with her friends to see who can have the wildest adventure by New Year’s, she has no intention of winning. But that’s before she lays eyes on billionaire media mogul Nate Wilder across a crowded hotel lobby. She can’t help but hope he wants her for more than just one night. Will Nate make her Christmas wish come true?

Snowbound with the Biker (Holiday Encounters Book 2)

Katelyn Murphy has always done what’s expected of her, including staying away from Hunter Lawson, her brother’s best friend and the bad boy next door. But she’s sick and tired of always being the good girl. When a bet with her friends pushes her to break out of her shell, she knows just the biker to help her take a walk on the wild side.

Getting Lucky with the Rock Star (Holiday Encounters Book 3)

Paige Jordan has firm ideas about what success looks like. That’s the reason she stays in medical school even though she has no passion for it. But when rock star Jared Sloane invites her to take a break from real life to go on tour with his band, will Paige find out that passionâ??and Jaredâ??are the only things she can’t live without?


Christmas with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 1) ~ Emma & Nate’s story ~ Available now

Snowbound with the Biker (Holiday Encounters Book 2) ~ Katelyn & Hunter’s story ~ Available now

Getting Lucky with the Rock Star (Holiday Encounters Book 3) ~ Paige & Jared’s story ~ Available now

Summer with the Soldier (Holiday Encounters Book 4) ~ Jade & Logan’s story ~ Available Now

In Love with the Billionaire (Holiday Encounters Book 5) ~ Emma & Nate’s happily ever after ~ Coming Soon!

Heated Match (Coded for Love Book 1)

by Lynne Silver

If you like Rebecca Zanetti’s military romantic suspense, you’ll love the Coded for Love series by Lynne Silver!

The Program: an organization of elite soldiers with superior strength, agility, and intellect. These men put their lives on the line to execute the government’s most dangerous missions.

Journalist Loren Stanton wants nothing more than to break a big story that will catapult her career. But the only item that’s caught her eye lately is Adam Blacker, a soldier whose rugged sexiness sets her pulse racing. When rumors surface that he’s part of a classified government program, Loren has every excuse she needs to get as close to him as possible, no matter what it takes.

As team leader of a covert ops group, Adam steers clear of all journalists, but there’s no denying the blazing passion Loren stirs in him. A scorching night together convinces him their connection is more than skin-deep, still, he’s not ready to let down his guardâ??his genetic enhancements make him an exceptional soldier, but what woman would want to commit to his high-risk life?

When a dangerous enemy from Adam’s past resurfaces and Loren insists on joining the fight rather than running, he’s forced to face a dark truth. This courageous, loyal woman moves him in ways he never imagined possible. And now that Adam knows she has his back, he also knows he has to win her heart.

Praise for the Coded for Love series by Lynne Silver:

“Compelling, action-packed, and physical attraction that burns up the pages! The first book in Lynne Silver’s Coded For Love series will have you glued to your seat and breathing in every last word!” (Goodreads)

“HOT HOT HOT!! Full of spice, steamy sex, and irresistible characters.” (Marie’s Tempting Reads)

“From start to finish, False Match is a unique, sexy, danger-inducing, sexually charged story.” (Goodreads)

“A captivating read that has the reader anticipating the next book and many more to come.” (Goodreads)

“A great storyline full of suspense, intrigue and romance.” (Goodreads)

About the Author:

Lynne Silver is the author of the popular Alpha Heroes and Coded for Love series. Before writing romance, she wrote fiction of a different sort, drafting press releases for technology corporations. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two sons. You can find her at or on Twitter @lynnesilver.

The Wilde Brothers The Complete Collection

by Lorhainne Eckhart

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lorhainne Eckhart brings you THE WILDE BROTHERS THE COMPLETE COLLECTION, which includes all the stories in this big family romance series. A series that will rock your world.


â??Hard Headed but bless those Wilde Brothers – Reviewer, Joyce

â??”Tissue’s. You deserve an award for the best written books I have read in a long time.” Sonya

â??”Warning: Emotional!” Bookzilla

–“Two people find unexpected answers to those life altering questions when the are brought together in a search for a lost child.”

–“Showing strength but vulnerabilities in the characters is not easy to do well but Ms Eckhart does it exceedingly well.”

THE ONE: You never know when you’ll suddenly meet the one!

THE HONEYMOON: Joe surprises his new wife with a honeymoon that’s anything but expected.

FRIENDLY FIRE: After a roadside bomb ends his career in the marines, Logan Wilde struggles to put his life back together, taking a job as a sheriff in a small Idaho town. He expects a quiet, peaceful life that will bore him to tearsâ?¦until he walks through the door of Julia Cooper’s cafe.

NOT QUITE MARRIED: Logan has his work cut out for him in getting Julia to the altar.

A MATTER OF TRUST: If Ben Wilde is sure of one thing, it’s that Carrie Richardson is trouble.

THE RECKONING, A Wilde Brothers Christmas: Some scars just don’t heal.

TRADED: Jake Wilde has two loves and neither is going his way.

UNFORGIVEN: Samuel Wilde has an unbreakable bond with his brothers. That is until one woman comes between them.

Other series you may enjoy:


1. The Forgotten Child: How do you tell a man there is something wrong with his child?

2. A Baby and a Wedding: (The Forgotten Child to Fallen Hero bridge short story of Brad & Emily’s wedding)

3. Fallen Hero: A cowboy who walked away from his family’s fortune. A woman who returned for justice. What they didn’t expect was to find love.

4. The Search: (Fallen Hero to The Awakening bridge short story of Andy, Jed and Diana)- When her husband goes missing she’s forced to call the one man she shouldn’t.

5. The Awakening: A young woman who’s lost everything, and the wealthy rancher who saves her.

6. Secrets: “Jed always told me he’d take care of everything. And I believed him, I trusted him, I loved him.”

7. Runaway: Andy sets out to bring his runaway bride home. But when he finds her, he’s in for a big surprise.

8. Overdue: (Runaway to The Unexpected Storm bridge short story. Jed and Diana are having a baby.)

9. The Unexpected Storm: He can have any woman, except the one he wants.

10. The Wedding: A man who’s always planned everything, and a woman who’s struggled alone–The Wedding will change their lives forever.


The Deadline (Andy & Laura)

The Price to Love (Neil & Candy

A Different Kind of Love (Brad & Emily

A Vow of Love, A Friessen Family Christmas

Or grab The Friessens: A New Beginning, The Collection which includes all the books in this big family romance series.

THE SAVED SERIES is a hot military suspense with a love story set in a military setting. “This was a hard book to put down! A tough captain of a war ship finds a pregnant young girl in a dinghy alone in the ocean!” – Audrey

“The story that unfolds after Abby is rescued is a story of love and how it can change even the toughest man.” From Crazy fast reader


Enchanted: A Paranormal New Adult Novella Collection

by Kate Thomas

Six complete never before seen new adult novellas to help you find a quick getaway this summer!!

Uncovering the Truth by Kate Thomas – With one last trip in mind before joining the working world, Tani and her closest friends spend the a few weeks in her late father’s beach house. Between working to block the memories that keep resurfacing from her childhood and fighting the attraction she has for the alpha male down the block, she almost misses the truth tucked away for only her to discover. A truth that will change everything.

Dark Hearts by Christina Kelly – Though known for their debauchery, Reapers like Ash Thorne are chosen for their determination to cull without fail. But when he spared Melissa Mason’s life in a moment of compassion, he never dreamed the deed would come back to haunt him. Will Ash live to regret his moment of weakness, or will Melissa prove that forsaken hearts are still capable of true love?

Tainted Currents by Kathy-Lynn Cross – A change of scenery is exactly what Ceanna’s friends believe she needs to mend her broken spirit. A hiking trip to Skelton Lake may help to relieve her pain. But whispers of vengeance lie beneath the currents awaiting such a heart to release their rage from the river’s depths.

Bearing Secrets by Julie Wetzel – When Nora’s final summer in Alaska takes a turn for the worse, she finds herself in the arms of an unlikely hero: a bear shifter who can’t let anyone know what he is. Can they come to terms? Or will this chance encounter cost her everything?

The Banshee’s Heart by S. K. Gregory – Cameron encounters a Banshee called Christiana, who accidentally curses him with a death mark. As they search for a way to remove it, an old face from the past returns and Christiana must stop him from opening the gates to the Fae realm and unleashing hell on earth.

K + L by Amber Hassler – Balancing life left Kurt and Leah little time for romance, so when Kurt receives an email that he won a trip for two during 4th of July week, it was just what they needed. At first, things appear perfect until they begin to experience unusual occurrences in the house, then the two realize neither of them entered a contest. So, who, or what lured them there, and why?

These fun beach reads have never been published before and were written specifically for this anthology. Hope you enjoy the adventure!!

SHIFTER: Paranormal Romance Collection 4-Pack(Wolf Shifter, Panther Shifter, Vampire, BBW, Billionaire) (Werewolf Werepanther Shapeshifter Vampire Fantasy Paranormal Romance Collection)

by C.J. Ayers



Caleb is the CEO of PanCorp, a fortune 500 company, the Alpha of the most powerful panther shifter pack in the U.S, and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. He is inundated with women everywhere he goes, yet none have what he’s looking for. Untilâ?¦ a twist of fate lands him in the arms of Felicia.

When Caleb falls victim to foul play, he is left injured on the the road. What’s worse, he’s in his panther state.

Fortunately, a local zoo comes to his aid.

Unfortunately, while sedated, he can’t shift back to a man.

Of course, when his injuries heal and he’s no longer sedatedâ?¦

Felicia, a big cat handler at the city zoo is used to dealing with high-stakes situations. What she isn’t expecting to find one evening is a full-grown man standing naked in the middle of the cat enclosure.

Can this darkly seductive man really be Shadow, the injured panther brought in as a rescue months before?


After suffering trauma at the hands of an ex, Mira has sworn off men. Following her therapist’s advice, she plans an escape from Denver’s city life- a hiking excursion in the mountains. So what if her friend backed out last minute? Mira has to keep her sanity in check which means going with or without a hiking buddy.

Ex-special ops Cade Donovan has seen the senseless slaughter of war. Now he spends his days holed up in his secluded $4 Million estate deep in the Rockies. He has no use for humanity and leaves home only when his wolf needs to run.

When Cade finds an endangered hiker, he has no choice but to help. There’s a storm coming and his sense of honor demands it.

There’s only one problem. The hiker is a sexy, curvy woman who stirs feelings in Cade he’s never felt before. Not to mention the fact that his wolf demands he claim her as his mate!


Kira is a newly cursed werewolf with no clue what’s happening to her. Not only that, but she can’t seem to avoid her sexy professor- in or out of class.

Sawyer, a hot young professor at a prestigious college, and a werewolf, has enough trouble dodging the attention of female students. He never expected to find a pretty she-wolf in his class.

Sawyer feels it’s his duty to guide Kira in her transformation. He vows to help her- even if it means calling her into his office at odd hours and detaining her after class. What he hadn’t planned is having to fight his wolf’s insistence that he claim her as his mate.

As the full moon draws near, student and professor find themselves drawn to one another. Can Sawyer fight his attraction to the one woman he knows he can’t have? Or will Kira, convince him to give in to forbidden passion?

What will happen when Sawyer reveals his secret – that the date Kira was bitten aligns perfectly with his last blackout?


Karyn works as an ER nurse with no time for a personal life. Her free time is spent watching the Travel Channel and dreaming of a life she’ll never have.

When a huge creature crashes into the hospital wreaking havoc and killing patients, two men from Department 99 show up to capture it and restore order.

Killian is a dark-mannered agent from the local field office. He’s hard-as-nails, virtually fearless. When Killian and his partner arrive, he is stunned to see a gorgeous blonde standing face to face with a monster. Killian has never been attracted to humans, but she is unlike any woman he’s ever seen. Her bravery in the face of a horribly dangerous ordeal stirs something inside of him.

Until tonight, Karyn was oblivious to the existence of supernatural creatures. Now, here she is in the middle of some sort of alternate reality. What’s more, she finds herself drawn to the sexy hero who took down a monster before her eyes.

The only thing is, the sexy hero is a vampire.


For Love or Money: A Billionaire Romance (Book One)

by Anne Black

I’m stranded on an island with the hottest guy on earth and all I can think about is getting away from him.

I just wanted a tropical getaway without any vapid, rich people bossing me around. As an assistant to America’s most infamous celebrity family, I get plenty of that at home.

But instead of relaxing in paradise, I’m trapped in a hurricane with Cade Worthington, an arrogant billionaire who thinks every eligible woman should drop her panties at the sight of his bankroll.

Cade’s used to getting everything â?? and everyone â?? he wants. But I don’t have time for his nonsense because I’m about to lose the one thing keeping my family out of trouble: my job. I need money and stability, but Cade can only offer one of those.

So why can’t I keep my hands off him?

The first book in the three-book “For Love or Money” series, this is a novella-length introduction.

Your Eyes Don’t Lie (Lily’s House Book 3)

by Rachel Branton

Sometimes Survival Isn’t Enough

Years of living on the street and fending for herself have made Makay Greyson tough and resourceful, if a bit disillusioned. She’s come a long way from sleeping in parks and scavenging for food. Her entire focus is on providing a better life for her young brother, one without fear of loss and neglect.

That certainly doesn’t leave time for Harrison Matthews, who from their first meeting sends fire through her veins and upsets all her carefully laid plans.

Makay has done things she isn’t proud of to survive, and those choices now threaten the small amount of security she’s createdâ??and any chance of a future with Harrison. They’ve been raised in two very different worlds, and the secrets they both hide can only lead to disaster.

There is only one chance to make it right, and one misstep could be fatal.

Your Eyes Don’t Lie is a story about facing fears, sacrificing for those you love, and about a girl who thinks she isn’t worth loving and a guy who knows she is.

The Unforgettable Billionaire Brothers: CHASE

by Violet Walker

Billionaire brothersâ?¦

Chase, Ethan & Jackson Silver

The heirs to the billion dollar empire Silver Enterprises are single playboys who work as hard as they play. But when their father gives them each an ultimatumâ??settle down or lose your inheritanceâ??they each must decide if the family business is worth giving up the single life, while figuring out who is stalking them.

Reluctant to Loveâ?¦

Chase is reluctant to settle down, especially at his father’s insistence. But a weekend with his sexy assistant may turn out to be just the thing he needs.

Jackson, the middle brother and peacemaker is too young for a wife and kids. But that doesn’t stop him from lusting after the pretty blond cook working for his father.

Ethan doesn’t trust women and he doesn’t trust love. He might have to give up his role as CEO of Silver Enterprises if he can’t get past his dark past.

This is the story of three handsome billionaire brothers and the women special enough to capture their reluctant hearts.

Romance: Caged By The Alpha Vampire Mate

by Erica Holden


Marissa knew Jason Sharp was a filthy rich tycoon who had everything and got whatever he wanted. His hard, youthful, body was unworldly. He oozed sexuality. And his affinity for collecting money and power, and his lust for life were entrancing.

What she didn’t know was that his body held an even darker secret than his source of wealth.

Will Marissa be able to offer herself completely to Jason and find true love, or will she become Jason’s next victim?

TRAITOR: A Military Romance Novel (Military Men Book 3)

by Leila Haven

Just when I thought the situation on base couldn’t get any worseâ?¦ that’s when she showed up.

A one time thing. That’s what she was supposed to be, just like every girl before her. A quick hookup before I was shipped back to the warzone. One last drink from the forbidden fountain before being cut off.

Too bad the world has a vendetta against me. First, the men I lay down my life to fight beside everyday think I’m a traitor. Now she’s here, with that smokin’ hot body, digging into my life to see if their accusations hold.

I always knew feelings complicated things, but saying that now would be an understatement. If I don’t learn to keep my hands off her and get my thoughts in check, both of our careers are going to go up in flames.

Traitor is a standalone romance with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA.

Each book in the Military Men series can be read as a standalone, however we recommend readers start with HOSTILE (

Play Me (Love on Tour Book 2)

by Kay Harris

“I am sitting in an airport, barefoot, in terrible need of a shower, and I’ve just lost the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Told entirely from the first-person account of 38 year-old, recovering alcoholic, rock star, and self-proclaimed ‘slut,’ Hank Tolk, this romantic comedy, while capable of being read as a stand alone, brings back the beloved characters from “Love on the Rocks” for another wild ride on tour. With it comes undying friendship, heated romance, and a little bit of heartbreak.

Hank is not looking for a sexy hook-up, not anymore. He’s decided to slow down. He’s even made a bet with his best friend that he’ll stay celibate for the length of their two-month rock tour.

But Susi O’Malley has other plans for Hank. After a lackluster love life, a broken engagement, and a lost job, Susi wants to let loose a little before she turns 30. With her life in crisis, she joins her old college roommate, her husband, and their best friend on a rock tour across the U.S. Determined to seek out a casual fling that will change her perspective, Susi sets her sights on Hank.

Hank can only resist Susi’s advances for so long. Eventually, he could end up in her bed. Worse, he could end up in an actual relationship. With the potential of hurting Susi, angering his friends, and having to face his own demons, Hank risks losing the bet — and his heart.

PRIVATE: A Military Romance Novel (Military Men Book 2)

by Leila Haven

Corporal Matt Rafter

She doesn’t belong here.

She’ll need to keep her hair from getting dirty.

She’ll need to keep her nails clean.

Most of all, she’ll be a distraction. I won’t be able to stop myself from protecting her, even if it means putting my own life at risk. That smokin’ hot body is going to get me killed.

I’m going to run her through the dirt, for her sake and mine. This princess won’t even make it to deployment. Our lives depend on her quitting and going home.

The front lines are no place for a woman.

Private Sasha Kincaid

I held my own my entire life.

I kept up with the soldiers I called brothers. The commander I called father.

I’ll show Corporal Rafter that I’m not just his average lady.

But, there’s a problem.

He’s the first man I’ve ever met who can stare me down. The only one who’s ever been able to take charge of me.

I can’t stop the forbidden thoughts that creep deeper into my mind with every order he barks my way.

If I don’t rid myself of these dirty fantasies soon, I’m going to do something that I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

PRIVATE is a standalone romance with hot sex, strong language, and an HEA.

Each book in the Military Men series can be read as a standalone, however we recommend readers start with HOSTILE (


by Tati King

Seventeen year old Ty’esha’s Bernard is beautiful, intelligent and ambitious. Tired of her crazy mother and her mother’s abusive boyfriend she longs to live on her own where she is free to do what she wants. Sly is a young notorious hustler whose looks and street charm immediately attract Ty’esha. He becomes her ghetto knight in shining armor one day when he gives her the one thing she’s been longing for; her freedom. But did Ty’esha jump from one evil to the next? It isn’t long before she realizes that Sly is much more dangerous than she initially thought and begins to second guess their relationship when he turns abusive as well. But the money and the lure of danger keep Ty’esha around. It isn’t until her life is threatened that she finally gets the wake up call she needs. But is it too late? One thing nobody ever told Ty’esha is that once you get with a gangster there’s only one way out. Will she survive being a gangster’s girl?

Perfect (Italian Romance Book 1)

by Diana Fraser

(Previously published as The Italian’s Perfect Lover.)

Falling for the perfectly handsome Alessandro Cavour, Count di Montecorvio Rovella, is the last thing archaeologist Emily Carlyle needs as she recovers from the physical and emotional scars inflicted by an ex-boyfriend. But she can’t avoid him when she finds out he owns the estate where she’s discovered an ancient Roman site.

Restoring one particular mosaic on the site has become an obsession with Emily – one which Alessandro can’t understand. He has no interest in digging up the past because, despite appearances, he bears his own scars. Consumed by guilt over the death of his wife and son, commitment-shy Alessandro lives only for the pleasures of the present. But he hadn’t reckoned on falling in love. And love, he discovers, forces difficult choices…

It Takes Two (Italian Summer Book 1)

by Lily Zante

Rona’s story, the first in the Italian Summer Series

Rona Fernández left Verona with a clutch of happy memories. Her late night and frequent visits to the charming Gioberti’s restaurant had raised some eyebrows but nobody was overly suspicious of why she would go alone each evening.

Not even her husband.

But back in Denver discontent soon pushes its way back into Rona’s world and life soon pales in comparison to the memories of heady nights in Italy.

Married and still looking hot despite a baby and almost seven years of marriage, Rona prides herself on looking good and getting noticed.

It’s just a shame that her hard-working husband is too busy working to pay her much attention.

So when her sister asks for her help, back in Verona, how can she refuse?

Especially when Gioberti’s restaurant and its intriguing customers provide a pull for her that she finds hard to ignore.

After all, a harmless flirtation every now and then isn’t such a bad thing. As long it stays that way.

But what happens when reality doesn’t live up to expectations? Will it be too late to realize that what she had all along was far more precious than the things she thought she wanted?

Maybe winning her husband back will be the hardest thing of all…

Drawn To You (#1 Conklin’s Blueprints) (Conklin’s Trilogy)

by Brooke Page

What do you do when your predictable life goes spiraling out of control? When your supposed childhood friend commits the most brutal betrayal, completely gutting you, destroying the life you thought you were meant to have? You make dangerous, careless decisions with your best friend, completely molding yourself into someone you’re not. I thought clubs, alcohol, and promiscuity would numb my pain, sculpt me into the person I should be; strong, confident, aliveâ?¦

I was wrong.

So now I’m forced to go back home, where the only opportunity to throw my life back on track is located. I never wanted my parent’s wealth or notability, but I’m afraid if I don’t take the flight from Florida to Grand Rapids, I’m going to drown.

But instead of drowning in my own insecurities, I’m being consumed by my boss, Tyler Conklin. His secrets are devouring me, along with his mystery and charming grin. He wants me, his advancements are clear; but so are his exertions to keep me his biggest secret of all.

I’m not sure if I can tolerate being his covert lover, especially when he has so many secrets of his own.

“Conklin’s Blueprints is Contemporary Romance at it’s best.”- Just One More Page

” This book is gripping, page turning and makes you want to finish it in all one sitting to find out what will happen next.”- Tonya TMO

” The characters were well developed, so much that at times I thought I was watching and episode of Sex and the City in my head. The writing flowed well and kept my interest throughout.”- Everything Marie

“Richly detailed, with characters that spring to life. Steamy and romantic without being graphic, this is a story that will draw you in. Get this first book of the series, you’ll be hooked!”- Author Sam Hunt

Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Got a new Kindle or know someone who has? Check out the ultimate guide to finding free books for your Kindle. Also available in the UK.

Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

The Truth About The Sky

by Katharine Grubb

As a Pastor’s kid, Kim has been told her whole life that God can see every mistake she makes. Now that she’s a college dropout, unemployed and in a questionable relationship with a party guy, her mistakes are all the more obvious. (Especially to her demanding mother, who, apparently, thinks wearing jeans on a commercial flight is a sin.)

If only she could move away! Then she could hide from gossip and no one would see her mess up!

Kim can’t move to Dallas unless she saves her money, so she swallows her pride and heads back to her childhood church to reluctantly serve as her father’s secretary. Her mother makes it clear: Kim better get her act together!

Not only is the church watching her, but Kim is also bothered by her theme obsessed mother; a creepy mortician who wants to court her; a sad, but good-looking music minister (whom she may or may not have been kissing) and her childhood friend, Eddie, who, as a lawyer, has an inexplicable interest in lawn care. Even if God was in her childhood church, Kim would be too busy and discouraged to find him.

Then her father is caught in a scandal — one that challenges her already shaky faith and her dysfunctional family. She has to choose: will she run away from critical eyes to Dallas as quickly as her car can take her? Will she be as critical and condemning as her own family has been to her? Or will she take her brother’s advice and believe, for the first time in her life, that God’s grace is as big as the Oklahoma sky?

Casting the First Stone: Two women are determined to keep their families together…but at what cost? (2016 Book Club Selection)

by Lisa Lawmaster Hess

At age 16, Marita Mercer rebelled against her conservative Christian upbringing and gave birth to a precious baby girl. When the “daddy-baby” bolted, Marita took charge and raised her daughter alone. Now, twelve years later the child’s father has returned with plans to claim his parental rights.

But Marita has no intention of losing custody to Jim and his perfect little wife. So what if he’s now a successful business man and respected member of the community? Does that make up for the fact that he never wanted his daughter in the first place? Perhaps not, but In a custody battle featuring a single mother, versus Jim with his perfect little church-going wife, what chance does Marita have to keep the daughter she loves?

Both women are determined to keep their families togetherâ?¦but at what cost?

Answering the Call: A Daily Devotional for Paramedics and First Responders (Christian Devotions Ministries)

by Pat Patterson

Based on the author’s experiences as a paramedic, these inspirational devotionals tap into the concerns and issues that trouble men and women serving as first responders.

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.” The First Responders in your community do just that. They sacrifice comfort and safety to protect the lives of others, always waiting, and always wondering when they will find themselves answering the next call. This book was written for them, but it applies to anyone who searches for courage and hope, struggles with a difficult relationship, or suffers through pain or loss. Are you seeking a closer walk with God? Wondering what comes next? Answering the Call can help you find your way. It reveals the simple truth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that to follow him is to find true meaning in life. Christ… the First Responder, is calling you now.

Answering the Call is a collection of inspirational stories based on the author’s experiences as a street paramedic in Durham, North Carolina. Each story is written as a devotional with an insightful application that offers the reader a glimpse into God’s Word. Use it for your daily devotional time, as a guide for small group study, or simply to share with other paramedics and other first responders.

Will you answer the call? “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off -for all whom the Lord our God will call.” – Acts 2:39.

The Temple of Sun: 20 Energy Mandalas From Ancient Inca Peruvian Culture: Inka Civilization Culture Mandalas mindfulness and stress relieving book

by Luis Felipe Mujica

Each pattern is designed to maintain a balance between body energy and mental energy, seeking equilibrium through mindfulness.

Additionally each symbol shown in the book, aims to explain the Inca mythology as a colorful path leading to the stress relieving through creativity.

The meaning of each image is attributed to behavior of human beings to face any inconvenience. In this adventure, coloring becomes your best ally.

  • Helps to relax & boost your meditation
  • Helps to balance your body, your mind, your spirit and your energy
  • Give you that spiritual connection that you needed
  • Enhance your creativity
  • Encourage your self-expression
  • Learn about the peruvian culture in a funny way

20 patterns full of peruvian Inca’s culture and short mythology stories for Relax, stress relieving and meditation. Feel the energy of ancient cultures and let your creativity explode.


PLEASE NOTE – The KINDLE edition of this book is for your reference only and is NOT intended for coloring within the device! It is a preview – its main intent is to show the designs that are available in the physical copy of the book.

You can get a PDF version of these patterns in a link at the end of the book so you can print them out and get coloring .

Mindfulness: 21 Mindfulness Meditation Techniques to Reduce Stress, Manage Anxiety, and Live in the Present Moment

by Teresa Mellon

Life is Too Short. Slow Down and Enjoy Life through the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation Today!

Modern life can be undeniably stressful. Most of us have innumerable demands put upon us, whether they are from family members, children, financial obligations, or our jobs. We are connected to our electronic devices – cell phones and computers – 24 hours a day. It can feel impossible to get a break.

Do you yearn for a way to reduce your stress and find ways to live in the present moment? Worry and anxiety are dangerous. They can increase your blood pressure and greatly decrease your enjoyment of the good things in life. If that sounds familiar, mindfulness meditation may be the answer.

The goal of this eBook is to help you learn about mindfulness meditation and how it can help you manage your anxiety and enjoy your life. By the time you are done reading, you will have a good grasp of mindfulness and understand why incorporating it into your life can help you reduce stress, manage anxiety, and live in the present moment. Let’s get started.

Here Is An Overview of What You Will Learn:

  • What Is Mindfulness
  • What Mindfulness Meditation Can Do For You
  • 21 Mindfulness Meditation Techniques
  • Tips for Developing A Daily Mindfulness Meditation Practice
  • And So Much More!
  • Act Now and Download this eBook Today for Only $0.99!

Auras: Psychic Development & Energy Fields: How to Read and Understand the Human Aura (Intuition, Chakra Healing, Mind Reading, Clairvoyance, Psychic Medium, Color Healing, Third Eye Book 1)

by Tabitha Zalot

(This book is F R E E with your Kindle Unlimited Membership)

Explore the fascinating world of Human Auras and learn how to read an aura today

  • Are you curious about the concept of Auras?
  • Do you think it’s possible to read Auras?
  • Do you want to learn how to read an Aura?

  • You have come to the right place! With this book Auras Psychic Development & Energy Fields: How to Read and Understand the Human “Aura”, you’ll learn about:

  • How to Read the human Aura
  • How to understand the human Aura
  • What the human energy field is
  • Psychic development
  • Using your inution
  • Mind reading
  • Third eye
  • Hurry! Download Auras Psychic Development & Energy Fields: How to Read and Understand the Human “Aura” right away!

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    MAIL ORDER BRIDE: The Christmas Bride

    by Christian Michael

    Kayla Anderson is exhausted. Two weeks after losing her parents to a tragic accident she’s penniless and has virtually no hope save an advertisement for a mail-order bride from a well-to-do rancher in Texas. Desperate for security and a way out of her grief, she answers the ad and finds much more than she bargained for.

    Curt Langley has been a rancher pretty much since the day he was born. Ranching is in his blood, passed down from his great grandfather. Taking over the ranch from his parents, Curt’s been running it ever since. Unfortunately it only leads to a lonely life. In need of someone to provide maid services for him, he places a mail-order bride ad. When Kayla Anderson shows up to answer his ad he’s more intrigued than he wants to let on. When she challenges what he thought he wanted, will Curt realize the blessing God brought him, or will he live the lonely life he’s so used to?

    *This is a MOB short story and includes 20 western, historical, clean, MOB short stories by Christian Michael.*

    Money Manifesting: How to Use the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life

    by Zackary Davis

    Simply put your thoughts are powerful! Whatever thoughts dominate your mind, create your reality. Your current environment and situation is because of what you think or have been thinking. You are pushing and pulling things to and from you constantly. In this eBook we will discuss how to pull the things you want into your life. Instead of accidentally pushing them away, and pulling what you do not want into your life.

    —Table of Contents—

    What Is The Law of Attraction?

    Understanding the Secret

    The Mindset

    Steps to Success

    Dream Boards

    Clean and Wholesome Romance: Mountain Brides Of Wyoming: A Mail Order Bride Historical Romance Series (Inspirational Western Christian Pioneer Frontier … (New Adult Sweet Victorian Short Stories)

    by Faith-Ann Smith

    Read This Christian Historical Romance Series For FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

    Includes A Heartwarming BONUS COLLECTION Of Over 20 CLEAN Historical Mail Order Bride Stories!

    Book 1: Mail Order Bride Adeline’s Story: Adeline Brandt longs to raise a family. Her loving husband Robert promises to fulfill this desire but tragically perishes in the Civil War. Shortly after his death, doctors tell the already grief-stricken Adeline that she is barren; she will never experience the joy of having children of her own.

    In an attempt to ease her suffering, a childhood friend offers what she thinks is the perfect solution to escape Adeline’s woes: to head out west to the frontier as a mail order bride and get a fresh start on life. Adeline hesitates, but decides to accept the offer.

    A handsome widower named Alexander Raymond is looking for a wife who can help him open the first library in Cheyenne, Wyoming. His plan? Marriage in name only, and young Adeline seems to fit the bill nicely.

    Can Adeline set aside her pain and sorrow for the chance to love again? And will God bless her with the greatest gift of all?

    Book 2: Mail Order Bride Lydia’s Story: Lydia Dow refuses to marry a Boston dandy. Thrilled by the prospect of escaping stuffy New England for a new adventure in the frontier, she has been corresponding with the charming David Cavendish of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and has her heart set on becoming his mail order bride.

    But when Lydia arrives, she learns a startling truth: David cannot read or write, but had commissioned a friend to write the letters on his behalf. Stunned by the news, Lydia wonders whose thoughts were really reflected in those letters, and what other secrets David had up his sleeve.

    When the truth unfolds, will she alienate him forever, or will Lydia become the woman of his dreams, answering his prayers for a life filled with happiness and love?

    Book 3: Mail Order Bride Rosanna’s Story: Orphaned when her parents perished during the smallpox epidemic, young Rosanna Ellington is left with a little brother to care for. As a smallpox survivor, Rosanna finds it difficult to live an ordinary life, her appearance now tarnished by scarsâ??cruel reminders of the devastating disease.

    When a family friend suggests for her to respond to an ad seeking a God-fearing mail order bride, Rosanna finally feels a glimmer of hope: the Cheyenne man states that “appearance and status of wealth are not important.”

    Without revealing her condition, Rosanna hopes that her future husband will be willing to marry her, but when she arrives, she is stunned to learn that Alexander Malone did not place the ad after all: his sister had been the person secretly corresponding with her all along.

    When they meet, will Alexander see past Rosanna’s flaws and find her inner beauty?

    Book 4: Mail Order Bride Isabella’s Story: When Isabella discovers that she is with child, she flees her abusive husband in search of a better life. Without references, Isabella realizes that work is hard to find, so when a maid named Lilly finds her on the streets of Boston and offers her a potential position where she works, Isabella is relieved and soon begins to work for the Crawford family.

    But sometimes, the grass is not always greener on the other side. When faced with the threat of even more abuse from her employer, Isabella must flee yet again. In a hurry, she discovers an advertisement for a mail-order bride from a man in Cheyenne named Mr. Augustus Cranston and responds. Out of sheer desperation, she decides to begin her travels out West before she has the chance to receive a reply to her letter, accompanied by her new friend, Lilly.

    After she makes the long trip to Cheyenne, however, Isabella finally meets Mr. Cranston and is faced with a new dilemma. Will her suitor be the man who can commit to a lifetime of love, or will God have other plans for of Isabella and her unborn child?

    Historical Romance Collection: Christmas Frontier Brides: A Victorian Mail Order Bride Series (Inspirational Sweet Western Christian Holiday Romance) (Clean and Wholesome Short Stories)

    Read This Clean And Wholesome American Western Mail Order Bride Collection For FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

    Exclusive To The Kindle Edition: Includes a Heartwarming Collection of Over 20 Clean Historical Mail Order Bride Stories!

    This Christmas, Hope Meadow Publishing is pleased to bring you Christmas Frontier Brides, a collection of the following four sweet historical Christmas mail order bride romances:

    Olivia’s Christmas On The Frontier: A smart, independent young woman with a sense of adventure takes a voyage by sea to the Frontier and is blessed with a special Christmas surprise.

    Elizabeth’s Christmas Miracle: Will Elizabeth and Frederick ever be able to unite their two similar, but different families? It may take a Christmas miracle and a whole lot of faith.

    Abigail’s Christmas Gift: From the hustle and bustle of New York to the comforting home life in Coos Bay, Oregon, Abigail Copeland realizes that love and adventure can be hers.

    Sophie’s Christmas On The Frontier: A widowed teacher from Baltimore makes the voyage to Seattle with her children to start anew, and Christmastime in the Northwest turns out to be more beautiful than she could have dreamed.

    Each story is a STANDALONE with a HEA ending!

    Perfect for fans of the following genres: Mail Order Bride, Clean Romance, Western Romance, Historical Western Romance, Christian Romance, Clean and Wholesome Romance, Victorian Romance, Inspirational Romance, American Historical Brides Series, Frontier Romance, Pioneer Romance

    The Printer From Hell

    by Amy Cross

    It’s just a printer.

    That’s what Steve Holland tells himself when he brings the machine into his family’s home. Even when he struggles to get the printer working, he tells his wife that there’s no reason to worry. After all, a printer can’t actually hurt anyone.

    And then the bruises start to appear on their son’s arm.

    Soon it becomes apparent that the printer has brought something dangerous into the apartment. Hideous photos start to emerge from the machine, photos that can’t possibly exist. Yet somehow they do exist, and they show scenes from a nightmarish world. A world much like our own, but filled with more blood, pain and misery than any human could endure. And when his wife and son disappear from the apartment, Steve is forced to join a madman’s quest to save his family.

    The Printer From Hell is a horror story about a man who makes one small mistake, and ends up fighting to save his family from a horrific monster. And all because he bought the wrong printer.

    Restoring Broken Walls

    by Gary Schulz

    Most of us would like to be more fruitful Christians. Most of us would also like to be less vulnerable to the attacks of the evil one. At first glance these may seem to be unrelated topics, but the Bible clearly reveals that an unfruitful life is a life vulnerable to the devil’s schemes, temptations and attacks, and that the fruit of the Holy Spirit forms a spiritual wall to defend us against our spiritual enemies. This study teaches how to build a strong spiritual house, in obedience to Jesus Christ, that will stand when struck by the torrents of this life. The applications extend from the walls of the individual to the walls of the Church body. In fact, this is a call to the Church to be revived and restored.

    MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Cowboy for Christmas

    by Christian Michael

    This is the story of Bianca…

    Bianca was only twenty-one when her family was killed in a tragic accident. When her aunt and uncle move in and make it very clear that they want nothing to do with her, she takes the only option of escape given to her. She becomes a mail order bride. But any hope of love is dashed on her first day when Jonah makes it clear to her that he does not want her to be his anything- except a permanent maid.

    Jonah Cassidy is sure that he does not want anything to do with love. The only reason he married Bianca was to ensure that she didn’t leave as his other housekeepers had done. But Jonah finds himself at war with his own emotions when Bianca proves to be everything that he believed he did not want but has always yearned for. Will he chance his heart on her?

    *This is a MOB short story and includes 20 western, historical, clean, MOB short stories by Christian Michael.*

    MAIL ORDER BRIDE: Hope For A Widow

    by Christian Michael

    It’s the 1870s in the United States. Elle Mayweather is a pregnant widow, desperate to leave New York City for personal reasons. When she sees a mail order bride adâ??by a man who lives all the way in Kansasâ??she boldly writes him, and soon, the two are engaged. With nothing to lose, she immediately leaves New York City and can only pray that her past doesn’t follow her.

    Duncan Aster has lived the last decade alone, away from his family and friends. While ashamed for the pain his past actions have caused, he is not ashamed of the actions themselves. Tired of this state of being, he puts an ad in the paper for a spouseâ??a companion to share his life with and to lessen his pain.

    Full of secrets, guilt, unconventional perceptions, and a secret danger, two people come together and learn that living the right way does not always guarantee happiness. But will the two find true love in the end?

    *This is a MOB short story and includes 20 western, historical, Christian, clean, MOB short stories by Christian Michael.*

    Mail Order Bride: Missionary Lawman Seeks Adventurous Maiden (Clean Western Historical Romance) (Sweet Christian Inspirational Short Stories)

    by Abigail Buckley


    Tess was a pretty, twenty-two year old Methodist minister’s daughter from Atlanta, Georgia. Attractive, intelligent and educated, she was dying for some more excitement in her life when, one day, she came across some ads that were requesting “mail-order-brides.” She was amused by the ads, but while she has always wanted to marry, had never considered a life outside of Atlanta.

    Dan was a law-man and missionary in the Pecos country of Northern New Mexico. Tall, lean, godly, and deadly with a six-gun, Dan was called to serve God as a missionary to the Jaramillo Apache.

    Can the adventurous, “can’t sit still” Tess make a life with the dangerous missionary? Can she let go of her own trauma to let him in to her life? And can Dan make enough room in his heart to finally settle down to be with the girl of his dreams? This all hinges however on whether they can even survive a brutal attack at the hands of the Comanche? Discover all these answers and more as you get lost in this romantic love story, set in the late 19th century!


    Reincarnation and Past Lives: Exploring Reincarnation with Compelling Examples of Past Life Experiences and How to Determine Your Own Past Life History (Paranormal Stories, Past Life Regression)

    by Taryn Price

    Welcome to Reincarnation and Past Lives: Exploring Reincarnation with Compelling Examples of Past Life Experiences and How to Determine Your Own Past Life History.

    This book is written for the person who is intrigued by the possibility of having lived a past life, but isn’t quite sure where to begin your exploration. Are you curious to know if you’ve lived a past life? Do you think you may have been reincarnated? Do you want to hear about stories of people who claim they remember a past life? Do you want to learn how to determine your own past life history?

    Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced

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    The idea of reincarnation is one of the few constants found in cultures across the world. While the specifics may differ from region to region, the striking similarities alone are enough to add some credence to the claims and the thousands of personal accounts over the past 50 years add even more.

    Inside ‘Reincarnation and Past Lives: Exploring Reincarnation with Compelling Examples of Past Life Experiences and How to Determine Your Own Past Life History’, you will find famous cases of reincarnation, stories of reincarnated children, a bevy of famous individuals who claim they have been reincarnated and more.

    If you are curious about your own past life potential, then utilizing past life regression therapy is the easiest way to probe the depths of your own subconscious and inside you will learn how to do so on your own, without having to resort to finding a high priced hypnotherapist to get the same results. Understanding your past lives and how they affect you can do everything from removing mental blocks related to success to ridding you of potentially crippling phobias, do yourself a favor and download this book today.

    Inside you will find

    The 10 surest signs that you have been reincarnated multiple times.

    The stories of famous people from Phil Collins to Salvador Dali who have reason to believe they were reincarnated.

    The reasons the scientific community is taking notice of reincarnation theories.

    And moreâ?¦

    Five More Things You Will Learn When You Purchase ‘Reincarnation and Past Lives: Exploring Reincarnation with Compelling Examples of Past Life Experiences and How to Determine Your Own Past Life History’

    1) The science behind reincarnation and past lives

    2) An introduction to Past Life Regression Techniques

    3) Extraordinary accounts of past life memories and experiences

    4) The story of a young boy named Ed Austrian, who in 2012, gained media attention thanks to a persistent sore throat that just wouldn’t go away. Edward recollected the story of a past life that related to man named James who died in World War I. You will learn the amazing account of how his sore throat related to his past life.

    5) Multiple recollections from famous people who claim to have lived past lives

    Take a leap of faith and find out if you have lived a past life. Remember, information that can be found when delving into your past lives is vast, there is no limit to what you may learn. This knowledge won’t always be achieved easily, however, but with dedication and commitment, you can truly hope to see the most complete results. Take action now and download your copy of “Reincarnation and Past Lives: Exploring Reincarnation with Compelling Examples of Past Life Experiences and How to Determine Your Own Past Life History'” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

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    Mail Order Bride Felicity: A Sweet Western Historical Romance (Montana Mail Order Brides Series Book 3)

    by Rose Jenster

    Note: Mail Order Bride Jessica is now available with a temporary discount! Get the first two books at a special price in the anthology titled, Mail Order Brides Anthology: Leah and Tess.

    Felicity works in a millinery shop in upstate New York during the 1880s. A letter arrives from the man she was engaged to marry announcing his sudden marriage to another. This crushes Felicity and she has many difficult days where she reflects on her life and the inevitable future of living with her parents. After shedding many tears, she looks at a newsletter that lists mail order bride advertisements. Despite a broken heart, she writes to a doctor in Montana. Felicity hopes to have a home and family of her own, even if she can never truly love again.

    Will Dr. Walsh’s solitary ways, habits and quirks be an ultimate barrier for the two of them? Are their worlds too different to grow a meaningful connection? Will anger win out over patience? Can there be love and healing after heartbreak? What stops Dr. Walsh from relating as he did when he wrote his letters? Will their emotional distance be permanent?

    This is a 29,000 word stand-alone story and can be read independently, but is also book three in the series. Note that Mail Order Bride Leah is book one and Mail Order Bride Tess is book two and they are both available on Amazon. Each book is a clean romance without a cliffhanger. If you belong to Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime you can read these books for free and each can be read by itself as an independent novella.

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    Free reference Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

    The TOEFL Master’s Guide to a Perfect Score: BLACK BELT EDITION 2014 (PraxisGroup International Academic Series)

    by William E Hearn

    Improve your TOEFL iBT score IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!!

    The TOEFL Master’s Guide to a Perfect Score: BLACK BELT EDITION 2014 is the definitive “TOEFL Master’s Guide” with more precise explanations and new methods for achieving a higher score on your TOEFL iBT. You will find this book filled with helpful tips and methods not found in other TOEFL guides.

    With this “TOEFL Master’s Guide” you will be able to raise your TOEFL iBT score significantly by applying easy to learn and easy to use methods. You will become familiar with the test structures and the rules the test is based on and how to use that information to answer questions quickly, easily and ACURATELY!

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    *TOEFL iBT is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Services (ETS). This neither had been reviewed nor endorsed by ETS.

    Essential Information for the Beginning Band Director

    by Amy Webb

    This book is best viewed in the “landscape” option for your Kindle.

    If you’re just beginning in the band field, you’ve probably noticed that, while college courses helped you in the practical teaching aspects of band, it didn’t do a whole lot of good in the “real world” department. Budgets are collapsing. Horns are expensive and parents can’t always afford them anymore. Kids aren’t as “into” music as you might have thought. It’s your job to shape the kids, deal with the parents, appease the administration and, hopefully, do more than “get through” the career. You love music; that’s why you majored in it. Now, learn to teach effectively with some hand hints for each instrument and ideas on how to generate buzz for your band and affirm your importance in the school curriculum!

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible Study Time

    by Bill Woodcock

    The Bible is unlike any other book in the world. Within its pages lies the very Word of God, full of power and the potential to change your life forever. When we allow the Word of God to impact our hearts, our minds, our very day to day living, we are inviting God himself to reach down from the highest heaven and mold us into the image He desires for us.

    When we study the Bible with the mindset that we’re inviting God into our lives, asking Him to mold us into who and what He wants us to be, we see tremendous change in our own lives and we will have an impact on the world around us as well. People will notice the difference in you as you begin to step out in faith and apply the Word of God to your life. You may even find that those around you are hungry for the kind of change in their lives that God is doing in yours.

    Whether you’ve been studying the Bible for years and just need a few tips to make the most of your devotional time or you’re just beginning to read the Bible and want to get off on the right foot, you will find the information in this book to be very useful.

    10 Steps to Writing College Essays Like an Honors Student

    by Ed Phillip

    10 Steps to Writing College Essays Like an Honors Student is a work for those students who wish to write essays in a clear and straightforward way – while building real foundations for great results via 10 handy tips.

    Easy Homeschooling Techniques and Curriculum Studies

    by Denise Dobson

    The curriculum is all bought and organized in your classroom and shelves. Your supplies are in order and your lessons plans are ready, just waiting to be used. But, have you considered (I mean really considered) what an actual school day in your home will look like?

    Will you work from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.? Will you take Wednesdays off for a co-op or field trips? How will you juggle housework, errands, work and smaller children around your children’s schoolwork? Will you allow yourselves breaks throughout the day or dig in and get your schoolwork done as quickly and efficiently as possible? I bet you didn’t know there were so many questions to answer regarding how your actual day will be spent.

    Homeschooling isn’t just a way of educating your children – it is a lifestyle. Establishing a workable school day is not just about figuring out when to teach what subjects. It is about organizing your entire life and household to accommodate and encourage the learning process.

    The sooner you realize that your homeschool journey will change the way you handle everything else around your home, the easier it will be to establish a schedule that will allow your days to unfold effortlessly – or at least with minimal distractions and chaos.

    Chapters included are:

    Set Your Own Priorities
    Setting Academic Goals for Each Child
    Decide on Extra Curricular Activities
    Tackling Home Projects
    Of Special Note
    Combine Subjects, Classes and Lessons
    The Joy of the Unit Study
    Use What’s Available – Don’t Waste Time Reinventing the Wheel
    Turn Your Kids into Independent Learners
    Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!
    Take Some Time Out for Yourself
    Putting It All Together – Creating a Schedule That Really Works!
    Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Homeschool
    Self Contained Kits
    Online and Video Programs
    Cyber Opportunities
    Themed Unit Studies
    Traditional School Partnerships
    Christian School Partnerships
    Independent Study
    Choosing the Right Curriculum Option
    What Is Our Curriculum Budget?
    Check with Your Local School District
    Check with Your Local Christian School
    In-Store and Online Sales
    Free Field Trips
    Buy Out-Of-State Museum Memberships
    Share a Membership
    Become a Product Reviewer
    Ask Local Curriculum Buyers for Samples
    Free Online Curriculum Studies
    Putting it All Together
    Where to Find Homeschool Curriculum
    What Have You Learned?

    beauty redefined: solve all teeth problems at home

    by jasmin grey


    but with the increasing pollution and busy lifestyle, teeths are facing a great trauma resulting in bad breath ,darker teeths

    this book provides home remedies for such problems

    various topics discussed in the book are :

     Do’s and don’ts

     How to get sparkling teeth

     Teeth whitening naturally at home

     How to get quick relief from wisdom tooth pain

     How to stop teeth grinding

     The wrong way to brush

     Get rid of bad breath

    thank you

    Broad Math Concepts for Curious Young Minds: A Whole Brain Approach for Children Ages 4, 5, 6

    by Hal Torrance

    Broad Math Concepts for Curious Young Minds: A Whole Brain Approach for Children Ages 4, 5, 6 uses a variety of arts and crafts based activities to introduce fundamental math concepts. Learning modules are arranged with a section for the parent or teacher, followed by guided activities for the student. These low-stress activities provide the student experiences using varied units to measure and estimate quantities, naming fractional portions, collecting data, identifying negative numbers, understanding large numbers, determining equivalent quantities, and differentiating characteristics of geometric figures. Students will also see how word problems are developed, and easy methods for solving them. Modules are supported by detailed instructions for the teacher and numerous illustrations throughout. Recommended for students through Grade 2. About the Author: Hal Torrance has worked as a teacher in a variety of elementary and middle school settings. He’s also taught high school mathematics for college-bound students. In 1997 he began writing articles, books, and testing materials for educational publishers, eventually authoring over three dozen titles. His work has also appeared in academic journals, and is widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. He now publishes his own line of books for the education market, focusing primarily on mathematics.

    The TOEFL Master’s Guide to a Perfect Score: 2015 Revised Edition (The PraxisGroup International Academic Series)

    by William E. Hearn

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    The TOEFL Master’s Guide is written in precise, direct American English that is easy to understand and follow. Our methods are tested in the classroom daily and continue to be highly effective! Just follow the book page by page, step by step and you will earn a high TOEFL score!!

    The TOEFL Master’s Guide is very specific in the instruction of how to answer each question type using the structures and rules the test is based on. The truth is that ETS can beat students at reasoning, but they can’t beat their own structures and rules, and that is what The TOEFL Master’s Guide takes advantage of! That’s the key to a higher score!

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    Speed reading. Simple guide: How to increase your reading speed in less than 1 hour. Become the reader #1.

    by Chris Nicolas

    Dramatically improve your reading speed today!

    Do you hate reading?

    Has reading always been a struggle for you?

    Do you read slower than your peers and classmates?

    You too can learn the skills and techniques of speed reading to help you dramatically increase your reading speed and comprehend more!

    In this book Speed Reading: The Comprehensive Guide to Speed Reading-Increase Your Speed Reading by 300% in Less than 24 Hours, you will learn why your reading rate is slow and how you can start reading much faster with a few simple exercises.

    The techniques that you will learn in this book are simple and easy.

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    No matter what your reading speed is, this book will help you read faster!

    Speed reading is the secret weapon of straight A students and professionals in every field. Learn how you too can change your life and be successful by learning how to speed read.

    OneNote: The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Getting Things Done

    by Chris Will


    The Ultimate Guide on How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Getting Things Done

    OneNote is your notebook for capturing what is important in life. Is it not better to have an app where you can write and take down notes or even create a to-do list than carry a book with you everywhere you go? OneNote is the best Microsoft program that you can use. If you have ignored digital note taking app because you think it is just more software that will take up your disk space then it is time to reconsider. Microsoft have made it possible for OneNote to be downloaded everywhere Mac, iOS, iPad, Android, chrome, and of course windows. Keep reading to know more about creating a paperless life with OneNote.

    In this book, we are going to talk about

    – What is Microsoft OneNote all about?

    – Making use of OneNote

    – Some shortcuts that you can use in OneNote

    – Tips using OneNote

    OneNote for Windows has six Ribbon tabs

    – Home,

    – Insert,

    – Draw,

    – History,

    – Review and

    – View

    Each of this ribbons gives you access to plenty of features. The Home Tab allows you to format text, add tags, mark items as important and more. The Insert tab has tools for inserting objects into your notes, including spreadsheets, date and time, pictures, audio and video you can record, equations and symbols. The Drawing tab has the usual drawing tools, while History offers you the chance to collaborate with others, so that you can find other users recent edits and comments, and so on. Review includes familiar Office features including a spell checker, a thesaurus, word count and a translation tool. And Finally, View has plenty of ways to change the appearance of your notebooks and their pages, such as adding lines, changing their size, changing the colors and so on. And all this makes OneNote unique compare to other apps like Evernote.

    There are lots of unique things that you can do with OneNote. Here are a few listed.

    – Manage your shopping list

    – Managing recipes in OneNote

    – Using OneNote as your newsreader

    – Use it as a media player

    – Recording a demo tape

    – Scanning a document, or receipt etc.

    Windows 10 Easy Guide How To Operate New Microsoft Windows 10: (Windows for beginners, Learn To Operate New Windows 10) (Computers Windows, Window, tips and tricks)

    by Mark Wesley

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    Windows 10:(FREE Bonus Included)

    Easy Guide How To Operate New Microsoft Windows 10

    This book intends to provide a deep understanding about Microsoft Windows 10. This amazing book holds in itself the details about getting started with the advance Windows 10.

    Windows 10 is a new version of Microsoft’s operating system which provides numerous new applications. Further, this OS released by Microsoft has emerged as a great advancement among the multiple users.

    Therefore, this book serves as guide to explain the features of this new window to provide benefit to the reader. Further, the book expounds upon the details of those applications that are specifically designed to enhance the productivity of Windows 10.

    In addition, the book is completely worth it since it contains all of the tips and techniques which are required to ensure safety of your data while working on this advance window. Additionally, the procedure to upgrade to Windows 10 is added in this book which makes it extremely efficacious.

    Thus, this book is an amazing approach to understand the working of the advance operating system by Microsoft. In addition, the most efficacious thing about this book is the use of easy and simple language that is understandable by the users.

    The topics discussed in this book are as follows:

    • Getting Started with Windows 10
    • New Features in Windows 10
    • Apps to Increase Productivity of Windows 10
    • Tips and Tricks to Manage Security of Windows 10
    • How to Upgrade to the Windows 10

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    113 Audio Flash Cards for Kids: Our Planet, In The City

    Flash cards for Kids implements one of the oldest and best known ways to help children improve their reading skills. This book has over 100 flash cards with sounds available to help small children learn basic words and recognize how they are spelled.


    – Our Planet

    – in The City


    – High quality of images

    – Professional studio voiceover for cards

    Start playing with your child by showing them flashcards three times a day. Do one or two sections at a time and for just 2-3 seconds for each card. Play close attention to your child’s level of engagement – when they become disinterested, stop the game.

    As time progresses you should be able to increase the length of each period you use the cards, but again pay attention to your child’s level of interest as these cards work best when your child is fully engaged.

    A Lizard’s World: Cruz’s Struggle

    by Glenn Roberts

    A Lizard’s World: Cruz’s Struggle is a story of two lizard brothers and their adventures in a new land. As their new home is threatened, the brothers must both learn to trust each other and their neighbors in order to take back their home from an invasive and destructive threat. The youngest brother, Cruz, must become a leader or else face the loss of everything that he loves. The following children’s book contains 50 common core vocabulary words for first and second grade reading comprehension while providing entertainment for those young children who enjoy hunting for lizards and other critters with a few added life lessons, especially if they have a sibling.

    10 Steps to Acing Exams Like an Honors Student

    by Ed Phillip

    10 Steps to Acing Exams like an Honors Student is a work for those students who wish to prepare and sit exams in a clear and straightforward way – while building real foundations for great results via 10 handy tips.

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    Free politics and current events Kindle books for 23 Jun 16

    Understanding the Gender Wage Gap

    by Mark Mullen

    Politicians and the media like to tell anyone who will listen that the workplace purposely discriminates against women workers. We are told that female workers earn 79 cents to every dollar that a man earns for doing the exact same work. But is this true? Do companies intentionally pay women less than men for the same job? To find out you need to know what the numbers used to determine the gap represent, and what they don’t disclose. This eBook sheds some light on this subject providing you with relevant information and thoughts intended to help you form your own reasoned conclusion about wage distribution in the United States.

    African Struggle: The Years of Transatlantic Slavery and the Survival of Native Africans

    by Olufemi Hobbs

    For anyone who would like to have an overall view of the Years of Slavery for African Natives.

    Olufemi Hobbs, the author of African Struggle, being himself half African half British, wanted to write a book, more accurately a combination of facts and historical events in order to connect them and create an outcome of situations and social conditions that took place those particular years.

    The book travels us through the distinctions and differences of African tribes and races showing the interactions of European conquerors with the Native Africans and the result of their attacts and slavery trade across the Atlantic Ocean.

    Finally, the book and of course the author come to the point of highlighting the survival of the Natives and the years that followed the Slave Trade, concluding to America and the descendants os the slaves.

    Inner Self: All the necessary steps to Understand and Control your True Nature

    by Simon Alberts

    How does True Nature manage to escape most peoples’ control?

    This is the starting question os Simon Alberts’ quest in this amazing journey for the origins of human nature and its significant influence in everyday life of people.

    Finding different kinds of difficulties in embracing his own Truth of Nature the author walks through all hidden parts and paths of the evolution of the human mind and perception of his environment and surrondings.

    Concluding the author shares his personal thoughts scanning the results of his research and manages to provide the reader with the answers he seeks through his own challenges,helping him to understand the source and the starting point of his Nature that has shaped his state of mind.

    Prepping: 10 Lessons to Survive a Fire in Your Building (prepping, prepping books, prepper supplies)

    by Angelo Torres

    Are you new to the idea of prepping or are you trying to find out what this word is all about? Are you considering joining a group of preppers but want to have a good idea of what it entails before you do so? This book is the right book for you. Whatever category you belong to, you will have answers to most if not all of your questions about prepping in this book.

    This book has been comprehensively packaged to tackle all the issues and questions relating to the word prepping. This guide is set aside to assist preppers and intending preppers learn all about prepping. You will be thought how to develop ad facilitate the ability for self reliance through the process of having an increased level of personal responsibility. Prepping is a very important form of training that cannot be over emphasized. Knowledge and skills developed by preppers ultimately enhance their self actualization and quality living habits and skills. Don’t miss this book. You won’t regret getting yourself a copy. Sure you won’t want to miss out on the following skills and knowledge which you can only acquire after reading this book.

    You will have a comprehensive knowledge of:

    • What the idea of Prepping is all about
    • The different levels and ideas of prepping
    • The different characteristics of prepping
    • Mentality of a Prepper
    • How to start making plans for prepping
    • Prepping for beginners
    • A Prepper’s gear bag and its contents
    • Prepping for fire survival in the home

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    Preppers Survival: 27 Survival Tricks that Will Save Your Life in Dangerous Situations (Survival Gear, survivalist, Survival Tips)

    by Glen White

    This book contains a lot of information about the prepper’s survival. Here all the steps from first to last are given only for your best survival. This book keeps the ability to help you by giving the best survival. If you read the book, you will be able to know about all the works which you will need to do for survival.

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • This book will give you knowledge about prepper’s survival
    • Learn about the most important equipments
    • How to set up the equipments for your survival?
    • Survival foods
    • Survival medicines
    • Weapons which you need to use at the time of danger
    • The precautions which you will need to take for better survival

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    Emptiness in Buddhism and Taoism: the Difference

    by Steven Q. Marshall

    A brief essay detailing the differences between the Buddhist and Taoist views on “emptiness”

    The Book of Tea

    by Kakuzo Okakura

    Addressed to a western audience, it was originally written in English and is one of the great English tea classics. Okakura had been taught at a young age to speak English and was proficient at communicating his thoughts to the Western mind. In his book, he discusses such topics as Zen and Taoism, but also the secular aspects of tea and Japanese life. The book emphasizes how Teaism taught the Japanese many things; most importantly, simplicity. Kakuzō argues that this tea-induced simplicity affected art and architecture, and he was a long-time student of the visual arts. He ends the book with a chapter on Tea Masters, and spends some time talking about Sen no Rikyū and his contribution to the Japanese tea ceremony.

    According to Tomonobu Imamichi, Heidegger’s concept of Dasein in Sein und Zeit was inspired – although Heidegger remained silent on this – by Okakura Kakuzō’s concept of das-in-der-Welt-sein (being-in-the-worldness) expressed in The Book of Tea to describe Zhuangzi’s philosophy, which Imamichi’s teacher had offered to Heidegger in 1919, after having followed lessons with him the year before.

    The SHTF Stockpile: 13 Items Every Prepper Should Stockpile Before SHTF (The SHTF Stockpile, the shtf stockpile books, shtf survival)

    by Fred Cruz

    Are we talking about the overall collapse of civilization as we know it, when we hear the term “SHTF?”

    In reality, we cannot be meaning a zombie apocalypse, as that is simply fiction. However, what is the likelihood of a catastrophic event, that might make our world, as we know it, come to an end?

    Modern civilization does seem to be constantly teetering on the edges of infrastructure collapse. Could it be:

    • Solar storm from the sun, knocking out all power grids and electronics
    • Nuclear threat leading to WWIII
    • Terrorists getting hold of serious weaponry against mankind
    • Asteroids hitting Earth
    • A superbug
    • Cyberwar

    The list could go on much longer, but we will end it there, for now.

    By reading this book, you will learn the 13 most important things that you can be doing NOW, in readiness for surviving. The 13 most important things that you should be thinking about:-

    Food; Water; Containers; Weapons; Tools; Hunting Equipment; Hygiene; Medicines; Clothing; Camping; Lighting and Heating; Bartering; Transport.

    These are all things we can do something about NOW. We need to be learning how to survive; what we will need; how will we cope? It could be that there is no one left out there, to protect us, such as the armed forces and the doctors and police. They may all be gone. So now is the time to learn and prepare.

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    Off the Grid 101 Box Set: Practical Guide with Efficient Steps on How to Build Off The Grid Homes, Grow Your Own Food and Accommodate Your LIfe to Renewable … power,off the grid homes, renewable energy)

    by Kendall Cobb

    BOOK #1: Off The Grid 101: Practical Guide on How to Live a Subsistence Agrarian Life and Grow Your Own Food

    Off the Grid 101: a practical guide how to live a subsistence agrarian life and you’re your own food is an introduction to the joys and practicalities of home gardening. It can be done in any region, according to the seasons. It shows how rewarding planting in soil can be. It is relaxing and fun, plus it provides ample sustenance. Nothing tastes as fresh and just-picked fare. There is great pride in the practice.

    The book is intended to start the novice on a new path to self-subsistence and/or culinary pleasure with what you need to know to succeed. While it is not exhaustive, it does cover why grow food on your own, what to select for your harvest, tools you need to buy, and a few tasty recipes to make after cultivation.

    The topics also include::

    • Seasonal and regional gardening basics
    • Categories of vegetables
    • Tips and tricks for easy growing: your shopping list
    • Enjoying the bounty of nature: great recipes to make at home
    • Garden for fun and profit
    • From the basics to more exotic choices
    • Health benefits of gardening: no need to count calories
    • The gardening spirit
    • Family farming: the family that grows together stays together

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    BOOK #2: EMP Survival: Get Ready for Power Grid Failure With 30 Lessons for a Unique Survival Plan

    A lot of people do not know about the danger of EMP. And they are not ready to protect them from an EMP attack. Before the power grid goes down by an EMP, you must get ready for surviving. Here you find all the information and steps to protect yourself and survive in a power grid failure.

    Key features of this book:

    • About EMP(Electromagnetic Pulse)
    • Kinds of EMP
    • Protect yourself from EMP
    • Threat of EMP
    • 30 amazing steps to get ready for power grid fail
    • Tips for surviving after power grid goes down
    • About solar panel
    • Preparing emergency power
    • How to survive in short term electricity lose
    • How to survive in long term electricity lose

    BOOK #3: Off The Grid 101: 19 Efficient Steps on How to Retrofit Your Living and Accommodate Alternative Energy Solutions for Lighting, Heating, and Cooling

    A building does not need to be new to be proficient. Today’s top notch building proprietors are retrofitting structures, changing over existing structures into models of maintainability. While most building proprietors still seek after single innovation changes, market pioneers package together energy saving innovations to get more profound reserve funds in a more exhaustive methodology. Energy execution contracting is one plan of action that empowers building proprietors to execute entire building retrofits and essentially lower energy utilization and working expenses.

    This book is going to cover:

    • Super easy plans that you should follow before you start retrofitting
    • Skills that are crucial for retrofitting
    • How to energy efficiently retrofit for lighting, cooling and heating
    • How to manage everything on your budget
    • Ways to choose the best method for retrofitting your home and much more exciting topics.

    Every step is described in a way so that you can understand well, some figures are also attached for better understanding.

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    Survival Box Set: The Best Manual for Making a Protected Home in a Wasteland Combined with Things You Must-Have in Order to Survive Natural Disasters (Survival, … a Survival Safe Home, The SHTF Stockpile)

    by Brandon West

    BOOK #1: Build a Survival Safe Home: The Best Manual for Making a Sustainable and Protected Home in a Wasteland

    Each year, disasters strike. Whether they are natural or man-made, things can happen, and when they do, are you ready for them? In this manual, we will explore some of the different ways you can be ready to handle a situation that might require you to seek shelter, and the different ways a shelter can be made to serve you.

    This manual was made to show what may be required in the initial stages of a disaster, and beyond that, what to consider when making a sustainable home in a wasteland. Different building materials, ideas for structures, produce ideas, and gardening techniques are discussed. Self-defense is looked at, as well as ways to keep your water supply clean, even if it may be contaminated from the outset. In this guide, we will explore what is needed for a home to not only survive, but thrive.

    Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

    • Dealing with Disaster
    • Setting Up Shelter
    • Protecting Yourself

    BOOK #2: The SHTF Stockpile: Things You Must-Have in Order to Survive

    This well researched book is particularly based on the notion that how you can make your SHTF stockpile list enchanting and fascinating. The tactics have been given in the book that how you can order up your SHTF stockpile list in order to make your survival possible in emergency. You can take this book as a true guide for ordering up the SHTF stockpile list. In this book, you will find tremendous ways of ensuring survival in case of crises.

    All the notions given in this book are logistic and scientific. You can pick the ideas and can apply to the real life collections. The core theme of this book is, how to make SHTF stockpile and how to give orders to the things for survival. The real solutions have been given in this astounding book. The book is free from any sort of Jorgen languages and ambiguous concept. Not only the high literate persons rather can a common man also get the understanding of this book with high ease.

    The basic ideas given in this book regarding the SHTF stockpile embraces:

    • An introductory hit to SHTF stockpile
    • The SHTF stockpile – Items with Bartle value that must have in order for survive
    • Food stuffs that must have in order for emergency stockpile
    • Medication – A mandatory item within SHTF stockpile
    • The SHTF stockpile – Things must have in order to survive

    BOOK #3: Survival 101: Prepare Yourself and Your Family to Survive Natural Disasters

    You will be guided through these instructions for the four most common, and most destructive, natural disasters:

    • Earthquakes
    • Tsunamis
    • Hurricanes
    • Tornadoes

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    7/47: The Birth of Anti-Alien Propaganda

    by Paris Tosen

    7/47 is bigger than 9/11. Alternative author and expert on Stelan culture Paris Tosen explains how the dissemination of anti-alien propaganda via Hollywood movies has prevented any chance of an interstellar reconciliation. He highlights July 1947, and the crash at Roswell, as a significant moment in US history.

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